Plymouth may rock but Arsenal will roll. (Them over)

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So the FA Cup begins and we welcome Plymouth Argyle to the Home of Football today.

I don’t know too much about them other than they have a defence that is worse than ours, so given the talent we have in our youth we should hammer them for sure.

He said he would field a strong side, funny that, we don’t have many left to choose from, I expect it will be similar to the side he put out against Wigan in the worthless cup, plus a couple of grown ups.

Maybe we’ll all get to see Bitchslap today and see what all the fuss was about.

Wenger made this comment yesterday,

‘What I do know is that I have worked harder than ever, tried to be intelligent and was more committed than ever’

Losing Flamini and Gilberto and replacing them with Bischoff who hasn’t made a first team appearance so far this season wouldn’t appear to back that up, but I will reserve my judgement until the end of the month, I still think he’ll sign Arshavin as he is the only player he hasn’t said he not after.

Still onto today, I was going to write about Real Madrid, but I will save that for Monday, I felt today we needed to once again get behind the team and send out the rallying call, I feel we need a big score and I believe the only Arsenal team capable of doing that are the kids, I would suspect he may play Bendtner up front with Vela and have Ramsey in midfield with Jackie boy, I hope we’ll see Coquelin, because he’s already better than Song, but that’s not hard is it?

Seriously this kid will be a star, so I hope he plays today. At least I hope we get back to playing decent football so I can say the journey was worth it, because recently it hasn’t been.

So I’m going for 5 nil, with the kids to impress, but this time Arsene I would like to see you send out a team that you would send out in the Premier league, not one you would try in the Carling cup, let’s see what they have and if they haven’t you’ll know what you need to do in the window.

Have a great day Grovers Arsenal go, Plymouth Ho (ho)

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  1. bergkamp

    haha pat iv heard that story,i think its true,…martin keown asked for a Β£50 payrise and got sold,w paid nearly a million more than we sold him for to bring him back a year later

  2. bergkamp

    the one thing that im sure of is that the action wont happen till the end of the window because there are 3 or 4 games before then and u want your best players for as many games as possible even if they are leaving

  3. JonJon

    pat i know all about the seth johnson story

    im from leeds and i knew a player at the time, a youth player called matty jones, played for wales and retired at 24

    seth went with his agent to meet risdale and o leary expecting to get 20k a week

    they offerd him 35 and hi and his agent looked at each other in shock.

    risdale took it the wrong way and though they were looking in disgust and offered him 50


    and we wonder why they were so fucked

    alan smith (tosser) had 1 decent season and they gave him 55k

    fucking joke

  4. Stu

    I agree JonJon. I have very high hopes for next season but only if there is good business done in the summer. Get rid of te shit and bring in quality. Sacrifice 2 shit players for 1 quality player. If we buy players of about 25 this summer they can keep us going for a good 5 years without having to be too busy for the following few summers. Then when the money is easily available we can spend 20m every close season. Understand what im trying to say?

  5. bergkamp

    the thing is we only need a midfielder to keep us goin for 2-3 years max,the ram is gonna be the bollocks and jack is too,cesc,denilson(may get better)

  6. patthegooner

    That is even better JonJon. They must still laugh about that now

    Pedro , did you see the Rossina link earlier on Channel 4 earlier

  7. JonJon

    i do stu

    thats wengers plan for when he retires in 2011

    he wants to leave the next man enough money and a sqaud of players hitting their peak so that he doesnt fuck the club up

    man utd are screwed when fergie leaves

    chelsea are screwed when roman leaves

    liverpool are screwed now by the looks of it, if they dont win the league this season the never will again

    we are the only team that will be standind strong when our man goes

  8. bergkamp

    the thing about vieira is he cant keep his trap shut, he is a problem causer, even telling ashley how much he should ask for when he was negotiating, we need someone responsible and respected

  9. bergkamp

    the probably feels that if they would have given him a chance upfront he might have been worth 60k a week,but they wont so why should he be denied?

  10. JonJon

    thats true, theos a striker, he aint no winger, but until they play him there they wont know, its flamini all over again

  11. patthegooner

    I would rather see Theo up front than Bendtner.

    Vieira loves the Arsenal though, would be great role model for Coquelin. He is an older head now, and it would be his last move, I dont think he would be any trouble.

  12. bergkamp

    see but jonjon when will carlos vela get a start?? bendtner is reduced to stealing own goals these days,vela has to travel 8,000 miles to get a start,and it was sombrero day as well

  13. Doublegooner

    Evening Goons.
    RE: DDM earlier comment that he has it on good authority board holding money back.

    I have the same source & have been posting it for a couple of weeks now (in fact Ive been posting this for last 18 mth)

    In fact Wenger could now be getting seriously inpatient. Maybe he should seriously worry the board & question his position.

  14. bergkamp

    theo would frighten the life out of me if i was a defender,guys like him an owen cause mistakes because big men get nervous near these grey hound types

  15. JonJon

    me and a mate have said before vela will get frustrated and go soon

    how bendtner keeps him out of the team il never now

    bendtners a pile of shit and we could get decent money for him

    it aint like we are short of strikers is it

  16. bergkamp

    bendtner is just a player who was too shyt to play centre back but seen as they gave him a deal might as well get their moneys worth

  17. Pedro

    Pat, I saw the link earlier. Looks promising!

    I got slated when I suggested Theo might cause us problems with his contract…

  18. Stu


    Rosina is probably very talented but is Italian and they are an unknown in the prem, especially successful Italians. Plus he is a SS and we have enough of them. We need a no frills CF who would be likely to score from most chances. All our forwards want the ball, whether or not they are caable of using it, we need someone that will finish off all the moves, not try get involved in the build up.

  19. Rasputin

    Of course I want us to buy, but I believe we would actually improve the current squad if we didn’t buy but sold Bendtner and Song – it would force AW to play the better players that he inexplicably places below them in the pecking order.

  20. Stu

    Rasputin-what about silvestre and eboue? Surely they are also holding better players back too and they are supposed to be the experienced ones.

  21. JonJon

    wenger wont sell the because he trully believes they will come good, unless hes putting the in the shop window and upping their value be calling the 1st teamers

    either way they are letting him down

    you can see his frustration on the sidelines

    hes as pissed off as us

  22. Stu

    In any other case when change is needed you pick out what/who should be gotten rid of but in our case it is a lot easier to name who should stay. The list would be way shorter that way. Its a shame really. Most other fans are happy with the payers at their club but i dislike more than a few at this club. Its disgusting.

  23. metronome

    Not sure if im right but from what i gather from fm and other blogs rosina can play behind the strikers or out wide. Reckon he would be a useful buy as already experienced in the Seria A and a good utility player to cover for Nasri/theo and while cescs out he could play out on the ledt allowing Nasri to play more centrally

  24. Stu

    From what I understand Rosina plays behind the main striker and his leftfooted-ness makes his able to play wide left or rught and cut in. Sound familiar?

  25. Stu

    Nasri wont play in the middle unless we play Diaby out wide and I desperately hate when he plays out wide. I would be fine with Nasri in the middle as long as we get a proper DM and a left winger.

  26. jlp

    have i missed something on ARSECOM have thet said anything in regards to jackie W
    i read on another website he had signed pro with us even linked it here but have yet to see the club actually confirm this anyone else here anything concrete?

  27. Stu

    Where is everyone tonight?

    *Stekelenberg for keeper if its too early for Fabianski yet.

    *Hangeland is the only realistic top target for defender and we are short on them lately.

    *Toulalan is my pick for DM although some disagree.

    *A versatile winger who can play either side-maybe Arshavin if all things go well, or Barnetta, any exciting 2footer winger.

    *Pogrebnyak isnt half bad and imo a far better CF than Ade. We could sell Ade, buy Pog and have a few million left over. Again some people disagree. But i know he would never be considered because of the game we play.

    And who knows, if our good players stop getting injured and some of the shit players are fucked out we might be a good shout for the title next season.

  28. jlp

    What the deuce Stu?
    you would think they would snap Jackie up A-fucking-SAP
    With all these transfer kitty questions and contract negotiation problem stories going around
    i am starting to feel a little worried about our so called secure future


    o dear o dear o dear,what the fuck is happnin to the the club the board are being pirates,what the fuck are they playing at.we are in so much trouble if they fail to bring in certain players that are much needed,we are only oing one way them being stingey are not going to help matters either,after all they will be the one’s crying when we fail to qualify for champions league


    now the story’s of theo and van persie are quite distructive to say the the least,the board have got so much to answer for they are seriously pissing me off


    that first half today was piss poor its lucky there was a turn around in the second period otherwise we could of been held.the defending was shabby for the goal they scored anyone who thinks fabianski is ready to take over must be blind,our defending is so crap cant even keep a clean slate against plymouth what the fuck is going on

  32. Stu

    Hey BBK, at least you are around, and you too jlp.

    Its a known fact that to earn you have to spend. If they dont spend even a bit of money on quality players then we will fail to qualify for the CL and miss out on up to 30m. If and when that happens they will have no excuse.

  33. Stu

    Didnt see the buildup to their goal so cant realy comment but Fabianski will be number 1 eventually and will easily surpass Almunia in the ability dapartment.

    It should be all or none. Either play Fab full time to iron out his mistakes or ship him out because with Almunia ahead of him and seemingly undroppable Fabianski will never learn anything.

  34. jlp

    i think we should incorporate a more of a ‘live in the now’ type motto seeing as thats the best way to secure having a future
    Arsenal needs to go ZEN

  35. Stu

    I ad thought that Van had already signed an 80k contract but apparently it was withdrawn. I know he hasnt been consistent but he is easily our best forward this season. Far more deserving of that money than Ade imo.


    i like that moto to shame the old cunts on the board don’t the cunts will be dead soon then what?????

  37. jlp

    good point stu Al doesn’t seem stable so why not let Fab make the same mistakes at least he has time to learn from them and hopefully come out of them World Class
    same could be said all over the park though huh
    and its been beaten to death on here but for fuck sake if he is gonna go with the youth thing then fuckin go with it let em at it and lets all stand behind them regardless
    but its at least something
    cheering on some of these players is draining and becoming a chore

  38. Stu

    I’d love to see a banner saying :

    “what a shit board, free up some money so Wenger can buy a decent player that will be able to move the club forward and get us a few trophies, and maybe are old enough to legally be allowed to drink in america”

    Or something to that affect! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  39. Stu

    Remember back when Eboue was booooooooo-ed. I remember on setanta and sky they were saying things like Eboue is still only young and its unfair to boo. Fair enough the booing was harsh but he is 25 ffs. He is one of the older heads in the dressing room but has the mental toughness of a teen. Bendtner was booed before ko without having even touched the ball and just laughed it off.

    Its like the “experts” are so thick that they think the whole squad is really young. Fucking idiots.

  40. jlp

    haha fellas but they seem immune or too stupid to recognize the fans unsettling
    cause no one in their right mind would believe the shit their pulling is gonna go unnoticed


    the club is in such a bad place at the moment is so frustrating to watch it all unfold how it has.

  42. Stu

    jlp, thats ultimately what it comes down to. I would easily rather Fabianski making mistakes due to naiivity(sp) and learning from it than Almunia making the same mistakes over and over again and never rectifying it.

    Almunias whole time here he has been flapping at crosses under the tiniest bit of pressure and often under no pressure. And thats only when he actually comes for crosses. Against Stoke he could have easily caught the ball and prevented their goals.

    At least Fabianski decides early and does it. None of this indecision bullshit like Almunia. Its all will I, wont I crap from our stand in captain. GOD HELP US!!!!

  43. Stu

    Its like the club as a whole have selective sight and hearing. They only hear the good and whenever they hear bad (like Eboue feeling the brunt of the state of the club atm) Wenger says the booing was all directed at Eboue. A situation which Wenger himself created.

    And when us fans who pay their wages ask for some quality 15m signings Wenger comes out and asks why he should spend 40-50m on 1 player. Nobody ever asked for that. NOBODY!!!

  44. Keyser

    Heh, people are still up, we need hobbies, read a book maybe, any new games out ? Has anyone played God of War ?!

    Stu – Dude, whats up ? We won today, you’re going a bit over the top here..


    i also loved what that prick hill wood had to say lollll why should we spend big on a player that would not even bring anythin better to the club than what we have here alredy or somethin along them lines .Well if i were most players in the prem i would be pretty pissed off to hear that im not better then denilsong,bendtner,eboue,almunia,

  46. jlp

    its like watchin a buddy have a nervous breakdown BBK
    he keeps telling you its all good but then begins to fidget and chew skin off his hands
    i hate to be grim but it feels like we could be heading straight into a trainwreck and there is fuck all one can do .
    stu well said and i honestly thought all that was behind him .fuck sure am glad Arsene doesn’t own swampland


    there is somethin dodgy going on in that board room for sure a few back handers are slippin thru the accounts i reckon crocked fuckers all of em

  48. Stu

    Keyser, there is no room for hobbys in a life of Arsenal. Never a dull moment. Painful moments yes but never dull.

    My negativity? Thats the life of a pesemist(sp).

  49. Keyser

    Boy Better Know Sho – Are we getting worse ? Or is there anything to be happy about ?! Or even So So ?!

    Stu – Do you think you’re negative ? If not stick to what you feel is right, i’m probably just the eternal optimist ?!


    we are getting worse and no there is nothing to be positive about,now your turn to answer my original ?

  51. Keyser

    Heh what nothing ? So we win against Plymouth pretty easily and nothing ?!

    What do you mean by serious trouble ? Of What ?!

    We’ve got a good hard challenge on our hands for 4th but right now i’d say we’ve shown signs of improvement despite more problems then we started with, we’ve got a week till our next game ? Reserves play on Monday I think, just taking each game as it comes.

  52. bergkamp

    BBK you wanna know what i reckon it is,the board agree to pay alex song and the rest of the kids big wages out of the clubs money if the players give them in return 25% of the cash after tax,why else would song earn good money?

  53. Keyser

    Stu – Yeah a bit of exercise always helps, thing is the fitter I get the less sleep I need or was that code for something the youth of today get up to ? Like Chase the Dragon, that’ll help you sleep..

  54. Stu

    Beating Plymouth at home is nothing to boast about. Our squad is woefully weak and the club arent going to strenghten it.

    We are fighting a losing battle for 4th. That is totally unacceptable for a club that 4 years ago went the whole season unbeaten. Since the last title we have had a total change in personnel and the wages have risen by about 40m.

    How do you see that as progress? Also we sell our best layers every summer for small fees and replace them with kids who are far from ready.

  55. bergkamp

    BBK i will answer,i dunno about serious trouble,but i feel a money scandal could be unleashed at any minute right before out eyes,serious trouble hmmm maybe if we get any more injurys,but i feel morale is in serious low supply in the whole club BBK

  56. Stu

    Keyser, Whatever do you mean? What could that possibly be code for? I hear some people, farmers i think, prefer to do activities involving the strangulation of poltry.

  57. Stu

    There is 18games left. but what makes you think that the same players can produce better results in the second half of the season. Not buying could cost us 30m.


    well the news about van persie and theo is not to good the board are refusing to give wenger the right amount of money to help get us out of this situation which is called being 5th and not looking like claiming 4th.bergkamp thats just funny LOL,We are only going one way and that is down,can you imagine hill woods face when we don’t make 4th and miss out on that cash he will be crying not to mention paying the mortgage off on this empty stadium they call emirates.

  59. bergkamp

    stu,what makes u think villa’s hottest ever streak of form will last? surely we can only get better but they cant

  60. Keyser

    bergkamp – We were shyt ? We weren’t that bad, Plymouth sat back pretty much all game and just lobbed balls up to Fallon and hoped for him to be able to hold the play up long enough for them to get him help.

    As soon as the game opened up a bit, Nasri startd to show his class and the move near the end where he was put in by Van Persie I thin was top class.

    I know it’s not World Beating but we’re going in the right direction at least now.

  61. bergkamp

    the board are gonna do theo and robin like they did ade,this time next year we will be booooin them if they stay,the board are holding off to invite bids to see if a mega bid that would even convince the fans to sell will come in,if it dont they will get new deals reluctantly offered there way by a red in the face git named hillwood

  62. bergkamp

    keyser,we were shyt,iv been goin football for 25 years,that was shyt,dont try convince me lol,we should be wrecking these teams bigstyle without a few of our players

  63. Keyser

    Stu – Strangulation of poultry, the quicker we move on from that the better Heh..

    4 years ago we went unbeaten, since then w’ve invested in a new stadium and teams around us have just pimped themselves to rich investors.

    As for Villa, they had a better start last year and just completely flopped the second half of the season, hoping for a replay tomorrow, loads of yellows and Ashley Young to get abducted by aliens.

  64. bergkamp

    villa are already floppin,they just remain lucky,and the people who have access to the refs earpiece help them out also which is against the rules

  65. Keyser

    bergkamp – We won, no replay, no injuries apart from Silvestre, got a week till our next game, pretty good, not spectacular but job done.

    Seriously West Ham away, Hull away and they played shit and got lucky with a deflected goal and an own goal, I hope it evens out because we can’t fight that sort of luck.

  66. bergkamp

    lets see nasris class in the middle against a kevin nolan,the geezer is a flop on the ball,lucky he can strike it now an again,gibbs was our best player

  67. bergkamp

    yeah job done but any premier league team would have beat us if we played like that, and i cant honestly say we will play better next week against bolton,i think we got bolton


    bolton will be up to there old tricks next week,the way the team are going it will be dropped points for sure,adebayor never got on today why????

  69. bergkamp

    at the end of the day,we both agree job done,but we dont deserve praise,we was lucky to score 2 of our goals,and only got the 3rd because they had to come at us

  70. bergkamp

    probably just rested BBK,it would have been a sad day having to call on the bigman to deal with a bunch of lagered up nobodys

  71. Keyser

    bergkamp – You make it out like I’m calling them the re-incarnation of the Invincibles, we won, it wasn’t dramatic, it wasn’t really in doubt, we got through, it’s the FA Cup, Southend drew with Chelsea, Liverpool got lucky again and a couple of other premiership teams found it tough.

    We can look forward to Bolton now.

  72. bergkamp

    we were lucky they didnt score a second,were just stupid,2-0 up and we turn off,gallas thinks he can become a striker,2-1 up he comes up the pitch like were 5-0 up and they break on us and he cant run back,geezers an ass,nikky B stealing own goals

  73. bergkamp

    who cares how other teams faired,there was no class,iv seen bus drivers form a team better than plymouth,we were kack from start to finish,im glad theres no replay,we werent that far from maybe gettin one,they had us under pressure,its embarassing


    wayne bridge hows your luck sign for the club gt paraded then lose 0-3 to forest lolllllllllllllllllllllllll

  75. bergkamp

    lol lucky against wigan,the thing is even with luck on their side we should still be rolling teams like plymouth and making an exhibition of it,were lucky nikki B didnt get a red card


    talk about getting lucky the cunt got payed a forune to sit on the bench at cuntski then goes to man city and gets even more money

  77. bergkamp

    its becoming a joke,u know what,if i was a player age 25 at arsenal i dont think id sign a new contract either

  78. bergkamp

    van is 25,the club wanna give him a new deal for 4-5 years,he has won nothing apart from an f.a cup,why should he commit for the same money he could get elsewhere if the club dont start showin ambition?


    They simply do not know how too handle players in todays football they live in the past the board is in dire need of a clean out out with the old and in with the new


    they wanna keep paying this current lot to much money and not buy any experiance which is wrong

  81. bergkamp

    i dunno,i think this board are up to no good,they tell us they back their manager and they never say no to arsene,i dont believe them,they pay him to keep his mouth shut and manage


    for sure,how can you come out and say he’s got money too spend then say oh he hasn’t now,We too feel the crdit crunch here SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU PRICK GIVE HIM THE MONEY YOU CUNTS or fuck offfffffffffff

  83. bergkamp

    lollllllllll,how can they feel it when 60thousand people are buyin their tickets and hundreds of thousands of shirts and pictures and these northern fuckers who come down here every week drink about 10 pints each at half time,they aint feeling the credit crunch yet,not on the footballing side,maybe them and there houses,they should have built their project in spain,who the fuck wants to live in a penthouse next to a council estate

  84. bergkamp

    dont listen to wenger,he is confused as much as us,and gettin scenile,if they gave him Β£40mill and said win us the league i think he would give it a damn good shot


    lolllll,where’s the money from the diarra and bentley clauses in there fucking private accounts that’s where


    im only starting to put half the blame on wenger the whole shit lie’s within the inept cunts that run this pirate ship

  87. bergkamp

    i dont blame wenger,if he aint doin his best its because they aint putting pressure on him,if he is doing his best its not good enough because they wont spend,both reasosn for our current situation ultimatley land on the board