Having our injured players back will be like 4 new signings, what???

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I seem to remember you saying that last year, oh and the year before Arsene, injuries are part and parcel of football, we seem to have more than most, but that’s because we buy injury prone players, Eduardo and Cesc being the exception.

We can’t keep relying on players coming back, it didn’t work last season and it won’t work this, we need new players, we need 2 class players in each position because injuries and a long season dictate that.

Cesc said buying players does not guarantee success and ManU only win titles because ‘Their philosophy of attacking football was clear and they were rewarded for that.’

Well that and the fact they have spent more money on players than we turn over, Ronaldo, Rooney, Ferdinand, Carrick, Anderson, Nani, Hargreaves, Tevez and Berbatov to name but a few, going back Van Nistleroy, Saha and Veron to name a few more. And all those I just named cost more than Wiltord, our record signing of 9 years ago. (sorry Ronaldo was £1mil cheaper)

It’s a fact of life that clubs spend money, other clubs that spend more than we do include… well everyone except WBA, Stoke and Hull and if you work out that Nasri, Coquelin and Ramsey equated to Hleb, Gilberto and Hoyte, then we spent less than anyone and frankly that’s not acceptable.

Billionaire owners, like them or not are here to stay, Villa, Liverpool, ManU, Tottenham, City, West Ham and Portsmouth are all owned by billionaires, and yes I know a few of them are in trouble, but we aren’t and we don’t have to spend anymore than we got from sell ons to get the players we need, so I’m at a loss to work out why Arsenal haven’t spent our money.

Wenger in his wisdom turned down Palacios and sold Diarra, Diarra was sold on for £15mil more than we sold him for and Palacios just turned down a £16mil move to the spuds, so we aren’t that clever in the market anymore either are we?

Arshavin and a centre back would do, chuck in a defensive midfielder of note and we still have a shot a 3 trophies, Arshavin is the 6th best player in the world, why haggle when we know that Milan or someone else will pick him up for a few mil more, didn’t we learn by not signing Alonso?

Why did we bring in Gazidas? To sell more boxes or to negotiate some decent players?

I watched the kids play yesterday and Steve Bould let slip that Frimpong was told not to shoot from distance, but they let him off as he nearly scored three times, what an admission, don’t shoot, and that’s company policy! No wonder we go sideways like Pedro’s crab.

I have tried several times to get Danny Fizman on and this week I tried to get Tom Watt, but they don’t want to know, they won’t even explain why they don’t want to know either, I guess that shows they don’t give a rats arse what we the fans think at all, just give us your money, sit down and shut up, oh and watch Arsenal TV and the propaganda machine in full flow.

I will watch the Hull game tomorrow and pray the fringe players start to show us what they can do, we know Song will play and we know Eboue will play so I will get behind them, Alexandre and Emmanuel if you are reading this, go prove me wrong, please show us why Wenger has this faith in you, if you have a blinder your name will light this blog up on Sunday, I promise, I will be the first to admit I was wrong, or at least Pedro will as he does the match reports.

Meanwhile Arsene, please sign Arshavin and two others before we see another season go down the shitter, please.

We are all Arsenal fans, that’s why we write a blog and that’s why our Grovers spend hours on it commenting, we deserve at least to see our money get spent, it wasn’t long ago we had players like Bergkamp, Pires, Henry, Overmars and Campbell in the ranks, get a few names in and we’ll clean up.

One last thing, on Arsenal TV often celebrities name their all time Arsenal team, I would say 90% of them have Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Keown, Bould, Bergkamp and Wright in them, and you know what, you didn’t sign any of them.

The lesson there is all the great Arsenal teams had a fantastic defence with two big centre backs, a great keeper and at least two world class superstars up front.

I will leave you with that thought boss.

Have a great day today Grovers, this could be the day we get back a great centre back and a superstar!

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  1. Keyser

    Franchise – If the Chairman said it fine, but he didn’t, since the summer the credit crunch has affected us all, how would that affect the chas reserves and how we spent them or use them, come on..

  2. A

    i disagree pat, defensively song is absolutely fine, going forward with diaby and ade on their recent form is like playing with 9 men, that’s what worries me the most

  3. IrishGunner

    Brighty – if another club was willing to make a £20m why have they not done so? Arshavin has virtually been on the market since the end of the euros – he had no interest in playing for Zenit after that

    A – yeah Milan have cash but then they’ve always had.

  4. bergkamp

    then we have to play chess brighty,match it or hope the player doesnt wish to play for anyone else ,see buying early in the transfer window is for spurs,they overpay so they can get an immediate deal because if another team identifys the same target chances are the player will prefer to go elsewhere,we want players who want to play for us,no one will pay more than 12 million plus a coule bonuses for arshavin

  5. A

    i’d be shocked if nasri started centrally in a 4-4-2 pat, he can move there when we’re pushing for a goal, but not start there. Which is why I think denilson and song will start, nasri ahead of them, vp wide or up top by himself

  6. Paulinho

    I can’t see what effective ball retention Denilson brings. He is so negative that when someone presses him he will pass it backwards to a full back who is also under pressure, then the full back(Clichy) will just hoof up front to get rid of the ball. We will then drop back into our half.

    Anything that requires some genuine technical class is beyond Denilson and when he gets time it’s another sideways pass.

    This would be acceptable if he bothered to track runners but as we all know, he doesn’t. He just lets them swan in unmarked.

  7. A

    nah irish they’ve been talking about not having that much for the last few years, 100 mil to spend will make a massive difference, and it worries me alot, though im hoping they sign ade for 40 mil rather than arshavin!

  8. A

    paulinho denilson is in the top 5 in the prem for pass completion this season, so his ball retention is fantastic, that’s something that is undeniable because it’s statistically proven!

  9. Pat

    Sell Ade? No way. He gives us a lot. He’s off form, but he’s a quality player.

    I realized our fans are very unappreciative of some pretty good players we have. Sorry, but players like Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, are once in a lifetime players. Pires/Ljungberg type cost a fortune these days where money rules all. It’ll change soon enough and we’ll be thankful that Wenger kept this policy.

    I’ve talked with many Milan fans and they’d love to have Ade on their team.

    I just turned 18, and I’ve supported the Arse for about 8-9 years now. I’ve been spoiled by the success.

  10. Paulinho

    Yeah A, but that scenario I described above might give him that extra completed pass but it doesn’t necessarily help the team does it? He’s just put Clichy under pressure.

    All he does is pass to the nearest Arsenal shirt, whether it be two yards away or five. Anyway can rack impressive statistics doing that. Same with Mikel at Chelsea.

  11. IrishGunner

    A – but they still have brought in players who would expect high wages – Beckham, Ronaldinho etc and a knock on effect of that is that they have to pay their more established players Maldini, Nesta, Pirlo, Gattuso more money

  12. Geoff

    Thanks Franchise, that’s what we have been trying to tell people.

    ‘A’ Diarra and Campbell were sold cheap, Campbell went for nothing, Diarra went for fuck all considering what we could have got, see my last January posts and Flamini should never have been allowed to wind down his contract, fucking dumb in anyone’s book that.

  13. bergkamp

    if milan had an interest in arshavin their mind games would have started already,even if milan were broke they would still publically talk about targets

  14. Metal Gear

    Paulinho so true true that was such an intricate description of what I’ve been seeing I’ve seen the player’s Denilson is supposed 2 cover/mark but because he’s so not a DM they just ghost past him while he jogs and watches the ball.

  15. Odub


    The bottom line is this

    The quality of players we have now is considerably poor than any squad we’ve had under Wenger, and probably 4-5 years before that. Even back then when we had a shit time in the leauge at least we had players who would die for the cause.

    What we have now are over paid over pampered kids who swagger around knowing they wont be dropped no matter how crap they are. Blame the manager for that.

    Even if we buy Arshavin, we’re still a distance behind the squads the other top 4 teams have got, so it’s turning point we’ve all been waiting for.

    That moment will come when AW accepts that Almunia,Song,Eboue,Bendtner and Denilson arent good enough. Gets rid of them and buys players who actually play well in ONE POSITION! Full stop. No more experimenting ffs, and stop this out of Africa project!
    I dont buy all this nonsense about ‘giving them time’ and ‘there’s a player in there somewhere!’

    I havent been on for a while mainly because it’s taken me this long to recover from last saturday’s borefest!! I sat there with my brother who was experencing the new stadium for the first time (he lives abroad), as well as his first ever winter, and I had to think, ‘I’ve just paid 100 quid to attempt to kill 2 of my parents kids via pneumonia watching some of the worst football played by some of the most pathetic excuses for arsenal footballers I’ve ever seen!’

    I’m all arsenaled out folks I’ve crossed to the dark side! I now support my local team… Carshalton Athletic! Come on the Robins!

  16. bergkamp

    geoff,flamini was offered a new contract many times,he didnt sign it,the mistake was they didnt drop him into the reserves and play diara,but changing a winning team is not the done thing

  17. Franchise

    berg ask urself why we havent won the league in 5 season (if u add this year)? IMO its cos we dont have a good enough team so spending some money to improve the team is not spending for the sake of it. Its cos its necessary to compete. There are no shortcuts. Even blackburn had to spend to win the league in the 90s.

  18. chris

    why cant wenger see that these players just arent good enough, it pisses me off so much. everyone can see this..we cant keep persisting with song and eboue..how many times do they need to fuck up before he accepts their not good enough to play for arsenal

  19. Pat

    Wenger’s an idiot. Nasri was best for OM playing in his natural CAM position. Clearly Arsenal is much better with him in the middle.

  20. bergkamp

    the squad we have now is poorest under wenger but saying 4 or 5 years before that is the reason why your post aint worth reading mate odub

  21. Franchise

    keyser as usual we would have to agree to disagree i have tried to back my points up as best as i can. From what ive shown many would agree that money is not an issue. Arsene is the issue.

  22. Geoff

    No Bergkamp, the mistake was we should have said in January, sign this contract or I’m playing Diarra and you can rot in the reserves for the rest of the season, he would have signed it or gone, we would have got some money and kept Diarra. End of story.

  23. Metal Gear

    So Pat just becuz you’ve talked 2 Milan Fans saying they love Ade some how justifies his status Ade is shit he is a stupid footballer who scored most of his goals through open goals and penalties Ade is garbage IMO and yes sell him is 30 mil is offered without the ridiculous service he got last season he would have scored less than half his total last season.

  24. Keyser

    Franchise – So all you want is for them to spend money ? Thats fine, all I’m saying is it has to be spent wisely, Chelsea don’t have cash reserves they have Abramovich’s deep pockets that’s why they won titles, United brought in new owners that leveraged and loaned back against the club, Liverpool are in debt also because of new owners and their spending, Villa have Randy Lerner.

    If you want to advocate someone taking over to provide extra income, fine, but until then we can’t spend as freely as other teams, yes we can spend money, but not as freely as others.

  25. Geoff

    Keyser £50mil spent would win us the FA Cup, it’s that simple, no money spent means no ECL football next season.

    £50mil spent last summer would have meant winning the EPL and the ECL. It’s not a lot, it’s there, and it’s fucking ours.

  26. Keyser

    Franchise – I don’t mind we’ll disagree then, and about before be as nasty as you like, it don’t bother me, Heh, thing is people can agree all they like, others can still have a valid point, just look around at the teams in front of us, and it’ll tell you much of what you want to know.

  27. Pat

    MetalGear, he’s not a shit striker.

    Most of his goals were open goals or penalties? He didn’t score many penalties and he scored many class goals.

    The fellow by the name of CR scored even more open goals than Ade, so where the hell are you going with this?? Not to mention penalties.

    Why is it when Villa scores 20 goals in a season, many tap-ins and penalties, and he’s hailed as some kind of God?!?!!?!

    Yes, Ade has less goals this season, but look at our team!!!! Use some common sense, of course he’s going to have less.

    Also, consider the fact that RVP is fit and the goals are split. Ade was our sole goalscorer for most of last season. RVP injured all season and Eduardo half of it.

    How many PL strikers are better than Ade, honestly?

  28. Mark C

    Wenger – Keeping our fans is the No 1 goal
    6/1 Arsenal beat Hull 1-0 Free £20 Paddy Power Bet 13/2 Bendtner 1st goal Free £20 Paddy Power Bet By Chris Harris

    Buying players and winning trophies would appear to be the top priorities in the weeks and months to come but Arsène Wenger insists that football clubs cannot lose sight of a rather different goal – keeping bums on seats.

    You might not think that football has a financial care in the world in a week when Manchester City have reportedly offered in excess of £100million for AC Milan star Kaka. But, behind the facade of possibly the biggest transfer fee in history, reality is biting.

    For some supporters, giving up their weekly fix of football is a distinct possibility as individuals cut their cloth accordingly amid the recession. Manchester City may be a headline-grabbing exception to the rule but, Wenger argues, for most clubs, keeping their turnstiles clicking should be the No 1 aim.

    “You can hide behind Man City buying Kaka for £100m. But that is an exception to what is happening in our world,” said Wenger.

    “That is why I believe for us it is more interesting to think how can we keep our fans than talking about Kaka. That is living in the real world.

    “Football has different types of people coming to the game. You have the client, who is the guy who pays one time to go to a big game and wants to be entertained. Then you have the spectator, who is the guy who comes to watch football. These two categories are between 40 and 60 [years old].

    “Then you have two other categories. The first is the supporter of the club. He supports his club and goes to as many games as he can. Then you have the fan. The fan is a guy between 15 and 25 years old who gives all his money to his club. And you have to keep, at the moment, these categories faithful to our club.

    “Some of them have been hit harder by the crisis – or will be. For at the moment England every day loses 3,000 jobs. You think that has no consequence on our game? It will have.

    “At the moment the world has been hit by a financial crisis not by an economic crisis. The economic crisis is a consequence of the first one and that will be happening in 2009.”

    So how do clubs ride out an economic crisis? Drop ticket prices to make football more affordable? Or tempt supporters with big-money signings? Wenger understands the dilemmas that lie ahead but insists that survival must come first.

    “Do you drop prices? I don’t know,” he said. “I believe that what is important is that like in any business if you are faced with a crisis you are in a healthy financial situation because the clubs that are in an unhealthy financial situation who have to face reduced income will be in trouble.

    “It’s true [you keep fans loyal with big signings]. But you keep your fans loyal as well if your club survives.

    “Manchester City are not in a position where they have to [be responsible]. They live in a world without the same restrictions. But I believe that having responsibility is to anticipate the future.”

  29. Franchise

    why are we 5th in the league with 33/1 odds to win it???? It is cos Arsene didnt strengthen his team in the summer. we signed a few but we let more go. if u add diarra in january then thats unacceptable.

    how can a team be fluorishing finacially yet suffering on the grass? how can teams like Wigan spend more than us on transfers??? Wenger didnt do his best to keep Diarra in January as soon as a profitable bid came he was out of the door. How come he managed to keep Kolo this January when we all know that he asked to move???? Why didnt he keep Diarra if it was possible to keep Kolo???? Too many questions unanswered.

    A lot blame our league meltdown last season on Eddy’s injury why not on Diarra’s departure????

    Arsene should wake up from his wet dream

  30. Keyser

    Geoff – I’ve never said don’t spend, just spend it wisely, 50 million ? Sounds like nothing doesn’t it.. Thing is to the teams around us it has been.

  31. Brighty

    Pat – u are wrong.
    Adebayor is not a quality player who is off form.
    I didn’t rate him last season either.
    And before you come back with the ‘but he scored 30 goals’ argument, I argue that a quality striker would have scored 40 goals with the amount we were creating last season.

    I am a season ticket holder and have watched every home game live and every away game(tv) and I notice every time he misses an open goal, every time he loses out on a header to a player a foot shorter than him.
    He is simply not good enough,
    Top that off with his antics in the summer.
    I am 32 years old and have had a season ticket since I was 4 so I am not just remembering Henry, Bergkamp, Pires et al.
    I can guarantee you Kevin Campbell would have scored 30+ last season!!

  32. Bud

    Afternoon Grovers !

    Anyone else reading into the Arsenal Website Headline “We have other targets than Arshavin”.

    Roughly translated we won’t get Arshavin but we will sign a 16 year old from Burnley and a Senegalese guy called Monday Bandele that plays for a French 3rd division side called Le Plop !!!!!!!!!!!

  33. patthegooner

    I bet if he signed Arshavin and a quality CM then there would not be any huge gaps in the stadium anymore

    that is how you keep fans Arsene.

    Oh and dont play crab football for 62mins, that helps as well.

    Playing Song, Eboue and Denilson when fit will increase the gaps in the stadium.

  34. Odub

    bergkamp I’d take the team from 5 years ago over these clowns.
    You’re telling me THE back 4 and a midfield with merse, parlour and limpar wouldnt have got in this team? Plus didnt we have smith, campbell and wright?

  35. Franchise

    why are we 5th in the league with 33/1 odds to win it???? It is cos Arsene didnt strengthen his team in the summer. we signed a few but we let more go. if u add diarra in january then thats unacceptable.

    how can a team be fluorishing finacially yet suffering on the grass? how can teams like Wigan spend more than us on transfers??? Wenger didnt do his best to keep Diarra in January as soon as a profitable bid came he was out of the door. How come he managed to keep Kolo this January when we all know that he asked to move???? Why didnt he keep Diarra if it was possible to keep Kolo???? Too many questions unanswered.

    A lot blame our league meltdown last season on Eduardo’s injury why not on Diarra’s departure????

    Arsene should wake up from his wet dream

  36. bergkamp

    the team from 5 years ago id take them thats for sure,any team with henry or bergkamp in it is better than this team,just because them players made it happen

  37. gambon

    Bud…Monday Bandele will be brought in on an ‘exceptional talent’ visa. Wenger will say he is ‘super super class’.

  38. patthegooner

    I dont even think we need a CB Bergkamp. Not unless Gallas is off. I think most clubs would be happy with Djourou, Toure, Gallas and Silvestre as cover. That is not a priority at all.

    I would be happy if he signed Arshavin and one of Veloso, Inler, Cana, Senna, De Rossi etc. In fact I might even renew my membership.

  39. Pat

    I really don’t care how often you watch Arsenal and how often you go to the games. 50% of football fans go to watch games, but they don’t know shit about football.

    I guarantee you Villa would not score 40 if he was an Arsenal player last season.

    Funny how some of you judge players. Let me guess, you never thought Hleb was class either?

    Ade is class. I’d sell him for 30 million, but there are only a few better than him.

  40. bergkamp

    i think we let players go in the summer believing we would sign our targets,unfortunately the club wasnt offerin an extra 2 or 3 mill for alonso

  41. Geoff

    Mark C his drivel is like listening to Cantona, who the fuck gave him all those poodle stats! Fucking hell, he’s even telling us what a fan is now.

    We’ve been telling him for months he should be working on keeping the fans happy, now he sees the drop, he jumps on the bandwagon.

    Buy someone, tell the stewards to behave and lower the prices. That will be a good start.

  42. bergkamp

    pat that is exactly it,you can never have enough good defenders but we need a dm more, but upson,is he the man to take us slightly to a better level?,id take any of them midfielders as well

  43. Odub

    reggie, love the area mate!

    Thinking of moving even further up to banstead, the snob in me is coming to the fore I guess!

  44. ethangunner


    when you put it like that , its quite disgusting that wenger has let our quality slip , at the same time
    that every other team in the EPL is trying to lift there games , its like not only are we getting more ugly to watch and far less competitive (2nd rate), but smaller teams like wigan gets Valencia and Bolton signed anelka .. it only amplifies the scenario too me !

    the board comes out and rants over the non – importance of champions league football .
    and how its not important to our club … and wenger saying injured players are somehow new signings ? when we really didnt play much better when they are not injured ..

    i agree , i lived most of my life in kent whilst in the UK … the wings were the first football team
    my dad took me too ! i dont blame you for going back to grass roots football !
    ive often felt like id like to return too it also !

    why is our team the only fuckers in the EPL who dont take being here seriously ?
    one day soon it will turn around and bite us in the A$$!

  45. Metal Gear

    Pat I have used common sense and Villa does not miss sitters and your open goal assessment on CR is shocking as I’ve seen a compilation a while back on his goals and there are hardly open goals. Ade has fewer sitters than last season 4 example the sitter against Portsmouth (this season) where he was so close 2 the goal he could have hugged the post he is garbage mate open your eyes bad form you mean no Hleb, no fab= less sitters 5 sitters 4 Ade= 1 goal I’m I wrong?

  46. Odub

    So anyone got any news to share?

    Havent been in the loop for the last week. All i know is arseshavin, and maybe some chap called diakate (spelling!)

    Where’s Michael P with his 3 signings by eo Jan business?!!

  47. Franchise

    If Arsene thinks he can manage a club like Real like the way he manages us he is joking. He would be fired in his 1st season if he tries it. Arsene should be a National Team Manager as he doesnt have to sign players. he would rather not sign Robinho for £30 million than put his ‘REPUTATION’ on the line.

  48. Brighty

    Pat – u are showing ur age – I would put my house on the fact that David Villa would have scored more goals than Ade in his place last season.

  49. bergkamp

    lol geoff,i love it,those are the 3 things that could get me back as an akb,

    ‘Buy someone, tell the stewards to behave and lower the prices. That will be a good start.’

    the 3 commandments

  50. Odub

    I should have probably started off by saying I had a pub meeting at 11.30 got back about 2, and I’m completely phurked!! 🙂

  51. Pat

    Metal, you are wrong. 5 sitters = 1 goal. Show me some stats or don’t mention it. He usually misses 1 sitter and scores on the next sitter. Stop exaggerating. He’s a great forward. he’d make the starting XI on Chelsea, Liverpool, and maybe United.

  52. Brighty

    Pat – In response to how many Premier League strikers are better than Ade –

    Anelka, Drogba, Tevez, Rooney, Santa Cruz, Torres etc etc etc

  53. Bud

    Wenger – Keeping our fans is the No 1 goal (Arse’s new Website Headline).

    Interesting read, but as usual contradictory with no gumption or answers……. fucks sake, its like having a chat with a Japanese guy (presuming you don’t speak Japanese and he not English)…… I haven’t got a fucking clue what he said !!!!!!!!

  54. bergkamp

    i think ade could improve but i think his knockers are wrong espacially as robin matches his stats for misses to goals ratio,i think they both will improve a bit and do well when the midfield gets a bit more flamboyant,instead of doing the crab

  55. Pat

    What are you basing that on Brighty? We could all say “could of, would of”, etc.

    No, I doubt he would. Age has nothing to do with it because I probably do know more about football than you.

  56. Franchise

    Ade is a good player. As an impact forward he is average when compared to the likes of Vava who could win a game singlehandedly.

  57. Brighty

    Pat – It was in response to your ‘could’ve, would’ve’ post at 2.35pm where you “guaranteed” me Villa would not have scored 40 goals last season….

  58. Geoff

    Grovers this little scrote has been on again saying none of you are real fans and you are all cowards, if you would like to correspond with him here’s his address, get in quick before his boyfriend come home though.


  59. Bud

    Does anyone think Wenger is digging at the board…….. give me some more fucking money to buy some players that will keep the fans happy and give us a chance of winning something, or lower your prices as we will be shit and won’t fill the stadium???

  60. Pat

    Brighty, Drogba has been shit since his PL golden boot season. Injuries or not, he’s been shit. He came good when he was around 27. Ade is much younger and playing in a stronger league than Drogba played up until he was 27.

    Anelka hasn’t been good since leaving Bolton. He missed tons of sitters for Chelsea this season!

    Tevez and Rooney are both better, I agree with that. I used to not rate Rooney, but the guy is a footballing genius. SAF should be playing him in the Totti role though.

    Santa Cruz is nowhere near Ade.

    Lets wait before we say Torres is better. SO far, this season is a disappointment much like Ade’s.

  61. gambon

    Apart from one ‘form of his life’ 3 month period last season Adebayor is a fairly average striker, in terms of both record and ability.

    For sure he isnt useless but a top european team should always have a world class goalscorer

  62. A

    no we can’t pat, because “could of” and “would of” make no sense whatsoever, it’s “could have” or “would have”, or abbreviated “could’ve” or “would’ve”!!

    Sorry, pet peeve of mine!

    I’m undecided whether i want ade to go, just because I’d like him in the squad still unless we sign someone better, which is unlikely, and getting irrational money for him wouldn’t mean us being willing to act irrationally ourselves, so we still wouldn’t spend big

  63. Odub

    Reggie I used to work in Sutton about 12 years ago, they didnt dare walk around with their kits on back then, now they’re all over the place!

  64. Bud

    Thats what I thought, but maybe we have had it wrong…. the board are a bunch of tight dont give a fuck cock jockeys???

  65. Keyser

    Franchise – You keep coming up with these things like it’s that simple, we’re 5th, Wenger could have strengthed, but then you’ve alrteady said Villa spent 48 million, but they’re 4th, the team above have spent significantly more on their squads, is it that simple to blame just Wenger ? So this season we spend 30 million just to try and compete, what do you do the next season where Villa or the others just leech off their owners ? Or the season after ?!

    Then people say we got to 4 points off the top, if only Wenger had spent some of the money, he’s already got us to 4th without spending a fraction of what everyone else did, so we slate him because he’s good enough to get us that far and because he’s he didn;t get us any further.

    Arsene’s wet dream ? Good point. Sums up your argument.

    I’m cool mate, be as nasty as you like, you mentioned it, me and Paulinho are always nasty to each other, i’m just saying i’m not bothered either way it’s just a forum for discussion.

  66. Brighty

    Pat – We’ll have to agree to disagree then as I would straight swap Ade for any of those players and a load more…… Kenwyne Jones included…

  67. IrishGunner

    NEWSFLASH: Nearly every player this year has been a disappointment. Young only looks so brilliant cos he is less crap than the rest!!

    Football has been cack since the euros

  68. Pat

    Brighty, and I was basing that on your “a quality striker would have scored 40 goals with the amount we were creating last season.” post

  69. bergkamp

    young is over protected by the refs,i dunno what their love affair with him bary and agbon is all about,barry commits 15 fouls a game and rarely gets booked

  70. Odub

    Young would have been a great addition to our squad, but hey 8 million was too much for us to spend on him I guess…

  71. IrishGunner

    Geoff – since your so sure its definitely Wenger’s fault then who is at fault for the conflict in Gaza – Israel or Hamas?

    It’ll depend which side you look at it from and there is always a percentage of blame on both sides.

    You can’t just blame Wenger, that’s a bit silly in my view. If it is all him not spending, why haven’t they fired him? Perhaps because they are happy how he is operating? Who should have more power in this – the employee or employer?

  72. Franchise

    keyser we’ve been through this b4. lets not recycle the debate. Villa are no where close to us revenue wise. you dont need to spend 50million every summer. If we spent as required in the summer and signed Alonso and a 6ft 3 world class CB we would not have been 5th. £24 million would have been adequate. if we didnt sell diarra who we got on a bargain at 2million we wont have neded to sign Alonso. So a CB would have sufficed

  73. Pat

    Reports in England thi smorning indicated that Liverpool winger Jermaine Pennant had signed for Portsmouth for an undisclosed fee. It looked as though the South Coast club had managed to steal a march on the likes of Real Madrid, AC Milan and Hull City and land the former Arsenal and Birmingham City player.

    Now, though, it would appear that the deal has foundered, with the player himself insisting that he is happy at Liverpool and wants to remain at Anfield to fight for his first team place.

    “My preference is to stay at Liverpool and I’m still hoping to do so,” the player stated earlier today.

    “There has been a lot of speculation about my future but I’ve always maintained mu position of wanting to stay at the club.”

    Pennant signed for Liverpool in 2006 for a fee of £6.7 million. He has made 81 appearances for the club, and played in the Champions League Final of 2007. He is hopeful now that things will settle down a little and he can concnetrate on performing well enough on the pitch to get back into the team.

    “I’m happy to compete for my place here and I hope that I am given the opportunity to do so,” Pennant added, by way of conclusion.

  74. patthegooner

    Let him on Geoff, lets see what is point is, see if he can back up his argument

    As for Ade, I think he has suffered this year as he is a Striker that needs chances put on a plate for him, and we are simply not creating enough for him

    But, I think he is fucking cock and would gladly take 30m from Milan for him, and once the Kaka thing is done, i expect them to bid for him

    As for Arshavin. I sadly think we are fucked there. as soon as the pikey gipsies that are Arsenal agree a a low fee for him, the others will match it and offer him more in wages. My money is on Inter or maybe AC dependant again on Kaka.

  75. IrishGunner

    Odub – that’s hindsight. We could have forked out the money for him instead of Walcott and maybe Walcott might have been far better had we not signed him and then we’d still be complaining.

  76. Brighty

    Pat – By all means post links to stories on here but this is a forum for discussion not for copying and pasting stories we all read through newsnow anyway. Thanks

  77. Steve

    let the cunt on Geoff to tell us what he thinks of us. Nothing I like more than a 12 y.o wanabee that went in the Junior Gunners once to tell me i’m not a real fan. Maybe he could recompence me 26 years of season ticket money?? Let the cunt on and let us play with the little bitch.

  78. Keyser

    Franchise – Exactly, nowhere near us revenue wise, outspent most of Europe in net spending, because they have an owner who pumps in money to their club, it’s outside investment, and thats just Villa, let alone all the other clubs. Thats just something you have to consider. you can trace it back as mucha s you want it’s not the only reason.

  79. Pat

    I don’t think we have problems with CBs. We need a quality CDM to shield them.

    This bunch is fully capable as seen in the first half of last season.

    Toure-Gallas partnership was quite amazing actually until Toure went to the ACN. Then Senderos-Gallas was looking pretty damn good as well, but AW decided to change a winning team and we havn’t been the same since then.

  80. Franchise

    Irish the board dont interfere with Arsene’s team building. I bet of recent they would have been paying close attention to it though. Arsene is a very intelligent man (who is getting too intelligent for himself) the board adore him the same way the fans adore him. he has been instrumental in most of Arsenal’s recent success and is well paid for that. The way Arsenal operate is Wenger does the squad building and he works very close to the board regarding transfers and player wage negotiations. How can Peter Hill Wood tell Arshavin’s worth he would rely on the expert (Wenger) advise. Wenger needs to concentrate more on on-field matters and leave transfers and other distractions to other people.

  81. Steve

    I don’t understand why they moderate these pricks. let them on I say. Tell the wankers where we meet pre-game too.

  82. gazzap

    Yes but Djourou can play with either Toure OR Gallas. thats the beauty of Djourou. so as long as JD is fit we are OK in defence. Its the physical presence in midfield we struggle with. Its no good just to be a thug either, you need to be able to pass and be creative to an extent as well if you want to play at Arsenal. or thats how it should be.

  83. Pedro

    Keyser, do you think there is a reason Lerner spends money on Villa, or do you think he does it to leave himself out of pocket.

    If you think there is a reason for spending the money, what do you think it is?

  84. Odub

    Apart from the double vision, a thumping headache (all self inflicted I might add) and this insurmountable rage/anger I’m feeling towards all things arsenal at the moment…. I’m doing just great! 🙂

  85. andy c

    Anyone going up to hull tommorrow? Im not gonna be chuffed if Song walks out onto the pitch after ive gone all the way up there!

  86. Pedro

    Steve, the guy geoff is moderating comes on everyday to call us tossers and tell us we’re not real fans. I’ll bet two things:

    1. He is not a season ticket holder and has probably never been to a game.
    2. He is about 18 years old
    3. Is a farmer because he is from Eaton Socon and that is all they do out there.
    4. Possibly married to one of his livestock.

  87. A

    yeah i agree gazzap, we are OK, and a creative midfielder, and someone with physical presence must be our priorities. I’m sure we’ll try and improve our defence in the summer though

  88. IrishGunner

    Franchise – I thought Gazidis was brought in to deal with transfers and Wenger could deal with on-field matters? If Gazidis isn’t doing transfers there’s little point to him?

    I’m not saying the board should interfer but if we can see ourselves that this team isn’t up to it, surely the board should be putting pressure on Wenger to buy to sort it?

  89. kenny smith

    arse.com are reporting that wenger has said that arshavin isnt the only the other person we are looking at… hopefully he has realised that Song is shite and will buy the flamster back… or buy veloso!

  90. Franchise

    Irish he would have to grow into the role. Its like expecting too much from Denilson this season. Only Arsene did 😉

  91. bergkamp

    i agree with irish,its the board,either way,they either arent doing their bit or their allowing a manager to perform sloppy

  92. Keyser

    Pedro – I dunno, is there a quote ? I jest.. Thats not the point is it, he doesn’t pay interest nor does the club, it’s not from what they’ve accumlated over the years, it’s from his private wealth, this is also our challengers for fourth not any of the teams above.

    Do you want someone to come in and takeover the club ? Just say if you do, can we spend as much as teams that are around us without any risk ?!

  93. IrishGunner

    Thanks Bergkamp – I’m not saying Wenger ain’t fecking up big time but the board do have the power to fire him or increase pressure on him.

    Franchise – he’s too old to let him grow LOL I actually like Denilson but only as a squad player

  94. Pedro

    Oops, I stand corrected… he is working in Huntingdon today… also farmer town. They must have wireless in tractors these days.

  95. bergkamp

    ade isnt a great striker,but thats because he is more of a target man, he is a great strike partner for a great striker,we dont have a great striker currently

  96. Odub

    Who kept saying on here that Ade would score 30+ again this season?!! Show thy self you swine?!

    Last season was a major fluke for the gangly one nuff said!