Having our injured players back will be like 4 new signings, what???

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I seem to remember you saying that last year, oh and the year before Arsene, injuries are part and parcel of football, we seem to have more than most, but that’s because we buy injury prone players, Eduardo and Cesc being the exception.

We can’t keep relying on players coming back, it didn’t work last season and it won’t work this, we need new players, we need 2 class players in each position because injuries and a long season dictate that.

Cesc said buying players does not guarantee success and ManU only win titles because ‘Their philosophy of attacking football was clear and they were rewarded for that.’

Well that and the fact they have spent more money on players than we turn over, Ronaldo, Rooney, Ferdinand, Carrick, Anderson, Nani, Hargreaves, Tevez and Berbatov to name but a few, going back Van Nistleroy, Saha and Veron to name a few more. And all those I just named cost more than Wiltord, our record signing of 9 years ago. (sorry Ronaldo was £1mil cheaper)

It’s a fact of life that clubs spend money, other clubs that spend more than we do include… well everyone except WBA, Stoke and Hull and if you work out that Nasri, Coquelin and Ramsey equated to Hleb, Gilberto and Hoyte, then we spent less than anyone and frankly that’s not acceptable.

Billionaire owners, like them or not are here to stay, Villa, Liverpool, ManU, Tottenham, City, West Ham and Portsmouth are all owned by billionaires, and yes I know a few of them are in trouble, but we aren’t and we don’t have to spend anymore than we got from sell ons to get the players we need, so I’m at a loss to work out why Arsenal haven’t spent our money.

Wenger in his wisdom turned down Palacios and sold Diarra, Diarra was sold on for £15mil more than we sold him for and Palacios just turned down a £16mil move to the spuds, so we aren’t that clever in the market anymore either are we?

Arshavin and a centre back would do, chuck in a defensive midfielder of note and we still have a shot a 3 trophies, Arshavin is the 6th best player in the world, why haggle when we know that Milan or someone else will pick him up for a few mil more, didn’t we learn by not signing Alonso?

Why did we bring in Gazidas? To sell more boxes or to negotiate some decent players?

I watched the kids play yesterday and Steve Bould let slip that Frimpong was told not to shoot from distance, but they let him off as he nearly scored three times, what an admission, don’t shoot, and that’s company policy! No wonder we go sideways like Pedro’s crab.

I have tried several times to get Danny Fizman on and this week I tried to get Tom Watt, but they don’t want to know, they won’t even explain why they don’t want to know either, I guess that shows they don’t give a rats arse what we the fans think at all, just give us your money, sit down and shut up, oh and watch Arsenal TV and the propaganda machine in full flow.

I will watch the Hull game tomorrow and pray the fringe players start to show us what they can do, we know Song will play and we know Eboue will play so I will get behind them, Alexandre and Emmanuel if you are reading this, go prove me wrong, please show us why Wenger has this faith in you, if you have a blinder your name will light this blog up on Sunday, I promise, I will be the first to admit I was wrong, or at least Pedro will as he does the match reports.

Meanwhile Arsene, please sign Arshavin and two others before we see another season go down the shitter, please.

We are all Arsenal fans, that’s why we write a blog and that’s why our Grovers spend hours on it commenting, we deserve at least to see our money get spent, it wasn’t long ago we had players like Bergkamp, Pires, Henry, Overmars and Campbell in the ranks, get a few names in and we’ll clean up.

One last thing, on Arsenal TV often celebrities name their all time Arsenal team, I would say 90% of them have Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Keown, Bould, Bergkamp and Wright in them, and you know what, you didn’t sign any of them.

The lesson there is all the great Arsenal teams had a fantastic defence with two big centre backs, a great keeper and at least two world class superstars up front.

I will leave you with that thought boss.

Have a great day today Grovers, this could be the day we get back a great centre back and a superstar!

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  1. Stu

    OJ, rest assure that I never slag off Bendtner. Ade on the other hand can go if he wants. Personally i wont ever fully forgive his summer shinanigans.

  2. Lewyd24

    We dont need Bendtner. We got Dudu & Walcott coming back plus Vela .We need defensive payers much more. Upson Bendtner deal looks good to me


    The whole saga over Asharvin is making the Tr. window look like eternity. A player dosent become crab overnite. Song have been given enuf chance but have failed to light the midfield up. Is it becos it is not his natural position (CB), I dont really know, cos he was good there (CB) with JD at CC matches. I will want us to give ADE RVP, Nikk B. some time. these things do happen. Look at Drogba, who believed he cud be that bad against MAN U. but does that mek him Crab? I think NO!

  4. Stu

    I’ld rather not have Upson as our main defensive target because he is imo too old. He is certainly a lot better than when he left but at 29 this would be his last long contract. He would be 33,34 at the end of any possible deal and if Wenger is still ere he will either give him a 1 year extention of ship him out again.

    I’ld rather sell te deadwood and use that money to bring in a better defender in his mid 20s. Not an average defender nearing 30.

    Sell Ade, buy 1 defender and 1 midfielder.

  5. Stu

    I repeat! Bendtner is (will be ) a legend. He may not score as many as Ade but he certainly scored more important goals. He has been horribly off form this season but still scored the odd winner or 2. Ade only seems to score against the lesser teams and when the team is playing well.

    At least Bendtner scores when no1 else can.

  6. goonermichael

    De Jong’s contract contains a clause that would allow him to leave in the summer for £1.8m, but City have reportedly bid £13.3m to buy him now.

    More money than sense

  7. gambon

    Stu i dont know about nik being a legend but he is certainly way ahead of ade development wise for his age.

    I think Vela will be our main man upfront once he has adapted and is stronger.

  8. Stu

    OJAIMO, cant believe i am doing this but in defence of Song he isnt in the team to light up the midfield. He is there to nulify the oppositions attack. He cant even do what hes in the team to do and thats why he should be sold.

    As for his natural position being CB-i dont buy into that either. He has always been a midfielder and Wenger is just trying to make him a defender. He played there well towards the end of last season but this season has been amazingly poor.

    Against Fenerbache he was woeful. He played ther whole attack onside on numerous occasions, he is very slow but plays a high line, is slow (in the head) and has awful positioning. A god defender cant have all those deficiencies and be expected to play for a CL quality club.


    Stu sell Ade???? Do you think our CL spot is guaranteed with RVP and Nikk B as our point men?? I’m having a laugh. Please we still need Ade, forget about his antics last summer, he is highly needed in the squad now. Don’t ut your hope too much on Eduador, he is just working his way to fullness. He may not be fully fit until Mid March or April. Theo may not be fully fit til end of Feb. IMO. If we are counting on them as cover in the event ADE is sold, then are we not confirming what Arsene said that Injured players coming back is like New signings, which we know is NOT TRUE???

  10. Stu

    Think so Irish but only 2 in the prem, both against Bolton – his bogie team.

    Gambon, Ade was nowhere at 20/21. Nik is miles ahead of Ade at this age and maybe even RvP but im not too sure on that. Bendtner has most of the ingredients to become a legend. He is suprisingly quick, a smart passer, a good finisher, good positioning and a great leap. Unfortunately he is playing diabolically shit this season. But infairness he isnt the only one and he shouldnt be expected to be a world beater, either in this team or in any other team.

    Laters Bergkamp.

  11. Stu

    ojaimo, i would defo sell Ade but probably not in this window. The club should have cashed in on him during the summer. On this form we would be lucky to get 15m for him. Nik will surpass him sooner or later.

    Ade was so valuable for his running, hassling and energy but imo he has stopped doing all 3 this season because he thinks he is too god to have to work.

  12. IrishGunner

    ha ha Milan are about to sell Kaka there’d be riots in the streets if they sold Pato he has been turning on the style lately

  13. OJAIMO

    I have to go now Stu. more blogging 2mrw. I pray and believe we will nik a win against Hull. I won’t mind a 1-0 win till the end of the season provided the upper 4 drop points alongside. We can extend the unbeated run till the end of the season, can’t we? afterall MAN U have not conceeded a goal for a long while.

  14. Stu

    I have a bet on for RvP to score first and Turner tp score anytime. At least if he scores i will be a bit less upset.

  15. Stu

    I have absolutely no confidence in our defence. I would do a much better job that most of our defenders. Of that i am sure. (provided we have the same training regime) 😉

  16. Stu

    FACT: I would do a better job in midfield that Song, guaren-damn-teed!! I am a great defensive player. Pessimism has its upsides.

  17. Stu

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    Unbelievable but true.

  18. Stu

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    Unbelievable but true.s

  19. The Vanster

    Don’t know if it’s being discussed, though a source of mine told me a few hours ago that Kaka had agreed to join City. Confirmation of the deal was on Arabian Business before they withdrew the article… hmm…

    On a more relevant matter,


    Anyone know what he says?


    Which was also good news. Don’t really want Arshavin, and if his deal falls through and

    But Wenger, as always, is being a tight cunt and holding for his value, probably spending too much time on that deal.

    I bet Arsene doesn’t know how to use e-mail.which is why it takes so long. He flies people up to Russia and back. (joke)

    hm… I’m trying to imagine Arsene and Zenit on MSN, thrashing out a deal.

  20. David

    Arsene: How Much?

    Zenit: 20 Mill

    Arsene: But what about principles?

    Zenit: 18 Mill

    Arsene: Arshavin isnt the only player we are looking at and the deadline is in a few days

    Zenit: No paper? No player.

    Arsene: We have all the quality in our squad

    Zenit: Exceptional Talent…Requires Exceptional Money

    Arsene: Fack off.

    Zenit: okay 15 mill.

    Arsene: 12 mill.

    Zenit: Fack off.

    Arsene: I am shocked. This is supposed to be a negotiation.

    Zenit: Yes InterMillan and Mancity and Totthm are also interested. And o yes. Barca is always a possibility as it is our players “dream club”

    Arsene: Ok…15 million but he is must be my new love child.

    Zenit: >>????

  21. IrishGunner

    “Andrei Arshavin’s protracted move to Arsenal will be sorted out – one way or another – next Tuesday. His club Zenit St Petersburg have invited Arsenal officials over to Russia on January 20 to thrash out a deal.The playmaker’s agent, Dennis Lachter, has said that a deal is likely to be done “early next week” and will not comment further.

    Zenit are believed to want £18m for the 27-year-old – but are concerned that both Arshavin and his agent are demanding a £5m cut each. ”


  22. Frenchie

    Not much either.. back from the pub.. same ol’
    same old story with wenger too huh? not gonna spend more than he thinks the player’s worth which is always gonna be at least 5Mil below market

  23. PDT


    Woke up this morning hoping to see headlines that Arshavin had signed for us….

    I hope we will get the three points at least!

  24. Rob From Aus

    Ill bet my whole business that Wenger is stalling over signing someone just to keep the fans quiet, then once the window shuts he will pull the same excuse he did in the summer just gone, “We tried but we failed in the last hour bids!” Because realistically if he was going to sign someone the deal wouldve been concluded already. So ill bet that he wont sign anyone because he doesnt want to but instead rely heavily on the likes of Song and Bendtner & Eboue! So i wouldnt hold my breath cause he has already indicated that he isnt interested by the bullshit comments already released to the media! So well done AW, good on u for fucking up our season for the 4th season in a row! Hats off to u wanker!

  25. IrishGunner

    It seems its the £5mil that Arshavin and his agent are looking for might be the problem

    Maybe arsenal have offered Zenit an offer they’ll accept and its the bloody agent causing all the hassle?

  26. PDT

    Rob, I think he has a list of transfer targets, but is too miserly to pay the sticker price. He will negotiate and negotiate and negotiate to the last minute. Maybe we will get someone, but we have to wait till the very last moment to find out. January has been good for Arsene – no defeats. That’s why he can still hide.

  27. Frenchie

    Rob I don’t mean to back arsene on that one cos I wish he would have put a bit more cash on the table for Arshavin and sort it out quick, yet Nasri a good buy man. I reckon the boy’ll be better than Hleb, just we should have bought Nasri and kept Hleb, the man just doesn’t listen ever

  28. Rob From Aus

    I’d seriously love to see the up roar of the fans if the cunt didnt sign anyone tho! because there would be no where to hide and i think a resignation would be in order. I could see the headline now,”Fans Take Turns In Punching AW In the Sack”

  29. IrishGunner

    “wanker” – step up from calling him a “cunt” eh? Lets call in harry redknapp he’ll buy us the world of players, we’ll be in the relegation zone but we’ll have spent the money we have woohoo

  30. Stu

    Im sure i heard Wenger saying a dela would be done in the next few days or something like that so we will hopefully know either way soon.

    Also, re the bendtner for upson swap- i’ld rather we kept Bendtner and brought someone a lot better.

  31. Rob From Aus

    Yeah Boys i aint disagreeing with you, But look at the current progress of the “deals”,
    it has the exact same storyline as the summer transfer window just gone, everything is almost symmetrical in the way he has conducted business, Like the summer we were linked with 1 or 2 key players yet the clubs wanted too much money, right? fair enough i say so he apparantly negotiated! Then look after a couple of days he started saying the same shit in that “we have really good players that are injured and they are going to be like new signings” So to me the storys & comments show WAY to much simarlarities! agree to disagree but thats how ive read between the lines.

  32. PDT

    Irish, I just woke up, it’s dark outside (and I am on the equator, so you know it’s early!). The melatonin is surging through my brain, so I am emotional about my club.

    I am sorry if I have upset you. I love the Arsenal, I loved Arsene Wenger through the first eight years, but I truly think he is not showing the urgency that differentiates a great manager from a merely good one.

  33. Frenchie

    I would send Bendtner on loan to west ham and set up an add-on deal for Upson where possible.. and send Gallas to whoever wants him, Marseille would do..

  34. PDT

    Average managers is a matter of judgement.

    Would you call Phil Brown an average manager? I think he could be a great manager, but I suspect I will be shouted down by most Grovers.

  35. IrishGunner

    PDT – call him deluded or losing the plot or past it etc but calling the man a “cunt” or a “wanker” is a bit much to me.

  36. Rob From Aus

    Hmm, id say Mancini maybe or Frank rikjaard even Mourinho

    These are managers i reaon with ambition and have won shit. Just my opinion.

    Even Guus Hiddink?! Shit he took Australia to the world Cup last 16 where we were cheated out of the game V italy. Buts thats another story

  37. IrishGunner

    PDT – No LOL but you did apologise to me ha ha so I just continued with my grievence however you did say you want to kick him in the crotch thus ending my plan to reproduce with him 🙂

  38. PDT

    Zorr0- you make an excellent point. Money can’t buy us love, eh?

    That’s why I am looking forward to having Arshavin here. The rumour is that he is willing to pay part of his transfer fee….

  39. Stu

    Gallas and Silvestre should make way for Turner and Zapata(even tho im not a big fan of his). Maybe Kolo should go too. We need a total reshuffke of the defence. I would only keep JD, Sagna and Phil(because i rate him). Clichy is a great fullback but doesnt give any great contribution to either end, OK defender and shit attacker. Absolutely no end product.

  40. Rob From Aus

    Kilbane or not Irish my point is that deals can be concluded with a sense of urgency if u r serious about the player.

  41. Zorr0

    Kilbane? Can he possibly get in the same sentence as Arshavin? Well I guess if we use the words boots and lace maybe!

  42. Rob From Aus

    lol God no! but u say he went wherw the money was! and im sayin Football Australia doesnt pay a good amount of money champ

  43. Stu

    How much did Kilbane go for? not that much im guessing.

    Hull are buying well. Manucho, Kilbane, failed medical for Finnan. Not the best but very good considering their history.

    Just we would show a proportionate amount of ambition.

  44. IrishGunner

    Rob – no it is very different. Kilbane – Wigan didn’t want him, Hull did and didn’t have to fight off Inter/Barca etc for his signature

    City have offered huge sums for different players and have only signed Bridge

  45. IrishGunner

    Stu – Espanyol said the Finnan deal fell through because of personal agreements – seems they may want rid cos they are trying to suggest he is fit

  46. Rob From Aus

    Well depends Zorro, do u rate Arshavin/ obvioulsy so, So how come he wasnt snapped up earlier? he must of showed some promise? Its only now he is sort after. And my point was Again, that if u want or need a player bad enough Kilbane or not that u can wrap a deal up in at least a week n a half. We’ve waited 2 weeks now for what? “Oh maybe next week, we have great injured players etc etc….”

  47. PDT

    Stu, I disagree….

    Kolo and Clichy are definitely among the best in the game. Clichy has lost faith in the rest of the defence. Last year, if he got the ball in our third, he’d pass his way out of trouble. Now he just boots the ball upfield. He is scared that if he passes to Silv or Almunia or JD, they will lose the ball. You can’t build a solid back four without trust.

    I blame two things – Almunia (not a thing, Irish, I didn’t call Almunia a thing!), and not having a defensive coach.

    Almunia does not talk with the back four. Mad Jens would demand his defenders listen to him, Almunia is a soft shy retiring type who is a brilliant shot stopper but can’t marshall his defence.

    So our four defenders end up playing as individulas. Even Sagna now boots the ball out of touch whenever he is under pressure. He never did that last year before he got injured.

    I remember reading Rob Hughes once saying that the difference between Seria A and the EPL was that in the Serie A, defenders passed their way out of trouble while in the EPL, they just booted the ball upfield. You just have to look at our games when Lehmann was aorund and our games now to appreciate what he was talking about.

  48. Stu

    Maybe insterad of buying anyone to play we should invest in solving the injury crisis or our lack of defensive organisation.

  49. Rob From Aus

    Why keep bringing Citeh up? they are cellar dwellars! of course they are having problems signing people. ITS CITY!!! only mercenaries go there i.e Robinho players have to obviously weigh up the equation! Ambition V Greed!

  50. IrishGunner

    PDT – Almunia “not a thing” – look join in in calling players and managers “cunts” and “wankers” if you want, I just personally think its stupid and childish but its your call mate 🙂

    Also agree with you on Almunia he really needs to be more commanding

  51. IrishGunner

    but surely if signing a player was that easy they’ve have signed more – they went after Given, Parker, Bellamy and Santa Cruz and got how many?

  52. goonermichael

    The city thing is quite funny though. If kaka gets 220k a week net how will greasy fake ronaldo feel? He’s probably thinking “but I’m the best player on the planet” the only way he’ll get that kind of money is by joinung city cos madrid won’t pay it or the poor half of manchester.

  53. Rob From Aus


    In response to your recent comment now, Those clubs have clearly said they dont want to sell there most prized assests! ive read that constantly. And the clubs want wayyyyyyy to much money for them.

  54. Frenchie

    Stu – in fairness both Lehmann and Almunia cost us the CL… we need a proper keeper.. I wish we’d go for Given

  55. Stu

    Almunia needs to grow some bals and just give out to people. The only time i’ve seen his get even a tiny bit agressive was against WBA with Gallas. Other that that he just keeps quiet.

    Overall I feel that the team is “too nice”. They need to stop caring about peoples feelings and just win!

    imo Wenger persists with shit players partly because he doesnt want to tell them they arent god enough, (just incase they might cry)

  56. goonermichael

    Irish it’s a bit of a habit but most managers and players who aren’t Arsenal are cunts, wankers and scum. But not our own.

  57. Frenchie

    sorry stu – was replying to PDT’s post – neither Almunia nor Lehmann were doing the job, almunia still doesn’t

  58. Stu


    Frenchie, how did Lehmann cost us the CL? He helped get us there. Almunia could have easily saved both goals past him. One at the near post and the other through his open legs like a slut. (no offence to any sluts reading). 😉

  59. IrishGunner

    Rob – I know mate I have a habit of overreacting its just something I personally hate anyway its your thing if it helps vent anger keep at it, I take all my anger out on other clubs LOL

    £20m for Arshavin is too much, he can buy out his contract in six months and has no interest in playing for Zenit

  60. Zorr0

    Funny thing is, citeh could try to get a very decent squad of 14/15 players if they try hard enough and spend enough money, then the mercenaries will not only be earning shedloads but they may actually be able to put in a shout at some trophies. This will be accelerated by everyone else being skint!

  61. Rob From Aus

    exactly goonermichael.

    Unless we are being lied to all the time & ripped off.

    Then i feel a good ol’ cunt calling would be in order

  62. IrishGunner

    GM – I call harry redknapp, mourinho, cole, rooney, ronaldo etc wankers and cunts but not Wenger or any of our players.

  63. gambon

    Goonermichael, if Kaka gets 220k a week i can see Leo Messi making a call to Joan Laporta next week asking for 350k.

  64. Rob From Aus

    True Zorro,

    But u need a good manager to accelerate these winning part! like a Mourinho or someone, he proved that money can win u shit with chelsea.

    But City? With Hughes? Sorry mate be optimistic but i cant see it

  65. goonermichael

    Me neither Irish. Although I did call ade that in the summer and I still don’t have any time for him. I have more respect for Eboue and Song.

  66. gambon

    Stu the team is definately too nice. Djourou got his first booking of the season the other day. CBs should be picking up yellows all the time.

    Used to love it when we had a team full of enforcers…Vieira, Gilberto, Parlour, Keown, Lauren, DB10.

  67. IrishGunner

    GM _ I called him a “greedy fecker” LOL that’s as bad as I get but IF he had moved and was wearing a Milan shirt he’d be a “cunt” like hleb is a cunt

  68. Rob From Aus

    Yeh…… i know but even the invincible’s think & say he is shithouse!!

    Just he is the worst player i can remember even over cygan that has worn an Arsenal shirt. He acts like he is a superstar.

  69. Zorr0

    Hughes is only there to the Summer. Big name will be in then.
    GM, fair point, but even without a bit of passion they can still go a long way, I mean chavski did the same but on a poorer scale and bought 2 titles!

  70. Rob From Aus


    Did u remember back when we had the most amount of red cards then, more than any othere team?? LOL

    Sigh the good ol’ days of beating the other team hard like Bolton

  71. goonermichael

    a lot of ex arsenal players are ok though. flamini is one of the biggest cunts though and wenger was a mug he should have put him in the reserves and played diarra

  72. goonermichael

    Zorr0 Although I hate the cunts the chavs were a top 5 club before the russian. City are anothing club. Ranieri was doing ok.

  73. Rob From Aus

    I dont blame the flamster leaving, he was being treated like a second rate player, offered a shit contract and he saw AW had no ambiton anymore as did TH14 & Cunt Hleb and PV4