Plymouth may rock but Arsenal will roll. (Them over)

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So the FA Cup begins and we welcome Plymouth Argyle to the Home of Football today.

I don’t know too much about them other than they have a defence that is worse than ours, so given the talent we have in our youth we should hammer them for sure.

He said he would field a strong side, funny that, we don’t have many left to choose from, I expect it will be similar to the side he put out against Wigan in the worthless cup, plus a couple of grown ups.

Maybe we’ll all get to see Bitchslap today and see what all the fuss was about.

Wenger made this comment yesterday,

‘What I do know is that I have worked harder than ever, tried to be intelligent and was more committed than ever’

Losing Flamini and Gilberto and replacing them with Bischoff who hasn’t made a first team appearance so far this season wouldn’t appear to back that up, but I will reserve my judgement until the end of the month, I still think he’ll sign Arshavin as he is the only player he hasn’t said he not after.

Still onto today, I was going to write about Real Madrid, but I will save that for Monday, I felt today we needed to once again get behind the team and send out the rallying call, I feel we need a big score and I believe the only Arsenal team capable of doing that are the kids, I would suspect he may play Bendtner up front with Vela and have Ramsey in midfield with Jackie boy, I hope we’ll see Coquelin, because he’s already better than Song, but that’s not hard is it?

Seriously this kid will be a star, so I hope he plays today. At least I hope we get back to playing decent football so I can say the journey was worth it, because recently it hasn’t been.

So I’m going for 5 nil, with the kids to impress, but this time Arsene I would like to see you send out a team that you would send out in the Premier league, not one you would try in the Carling cup, let’s see what they have and if they haven’t you’ll know what you need to do in the window.

Have a great day Grovers Arsenal go, Plymouth Ho (ho)

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  1. dennisdamenace

    swedish – exactly my friend, these wankers hide behind any excuse not to invest any money into the playing side of things, now conveniently we have the global financial situation! But, they will still expect mugs like us to continue to pay the highest prices in world football to watch pub players like Song!

  2. bergkamp

    sometimes the mood at the club tells a big story,were usually a happy squad but this year no smiles yet,last year barca no smiles

  3. bergkamp

    pat,even the champions league final season we were smiling,this season our players are performing like enemies

  4. bergkamp

    pat i didnt even see any joy today,the whole club was glum after a win,at the end of george grahams reign id have raved about that performance today,the best thing about today was the beer after the game

  5. dennisdamenace

    Pedro – I gotta be honest and say that i wasn’t there today, i’m slowly falling outta love with my club at the moment.

    So much so that i may not renew my two season tickets. Although i might keep the registrations and sell them on the actual tickets at face value……i just need a break form AW, PHW and co…..

  6. bergkamp

    dennis the funny thing is two people on seperate occasions have told me their new years resolution was too not care about arsenal so much any more,thats how u know its gone wrong

  7. indian_gooner

    Nasri looked most effective in the hole and linked up really well with vanP. much like hleb his best position seems to be behind the striker.

    gibbs looked decent, though kind of at fault for the goal. more impressive going forward than clichy imo ..

    JD looked excellent at the back..

  8. dennisdamenace

    bergkamp – when the very people who have been entrusted in running our club are only concerned with making as much money as possible, and primarily from milking the fans for all their worth without reinvesting that money back in the club, then they can go fuck themselves…….

  9. indian_gooner

    btw i was watching the wigan vs spurs game last nite and one of the wigan wingers de-ridder (or something like that) seemed like a decent player. wouldnt mind arsenal picking him up, seemed well settled to the physical aspect of the EPL ..and had decent trickery and a good cross

  10. bergkamp

    the problem dennis is not just the money we pay,its enough to ruin your day one way or another,especially knowing that your gettin rolled over by a pile of shyt like stoke or hull because the club dodge payin for inteligent footballers and prefer raiding adventure playgrounds for hoodlums worldwide,i need to retire from football but its impossible unless i lock myself in a room with no tv or radio,or window

  11. patthegooner

    DDM what should worry the club is that there will be a lot more like you that are questioning renewals. I took that step in the summer and although I did not have a Season Ticket, I did not renew my membership and again there will be a lot of those come the summer if they dont start giving value for money and investing in the squad. £30 a head for membership will soon add up not to mention the ticket sales after and match day purchases.

    If they had invested sensibly each summer we would not be in this mess and the Surgery required would not seem so major. And with the Current state of the squad it almost feels like we are the football equivalent of being in Negative Equity.

    The next four weeks will go a long way to making up peoples minds about renewals. It would not surprise me if Corporates had already sub-consciously made the call. Hey I could not give a fuck about people hosting corporate clients at the Emirates but i know it brings a lot of money in. In the summer you could argue that sure we did not have the big names but we were entertaining and played pretty attractive football. Well now we rarely provide either and I can only imagine that the Corporate Market is in decline and maybe moving elsewhere (Especially in a Crunch).

  12. bergkamp

    we have been dodging the strengthening every year for all of wengers reign though,even when we won the league we only needed one or two players to strengthen an keep the first choice players on their toes,we cut corners and wont stop i reckon,we should be running english fooball,intsead we come like ajax

  13. patthegooner

    Bergkamp, all I can say is the Mail are always the first to jump on our backs, and the only Arsenal news you seem to get from them is Negative.

    I can hope there is no truth in that story.

    If there is truth in it then the Club need to start looking at investment as without it, we are in serious danger of starting a domino effect of more bad news, and I dread to think where it could end

  14. indian_gooner

    i dont think its been like this all the time with wenger. i remember when he used to buy, not huge, but buy nonetheless – henry,sol,reyes (who i remember was a big big signing at a time when we were already top of the league) ..then suddenly it changed to the youth thing

  15. bergkamp

    well whats gonna be positive?? blaming wenger isnt positive,the board are tight,fact, they even rip people off for a pie

  16. patthegooner

    What I do know is that we should not be paying 20m for Arshavin,

    Cup-Tied, No sell on value, eligible for Websters law, and unproven outside of Russia.

  17. PDT

    After today’s game, here’s a team I could live with for the rest of the league season –


    Give the armband to RvP and bench Almunia…replace him if we have the money!

  18. RasDef

    Bergkamp- that post from the dailymail seems like some journalist jibberish.. The Russian roupi or what ever fell more that the sterling due to falling gas prices therefore the money is still as relative as always… It seems like is smells of ….

  19. patthegooner

    And Chelsea only managed a draw with a strong team out, Man City got fucked by championship relegation fodder and the Mail still pick on us.

  20. bergkamp

    wenger has said it himself,dont question his commitment because he has stuck at arsenal with RESTRICTIONS when others might not have,they need to lift the restrictions or tell the truth,they take peoples money and then tell us about the economy?? doesnt the economy effect man utd?? aint they got debt?? didnt liverpool spend 50 or so mill in the last year?? arsenal board are bankin money to keep their stocks up for the big sale

  21. bergkamp

    pat were not chelsea or city,were talking about politics here,in a minute u will be talkin about transfers again,now were on the issue

  22. bergkamp

    i dont feel that man citys result today has made any difference to the issue between either arsenal board or arsene wengers spending policy

  23. patthegooner

    The thing is, in my mind a takeover is inevitable.

    It will happen at some point. It appears from the outside that the Board are doing the bare minimum on keeping us in the CL until the development is complete and will then sell to the highest bidder.

    I think they are actually risking a fan revolt if no one comes in this month.

  24. patthegooner

    I am not saying that Bergkamp, I am just pointing out the anti-Arsenal bias at the Daily Mail. They are always having a dig at us, and I honestly thought after their results today the papers would be concentrating on the growing frustrations of Chavski and Man City fans.

  25. JonJon

    no other manager in the world could do the job wengers done with the money he’s had, any other manager wouldnt even get this current team into the top ten yet wenger has got them fighting for CL

    the issue is not the manager, wenger needs to threaten the board and tell them enoughs enough, the stories about him going to citeh and real should be the kick up the arse they need.

  26. bergkamp

    who cares about chelsea though,were not talking about the title winning team of two years ago,were talkin about the underspending under achievers

  27. bergkamp

    jonjon i said something simular earlier,about mr wenger,and the current squad,i think afc board are liars,they even said they would put a new sports centre in the community but that was a lie also

  28. JonJon

    everyone says the fans are spoilt, theres nobody more spoilt than the board, they have become complacent about wenger because of his loyalty, he needs to turn round and say bollox to you, give me 25mil or im off

  29. bergkamp

    they will give him 25 mill,but he wont beallowed to pay the wages jonjon,wengers 25 mill signing must be 25mill inclusive of wages

  30. JonJon

    im starting to think lady nina was removed because she wanted to give wenger some money, so she went.

    PHW has almost no shares, why hasnt fiszmann got rid of him yet??? because PHW comes out and says we have no money.

    theres a big conspiracy going on and the club is going to explode from within soon

    fuck le crunch, the board will kill us

  31. bergkamp

    she was jonjon,blatantly in my opinion,mr 1% hillwood is still there,she owns 15 times as much,how is he the frontman still?

  32. patthegooner

    You posted the link, I am just commenting on it. Seems like a non-story to me as Wenger commited himself to the club on the Arsenal website and if he really was at loggerheads over funds, why would he do that, it puts him a weak position.

    Unfortunately what really sucks is that we will not know either way on whether funds are available until Feb the 2nd or until player (s) are signed sooner.

    It is also an unknown that Wenger talks about restrictions but we have absolutely no idea what those restrictions are

  33. bergkamp

    peter hill wood is gamblin on selling soon,why u gonna spend money that could affect your share prices in a negative way?

  34. bergkamp

    pat but its a story ,everyone loves pointing at wenger,finally the board is being questioned about our no spending,im with the mail

  35. bergkamp

    jonjon,its the clubs money,would u rather buy shares of a club that has money or a club that has no money or less money??,if u was commited why would u stay and show no urgency to fix a small problem before it grows huge?? ,if hill wood was here to stay now i think we would see more ambition

  36. bergkamp

    sack anyone who loves the club as much as their own finances,that was the rule,22 people off the board,lady nina has been on that board years

  37. JonJon

    we have the money, the board wont part with it and wenger is banging his head against a brickwall as much as the rest of us

  38. indian_gooner

    @JJ – i am novice in these matters, so I dont get why stocking up the cash helps the board get a fat payday?
    if they wanted to sell (which i guess they eventually want to do) wouldnt it be better for them if we were winning stuff, and therefore a more attractive investment opprtunity for someone?

  39. patthegooner

    I am not convinced Bergkamp, I think there is blame on both sides.

    not only has Wenger failed to strengthen (Albeit that the fault may lie with the board) but he has made some bizarre management calls especially this season.

    I still have Fizman ringing in my ears about the 30m for one player.

    Are we saying that we have always been restricted to spending 0m net each year on transfers? or are we saying that this is something that has happened in the last 6 months or so?

  40. bergkamp

    wengers loyalty is his weakness,loyal to the board,loyal to certain players,but i really dont believe that a man approaching 60 enjoys the stress that has been piled on by sale after sale each year,the sacking of his mate dein,and being replaced by an accountant edelman,wenger is too loyal,i feel for the man

  41. bergkamp

    pat its the board either way,their incharge of making sure wenger is doin his job,and if there have been all the finances they say available then he isnt doing it,the board are slow and in my opinion crafty liars

  42. bergkamp

    man utd have got lots of debt,arsenal board only unlucky situation at the moment is that man utd are spending,if man utd stopped spending they would be telling us look even man utd cant afford to spend

  43. JonJon


    when the flats are finished we will be the richest self financed club in the world, why do you think kreonke and usmanov want in on the action

    why do you think fismanns ousting everybody off the board, its all about money

    the more you have the more your worth, its all about greed

    doesnt matter about trophies, we are a top four club and have been for 10 years, we will be turning over 3 mil every home game with no outlets but a 20mil loan every year,

    we’ll be worth millions with no debt.

  44. patthegooner

    And playing devils advocat,

    Wenger loves this club so if this belief that the board are not investing as they will sell in the next couple of years or so is true, surely an intelligent man like Wenger would get that vibe and walk away from it and would have done some time ago. He is on a hiding to nothing. Ok he feels some responsibility to the players but they would not suddenly be made redundant, some would stay and some would go and again how could he have looked Nasri in the eye in the summer and basically bullshitted him about the direction of the club.

    Now I know the Mail story hints at this, but why would he then pledge alegiance to the flag

  45. bergkamp

    pat lol silva ,come onnnnn,they dont even buy us yearly maintenance squad members to tick us over,u want silva?? your having a laugh

  46. JonJon

    manutd dont worry about finances because they are a global name, if they went bankrupt who wouldnt want to buy them, multi billionaires all over the world would be fighting for the club, thats why manutd spend spend spend

  47. Pedro

    DDM, that is a real shame… but so many people have been saying the same things.

    I think a lot will hinge on this tranfer window.

  48. bergkamp

    pat,wenger dug his own hole by bein the one who never walks out on a job,if he did that now he wouldnt like that blemish on his cv when he looks back age 80 with a grandchild,wenger is loyal and possibly his weakness has come from falling in love with arsenal

  49. indian_gooner

    thanks JJ ..the no debt part makes sense, that would make us more attractive ..but money in the bank i still dont get ..wudnt it be better if we had one trophy more as compared to a 30mill in the bank? since it would mean more money down the line (as a result of a greater fan base, sponsorships, greater attendance etc?)

  50. bergkamp

    it would be most interesting if arsene came out an badmouthed hillwood benitez style,who would last longer arsene or hillwood?

  51. Rasputin

    Arsene Wenger is in a stand-off with Arsenal’s board over transfer funds, and that will encourage Real Madrid in their pursuit of the revered manager.
    The club’s foremost transfer target, Andrei Arshavin, is not certain to join the club after sources at Zenit St Petersburg said Arsenal’s initial offer for the player fell well below the Russian club’s valuation of 20million euros.
    Although Wenger is unlikely to leave Arsenal, a rift is developing between him and the club’s directors after money promised for the January transfer window failed to materialise.

  52. Pat

    Silva is worth about the same as Arshavin, 20 million pounds. Thats what he was valued at during the summer at least and his wages are equal or less(probably) than Arshavin’s.

  53. indian_gooner

    exactly bergy, but than business is about risk and i am surprised that the board is unwilling (or seems to be) to take such a risk?

  54. bergkamp

    this is the thing,why would a spaniard wanna leave his on country to play for arsenal unless he was playing for a shyt team?? it aint like playin for arsenal guarantees a better life

  55. JonJon

    it would be better for the fans indian, thats the point, the fans,

    but the board dont care about the fans, footballs a business now and the board are thinking business, not fans or trophies.

    you are valued in football by your assets, 60000 stadium, no debts, property complete, money in the bank, we will be a club worth close to a billion and the board are seeing the pound signs already

  56. bergkamp

    indian gooner,who knows,there is many different angles in this saga,but i just dont like the way the board sarted choppin people like lady nina,one minute they had her in the shares lockdown then the next they are kicking her out without even telling her why?? she has always been pretty silent

  57. Pat

    bergkamp, Valencia said they will be willing to sell the David’s. Their financial situation isn’t any better than Juve’s.

  58. bergkamp

    but barca had a 35 million pound bid rejected for villa,and just because the club are selling why would they leave for arsenal?? a club cant just sell a player

  59. Pat

    If I lived in England and that happened, I just wouldn’t go to the games until Hill Wood started giving Wenger money. And I hope others would do the same. Thats a loss of 3 million a game!

  60. patthegooner

    Why would it be a blemish on his record

    Given the circumstances that are being discussed, I cant think of a person in World Football and especially any Arsenal fan that would blame him.

    I think if the situation is this grave, surely the most intelligent and best thing to do for Arsenal would be to walk away and tell the World what is really going on.

    Like I said, I do think the take over is inevitable and I am sure that it will affect the mindset of the board when it comes to transfers, but I cant believe that they would be foolish enough to risk losing CL football.

    I also cant believe that Wenger would spend 20m on Arshavin. We all know from the Summer that Zenit are holding out for a bumper pay day and between them and his agent, they have claimed that Barca, Arsenal, Chelsea, RM, Man Ure, Juve, Inter and AC have all been in for him. And none of those clubs are prepared to pay over the odds for him and that was shown by Barca offering 12m in the summer (His true value). I just feel that this story is probably more propaganda from Zenit to try and squeeze Arsenal for more dough. i hope we stick to our guns, he is not worth anymore than 12m

  61. JonJon

    if they transfer listed villa because off their finances we still wouldnt get him

    barca, madrid citeh will all outbid us, hes not even worth thinking about

  62. bergkamp

    give me 2 reasons why david silva would join arsenal,if man united or liverpool or chelsea came in for him,think of the wages at chelsea,the trophies at man united,or a spanish coach who he knows well at liverpool

  63. bergkamp

    pat wenger isnt the average man,if he was he would have walked away before,we all wanted him to stay,he stayed

  64. JonJon

    wengers more than average,

    name another manager in the world who could do what hes done and still made the club a profit on transfers???

  65. indian_gooner

    yeah the chopping and changing bit of late has been odd and un-arsenal like something is definitely up! time will tell i guess.

  66. patthegooner

    I think they already are Pat,

    The real attendance was well below the officially stated one in both of our last games. Ok the tickets may have been purchased but it does mean that 10,000 are not spending any money at the ground and more concerning is that those 10,000 wont be buying the tickets in the 1st place next time.

    Bergkamp I do agree with you on the sudden departures of Board Members. Something definately is not right but Arsenal is like Mossad, you just dont get to find out why. I personally fall more and more into the wanting a takeover every day.

  67. JonJon

    depends what type of takeover,

    anybody who wants the club will plough us into debt just to get it and we wont be any better off than what we are, we’ll just be another club in debt

  68. patthegooner

    David Villa actually seems to be running out of clubs to go to. I am in no doubt that Valencia are doing a Zenit at the moment, but

    Real have snapped up Huntelaar and are supposedly after Tevez and Barca are already full of Strikers and are now confident of snapping up Aguero.

    Given the board statements of the last few days, I have resigned to the fact that we wont get him but if we did have the investment and ambition to get a bid accepted, I think both Silva and Villa would come to Arsenal.

  69. bergkamp

    quite a few board members opposed the stadium,they saw this happening, i feel they had to go the stadium route for the long term future BUT were not asking for 30 million pund footballers every year,but its been 5 years now and we need a couple players more than ever,the board need to step up and deliver or order wenger to get real and drop his idea of not spending if its available which i doubt

  70. Pat

    I know that ROman isn’t at Chelsea for the money. He actually loves football and loves spending money on football. He owns 2 teams in Russia I think. He didn’t buy Chelsea to make a profit.

  71. bergkamp

    i think we have to choose,wenger or the board,im no AKB,im down with wenger though, the board are sly rats,even tried ban the sombrero throwing today via their orange coat pricks

  72. patthegooner

    Of Course JonJon

    I am not talking about a Mike Ashley or even a Kroenke for that matter,

    I am thinking more of the super rich in the Middle East.

    I still think we are an attractive club for someone to buy, the foundations are already in place, we have the Stadium, the Training Ground, the Youth Academy and a fucking huge world wide fan base.

    I reckon if Abramovich was to do it all again, he would buy Arsenal. I am sure he saw it all panning out differently. Fuck there is not point them even building a super stadium, they cant even sell out against us and even then Arsenal fans were all over the ground..

  73. bergkamp

    chelsea are in debt,but it depends on bank abramovich,he gives money away or he loans it out?? your choice,but he can stop when he wants and they wont be able to cover the bills

  74. bergkamp

    abramovich enquired about arsenal and spurs before he bought chelsea,i think he thought the arsenal was too risky,but we pissed him off big time by winning the league after buyin a £1.5 mill keeper compared to his 100mill on players

  75. JonJon

    DD oppossed the stadium he wanted us to share wembley and went the sly route to get his own way and almost sold us down the river

    if wenger would of put 10mil into the team every year we wouldnt be in the situation we are now

    wenger doesnt need to spend 30mil every year, hes proved that already, but the team does need investment if the board want to justify the ticket prices they keep charging people.

    its all about pleasing the crowd, gordan ramsey probably charges the highest prices in his restauraunt, but he doesnt have burger king chefs or plastic plates

    value for money

  76. bergkamp

    the super rich dont live forever,this is the thing,they dissapear ,and like buyin clubs that dont own their own pitch like chelsea or stadium like man city

  77. patthegooner

    I think that is the difference between us and them Bergkamp

    If an Abramovich left us, i think we would still hold enough World Wide appeal to attract someone else.

    Once he leaves Chavski, I honestly fear for them. It is a weird one as despite the World Class names and bought history and honours, their fan base does not seem to be increasing apart from in the asian markets who are that fickle that they change their allegiance dependant on who is doing well. And I mean no offence there, i know there are die hard fans out there, but I lived out there for a few years and saw colleagues chaging teams mid-season.

  78. bergkamp

    these rich men are often just front men for syndiactes too,how did a little bitch orphan like abramovich get this cash,he cant even read

  79. patthegooner

    But what the other options, sure they dont live forever but if you are a super club which we are capable of being then you will attract new owners.

  80. bergkamp

    pat its a phase,theres no appeal no more ,look at abram,he will move on,he did the same thing with a hockey team until another team goot richer,he only goes where no one can stand even with him

  81. JonJon

    chelsea and citeh are sorted short term, they have put themselves into the position of being wiped out in 10-20 years probably less

    we’ll still be here standing strong buying star names with our own money

  82. bergkamp

    pat,their business men,they like playing roulette with big toys,the super rich arent as rich as they were this time last year,rom went from 22bill to 3 bill in a few months,and big bad man city are so ambitious they bid 8mill for the world best defender coco toure

  83. JonJon

    abramovich got his money when the USSR disbanded

    all the states were lawless run by criminals and roman kidnapped an oil baran and made him sign over the deeds

    gansters paradise

    same as usmanov

  84. Stu

    Im baaaaack!!

    Just saw on Newsnow that there is conflict between the board and Wenger over Arshavin. The board are making Wenger look bad by not giving him monies!

  85. patthegooner

    No you are right they dont just give it away.

    But likewise I dont think Abramovich would ever expect his money back. It is like buying a car or a boat for him. and in the arabs case, jesus they spend more on their houses than our club would cost to buy.

    Chelsea and Man City’s problem would be paying the wages as I think they would struggle to get a buyer. It would not surprise me if both clubs end up being sold for a £1

    I dont think we would struggle to get a buyer.

  86. bergkamp

    thats why abram is camped here,he flies in an out of russia and lands in the sticks,never at an airport,he never docks his boat there,and keeps a 1 man submarine close lol

  87. JonJon

    the board have made wenger look bad for the past 4 years

    it just doesnt help matters when wenger still thinks he can do it without money and wont stand up to them

  88. bergkamp

    pat he might not expect it back,but the chelsea fans are smart by refusin to sell the pitch back,even if he can make grass grow instead of a bog pitch,he might just build a hotel

  89. patthegooner

    I wonder how much of the Man City situation is down to the fact that Hughes wont be there next Summer. I think they have already written this year off and have someone lined up to take over next summer and then they will get the golden cheque book. I think at the moment they are just ensuring that they stay above the dog fight.

  90. JonJon

    roman has his own private army and has a jet more fortifed than air force one.

    the mans got a price on his head he walks around with a bullet proof vest on

  91. bergkamp

    they would have lined that man up now an would be making signings already. like we did when pat rice was first team manager and had to figure out a way of communicating with vieira & remi garde

  92. patthegooner

    Hi Stu, just been talking about it.

    Different opinions as ever on Le Grove which is why I love it.

    Personally think it is more Zenit games and Daily Mail anti-Arsenal bias

  93. Stu

    Why are ye discussing Abramovic? We wont ever hae anyone like him. Even when the board sell to Usmanov he wont pump money in. He will just put us in debt and look to sell and get a profit.

  94. bergkamp

    he sends two decoy rolls royce phantoms to chelsea games and has even had a man track him down an chase him through harrods to give him a summons

  95. JonJon

    it dont matter who mancity buy or whos in charge, it will take them years to catch up to us and by that time we’ll be even further ahead

    im not worried about them 1 bit

    they spent 90mil in summer and are floating above relegation

  96. patthegooner

    Discussing the merits and pitfuls of a suger daddy Bergkamp and how pear shaped it gets for certain clubs when they walk away.

  97. bergkamp

    its like leeds,they backed their loans against future ticket sales,poor old rio eh,they practically offered him a free transfer as long as he left quietly and cancelled his contract but he said no,so the money manure paid for rio practically went into his pocket to pay his contract off

  98. Stu

    But with a better manager than Hughes they could pose a real threat, especially the way we are going at the moment.

    Chelsea brought in Mourinho and won the tite in his 1st season, or was it second? They will spend way more that the chavs ever did and could surpass us. Chelsea were a nothing club(basically) and now they are oly 1 win behind us in terms of Prem title.

  99. bergkamp

    dont get me wrong,a sugar daddy is great while it lasts,but theres no guarantee how it could end,chelsea could dissapear,then all them fans who didnt support them before can go back to doin normal things on saturday like man utd on the radio,the real chelsea fans aint as happy as tv portrays,a few of them have even left the circus

  100. Stu

    Surely if Hughes is to be sacked before the end of this season they will do it during te window so the manager can buy at least 1 or 2 of his own type players.

    They were wrong to get rid of Sven in the first place.

  101. patthegooner

    I love the Leeds story about Seth Johnson

    The one about him and his agent going in and asking for 30k a week and compromise at around 25k and then they offered him 50k

    Not sure how true that was but it would not surprise me.

    The Leeds gamble was hilarious, Everyone if football saw it was never going to work. And look at them now, still recovering. That Ridsdale fuck up will cost that club more than 20 years of history, he killed them.

  102. JonJon

    we dont need a takeover, we need the property to finish and certain members of the board to fuck off so we can loosen the purse strings

    when the flats are done we’ll be making 50mil profit a year easy.

    wenger beleives you dont spend more than you earn but when your earning 50mil you got alot to play with

    wait til next year, we’ll start seeing results

    the stadium wasnt a short term plan, it was meant to help us compete in the long term, we are almost there.

  103. bergkamp

    i agree hughes wont be there,but money doesnt guarantee anything without a quality coach,i dunno if the stars will line up for city as much as chelsea,theres a lot of sad stories coming out of chelsea lately

  104. patthegooner

    Not sure Stu, maybe they do have someone lined up and that person has told them they will not leave their club until the Summer, so maybe unless it gets really bad then they will treat Hughes as a Caretaker manager until that time.