24% of Arsenal fans won’t renew, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Well recent research has now backed up what we have been saying for nearly 6 months, that nearly a quarter of Arsenal fans will not be renewing their season tickets next term, well considering no one asked me, Pedro or anyone I know that goes, that figure could be a lot higher.

Arsenal will say it’s not just us, it’s everyone in the premier league, so what, if we had bought a few key players in the summer, instead of selling some, we may not have had this problem, speculate to accumulate, it’s not too late Arsenal, a lot of those people would go the extra mile if they thought you would, right, enough on that.

Don’t forget though, we didn’t need Virgin to spend a gazillion quid on research to tell us that, so maybe Arsenal should pay a bit more attention to Le Grove in the future.

Last night our academy team tore Wolves a new bottom with a 3-1 win, Sunu grabbed a hatrick but the down side was that Jacky boy* picked up a nasty ankle injury that could see him out for a while, so now even more reason to bring in some star names.

The hot story that won’t go away is that we are on the verge of signing Arshavin, well we also found out yesterday that he was voted the 6th best player in the world and given those under him are all valued at over £30milllion, Wenger should just buy him, he could still get him for less than we paid for Wiltord 8 years ago so why dilly dally boss? get him in before someone else does, don’t let him be another one that got away.

Get rid of Gallas, buy a new and better, younger centre back and give Arshavin the cherished number 10 shirt, give it to a player that ‘is fit’ to lace Bergkamp’s boots.

This would give the fans a huge lift and with February around the corner, you may find more people will renew their tickets, I know Pedro and I will!

Not a lot of other news about today so it would be a really good time to cheer us all up. I like Gallas and I rate him as a player, but he has caused problems in the ranks, he’ll soon be 32 and we all know he’ll be gone in the summer, so get shot now while he still has some stock, yes I know he’s injured, but it’s only a minor tug, and Milan will have him.

Man City are now turning their attention to Kaka, I don’t believe the figures of between £100 and £175mil because he’s not that good and the Mancs aren’t that stupid, but at least they seem to be cooling on Arshavin.

Some interesting views on who you all think is the worst player ever to wear an Arsenal shirt, well apart from Gunnersaurus I think that title goes to a player that is still in the squad and was signed on some kind of talented visa, we won’t go there today though and you all know my views, a good solid signing though should take that problem away.

Have a fun filled day today Grovers, it’s now only 3 days to go before we play Hull and I can’t wait, don’t forget that hell hath no fury like a talented side that got beaten by a pub team.

*Update: Rhys Murphy was injured.

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  1. bergkamp

    the mind frame creates an arsenal player, none of our players have determination,they are all believers in skill provails,especially our centre backs

  2. bergkamp

    id agree gilberto wasnt the greatest passer of the ball but most of his passes were short easy passes,he must have completed more like 75-80 percent

  3. bergkamp

    we atack as a team,but we just stopped defending like a team, the balance has been broken in my opinion,the team lacks concentration at certain points of the game (when the whistle gets close)

  4. Franchise

    Pedro Gilberto had a high pass completion rate when he attempted short passes to the closest player to him. Everything else was to his opponet or out of the pitch.

  5. Pedro

    The stats are derived from all the actions that take place during a match, including goals, shots on target, corners, fouls, offsides, passes, tackles, blocks and clearances.

    So I guess that clears up the myth that Denilson is bad player.

  6. Franchise

    PPL that watched Gilberto including yourself Pedro would know what Im talking about the stat’s out of my head its not accurate but Gilberto didnt have a wide selection of passes yet he played for us cos he offered defensive stability in the midfield

  7. bergkamp

    i dont think denilson is bad,he just fluffs the more simple things ,he never makes huge mistakes with the ball at his feet,just concentration and sometimes releases the ball not as fast as needed,that makes him a bit predictable and causes interceptions,its all about speed

  8. bergkamp

    lol im suprised no one has ever tried a rugby player,there must be a few that are useful with a ball that would frighten the life out of oposition

  9. hugh

    Evening grovers
    The way Wenger handles the defense drives me batshit.Defense wins championships and our Leader couldn’t care less.
    Hleb was subbed for Gilberto and all we did hang on for dear life.

  10. Franchise

    evening hugh. I used to be scared several times when Gilberto was brought on in games as a sub. This was nothing recent it dates back to 2004/05 season

  11. Pedro

    Having great stats says that you are doing something right.

    If you say I am bad manager, but I have won 10 out of 10 games… the stats tell you I am a good manager.

    The same with playes… if I am ranked the 15th best midfielder in the league by official stats… it show that I am not a crap player.

    Gilberto was a world cup winner… he didn’t need a wide range of passing… just like Denilson doesn’t it he is going to play that role.

  12. RasDef

    S. Gouvu of OL has suffered an injury and is out for the rest of the season. OL already had an interest in signing N’Zogbia, a target that is becoming more and more realistic. So, thank god, he’s probably not comming to Arsenal! 🙂

  13. Maqitlarge

    anyone watching barca ath madrid?
    Pleb is playing and the barca players are goin out of their way not to pass to him. And when they do its a shit pass. Quite funny

  14. Franchise

    On that regard u are right Pedro. A striker might have stats reading 9 in 18 games which is not bad at all. Looking deeper u might find out that he has only scored in 3 games (3 hat tricks) and no goals in 15. Not as nice anymore eh.

    A lot of ppl say Ade scores only in games against weaker sides. To an extent they are true but he scores most of his goals away from home which means he is effective in away games. He has scored like 6 goals this season I believe and there is a hattrick in that total meaning he has only scored in at most 4 premier league games which is poor.

  15. Wrighty7

    My mistake!

    I wrote the address wrong! Ha ha

    Evening Grovers!

    Just had a comment on my blog saying that Rosicky isn’t really injured, he is banned for taking drugs!

  16. hugh

    That was my first full season of Arsenal and even then I knew that G.S. expanded the field for the opponent. His lack of mobility, same w/ Song, created gaps other players had to defend or create in.
    And Red Freddie was my favorite.

  17. Pedro

    He has been playing in a midfield that lacks creativity… you can’t really blame him.

    He has 7 goals and 4 assists in the league and 11 goals and 7 assists overall. He’s doing alright.

  18. Franchise

    Im not slating Ade Pedro cos he scores important goals. I was just trying to explain why stats should not be taken on face value alone. Certain stats like 30 goals in all competition in a season for a striker are a hallmark and no one really cares the lil details (unless ethan) 20 league goals in a season for a striker is also a good achievement

  19. Pedro

    Wrighty, if we could get shot of an injury prone player becasue he was a coke head… we’d be all over it!

    Why would you pay a footballer £50k a week not to play until he clears a coke habit! haha!

    I read your blog earlier Wrighty… I’m not worried about Arsh going on strike… he’s given them 8 good years… they should let him go gracefully.

  20. Maqitlarge

    a bloke in a pub situation, so probably untrue. I heard it a couple of months back and thought about posting it. Thought better of it as its negative heresay, but interesting you heard the same rumour Wrighty

  21. Pedro

    Kelsey is friends with GG… we’ll ask him later!

    Not the sort of goss you’d imagine the big man spreading around!

  22. Maqitlarge

    just to entertain the idea Pedro… what if he isn’t injury prone… just addicted and the club are trying to save face all round

  23. Pedro

    You can still be drugs tested when you are injured. I am pretty sure the NoTW would have the scoop on such a story! They caught him with the brasses in Germany.

    You don’t pick up a coke habbit at 27… especially not these days!

  24. RasDef

    Rosiky on drugs, lol, there probably is a mention in his contract about taking illicite substances, or with the sponsors, so no otherwise he’d be out faster that Gallas lost his captaincy..

  25. Maqitlarge

    Hope you’re right Pedro. Would be a massive waste and a shame. Well, the injury is anyway as he isn’t playing but thats unavoidable.
    Just want to see him back because he’s class and we haven;t seen the best of him.

    BTW, I eventually sold my pair of tickets to Bolton. To a bloke and his young son. He took him to his first game. the lad’s face after the game when I picked up the tickets was a picture. Beaming from ear to ear.
    It made my day as thats a gooner for life now!

  26. Wrighty7


    Its good I’m busy but I’m cream crackered! Ha ha.

    Anyway on that note I’m going to Bedfordshire (As Pedro would say!!!!) Ha Ha

    I’ll try and get on tomorrow!

    I miss Le Grove and writing Wrighty7!

    Keep it Goonerish my fellow Gooners!

  27. IrishGunner

    yeah Kenny was good but SB (who you replied to) isn’t a City fan ha ha 🙂

    but he talks shit like that all the time – apparently Brazilian players can walk on water.

    Did you see most of the replies – All the City ones are “You are so jealous cos we will break the top 4”, I told them they’d never be bigger than United. They will not like that one bit LOL

  28. kenny smith

    lol id call them a complete bunch of man utd wannabe cunts if you wouldnt give me into trouble for swearing lol!

    i just replied to the nearest one i saw. im off to be now.

    mail me if you need anymore support on B/R tomorrow. if youve still got my address

  29. Maqitlarge

    one of those players that never (ok very rarely) loses the ball…

    remember when we had those players?…. them the days

  30. IrishGunner

    ha ha since they are annoying me you can call them what you want – but don’t swear too bad cos you’ll get a telling off from the owners of the site LOL

  31. jlp

    yea Maqi i agree hleb was horrible tonite. when busquets cut in front of him and recieved iniestas cross then took the shot from that terrible angle instead of cutting it back to him when he stood in yards of space spoke volumes . the fucker deserves a rough ride and he is getting it good ATM
    what you make of yaya i still can’t see why wenger won’t give kolo a chance in the same spot they are so similar IMO

  32. Franchise

    Aint it amazing that


    are all from Barca academy

    I cant wait until we have like 3 english academy products in our first team. I would take one for a start And u know his name.

  33. Franchise

    Imagine Henry going to Barca to become captain. The fans would not accept it at all. That is what happened with Gallas. His was even worse bcos he was from our rival. Tell me…. do u think wenger would have given Gallas the captaincy if he weren’t French???

  34. Franchise

    hi Pat its just pure speculation. Someone commented on Wrighty’s blog that Rosicky wasnt injured but has a drug problems. George Graham’s son apparently told him this.

    Bollox i say

  35. Zorr0

    Here’s some stuff off SSN

    Quincy (yes our ex) and Appiah played for the scum in a behind closed doors friendly to try and win a contract.

    Bullard has had a 5 mill bid made for him from Bolton!

    McShane, who you all rate so highly(lol) has been called back to Sunderland and Boateng fucked his knee tonight, so neither will play on Saturday.

  36. ethangunner


    last i heard his agent came out and said in anger that he WILL PLAY AGAIN as is scheduled to return in MARCH .. but wenger being safe it will probably be more like april .
    and injured again by may 🙂

    he had better not come back for 2 months then want a transfer !!!
    or wage rise !!!

    some rumors surfaced that he will never play again , (probably started by a fan 🙂 )
    im just worried about his contract when is it up ?

    he is a great player but cant string more than 5 games together before he’s injured again !
    its an understatement to say we have missed his class , and had he stayed fit and impressed he could have been captain by now !

    but more importantly anyone know his contract status ?

  37. Pat

    Away from Arsenal, former winger Quincy Owusu-Abeyie is currently having a trial with arch rivals Tottenham. The Dutchman left London in January 2006 amid allegations of drunken antics and drug use. He has since moved onto Celta Vigo and Birmingham on loan, but should Spurs chose to make his deal a permanent one, his current employers Spartak Moscow would forward some of Daniel Levy’s pennies straight into Arsène Wenger’s transfer fund.

  38. Pat

    OFFICIAL: Milan Sign Gremio’s Mattioni
    The Gremio defender Felipe Mattioni Rohde has officially signed with the Italian giants AC Milan.

  39. ethangunner


    where are you lad ?
    cheers for the back up last night !
    how did the 2nd test go ?
    i saw the 1st test at my home ground in perth ..
    not a good return to aussie cricket spectating for me im afraid

    i thought if i dont watch the 2nd one they might win 🙂

  40. Pat

    ethan, he’s a defender. Milan are stacking up on even more defenders. It is related to Arsenal. Come on, common sense. Use it

  41. ethangunner

    i lived there for over 25 years yes mate im a brit but
    came on the too and from 7 quid ticket back in the 70’s

    PAT ..
    it doesnt relate to us as we are not selling gallas and senderos returned , they needed someone to
    eleviate there long term age problems , im happy for them that they signed someone but what on earth does that have to do with the arsenal ?????

  42. ethangunner

    Wenger might have let want aways go in the past but he needs gallas and im sure he will be with us at least the rest of this season and at 32 he hardly fits the bill as long term replacement for AC .

    senderos failed to impress so unless we are loaning them nordveit i cant follow where this is going ?

  43. benno

    Ethan, ahh fair enough. Yeh beer is too fucking expensive here, so much cheaper in England. Been here 4 1/2 years now, would never move back aye, even get more live EPL footy on TV here than in Engalnd lol 😀

  44. Pat

    Milan Set To Accept Manchester City’s Kaka Bid
    It’s all up to the Selecao superstar now as the Rossoneri cave in to City’s exorbitant spending power…

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    Milan Set To Accept Manchester City’s Kaka Bid
    galleria zoom


    UK tabloid The Daily Mail claims that AC Milan will accept Manchester City’s €110 million offer for Brazilian superstar Kaka.

    Mark Hughes, the Sky Blues boss, chose to chase to 26-year-old after the club’s Arab investors handed him a short-list of January targets that also included Lionel Messi, David Villa and John Terry.

    The former FIFA World Player of the Year’s agent revealed recently that talks were underway between the two clubs, and that it was “not impossible” that a deal could be completed this month.

    However, the player himself has been quoted this week as saying that he wants to remain at the San Siro for many years yet, even though he hopes to experience Premier League football at some stage in his career.

    City are prepared to make Kaka the best-paid player on the planet, with reports suggesting that wages of €82 million over five years are on offer.

    But while the former Sao Paulo star is uninterested in money – or so he and his agent claim, in any case – he hasn’t ruled out the move entirely, according to The Sun.

    Britain’s top tabloid reports that Kaka could yet sign on at City, provided they agree to insert a series of get-out clauses in his contract.

    Under his terms, the Rossoneri hero will only join the Eastlands outfit if the following promises are made: Shiekh Mansour and Abu Dhabi United Group keep control of the club; City qualify for the Champions League within the next two seasons; his representatives retain his image rights; and Robinho is not sold.

    Paper talk at best, but it will be interesting to see how this burgeoning saga unfolds. Let’s hope it’s more entertaining thna the Cristiano Ronaldo-Real Madrid affair…

  45. ethangunner

    YES ive got ESPN cable here and can see all 10 games a week , la liga every bloody thing !
    i like perth however used to live in the foreshore in south perth ! a walk down too see the sky show , its getting that time , oh the good old days ..

    but me and the wifey decided to move here in her home country , the cost of living is far better here than australia .. and got everything plus more here , so i dont miss out at all !

    i maybe miss a MRS MAC cheese n bacon pie but i can still get the 4 -n 20 ‘s here so life is sweet 🙂

  46. benno

    lol if all u miss is the mrs macs pie you aint doin too bad!! Yeh would of been goin south foreshore for Aussie day but have to make a sudden last minute trip back to england tomorrow so im gonna miss it. Was gonna try and catch an arsenal game whilst i was back, but they’res no home games while im back, so guess im gonna have to miss out.

    Yeh we usually get at least 8 or 9 EPL games, sometimes all 10 depending on kick off times, on Fox sports, and then ESPN does la liga, and setanta does SPL, so we’re not lacking in live footy, even got the A league if you want to sink that low lol, been to see the glory a couple of times, usually a good day out, but thats live footy, more often than not it is, even if the football is shocking standard. I thjink the fact that Eugene Dadi is one of the leading goal scorers in the league says it all lol

  47. Pat

    Zenit St. Petersburg’s talismanic midfielder Andrey Arshavin is hell-bent on sealing a transfer to Arsenal this transfer window.

    Reports in the Russian tabloid Life suggest that the UEFA Cup winner and Euro 2008 star is willing to pay a quarter of his own transfer fee in order to escape the shackles of his employers.

    Zenit are holding out for a €20m offer from any of Arshavin’s potential suitors, a Tsar’s ransom if you ask me. The 27-year-old’s preferred destination is The Emirates stadium, but Arsenal are reluctant to offer more than €15m for the playmaker (£13.5m).

    In a sensational turn of events, Arshavin is set to take the virtually unheard of action of paying his own transfer fee (well, part of it) in order to make sure he is an Arsenal player before February rolls around.

    Andrei Arshavin is reportedly willing to pay the €5mil required to make up the difference between the fee demanded by Zenit and Arsenal’s offer – paying, out of his pocket, a quarter of his own transfer fee.

    The report also suggests that Arshavin traveled to London and stated that, if this is to happen, the Russian international will ask for Arsenal to up their offer to match Arshavin’s current contract at Zenit so that the man dubbed the ‘baby-faced assassin’ is not left too far out of pocket.

    Arshavin is set to be earning a wage somewhere around the £85,000-per-week mark at cashed-up Zenit and it is unlikely that the Gunners will be willing to break their strict wage structure in order to accommodate Andrei’s exorbitant demands.

    The veracity of this article is certainly up for debate, although if it is accurate, this latest pledge, coupled with the player’s threat to go on strike until he is allowed to leave, demonstrates just how desperate Andrei Arshavin is to join Arsenal.

  48. benno

    i like what i read Pat, but why would he pay his own transfer fee, to then jeopardizer the transfer by asking for stupid wage demands. that part just makes no sense

  49. ethangunner


    the queens pub up the road prior to the glory matches!
    hot days, and cold beer ! hmmm!
    your right the standard is pretty shite like old 3rd division stuff but its all about the culture
    of match day more so than the quality of players displayed, if you take it for what it is , the hecklers in the crowds and the general atmosphere its the closest thing you can get too the real thing, you dont miss out on the game day feel too much .. its a team to get behind and i was lucky enough 7 years ago that the glory was in the top 2 or 3 teams … we never won anything ,got too a final or 2 but we were always in or around the top 3 or 4 ..

    sounds familiar huh 🙂

  50. ethangunner

    obviously arshavin hasn’t been watching us play recently ! 🙂

    its pretty embarrassing that the player has to pay 33% of his own transfer fee cause tight ass arsenal wont coff up the cash too come and join us !

    i for 1 will cheer his admiration 4 us and effort if he does join , i thought he was a money grabbing merc like ade !

    well if this story is true .. he is 1 of the few who would not worry about the $$$ and care more importantly about the history and prestige of joining our club .. a rare trait in todays footballing world !

    arsenal snap this lad up !
    he is quality and has morals !

  51. kelsey

    morning all,

    no news is good news………..but not in arsenal’s case.

    if arshavin is such a benelovent fellow,why is his agent saying wait until next week.only 2 possibilities for me.1)zenit are still hoping someone else will come into the bidding or 2)they are still haggling for a few more million. if reportedly the agent wants 5 million and arshavin is to chip in himself,zenit aren’t going to get a lot out of the deal with the agents demand. i said it yesterday that wenger will know exactly what is going on,so if 33% is already saved,we should put in a realistic bid,give them 24 hours and then put the onus on them to take it or leave it.

  52. PDT

    Maybe I am being too cynical, but my limited experience of footballers is that they tend to be focused on the here and now and like to see money coming in, not going out. If this story about Arshavin is true, I will be extremely surprised.

  53. iceman

    Maybe he’s just that desperate to move on…………And feels that no one moving for him NOW he’d have missed his chance to play on the main European stage………….

  54. Jamie England

    I know this is a late comment… but why are we not in for Palacios? I know he had a trial with us in 2007, but he looks good…. Prem experience, not cup tied for the champs league…?

  55. supergunner07

    It is not a fact that 24% will not renew and if it so, we have 60000 waiting list for season ticket plus it will be a chance to get rid of glory-hunter morons like the author of this article.

    Real fans dont support success, we support the club no matter the circumstances [good or bad, terrible early 80s or successful early wenger years] bcuz of our passion for the club and generation support passed down.