Having our injured players back will be like 4 new signings, what???

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I seem to remember you saying that last year, oh and the year before Arsene, injuries are part and parcel of football, we seem to have more than most, but that’s because we buy injury prone players, Eduardo and Cesc being the exception.

We can’t keep relying on players coming back, it didn’t work last season and it won’t work this, we need new players, we need 2 class players in each position because injuries and a long season dictate that.

Cesc said buying players does not guarantee success and ManU only win titles because ‘Their philosophy of attacking football was clear and they were rewarded for that.’

Well that and the fact they have spent more money on players than we turn over, Ronaldo, Rooney, Ferdinand, Carrick, Anderson, Nani, Hargreaves, Tevez and Berbatov to name but a few, going back Van Nistleroy, Saha and Veron to name a few more. And all those I just named cost more than Wiltord, our record signing of 9 years ago. (sorry Ronaldo was £1mil cheaper)

It’s a fact of life that clubs spend money, other clubs that spend more than we do include… well everyone except WBA, Stoke and Hull and if you work out that Nasri, Coquelin and Ramsey equated to Hleb, Gilberto and Hoyte, then we spent less than anyone and frankly that’s not acceptable.

Billionaire owners, like them or not are here to stay, Villa, Liverpool, ManU, Tottenham, City, West Ham and Portsmouth are all owned by billionaires, and yes I know a few of them are in trouble, but we aren’t and we don’t have to spend anymore than we got from sell ons to get the players we need, so I’m at a loss to work out why Arsenal haven’t spent our money.

Wenger in his wisdom turned down Palacios and sold Diarra, Diarra was sold on for £15mil more than we sold him for and Palacios just turned down a £16mil move to the spuds, so we aren’t that clever in the market anymore either are we?

Arshavin and a centre back would do, chuck in a defensive midfielder of note and we still have a shot a 3 trophies, Arshavin is the 6th best player in the world, why haggle when we know that Milan or someone else will pick him up for a few mil more, didn’t we learn by not signing Alonso?

Why did we bring in Gazidas? To sell more boxes or to negotiate some decent players?

I watched the kids play yesterday and Steve Bould let slip that Frimpong was told not to shoot from distance, but they let him off as he nearly scored three times, what an admission, don’t shoot, and that’s company policy! No wonder we go sideways like Pedro’s crab.

I have tried several times to get Danny Fizman on and this week I tried to get Tom Watt, but they don’t want to know, they won’t even explain why they don’t want to know either, I guess that shows they don’t give a rats arse what we the fans think at all, just give us your money, sit down and shut up, oh and watch Arsenal TV and the propaganda machine in full flow.

I will watch the Hull game tomorrow and pray the fringe players start to show us what they can do, we know Song will play and we know Eboue will play so I will get behind them, Alexandre and Emmanuel if you are reading this, go prove me wrong, please show us why Wenger has this faith in you, if you have a blinder your name will light this blog up on Sunday, I promise, I will be the first to admit I was wrong, or at least Pedro will as he does the match reports.

Meanwhile Arsene, please sign Arshavin and two others before we see another season go down the shitter, please.

We are all Arsenal fans, that’s why we write a blog and that’s why our Grovers spend hours on it commenting, we deserve at least to see our money get spent, it wasn’t long ago we had players like Bergkamp, Pires, Henry, Overmars and Campbell in the ranks, get a few names in and we’ll clean up.

One last thing, on Arsenal TV often celebrities name their all time Arsenal team, I would say 90% of them have Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Keown, Bould, Bergkamp and Wright in them, and you know what, you didn’t sign any of them.

The lesson there is all the great Arsenal teams had a fantastic defence with two big centre backs, a great keeper and at least two world class superstars up front.

I will leave you with that thought boss.

Have a great day today Grovers, this could be the day we get back a great centre back and a superstar!

P.S. Loads of Everton tickets in Le Exchange… e-mail me!!!

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  1. gambon

    Yeah but our days of running up red cards coincided with success. Teams used to hate playing us cos we were better and stronger than them. Not so anymore, we’re a team of weak kids.

  2. IrishGunner

    GM – yeah just those that leave Arsenal cos london is too “noisy” are cunts LOL it depends how and why they left

  3. Zorr0

    Those twunts will never be a top 5 club! I long for the day when their fans all crawl back under the stones from whence they came!

  4. goonermichael

    I don’t think he was offered a shit contract but you are always going to get more from a club that doesn’t paya transfer fee. Sol was paid 90k a week on his first contract which went down to 50. He’s not that good anyway (flamini)

  5. Pedro

    Evening Grovers! I just came back from a restaurant with my girlfriend and I weighed out a disgusting amount of money… I feel like Arsene Wenger would after spending £3million on an established centre back…

    Anyway…. how is everyone!

  6. Stu

    We were at our besat when we were a dirty team. Ever since becoming one of the “clean” teams we have been shit! I like players that show aggression. Fighting, arguing etc shows that a player cares but our current team dont even complain when we concede. Its like they dont care because they still get paid. That desperately needs to change at the club. One of many changes necessary.

    Also, imo, the greatest players all have a mean streak. Cesc has it but doesnt really show it anymore. TA, Keown, Lehmann, Vieira, Pires, Henry-and thats just us. Zidane was a right dirty fucker in his career, He got so many reds but was imo the best player ever. Bergkamp loves a good scruffle!

    Nice is just…nice! You cant keep everyone happy if you are to be a successful club.

  7. Rob From Aus


    Really? i believe it was only $45k a week.

    I think he is worth more than that! Look at Song that loser is on something like 30K a week?!

  8. gambon

    Zorro, i hate to say it but i think City will be a top club. The kind of money they will spend will be insane. You have 11 top class players with 7 on the bench and you just wait for them to gel.

  9. goonermichael

    If song is on 30 a week then that is bollocks. Flamini is only worth 45 a week. He’ll be out of milan in the summer and they’ll get thier money back on his transfer.

  10. Stu

    The thing about city is that all they are going for is attackers. Spending 100m+ on a forward when your defence is shit is just stupid.

  11. Rob From Aus

    Flam only $45K a week?

    Dude u serious? he was fucking awesome for us! He woulda played even better the next year if we decided to keep him!!! He covered something like 12kms a game! something Song only would dream of accomplishing!! He does like i think 4-5 kms a game!!!

  12. Pedro

    Evening rob… I feel a little raped… £60 for 3 round of drinks… but whatever… that is what a man has to do, right?


  13. Stu

    I doubt Song even runs during a game. Always waddling around to where the ball used to be. I also doubt he faces play that much.

  14. Frenchie

    Rob – Come on man – Flamini made a big mistake leaving… he wasn’t being treated like a second rate player anymore, he made it, he saw himself bigger than he was and he’s now paying the price… he should have done like vieira stand up for it and bring the team with him…

  15. goonermichael

    I went to one of gordon ramseys places (on a special offer) on wednesday. The wine list had bottles of wine for £1500. I don’t drink wine. does a £1500 bottle of wine taste 15 times better than a£100?

  16. Pedro

    Rob, it’s ok… my bird can discover every expensive restaurant in London providing she never discovers marriage and kids…

    Bud, Odub and Steve tried their best… but she is still oblivious! Mwhahahaha!

  17. Rob From Aus


    Lol, i run my own business and thats the only way i can afford her expensive taste, although she is Japanese, they all know where the expensive shit is! I cant get away with a cheap pub feed anymore 🙁

  18. Pedro

    This place was cool… run by three cohabiting gay men… they decorate the place in stuffed animals with decorations all over them.

    It was cool… fuck off expensive though…

    it’s only going to get worse… why can’t I meet a woman happy with a wimpy and a coke float?

  19. IrishGunner

    I’m off folks

    3 points and a clean sheet tomorrow plus some horrible luck for Villa, Chelski and United and Citeh cos they are annoying me with their money.

    C’MON GUNNERS!!!!!!!!

  20. Frenchie

    Rob, sorry, I don’t get it. What does the Flamini story has to do with Song and Bendtner? The guy made it, he waited and fighted for it, he was the perfect cover for Cesc… then he f*ed up went to Milan and the big bucks, won’t do him any good.. no game, no world cup, f* all. but what does it have to do with Song and Bendtner???

  21. Pedro

    Rob, the Japs in England all wear the best clothes and go to the best eateries… and generally come from rich families…!

  22. IrishGunner

    One last post – AC Milan Chief executive has been given extra bodyguards. Going to be protests at Milan’s match this weekend. Didn’t seem like the rosseneri to let him go without a fight, could be interesting.

    Night Rob, GM, Pedro, Stu, Gambon and Frenchie 🙂

  23. Pedro

    Gambon, I am sure whisky tastes like crap whatever the price!

    I saw a cribs program the other day (Because my bro was watching it) and this american footballer showed them his fridge and said something like…

    ’50 cent drinks $500 a bottle cristal, Jay-Z drink $500 a bottle Bollinger… and I drink $3.50 XXX brand… all tastes the same bro’

    What a great thing to say from someone who probably earns $5mill a year!

  24. Rob From Aus

    Lucky bastard gm!!! lol

    Yeah Pedro her mum is an accountant and her dad is a Shell Oil executive!

    he lives in England as well!

  25. Rob From Aus


    My point is that u say Flamini thinks he was bigger than what he was. Right?

    Yet we offered a mediocre contract in my eyes!, yet we have “Fringe” players who have the same mentality yet AW does his most to keep them!!??/

    Get what im on about?

  26. goonermichael

    You were asking for trouble Rob. Bet she’s worth it though. I love them. I’m on my second japanese wife. .

  27. Frenchie

    Yeah I get it Rob, I think Flamini should have gone with it, reinforce himslef in the arsenal lineup, rise through the ranks in the french squad and come back later with more to negociate. What does he have to win going to Milan besides polishing the bench for 3 years and eventually go back to Ligue1? u know what I mean? I excpected better from him

  28. gambon

    I once went out once with Dave Gilmours daughter, only realised who she was a year or so later. She was a fucking idiot and had shit teeth.

    But he must be loaded.

  29. goonermichael

    That’s up the arsenal. My wife wont get off the wii now! I got her a Japanese game now she won’t get off.

  30. Stu

    TA says that he just names a target and the appropriate people look to sign the player. At least he doesnt bullshit the press or more importantly the fans.

  31. bergkamp

    the sun just took that quote from ages ago,why wouldnt a skillfull player like the way arsenal and man united play over liverpool and chelsea if they were asked?

  32. ethangunner


    MONEY ?
    why would robinho play at man shitty if not for money ?
    money is enough of an incentive for anyone , it seems even kaka !

  33. Stu

    I dont think Kaka actually wants to go anywhere but AC probably want the money. You could buy a pretty decent squad with 100m, let alone 1 replacement for Kaka.

  34. leon

    although i agree that wenger needs to have abit depth to the squad i think the board are quire wtite to have club self sustaining and run have the club run in prober way,i dont believe for one second that man city are any threat to manu,arsenal, or liverpool,the fact most of top players are looking to win titles and if you look at chelsea who have debts of 70 million every year and there only revenue clubs from big owner.manu have blooded in young playaers ani,anderson,rinaldo ect all have blooded early there just have made good combination of youth experience.
    i can garantee to you all the best manger in prem fergi would never entertain paying 100mill for 1 player. arsenal are on the right course they just need add an incredient of expience thats all.

    the fact is arsenal had bad start but there are unbeaton since the man city gain thay defending alot better,i dont consider villa s any threat to arsenal at all,evon when we played villa away if just had edwardo and wilcatt we would have 4 or 5-0

  35. bergkamp

    i was just saying iv read those quotes from kaka before ethan,i think they have been chopped,that was during the champions league last season he spoke about the english four

  36. bergkamp

    someone was telling me today roman hasnt spent a penny at chelsea,it is all loans, he can get all that money back,the club isnt willing to loan any more now

  37. Stu

    “supergunner”, Noone said it was a fact! Its the result of a survey that was done on every club.

    I will leave it to the authors of this article to respond to the “glory-huter” comment. Your opinion is just as important as ours but no need to make false accusations.

    Aint that right grovers.

  38. leon

    when it comes to ashavin situation which ever club ,why would wenger pay 20 mill the fact the player wants to leave he is evon gon strike ,if he realy wants to come to arsenal he can wait the summer buy out his contract and we can get him on a free tranfer his club are in very weak position no club is going to pay that kind of money,forget man city he is already 90 k a week so i dont think its about money for him its abou t winning titles for him. i dont no if he is comming to arsenal this jan it all depends on the player because his club are not going get 20 mill and he clearly can affort buy out his contract,so for me his club can get betweed 12-15 mill or wait till summer and just get max 5 mill

  39. Stu

    Leon, it would be stupid to wait til the summer because we need him now. Whos to say that he will still want to join us if 1)we arent in the CL and 20 a lot more clubs can offer him better wages thatn us because he will be a free agent.

    Its now or never for us.

  40. ethangunner

    chelsea – man shitty soon you might not be able too tell the difference ..

    man shitty have the makings of a decent squad kompany – richards- petrov – elano – ireland -robinho
    they aint devoid of good players soon if they hit there straps they will be the chev’s MK II
    its worrying signs ahead really , as all this will do is prompt more and more clubs too follow suit , whilst the Arsenal mushroom will tinker along totally oblivious to the of clubs movements ..

    with highbury etc. you can believe me or not but i dont think there will be that much money available until after next season .. and that is when arsene is leaving ..

    the way i see it is we will be frustrated for the next 18 months or so then wenger will leave anyhow ..

    i cannot see any well laid plans being setup by our club .. they just meander along and deal with there restrictions at there own speed !

    i agree that the fans need to revolt ! stop going to the games and stop accepting mediocre performances .. why pay good money on average displays ?

    maybe some will call me unpatriotic but a clear message needs to be sent to the hierarchy..


  41. leon

    arsenal need dm player more than anything eslse and there more winger and playmakers out there that would cost alot less than 20 mill, and i dont think its about the money for this player because he would stay. as i say he claims he realy wants to come to arsenel having said that the club no there are not going get 20 mill so its either get max 16 m or get max 5 ,i think if wenger ups his bid to 15 mill we will get him

  42. ethangunner


    we need creativity more than anything else !
    you can see this season without cesc – hleb and flamini who wasnt bad creatively either we are struggling (& theos runs).

    toure would make a good DM .. denilson is coming around .. and as for challenging for the title i think we are dreaming this season . so arsene will probably develop what he has and assess the situation at the end of the year .. he proably figures denilson or … SONG will make the step up …

    im sure that will please geoff 🙂

  43. Stu

    Denilson is a better player than Song. Easily bottom half of the prem, not better tho. He would do well at Newcastle or Boro etc.

    Song would do well in………………..the conference?


    try the other way around ive never seen a player give the balll away as much denilson hes soooooooooooooo shit

  45. leon

    niether song or delinson are ready to ply in that position on consistant basis yet they need someone who can go straight in and do the job i dont know wenger is going et one because he has always gon for patient aproach giving players time,the quality is there but the team lacks depth they little afoord any injuries,i cant see wenger paying 18-20 mill after being burnt reyas i think payed 19 million and seince then he has been over corshos.i could be wrong but i think he is looking the likes ramsey,diabydelinson and song to fill the void until the summer he wont get a dedender either

  46. ethangunner

    i said that before the window started BBK , money wise i cant see where they are getting it from ..
    i think bentleys part proceeds are being re-used for the arshavin deal and thats why wenger wont budge on the low teens he offering zenit .. because he probably is using about 4-5 mil in funds from the tight wads … (board)

    wenger would spend im sure , and i dont blame wenger for the sad lack of funds ..
    can you see the board saying wenger has the money now ???

    they say it only when the windows are shut !!!!

  47. Swedish Gun

    “A key figure in Arsenal’s pursuit of the Euro 2008 star appears to be the Gunners’ majority shareholder, the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. Zenit are owned by the Russian energy giants Gazprom and Usmanov is chairman of Gazprom­investholding, the company which manages its international investments. It is believed that Arsenal’s chief executive, Ivan Gazidis, will travel to Zenit’s home city to carry out negotiations on the Usmanov-brokered deal.”

    Why don’t the fat c*nt buy out Arshavin as a gift for Arsenal, as a token of good faith

    “Hey, look at me….I’m doing what’s best for the Arsenal, don’t you just love me??”

  48. ikon

    “they say it only when the windows are shut !!!!”
    nicely put ethan… but

    I think the club has a strict repayment plan and an overly conservative approach on splashing cash on anything…. salaries and transfers….

    When a country is run by senior citizens we see an overly conservative approach in almost everything, because old people are not suppossed to be as ambitious as the young.

    Like it has been discussed before, the recesion has hit the highbury square sale pretty hard and tht has added to the board’s stubbornness.

    And I think we are following yearly regime of repayments and stuff, and I am sure with a positive bank balance at the end of year … maybe equal to an amount to pay the repayment amount for next year, so that we will have time to find other income sources if need be.

    Arshavin buy is nothing but a fan puller imho. Wenger would never go for such a player who would contribute in just 16 games, and prolly would take up 5 games to settle in.
    He knows fans are important to the successful completion of emirates move… for the next 3 years.

  49. PDT

    Hughes to be sacked in the summer!

    Mourinho comes back as another rich man’s plaything!

    Remember – you heard it here first!

  50. ethangunner

    because old people are not suppossed to be as ambitious as the young.

    well said also , and we happen to have old people running our club , so like you say no great surprise there!

    but what pisses me off is they tell wenger and the public that he can spend ..
    so now wenger has identified a target he wants .. and now we are penny pinching for the sake of 2-3 million in differing evaluations , so therefore surely if wenger can spend what he wants then..(or so the board says)… what is the hold up ????

    MONEY .. and whilst wenger runs the football side of things you cant tell me that its the football side holding up this transfer ! its the board and there’ scrooge attitude ‘….

    they are fucking skint , why else are we ginning around over this transfer when it does appear wenger has identified his target and has even publicly confirmed it ….

    i agree with geoff etc over most things but i cannot believe that arsene has an open platter on what he can spend … ive been the boss many times in my life incharge of budgets and I DONT LET MY EMPLOYEES spend the cash without my SAY SO !
    im pretty sure the head accountant and a cheif exec counter signs the cheques not arsene ..

    also for the past 3 years can anyone tell me what wengers annual transfer budget is ???

    i dont think so .. because the tight wads dont give him one !!!!

    i can tell you the way it works ,
    all transfer money etc , goes on repayments and lining the clubs coffers …
    and if wenger wants funds for certain players he applies with the board a proposal , and they either reject it or give him the go ahead to make negotiations ..

    but now these negotiations have hit a wall because our board wont release the funds required and now arsene has to do some tough negotiations ..

    it will include bonus clauses im sure .. but he will not spend over 15 for him ..
    yet wanted 15 + for hleb …

    so go figure ..

  51. bergkamp

    ethan,i agree,i think wenger basically applies for planning permission lol an the board either yes or no it,once wenger highlights a name its out of his hands until the board negotiate a fee that is accepted,the its his job to impress the player before its back to them for wage negotiations,kinda why i rate ade,he never went against the club or the team,just the tight fuckers upstairs,he got more creating a scene than he would have accepted if theyd have come to him with an offer,anyway bedtime,too much booze to get sad about afc

  52. ikon

    If we get Arshavin and Hangeland I will be more than happy…..

    IMHO Hangeland can be our Vidic….. that man is class.

  53. Geoff

    Morning all, we got one pencil dick on called supergunner7, don’t know how but he won’t get on again.

    He called me a glory hunter, wanker, I bet he’s never been to the Arsenal. Anyway that’s enough of him, oxygen turned off and 15 minutes gone, you can go back to dicking your goat now.

  54. PDT

    He better not play Song today.

    Midfield of Nasri and Ramsey with Eboue and Denilson on the wings. Get LJW on for Ramsey after 60 mins and move Denilson to the middle.

    For a guy who is mortally afraid of putting in a tackle, I am surprised Song got injured. Fell off his bed, more likely.

  55. PDT

    Came back before two hours….

    Just read about the Uzbek getting involved in the Arshavin discussions.

    I am really pleased with this development. Finally, we have a businessman, worried about his investments in football, forcing the pace and forcing Mr. Wenger and the board to the negotaiting table. I don’t know whether any good will come out of it, but at least the Uzbek is being a good businessman.

  56. ethangunner

    glory hunter???

    id like to think we all are geoff !
    id take that as a compliment anyhow !
    i suppose its better than being a mediocre lover !

    for some geoff 3 years in the wilderness isnt long enough !
    yet others like me are climbing the fuckin walls !

    your somewhere in the middle tending towards me …
    but me personally im fucking sick of it !

    i mean if you can get in debt for 400 mil with a stadium
    and 200-300 mil paying for a construction company to re-vamp highbury , surely you can take out another 30 mil loan to buy football players ???FFS!

    i mean they are in the football business aren’t they ???
    last time i looked they where not donald fuckin trump ????

  57. Geoff

    PDT if you keep coming on with these snippets I’ll have fuck all to write about, I’ve already changed it twice because of your comments!

  58. Geoff

    Ethan I’m just like you, we have a manageable debt and Wenger has loads to spend, he just wants to be able to say he did it on a shoestring, what he pays the kids though he spends a lot more than he lets on.

  59. ethangunner

    yesterday that prick who you said is called ade-by-whore
    who you banned , was 1 of the linch mob who abused me on ACLF !
    called me a racist because i dont like ade !

    i married a thai and have a 1/2 kid but somehow im a racist !
    stupid ignorant cunt ! 🙂

    lets hope the stupid prick is reading this !!!

  60. Geoff

    I guarantee he will be Ethan, he’s on every day, he hates us but loves reading us, I think he is a 13 year old iron.

  61. ethangunner

    i cant agree with that geoff !

    i mean where is danny now ?? he is not saying wenger can buy arshavin… but he wont !??
    they only say wenger has plenty to spend when its right in the middle of the closed window !

    arsene wouldnt chance losing arshavin over 2 -3 million when wenger has already publicly announced interest in him !

    i think the club is refusing to spend liberally because they dont know what is around the corner .
    however i do agree the wage budget for our type of players is too big …

    you have to understand as this credit crunch deepens im sure they are being advised to save there pennies as they might ..might have to hold on to a few flats longer than they would like ..
    or let them go for less profit than 1st thought ..

    also if wenger has money to spend ,surely they would tell the fans he has a transfer budget of X but is refusing to spend any …

    i dont think wenger has had a budget for over 3 years … they want him to make a annual return , they now expect it of him !!!

    its like working back after work … do it every now and then and the bosses will admire you ,
    do it every day and they take advantage of you !!!

    and one day when you need to go home on time your frowned upon !
    and wenger needing money is frowned upon !

    i understand you think wenger is to blame but he will be gone in less than 18 months ..
    what the fuck does he care if he spends an extra 3 mil of there money ???

    he dont !

    they do !
    he has identified a target and too not secure it now will leave him with egg on his face ..
    so why cant AFC come up with the short fall ???

    like bergy said , wenger has too apply for a building licence to by a player 🙂
    and im sure that is the way the club has handled transfer for the past few years ..

  62. kelsey

    Morning Geoff and all,

    The only headline I swaw yesterday was “will Song be fit for today’s game”

    Oh the star says kaka would prefer to come to us or united. 🙂 oh yes that’s highly probable isn’t it.

    Arshavin and his agent both want £5 million out of the deal,I thought he wasn’t a mercenary, anyway i don’t care a fuck as long as we get him sooner than later.

  63. gunnerfever

    guys there is a member on arsenal-mania who says upson is scheduled to have a medical today and that bendtner will go to west ham on loan and they have the first choice to buy him.

    this guy claims its a very reliable source and he has been a loyal poster there for some time now so i dont expect him to chat shit, i think it would be great to have matty upson in the team.

  64. kelsey

    I watched ATV last night and as you said it is a proganda programme and obviously slanted to all things being wonderful and they showed clips of hleb,rosicky and cesc in action and how wonderful ade was last year.

    i decided to phone up to ask how the void would be filled for the next 2 to 3 critical months without cesc,theo,rosicky, a ring rusty eduardo and a settling in period if someone new came in this transfer window,as the next 6 games are more vital than ever to get a result with a diminishing squad.

    They said they would phone back if they wanted to discuss this point,needless to say they didn’t.

  65. Geoff

    Morning Kelsey. Ethan Wenger is the most sought after manager in football, he wouldn’t stay somewhere where he was told he couldn’t do something as fundamental as spending money.

    If Fizman says he can buy a £30mil player and he can’t why doesn’t Wenger say, that’s simply not true.

    Everyone always assumes Wenger can’t lie, he lies all the time.

    Read the accounts, we are a very rich club, we really are. I’ve been a shareholder for 15 years and I’ve never had a dividend, the money is in the club.

  66. ethangunner

    well done kelsey ,
    i admire your persistence .
    however im pretty sure you knew you wouldnt get a response from them ..
    they would rather treat there fans like mushrooms .. feed them bullshit and keep them in the dark

  67. Geoff

    Kelsey it’s sanitised TV, I watch because I’m an Arsenal nut and unlike Stuart Robson, I have actually paid to watch my club (30 consecutive years) They never say what we want them to say, they are like toads, you can see in Wenger’s eyes when he’s interviewed, it’s like he’s about to explode if he’s asked the wrong question.

  68. Geoff

    Gunnerfever sorry you were in moderation, thanks for the heads up, I hope you’re right!

    Gunnerfever’s comment was at 7.53, take a peek!

  69. ikon

    I dont think Wenger doesnt spend just because he doesnt have the funds. I think he has a say in the transfer budget too.
    IT firms in our area have gone to the extent of issuing an appeal to employees to save $10 per month in this difficult times. Because no one is sure wht is next. No one is sure about the jobs any more. And if city are relegated which is not entirely out of question, the same owner who shows such ruthlessness in buying players would not hesitate one bit for selling all the players and then selling the club.

    City with Robinho and Kaka is a decent investment on the business front. If anything happens, the sale of these players (for whom there would be many takers) would get the owners most of their money back.

  70. Geoff

    Let’s hope so Gunnerfever, I’m putting it in the post today!

    Ikon, if Kaka goes to City for that money and they sell him tomorrow, they won’t get half of that amount back, not in a million years.

    £100mil bears no relation to anything, shit it’s 25% of what our ground cost to build and in 4 years time he might be shit, look at Veron and Shevchenko!

  71. ethangunner

    wenger knows the financial status of our club he sits in on the meetings , with interest rates going up last year im sure he knows if the honey jar is empty or not , why else would there be figures of 75 million then 40 then 30 .. and now more like fuck all …

    theres no point in going to pre – qualify a bid for arshavin if the money isnt there ..
    he is then possibly asked by the board how much do you think he will cost .. wenger says oh 12 mill

    the board say ok .. not a penny more .. and you can have him …
    it would explain why we are interested in everyone yet get no one !

    i remember arsene saying not so long ago , i manage the football they manage the finances .
    when these paths cross , we usually end up getting no one !

    wenger is not the boss , he dont counter-sign the cheques
    he is an employee , and for all the boards claiming arsene can spend what he wants , why is the deals we do more like having a root canal surgery for 4 weeks than the way the board say it is…

    also this deal isn’t the usual hush hush deal !
    wenger has came out and stated he thinks he’s secured him and optimistic of the result .
    so why cant we find the extra 2 or 3 million required to put this deal too bed ?

    it all wreaks of tightness and stinginess . and after all it isn’t wengers money so why the hold up the deal or chance losing him ?

    i think we all agree wenger needs experience .. and if he’s identified his target and the target is willing why the delay ?

    we sold hleb for 12.5 going up too 15 mil on clauses so why only value arshavin at 10 ??
    and he’s a year younger than hleb …

    sorry in these harsh times i wouldnt let any employee just write his own cheques ..

    Im sure wenger and the board put a plan in place 4 years ago to steer us thru the times with no money … and because of the chev’s and the money put into the EPL in the past few years he has to spend more than the board want …

    why would you piss your employers off when you know damb well that the club is scratching for cash currently …

    and as rich as we are on paper when you have your capital tied up your as good as skint .

  72. kelsey

    if we are unloading bedtner for upson,that diminishes our weak or out of sorts striker options,unless vela gets more games or arshavin will be used more central if he comes.i am no lover of bedtner, but he has his uses as an impact player coming off the bench,yet he has only scored 2 league goals this season. something hopefully is going on,that none of us are privy to.

  73. peachesgooner

    Morning grovers

    kelsey i just emailed you

    Just noticed in my paper that AW has said that ades form has dropped off. He definitely should have listened to some of us before giving him that pay-rise!!

  74. peachesgooner

    ethan – I’m with you on the idea that the board and wenger decided that they weren’t spending. The occasional sounds bites from members of the board about there being money were just a smoke screen. Arsene hoped that his young players would come good cos if they had we wouldn’t be moaning would we?

  75. Geoff

    I would have agreed that young players bit, if he HAD bought the best, like Pato and Messi, but he didn’t, he bought Song and Denilson.

    He has money, don’t believe he doesn’t, this is his experiment and he refuses to budge, I did hear that Fizman is getting fed up and wants Wenger to buy, which is the opposite of your argument!

    Ho hum, we’ll find out soon enough, don’t fortget, we only moved from Highbury in order to compete with the Mancs.

    And before anyone says who could have predicted the property crash, I did, since 2002 I’ve been saying next year.

    Anyone that understands money, people and history saw this coming, that’s why I have no debt, I saw it coming so if Arsenal didn’t factor for this then Wenger should get his money back for his Economics degree, it didn’t work!

  76. peachesgooner

    Geoff – I agree that his choice of young players was not the best and that to me is one of the problems. If Song and Denilson were better that would help but they would still only be squad players if Flamini/Diarra/Gilberto had not been allowed to leave. The problem is three-headed 1. no money 2. bad choice of young players 3. letting much better players leave