Arshavin IS IN THE BAG – the question is who else is?

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I have believed for some time now Arshavin would be an Arsenal player and have been waiting for Wenger to come out and say ‘he’s not a player we are looking at’ he hasn’t and that confirms to me that negotiations are advanced.

He can go on a free next year, buy himself out of his contract and probably do a Webster all at the same time, so Zenit, knowing the worldwide meltdown we are all in will sell for what we are offering, the fact that their manager is saying it now, will make it impossible for him to stay in Russia next season.

Our only problem will be if another big club comes in, I think that although he is a playmaker he’s mainly a winger, we need a winger but the other so called big boys don’t.

It’s just a shame we didn’t get him in the summer but I suppose he would have cost a lot more then, at least this way round he has had a good rest from the Euro’s and the Russian season and will be raring to go.

He has also been shown around the training ground in an attempt to show him in England we don’t eat gruel and raw potatoes when not playing, I just hope they didn’t show him the sick bay, where Rosicky has apparently now moved his furniture and family into.

People are already questioning what happens when Cesc and Rosicky come back, really? if Rosicky comes back! Anyway he plays in a different position and would free the likes of Nasri, Ramsey, Diaby and Wilshere up to play in the middle and show us what they have, playing in their rightful positions.

You can never have too many quality players, so well done boss, this guy is just what we need and it’s a new signing, just what the players and the fans need too.

So who else? I still think we need to bring in a centre back and a defensive midfielder, Djourou now is a shoe in, Gallas is getting on and Kolo has a question mark over him, we talk about pace, I don’t think we need pace, we need someone who can defend set pieces and distribute well, Upson ticks the boxes for me, Kolo has pace, Gallas has pace, but they let goals in, what we need is intelligence, Kolo, Gallas and Djourou are for me all better than Song, so if we don’t buy a defensive midfielder, a centre back will suffice.

I was watching the FC Twente game last night and Almunia was a different player, coming out, standing tall, can you show him that video please Arsene? I want that goalie back and I promise, I won’t mention Given or Green again.

If we buy Arshavin and get past 11th place Roma, we’ll have Rosicky back for the important games and that will be perfect timing, same for Cesc, we could do with resting him at times and replacing him with Song or Eboue doesn’t do it.

I would like to see Jack get a few starts, now he’s 17 he can show us what he’s really got, I petulantly said I would swap Song for an empty bottle of Gatorade yesterday, I wouldn’t, I would swap him for nothing.

It’s been a while since we had a world class signing and I for one can’t wait.

With all this talk about clubs having no money, I’d like to know how on earth can Tottenham keep spending? I know they got the Berbatov and Keane money but they also bought Bentley (ha, ha) and Modric, and for the last ten years have spent enough for us to pay off our stadium, so how on earth can they keep doing it?

Eboue said that the boo boys have made him stronger, great, it’s a shame they didn’t teach him how to play football, maybe then he could contribute more and we’d all like him again, like we used to when he was a right back (sort of).

Today could be the day that we finally make some progress toward winning some silverware, let’s hope so eh?

Have a hopeful and rewarding day Grovers.

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  1. siondefreitas

    Yeah, will be great to see someone of Arshavin’s class in an Arsenal shirt. I hope he provides some much needed end-productivity and fluidity to our movement again. Unless he doesn’t move like against Spain lol.

  2. ethangunner

    im still not confident arshavin is in the bag ..
    i think it looks promising !

    but then again so did alonso !
    you know how wenger – the board are mizers
    the spuds are looking at him also !

    and if you were too compare recent OVER spending .. you know who will win out …

  3. Goonerman

    ……………..’I just hope they didn’t show him (Arseshavings) the sick bay, where Rosicky has apparently now moved his furniture and family into.’

    Aren’t there Health & Safety rules against this type of thing?

  4. Jimbo

    Arshavin isn’t coming.

    Seriously, we need to move on. I hope the club have at least got an alternative in mind, because the current squad won’t even qualify for the Champions League.

  5. Franchise

    he is a tricky player arsenalised, he has enough pace to burn….. not as fast as some of the players u mentioned. Pires wasnt that quick but was very dangerous i hope arshavin can emulate bobby

  6. dennisdamenace

    Well, twas an interesting post as usual, however i have an early day motion (or was that movement??)………….. whatever happaned to the promised post of the dwindling crowds at THOF???? 😈

  7. JJ

    as for sperms spendings. all big signings are paid in installments so it is a matter of balancing your transfer books. you pay big signing over the years and you gotta have cash flow in to do that. that’s it. if you feel ther’s gonna be a cash break then you go to a bank and back it up with loan. in the meantime you trade your players as well. we all talk bout signings as if it is player against cash but it is rarely so. it is a player against your obligations to pay with some down payment.

  8. Arsenal Tom

    morning all!!

    DM has to be next on the list for me.. with a bit more protection the defense and almunia will soon sort themselves out

  9. ethangunner

    wenger is just as likely to buckle on the price with arshavin and go for some french U-21 international with potential to fill the role !

  10. eduard...0

    morning all and happy ’09 y’all! its seems a few of the news sources are at odds over this arse-shavin deal…is it on?

  11. arsenalised

    Franchise:am not too sure about arshavin being a winger i think he is more a central guy.i agree all those players are not similar but they all stretch the pitch with their styles.

  12. dennisdamenace

    alised – i have sooooooooo little in my life that those sentiments mean so much to me fella, i shall treasure them 😉

  13. siondefreitas


    It has never been Wengers style to have the orthodox winger. Otherwise we would possibly have kept Pennant for a little longer LMAO.

  14. ethangunner


    Aren’t there Health & Safety rules against this type of thing?

    i think if you use clippers on your butt cheeks Gm everything will be cool .
    plus rosicky has seen worse than that living in the cech republic 🙂

  15. Franchise

    u right that he isnt a winger arsenalised. if he can improve the creativity in our attack in any capacity we would benefit a lot.

  16. JJ

    with arshavin – nasri – walcott we’ll break up any fortification line. just put some mind in adebayor and bentdown how to trick on offsides with inzaghi dvd masterclasses:) LOL

  17. Arsenal Tom

    maybe he’ll put him out on the left like he did nasri and move nasri over to the right till theo’s back… once we’ve got theo, eddie, cesc and nasri back we might even have competition for places if RVP stays fit

  18. charybdis1966

    A characteristic post there Geoff – full of bravura. The only thing that concerns me is that Zenit say the deal should be concluded “within 10 to 14 days”.

    Am I being cynical in thinking that Zenit have made this time span public so that the moneybag clubs(sorry “club” as the Chavs are now part of the nouveau pauvre) can gazump us ?

    While I have my doubts about Arse Shavings tenacity I would be happy to see him hold up the noble red and white of our beloved Arse as we the fans need some excitement and glamour to boost our sagging morale.

  19. Franchise

    b4 cesc’s injury the creative burden was all on his shoulder. we needed a player like arshavin to replace hleb especially cos rosicky was injured and cos walcott was not as creative.

  20. Queen of Suburbia

    I was expecting a post about dwindling crowds – I swear, this is the worst case of blatantly false advertising since that movie “The Never Ending Story”!!

    Which was recast last year with Samir Nasir and his agent in the leas roles.

  21. Rasputin

    Good upbeat post Geoff,

    I agree the boss by has lack of denial does seem to imply that Arshavin is on his way, but I am surprised we are prepared to pay his rumoiured wage demands. Maybe this means we are hoping to sell one or two players to balance the books. Pinkie would be my first choice, but maybe Eboue should be sold otherwise he can leave on a free in the summer and there’s no profit in that.

  22. dennisdamenace

    Question – When this ‘signing’ doesn’t materialise, how are we all gonna feel??

    Answers on a postcard to Arsene Wenger, c/o the Arsenal Board, London N7……… 😡

  23. ethangunner

    they will use him as a 2nd striker !
    and a filler until theo returns ..

    i cant see nasri or theo going anywhere ..
    and thank god for that RVP and AA

  24. Queen of Suburbia

    All this talk of can we house Nasri, Fabregas, Arshavin and Rosicky in our midfield is daft in my opinion.

    Last year we had Hleb, Fabregas and Rosicky and we all thought we were one short of that type of player!

  25. dennisdamenace

    arselanised – Only joshing fella, just trying to remain chippa! Agreed on the AFC front though…………. Keep It Real!

  26. Arsenal Tom

    ashavin looks to be a done deal to me… no denial from wenger – it only took him 2/3 days to say he definitely wasnt in for arteta where as on arshavin he said ‘no progress’ and has said nothing since.

    hopefully bendtner will be swapped for our new central midfielder or CB

  27. dennisdamenace

    QoS – Agreed! I only logged in because we were promised by those two philanderers a post about dwindling crowds at THOF, methinks a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading is in order……….. 😈

  28. Arsenal Tom

    QofS… well said… a bit of competition is exactely what we need… other wise we end up with song & eboue getting 15+ starts a year!!!

  29. choy

    morning all… is it a done deal or what… if all we’re offering is 12mill.. i think other clubs might hijack the deal… it is similar to the nasri signing!

  30. Jimbo


    People are getting way ahead of themselves on this one. Wenger will be quick to kill the rumour today, as he often does when these things spiral out of control too quickly.

    We aren’t signing Arshavin, and I doubt we’re signing anyone else either.

  31. Wardo

    Good post Geoff…….my fingers are crossed. Hope Arshavin signs !!

    Although, the Russians have notified the entire world of our interest in the hope someone else makes a bigger offer. However, I think the boy is anoyed he did not get his move in the summer so I think he will dig his heels in if someone shite, like Spurs, comes in for him. He wants a recognised champions League team (i know he cant play in the comp this season but next……)

    Lets just hope Manure dont see him as a replacement for Tevez!!

    If he signs – all we need if for the swap plus cash deals to go though that were in yesterday blogg……………

  32. Darren

    arshavin was not ‘shown around the training ground ‘ ..he did a tv advert down at the spuds training ground

    i think chavski will come in and buy him as they are needing a winger and hes russian…

    lets get stephen ireland in swap for toure and upson in swap for bendtner – more english spirit and fight!!

  33. finestcuts

    I hope Arshavin will come but Gazprom are more than ready to play hardball, they’ve shut off gas supplies to all of Europe a few hours ago and there’s no news of when they’ll turn them back on so I have to go out and buy an electric heater, oh what joy.

  34. Jimbo

    Darren, Ireland isn’t English!

    Anyway, City won’t sell him to us – they’d be stupid to, he’s one of their best players/

  35. Wardo

    Jimbo……I know this is not a done deal but, AW did have a little sparkle in his eye when questioned bout Arshavin. He did not rule out a move for him he simply said that “I do not have to mention names”……that tells me he is trying.

    Be optimistic buddy……we can only hope.

  36. Jules

    believe it when I see it !

    Still fear another club will come in with more money and we will as usual miss out .

  37. Jimbo

    Wardo… we should know better by now than to guess Arsene’s transfer policies by the ‘twinkles’ in his eye!


  38. eduard...0

    finest – where are you at? its mostly effecting eastern E and will filter down annd MAY effect france and italy

  39. Steve

    I still don’t think we’ll get Arshavin and i’m still not sure I want him. He was angling for a move to Bastardlona all summer. It’ll be another fucker that’ll want away to Spain if he does well.

    BTW, don’t mean to be pedantic but you have the Bolton shirt in the ‘next fixture’ thing with “Plymouth” as the opposition.

  40. Geoff

    The dwindling crowds post will be tomorrow, Arshavin will happen, I just feel it.

    He’ll play on the left wing and team up with Clichy, awesome!

  41. arsenalised

    I wish people would stop coming up with headlines that say we’ve signed someone and when u follow tha link they are talking of jackie boy,HE DOESNT COUNT

  42. Jimbo


    You can’t argue from silence. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll come out and provide an unequivocal denial, probably as soon as today but at least before the Bolton game.

  43. finestcuts

    I’m in Warsaw Eduardo, the gas is still on, but I have no idea if they have any reserves and how much gas they’ve still got in the pipes.

  44. eduard...0

    arsenalised! jacky doesnt count? are you crazzzzzzy? that could prove to be the signing of a future club great…in 10/15 years gooners will be asking you where you werre when jacky signed his pro contract with the gooners!

  45. Rasputin

    Where’s Michael P gone? he promised us 3 quality signings courtesy of his ‘special source’ at boardroom level.

  46. dennisdamenace

    Jules – Agreed, i’ll believe when i see it too.

    We’ll probably be gazumped by another club after our substantial offer of a luncheon voucher and four wine gums fails, then Wenger can go on and tell anyone who’s actually interested how he nearly signed Arseshavings, along with Ronaldo, Torres, blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………

  47. Keyser

    Heh, he should have a press conference before the Bolton game so he’ll probably deny it then good thinking Jimbo..

  48. eduard...0

    shit man, that sucks…so whose to blane? the sneaky russians or the alledged sneakier gas stealing ukrainians?!

  49. choy

    lol geoff…

    jimbo.. the thing is he didn’t treat it with silence.. he mentioned the word “progress” there somewhere… anyway if he comes it will be good

    Some stats for ARSHAVIN:

    Around 305 Games, 71 goals, 106 assists.

  50. Mark C

    Anyone see the FA are cutting ticket prices by 25% for England games.

    Perhaps AFC should follow suit, to maintain a full stadium.

  51. Jimbo

    Keyser – exactly.

    But to be honest, I don’t think this one’s going to roll on that long. I think there’ll be a denial today.

    Just watch and wait.

  52. Rasputin

    I think we’ve probably put the best offer on the table for Arshavin at the moment, but there is plenty of time to get gazumped so I can’t see the deal going through (if ever) before nearer to the end of the month….but you can only hope….

  53. finestcuts

    The source is to blame eduardo, they have admitted that they have shut off supplies until negotiations begin.

  54. Michael P

    Rasputin, i am right here.

    If Andrei comes in, and its looking very likely, that will be the first of the 3!!!

  55. dennisdamenace

    Rasputin – Well remembered and well said, he did tell me yesterday that he was still confident, ha ha ha the confidence of insanity if you ask me!

  56. arsenalised

    Eduardo:i mean he doesn’t count as new coz he was with us since he was like 9.i rate him highly why wenger plays someppl ahead of him is a joke.

  57. finestcuts

    Hmmm they say they’re pumping gas via Belarus and that they have underground gas storage facilities in Europe, and that negotiations will begin on 8th of Jan..

  58. dennisdamenace

    arsenalised – I caught a bit of it on TVUPlayer last night, but my wireless network was playing silly buggers, apparently something to do with weather conditions and all that cobblers!

  59. gnarleygeorge9


    “we don’t eat gruel and raw potatoes” I thought that was replaced by fish & chips. Anyway good positive post. If Wenger doesn’t sign Arswaxin, I’m going to send The Club another e-mail 😉

  60. Wardo

    Geoff……dont want to harp on bout Gibbs BUT, the thought of Arshavin and Gibbs pairing up on the left… Gibbs will be our 1st choice left back within the next year I feel…….he was brilliant at 16 but a little small. He now (three years on) has alot more power, not afraid to get stuck in, is great on the ball, is very skillful, very quick and has a good shot……he just needs games to really start motoring!!!

  61. PDT

    Geoff, you have me salivating at the thought of FINALLY getting someone who is good!

    I will settle for Arshavin + Upson/Hangeland, but we must ship Gallas out.

    And we need a GK – Aluminium will never be a class act. If we get Hangeland, then we should go for Schwarzer also. They are the only team outside of the Top 3 who have shipped less than 20 goals.

  62. Arsenal Tom


    yeah if theres something to announce then he’ll say something otherwise i doubt there will be anything from him before friday

  63. arsenalised

    Michael P:thats a hard one bt i will go with upson.i want an english man at the back who will smash ppl with his head.

  64. Mark C

    Does anyone know Arshavin’s injury record?

    Is he going to be another crock?

    Also say Zenit finished 5th in the league, so Arshavin, was never going to play in the CL next season, if he did not move.

  65. Jimbo


    Gibbs’ problem is that his tactical game is worse than Eboue’s – he can get stuck in, but doesn’t know his arse from his elbow on set pieces, or what to do once the attacker’s made it to the byline.

    His technique is ok, but nothing special. He won’t be taking Clichy’s spot any time soon.

  66. Wardo

    Jimbo……..AW normally denies the speculation – this time he did not.

    It is far from a done deal but, it is obvious Arsenal are trying to sign him. Why would we make contact if we had no intention whatsoever?

  67. Jimbo

    Wardo, until yesterday the speculation was very sparse.

    Today it’s picked up, and in line with his policy last summer, Wenger will deny it later in the day – I’m 90% certain.

  68. Bren

    Geoff, I hope your right on Arshavin. The signs are good. He will provide creativity in the last third – something that has been in short supply this year. This has really upset AW, the thought that we were returning to somewhat boring and predictable football.

    We are still lightweight at;

    Centre Half
    Centre Midfield

    Hopefully we will see some action here.

  69. Wardo

    Jimbo….I really like Clichy but, this season for one reason or another he’s been a bit dodgy……….Gibbs is still very young and learning. From what I see, he is better than Cashley C was at his age……

  70. stonroy

    Great post…” I just hope they didn’t show him the sick bay, where Rosicky has apparently now moved his furniture and family into”…Classic!

  71. PDT

    Any news of a defensive coach? We need a defensive coach more than we need a pacy winger.

    Imagine we go from now to the end of the season with the best defensive record in the league. I’ll bet we finish in the top two.

    Scoring goals is something AW’s teams know how to do. Defense has never come easy to us sunce the CL finals run.

  72. gnarleygeorge9


    I made comment about a month or so ago about why wenger didn’t shap him up in the pre season. He would have been a bargain buy, & is a good stopper, especially penalties.

  73. Steve

    I don’t mind Almunia. He is only keeping the box warm for Fabianski anyway. He’ll be a top keeper. Very commanding and great shot stopper. Mark my words, if he plays regulary he’ll be world class.

  74. Jimbo

    Wardo, every game Gibbs has played as a fullback, he’s looked very, very dodgy tactically.

    He’s young, and can work on it, but I agree the signs are good. He’s got a lot to do though

  75. charybdis1966

    As my memory is so poor – and I’ve been in moderation for 40 minutes now, boo hoo! – can anyone remember the blogger here last summer who was vehemently denying that the Nasri deal would happen ? He said “that deal is dead in the water”.

  76. gazzap

    I think we are in for Arse-haven but I dont think its a done deal by any means. we have put a £12m bid on the table and thats as far as we are. If say Barca come along and offer £14m then he will go there not to us. we still have a nervous couple of week wait before he comes and anything can happen in that time. we need to hope that the player himself really wants to join Arsenal above any other european club.

    we still need the defensive player or this signing will be a waste of time.

  77. Jimbo

    Hey GG – don’t get me wrong, I’d be delighted if Arshavin came. I think he’s a brilliant player.

    But I just don’t believe we’re really serious about signing him – I think we would if the price were right, but I just don’t see that eventuality coming to pass.

  78. Jay

    I dont think Arshavin is a nailed on signing – it looks very promising though! Hopefully its all cleared up(and by that i mean deal done, pictured with the shirt etc) before the bolton game this weekend!

  79. goon71ish

    spuds have a billionaire backer,who lives in some far off land and has been dipping into his pockets for a while now,however he is looking for another backer/buyer.economic factors 2008/2009 style now means he has woken up and feels now is not the time to keep spuds afloat so is looking to jump ship .

  80. Matt

    Very good point about the club being on radio silence about Arshavin Geoff.

    Since the window opened we have been linked with several players, and Wenger has come out publicly and denied them all, apart from Arshavin.

    It is clear Zenit want more than we are prepared to pay, so i am sure we are just trying to negotiate the price down based on the fact the guy only has a year left on his contract, and he is also cup tied.

    I like the thought of getting him, as he is a big name, and clearly a very good player, but i would still prefer a central midfield player.

  81. Arsenal Tom

    if barca were interested surely he’d have gone there during the summer when they were tapping up hleb… he’s warming their bench anyway so i doubt they need another similar player

  82. PDT

    We don’t need a defensive midfielder, we need an “enforcer”.

    I remember reading an article in the Guardian many years ago about Viera and how opposing team players, when they saw Viera in the tunnel knew that they could expect a lot of pain in the game. Viera awed the opposition. They were scared of fouling us because they knew they would get it all back. Viera had the red cards to back up his reputation.

    Since Viera left, the number of fouls on us has increased, our injury list has increased every season and we can now barely muster enough good players to be able to feel confident that we will beat Bolton at the weekend.

    We need a Viera, not a Flamini. The only player I know who fits this profile is Cana. I am sure there are others. We need to get a “hard man” who intimidates the oppostion like Viera did or (and I hate to say this), like Roy Keane did.

    We can buy the best forwards and midfielders, but we need to be able to defend them. We need a Viera look alike.

  83. Wardo

    looks at this comment….
    General director Maxim Mitrofanov revealed: “It’s very difficult to discuss the Arshavin value.
    “We want to get an adequate payment.
    “It will depend upon the particular offer from the particular club. We also need to see what player will be coming to us to replace Andrei.”

    Do you think they will take Song plus the £12mil……Song is absolutely brilliant Mr Mitrofanov – you will not be dissapointed. After all he gets in the Arsenal side every week

  84. London

    What happens when Rosicky and Cesc return? We throw a party and dance naked through the streets of Islington, that’s what we do.


    I think you are slightly missing the point over Gazprom. It we put it into British terms it is easier to understand. Gazprom, as you know, have one of the biggest turnovers in Russia, the same as BT have one of the biggest turnovers in Britain but BT cannot spend unlimited amounts of money on a football club neither can Gazprom. In fact, Abramovich, who is dwarfed by Gazprom, has the freedom to waste far more money on a football team.

    The second point you are missing is that if Gazprom try and force Arshavin to stay against his will all the fathers of the next generation of Arshavins will encourage their sons to sign for another club rather than Zenit. Most fans do not take this into consideration when accessing a situation but clubs certainly do. Trying to force a player to stay against his will has a demoralising effect to any clubs current squad as well as the potential future players.

    Arshavin is in the bag subject to someome comming in and paying the asking price of 20mil and as nobody was interested at that price in the summer I do not expect any to come in now.

  85. dennisdamenace

    Gazzap – Let’s be honest here, if Barcelona offer £3.50 and a jar of American Hard Gums Arseholeshavings will bugga off to Barca……….., where would you go? Barca for the chance to play with Henry, Messi and co, or Arsenal for the chance to play with Song, Eboue and co……………tough call eh!

  86. siondefreitas

    PDT, I agree, I think we need a very strong central midfielder in there, doesn’t especially have to be a “holding” midfielder that stays back all the time.

  87. Eddy

    Joe Lewis has subsidised Spurs’ spending for the last few years.He doesn’t seem to seek the limelight the way that some backers do but it is unquestionable that without his input Tottenham wouldn’t have been able to spend the sort of money they had on the likes of D.Bent.

  88. A

    i agree completely pdt, we don’t need a dm as such, it’s more important we get that strength and power in the midfield, just so teams can’t bully us

  89. PDT

    DDM, if Barca did make an offer for Arshavin, the question he would have to answer is whether he wants to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a pond full of injuries?