Credit crunch is the best time to buy a house, if you can’t afford that then decorate.

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That's not a screwdriver is it?

That's not a screwdriver is it?

Historically the best time to buy a house is when the market is on it’s knees, if you can’t afford to buy then, you should paint the old one and make it look good for the future.

How can Arsenal learn from this tried and tested method? Let me explain.

If we can’t afford to buy an Arshavin now, we never will, (especially as he’s 27) so if that’s the case then offload the players we know won’t make it and part ex for those we could do with to salvage the season, here’s a few thoughts.

Gallas and Kolo are unsettled, we can’t keep them both, so what about this for an idea then, swap Gallas for Flamini plus cash to sort out our defensive midfield problems and swap Bendtner for Upson to cure our defensive woes, that way we can keep Kolo, who I think still has it, get in a world class defender and solve the problem we clearly have with big headed Bendtner who along with Gallas seems to be a problem for moral within the team.

If not that then swap Kolo for Richards or Ireland plus cash and achieve the same thing. Or what about Kranjcar for Song and Eboue and cash? Portsmouth need a replacement for Diarra and swapping Eboue for Kranjcar would save them money and give us a decent midfield player, all this could easily be done and still leave us with a reasonable amount of money left in the kitty, these players are players that we all have views on, Kolo can still do a job but Gallas is getting on and will probably be off in the summer anyway.

We have Eduardo and Rosicky coming back soon so we don’t need to wait for Bendtner to improve and with Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere all committed to the cause, the next few years look sorted, Song and Eboue will never make it but could do a good job for Portsmouth and Upson still has four good years in him, if he can stay injury free.

It’s win, win as far as I can see and takes away all the ‘have we, haven’t we got any money’ questions.

Either that or just come out and say he’s buying no one and let us get on with life and stop the speculating, it’s getting boring.

With some of these additions I can see us kicking on, with Flamini back we’d be sending out a message to the ‘want-aways’ and keep people like Theo and Robin from looking at the green fields far away.

What do you think, could Le grove have sorted out the problems or is this just wishful thinking?

You decide. I’d like to see a Kranjcar, Flamini and an Upson in the side for the Bolton game wouldn’t you? we don’t necessarily need the silky skills of an Arshavin but more the tenacity of a few tough tackling players that could shine in a decent team.

Not that I don’t want Arshavin, but as the month goes on and the rhetoric continues unabated I am beginning to lose hope there.

Have a great day Grovers, yesterday we signed the most talented youngster outside of Messi in world football, today we could seal the deal for someone that will win us trophies again.

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  1. Paulinho

    Didn’t they play Real Madrid in December? He might not be ready for Bolton but he should be ready in about two weeks. He seems a naturally fit fella.

  2. Pat

    HMMMM, whoever said anything about a loan? Guess Arsenal did make contact with Torino.

    Torino president Urbano Cairo is adamant he will not loan star player Alessandro Rosina to Arsenal in the January transfer window.

    Torino have reacted quickly to reports that Italian playmaker Rosina could leave for the Emirates stadium.

    The Granata’s top man has had a difficult start to the campaign.

    Cairo has, however, insisted that Rosina is part of his club’s future plans.

    “Ale [Rosina] will not go on loan to Arsenal in order to rediscover his form, because he doesn’t need that,” he said.

    “He will remain with us and will give us a helping hand to reach our aims.”

    Twenty-four-year-old Rosina has made just seven starts for Torino this season.

  3. A

    yeah 10th paulinho. I agree hopefully as he’s been wanting to move he will have kept relatively fit, and won’t take him that long to get up to match fitness. Bolton at home and hull away we should hopefully be able to cope without him, i’d guess the idea would be to introduce him for the two games at the end of the month, everton away is a toughy

  4. ethangunner

    pat ?

    Arsenal prove that good money management goes a long way in times like these.”??

    good money management ?
    as in don’t spend a cent ? ever ? and put ticket prices up every year ?
    i kind of consider it extortion not good management !
    they cant spend, its nothing to do with management !
    i would say currently arsenal FC are in about 1/2 a billion worth of debt !
    so how is that superb money management ?

    In fact this is the worst time in the past 3 year too sign anyone!
    the pound is in the shite ..
    we are in debt up to our eye balls ! highbury would be close t inuring full repayments to the bank ..and wenger is working on a cut price deals due to these restrictions .

    i think i would of preferred wenger to replace our players when they leave .
    that is sound management !
    not being kicked out of the top 4 is good management ?.
    if you think that 5 years ago we were never out of the top 2 then look at us now and state we are being managed correctly i just cannot concur !

    money wise we havent spent for over 3 or 4 years ..
    and our team has suffered as a direct result of this !
    this is not good management !
    its the type of management in the EPL which sackings are made of !

  5. Pat

    Damn, Messi got a standing ovation AT Atletico today, like Ronaldinho did from the Madrid fans 2 seasons ago(or 3).

    Messi – 9.5: Five shots on target, three goals. Initiated the first goal, won the penalty which he converted himself, and almost netted an absolutely humdinger just seconds before he wrapped up his hat-trick. Left the match to a standing ovation from the Calderón crowd.

  6. ethangunner

    pat with a stadium worth 400 mil
    and highbury costing close too 300 mil with only 39 million taken for deposits how do you figure that ?

    even if all the nike sponsorships when into reducing the debt by 100 mil we are at least 500 mil in debt ..

  7. ethangunner

    making real estate investments at the wrong time can be suicide !
    and i can think of no worse time in the economy than now !

    its on shaky ground , dont believe the propaganda you read , times are dire in the real estate sector . and in the short term its only going to get worse !

  8. Rob From Aus


    Are u actually suggesting we play Eboue ,Song & Bendtner at the same time??? OMG that would be like shaving your arse b4 walking into a maximum Prison!

    Cant believe u think those 3 deserve a spot on the field mate?!!!

  9. benno

    an out and out winger (ala the ashley young mold), or a Wenger type winger (ala the nasri, hleb mold of player)?

  10. kelsey

    don’t know wasn’t specified,but it isn’t a rumour though what wenger wants or what he said,doesn’t mean we will definitely sign one.i would have thought the priority was in defence

  11. PDT

    Even if Arshavin does come through, we will need a new GK in the summer. Almunia is not good enough.

    Also, I hope he gets a defensive coach. He needs to appoint somebody real soon.

  12. PDT

    We could have a fantasy front line and midfield –

    RvP, Theo, Ade, Dudu

    Fab, Nasri, Rosicky, Arshavin, Vela, Diaby, Ramsey, Wilshere

  13. PDT

    Gallas and co can then compete with Fab and co to see if they can let in more goals than Fab and co can score. We don’t need another team on the pitch – we can play both ends….

  14. kelsey

    my take on arshavin is,
    20 million is out of the question,and with his buyout clause,12 million is more realistic,or a loan deal until the end of the season,though his 90k a week will have to come down.

    bedntner will be sold this month on a part exchange deal with some sort of defensive holding midfield player

    toure may leave on the same principle as above.

    can’t see anything else happening

  15. ikon

    Hi all..
    Completely agree with Pat over how our lack in creating chances exposed our defensive fraility.

    Last season whenever we got the ball, opposition were pegged back so much in sheer fear, that they took a long time to get the ball past the halfway line, till which time, Flamini and Co would stifle attacks out.
    This time, we are so underconfident about our attacks that it takes us ages to get to the final third , and once we lose the ball, which we do most of the times, our defense comes under intense pressure, more so without any defensive mid to annul it.

    Imo, buying a defensive mid would only help to reduce the no. of goals and mistakes. But it in no way improves us in attacking way, which we need at this moment.
    Yes we are defensively making costly errors, but the best response would be be ruthless in attacks so as to scare the shit out of our opposition.

    Hope Arshavin comes before the weekend game.

  16. PDT

    Till last evening, I wanted Arteta.

    After reading the papers this morning, I am looking forward to having Arshavin on the team against Bolton.

    I should stop reading the papers!

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening/morning all

    With the hype surrounding the “imminent” signing of Arswaxin, Wenger has the “place’ jumping with anticipation.

  18. gnarleygeorge9


    People seem to be waxing their arses in the 21st Century, whereas shaving the arse is passe so it seems.

    I spose I’m just trying to move with the times/understand the Gen Y fashion statements 🙂

  19. ethangunner


    there is nothing ‘fantasy’ about ade !
    in fact there is …
    its a fucking fantasy that the cunt can play football !

  20. gnarleygeorge9

    Howdy DDM

    Your absence has been noted. its good to see you Groving again. Lets hope all this trade talk gets The Club grooving again

  21. benno

    Gnarley u’d be pretty happy with the result today aye, even if were a close run thing, and took you ages to get rid of 2 tail enders and a guy with a broken hand…..

    need anything possible to distract from transfer rumours….provide some great entertainment, but when ur an arsenal fan usually disappointment…

  22. iceman

    If football in your terms means missing absolute sitters and converting 1 in 10 chances then yes……he’s playing football alright………….

  23. dennisdamenace

    Good to be back gg9, once a Le Grover, ALWAYS a Le Grover……….Chaaaaaaaamon!

    Anyhoo, in my heart and in my heeed i cannot see AW buying, for whatever ‘his’ reasons are…………’s a little bit emotional protection on my behalf mixed with painful reality, it gets me through the day, oh yeh that and half a case of Peroni’s 😆

  24. gnarleygeorge9


    a good win it was, but I must say this yarpie team have been exceptional & I dips me lid to them. That was pretty guttsy of Smith to bat with a broken hand.

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    So where have you been? I know the queen likes to be in residence @ Windsor Castle, Have you been in residence @ Tattersall Castle? Chamone 😆

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    Looks like all the papers are on about the glory of Spuds, English cricket is in turmoil & arswaxin won’t be coming.

  27. dennisdamenace

    I was just viewing the posts, it was getting all too depressing fella. I kinda decided to remain silent (!) until the end of the January transfer window, then return with vengeance and wrath a la Odub………. 👿

  28. Helsinki Gooner

    DDM – i’ve been pretty much the same for the last couple of months. Just can’t be arsed to comment much when it’s the same shit and same problems week in, week out…that we seem to all see coming during the summertime.

    GG9 – a few say we’re gettin waxed today, a few say we’re not…i reckon we’re due though!

  29. ethangunner

    he could of had kompany and inler also !
    add to that arshavin and we would of been in a far more
    commanding position

  30. Helsinki Gooner

    yeah, we could have had him – but then the price being thrown around was 20mil [prob due to the supposed spuds interest, and since the zenit season was coming down to the stretch run as it ends in late autumn]

    now the price is supposedly 10-12mil – sounds more like a wenger purchase, imo.

  31. Helsinki Gooner

    if we had Arswaxin, inler and kompany…we prob woulda would’ve at least not lost to the likes of Hull and Stoke…you’d think. I figure we’d at least still be in the title hunt with a realistic chance.

  32. ethangunner

    Arsenal have shown an interest in signing highly rated forward Andrei Arshavin, Zenit St Petersburg’s coach Dick Advocaat has confirmed.

    Arshavin, 27, has been linked with a £20m move to the Gunners following his impressive performances at Euro 2008.

    “I am aware that Arsenal are interested but I don’t know any more than that,” said Dutchman Advocaat.

    “I’m expecting Arshavin to leave. He’s a top player and could play for any of the top teams in England.”

    Advocaat added: “Arshavin played well for us last season but he didn’t play as well as he can. There’s still more to come from him and people will see that.”

  33. Geoff

    Yeah but if your sister had bollocks she’d be your brother, what’s past is past, we need to move on and think what will be and not what might have been.

    Blimey! Sorry about that.

  34. dennisdamenace

    ethan – I mentioned to Arsenal Tom yesterday that it’s now so bad that a number of us season ticket holders were seriously considering not renewing in the summer, and all of these fans are season ticket holders from the 70’s onwards, very very sad……..

  35. iceman

    That’s what I’m saying………You know it’s broken………go fix it……..don’t wait till you can’t use it now more…..then start flipping through the yellow pages…….

    Spot on Ethan/ Helsinki……….

    Why does he keep doing this……….I am sure had we added last Jan maybe things would have been different……..

    Oh well……..guess better late than never right……………

  36. ethangunner


    yeah tell that to bergkamp he thinks people are lining up to see our quality of football !
    im with you on arsene not buying anyone ..

    but i think he feels the heat in the kitchen currently.

    if we got arshavin and a youngster its all i can hope for within the realms of reality ..
    but will 1 player make such a difference ?

    i doubt it ..

  37. leon

    i am sorry but i feel very strongly trhat wenger must make major signing and let the board worry about the money matters,falier to make major signing will demonatrate is alck of ambition,i realy feel that ferginson is alot more rufeless thats why is more succsessful than wenger,he realy needs to bring some world class experiened evon if that costs 30-40 million.