Having our injured players back will be like 4 new signings, what???

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I seem to remember you saying that last year, oh and the year before Arsene, injuries are part and parcel of football, we seem to have more than most, but that’s because we buy injury prone players, Eduardo and Cesc being the exception.

We can’t keep relying on players coming back, it didn’t work last season and it won’t work this, we need new players, we need 2 class players in each position because injuries and a long season dictate that.

Cesc said buying players does not guarantee success and ManU only win titles because ‘Their philosophy of attacking football was clear and they were rewarded for that.’

Well that and the fact they have spent more money on players than we turn over, Ronaldo, Rooney, Ferdinand, Carrick, Anderson, Nani, Hargreaves, Tevez and Berbatov to name but a few, going back Van Nistleroy, Saha and Veron to name a few more. And all those I just named cost more than Wiltord, our record signing of 9 years ago. (sorry Ronaldo was £1mil cheaper)

It’s a fact of life that clubs spend money, other clubs that spend more than we do include… well everyone except WBA, Stoke and Hull and if you work out that Nasri, Coquelin and Ramsey equated to Hleb, Gilberto and Hoyte, then we spent less than anyone and frankly that’s not acceptable.

Billionaire owners, like them or not are here to stay, Villa, Liverpool, ManU, Tottenham, City, West Ham and Portsmouth are all owned by billionaires, and yes I know a few of them are in trouble, but we aren’t and we don’t have to spend anymore than we got from sell ons to get the players we need, so I’m at a loss to work out why Arsenal haven’t spent our money.

Wenger in his wisdom turned down Palacios and sold Diarra, Diarra was sold on for £15mil more than we sold him for and Palacios just turned down a £16mil move to the spuds, so we aren’t that clever in the market anymore either are we?

Arshavin and a centre back would do, chuck in a defensive midfielder of note and we still have a shot a 3 trophies, Arshavin is the 6th best player in the world, why haggle when we know that Milan or someone else will pick him up for a few mil more, didn’t we learn by not signing Alonso?

Why did we bring in Gazidas? To sell more boxes or to negotiate some decent players?

I watched the kids play yesterday and Steve Bould let slip that Frimpong was told not to shoot from distance, but they let him off as he nearly scored three times, what an admission, don’t shoot, and that’s company policy! No wonder we go sideways like Pedro’s crab.

I have tried several times to get Danny Fizman on and this week I tried to get Tom Watt, but they don’t want to know, they won’t even explain why they don’t want to know either, I guess that shows they don’t give a rats arse what we the fans think at all, just give us your money, sit down and shut up, oh and watch Arsenal TV and the propaganda machine in full flow.

I will watch the Hull game tomorrow and pray the fringe players start to show us what they can do, we know Song will play and we know Eboue will play so I will get behind them, Alexandre and Emmanuel if you are reading this, go prove me wrong, please show us why Wenger has this faith in you, if you have a blinder your name will light this blog up on Sunday, I promise, I will be the first to admit I was wrong, or at least Pedro will as he does the match reports.

Meanwhile Arsene, please sign Arshavin and two others before we see another season go down the shitter, please.

We are all Arsenal fans, that’s why we write a blog and that’s why our Grovers spend hours on it commenting, we deserve at least to see our money get spent, it wasn’t long ago we had players like Bergkamp, Pires, Henry, Overmars and Campbell in the ranks, get a few names in and we’ll clean up.

One last thing, on Arsenal TV often celebrities name their all time Arsenal team, I would say 90% of them have Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Keown, Bould, Bergkamp and Wright in them, and you know what, you didn’t sign any of them.

The lesson there is all the great Arsenal teams had a fantastic defence with two big centre backs, a great keeper and at least two world class superstars up front.

I will leave you with that thought boss.

Have a great day today Grovers, this could be the day we get back a great centre back and a superstar!

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  1. patthegooner

    It all fits into place Bergkamp. I knew there was something about that Foam Filled Fucker that I didnt like.

  2. IrishGunner

    Bergkamp you wouldn’t mess with Leo the Lion

    I was at a game one night and the mascot does walkabouts while the game is on (remember this is 2nd division league of Ireland we’re talking about) and he was talking to a few of his mates down near the corner flag so he had the outfit head off. Some young skanger came up and ran off with the head laughing. The mascot yelled at him to bring it back which he did and then the mascot punched the young fella square between the eyes.

  3. bergkamp

    lol fist fights are legal in ireland as long as you both roll your sleeves up though irish, so punishing a thief is nothing lol

  4. Odub


    Off to face the delights of the victoria line!! Have a ggod one chaps and Irish

    Come on the arse!!! 2-0 for me tomorrow, Nasri and RVP!

    COME ON!!!

  5. patthegooner

    I would renew my Sky Subscription if they started televising this. funniest thing I have seen in ages. This could rival Fight Club

  6. patthegooner

    Same here, and havent touched a drop yet, I am getting on Ebay and buying some Mascot costumes. It beats swing tennis at the summer BBQ.

  7. patthegooner

    Seriously it is now one of my life ambitions to be involved in a Mascot Punch up and if that involves my opponent being Gunnersauras (Now we know his true Identity) then that would just make the day even better.

    If only Jim’ll Fix it was still going.

  8. Steve

    The only appeal that would have for me Irish is that i wouldn’t be directly in front of dumb and dumber as i have the misfortune to be at cashbuton grove.

  9. IrishGunner

    I was at the Wigan game in the lower tier behind the goal and two guys behind me just whinged all the way through the game – very annoying. Just for 90mins give it a break. They were two old lads – will 50 is old to me LOL

  10. bergkamp

    if we fail to win tommorow it cant be a good weekend unless i win the lottery,if we win and i have a bit of bad luck like spraining my ankle then its still a good weekend

  11. bergkamp

    infact iv been a bit maony lately,i was givin a few grumbles about nicks bad touches on saturday,then he scores and a woman looked at me like haaaaaa,but i was thinking wait she was huffing an puffing as well,damn fooooooool

  12. charybdis1966

    I noticed there’s been a fair amount of sympathy for the Orange one (aka David Dein) lately. Some of which I can understand, but does anyone know if he was responsible for the naming and shirt sponsorship deal with E***tes ?
    That so called deal has to be one of the crappiest going, compared to what the Chavs/Mankskummers have got since. Bring back JVC I say.

  13. bergkamp

    irish,if villa lose il accept it,i think,id accept financial crisis in my own life for a champions league medal this season

  14. IrishGunner

    My reaction to every miss hit kick is “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh” just a long moan of discontent

    I jumped about 20ft into the air when he scored

  15. Gunner8

    “Its like paying mega bucks to go to the best titty bar in london then Moira Stuart comes out in a thong……only we keep on going back. If youre gonna charge the most youve got to give the best product, its been a few years since weve done that.
    The stadium move wasnt about competing, it was about further exploitation.”

    Classic Gambon, Classic… …Moira Stewart! LMFAO

  16. bergkamp

    i never say a player is crap,i say he is playing crap and im entitled to that,id even buy song a beer if i saw him in the pub after we got bashed by spurs at home,this is the thing some fans say oh he is crap and lalalalallalaa,others just sit with their mouth shut hwever the team is playing and thats why he emirates is a library

  17. IrishGunner

    yeah – i think i’s get over most things as long as Arsenal win 🙂 when they lose everything seems so much worse

  18. bergkamp

    lets no get into this le grove transfer merry go round yet again so soon, its only 5pm,by 9pm tonight we could have signed anyone lol

  19. IrishGunner

    I can’t keep my mouth shut – I love shouting but I feel like a bit of a gopshite when those around you aren’t joining in

  20. bergkamp

    id say spurs,because it was the way we folded,against hull we were just stupid against a team we didnt believe had any heart,we know spurs are shyt but give 100% to the end in the derbys,especially as it was meant to be revenge

  21. Arsenal Tom

    yeah id go with spurs, the most disappointing was villa though, they totally destroyed us for 90 mins, ive never seen an arsenal team get so battered at home

  22. bergkamp

    irish gunner if they dont like it they should stay at home,if i cant shout that something aint good enough then i will stop going,i wouldnt boo a player,and i wont slag him once his number comes up and his contribuion is over,but i will demend better while he has the ball or is defending it

  23. bergkamp

    the villa game was just stupid,first clichy then gallas,and then we go and gallas makes the exact same mistake away,then a week later he defends deep against peter crouch who is so alone upfront

  24. bergkamp

    the thing about the spurs game was it was so predictable,as soon as gael slipped i knew jenas would score,and then every attack it just looked like goal,espacially when cesc tried to play a through ball to ade at the end when we only needed to hold the ball, stupid

  25. IrishGunner

    I mean shouting in both regards – cheering the team on and then complaining when I feel needs be. Some people just sit there and do nothing.

  26. Geoff

    Shows you how old I am my dad fought the Germans in the second World war, my Grandad did in the first World war.

    Then we get a labour government that’s done more damage than the fucking luftwaffe.

  27. bergkamp

    some people who sit near me hardly even watch the game,they sit their havin a picnic and a chat,weird freaks,i know they travel from miles away but i dunno why

  28. IrishGunner

    I think you’d go mental if you think “what if” we hadn’t made them stupid mistakes. You can get away without playing well if you don’t make stupid mistakes – case in point Man United

  29. IrishGunner

    I travel from miles too but no point in making all that effort just to take photos and leave 10 mins before half time to get a pie

  30. bergkamp

    if we cut out the stupid routine mistakes we would win the league lol, as well when theo is playing we should put him on the halfway line when were defending a set piece ,like the way we use two men to take a corner so the oposition have less players defending in the box because 2 have to come short.brainless,and the concentration,i know were unlucky because teams always punish us with a goal an raely a near miss but you make your own bed so lie in it

  31. bergkamp

    i dont like to discriminate anyones reason for following football,but these people i really dont know why they go,at the man utd game they were chatting and havin a picnic and not even watching the game,even moaning about some geezer standing up

  32. Pat

    arabianbusiness.com confirmed Kaka has signed for City, but now they took the article off. Its still there, but when I click on it there is nothing.


  33. IrishGunner

    I’m not going to count all the stupid mistakes – I’ll only cry we could be so many points better off – even take the Spurs home and Villa away both thrown away we got 2 points and should of been 6

  34. Pat

    Irish, just like Arsenal denied nasri’s transfer once he posted it on his own website.

    I think its a done deal. I hope Kaka does well.

  35. charybdis1966

    Oh right A Tom – I’ll absolve the orange one for that botch up then.

    I’ll be near Hull tomorrow(North Yorks rather than Humberside) so I’ll be watching on TV with a load of northern monkeys. Hopefully I’ll something to ram down their throats when Rico’s favourite player scores another late winner. 🙂

  36. bergkamp

    all the missed chances at home against hull,and robins hatrick of misses against sunderland and another against fulham,we would be clear by now if we respected our oponants and took our heads out our asses,if we played till the whistle instead of hoping for a refs whistle like kolo and almunia at stoke away

  37. bergkamp

    middlesborough away too lol,we gottawin these open games because theywont give us this space with 11 men behind the ball at the emirates

  38. IrishGunner

    Pat – It probably will happen. It was just that arabianbusiness.com have been putting up articles for the last two days and City are denying what they are saying so they take it back done.

  39. Arsenal Tom

    another of our problems is we either seem to be able to beat everyone except our rivals one year, then the next we loose to everyone except our closest rivals.. when are we gonna combine both and piss all over the league?

  40. IrishGunner

    The whole club needs to wake up Bergkamp i.e the board, manager, players and dare I saw some of the fans could be more constructive ie don’t boo but cheer ’em on.

  41. bergkamp

    arsenal wont sell ade while we are in the champions league,unless milan give us pato and we can get maybe another centre forward type

  42. patthegooner

    I bet it will be over 30m. I reckon they will go for either Drogba or Ade.

    The Milan fans will accept the money but will want some players in to replace Kaka. They have stars already but they are old. On that I bet they sell more Ronaldinho or Beckham shirts than we sell Personalised Arsenal Shirts full stop.

  43. bergkamp

    irish,exactly,but the players that have lost games to hull fulham and stoke and thrown games that were bagged should look at themselfs,i think in each case they were counting the points and waitinf for each other to do something instead of stepping up and winning these games

  44. A

    30 mil would do me irish! in fact 25 would! To tempt us now though mid season i’d expect us to not accept anything under 35. He’ll go to them in the summer

  45. bergkamp

    well as long as it includes pato,arsenal arent gonna weaken midseason,not for money, if milan come with an ade bid a profit and a replacement need to be in place before we do business,were quite greedy but not this stupid

  46. IrishGunner

    A – I like Adebayor but I just get a feeling he could leave. If its to Milan we should do for as much money as we can.

  47. patthegooner

    He is Bergkamp, but Milan will want to appease their fans and to make a statement that are still a huge club.

    It would still give Wenger time to get someone else in.

  48. bergkamp

    milan might bid for ade,but arsenal wont sell without a replacement,i dont care how much,milan are 5th in their league and in a worthless uefa cup,their local rivals are rapin them year in year out they hhad to bring players in with or without kaka

  49. bergkamp

    pat thats just a nagging fear.i think arhsavin if he is in a deal with arsenal he has already agreed terms and has practically put pen to paper,its just about zenit now

  50. bergkamp

    i think if milan wanna buy ade mid season they should give us 80 mill,i dont think kaka is 70 mill better than a dead body,never mind a player they really want

  51. IrishGunner

    Keep him and make sure he proves out on the pitch 🙂

    Unless we’re offered £107million, then we drive him to the airport

  52. Pat

    I would never waste 35 million on Villa. I rate him as much as Ade, not more not less.

    Different players with different attributes.

  53. A

    yeah i agree irish, i think ade will be gone before the start of next season. Unlikely now unless kaka happens, and then milan offer us silly money, say 35-40 mil, otherwise i think he’ll go for 20-30 mil in the summer

  54. A

    i disagree massively pat, villa is an absolutely fantastic footballer who scores alot of goals, ade is a decent-good footballer who scores alot of goals, though i’d never spend 35 million on any player

  55. bergkamp

    lol pat,ade was told off by his agents for tellin the truth in the first press conference,if he wanted to leave or get as much money as possible i think he would be gone

  56. patthegooner

    I think they will offer silly money, we could actually benefit hugely out of all this.

    Pat, ok your opinion but Villa is more of what we need and what suits us. If we sold Ade for say 35m then I would gladly spunk the lot on Villa.

  57. bergkamp

    but when you play a 4-4-2 you need players that atributes combine,like alan smith & ian wright id say ade & villa,like torres & keane,keane isnt as good but he fills the same spaces but the better forward cancels him out, the same reason why no one ever had succes playing to out an outs like ian wright & alan shearer

  58. A

    i don’t think he’s helped robin bergs, i think he’s been a hindrance! I’d rather a bendtner vp partnership than an ade vp partnership, at the minute anyways. Playing with quality next to him i think vp would have scored alot more goals

  59. bergkamp

    ade is a good team player and we play the ultimate team game,robin has the talent he is just less willing to use a man in a better position unless he absolutely has to,if rob could play ade in for an open goal or shoot he would shoot every time,ade looks up much more often,thats why it would suit a more clinical finsher than robin

  60. bergkamp

    where do people get bendtner vp from?? its never been a success once,theres no presence,at least ade spends half the game leading the line,them 2 dissapear

  61. bergkamp

    i remember hull at home we had players quein up for an open goal to make it 2-0 and robin decided to shoot on his right from the wildest angle,thats why were in 5th,we all know the defence is crap but games weve lost robin has missed a hatfull of oportunitys to either play someone in or finish,he has the talent but his mentality is less team more robin

  62. bergkamp

    west ham and man city away,robin and nikki looked amateur,i just dont think many forwards gain from playin with robin,thierry would agree

  63. A

    ade is an attrocious team player imo, he has no decent team attributes, except for running all day, which he stopped doing halfway through last season when he decided he was amazing. He can’t pass, has no vision, and his decision making is apalling!

    However he can score massive amounts of goals and make life very difficult for the opposition defenders with his pace and power, but that’s it. He’s not good for the team as a whole because he can’t contribute to our style of play, he doesn’t have the technique, intelligence, or just ability!

  64. bergkamp

    no decent team attribute?,i think you just personally dont like ade,1 he defends and chases,robin doesnt,thats 1,number 2 he tries to pass when its time,robin always goes for the fancy pass like man city away then refuses to track back, i think our best partnership out of all the players we have would be ade-eduardo/theo/vela, robin wouldnt benefit a partner,nikki needs to use his size more like saturday and stop fancying himself as a top player with the ball at his feet

  65. A

    it’s not really been tried bergs, i think vp and bend could work, or maybe vp and vela would be better. I’m trying to remember ade’s assists, can’t think when they were, if they were for vp, apart from the chelsea one which was

  66. bergkamp

    i dont think our midfield does enough as a goal threat,thats our worst problem with the ball, if robin or ade or nikki or william dont score we probably dont hit the target all game

  67. bergkamp

    vp and bendtner just have too simular a mindframe,i cant ever see nikki B chasing till the end,i seen him give up on a ball that wasnt even goin out of play saturday,and for a fresh sub thats not a good thing

  68. A

    no bergs ade used to defend and chase, since he decided he was incredible he doesn’t anymore, especially not when he’s scored a gosl, he wanders around the rest of the game not breaking a sweat unless he sees the chance of a goal. After he’d scored against fenebache just not bothering to mark at the free kick for their first goal despite marking their most dangerous player is the most disgusting lack of effort i’ve ever seen on a football field, it makes me furious just thinking about it

  69. bergkamp

    nikki needs more support from team mates than ade,robin often dissapears leaving the front man isolated,i think nik will improve but not if he carrys on thinking he is a legend and the dogs bollocks already

  70. bergkamp

    he would get a lot more patience from the fans if he cut out the messi and ribery boots and started doin the basics well old nikki boy

  71. A

    no bergs ade used to defend and chase, since he decided he was incredible he doesn’t anymore, especially not when he’s scored a gosl, he wanders around the rest of the game not breaking a sweat unless he sees the chance of a goal. After he’d scored against fenebache just not bothering to mark at the free kick for their first goal despite marking their most dangerous player is the most disgusting lack of effort i’ve ever seen on a football field, it makes me furious just thinking about it, absolutely attrocious.

    ade if he chased like he used to is very useful, he can’t pass, his decision making is absolutely attrocious, he can’t participate in our flowing football 90% of the time.

  72. A

    bergs ade used to defend and chase, since he decided he was incredible halfway through last season he doesn’t anymore, especially not when he’s scored a gosl, he wanders around the rest of the game not breaking a sweat unless he sees the chance of a goal. After he’d scored against fenebache just not bothering to mark at the free kick for their first goal despite marking their most dangerous player is the most disgusting lack of effort i’ve ever seen on a football field, it makes me furious just thinking about it, absolutely attrocious.

    ade if he chased like he used to is very useful, but he can’t pass, his decision making is absolutely attrocious, he can’t participate in our flowing football 90% of the time.

    He isn’t good enough to start for us in the future if we want to move forward and return to our previous style of play

  73. IrishGunner

    apparently Eduardo scored a hat-trick in match between the reserves and first team the other night – now his ability you can’t doubt 🙂

  74. maqitlarge

    Seriously. what the fuck is taking to so fucking long. Fucking sign the Russian already. Cough up the few extra mil and secure one of the best players in the world FOR FUCK SAKE, GET IT FUCKING DONE

    (Anyone else get in sporadic (albeit on a daily basis) fits like that?)

  75. OJAIMO

    The rate at which Arsenal fans swing loyalty is quite amazing. I read Le-grove every day and 2weeks ago, more than 85% were calling for Nik B to be sold bcos he is crab, only knows how to were flashy boots etc. Just because he scores 1 goal last week, he has suddenly become better than Ade. When Ade came on and scored against west Ham, it was RVP that Gooners called for to be rested. Does this really show we know enough of football or are most of us being swayed by who scores? Brighty and Odub please check your comments on those two instances and confirm if you are saying being consistent.

  76. bergkamp

    i think we would miss ade big time if we didnt replace him properly,nikki we would miss less but we would need vela to start scoring from off the bench from time to time

  77. IrishGunner

    better if we could keep Ade, RvP, Vela, Bentdner and Dudu and concentrate on sorting out the midfield and CD positions.

  78. bergkamp

    ojaimo,to be honest i hate the transfer window frenzie,might as well chill and see what happens eh,but i gotta admit iv slagged off robin ade & nik but would hate to see them leave especially ade or robin,nik id always keep an eye on to see how he is doing