A night in with Arsenal TV, the girls plus the David Seaman interview.

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So last night it was one year old, so guess what? I decided to watch Arsenal TV all night, just me, the TV and a box of tissues.

First up Dennis Bergkamp, now when people talk about legends, this bloke truly is an Arsenal legend, I spent an hour going down memory lane and thinking about what was, listening to Dennis saying how football should be played, oh what deep joy, he finished by saying he would love to be a coach at Arsenal, and one day maybe even a manager. Dennis, I would buy my season ticket 3 years in advance if you did that.

Before I leave the legend front, why is it when Le Grove disagrees with something Arsenal do we are all ‘not real Arsenal fans’ – Ian Wright does it on a regular basis and those same people call him a legend? Odd isn’t it.

Imagine Arsene Wenger and his assistant Dennis Bergkamp, with Keown as defensive and Seaman as goal keeping coach, boy what a prospect! No offence Pat, I see you as an Arsenal legend as well.

This was followed by Tom Watt and his interview with David Seaman. Now Tom is like me, Arsenal through and through, although he is a bit of an AKB, but like Bob Wilson, I’ll forgive that as they are paid by Arsenal so you wouldn’t expect them to disagree with the way it’s going at the moment. Bob, probably like Tom doesn’t have to queue up at the station for an hour after the game.

Anyway, I enjoyed the show and particularly the interview with David Seaman. Tom said to David,

‘I think there’s a real player in Song, if we buy a ready made defensive midfielder, are we saying to Song, you’re not good enough? if we are he may say I’m not waiting 3 years, I’m off’

Talk about trying to put words into David Seaman’s mouth Tom! So what did David Seaman say then?

‘We can’t wait three years, we need to buy a ready made player now, sorry, he’s not good enough’

…Oops, that wasn’t expected, that wasn’t in the script. Good for you David Seaman.

Someone asked me yesterday why I hated Song so much, listen, for the last time, I don’t hate any Arsenal player, all I keep saying is he’s not good enough, not now, and I don’t want to wait 3 years to find out if he will be either. I would wait for Ramsey, I would wait for Theo and Wilshere, I waited for Clichy, Cesc and Djourou but I could see they would be good. Song I can’t, and having a team full of prospects won’t work, I would sooner have seen Muamba in there given those same chances, but he wasn’t and that’s why I get so angry when I see Song getting chance after chance.

So it was good to see an ex Arsenal player not towing the company line and saying what he believed to be true, so then what? Well then came the moment for me to be alone, as the Arsenal ladies then played Colchester in the FA cup.

The first 30 minutes they were in our faces, then Arsenal started to use the flanks, the wingers worked their magic and we won 7 nil, talk about a tissue moment, they were awesome, great, great football. Vic Akers needs to share with Arsene how to unlock a stubborn defence, these girls played the game like we used to when we had Overmars, Freddie, and Pires, and the finishing was as good as it gets.

So all in all a great night, I even emailed Tom and asked him to come on Le Grove, that would be fun, but don’t hold your breath.

Arshavin has offered to help pay his own transfer fee, Arsene I like the cut of this blokes jib, someone who wants to join us? pay the money, we’ll get it back in shirt sales alone.

Have a great day Grovers, this is the day that ***** predicted a press conference and I believe *****, always will, always have!

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  1. Jimbo


    He works on the corporate side of things – not particularly close to the footballing operations.

    But in any company, there’s a lot of gossip, and that’s what he’s passed onto me. It could be wrong, as gossip often is, but it’s a lot better than the garbage you read in the press.

    Take it or leave it, it’s your choice.

  2. A

    fair enough jimbo

    I’d be absolutely shocked if it happened, and pretty gutted, but you never know! If that was true I’d also expect to have heard about it, neither zenit nor arshavin’s agent are exactly tight lipped about what’s going on are they!!

    zenit’s first team squad return from holiday tomorrow for 3 days of fitness tests, then off on 19th for their pre season training camp, I think things will happen soon, at the very least we’ll know whether arshavin refuses to travel because he wants a move to us

  3. A

    yeah you can’t get much less likely than the bollocks in the tabloids so any rumour by word of mouth i’d give equal consideration to!

  4. Jimbo

    To be honest A, you know how office gossip is. A lot of it’s nonsense, but they usually get the genuine stories first as well.

    We’ll see in the next few days, I suppose, but my mate sounded pretty sure. Then again, he could always be winding ME up! :D.

  5. A

    watching the arsenal fenebache match on arsenal tv, such good feet from theo, we were playing with confidence back then! Still one of the angriest if not THE angriest i’ve ever been at an arsenal player watching ade just not give a shit to even try and mark his man which cost us their first goal. Obviously irrelevant in terms of the scoreline but still, what a fucking cunt not to give a shit at all. Song scored, amazing!

  6. A

    lol bbk, that old chesnut, wenger says we aren’t after a defender, bendtner and wenger say he’s going nowhere, even if he did top teams in europe are interested, and west ham say upson’s going nowhere, of course the fantastic journalists at the mirror wouldn’t let any of that get in the way of a tranfer rumour, oh no!

  7. ethangunner

    its not as silly as it sounds , if gallas is leaving .. and arsene is strapped for cash
    a swap deal would suit both parties as it obvious upson wont be there next season ..
    so WHU gain a striker with some promise . and we gain a replacement for gallas ..

    whatever the rumor i wouldnt put it past wenger to explore all money – free alternatives to gain what he wants ..

  8. ethangunner

    but in all honesty i didnt think the earth would move for us this transfer window anyhow ..
    if we get arshavin ill be over the moon and anything else is a pure bonus …

  9. ethangunner

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger remains hopeful of landing Russian playmaker Andrei Arshavin before the transfer window shuts.

    The Gunners have already seen one offer of £10million knocked back for the 27-year-old by Zenit St Petersburg, although they are understood to have returned with an improved deal.

    However, that is unlikely to be anywhere close to double that figure, which the Russian club are holding out for.

    With Inter Milan and Jose Mourinho, the former Chelsea manager, also said to be in the race for Arshavin, who shot to prominence at Euro 2008, Arsenal – whose record transfer fee is the £13million paid for Sylvain Wiltord in 2000 – could find themselves priced out of the market.

    Wenger, though, remains pragmatic about the whole situation.

    “We are not close to signing anybody, but there again, we are in negotiations, yes – but we want to respect our principles,” said the Arsenal manager, who will be without injured captain Cesc Fabregas until April.

    “I am very hopeful. There is time left in the transfer window because we have only crossed halfway.

    “But if it does not happen, it does not happen. There again, we want to continue to improve and focus and what we can continue to improve here with the players we have.

    “I believe we have a strong team and we want to do the maximum with the team we have.”

    Wenger added: “Do not forget that we have (Tomas) Rosicky, Fabregas, (Theo) Walcott, who are all creative and offensive players, they will come back at some stage. That is like being on a transfer market for us.

    “Eduardo has also recovered very well and his coming back will be like a new signing as well. He will be back in two to three weeks.”

  10. ethangunner

    didnt you just know wenger would use the well know phrase of
    ‘he will be like a new signing as well’.

    he isnt new you twat, he is just someone we have been without and have suffered for it !
    same goes with rosicky …

  11. paul mc daid

    would rather keep bendtner & swap gallas for flamini,that way we still have big phil too cover at the back & the midfield would also be stronger,upson would not be an improvement on any off our defenders i dont think.

  12. Jamaican_Gunner

    Why is AW having such a hard time with cash … a mean he got some cash for the bently sale, plus the sale of diarra…

    This is what I would do:

    Sell Gallas to milan, or if we dont sell it, swap him for the Flamster … if we sell Gallas we can use the money to up the bid for Arshavin

    a mean what is so hard to up the bid, if we have money and we got money from the sale of bently n diarra …

    AW is so stubborn at time .. but at time he knows best!!!! … but this time we really need to improve!!!

    Have 18 games to go .. we need an 18 games win streak

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  13. PDT

    Arshavin + Upson = midfield and central defence problems soleved.

    That still leaves vacancies for defensive coach and, maybe, a defensive midfielder,

  14. PDT

    Based on all I am reading, looks like AW might play Upson at CDM.

    Of course, based on all I have read, it is obvious I should not trust what I am reading….

  15. peachesgooner

    Morning Geoff

    How are you? I watched the David Seaman interview and thought there were quite a few uncomfortable moments for Tom Watts

  16. kelsey

    morning all,

    now wenger is changing face again about bedntner.2 weeks ago he said his patience had run out with him,then after bolton he praises him and today he is prepared to sell him for upson.its all bollocks

  17. Geoff

    Peaches it was funny, an AKB first class talking to one of us, how funny was that!

    Kelsey, I think it’s paper talk, if Wenger swapped Bendtner for Upson for cash he’d be admitting he was wrong on both players, he won’t do that.

    At least we know he’s trying for Arshavin, I just wish he’d do it now, we could do with him in the team.

  18. Geoff

    Gallas will be off, no doubt, he’ll be 32 and he is a thorn in Wenger’s side, but Upson at 29?

    I would, or Hangeland, 29 for me used to be the right age to buy a striker and a centre back, it was still young though to buy a keeper, 26 year old Seaman was the exception though!

    TH14 went to Barca at 29 and look at him now.

  19. patthegooner


    Like I said last night, I dont doubt that you know a source at the club and he gets whiffs of info in the coffee room

    But this source said that apparently Diakite is having a medical today.

    Also if this Arshavin to Spuds rumour was true and he heard it from the club, then you think Wenger would be aware of this information. So why would he then release positive vibes to the press regarding Arshavin. some would point that it was a smoke screen for someone else but we know there has been at least one bid, so I dont believe that. So why would he give the Arsenal fans more hope if he knew that Arshavin was off to the spuds, 100%, its in the bank? it makes no sense whatsoever. Also why would Arshavin have agreed to go to the Spuds in the summer now? again it makes no sense, the Spuds might not even have European football and certainly not CL football, so even if he was going to wait till the summer then he would wait, see if the market improves and see what clubs come sniffing then. Also why would arshavin be making positive comments about Arsenal’s style of play and about getting the number 10 shirt if he was going to the Spuds

    Look who knows if we cant agree a price then maybe he would go there in deseperation and as a stepping stone, but I just can see that it is 100% in the bank right now at this time. it just doesnt add up.

  20. Steve

    Is there a rumour about him going to the spuds then?? They have just agreed a fee for Wilson Palacios so why would they want both?? It’s bollocks, he is an Arsenal player. As for being mates with Pavlychenko, apparently the only thing they have in common is their nationality.

  21. ethangunner

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger remains open to options during the transfer window, but maintains the likes of England winger Theo Walcott, striker Eduardo and captain Cesc Fabregas will seem like new signings when they eventually return to action.

    they will seem like new signings …FFS !
    whats that supposed to tell you ?
    we are getting no one ?
    yes thanks arsene good shout !

  22. Geoff

    He uses about 20 names because he is a coward and he thinks he’ll get on, but occasionally he gives me his email address by accident because his is also not very bright.

    He says things like ‘Geoff you’re a tosser’ then runs away, he goes on my left foot under the name of Adebayor and such.

  23. iceman

    ……….Or that is his smoke screen…………Since the whole world and their cat know about the Russian and he probably has a DM in mind he wants to throw rival scouts off……….

  24. PDT

    Kelsey, re Arsene and Bendtner, I think AW is hard headed enough to figure that we have enough attacking options and if we can swap an attacker for a stong defender, then so be it.

    (Should qualify that – hard headed in all things which do not have to do wuth Song).

  25. jraynor

    want to watch this (dont want to join Setanta). Can anyone recommend any sites that I can get to see it?

    Thanks in advance