Credit crunch is the best time to buy a house, if you can’t afford that then decorate.

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That's not a screwdriver is it?

That's not a screwdriver is it?

Historically the best time to buy a house is when the market is on it’s knees, if you can’t afford to buy then, you should paint the old one and make it look good for the future.

How can Arsenal learn from this tried and tested method? Let me explain.

If we can’t afford to buy an Arshavin now, we never will, (especially as he’s 27) so if that’s the case then offload the players we know won’t make it and part ex for those we could do with to salvage the season, here’s a few thoughts.

Gallas and Kolo are unsettled, we can’t keep them both, so what about this for an idea then, swap Gallas for Flamini plus cash to sort out our defensive midfield problems and swap Bendtner for Upson to cure our defensive woes, that way we can keep Kolo, who I think still has it, get in a world class defender and solve the problem we clearly have with big headed Bendtner who along with Gallas seems to be a problem for moral within the team.

If not that then swap Kolo for Richards or Ireland plus cash and achieve the same thing. Or what about Kranjcar for Song and Eboue and cash? Portsmouth need a replacement for Diarra and swapping Eboue for Kranjcar would save them money and give us a decent midfield player, all this could easily be done and still leave us with a reasonable amount of money left in the kitty, these players are players that we all have views on, Kolo can still do a job but Gallas is getting on and will probably be off in the summer anyway.

We have Eduardo and Rosicky coming back soon so we don’t need to wait for Bendtner to improve and with Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere all committed to the cause, the next few years look sorted, Song and Eboue will never make it but could do a good job for Portsmouth and Upson still has four good years in him, if he can stay injury free.

It’s win, win as far as I can see and takes away all the ‘have we, haven’t we got any money’ questions.

Either that or just come out and say he’s buying no one and let us get on with life and stop the speculating, it’s getting boring.

With some of these additions I can see us kicking on, with Flamini back we’d be sending out a message to the ‘want-aways’ and keep people like Theo and Robin from looking at the green fields far away.

What do you think, could Le grove have sorted out the problems or is this just wishful thinking?

You decide. I’d like to see a Kranjcar, Flamini and an Upson in the side for the Bolton game wouldn’t you? we don’t necessarily need the silky skills of an Arshavin but more the tenacity of a few tough tackling players that could shine in a decent team.

Not that I don’t want Arshavin, but as the month goes on and the rhetoric continues unabated I am beginning to lose hope there.

Have a great day Grovers, yesterday we signed the most talented youngster outside of Messi in world football, today we could seal the deal for someone that will win us trophies again.

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  1. gambon


    Zenit have leaked the news, pretty obviously to alert big clubs that now would be a good time to pop a bigger bid in.

  2. reggie57

    Waiting for arsenal to sign someone is like watching
    countdown you start to get excited and then that
    fuckin big hand on the clock stops, ah well theres
    always next season, been saying that for 4 years now!!!!!!!

    Oh and thanx Franchise

  3. Stu

    Unfortunately Cole was a better full back that Clichy will probably ever be. Cole was better in attack and defence. The only thing Clichy has over him is his second to none stamina.

  4. kelsey

    thats my whole point.maybe i did’t phrase it way is it a done deal.our luck someone else will get him for a couple of million more.

  5. Mark C

    Goonerman – you are intittled to your opinion.

    Fabregas to me is the best midfielder I have seen at Arsenal, in just short of 30 years of watching them.

    He creates, and scores goals. Vieira was a great player, and changed the way football was played, however he did not add as much in the final 3rd as Fabregas.

    Lauren was never the player Sagna is, and Sagna can still improve. I like “Ralph” a lot, but he was recognised as our weakest player in the 2004 team.

    Clichy is faster than Cole. He has improved vastly since Cole has left, and he adds much more to the team. Cole was great, but he has never kicked on. Clichy currently is not as good as he was last season, and I assume not only will he re-capture that form, but improve further as well once the team is more settled.

  6. Arsenal Tom

    arshavin would be good business but id rather we were adding a bit of muscle to the team… we’re still gonna have at least one poor CM unless wengers got another u his sleeve

  7. t-buzz

    @Kunle4fab, ther arsenal support in Lagos is Fantastic! last time I went to Lagos, my son had his full kit on, and everyone kept calling him top gooner!! He felt like a superstar he did!
    Anyway, have a great time whenever youre in the UK, the Emirates is fantastic….shame about the team!! lol

    Happy blogging Grovers!!

  8. Stu

    He should continue to raid Zenit and get Denisov and Pogrebnyak. Either that or just get Parker before he joins Citeh.

  9. goonermichael

    I’d rather have arteta than arshavin (i think he may be trouble) But buying a player that we’ve heard of is a step in the right direction.

  10. Mark C

    wow – do people really think Vieira was a better player than Cesc.

    Not the Cesc that is a crook now, but the Cesc or last season, scoring a dozen, creating countless more. Bringing flair and skill to the Emirates.

    Vieira was a great player, a great box to box player but he did not single handly win games the way Fabregas does.

  11. Swedish Gun

    Lets just hope that CheΒ£$ki don’t pinch him cos we are tight cheap fookers

    Arshavin would be great but a DM is even more needed

    Keep Song and eboue out of the team ffs

  12. Stu

    But he controlled games. Cesc is a better attacking player but Vieira was a better all round midfielder. And a fantastic leader, which hopefully Cesc can also become.

  13. Stu

    The only problem I see is in terms of what position he would play. I know Wenger buys playmakers and puts them on the wing but Nasri, Rosicky, Hleb were all AMs usually n a 4-5-1 but Arshavin plays the free role behing the striker. Not necessarily in the hole because he appears everywhere and anywhere. Im not too sure how he would play if confined to one side or the other.

  14. gazzap

    doubt wenger will be drawn into a bidding war. Β£12m or leave it will be his stance. Zenit will hold out for ages for a better price then take Β£12m. question is does anyone else have Β£12m to spend at the moment?

    I think wenger has given up on Rosicky now. I reckon he would have done this deal in the summer had he known the Rosicky situation.

    not a bad team though just need that hard man in midfield and then we are back. (assuming we keep Toure and Gallas of course). without the hard man we are just like man city, great going forward, rubbish defensively, and you cant win anything like that.

  15. raif

    Wenger’s idea of players and there postions is some what difrent to everybody else so Wenger will probably play him in Goal……..

  16. RasDef

    gazzp- you may hav e hit the nail on the head, if Wenger doesn’t get Ashavin he may aswel say forget it and not by anyone, except a CD..

  17. Stu

    But its pretty doubtful that he will even buy a DM unless they are an exceptional talent. How many brothers does Song have?

  18. Paulinho

    Expect a week of silence from all involved until Wenger says..”we were interested,but we are not on the case anymore….”

    This is what I like about Arshavin’s represenatives, they are mouthy fuckers who are not slow to cough up updates on transfer proposals.

  19. RasDef

    Have you all read on about how RvP goal was the 150th in the Emerates and that from August 2006-Today represents a goal every 42.6 minutes.. Thats pretty cool!!

  20. Al

    Looks like this Arshavin interest may come to something i hope so and I hope it happens quickly. A bit of creativity is definatly lacking at the moment.

  21. Pedro

    Mark C… Paddy won us premierships… I love Cesc… but Cesc isn’t in the same league for stature as Paddy was back in the day.

    Zenit will be keen to strike a deal… there is no point keeping him because he’ll be worth half in June and the Russian economy is in a worse state than ours.

  22. Maciek

    We will see how will Gazidis act in this situation with Arshavin.I think that 15-16 milion should be enough. I fear that City will table 20 milion and snap him from under our noses. I see that spurs have signed Defoe.They are really a joke club. But I really rate Defoe and think that we would have been great for us.

  23. gambon

    Yeah but Gazprom dont need the money. Mind you that could play into our hands, they dont need to squeeze every last penny out of the deal

  24. Pedro

    Gambon, they don’t need the money… but who lets a players value and form dip by half for the sake of it? They’d look stupid…

  25. alex

    Hate to be negative but it seems like within 10 hours of us singing someone. they get injured and just continue to get injured off and on untill we sell them. Then once they are gone they are never injured. Arshavin? He had a good Euro but as far as being consistant? How many people knew the lad before the Euro? 20 million for someone most people didn’t know about 12 months ago is madness to me. I’d spend 20 million on Henry to come back before I spend over 5 million on Arshavin. Arshavin looked like Eboue with a better shot. running around like a headless chicken.

  26. London

    No, no guys. This Arshavin thing is going to happen. An offer has been made, my guess would be 12 mil, while also making it clear that they will not go any higher. Zenit will wait until the last minute before they agree in the hope that someone else will come in with an improved offer. The agent is tryin to keep his client’s name in the press to try and encourage a better offer. Zenit, given a choice would prefer to keep Arshavin but he has made it clear that he wants to leave. I have been trying to work out which match will be his debut.

  27. gambon

    Alex, Arshavin is top class, comparing him to eboue is silly.

    Wenger mentioned him in a press conference when we played cska a few years ago, talking about the new generation of russians. This idea that hes had 2 good games ever is ridiculous.

  28. Big Raddy


    Howw can we compare Arteta with Arshavin ? One is a creative genius, who is head and shoulders the best player in his National team. The other doesn’t even get near his national team. Arteta may be a fine player but he is noway as good a signing as Arshavin.

    Arteta would be really good for us, but give me Arshavin any day.

    Bullard – is he really a target for AW ?, I would be amazed. He is a poor man’s Flamini.

  29. alex

    so gambon,

    your telling me that if we are really as tight on cash and wenger makes it seem, you would want us to spend most of our money on a player who most people did not know. Trust me its like Pavlachenko. How many spurs fans knew him before the Euro. he had a couple good games and they all think he is amazing. I just want to see our small amount of money spent in a better way because we need more then Arshavin. Anything over 10 million for Arshavin is actually insane to me.

  30. kelsey

    if we reportedly have little money to spend,i would imagine 20 million is the total budget so paying any more than 14/15 million for arshavin an unproved player in our league is a gamble,which we can ill afford.

    i would much rather see 2 or 3 swop deals plus cash on bedtner,toure and eboue for players that we really need and they are basically defensive ones.

  31. gambon

    Alex, we have enough money, dont worry about that….no-one connected with the club has said we havent got money.

    Comparing Arshavin and Pavlovachenko is like comparing Zidane and Dugarry in 1998!

  32. IrishGunner

    metro – I say that

    It is the other Denilson (the guy who played for Real Betis) that they are after

    shows how shite is

  33. gambon

    Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira, Petit, Sagna, Rosicky were all unproven in this league, would you rather have Carlton Cole than Henry??

  34. metronome

    cheers Irish that makes sense
    i was just imagining how a little brazilian who can pass would fit in at the reebok

  35. IrishGunner

    Megson had promised Bolton fans that a big signing and world cup star was on the way and it is Denilson – just the old guy LOL

    Eboue or Bendtner would be out well before Denilson. are a bag of fruits

  36. IrishGunner

    ha ha they have changed it on after I left them a comment calling them fruits and telling them they had the wrong Denilson LOL

  37. leon

    i am sorry completely disagree that wenger should sell gallas and keep toure,the fact gallas may not be as popular as toure but he is better player there both same kind of defenders and they cant play together but the fact toure has not being playing well for long while,evon sendoros was playing better for most of last season,the fact is gallas has been playing alot better him he can play left on the right and centrel defence he looks better player dj.i feel song is a good squad player,this is first season playing first team team football, i think a certan robert pires did not that specail in first season either and look how terned out, i am not saying that song will defenatly improve but i think must be given at least a whole season, i people are comparing him to flamaini, he had only 1 good before that he was not that well at all and now at milan he is not doing that well either. i would very suprised if toure is at arsenal next season i cant see him getting hi s place back and at 27 i cant see wanting warm the bench

    i also feel that risisky is not back to full fitness by the summer i think wenger start looking elswere the fact wenger has younger wide players like nasri and quite a few young gifted wingers on loan so there is no garantee that he will get place back.

    i dought wenger will spend more than 15 mill on ashavin but eboue is not going to me is a right back,he is not midfielder i think people are forgetting that.

  38. London

    Evening Big Raddy

    Reading your comparison between Arshavin and Arteta I am even more convinced that we we will sign Arshavin. I, personally, would take both of them but Wenger will only sign one proper player and maybe a bargin if one appears: a Sylvestre or a Diarra. 2mil max.

    There is no way he is going to sign a new DM. Think of Diaby’s role on Saturday; he was given clear intructions to play DM a role that Wenger invisaged him in years ago.
    It will be interesting to see if he is capable of playing that role properly, I’m keeping an open mind.

  39. Stu

    Leon, No matter what we think Eboue IS now a midfielder. have him down as a midfielder and Song down as a defender. Surely they got that info from Wenger himself.

    Also popularity shouldnt have anything to do with anything but it does. Gallas may be a better defender than Toure but he is also causing huge problems between the players and blabbing everything to the media. Gallas will surely be fucked out coem next season becuase Wenger doesnt like trouble makers.

  40. kelsey


    that’s stupid comment comparing carlton cole to henry.

    we need to stabilise the situation now not in the summer if we want c.l. football next year,and the general rule of thumb states that a player coming from another league,needs a bedding in period.what did wenger say about eduardo last year,he was right and he was just coming into his own,6 months into the season when he got tragically injured.

    We need p.l. players in now,they will need little or no adjustment and deals as i stated before could be offset with part exchanges.and defence is a priority.if we had bucketloads why wasn’t it spent last january or in the summer,when we were a much more attractive proposition for players to come to us,as we are now.

    i dont want uefa cup next year thank you.

  41. Stu

    Now that it appears we are likely to sign Arshavin, if anohter midfielfer joined aswell who would you rather Arteta or Krancjar? Personally i’d pick Krancjar all day long even tho he is slower and more one footed that Arteta.

  42. Stu

    Wenger also said that Nasri would take 6months to fully adjust so if Arshavin does arrive and needs time then Nasri will be fully settled so that will be ok.

    I dont know how better to put that so….

  43. London


    That is what you want to happen, but Wenger thinks more highly of Song, Denilson and Diaby than anyone who visits this site; meaning that, he is not going to sign a DM or a CM.

  44. leon

    i arsenal are driving seat when it comes ashavin he can buy out his contract at the end of season 5m the club are asking 20 million but that going to happen the player has no intension of signing a new contact and has stated his intension to goin arsenal,the only problem is going to his wages which at 90k a week arsenal can evonget him on loan and make perm in the summer maybe, i feel wenger is going use diaby,song delinson in dm position he is going be patient with the likes song and turn mold him to midfielder or have him play and central defender the fact wenger very rearly gets it wrong

  45. JonJon


    you do throw alot of random names in the pot dot ya mate πŸ˜‰

    clint demsey and nicky butt,

    you come out with some corkers mate πŸ˜‰

  46. Wrighty7

    Evening Pedro/Geoff and Le Grovers,

    I’ve a friend who is quite close to Jimmy Bullard and he says that Bullard is going nowhere.

    He is on Β£25,000 a week at Fulham and is always sure of a first team place.

    Aston Villa and Everton made inquirys to him but his missus doesn’t want to move up north again. She prefers it down south.

  47. Franchise

    Kelsey Darren Bent moved from Charlton to Spurs but he didnt settle quickly. signing a player from the same league doesnt neccessarily guarantee quicker transition

  48. A

    to be fair franchise, that’s also because darren bent is complete shit!

    what is the general consensus on here about arshavin??

  49. JonJon

    agree pedro

    the russian league is one of the coldest and physical and toughest to play well in,

    he’ll settle in with ease

  50. A

    kranky pedro?

    i dunno pedro, im torn. On the one hand he could be amazing, fantastically technical, could have the ability to come straight in and be amazing like robinho, just the sort of player we need.

    Then theres the fact that he’s only ever played in the russian league and the past history of stars in eastern european leagues coming to the prem is dubious to say the least, the fact that he could need time to adapt, the fact that the russian league finished already so he’ll either be fatigued when he comes here basically starting another season without a break, or he’ll be unfit essentially starting another season without a pre season.

    However i hope the first part massively outweighs the second part and he wins us the league single handedly!

  51. JonJon

    we took a chance with pires at about the same age and look how he turned out

    its gotta be better than playing eboue or denilson on the wings

  52. A

    are kranjcar, didn’t put that one together, bit slow this evening! I agree with choy, we’ll only sign one of arshavin and kranjcar, one creative mid, one central/defensive mid, if we can find anyone. The fact that we’re after arshavin makes me fear rosicky will never play again, at least not for us. The future is undoubtedly wilshere and nasri, got theo there too, if we sign arshavin as well can’t see there being any room left for him, feel sad for that, thought he’d be an arsenal great when we signed him

  53. JonJon

    ive got that feeling too A about rosicky

    but if we do sign arseshavings and rosicky does come back along with nasri and theo(although he will move to striker) and LJW coming through, we’ll have enough players for the wide positions then, quality and youth and competition for places

    we cant go wrong.

  54. kingsley

    I think we might go for hangeland too. fulham are in talks to sign Hearts captain Christophe Berra as a replacement (all according to tribalfootball !)

  55. bergkamp

    *refusing to talk until ass shaver either signs or doesnt* good idea though about swapping gallas and bendtner in the post

  56. Stu

    If only Arshavin would buy out his contract andf we pay him back or something. He could only cost his wages then. His wage demands are pretty high tho.

  57. A

    yeah i agree about pires jonjon, it would be incredible if it turned out the same way. My only lingering doubts are the fact that players traditionally adapt very easily from the french league, but the russian league is much more technical and very different from our league, and players havn’t adapted in the past. Hope my doubts are unfounded though!

    I’m also a bit dubious as to whether it’ll happen though. When we are in negotiations we usually ensure it’s kept quiet, the fact that zenit have gone public makes me think maybe they’ve realised we won’t pay what they want, and they’re trying to tempt in other suitors

  58. A

    I dunno jonjon, i think we’ll have too many players! Merida is still essentially a playmaker type winger coming through although he could be moved to the centre, i’ve always thought barazite could end up being a good squad member and he’s back in the summer, vela could be thought of as a winger depending on the formation.

    That means in the summer we could have nasri, theo, arshavin, rosick, wilshere, vela, merida, barazite all as wingers!

    Though i guess if you take merida out say he’s a centre mid, vela and theo out say they’re forwards, take barazite out say he won’t make it, that leaves nasri, arshavin, rosicky, wilshere. Although then we have the same problem with too many forwards!

  59. JonJon

    he fits our style though A

    i agree with the fact that players need time, but he has immense skill and technical ability which is what out style is based on.

    stu i posted a link earlier about ashravin threatening zenit to buy out his contract, hes only got a year left, we might get him for less than the 20mil if nobody else comes in, which is why i wish zenit would keep their mouths shut and let us get on with it, although i fairness its only natural for them to do so.

  60. A

    yeah i agree with that jonjon, he looks like the perfect arsenal player, and could possibly fit straight in. It’s just whether he can adapt to the pace and physicality of the prem, pires, hleb were both perfect for us in terms of their technical play, but it took a fair while for both to adapt, that’s all im worried about.

    It worries me that shevchenko didn’t even adapt, despite being as good as any other forward in the world whilst at milan

  61. kelsey

    its a good debate,we seem split down the middle on arshavin.

    pires was pants his first season,and then wow.

    i still think the priority is to tighten up the defence if we want to finish 4th or better otherwise another season in tradition.

    heard on arsenal t.v. that when almunia is pissed off withe defenders he shouts and swears at them in spanish.they dont understand a word but it makes him feel better

  62. JonJon

    merida barazite jack are only kids A its too much to expect them all to come through at the same time, they are yet to prove themselves, they wont be ready for years, even though i have high hopes for jack

    id even go as far to say nasri vela and theo are still proving themselves and nasri and theo are going to be strikers.

    rosicky and arseshavings would be perfect, and it would allow the rest to learn qiucker from them too.

  63. A

    of course you can jonjon, it’s just that we never have enough! Apart from players being unhappy at not playing, wilshere wouldn’t play ahead of rosicky, arshavin, nasri, or theo, so it’d hamper his development massively, and we could fail to end up with the second coming of messi! Never know though, the thought of rosicky, arshavin, nasri all helping wilshere adapt would be amazing, experience and talent in abundance.

  64. Franchise

    let arshavin come in first then i wld worry about him adapting or not. the truth is his arrival wont weaken the team but improve it.

    i bet toure is leaving the club. arsenal dont want to sell b4 they buy. there is no smoke without fire…….

  65. A

    yeah i agree about merida and barazite, but wilshere will be coming through very soon! i expect him to start some prem games before the end of the season, next year he’ll be like theo last year, and following season he’ll be an ever present for us, and england!!

    I assume you mean vela and theo rather than nasri, and yeah i agree, they will be forwards, those two, eduardo, bendtner, vp would make a good forward selection, sell ade for good money in the summer and i’d be a happy bunny!

  66. JonJon

    schev didnt adapt because italy is a totally different league, he spent too long there and came here too late in his career

    russia is cold and physical just like the PL and ash is russias best player IMO and hes fast,tricky and good with both feet. he may take time but if rosicky comes back along with theo asnd nasri we’ll have enough to chop and change when needed and not put square pegs in round holes if you get me.

    he’ll be ok.

  67. chozzer

    How about

    Diaby Denilson Rambo
    Nasri Arseshaving

    as the front part of the team?
    At least we’d start playing football again.

  68. A

    I’d take that bet franchise, i don’t think there’s a chance bendtner is going, and toure i very much doubt will go in jan, possibly in the summer though

  69. Stu

    Merida is one of the best CMs in the world in his age group. He is one of the stars of te Spanish u-19 team. If Cesc goes Merida could easily fill that hole and he is even supposed to be better than Cesc. I just wish he some chances, especially instead of Randall who im not the biggest fan of.

  70. bergkamp

    i think if ass shaver does the business it will make theo nasri diaby,whoever could play wide perform much better because getting a game could become tough if they dont get consistent,especially when rossicky comes back…if

  71. A

    yeah he is jonjon, he was just voted “the best player of CIS and Baltic” for the second year running! He could well be absolutely incredible, if we do get him, and his talent could mean he adapts straight away, ala robinho. Shev is my only worry, just because although the italian league is very different being much slower etc, i thought he had the talent to shine anywhere too

  72. JonJon

    too true bergy

    competition brings out the best in players, and training and playing with the best also brings the best out of you,

    its a win win IMO

  73. Franchise

    i wld luv to see some of the english youngsters excel at the club. im not english in anyway but my love for sunday roast so guys pls spare me the xenophobic comments πŸ˜†

  74. Stu

    I would sell Ade, bring in an experienced finisher(not necessarily a superstar) and keep Nik. Bendtner will be twice the player Ade will ever be.

  75. JonJon


    what about if we signed arse and ribery, fucking hell i promised myself i wouldnt get worked up in the transfer window but i cant help it


  76. Franchise

    the last part of my last comment was so unneccessary but the world is so PC now that one has to be careful not to offend others. FUCK

  77. A

    i wouldn’t jonjon, imo bendtner has the talent and potential to become twice the footballer ade is, although he won’t ever score 30 goals in a second, he’ll contribute so much more to the team and still score a fair few.

    Yeah stu i worry about merida, he had a couple of stale years where he didn’t really improve much. I wouldn’t say he could immediately fill cesc’s shoes if he was to leave, he doesn’t even play centre mid for the reserves he’s pushed out wide. He does seem to have come on again recently though. I think he doesn’t play ahead of randall because merida is very much an attacking centre mid, whereas randall when he isn’t posing does like to kick people too, so plays in a makeshift dm role

  78. Franchise

    hopefully the arrival of Arshavin wld make Ade play more centrally. No more wing play please Ade i know u love Henry but be yourself.

  79. David

    Bentner is 21 Ade is 24….

    They are not that far apart stu….and Ade is 4 times the player Bentner is…

    Bentner is not worth the Case of Gatorode Song is…

  80. JonJon

    its ok franchise

    i dont beleive one bit that comment is offensive in anyway, il let you off this time. πŸ˜†

  81. A

    great minds re bendtner stu, although i wouldn’t bring in an experienced finisher, that’s eduardo’s job!

    Ha yeah ok jonjon i’d be able to accept signing ribery alongside arshavin! What a team that would be!

  82. Stu

    David, Bendtner is 20 and still has a lot to learn. He is also probably better than Ade was at 20. Can you honestly see Ade getting much better because I certainly cant whereas Bendtner can only improve.

  83. A

    ha whilst we’re going along this line rasdef i wouldn’t mind messi too! and villa up top!

    Who do people think man city’s “marquee” signing is going to be?

  84. JonJon

    i know what your tring to say A about bendtner

    but i think weve seen enough of bendtner to assume he’ll never make it, over the past few seasons hes played plenty of times and never really showed us anything that suggests hes going to be nothing more than average

    good potential he may have,but i just dont think hes cut out for this league.

    ade on the other hand has proved he can be more than a handful for the best defenders, he just needs the right players around him.

    i feel it doesnt matter who you put bendtner with hes just not capable of doing what ade does.

  85. A

    yeah i agree stu. Ade’s primary abilities and threat are physical, whereas bendtner is a very intelligent player, lots of vision etc, and he’ll still improve. Ade because of his physical attributes is a massive threat to defences from a much younger age, but won’t get any better. I’m not sure he’ll ever score 30 goals again in a season

  86. JonJon

    good good wrighty

    im getting abit flustered with all this transfer business,

    wrighty, do you really think if senderbramble, sorry i mean senderos, comes back hes the answer to our defensive line if we lose kolo

    id of though JD is the choice to step up to the plate.

  87. Stu

    He doesnt perform the same as Ade because they are different type players. Believe it or not Nik is a SS not a CF. Ade USED to be a handful. He doesnt work that hard anymore apart from the odd game.

    Also Nik works best with Eduardo and Vela. Both small lefties that are clinical in front of goal. RvP is far from clinical nor is Ade.

  88. David

    I can see Ade improving…..I think He needs to learn to keep himself fresh and not waste too much energy tracking the ball from defenders (something Nikki Bullshit never does)……..I blame his wastefulness on his work Ethic…he works entirely too hard…and over plays his shot sometimes…he will improve his finishing when he realizes he needs to reserve his mental and physical energy for the final ball and the finishing…

    Nikki B,,,on the other hand…needs to improve in almost every area imaginable…he’s at the bottom of the barrel why wont he improve?

  89. Stu

    Wrighty, i read and commented on your “senderos” post.

    I wouldnt be unhaooy with his return. He compliments each of Gallas, Toure and JD because he will go for the ball and if he doesnt get it the other CB can clean up. Ball winner and ball player. That combo is and has worked before.

  90. A

    i disagree with that though jonjon, when bendtner has been playing with confidence he’s shown up glimpses of an amazing talent, it’s just that he’s lost confidence and been unable to do it consistenly or got a run in the team except for when it was already in freefall. His performances against bolton where he was mom, and sheffield utd in the league cup were incredible and showed something special. He’s also shown it for denmark when he pretty much single handedly beat portugal.

    I agree that bendtner isn’t capable of doing what ade does, he doesn’t have the power that unsettles defenders, but has much more to offer to the team.

    Bendtner hasn’t done it on a consistent basis by any means but he’s definitely shown glimpses imo of something very special that means we should keep trying with him

  91. Wrighty7


    I don’t think Senderos is the answer mate but knowing Wenger’s refusal to spend any money on defenders then I guess its the only option!

    I’m surprised at Senderos. I thought he would do well in Italy. Maybe he will but at a club like Genoa where expectation isn’t so high.

  92. RasDef

    Spuds retarded, how can you sign Defoe (shit) and forget Palychenco (quality), whats next? I wonder what the fans think, if they think at all…

  93. Wrighty7

    I understand what you are saying Stu and Senderos does improve after a run of games but I just feel that he is better off at a club where he is isn’t under so much pressure.

  94. Stu

    I dont think that is applicable anymore. Ade doesnt run around like he used to do. Scoring 30 goals was bad for him because it made him feel like he doesnt need to run around because he thinks he is capable of getting 30 a season. It WAS his work ethic that made him so feared last season but that has all changed now. This season and a at the end of last Ade just waits on either wing waiting for the ball because he thinks he can play with the best.