King Kolo gets his reward at last!

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So Kolo Toure at last realises his long awaited dream and becomes captain of Arsenal, well done Kolo and well done Arsene, he should have got this when you dissed Gilberto but he didn’t, so credit to you boss for giving it to him know, I can’t think of a more deserving player, or a fan that wouldn’t concur.

I guess that means Kolo and Djourou forming the centre back partnership and that has to be good news, it’s one I have wanted to see all season, two young’uns and neither with any history from other clubs, so good luck boys.

With the news that Kolo will be captain until Cesc returns that must also mean he not only intends to keep him, but that he intends to play him, so that may also give him his zip back and we’ll see the old Kolo, he’s only 27 and centre backs don’t come of age until they’re 29, so this could be the pairing we’ve been waiting for.

This will free up the funds to bring in the defensive midfield player we need so badly, we already know he’s after Arshavin so with luck he’ll go out for the big name midfielder, maybe Veloso, our options are fast disappearing with Alonso and Barry out of reach, Cana and Inler no longer on the radar, and the ItaIians saying no, I just hope it’s not a small African from an obscure French side, because that will hurt us at ACN times.

Onto today, I expect a message to go out that King Kolo is back, Almunia said that Arsenal are discovering the will to win again, oh thanks Manuel, I hope your wages are docked for those matches when you all lacked the will to win.

4 nil to the good guys!

P.S. Tickets are running low on Le Exchange… if you have any spares, don’t waste them… see if you can pass them on first!

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  1. PDT

    Keyser, agree with you on Diaby. Just wish he would stop making comments to the press about his “best position” being behind the striker and just play in the position he has been assigned for the sake of the team. Even Song and Eboue dont complain to the press when they are played out of position.

    BTW, I thought Eboue had a solid game. Not brilliant, but solid. I can see myself getting to like him.

  2. Keyser

    Stu – We’ve played 7 in the league since we last lost, I think Citeh was the last, we beat Chelsea and Wigan, drew with Middlesborough, Liverpool and then Villa, and we’ve won the last two against Portsmouth and Bolton.

    In between we played Kyiv – beat them, lost to Burnley and Porto and beat Plymouth.

  3. PDT

    Stu, Battaglia would be a dream signing for us. He is hard in the challenge and can intimidate other teams.

    The big downside is that he played for Villareal for some time and couldn’t adjust despite most of the team being Argentinian. I don’t remember whether he played against us in the Cl match.

  4. Keyser

    PDT – I’ve thought that myself at times, about why players are constantly talking in the press, but at the same time they have commitments to sponsors and stuff and th club so if they’re asked the question by journalists they just give an honest answer.

    Thing is some are just more reserved then others, or deal better with the questions, Van Persie always says the right things and gives a good interview, and just watch Walcott, they were saying he must have media training which I think most of the players get anyway.

  5. PDT

    Choy, I was disappointed with Ade yesterday. He was caught with his back to goal many many times. He doesn’t have a turn and he doesnt even try. He just passes it back to the man who passed him the ball.

  6. PDT

    Agree Keyser. Theo is a natural with the press and it helps that he has such a solid grounded value system. Cesc is also like that.

    Kolo also used to be very good with the press and I was surprised that the news of his transfer request got picked up. I am also surprised he didnt come out and clarify his position.

  7. Stu

    Ade couldnt do anything today. He couldnt shoot, dribble and worst of all he didnt win any headers. He got beaten to every damn long ball. Isnt he supposed to be in the team to compete, not wait on the left wing to pass to clichy?

  8. Keyser

    Heh, his agent says there is interest from a London club, could be Tottenham..

    Adebayor’s a bit crap in tight positions, Van Persie had a ball blasted at him and just controlled it and shot in almost one movement.

    Adebayor was clever to beat the offside trap though when Nasri played that great ball to him, but took the biscuit trying to place the ball, if he hasn’t got much space to run into he’s just too big and cumbersome.

    I think Eduardo would have done well today, I remember West Ham last year and Eduardo just ripped the heart out of them, ball played in, turn and volley into the corner and we just controlled the game from then on.

  9. Pat

    “His agent confirmed interest from a London club, plus two from Italy. ”

    From the article you posted. There are no quotes. I know there are many London clubs, but I’d like a quote at least. NOTW is trash anyway. Same with the Sun and daily star

  10. goonermichael

    Bindippers dropped points today and at least one of the other scum teams will tomorrow. If we can keep it together and get acouple in we’ll have cesc theo and maybe dudu for the run in, you never know.

  11. Pat

    my God, I said Aston Villa were lucky, but I just watched the highlights against the baggies. The commentators said Villa benefited from 4 own goals in their last 5 games!!

  12. Keyser

    They’ve won 3 of the last 4 on the backs of own goals, West Ham 1-0, Hull 1-0 and now West Brom 2-1, the second was a cross going nowhere Carson thought would be best nestlng in the back of his net.

    In between they’ve had us gifting them a point from nowhere. They have to run out sooner or later.

  13. ethangunner

    i suppose for once wenger made a good sub move . it should be duty noted !
    when i saw nik b coming on i said OH NO ! .. but once i knew it was for eboue i thought ,we have lost nothing there anyhow , so all in all a good move by Le Boss !

    Nik b has potential ive said it all along , but he still has a way to go .. and he needs some confidence and plenty of pitch time , but he is far more valuable than the African player of the year !

    what a joke that is ade af. player of the year …
    if that is truly so , i think we need to stop buying them !
    again last night other than a little flick to RVP he was totally anonymous again last night !
    90 minutes on the pitch for 1 shot , and again straight at the goal keeper ! 2 or 3 off sides .
    just another 80 k a week performance from the big log !

    how bergkamp can say ade is great and RVP is crap is beyond me !
    for the little support that RVP got last night i think he did well with the scraps he was given ..

    we should have won that game 3-0 .
    but i suppose 3 points are 3 points !

  14. Stu

    I was delighted when I saw Nik was coming on. He is a goal threat, mostly when as a sub but still a threat. Moreso than Ade as of late anyway.

    How Ade took that long to “steady” himself is beyond me. Eduardo, RvP, Vela, even Theo and Bendtner would have had enough time to score twice with that time and space.

    Ade is returning to the player he was at first arrival, but without the same workrate and a lot more arrogance.

    Delighted for Bendtner tho. He is showing what he is capable of, even if it is just in small flashes but he is still only 20 so has time on his side. Expect big things from him next season when the midfield is back stronger and better.

  15. Wrighty7


    Yes Stu,

    Nikki B has potential and I swear despite the doubters the kid has a red hot future.

    He is a confidence player and if he is feeling good then he is on top of his game.

  16. Wrighty7

    As for Villa.

    Admittedly they look good at the moment but their luck and form wont last forever.

    There will will be a time that Arsenal hit a run of form that will be unstoppable and I’m gonna write a blog on it.

    Arsenal will be top four. It’s not great but I honestly think we will be fourth and will win the Champins League!

  17. Wrighty7


    You are right matey!

    Just got home and fingers crossed hoping my footie is called off in the morning! Ha ha

    I was out for a mates B’day!

    How are you???

  18. Stu

    I cant really complain can I. 3points, a clean sheet and a dominating performance, even if we didnt shoot much and Ade was useless again.

    Other than that the weather is all that annoys me.

  19. Wrighty7

    I think the FA Cup has lost it’s magic for Wenger mate.

    It seems like it aint a priority anymore. I’m gutted because back in the day Wenger valued it.

    Hopefully he gets that magic back!

  20. Stu

    We mayt have won but we are still 3 points off 4th.

    Regarding the Fa cup : I think Wenger realises that he needs a trophy to keep us somewhat satisfied because another season without any silverware would be catastrophic in terms of the clubs fanbase. The stadium would become less and less full, season tickets wouldnt be renewed etc etc.

  21. Stu

    Pat, if you hate him then dont play him./ I hate him too and dont ever chose him.

    Sagna JD Gallas Clichy
    Nasri ………….damn it! We font have a best midfield. They are all useless!!!!

  22. Stu

    With a full strength squad i would play….hmmm…

    Sagna Toure/JD Senderos Clichy
    Nasri Cesc Denilson(?) Rosicky
    Bendtner/RvP Eduardo

    Sooner or later we will be able to pick that team (i hope)

  23. ethangunner


    i think dudu or nik for ade ..
    and eboue for ramsey ..
    and song just has no right being in the team at all !

    id rather see jack start his apprenticeship prior to giving song another run !
    start as you mean to go on !

    the sooner jack gets some time on the pitch the sooner he will establish himself , and lets face it the boy is a wonder kid ! OFFICIALLY !

    he will easily take a grasp if given the opportunity to take 1 of the 1st 11 spots for himself , if wenger shows some faith in him ! SO START WENGER ! FFS !

    the sooner wenger starts playing lil jack the better , because you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure out he will be a future arsenal star , so just start him and by doing so you will
    fill another void that was created pre-season ..

    maybe against bolton i wouldn’t play jack either … they lack the skill to play football . they would rather resort to physical play to make up for there severe lack of skill , just a shame we couldnt put more past them last night ,but with only 1 striker plying his trade the result could of been worse i suppose !

    80 k is way too much to pay that fucking bum ! he is stopping a david villa or santa cruz from joining our club , who could make a difference ..

    when i think about wengers pre – season decision not to sell him im left mortified !
    can managements decisions be that poor ?

  24. Stu

    While on the subject of Jack and pre-season, isnt it odd that JW was played often in pre-season, even scoring a few goals and yet isnt being given any first team opportunities this actual season.

    He terrorised either Juve or Madrid (cant recall) and scored against a man way more than twice his age in Mad Jens, and with a showing of his great technique toboot.

    I always thought the idea of pre-season was so that the 1st team could get rid of the rust and get back into a routine. So why bring a kid that wont be playing in the 1st team. Crazy decision imo because it just gave the fans false hope that we might see another exciting talent emerge.

    As for Ade, he is a joke. How he won african player of the year is beyond me because in 2008 he didnt do much. None of our players did, yet the worst of them all won an award. How nice for him. Shame he cant score anymore.

  25. Evo in Oz

    the more i think about that game last night, the more i realise it was a good win.

    we huffed and puffed and couldnt blow the house down, but we didnt give up like times in the past!

    at least the team can learn a lot from a result like that and even Wenger can learn from that too – in fact that his subs worked and that he didnt wait until the end when it was too late and he finally made some subs at the right time!

  26. ethangunner

    i agree the FA cup seems the most probable , but again it all depends on the draws and who remains fit as time goes on !

    i couldnt say we have it in the bag , i think for most clubs the pressure of getting silverware is harder to come by .
    and the competition will heat up accordingly , i think we will win fuck al this season and im hopeful we can retain 4th spot , but in some ways dropping out of the C.L might get us some silverware next season in the form of a EUfa CUP .

  27. Stu

    Roma sit 11th in serie A. How nice for them. They are still a threat tho because anything can happen in a cup competition.

    I wouldnt be happy finishing 5th, obviously, but it might wake up the board and force them to spend money. The Uefa cup aint what it used to be. Spurs are even in that ffs.

    Bayern were in the uefa cup and didnt win it. So there is no guarentee that we will come close but it is a big possibility.

    And we wouldnt have to worry about not being able to attract CL quality stars because we dont even do that now…so not much would change apart from playing on Thursdays instead of Tue and Wed.

  28. Pat

    Eduardo isn’t ready. Ramsey is nowhere near deserving of a start. He just loses the ball and it seems he doesn’t have a brain. Choosing Ramsey over Song/Denilson is suicide. Lets show some common sense. Ramsey has shown absolutely nothing when he comes on in the PL.

    Stop calling for WIlshere too. He’s not ready. Some of you are unbelievable. This is an important time in the season and Wenger is right to keep rambo and wilshere on the bench.

    Song is the best CDM option we have. SOme of you would be terrible managers.

    Fabianski isn’t ready to start. Yes, he comes out but he comes out even when he shouldn’t. I’ve watched him MUCH, MUCH longer than any of you have when he played for Legia.

  29. Stu

    Pat, take it easy! Its just our opinions, no need to rant about them.

    As for us being terrible managers, im pretty sure if i had the same scouting network as Wenger then Song wouldnt be still in my team, let alone my only option for DM. You cant argue that that is good management because it is far from it.

    PDT, god to know I guess!??

  30. Stu


    Also why did Denilson and Song get to bypass the reserves? They would have been found out there and wouldnt have made it to the 1st team, especially no so soon at least. Denilson maybe but not Song because he doesnt have any arsenal like attributes.

  31. Pat

    Stu, are you saying Ramsey has done better in CM than SOng? Ramsey puts us under so much pressure and I feal uneasy everytime he gets the ball.

    Did you see how many free kicks he gave away today? Those are great chances for Bolton to score, against us at least.

    And also, if I was given this team in the middle of a season, Song or Denilson would start as CDM. They’re both shit if you ask me, but we don’t have anyone better.

  32. Stu

    What?? Im ot suggesting we start Ramsey because i dont think he is ready either but Song and Denilson both in centre mid is stupid and really negative.

    Personally i want to see Merida there but Wenger just wont play him for some reason and he is almost 19, older than Ramsey and imo easily a better player too.

  33. Pat

    I’ve only seen Merida is his very few CC appearances. I used to have ATVO, but my friend canceled it.

    BUT, I have been digging up videos and info on Coquelin and some are confident he can make the Arsenal first team very soon.

    From what I’ve seen, he is perfect in the CDM role.

  34. Stu

    From what i hear Coquelin is an energetic Makelele. If so then we are in for a treat.

    The CC hasnt done Merida any justice. He is apparently going to be better than Cesc. He is a left footed CM/AM, reasonably fast with great skills. He has an eye for a killer pass and loves to have a pop at goal.

    He is one of the stars of the Spanish youth teams and is tipped as one of the future best players in the world. How many more reasons does Wenger need to give this guy a chance. And if AW says some shit about Merida being better as a winger I will freak.

    Him moving players out of their best position is one of his major flaws. Just because it worked once or twice before doesnt mean it will work everytime!!

    I’ld pick Coq and Merida over Ramsey and especially Randall any day. We also have Lansbury around the 18 age so we should be OK as far as CM is concerned for a few years as long as AW doesnt release all of them. Yet another flaw.

  35. Pat

    I’d pick anyone over randall. He’s my least favorite Arsenal player. I don’t know why, he just is.

    I know the basics about Merida, just not how he’d fit in.

    Coq and Merida our future CM pairing? I think Fifa had Merida in a “Players to Watch” list.

  36. ethangunner


    Stop calling for WIlshere too. He’s not ready.

    song wasn’t ready this season either !
    he still is crap , cant run .. also gives the ball away constantly ..
    the only difference between song-eboue and jack and ramsey is lack of opportunities and
    the latter have more skill and promise .. So if wenger is to honor his youth policies he should start developing these 2 ! because this season is a right off !

    so you might as well take this opportunity to develop vela – jack and ramsey into 1st team options !

  37. ethangunner

    Its a fact that wenger is using the EPL 38 game season +C.C to blood his youth players ,
    sure he masks it very well , but over all theo – cesc – eboue song senderos – johan even clichy etc , were not the best options available for the team initially ..

    I like the cut of ramsey jib and jack has looked nothing but confident in every game he plays ..
    and thats even against a near full strength real madrid pre season !

    JACK is ready wenger was holding him back because of contract signing prior. and possibly didnt want him to play against the more psychical bolton yesterday .

    But vela and ramsey made appearances yesterday and looked far better players than the people they replaced ! so if the boss thinks they are ready why dont you pat ?

  38. kelsey

    Morning all,
    this adebayor/bedntner debate is becoming tedious.FACT ade has scored 6 and bedntner 2 league goals this season.The question I ask is why Bedntner better when coming off the bench.Is it immaturity,lazyness that whenever he starts he contributes little.I haven’t changed my mind about Ade,for a professional on top wages,he offers very little in reading the game,his control,his shooting and his heading.

    The pair remind me of a poor man’s berbatov and henry,the trouble being they think they are better than they are,and if eduardo comes back mentally and physically fit he will replace one or the other as our main striker.ade spends most of his time either being caught offside or strolling around the flanks.he is living on last years’s reputation and thinks he is above being critisized..

  39. arsenal-AL

    i think vela is all we need…we were lacking creativity in the bolton game…when vela came in he did wonders….making life difficult for the bolton defence….he could be our ronalso or rubben…the boss just need to give the lad a chance to start a game….