Credit crunch is the best time to buy a house, if you can’t afford that then decorate.

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That's not a screwdriver is it?

That's not a screwdriver is it?

Historically the best time to buy a house is when the market is on it’s knees, if you can’t afford to buy then, you should paint the old one and make it look good for the future.

How can Arsenal learn from this tried and tested method? Let me explain.

If we can’t afford to buy an Arshavin now, we never will, (especially as he’s 27) so if that’s the case then offload the players we know won’t make it and part ex for those we could do with to salvage the season, here’s a few thoughts.

Gallas and Kolo are unsettled, we can’t keep them both, so what about this for an idea then, swap Gallas for Flamini plus cash to sort out our defensive midfield problems and swap Bendtner for Upson to cure our defensive woes, that way we can keep Kolo, who I think still has it, get in a world class defender and solve the problem we clearly have with big headed Bendtner who along with Gallas seems to be a problem for moral within the team.

If not that then swap Kolo for Richards or Ireland plus cash and achieve the same thing. Or what about Kranjcar for Song and Eboue and cash? Portsmouth need a replacement for Diarra and swapping Eboue for Kranjcar would save them money and give us a decent midfield player, all this could easily be done and still leave us with a reasonable amount of money left in the kitty, these players are players that we all have views on, Kolo can still do a job but Gallas is getting on and will probably be off in the summer anyway.

We have Eduardo and Rosicky coming back soon so we don’t need to wait for Bendtner to improve and with Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere all committed to the cause, the next few years look sorted, Song and Eboue will never make it but could do a good job for Portsmouth and Upson still has four good years in him, if he can stay injury free.

It’s win, win as far as I can see and takes away all the ‘have we, haven’t we got any money’ questions.

Either that or just come out and say he’s buying no one and let us get on with life and stop the speculating, it’s getting boring.

With some of these additions I can see us kicking on, with Flamini back we’d be sending out a message to the ‘want-aways’ and keep people like Theo and Robin from looking at the green fields far away.

What do you think, could Le grove have sorted out the problems or is this just wishful thinking?

You decide. I’d like to see a Kranjcar, Flamini and an Upson in the side for the Bolton game wouldn’t you? we don’t necessarily need the silky skills of an Arshavin but more the tenacity of a few tough tackling players that could shine in a decent team.

Not that I don’t want Arshavin, but as the month goes on and the rhetoric continues unabated I am beginning to lose hope there.

Have a great day Grovers, yesterday we signed the most talented youngster outside of Messi in world football, today we could seal the deal for someone that will win us trophies again.

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  1. David

    Anyone that Rates Bentner after watching him this season and especially after goal stoping fiasco at liverpool in champs league last season…

    Is either a die hard Bentner fan or just lost it.

    I was the first to point out Bentner is shite…on here…because there is something in him (apart from his laziness) the loosing the ball 10 million times…and to add to that the Ade finishing on crack attributes….he just doesnt have the technical ability to beat anyone and yet he tries it over and over again…my granny can defend against Bentner….

  2. RasDef

    David- you better change the subject cause you will not be able to change -A-‘s mind upon Bentner, i already tried!

  3. A

    David i don’t think ade tries too hard in the slightest, i don’t understand why people talk about his work rate, when i watch him occasionally he chases back, but most of the time he throws his hands in the air, blames his teammates claiming bad passes, and just doesn’t bother. I don’t see how bendtner has been labelled as lazy and ade a hard worker

    I agree with stu re senderos, i’d welcome him back. Regarding brambleness, imo djourou is the reincarnation of bramble, but a bit better. Djourou makes a goal scoring chance mistake every match, but is fantastic for the other 89 minutes, though bramble makes maybe 3 in every 2 games, but is fantastic for the other 88 minutes. I understand why arsenal fans are split regarding djourou, just as wigan fans are split regarding bramble.

    Half think if you’re fantastic for 88/89 minutes of a match you can be forgiven your one mistake, and those wigan fans feel bramble should be in the england squad, the other half thing that the primary attribute in defence is consistency and concentration and it doesn’t matter how good you are for 88/89 minutes if you have the potential to cost your team a goal every game, and those wigan fans think he’s a donkey.

    I feel the same about djourou, looks like a wonder defender, then makes horrific and inexplicable mistakes, and i think we need someone better in there

  4. David

    I watched the game at Sheff united…and Bentner was not the best player on the pitch by any stretch….he played well when others play well…that is not the attribute of a great player…and all this talk about “confidence”

    Well when he scored at Sheff….and when he scored the lone goal that sent us into the qualifying round of the champs league what happned against Barnley the previous match after that???

    I tell you wat happnd. He is shite.

  5. JonJon


    bendtners only holding theo and vela back, who i believe will make much better players especially playing alongside someone like ade

    i feel if we lose bendtner, we have enough to survive with, and we will probably be much better off, and it would allow bendtner another chance in another league, maybe a loan deal to a german club is the answer for nikki?????


    i agree with that, senderos never did enough for me, he did well here and there but was too nervous and flapped in the big games, he had his chance nd didnt take it, i would probably accept him as a backup player, but we have enough average players, and his mentally frail which when your a top defender, your mentality is one of your main assets

  6. David

    So what your tellin me is that when Nikki Bullshit is 23 he will get a 30 goal season like Ade did?

    Now you have really lost it.

  7. A

    david he was the best player on the pitch comfortably at sheffield utd! And vela was on fire that game too, but bendtner did everything, every chance we created he created, and he scored the goals too!

    Against burnley he got all the stick for missing the chances, but even in that game he showed glimpses of what he’s capable of, setting up chances for randall and vela

    I don’t argue in bendtner’s favour because i’m a bendtner fan, i’m a bendtner fan because i’ve seen something that to me shows an amazing talent. I rate bendtner because of what i’ve seen from him, albeit in brief glimpses. I don’t argue on his behalf because i have some emotional attachment to him so defend him even though i know i’m wrong.

    There’s one thing having differing opinions on a player, it’s a different thing when someone develops emotional feelings towards a player, be them for or against the player, and then refuses to achknowledge when said player does well/badly because of their feelings. When that happens people abandon all objectivity and reason

  8. RasDef

    David- let it go buddy, i’ll tell you, if and when bentner leaves, i’m not shedding a tear.
    shit i’m talking about bentner again, im done with that guy…

  9. A

    jonjon that’s exactly the opposite of what i believe! Ade is a lone wolf, he can’t play with a partner, because if he doesn’t score the goals, the move more often than not breaks down. He’s only useful at finishing the moves, whereas Bendtner is a fantastic partner for others, because he’s much better at providing chances for others than scoring, and that’s what him game is geared to. He’s already shown in pre season and the league cup what a fantastic partnership him and vela are, and likewise what a fantastic partnership him and eduardo are, he’s a great foil for others. Although ade did do well with edu last year, bendtner would be a much better partner for him imo.

  10. David

    actually what you said was that…he would be “twice the player that Ade will ever be”

    So that means Nikki Bullshit will score 60 goals by the age of 23 in the Premiership.

    Now that makes alot of sense….wow…I know we are all arsenal fans but some of you lot are incredible.

  11. kelsey

    my new year resolution is to see the back of ade,bedntner,eboue,song and almunia.and gallas.

    then rvp to remain injury free, theo the same and get him tied down,see more of ramsey,vela and jack and hope denilson and diaby improve to be real first teamers,eduardo to really be our fox in the box and wish rosicky all the best in his retirement.

  12. RasDef

    What about Bojan, talk about him?
    So Bentners a great legendary player because he can do 1-2’s to players great..

  13. A

    david i said very specifically twice the player, but agreed ade is 4 times the goalscorer, so it isn’t about goals.

    Ade is twice the goalscorer bergkamp ever was, but bergkamp was ten times the player

    Or does that mean ade is twice the player bergkamp was?!

  14. Stu

    David, you can pick and chpse what quotes to use and put your own spin on them. Twice the player doesnt mean that Nik will score twice the amount of goals.

    Twice the player not twice the goalscorer.

  15. A

    rasdef bendtner has the ability to unlock a defence with a flick or a pass that i’ve not seen in a striker since bergkamp, that’s why i rate him, and that’s why bergkamp was one of the best players in the world, it isn’t an irrelevant skill!

    (not that i’m saying bendtner is as good, but just the similarities in their passing and vision)

  16. David



    You mean to Tell me that NIKKI BULSSHIT was SOLELY responsible for creating the chances that Vella and the rest scored in that Sheff untd game??

    That is odd??? I thought Ramsey was the one weaving the magic….my mistake…So Ramsey and Randell had nothing to do with it…yep you are right…it was Bentner who was MOTM hands down…despite Wilshere slicing through defenses like they werent there and Vela outrageous finishes…

    Spot on!

    RasDef…i see what your talking bout mate…Im dropping it now…It seems some arsenal fans rate a player no matter how shite they are…and Bentner is the worst forward i have seen to kick a ball for The Arsenal

  17. David

    The fact is as a forward and as a player you are rated by your ability to score goals.

    Bendtner will neve score more than 12 goals not to talk of 30.

    Its not just because he’s a shite forward…its cuz he’s a shite player.

    ANd simpson is better than Bentner…

  18. JonJon

    well said bergy

    the theo ade partnership is the future

    lil n large, strong and fast

    defences will be all over the place

  19. bergkamp

    ade is mentally the same age as theo,apart from when it comes to money he is a year greedier,i think him & ade would be deadly especially if ade can become a real threat in the air

  20. JonJon

    ades scored 43 goals in 95 pl games for us, i think

    i didnt know that, thats not bad for someone i said cant finish his dinner

  21. bergkamp

    i cant wait to watch the theo years, theo is gonna do an anakin skywalker an turn badass one of these days,bendtner should leave before he becomes the first casualty, next season i predict theo getting forward opportunitys

  22. JonJon

    would you give theo 60k a week?

    i would. the wages are through the roof anyway, another player on massive amounts wouldnt be a change in policy

    it would keep him anyway, and then we can relax and get about the business, if he didnt cut it then we sell him to city or barca but ive got a feeling he will

  23. bergkamp

    i think ade is gonna mature,he is still a bit unsure sometimes but i think given a settled run in the team with a steady partner and we will see the best of him, he had an easy time with eduardo because eduardo just played off him, ade knew where he was all the time,van is a bit too smart for ade but i think ade is learning how to benefit from him still

  24. bergkamp

    the thing is JonJon 60k a week is the going rate for top young talent these days,he puts bums on seats and sells merchandise too,no one deserves 60k a week but its the modern game

  25. Paulinho

    Walcott is too nice to become a world feared striker. He’s like a manafactured boy band member who mimes. He just doesn’t understand the game on a cellular level. That will hold him back from fulfilling his ‘potential’, whatever his potential really is.

  26. Paulinho

    I think Wenger has done the Ade experiment now, and realised why he never went for that type of striker in the first place. I expect Ade to move on soon and Wenger to revert to the sharp, smart, stealthy front runners in the near future.

  27. Pat

    Poland’s goalkeeping coach Andrzej Dawidziuk believes Artur Boruc should be looking to leave Celtic.

    He truly is a great keeper and I think he needs a new challenge. I’m a bit bias, cause I’m Polish, but he is world class. I don’t watch the SPL, but in the CL and the Euro(especially!) he was world class.

    Austria had 3 1v1 chances in the 1st half and he saved them all. He spreads out similarily to Schmeical. Sometimes loses concentration like Lehmann though, not as much though.

  28. Pat

    Aston Villa have had a bid rejected for Matthew Upson, understands. It is thought the initial offer was around £11million.

    Hamburg have confirmed their interest in Bayern Munich’s wantaway striker Lukas Podolski, who has also been linked with Manchester City and Tottenham.

    Manchester United are reported to have sent scouts to watch Grenoble starlet Sofiane Feghouli in action.

    Aston Villa have denied making a bid for West Ham defender Matthew Upson.

    Los Angeles Galaxy forward Landon Donovan has joined Bayern Munich on loan. He will return to America in March for the start of the Major League soccer season.

    Tottenham have confirmed that Jermain Defoe will be paraded at White Hart Lane ahead of the Carling Cup semi-final first leg against Burnley tonight. can confirm Aston Villa have agreed a deal to sign Dutch starlet Arsenio Halfhuid.

  29. Pat

    Heard it here first:

    Villa after Aiden McGeady

    Some news from Old Trafford: It looks like Carlos Tevez will end his spell with United and opt instead for Real Madrid, who are willing to pay Tevez’s agent the money he requires. This transfer will really get on Fergie’s nerves, knowing the tension between the two clubs, and Madrid will feel they have got one over on United, urging them to make a renewed bid for Cristiano Ronaldo also. Another rumour hanging about is that Owen Hargreaves will be sold at a cut down price, due to his injury (which now looks to be keeping him out until December 2009). Fergie looks set to offload the midfielder after becoming frustrated with his lack of consistancy and numerous injury woes. This news has alerted Tottenham and Portsmouth.

    Spurs to sign Upson by Friday???

  30. Pat

    I also heard Zenit went public because they want to alert other clubs to bid within the 10 day period. This is because it will cost Arshavin only 5 million if he were to buy out his contract.

    Messi hat trick against Atletico today. 1-3

  31. Pat

    Some Manc just told me about a rumor he heard. It would be great if it were true:

    Rumor is Zenit to loan Arshavin to Arsenal for the rest of the BPL season with first option to buy…..Wenger trying to haggle with the Russians??

    and Spurs have a SLIGHT interest in Babel.

  32. Pat

    Buy for 15 million, but it was actually 11 million. They had a sell-on clause on him, so they got that certain percentage back!

  33. Pat

    Messi’s team in full:
    Petr Cech (Chelsea), Maicon (Inter), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), Giovanni van Bronckhorst (Feyenoord), Javier Zanetti (Inter), Xavi (Barcelona), Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Sergio Aguero (Atletico Madrid), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United).

    Thats Messi’s Best XI for 2008

  34. Pat

    Ade was great last season. He’s our leading scorer and assister this season. He’s a good player that many teams would love to have. 30 goal season without a supporting striker, since RVP was injured and Eduardo just started settling when he got injured. He was holding us up. Love him or hate him, he had a great season last year.

  35. Pat

    And I was calling for Villa too during the summer. I’m not a big fan of Ade since I like intelligent strikers and always have. Del Piero and Henry are probably my 2 favorites of all time, but I can’t say Ade is shit, because he’s not. Its just his style of play and he has his strengths and weaknesses.

  36. A

    I don’t see how anyone can have a keeper other than casillas in, country mile ahead of anyone else in the world in his position!

    For me i’d have


    Ramos Ferdinand Puyol Clichy

    Xavi De Rossi Hleb

    Messi Ribery


  37. finestcuts

    It looks like Man City will get Yaya Toure, I don’t think Barcelona can turn down 24 million for him.

    This is what we could do, we need to wheel and deal;

    Bendtner for Upson
    Arshavin in
    Kolo Toure for Stephen Ireland
    Recall Traore

    Two extra players in, Vela is far more up and coming than Bendtner and we’ll have Jay Simpson back next season, Adebayor, RVP, Vela and Eduardo should be enough for us for the rest of the season.

    The Arshavin news sounds good, Zenit St. Petersburg are going public because they hope there will be a higher bid for Arshavin and they want to put pressure on Wenger to push the deal through,, since Wenger has been on the case since the Euros and still is hopefully we’ll get the Russian version of Pires, Nasri and Arshavin on the wings, back to having 2 proper wingers. Diaby and Ireland in the middle and Upson and Gallas at the back……wouldn’t that be great.





    And of course if Eboue and Song improve they could always win their place in the first team. With Vela and Eduardo competing for starting slots, we might just have a selection dilemma on our hands, wouldn’t that be nice for a change.

  38. Stu

    I just dont get how Puyol and Ferdinand could be in anyones team. Puyol and Barca had a poor seasoj las year and i dont really like him either. Are you being sqayed by his Euro performances?

    And Ferdinand imo wasnt amazing either. Despite winning the double i wasnt that impressed because imo Vidic did all the work. But i suppose trophies are a big decider.

  39. Paulie

    more bullshit coming from Arsenal. What the fucks it got to do with Wenger how much we pay. Thats not his job. Apparently he wont pay the extra 5 million. Wenger should have no input on how much we pay, its not his club or money, his job is to look after the team and name the players he wants, yet we hear hes refusing to sanction the money, fuck him the prick, hes been allowed get too big for his booths

  40. Stu

    But Finest if we do somehow get those players then we still have no DM and some of the same problems will still exist.

  41. finestcuts

    Ferdinand is a decent centre back, better than anyone we’ve got, if he wanted to take a pay cut and join Arsenal I’d welcome him with open arms.

  42. A

    finest jay simpson is a championship or lower relegation standard premiership forward! Everyone will be aware of that very soon though!

    Ireland would be fantastic, but i don’t see how city would let him leave, much more likely could be elano if reports of his transfer listing are true, and that’d make me very happy!

    I don’t want upson at all, and i doubt we can recall traore, if we could i’d be with you on that, if he’s just going to be a squad player now at pompey i’d rather he a squad player with us than them!

    Arshavin will/would hopefully be amazing should we get him, him and nasri on the flanks would be amazing

    I disagree in the line up but meh

  43. Pat

    Puyol never was a wrold, and I mean WORLD, class CB. His so-called BEST YEARS were during the 05/06 season. As I recall, Henry made him look like a little schoolboy over and over again, much like Drogba v. Senderos.

    Paulie, whats your source?

  44. finestcuts

    Stu, I’d like us to have an out and out DM, because then we’d “kill” Song.

    I agree, it would be nice to have that option, although I believe Denilson and Diaby are capable of doing defensive duties, they just need more experience.
    I think we should sell Song, call it quits with him and spend a few million on someone who’s top quality and will give us 5 years + of service.

  45. Pat

    And for those who are calling Arshavin a bad choice and their reasoning is that we need defenders and/or CDM:

    Well, a new CDM or defender will not do much because Wenger is piss poor with setting up a defense. Toure-Gallas were considered the best pairing in the PL last season up to Toure’s departure.

    Why, you ask? Because we were fucking dominating teams with our attacks. Not even United created more chances than us in the 1st half of the season. It was amazing stuff and Hleb was a big part of that. Flamini too, but it was mostly the attacking penetration we had.

    I do agree with buying a VERY good midfielder. I think Arshavin is truly amazing, but I have my doubts since he’s slavic…and not a defender.

  46. A

    both pat, vp has 8 in the league i think, ade 7, vp 12 all together, ade 11, denilson has 5 assists in the league, ade isn’t on the opta top assisters list, but has got more in the actim stats, both in the prem

  47. Paulinho

    As I said before, Zenit are mouthy as hell and can’t keep anything quiet, as we saw in the summer. I expect some team to gazump us and buy Arshavin now that they’ve gone public.

    Wenger is far too idealistic in his transfer dealings. It’s like the better player they are, the more stringent he is in the monetary side.

  48. finestcuts

    You could be right A, but that’s why Simpson is out on loan at WBA, to test the water, I wouldn’t write him off just yet, I can’t say the same about Bendtner and I had high hopes for him, if anyone wants him we should take the cash and re-invest in players that will improve the team.

    I agree Upson is not ideal, but at least there would be a chance of a decent partnership in the middle, it’s either Gallas or Toure, I’d actually start from scratch there because I think both of them are yesteryears top players and we need to go with the flow, get a new central defensive foundation because that has been our key flaw for the past few seasons.

  49. Pat

    And please excuse my language =D

    But seriously, we tired teams out. Even when we had 1-0 leads late in the game, you could clearly see the opposition wasn’t able to do much due to their tired feet. You might disagree, and I understand.

    But its not a coincidence that the less we create, the more we concede.

  50. Paulinho

    I don’t buy the argument that Russians struggle in english football. Pavlychenko is doing okay and was never that wondeful anyway, Luzhny was 31 and a bit past it when he joined, Rebrov was always a bit lacking in the skill department and was a poacher more than anything. Shevchenko was losing his pace in his final season in Milan. After they played Lyon in the champions league I said to my Chelsea supporting mate that he would flop.

    Arshavin may or may not be a great signing, but I don’t think adaptation will be a major issue.

  51. Stu

    While Wenger is in Russia (or whereever he is) he should snap up a few defenders. Eastern Europeans are the most sought after nowdays.

  52. Pedro

    Credit crunch eh? It should be a brand of cereal.

    How are we all? Who believes the story about Arshavin… if it’s true… where will he play?

  53. A

    disagree re puyol pat, he’s the best centre back in the world right now imo, and has been on par with the likes of cannavaro and lucio as a league above the rest for some time, truly fantastic player.

    agree bout doubts regarding arshavin, hopefully he’ll transfer his amazing ability to the prem with ease though!

  54. finestcuts

    Pat, Arshavin is an Arsenal winger, out and out attacking.
    Vidic is Slavic, I think you’ve forgotten that there are some very good defenders with slavic genes. In fact genes are only part of the parcel, you need to be a good athelete although the origin of the genes is not the criteria by which we should judge, mentality is key, whatever your ethnic origin.

  55. Pat

    Wenger should look in Poland. Cheap as fuck and always worth the risk. Radoslaw Majewski. You english folk will remember him if you watch the England u-21 team. He was amazing against England in England. Around April, I think. The english commentator even said his name should be remembered.

    He plays the same role Fabregas does and is very similar to Ramsey, actually. More calm on the ball too.

    BVB might make a huge profit on Blaszczykowski if Liverpool will pay the 10 million. He was voted 2nd best signing of the Bundesliga last season, second to Ribery, by Kicker.

  56. Paulinho

    Kanchelskis was Russian. He did well for United.

    Arshavin will be a burrowing beaver just behind the front men or on the flanks on a five man midfield. I don’t think he can play wide left in a 4-4-2, not for a while anyway. Wenger will ease him in.

    He’s not really a playmaker imo, even though he is not bad in that department when he’s on form. He can go missing though and be restricted to just being someone who is dangerous in the box area.

  57. Pat

    finest, thats what I meant. I said he might not do well because he’s slavic…and not a defender. I meant to say slavic defenders are usually pretty good. I wanted Ivanovic before he went to Chelsea.

    Arshavin would play left wing for us or possibly striker(which I doubt)

  58. Stu

    Heres a tough question (but not really). Who is better?- Cheryl Tweedy or Kiera Knightly. But in your answer forget about where they are from and married to etc. Just who do you prefer. Personally I prefer Cheryl and my Liverpool fiend prefers Knightly (idiot). Thanks.

  59. Pat

    finest, I’m sure you’d like Blaszczykowski. He got injured before the Euros so we had absolutely no pace. He’s the fastest player in the Bundesliga, ahead of Tosic.

    He’s young and pretty good. Liverpool want him or Lennon, and it looks like BVB are doing the same they did with Rosicky.

    They made Rosicky sign a contract extension right before he joined us. Now they want “Kuba” to do the same.

    And also, I don’t fancy any of them either finest!! I’m naming the young up and coming players.

    Napoli and Lazio are after Lewandowski. They think he could light up Serie A much like Boniek did.
    West ham, Celtic, liverpool, villareal, and ajax want “Kuba”

  60. Pat

    Arshavin is a more direct version of Hleb and scores more goals.

    I heard we’re after Krancjar. I used to rate him, not anymore though. He’s too slow.

  61. Nightman

    He would ease all the misery of having to put Eboue, Denilson, or Nasri on the wings….

    Especially when Theo comes back….

    Move NASRI TO THE CENTER…in the hole

  62. finestcuts

    I’ll have to take a closer look Pat, I’ve not seen enough of him to be able to have an opinion but I’ll certainly watch a few games with him now that you’ve recommended him, and I agree, Poland’s hope is in the next generation, this generation are not very good. Besides, thy need to sort the Ekstraklasa out because at the moment, it’s difficult to judge wether or not or player has been told to relax or play his best, and they need to sort security out at matches because unlike the EPL, you can’t be comfortable taking kids to Ekstraklasa matches. There are allsorts of dodgy things going on. Have you heard about what has happened to Polinia Warsaw? They’ve been forced to move outside of Warsaw, I bet Legia had a part to play in that with their insistence that they’re the only team in Warsaw,

  63. kenny smith

    all this arshavin business still doesnt address the area we lack most….. DM, CB and a replacement for cesc

  64. gnarleygeorge9

    This story is on ESPN Soccernet (I give the site a credibility 8/10)

    Arsenal on Arswaxin alert as Advocaat admits defeat

    Zenit St Petersburg coach Dick Advocaat is resigned to losing star man Andrei Arswaxin with Arsenal looking the most likely destination.

    Arswaxin has been a target for a number of Europe’s top clubs since his excellent displays at Euro 2008 and it now looks as though the Gunners are stepping up their bid to bring him to the Emirates Stadium.

    Certainly, Zenit boss Advocaat does not expect to have Arswaxin at his disposal for much longer.

    He said: ”I am aware that Arsenal are interested but I don’t know any more than that. However, I am expecting Arswaxin to leave Zenit for another club.

    He’s coming He’s coming 🙂

  65. Stu

    But Arshavin would be better at keeping possession thus taking some of the pressure off the defence. Its obviously not as good a proper DM but it would help.

  66. Jimbo

    I don’t buy any of this Arshavin nonsense.

    I’ve heard a few things second hand about what’s going on at the club at the moment, and I don’t think Wenger wants Arshavin. I was surprised to read the story on Sky Sports, but now I’m not surprised at all to hear his agent deny it.

    I’m convinced we aren’t signing him, or indeed anyone else this January.

  67. Stu

    Eboue feels at home on the right wing and wants to make it his own.

    He should make sure to ask the airline to be seated there when he buys his ticket to another country. He needs to be sold because he is neither a midfielder nor a right back anymore.

  68. gnarleygeorge9


    Some people see things as they are, & say why. But we on Le Grove see things that might be, & say why not.

  69. Jimbo

    Well, as I’ve always said, I’m not one for ‘inside sources’ – the guy I know works at the club, though not in a football capacity. But apparently there’s a lot of buzz there at the moment about a few things that are, and are not going on.

    Suffice to say though, the vast majority of the transfer rumours we’ve read about this summer are utter bullshit.

  70. Paulinho

    His agent seems like a wanker – and wankers usually don’t like Arsenal. So, there will be an inherent indifference from him towards us. I felt an anti-Arsenal vibe off him and Arshavin since day one and this will scupper any transfer.

  71. gnarleygeorge9

    well if arswaxin’s agant already hates us then it won’t matter me saying his agent is a poxy, pathetic, parasite who is sucking the lfe out of football, just so he can pull himself over a bottle of expensive bubbly & say to people how important he is, when in reality, agents are the most hated people in football, well other than Tottenham Hotspurs 🙂

  72. Stu

    I just wish it was all revelaed so we would know what to expect. Is he or isnt he. Its so annoying hearing contrasting comments.

  73. gnarleygeorge9

    Well only time will tell keyser, but I tell you what, in some of those action shots, asrwaxin bears some resemblence to prince Harry 😉 who infact is an Arsenal fan I think.

  74. ThaatArsenalGuy

    just sent an email about the cardiff tickets… so chuffed i can watch Arsenal in my home town.. my girlfriend got me one of those match break things aswell for the west ham game so after seeing no live arsenal for 2 years I get 2 matches in a week !!!

    would be so sweet if a new signing was unvailed at one of those matches!

  75. Keyser

    gnarleygeorge9 – .. and, and, and at one point Russia had a monarchy, I think we’ve made the key connection here.

    It’s all on, he’s definetly coming..

    ..Or is he ?!

  76. Stu

    The only we wont get outbid is if all the other potential suitors have gone blind, deaf and stupid. I cant see us being that lucky.

  77. Pat

    Arshavin’s agent: No talks between Zenit and Arsenal

    Author: Charlie Coffey
    Posted on: 06 January 2009 – 10:39 PM
    Category: Football
    Comments: Be the first to comment

    Andrei Arshavin’s agent has rubbished claims that Arsenal are in talks with Zenit St Petersburg over a possible deal. Sky Sports suggested the UEFA Cup holders were ready to sell their prized asset to Arsene Wenger but the player’s agent Dennis Lachter says the reports are nonsense.Russian playmaker Arshavin wants to leave Zenit in order to further his career, with a number of clubs interested in the £20million rated star. Arshavin previously admitted he wanted a move to Spain but he hasn’t closed the door on a move to the Premier League.

    Reports claimed Arsenal and Zenit were in talks over a deal but Lachter says it’s news to him.

    He said: “People at Sky Sports had been trying to get an interview with me all day. After I refused they made the story up from their own imagination. I don’t know where they got this from. If there is a bid, then it’s one I don’t know about.”

    Wenger admitted he wanted to sign a player of ‘special class’ last weekend, especially after the injury to Cesc Fabregas. With the Gunners captain out for a month, the Arsenal manager has stepped up his efforts to find a replacement.

    But as far as Lachter is concerned, Arshavin has had no contact with the London club.

    “If I knew what was going to happen with Andrei, I would be Nostradamus – I don’t have that type of talent. If I did I wouldn’t be a football agent,” Lachter added.

    After the news came out, Wenger probably was angered. Told them to deny everything. There is concrete interest. I’m sure of it. AW has failed to deny it time and time again. This is much like the Nasri saga.

  78. Pat

    The Top 20 on the Football Rich List are:
    1. Shekh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nayan (Manchester City) £15bn

    2. Lakshmi Mittal & family (QPR) £12.5bn
    3. Roman Abramovich (Chelsea) £7bn 

    4. Joe Lewis (Tottenham Hotspur) £2.5bn

    5. Bernie & Slavica Ecclestone (QPR) £2.4bn
    6. Stanley Kroenke (Arsenal) £2.245bn

    7. Alisher Usmanov (Arsenal) £1.5bn

    8= Lord Grantchester & The Moores Family (Everton) £1.2bn

    8= Dermot Desmond (Celtic) £1.2bn

    10= Lord Ashcroft (Watford) £1.1bn

    10= Malcolm Glazer & family (Manchester United) £1.1bn

    12. Simon Keswick (Cheltenham Town) £966m 

    13. Trevor Hemmings (Preston North End) £900m

    14. Mike Ashley (Newcastle United) £800m

    15. Randy Lerner (Aston Villa) £750m

    16. Tom Hicks (Liverpool) £700m
    17. The Walker Family (Blackburn Rovers) £660m
    18. Mohammed al-Fayed (Fulham) £650m

    19. Sir David Murray (Glasgow Rangers) £600m

    20. Steve Morgan (Wolves) £400m

  79. Pat

    Rather than leave the Emirates Stadium at the end of the season, the agent of the England international has hit back at claims the player is unhappy at the Gunners.

    Indeed, Colin Gordon confirmed the former Southampton youngster is in talks with Arsene Wenger’s side about extending his time in North London.

    “We are negotiating with Arsenal and we are doing so very serenely,” said Gordon.

    “I think that we will not have any difficulty to renew the contract.”

  80. Pat

    I do believe we could get him for 10 million, IF no one else wants him, or if Arshavin really wants Arsenal over the other clubs.

    If Arsenal was/is the only team in for him, they will sell him very cheap. He could buy out his contract for 5 million, if they don’t sell him.


    fuckinghell this arshavin bollocks is really going on and on is he moving or is he staying F.F.S make your fucking minds up

  82. Pat

    I think Wenger wants him before our next game. Lets hope he’s a gooner tomorrow. I highly doubt it though cause Zenit are pricks and Arsenal are stingy.

  83. Paulinho

    The good thing if we do sign him is that he will play basically straight away. In the summer you have to go through the whole pre-season bollocks.

    He might even be in the squad for Bolton!

  84. A

    i disagree paulinho, the final game of the russian league was 22nd november, arshavin will need his own pre season, as he’ll be horrifically unfit having not played or trained for a month and a half! He won’t be fit to play until start of feb if we sign him in a week or two, he’ll need 2-3 weeks minimum!

  85. Pat

    An online credit information provider has claimed that half of Premier League clubs are technically insolvent.

    In a review of credit ratings for the top flight, Equifax declared that 10 clubs would struggle to repay their debts if they were asked.

    “We have listed 10 clubs as insolvent because they would struggle if everyone came at once to ask them for the money they owe,” explained Equifax’s external affairs director Neil Munroe.

    “That’s unlikely, but the reality is that no firm is safe these days, as what happened to a number of key retailers at the end of the last year proved.”

    Indeed, Woolworths stores across the country have closed their doors this week, the latest in a series of big names to have been rocked by financial uncertainty. In November, the UK Government had to bail out the Royal Bank of Scotland, while US car giants Ford, Chrysler and GM are begging for help from president-elect Barack Obama.

    “Like most of other sectors of the UK economy, it is likely to be a difficult year ahead for the nation’s favourite sport,” says Munroe. “Football has more investment from wealthy individuals, but if there’s a sudden crisis, those individuals may struggle and this would impact on the clubs. Not even Premiership football is safe from the recession if investors decide to withdraw funds.”

    The Premier League table bears only a passing resemblance to Equifax’s results, in which the lower the score, the more likely a business is to default on payments. Whereas Hull have suprised everyone with their performances in the Premier League, their Equifax rating – 1 out of 100 – is firmly in the relegation zone. Aston Villa, Fulham and Wigan scored just two points.

    Abramovich-bankrolled Chelsea scored just 10 points. Without the Russian’s investment, heavily indebted Chelsea would struggle – worrying, considering recent City chatter that he may be considering pulling out.

    Meanwhile, although West Brom have struggled on the pitch, their a credit rating rating of 71 is bettered only by Manchester United and table-toppers Arsenal. The Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger refuses to spend big in the transfer market, preferring to buy young players with large resale potential.

    “Every business is facing tough times and our latest analysis shows that the business of football isn’t immune,” says Munroe. “A consumer-driven business, like retailers, the football clubs might struggle in the coming months. As households tighten their belts to cope with the rising cost of living, many fans could decide to watch the match at home, instead of splashing out on a season ticket. And, of course, if they’re not at the football ground there’s less chance of them spending on other club items.

    “Even some of the most successful clubs need to take a look at how well they’re scoring off the pitch to make it through the recession, in particular keeping a close eye on cash flow management and ensuring that they don’t fall foul of bad debt themselves. Arsenal prove that good money management goes a long way in times like these.”

    The Equifax Table

    98 Arsenal
    93 Man United
    71 West Brom
    65 Tottenham
    43 Blackburn
    40 Manchester City
    37 Sunderland
    37 West Ham
    26 Liverpool
    18 Everton
    17 Stoke City
    10 Chelsea
    7 Middlesbrough
    5 Newcastle
    5 Bolton
    2 Aston Villa
    2 Wigan
    2 Fulham
    1 Hull
    0 Portsmouth*
    * No accounts filed for Portsmouth at Companies House

  86. ethangunner

    this arse shaving shite is as long and as protracted as every other arsenal deal !
    its like nasri all over again !

    well i hope wenger isnt chasing his tail again ! lets just hope he can secure him and another name or 2 !

  87. A

    Along with the “zenit have confirmed in talks” thing they apparently said hope to conclude the deal “in ten to 14 days”, so i wouldn’t expect him immediately, then he’ll need the equivalent of pre season!

  88. A

    actually dec 10th was end of champions league, so maybe he won’t be THAT unfit, but if he was playing up to then, he’ll still be knackered, and won’t be able having played an entire season, to jump straight in and be top of his game after just a month’s rest. He’ll arrive tired AND unfit