Arshavin IS IN THE BAG – the question is who else is?

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I have believed for some time now Arshavin would be an Arsenal player and have been waiting for Wenger to come out and say ‘he’s not a player we are looking at’ he hasn’t and that confirms to me that negotiations are advanced.

He can go on a free next year, buy himself out of his contract and probably do a Webster all at the same time, so Zenit, knowing the worldwide meltdown we are all in will sell for what we are offering, the fact that their manager is saying it now, will make it impossible for him to stay in Russia next season.

Our only problem will be if another big club comes in, I think that although he is a playmaker he’s mainly a winger, we need a winger but the other so called big boys don’t.

It’s just a shame we didn’t get him in the summer but I suppose he would have cost a lot more then, at least this way round he has had a good rest from the Euro’s and the Russian season and will be raring to go.

He has also been shown around the training ground in an attempt to show him in England we don’t eat gruel and raw potatoes when not playing, I just hope they didn’t show him the sick bay, where Rosicky has apparently now moved his furniture and family into.

People are already questioning what happens when Cesc and Rosicky come back, really? if Rosicky comes back! Anyway he plays in a different position and would free the likes of Nasri, Ramsey, Diaby and Wilshere up to play in the middle and show us what they have, playing in their rightful positions.

You can never have too many quality players, so well done boss, this guy is just what we need and it’s a new signing, just what the players and the fans need too.

So who else? I still think we need to bring in a centre back and a defensive midfielder, Djourou now is a shoe in, Gallas is getting on and Kolo has a question mark over him, we talk about pace, I don’t think we need pace, we need someone who can defend set pieces and distribute well, Upson ticks the boxes for me, Kolo has pace, Gallas has pace, but they let goals in, what we need is intelligence, Kolo, Gallas and Djourou are for me all better than Song, so if we don’t buy a defensive midfielder, a centre back will suffice.

I was watching the FC Twente game last night and Almunia was a different player, coming out, standing tall, can you show him that video please Arsene? I want that goalie back and I promise, I won’t mention Given or Green again.

If we buy Arshavin and get past 11th place Roma, we’ll have Rosicky back for the important games and that will be perfect timing, same for Cesc, we could do with resting him at times and replacing him with Song or Eboue doesn’t do it.

I would like to see Jack get a few starts, now he’s 17 he can show us what he’s really got, I petulantly said I would swap Song for an empty bottle of Gatorade yesterday, I wouldn’t, I would swap him for nothing.

It’s been a while since we had a world class signing and I for one can’t wait.

With all this talk about clubs having no money, I’d like to know how on earth can Tottenham keep spending? I know they got the Berbatov and Keane money but they also bought Bentley (ha, ha) and Modric, and for the last ten years have spent enough for us to pay off our stadium, so how on earth can they keep doing it?

Eboue said that the boo boys have made him stronger, great, it’s a shame they didn’t teach him how to play football, maybe then he could contribute more and we’d all like him again, like we used to when he was a right back (sort of).

Today could be the day that we finally make some progress toward winning some silverware, let’s hope so eh?

Have a hopeful and rewarding day Grovers.

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  1. Angry Loner


    Well, for what its worth, I reckon we will sign the attack minded player and a DM AND if gallas/Kolo goes then a CB too. It aint beyond the realms for us to sign 3 players this month.

  2. JonJon

    i dont think he has denied the krancjar rumour pedro

    but i dint think the kranjar rumour was nothing more than blogg speculation, the arteta one was around for a few days and wenger was asked about arteta in an interview,

    he was also asked about ash but i dont think hes been asked about kranjar

    i might be wrong but thats my take on the situation

    hey we could sign both πŸ˜‰

  3. A

    yeah maybe pedro, never seen him but heard good things. I dunno though, i feel if we sign a defensive mid we’ll be after someone a bit older and more experienced, rather than another 21 year old, never know though! I’d be more likely to expect cana, bit bigger and more physical by all accounts (only going on the fact that matuidi is 5’9 and apparently plays in a more attacking role sometimes!) and just because cana is 25.

  4. A

    theres absolutely no chance of gallas going loner, and i’d be very very surprised to see kolo leave, unless man city are willing to pay silly money. I do think an attacking mid is an absolute necessity, defensive mid we desperately want but wouldn’t say we’ll definitely get, and defender only if kolo leaves. I think we can make do with just an attacking mid though, still be up there.

    ha jonjon no chance of both, we don’t need both!

  5. Jamaican_Gunner

    good post Geoff … I really think we will be a force to be reckon with if and when Arshavin arrives … he’s creative with either leg and with him on the right and Nasri in the middle, we could have a wicked middle ..

    Arshavin Diaby Nasri Vela

    thats the middle I would love to see

  6. JonJon

    haha i know A

    i dont know about cana though,

    i really thought he was what we needed after watching the you tube thing, but ive watched him alot this season and he’s got nothing else to offer apart from the fact hes a nutter.

    hes abit overrated, not really our style.

    you tube is a no no as far as judging a player is concerned, i could make a few clips of myself and put them up and look great, but that doesnt mean i am

    although i must admit i am πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

  7. Donal

    I would love arshavin and a solid DM protecting the defence ( in fairness i’d love a more commanding CB aswell)- a line up like this would be lovely

    Sagna-Good CB-Djourou-Clichy

    Fabregas New DM

    Walcott Arshavin Nasri

    Ade da daddi/RVP

    nasri walcott arshavin rvp rosicky and eduardo on his return and also vela would be interchangable in the advanced midfield roles- also then able to rest cesc and put arshavin/nasri/rosicky in there beside a solid leading DM

    would lead to squad rotation perhaps but with our injury prone squad that may well be what we need

  8. Stu

    I am sitting in a room watching tv with a freind(who happens to be a Liverpool fan, but not a scouser).

    He has never seen the Matrix and prefers Kiera Kinghtly over Cheryl TWEEDY. What a gowl!! Please back me up on this, but i will respect your opinions if you disagree with me(but you will be wrong also).

    Oh and JJ, he as never heard of the phrase “butter wouldnt melt in his mouth”. What is wrong with him like.

    Any replies to the Tweedy or Knightley would be very welcome. Thanks!

  9. A

    yeah i’ve never seen him jonjon, not really. Seen marseille play number of times but never noticed him so can’t remember if any good, certainly not jumped out at me! The fact that he was eligible for france, switzerland, and albania, but chose albania because he felt he wouldn’t realistically be able to get into the other two national set ups would make me pessimistic about him. France fair enough, but switzerland?!

    Ha yeah you should do it, could be the future of football transfers, especially with the way the majority of fans seem to think youtube clips are the best representation of a players’ ability you can get! Some clown like barry fry could see it and snap you up immediately!

    I don’t see who we could sign, yaya would be great but obviously with city interested it’d be a no go

  10. Stu

    Oh and try not to be swayed by Cheryls connections, just looks please. Sorry its so off topic but its really really important that i prove him wrong.


    forget doing business with these russian cunts there nothing but trouble and problems fucking melts


    on to another matter we have recieved 4 thousand and something tickets for cardiff the whole of that end will be full of arsenal anyone planning on going

  13. JonJon


    tweedys good for a one night stand because she looks like filth and id give her a large portion just to piss off cashley

    knightlys more wifey, shes posh totty and id give her a large portion just cos she’d love you for it.

    out of the two id chose knightly soz mate but i like posh totty and my butter would defo melt in her mouth,


  14. Stu

    Alright JJ, your gonna make me sick.

    Hope that works.

  15. JonJon

    yeah thats bad but in pirates shes a godess

    i used to love tweedy, but now shes a cole and although you said it dont matter, im really fussy about things like that, i think shes a skank now.

    still knightley.

  16. Stu

    Hhhhh Fine!! Neither of them can make noise (except ahem…moaning πŸ˜‰ )
    They were both brought up the same way and neither of them are or have been associated with any sportsmen, Happy!?!? Now whats your preference

  17. JonJon

    i aint going cardiff BBK .

    cardiff is very hostile, they’ll be waiting for us at the station before the game

    4 thousand arsenal fans will get to cardiff, 10 fans will return unscathed



    arsenal are going there firm handed j.j don’t worry about that m8 fuck them welsh pricks there all hyped up anyway


    the whole end is going to be arsenal plus the away support pisses all over the home support it should be good

  20. JonJon

    im thinking about it, i gotta travel from leeds though so its abit out of my way, i normally go to the games up here in the north like citeh bolton newcastle boro

    but if i get hold of a ticket il go.


    arsenal have not even said nothing about the ticket situation for this cup tie they need too sort it out

  22. goonermichael

    I’ve seen Kiera Knightly’s threepennys in the flesh . They are definitely flat but she is still gorgeous.

  23. Stu

    He said it and if he meant it then he needs his head checked.

    They had Kuszack, Vidic, Rafael, Anderson, Nani, Tevez. All of whom they bought recently for a lot of money. Nani and Anderson cost 30m, Tevez is another 30m. Kuszack came from WBA, Vidic for another 10m. They had 3 players from their youth system and 1 is O Shea so doesnt count as a player.

  24. goonermichael

    song wouldn’t get in either. But that team cost fortunes. Tha ones coming through thier system are shit

  25. Stu

    Evans isnt bad. The only players ahead of him tho are Ferdy, Vidic and Brown. And even at that Brown only plays RB.

    I hate that we have 3 shit CBS and JD. As much as i hate to say it they have amazing CB choices, expecially when compared to ours.


    they only lost one nil to derby,derby will get spanked at o.t in the return derby won’t even score a goal

  27. goonermichael

    I agree with that bbk. The mancs haven’t conceded (apart from tonight) For 11 hours or something mad,

  28. Stu

    Why not? They are both Norweigan. One is the captain of the full team and the other is a future star of theirs. They could be playing next to eachother if all things go well.

  29. ethangunner

    as much as i admire wenger for grabbing a talented young defender at 16 in norway ,Nordveit is hardly a finished article .. and even the best young defenders dont really mature til 24 , what is wenger thinking ?

    by the time this kid is at his peak he will want to move on , if not long before …

  30. DeeOzGooner

    our defense needs an overhaul…get rid of toure and gallas…i dont want toure to go, but a transfer request mean his hearts no longer in it, and toure was all-heart. Add to that malaria + fatigue, if we’re thinking a solid backline then he doesnt cut it anymore….think a few yrs back and he was the best defender going…

    anyway upson doesnt cut for me either…the guys a croc so not sure why we’re going back in for him…everyone knows he’ll be rosicky’s buddy if he signs…hes got too much of an injury-prone history for me…

  31. Stu

    Of our current defence I would only 100% keep Sagna and maybe JD. Everyone else is either over the hill, shit, mistake prone or easily replaceable.

  32. RasDef

    Hi there people,
    I just found out that Burnsly beat ManU on Euronews, well what news!

    This outcome really comes to make me think that there are a couple of things in football that we should not forget…!
    What makes a successful football squad?
    1) Players mentality before the match.
    2) The possible advice couches give thier players
    The rest gets settled on the pitch
    You can spend money like crazy (ie. Chelsea, ManU, ManC), and you can practice on the training ground (ie. Arsenal)
    What really matters is the performance, So in the end im going to believe in our squad no matter what.. Bentner does suck, we maintian a weak defence, got problems within the team but what matters etc, etc.. From now on its Aresenal all the way!!!

  33. Stu

    Hoyte JD Nordveit Gibbs
    Wilshere Lansbury Merida Nasri
    Bendtner Vela

    Not bad but the defence could be better as usual. Who needs to buy!

  34. Danish Gooner

    Just a warning !!!!!!!!!!!! Remember how many times we almost signed a player and then ended up not getting him.Ronaldo and Kluivert comes to my mind as just a few examples.You are sorely mistaken if you all think Arsenal is gonna give in if Zenit starts playing hardball.Wenger would rather wait untill the summer then pay a penny more then needed he is tight as scrooge,wouldnt wanna grow up in his household.

  35. Stu

    Juat read that Arshavin has said his goodbyes to his Zenit teammates and that he is only on 65k a week. I thought it was 100k. Anyone know which is true?

  36. benno

    How amazingly awesome to wake up to derby beating United πŸ˜€ it’s a shame that i then saw the Arshavin story to bring me back down to earth πŸ™

  37. ethangunner


    i dont know but i wouldnt count on anything until arsenal .com allot him a number ..

    read below

    BBC reports that Arsenal target Andrei Arshavin could be staying at Zenit after complications with the transfer. Arsenal and also Juventus are both willing to pay a fee of around Β£20 million.

    Zenit cannot make their mind up and are unshure if they want to sell or keep their best player.

    Arshavin agent claims that the club would like to get more than Β£20 million, but it will probably not be possible to get either Arsenal or Juventus to pay more.

    other sources claims that Arshavin himself is looking for a better deal and would like to stay on at Zenit, since his contract there is worth more than both Arsenal and Juventus are willing to pay in cash to the player himself.

    We have to wait and see if a deal is possible to negotiate, but still Arsenal will have to fight off competition from Juventus.

  38. RasDef

    Dam man you just woke up im about to go to bed, in your time go check some Ashavin vids on youtube, he’s a great player that about to join a great club mate!! dont pull a frownand keep the faith!

  39. Stu

    But he only has 1 year left on a 5m a year contract. He could just buy that out if the club didnt let him go.

    Zenit arent in a strong negotiating position because Arshavin holds all the cards really. Most of them anyway.

  40. khoune

    Dear the gooners!
    I think Arsene Wenger did think like you do last summer, that the arsenal players could win the titles,but when the games had started its were many games lost and drew.and so right now many players are injured that arsenal are in the risk for staing in the big fours, in the other side arsenal`s striking is not sharp enough ,then I think Arshavin could improve the problem even there will be Fabregas in the game.

  41. ethangunner

    it sounds like to me he is after more wages than he’s on now and it looks like its the same old stumbling block as 6 months ago !

    we are too tight !
    and juve will throw more money at him …
    we are still in with a shout as he like to talk about playing in england … but
    i wouldnt consider this a DONE DEAL until i see the writing on the wall !

  42. ethangunner

    however wengers silence on the matter is golden !
    it does prove he is after him !

    i think with our current strikers it wouldnt take him too long to dislodge either ade or RVP ..
    and if ade RVP are on 80 k a week im sure arshavin is worth more than those 2 clowns .

  43. benno

    rasdef: i checked that video when franchise posted it last night! some of the shit he did was fucking brilliant!!

  44. Stu

    We need to buy better players and Arshavin represents that right now.

    Wenger makes the mistake of spending a small amount on lots of players when that money would be better placed on 1 better player.

    Song, Denilson and Diaby could all be traded in for a top of the range player instead of 3 currently mediocre(sp) squad players.

  45. RasDef

    Nice Benno, cause i have to say that i wasnt convinced about the guy, even though i did see the UEFA cup final and the Euro where Russia beat Holland πŸ™ but in the end he’d be a great contibution to the squand, we need experience!
    And i think that backs up what Khoune said….
    I’m going to call it a night, keep Groving people!! ARSENAL!!!!

  46. RasDef

    Stu- look at Deco, what did he do for Chelsea? They spend stupid money on crap like countless teams, Wenger is going to improve the club no matter what happens this season!! I’m out hit me tommorow!

  47. Stu

    But we need to take risks on good players. If that risk pays off then great but if not then at least we had the balls to try other than hoping young players have what it takes to win a trophy.

  48. David

    Arshavin is defn in the bag….its either we get him now for 10 or we get him in the summer for 5m either way Zennit need to sell him now or will lose him for free….

  49. David

    i was watching Juventus again today and Chilieni is just class..although i have doubts over his 1-1 defending and i dont think he has as much pace as either Gallas or Toure….but he will be Golden for our setpieces shambles.

  50. A

    i disagree david, i think arshavin is coming this window, or not at all. We’re currently desperate for a playmaking midfielder, nasri hasn’t settled in properly yet so can’t get close to doing what hleb did last year, rosicky is out, theo is out, wilshere isn’t ready yet, vela isn’t comfortable enough to play out wide yet etc. Come the summer nasri will have had a whole season, wilshere will be more developed, vela more settled, theo back, maybe even rosicky back. As well as the fact if we don’t get him now our need for a playmaker is such that we’ll most likely sign someone else.

    Come the summer we won’t need a playmaker anymore, and will need to prioritise our spending going after a top top defensive mid, and a top top centre back, we’ll have more than enough attacking mids

  51. David

    I wonder if we are still in it for Giovinco??

    We really need to star winning silverware or nobody would come to the club anymore…

    I remember we got R.V.P for about 2million and when he came we won the FA cup…and were league champs….

    Giovinco and Chillieni….would do nicely for us…as well as Kranjcar

  52. A

    I disagree about us being able to swap 3 players for one good player. Our big big problem at the moment is the lack of depth, and players. We need more players, even if they aren’t great, rather than one player who is great.

    However as long as we don’t lose a single player this window we can just add players, be they great or just good, and it’ll improve us massively

  53. A

    Now he is david, whilst cesc is out. Though obviously noone can replace cesc he’s been fantastic thus far this season and hopefully will be adequate cover whilst cesc is out.

  54. David

    I agree our problem is Depth….we’ve had that problem for ages…and to think Arsene let the likes of Sol and TH14 go without their up and coming back-ups is just shoking. We lost the tittle cuz of our lack of depth but i do believe that we need at least 3-4 players coming in this window….

    I think we need 2 wingers and A DM…I dont think we need a CB..JD will be the solution to our Air problems and Kolo should stay cuz Gallas will be out come June

  55. Stu

    David, we do need a better set of defenders in central areas. All of our CBs have their own problems. They are all as ad as each other.

    Silvestre : slow, injury prone, ex-manc, big head, cant defend well.
    Gallas : Cunt!
    Toure : horribly off form to the point where he cant even rely on what pace he usd to have.
    JD : still too young with noone to learn from.
    Song : Has stolen the DM position.

    and as a whole we have no defensive organisation, which could be solved with a proper defensive coach. I heard that Wenger doesnt even do defensive training. (set piece etc)

  56. ethangunner


    Wenger is going to improve the club no matter what happens this season!! I’m out hit me tommorow!

    when is that going to happen ? its been 4 years ! when will he start doing what your eluding too ?

    i would pick up Valencia – kranjar – upson … all the want aways ..
    possibly even santa cruz ..

    arshavin would also be welcome but i think EPL experience is what is needed with definitely NO DOWN TIME ..

    wenger simply hasnt got the money , but still its gonna need more than just an arse shaving to make our team preform better !


  57. raif

    Barca to make a Β£45m move for Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie,

    the wankers just wont leave our players alone will they.

    tho i do welcome Inter milans Intrest in Eboue πŸ˜€ Sale sale sale sale sale Him

  58. kelsey

    morning all,

    it’s a sad day when the mighty arsenal are being pissed around re this arshavin deal,when spurs can buy back defoe in 24 hours.

  59. Geoff

    Morning all! Arshavin is like Hleb, but with an end product, but a few of the above would do it for me as well.

  60. kelsey

    and if villa who play early win on sat. we will be six points behind them before we play.

    more chance of song scoring a hattrick than arshavin being paraded before the crowd against bolton

  61. raif


    Defoe was done and dusted soon as Harry went to the spuds. why do u think Tony wasnt playing him.

    they just draged it out for ages so know onw would other wise.

  62. iceman

    Kelsey I could care less when he’s paraded…….just as long as they’ve bagged him….

    Yeah he def is Hleb with and end product…….he’s a little Bergkamp/Pires/Hleb all combined and I just know he’d settle straight…….He’s played under Dutch managers for sometime now and it would all fit…………..

  63. PDT

    Story is that Man City boss Sheikh Mansour wants to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Don’t know if this is true, but if it was, what fun that would be!


    Spurs continue to pump money in each transfer window due to their reclusive billionaire Joe Lewis, who has Levy fronting up the face of it whilst he is based over in Bahamas!!

    We desp need CB and DMF………

  65. leon

    wengers total refusal to spend big and total lack of amitiuon will costthem the title,we will see but i dought wenger is going spend big and if he does not then i think its time for him to go,five years without wining anything at all is no good and its all down to wengers refusal spend and rely totaly on youth which dont work

  66. London

    Morning Kelsey

    Clubs sell players to spuds only if they pay the asking price: Portsmouth wanted 15 mil spuds stupidly paid it. Zenit want 20 mil for Arshavin but, by contrast, we are not dumb enough to pay it. We have offered, I would guess, 12 mil, so Zenit have no incentive to conclude the deal before the deadline just in case there is another club, dumb enough like spuds, who are prepared to pay the asking price. If such a club were to appear then the deal would be done and dusted in 24 hours. This is basic negotiation and sound business sense, not a sad day that spuds conclude a deal quickly and we do not.

  67. Sheikh

    Wow in the bag, Really? Did you see ManCity steal Robinho from Chelsea at transfer deadline time?

    Juventus, ManCity can all take Arshavin at the last minute. I’d prefer Vela , Wilshere, Ramsey, Diaby to step up instead of bringing Arshavin who we don’t know if he’s really suited to Premier League