Credit crunch is the best time to buy a house, if you can’t afford that then decorate.

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That's not a screwdriver is it?

That's not a screwdriver is it?

Historically the best time to buy a house is when the market is on it’s knees, if you can’t afford to buy then, you should paint the old one and make it look good for the future.

How can Arsenal learn from this tried and tested method? Let me explain.

If we can’t afford to buy an Arshavin now, we never will, (especially as he’s 27) so if that’s the case then offload the players we know won’t make it and part ex for those we could do with to salvage the season, here’s a few thoughts.

Gallas and Kolo are unsettled, we can’t keep them both, so what about this for an idea then, swap Gallas for Flamini plus cash to sort out our defensive midfield problems and swap Bendtner for Upson to cure our defensive woes, that way we can keep Kolo, who I think still has it, get in a world class defender and solve the problem we clearly have with big headed Bendtner who along with Gallas seems to be a problem for moral within the team.

If not that then swap Kolo for Richards or Ireland plus cash and achieve the same thing. Or what about Kranjcar for Song and Eboue and cash? Portsmouth need a replacement for Diarra and swapping Eboue for Kranjcar would save them money and give us a decent midfield player, all this could easily be done and still leave us with a reasonable amount of money left in the kitty, these players are players that we all have views on, Kolo can still do a job but Gallas is getting on and will probably be off in the summer anyway.

We have Eduardo and Rosicky coming back soon so we don’t need to wait for Bendtner to improve and with Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere all committed to the cause, the next few years look sorted, Song and Eboue will never make it but could do a good job for Portsmouth and Upson still has four good years in him, if he can stay injury free.

It’s win, win as far as I can see and takes away all the ‘have we, haven’t we got any money’ questions.

Either that or just come out and say he’s buying no one and let us get on with life and stop the speculating, it’s getting boring.

With some of these additions I can see us kicking on, with Flamini back we’d be sending out a message to the ‘want-aways’ and keep people like Theo and Robin from looking at the green fields far away.

What do you think, could Le grove have sorted out the problems or is this just wishful thinking?

You decide. I’d like to see a Kranjcar, Flamini and an Upson in the side for the Bolton game wouldn’t you? we don’t necessarily need the silky skills of an Arshavin but more the tenacity of a few tough tackling players that could shine in a decent team.

Not that I don’t want Arshavin, but as the month goes on and the rhetoric continues unabated I am beginning to lose hope there.

Have a great day Grovers, yesterday we signed the most talented youngster outside of Messi in world football, today we could seal the deal for someone that will win us trophies again.

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  1. Queen of Suburbia

    Wishful thinking I suspect Geoff.

    I’m pretty much certain that we’ll get no-one in. I think Wenger believes he’s got enough in the squad to finish 4th especially with Theo and Eddie coming back.

    If he rebuilds it’ll be in the summer window. Though it saddens me to say so.

  2. Helsinki Gooner

    I really doubt Rosicky is back anytime soon…I’d be surprised if he came back this season. – real shame there.

  3. PDT

    AW still needs to buy some insurance for CL qualification. There’s too much money riding on that.

    So, he will buy someone – I hope it is Arteta and not Arshavin.

    Arteta + Upson and seeing the backs of Gallas and Bendtner would be great. Now if only we could find someone who will offer us that case of Gatorade…

  4. Arsenal Tom

    great idea’s… far too simple and effective for the arsenal tho unfortunately!! plus with gattuso being out for the season (i think) i cantt see them letting flam go.

    anyone read arseblog?? apparently villa want upson and if they get him we’ll be taking laursen off them, along with jimmy bullard from fulham as our new midfielder!! sounds a bit far-fetched to me

  5. gnarleygeorge9

    Some creditable suggestions there Geoff. I am reminded of that old JFK saying that went like

    Some people see things as they are, & say why. But we on Le Grove see things that might be, & say why not.

  6. Helsinki Gooner

    Flamini prob would never come back though…after the way he left, it’s pretty unlikely – he’d have too much pride swallowing to do.

    I like the sound of Upson – didn’t like that we let him go so young.

  7. choy

    morning all…

    I think the russian is on his way too…but what the fook is taking so long..

    He sure is a crazy bloke isn’t he? paying his own transfer fees… and how skint are we? :mrgreen:

  8. PDT

    QoS, I can’t get AW’s comment of Arshavin not being able to play twice a week in the Premier League out of my head. At least Arteta is used to the pace of the English game.

  9. choy

    PDT.. we don’t play twice in a week anyway.. if song and eboue and denilson can make it why can’t arshavin!!!!

  10. Mark C

    Just saw on the beeb, that Arshavin, would want to buy his contract out so he can join a London team.

    If that is us, then that is great. It shows he wants to play for us, which is the type of player we need.

  11. PDT

    Hi Choy!

    If we stay in the FA Cup and the CL in April, then we will be playing 8 matches in four weeks, at least. Assuming there are no replays and such…

  12. JonJon

    morning everyone, good post geoff

    flamini did an interview that was aired this morning saying how hes finding it tough in italy and he was talking about arsenal again.

  13. Helsinki Gooner

    JonJon – very interesting – i think we’d all love to see Flamini back – with his work rate he’s the anti-song

  14. Geoff

    I’d drag him with my teeth over broken glass barefoot to Australia, and that includes wading through shark infested Oceans to get rid of Song.

  15. Steve

    We sold Upson because he was slow and injury prone. Why buy him back now? He hasn’t sped up in the last 10 years has he?

  16. gnarleygeorge9


    I think your analogy is more interesting. Do you think we would finally be rid of song for good πŸ˜‰

  17. JonJon


    i understand your frustration at flamini but can you blame him for what he did???

    we treated flamini like a turd for ages, he should of been offered a contract during the CL run and never have been dropped in the final.

    hleb was the cunt, flamini did what the club did to him, we tried to flog him to birmingham at one point ffs

  18. benno

    Geoff are u implying that Song is good enough for the A-league with the Australia referance, coz id have to object to that…

    I wouldn’t mind Upson back, only if Gallas or Toure leaves though.

  19. gnarleygeorge9


    no I think Geoff thinks song is like a cat or a possum, in that they have a tendency to come back, so you need to move him as far away from “home” as possible. 14,000 miles even.

  20. gambon

    Not sure about Kranjcar, great ability but cant be arsed to use it. Also seems prone to weight gain, and with Kolo bringing in bags of doughnuts on a daily basis that could be bad.

  21. Wardo

    Excellent post Geoff

    I really like Gallas but he is 31 and Kolo is only 27……Gallas to AC and bring the flamster back would solve loads of probs. Also, Bentner + csh for Upson would be good business. If these moves went ahead we would save quite a bit of cash therefore, Arshavin for Β£16-17mil would make Arsenal an extremely dangerous side once again with a solid defence!!

    I wonder if we could throw in Song and Eboue for Arshavin also – might bring the price down by Β£500k to Β£1mil……

  22. David

    Im just saying he didnt have to leave….

    He was an Important part of the squad…and he knew it…But he Was the FIRST TO LEAVE!

  23. David

    bags of doughnuts you say?

    The Nasri deal took forever as well…so im thinking the Russian will be here in another 2 weeks….Arshavin on the wing…Nasri in the Middle and Theo on the right….Good times…

  24. xeeez

    yea choy I’m hoping for once he does it soon..cant wait and its such a crap feeling when he gets no one at the end…

  25. issy

    i like your thnking, but the problem with all these swaps would be Wenger admitting he was wrong and i doubt hell ever do that. Champions League Football is worth about 30mill to the club so surely laying out a bit of money now for some world class players is a good investment at this point as i think Villa now are very strong competitiors for that 4th spot with our current squad??

  26. Steve

    JonJon, i’m with you regarding Flamini. We treated him like an unwanted commodity and once the commodity became valuable we looked after it. I don’t blame him one bit for telling us to fuck off.

  27. dennisdamenace

    Good morning Geoffrey, interesting post indeed young man, are you a frustrated estate agent by any chance??? 😯

    Anyhoo, were you not gonna comment today on the malaise at The Grove that is the ever increasing absenteeism of Gooners???

  28. Mark C

    Re Upson – I dont think Wenger ever says to the young players they have to go, he explains their position in the squad and they make a decision.

    Muppets like Pennant were sold, because he was out boozing, and crashing cars.

    But Muamba, Sidwell, Bentley and probably Upson were told, that there were players in front of them, they could stay and fight for a place or move on.

  29. David

    i disagree about the whole flamini thing

    R.V.P and Theo are both fighting for contracts and they stayed…they didnt tell The Arsenal to fuck off…

  30. Arsenal Tom

    choy, i know how u feel mate… my comp was fucked over xmas so didnt get on for 2 weeks and yesterday my 1st day back i get my balls busted all day!! not on!!!

    flam back would be awesome but never gonna happen unfortunately, not sure about krnacjar… i really dont see what all the fuss is about

  31. Pierre

    Kranjcar is exactly the type of player Wenger used to sign for us, a la Rosicky, Hleb, ie before he lost the plot. The Sun is spouting some bullshit that we bid for Arteta last week, I hate transfer windows!!!

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

  32. Pedro

    David, hold fire on the Theo… he hasn’t had the chance to let his contract run down yet and you don’t know what he is asking for… Those two don’t really have much of a right to moan… they are always injured and have never performed on a consistent basis.

    Flamini did a good job whenever he was asked, he had just started showing some promise… then he said he didn’t want to play at full back, then he was benched. He was given the option to go to Birmingham, he declined… stayed, got some luck getting into the first team… played well in August… Wenger signed Diarra… then couldn’t drop the Flam… then AC came knocking with a better deal than Arsenal!

    Who’d honestly say no? Why didn’t we tie him down to a contract in the summer? What if he hadn’t played well?

    He’d be playing for Bolton…

  33. Mandanda

    Arteta, decent DM and Scharner in (all within our spending limit)
    Eboue, Song and Bendtner out (all too average)

  34. dennisdamenace

    ATom – I’m good mate, how’s my fellow hall-of-famer?? πŸ˜‰

    I did mention a while back, that i had planned to remain silent until the end of January, but Le Grove is my Le Drug 😯

  35. David

    I undertstand that the flamini Cock-up was All on Wengers head….but at the same time he gave up his first team place for more cash….and who is to say that Real Madrid wouldnt have bid the 25 mill they paid portsmouth for Diarra if he had stayed with us???

  36. Michael P

    Forget Upson, he is slow and injury prone.

    Keep Gallas and Toure until the summer atleast. Defensively, along with JD, we should be fine.

    Please sell Eboue and Song…they just cant cut it.

    Bendtner, i feel, will come good in the 2nd half of the season.

    Bring back Flamini? Not too sure about that…HE delayed the contract talks, saying he wanted to focus on the games we had coming up in the run up to the league, CL etc.
    Then he just literally walked out.

    Bring in Arteta, Arshavin and De Rossi.

    Thats who we need right now.

  37. David

    He could be in Madrid and we couldve been 25 mill richer…everybody wins…as it stands he is Unhappy and so are WE!

  38. Steve

    David, Flamini was in a different situation entirely. He was only played because Gilberto was unfit/injured from a pointless competition for Brazil that Wenger copped the hump with him for playing in. He was offered out to all and sundry (or Birmingham) and not valued at the club enough for them to offer him a contract. He had played everywhere out of position (left back ffs) and never complained but the club still didn’t offer him a reasonable contract until it was far too late. As I say, I don’t blame him for telling Wenger to poke it.

  39. dennisdamenace

    Michael P, you old munter, how are you fella? Still feeling confident of our lickle wager old chum?? πŸ˜†

  40. Lou

    Personally I think Kranjcar is the last sort of player we need.He is undoubtedly good on the ball but he is also weak and gets knocked out of the game too easily. We need someone who is going to be up for it for the rest of the season because I think we’re going to have a fight on our hands just to get 4th spot and THAT is not what Arsenal should be about. There is just the possibility that we could save this season with a couple of wise purchases, otherwise we might well reflect on a season thrown away. But then again, when was the last time Arsene listened to anyone? He will go his own way so buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride methinks.

  41. TC

    Rosicky – would be great to get him back but have virtually wiped him from memory. Just a point though – is his contract up this summer? – that would make 3 years. If it is up then that is a big dilemma for the club and will need a get of jail card in the contract if he continued to be crocked. Anyone know – he was signed on a long term contract whatever that means.

  42. Steve

    Sorry Pedro, I hadn’t seen your reply to David. Far more eloquently put too. I wish these fuckers would stop asking me work questions when i’m trying to have a conversation with my Gooners.

  43. Arsenal Tom

    DDM… lifes cold but alright mate!! i got my hall of fame status to keep me warm!

    its never that easy to keep stchum is it? especially when our club says fuck all about pretty much everything!

  44. David

    Flamini only started playing solid football in the final year of his contract….

    I dont think that is any coincidence.

  45. Al

    In an ideal world I would Swap Bendtner for Kranjcar, Toure with Ireland and then go and buy Upson.

    What I think will happen we will sell Toure , Senderos will return and we will sign no one at all.

    I hate the fact Kolo may be on his way I always liked him but I wont miss him going off to the African Cup of Nations.

    I will now look forward to that tournament as we will lose song and eboue for 6 weeks cant wait

  46. Pedro

    David, he was part of best back 4 in champions league history!

    He was playing solid football before that… and certainly better than a few of the long term contracted players we have at the club at the moment.

  47. Arsenal Tom

    TC.. i think a ‘long term contract’ is usually 4/5 years… if he gets himself properly fit again id be tempted to give him a 1 year to see what he can do… if he stays fit he’d be a big player. if he’s injured we dont loose too much

  48. charybdis1966

    Morning all, another aspect of the circumstances of the Flamini departure was Dolphin head.

    Anyone with a modicum of common sense would have either tied up Flamini to a contract BEFORE Dolphin head started agitating for a move or sold him in order to retain Dolphin head.

    So what does the club do? Neither so we lose both by the summer and then flog off yet another CM in Gilberto (and just for good measure Ice cream boy naffs off also)

    Great thinking guys !

    I know most blame Wenger for this fiasco(one of many which we have inflicted on ourselves) but I suspect a good deal of it was down to the bumbling old fool Friar who clearly was acting like β€œTim nice but dim” in the transfer market shenanigans so that he – and us as a club – got royally shafted midfield wise.

  49. Steve

    David, as soon as Flimini played regular football in his proper position he looked class. It had nothing to do with seeking a better contract.

  50. Bren

    I would like to see AW make a move soon.

    Why not buy in early January when all the TOP targets are available, instead of waiting till late January when the best are gone ?

    Man City bid 24m for YAYA , Villa bid 11m for Upson – both not accepted

    I have a feeling that we will be buying second rate if we buy at all, given these market valuations.

  51. dennisdamenace

    ATom – Very true my friend, and to that sad end myself, my bro and a number of our Gooner mates are seriously considering not renewing our season tickets in the summer. And, these are all Gooners from the halcyon days of the 70’s too, sad sad days. πŸ™

  52. xeeez

    yea 24 m for yaya..! its toooo much..
    these prices scare me, i believe its not going to be a happy window for us ! πŸ™

  53. Jules

    Morning all grovers .

    well , new year resolution 1, drink less , uhmm . no 2 , spend less time groving when you should be working , ahh ! oh well.

    guys , the dm options of which I think is a must are diminishing , no Alonso , Yaya ,
    Inler . don,t think we will get Parker or Flamster back .

    who is realistic and available ?? We need this position covered , diaby is more attacking and Song , well no need to continue …

  54. Michael P

    ddm, how goes it sir?

    mate, i am very confident.

    we will definately sign some players this month…..getting a little worried about the links to N’Zobia and Bullard though….VERY worried!

  55. Jon

    Agreed! Bringing Flamini back would be the signing of the season! The guy turned into a championship-challenging side last year for the first time since PV4 left and he could rejuvenate our whole season. Motivated, moves the ball quickly, stirs his team mates up .. he was my personal pick for captain at the end of last season (it was only when he got injured that we faded from contention!) and I have constantly bemoaned his departure (of failure to re-sign him) since the news came that he was leaving. A tragic loss in my opinion and bringing him back could really rustle some feathers amongst the Songs, Eboues around him who have no competition to get a first team spot!!

  56. Franchise

    1. Arshavin is available for sale
    2. M’Bia is available
    3. Eljero Elia is available
    4. Axel Witsel is available

    Sell Song, Bendtner and Toure and buy 1,2,3 or 1,2,4

    Bring Senderos back for cover

  57. Arsenal Tom

    DDM… im only a red member but i know what u mean… i looked at the ticktes for the plymouth game and the cheapest tickets available were Β£40… fair enough charge the money if your gonna provide the relevant entertainment but to watch us play PLYMOUTH… no thanks… especially with the way money is these days.

  58. Jules

    what worries me is the inflated prices Man city are prepared and obviously are capable of paying . this will pushes the prices beyond anyone decent for us .

    I heard a bid of 20 mill fpr bellamy , 24 for yaya , ridiculous money .

    if they do want Kolo ,we should demand 12 minimum.

  59. dennisdamenace

    MP – Well my friend do either of those two qualify as our experience, internationals??

    Because, if they do, then surely ‘resigning’ Swiss Phil would count too, as he’s and experienced interenational player………….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😯

  60. TheDudeAbides

    Talking of PV4.. Am I not right in thinking he is a periferal figure at Inter.
    We could do worse than bring him back on loan. His winning mentality and attitude could teach some of our players a thing or two and even if he isn’t the player he was then 30 minutes at the end of the game from him could still make a difference.

  61. Jules

    Arsenal Tom

    I won,t go on about this too much s I went on about it the other day .

    I am a silver member and do you realise or have you seen the ” grade a matches ” manure , spuds etc and apparently west ham ( grade a ??!!) which are about Β£20 more for excactly the same seat !!

    I refuse to book these as I think it is a blatant piss take .

    go on the ticket hub and go into the west ham game , Β£60 0r Β£66 . Minimum .!!!

  62. JonJon


    i agree with you on the flamini thing, i feel wenger didnt know that much about it until it was too late, it was more of a board fuckup than a wenger one.

  63. Michael P

    ddm…i actually think we should bring back big phil, he is a better squad player than song or eboue (although that probably doesnt say much!) Lets not forget the Phil was part of the magnificent defensive record we set in the CL not too long ago!

    Arshavin, Arteta and Krankjar…..that is who i am hoping (blindly?) will come in….

  64. dennisdamenace

    ATom – I NEVER begrudged paying loadsa money when we were paying for players like Henry, Pires The Menace etc etc, but this shoddy lot that can’t even be bothered to make an effort sometimes and plueeeeeeeeeease don’t get me started on the board and their utter arrogance and contempt for ther very people who underpin their monetary ambitions………….

  65. Michael P

    I thik that after ManCity make a couple of purchases, it will set the transfer window in motion…..but i really hope we dont cave in and sell Kolo…

  66. Bren

    Could we get Flamini back on a loan with a view to a permanent move in the summer ?

    I agree the prices mentioned are ridiculous, and out of our league, and thats before Chelsea and MANU flex their muscles.

    Do we have any financial muscle or is it all tied down in the Highbury redevelopment ??

  67. PDT

    We need to renegotaite the shirt and the stadium naming deals. All of the other top teams make a great deal more money off those deals.

  68. Michael P

    6 degrees of seperation…someone on here knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows AW.

    Fucking send him a link to Le Grove….NOW!!!!!!!!

  69. Arsenal Tom

    Jules… your spot on fella…. i saw that ages ago and couldnt believe it… we seem to get fucked on all fronts these days… Β£60 to watch us play bankrupt relegation fodder… unbelievable

  70. Odub

    Jules I know where you’re coming from fella! I saw the price for the plymouth game and thought…. hell no!

    I’ve just paid 93 smackers for 2 seats to watch bolton next saturday!!! BOLTON!!!