Like buses they come in three’s – Arshavin, Richards and Delph?

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Ok so nothing for ever and now we’ll possibly sign three top players in the window, do we believe it? Well Sky flashed on their broadcasting of the Spurs humiliation last night that ‘Arshavin would sign in the next 24 hours’, that I can believe, we’ve spent too long on this not to happen and they clearly can’t keep a player who doesn’t want to be there.

Fabian Delph? Fulham have tabled a £5mil bid but apparently Arsenal are mulling over and £8mil bid, sorry I don’t believe this one, why £8mil?

Richards to go to Arsenal for £7mil says the News of the World, this one is interesting, cut price at £7mil, a big Arsenal fan, liked by Wenger, well it all adds up but we have Song, Gallas, Silvestre, Dourou and Kolo, so I can’t see it happening unless he sells Gallas. If he could sell Gallas then it does make sense, Richards could be world class and he is English, but for me it won’t happen because Wenger says he won’t sign a centre back.

But he did say if the right player is available he will buy, and one of our Grovers did say he will make 3 signings in the window, so maybe, just maybe!

Well it’s our turn today and I expect a good and convincing win, I hope Ramsey plays and scores 6 goals, I also hope we score early and don’t have to wait for 70 minutes to equalise, I just want to enjoy my Sunday.

So who we’ll sign will be apparent this coming week, 3 players? Surely not Arsene! Have a great day Grovers today we lay the ghost of Cardiff past and have our revenge for 1927 and that final, that still riles me, damn those Welshman, we will have our own back this day.

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  1. goonermichael

    City paid more for de jong than we want to spend on arshavin so there was no chance of thar. I wouldn’t say no either

  2. Angry Loner

    We were linked to that De Guzman defensive midfielder at Deportivo, he’s pretty decent. Have no idea about deJong tho? As Ive said before tho, a club couldve signed him this summer for a tenth of what City paid, so only new chav types like city would dream of spunking that.

  3. Lou

    Watching Arsenal at the moment is like getting caught in some recurring deja-vu situation which is always teetering on the edge of being a nightmare. I know that the quality of play in the PL this year is very poor but I have to wonder if Arsene is seeing what I am these days. Where is Vela? I liked the look of him giving some genuine width, releasing Nasri into the middle where he is much more effective as he hasn’t the pace or the directness to be a winger. Ade has missed so many comparatively easy goals in the last half dozen matches and the Eboue mystery deepens with every passing week. When I heard that we could have sold him to Athletico Madrid I believe it was, yet chose to keep him to offer a new contract I was truly dumfounded. As far as I can remember he has not had a decent game for us for about 2 years, just some games that were less bad than others. I am really unimpressed with Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea. Sure, Man Utd can play well every now and again but they have been average recently and our lack of ability to cash in is down to us just not having the quality in depth I think. One can propose a million in-depth scenarios to explain our general weakness but insufficient quality is at the root of it all. You will never win anything without a strong midfield and no width.

  4. Angry Loner

    “We are very short at the moment and cannot rotate very much. I could rest a few players today but not as many as I had wanted. I had planned to take Robin van Persie off but it didn’t work that way.”

    In other words, I WILL sign at least 2 players this week!

    And on that positive note, Im outta here, well, those chimneys wont sweep themselves you know…

  5. Angry Loner

    Vela was taken ill and nasri’s been very good on the left IMO. Couldve scored today, probably should have. But he’s saving his goal scoring touch for Wednesday, you wait and see!

  6. Evo in Oz

    yeah it was strange that there was no footage of Vela sitting on the bench, they just kept showing Gallas, Denilson and Almunia sitting and chatting.

  7. Norm


    Cardiff refuse request from Arsenal to take Eboue + 5 million pounds. They will agree to take the 5 million as long as Eboue isn’t part of the deal.

  8. ethangunner

    That was dreadful ! it was 8.30 my time and the fucking game sends me too sleep ! literately ..
    Maybe its that i havent seen a game for like what it seems years compared to the December fixtures
    ,i was looking forward to it and as ever, by and large a disappointment to watch !
    dont even get me started on the ade barn fuckin door ! WTF ..???
    all class! shear ,class finishing again from the 80 k a week hero !

    from the highlights alone Cardiff should feel pretty ripped off they didnt win !
    And fabianski was a bit wobbly thru out the game ! I FELT uncomfortable for him ..
    he did ok ! but im not sure he will be close too taking over any time soon !

    i think i have lost some reality to my prespective recently half believing in
    ‘if we get arshavin’
    we will be unstoppable ..

    ill revise it after last night to, not as’ lame’ like last nights game …

  9. Helsinki Gooner

    Mornin all – my 2cents, after reading a few from yesterday…

    1- Ade’s miss, though looked pretty bad, was not the easiest one to hit – though from a striker of his ability[and wages] you’d expect him to at least hit the target.

    2- Nasri’s miss IMO was much worse – he was played in [by RvP?] with all the time in the world, probably too much time, and shoots straight at the keeper…shame he didn’t just hit it with his left again…

    Then there were Bendtner’s misses before the half – all in all, we had the chances, albeit very few of them, and didn’t pull it off. Not a terrible game, just shite finishing by all.

    Definitely not the end of the world – dissapointing we didn’t finish it off, but playing away at that pitch is always going to be a toughy, so in matches like that you have to take ur chances…we’ll just stuff em at the Grove and then await Burnley in the next round!!

  10. David

    ffs….not another Song is shite article….just because Arsenal’s form is poor dont mean the blogs have to be as well…

  11. gunnerfever

    lol well said geoff, if they dont want an honest blog then they can fuck off to arsenal.con and with their akb leader pedro they can just fuck off the rose tinted cunts.

  12. chozzer

    Geoff, it’ll be interesting to see how the club deals with season tickets and the Roma game.
    The Cardiff replay must make it outside the original allocation. (assuming we win and play WBA/Burnley of course).
    Usually the price is just in with the season ticket renewals, isn’t it?

  13. David

    Song might be shite…but he sure as piss wasnt shite yesterday.

    We might as well but 4 new players…cuz these lot arent good enough.

  14. Geoff

    David first of all I don’t have customers, I write this for free, for the love of it and that’s why I don’t need to listen to your shit after I take the trouble to write an article.

    I suggest you go somewhere else where they appreciate that rudeness, I don’t.

  15. gooner-pak

    geoff……is this david akb…..what i meant to said was todays post will b like result card u will get and u know u have screwed ur papers!!!!!

  16. GMR

    Just my opinion but I think there is more to the Wenger/Real Madrid links that people know. Thats why I think PHW decided to attack them, he never has previously so why now?

    My opinion is actually based on the interview Wenger done with Arsenal TV online. When the interviewer asked him about the rumours Wenger just said “I’ve shown my commitment to Arsenal in the past so I don’t need to comment on that”, its hardly a denial is it & after what the fans went through with Adebayor refusing to deny things in the summer you’d have thought he would issue a strong denial like Cesc always does. Obviously he isn’t going to say “yes I’m off” & clearly if he has had discussions with Perez then it would depend on him winning the Real Madrid elections.

    I do honestly believe there is more to this story than meets the eye.