Plymouth may rock but Arsenal will roll. (Them over)

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So the FA Cup begins and we welcome Plymouth Argyle to the Home of Football today.

I don’t know too much about them other than they have a defence that is worse than ours, so given the talent we have in our youth we should hammer them for sure.

He said he would field a strong side, funny that, we don’t have many left to choose from, I expect it will be similar to the side he put out against Wigan in the worthless cup, plus a couple of grown ups.

Maybe we’ll all get to see Bitchslap today and see what all the fuss was about.

Wenger made this comment yesterday,

‘What I do know is that I have worked harder than ever, tried to be intelligent and was more committed than ever’

Losing Flamini and Gilberto and replacing them with Bischoff who hasn’t made a first team appearance so far this season wouldn’t appear to back that up, but I will reserve my judgement until the end of the month, I still think he’ll sign Arshavin as he is the only player he hasn’t said he not after.

Still onto today, I was going to write about Real Madrid, but I will save that for Monday, I felt today we needed to once again get behind the team and send out the rallying call, I feel we need a big score and I believe the only Arsenal team capable of doing that are the kids, I would suspect he may play Bendtner up front with Vela and have Ramsey in midfield with Jackie boy, I hope we’ll see Coquelin, because he’s already better than Song, but that’s not hard is it?

Seriously this kid will be a star, so I hope he plays today. At least I hope we get back to playing decent football so I can say the journey was worth it, because recently it hasn’t been.

So I’m going for 5 nil, with the kids to impress, but this time Arsene I would like to see you send out a team that you would send out in the Premier league, not one you would try in the Carling cup, let’s see what they have and if they haven’t you’ll know what you need to do in the window.

Have a great day Grovers Arsenal go, Plymouth Ho (ho)

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  1. rico01

    Morning all…

    Heard AW say yesterday that the side will be mostly first team, apart from Almunia. He said it will be a EPL side he sends out… FG for that


  2. arsenalised

    Geoff:i do not know wat tha hell you and pedro did to this other shit blogs but le grove was under attack yesterday from the upforgrabs blog wrighty7 also had irishgoon commenting like a retard about grovers bt wrighty defended le grove

  3. arsenalised

    Wengers comments last week about AC milan not dying for not qualifying for CL got me thinking,doesnt that sound like someone who is preparing for a crash landing

  4. Geoff

    Arsnealised, thanks for the heads up, these blog stalkers as I call them act like recruiting offices for us, when the sad bastards attack, both of their bloggers come and look and then stay on.

    I starve them of oxygen as they’re unimportant, what we do here is give you the real fan a voice.

    It’s thanks to people like you and Wrighty we have a good following, keep it up!

  5. Maximus


    Dead right.

    He is preparing fans for the worst. It’s his GET OUT OF JAIL CARD.

    The Doctor of Spin strikes again!

  6. kelsey

    Morning geoff,
    can you kindly put this highbury development issue to there a stranglehold on the finances or not which affects our transfer buying policy,because fizzman and phw are quoted as saying the complete opposite.
    my take on it is arsenal is now first and foremost a business and what happens on the pitch is irrelevant at the moment.

    on todays game i bet we see a weakened team more of a c.c. team regardless of what wenger says,and lets hope we bang in a few goals but my head tells me otherwise.i go for a win,but not a convincing one.

  7. Geoff

    Kelsey there are no limitations on spending, simple as that, we have more than anyone.

    Wenger will not buy unless he absolutely has to, I still think he’ll buy Arshavin on the cheap, but that will be it.

    He’ll see out his experiment, it’s not the club, it’s him.

  8. Steve

    Good post Geoff. I’m breaking the habit of a lifetime by posting from home this morning. Ihave 1 spare ticket today sitting with me on the h/w line opposite the tunnel. Face value(45 quid). Geoff, i’m sure you have my mobile number but i’ll send to you again. I’ll be off to the match about 12.


  9. Geoff

    Morning Steve, because you posted from home you went into moderation but you’re out now, I’ll let Pedro know and we’ll see what we can do.

    See you up there mate.

  10. finestcuts

    I’m pretty sure Wenger will send out a side strong enough to beat Plymouth although I don’t feel it will be a high scoring encounter.
    We’re still in for Arshavin and it’s a matter of a transfer fee, but why would Zenit St. Petersburg allow their star player to leave at a discounted price? Gazprom are one of the richest and most powerful corporations in the world, they supply most of Europe with gas, and to them 20 million is around 100 times less than it is to us (proportionally) so it’s really down to them and they know 20 million is too expensive for Arsenal.

    We’ll probably get a player, maybe two to bolster the first team. Wenger talks of wanting to use players already in the team instead of using the transfer market meaning that Ramsey and Diaby will get more starts. Wenger talks about the impending global financial crisis and I think he’s holding out for when prices drastically drop.

    With the pound as it is, buying power across the entire Premier League clubs has reduced so we’re not the only ones in the boat, Abramovich is no longer prepared to waste 100 million a year on the chavs and the global situation will dictate how prudent or extravagant Arsenal can be in the next few years. A risk averse market favours Arsenal since income is stable unlike many clubs all over Europe, and those with unstable incomes will be forced to sell their best players to survive financially.

  11. kingsley

    “First of all you have to find the player, identify him, convince him to come here and at the moment that is not easy. We have located a few though.”

    maybe more than just arshavin after all. source

  12. Lewyd24

    Ok so that 5pm South Afreican time. Thanks Geoff. Im going to catch the game on Arsenal TV. Its not being broadcast on any of our TV channels.

  13. AR

    Hey Harry, im quite suprised there are no FA Cup games being televised in OZ.

    I need a link too, im not stayin up for nothing.

  14. Swedish Gun

    I think we will se Eduardo in the reserves monday

    And Wengers team will prob be:

    Sagna Gallas Silvestre Clichy
    Eboue Ramsey Diaby Nasri
    V Persie Adebayor

    Wenger will play Eboue for the “balance”…..sigh…….I’d rather see Wilshire on the right or Nasri right and Vela left
    Hope the two will feature at least
    4-0 Ade and VP 2 each

  15. Geoff

    2 reasons Finest, Gazprom are tied up with Usmanov I think and Zenit won’t don’t any better in this climate, so I think they’ll cut their losses on an unhappy player.

  16. rico01

    Didnt Michael P say we were definately getting three players in Jan, following the emergency board meeting – or maybe that meeting was only ever about hoofing out Lady N ?

  17. harry_gunner

    AR…..most of the sites i have checked out are showing the game delayed……fuckin everton away game is being shown live!!!!

  18. Steve

    Cheers Geoff. I’ll pop past the S+B for a Peroni or 5 anyway so see you there mate. I have kid duty for an hour or 2 now before setting off to the game so I won’t be back on. Have sent my mobile number to you just in case.

    C’mon you Gunners!!!!!!!!!

  19. SkandiBird

    Morning Geoff, looking forward to to-days game (not the freezing cold and wind around the Orange Quadrant though); hoping for for a bit of entertainment with a few goals thrown in. I do hope Vela is playing, I rate the boy a lot and Ramsey; my favorite players at the moment (please note ”at the moment”) – maybe Arsene will play them both more in 2009? If I see Song warm up with one sock inside his joggers and one on the outside I shall scream; what does he think he is??? What, ‘street cred’ DON’T THINKS SO….. (sorry, but he gets on my nerves, he should go back out on loan to where he belongs – Charlton level).

  20. Pedro

    Morning Grovers!

    Steve, I don’t have anyone for the spare yet… but if anyone drops an e-mail, I’ll pass them your number.

    A, I’m starting to think Simpson did something horrible to you once… did you go to school with him? You really hate him!

    I think we’ll smash Plymouth 1-0 today… does anyone know what the squad is yet?

  21. kenny smith

    geoff ive been saying for ages that coquelin will be a star. he better play! he can play DCM, CM, RB or RW. id like to see him play RW cause we all know that wenger will play randall in the DM

  22. A

    Ha nah i don’t hate him pedro, just following on from the chat the day before yesterday where the article claimed he could contribute to our passing football and when i challenged it i was told to get my facts straight about his time in league 1! I just hate how incredibly over the top fans have got about him because he had the game of his life in one league cup game, and that’s even earnt him a move to another prem team! I just feel so sorry for west brom, like them as a club and hoped we’d loan them vela. Pinning their hopes of staying up on jay simpson has killed any chance they had imo! I just want arsenal fans who don’t watch him in the reserves and such like to get a more objective view about his relative talents!

    I think it’ll be 4 or 5 pedro, ramsey will score, as will vela on as a sub

  23. A

    that could be a shout actually kenny, maybe randall could play dm. He did just mention ramsey and fab as fa cup players, but we don’t have a fit first team dm with denilson and song out!

  24. London

    I think we will get Ashavin. Zenit will let him go is because at 27 he is coming close to his last opportunity to play for a big club; if they stopped him they would be crushing a vital motivating factor amongst their younger players.

    Gazprom, being the principle gas supplier of Europe, are, let’s say, Man U; where as, Usmanov, being a metal trader, is the equivalent of Yeovil Town. Both have had the value of their assets decimated last year as the Russian stock market fell 75%.

  25. patthegooner

    I think we will win comfortably today

    I havent a clue who Wenger will pick so wont bet on the line up but you can bet that Song will be in there somewhere. Maybe he will have an average game being that he will be playing against an opposition at his level.

  26. A

    i thought so pat? Thought wenger said when song injured himself he was out for a few weeks? If not then of course he’ll play alongside ramsey be his minder as such. I did notice that wenger didn’t mention him yesterday or thursday when talking about injuries so maybe he is back

  27. London


    I found myself in the very uncomfortable position of agreeing with you over Simpson but as you are actually taking seriously the idea of Randall being able to play DM, balance has been restored.

  28. patthegooner

    I noticed he did not mention him as well, although I hope that he is going to silently let him dissapear never to be seen again.

  29. A

    ha it’s just because he played there for the reserves especially and was the more defensive midfielder in the league cup with ramsey. Not saying I want randall there, i think he’s a complete nobhead! Just someone who could play there, as I thought song was out alongside denilson and diaby would be a nightmare trying to play defensive central mid!

  30. Pedro

    I rate Randall… I think he could be a really good player if he cut out the tricks and flicks and worked on doing the basics well.

    London, I agree with you on Arshavin. They wont want to let him go… but they’ll want their asset to maintain his value and if they let this roll into the summer… they might struggle to get any takers.

    Song is injured? Interesting! You don’t think he’ll put Eboue there?

  31. patthegooner

    I would rather see Coquelin at CM than Randall.

    Not convinced by Randall yet. Nor Simpson for that matter and that is why I am pleased his is on loan in the Premiership, We will know pretty soon if has the skills required to make it at Arsenal.

  32. patthegooner

    Arshavin should not be bought for anything more than 12m.

    He is cup tied for the CL for fuck sake, he is 27so will have no resale value, he could fuck us over in the summer on the Webster clause, and he is unproven anywhere outside of Russia.

  33. A

    It’s a possibility pedro, he played there in pre season for a game or two and actually did very well! I doubt it’ll happen in a serious game though!

    Yeah randall certainly has some talent, his attitude to me seems very questionable though, he’s just a complete dick, bentley mark 2, maybe even more exagerated than bentley! He has all of bentley’s posing and poncing around whilst also lashing out at people. The more i’ve seen him in the reserves this season the more i don’t think he’ll make it though, he doesn’t seem to really be progressing, and becomes more of a dick everyday!

  34. A

    Do people really want arshavin? I’m still unsure about whether he’d be a good buy for us, just so much of a risk

  35. kelsey

    Manchester City boss Mark Hughes made a new £8million bid for Arsenal’s unhappy star Kolo Toure last night as he led the way in the transfer window.

    Hughes hopes to close the deal for the Ivory Coast centre-half over the weekend as the Gunners realise he is unsettled and keen to join the City revolution.

    Toure also knows that City have at least two other alternative targets – West Ham’s Matthew Upson and Everton’s Joleon Lescott – if he does not make this deal happen quickly and that has added to the urgency.

    Hughes has been increasing his offers for Toure over the past few days after deciding that the Hammers had over-valued injury-prone Upson at £10m.

    do you believe it,i do,that’s why he isn’t playing today

  36. patthegooner

    Think it is just paper talk but if it is true, they should be at least matching the 12m they are paying Chavski for Bridge.

  37. patthegooner

    Fuck Richards,

    I would swap him for Ireland. oh and given the choice between Ireland and Arshavin, I would take Ireland.

  38. patthegooner

    Not sure if it is the coaching Richards is getting, but everytime I have seen him this year he has made a clanger. And we criticise Senderos for similar.

  39. Pedro

    A… He is less of a risk than going the rest of the season with the current squad. He is top quality in Russia and he was top quality in the Euro’s… he has something special about his play. If Arsene went for him, I’d trust that he has done enough research on him to know whether he is good enough.

    I’d like to see Arteta purely because of his versatility in midfield… he makes more sense than Arshavin… although the Russian can also play in multiple positions.

  40. Pedro

    No, Geoff wrote it… I will be writing tomorrows piece… rumour has it I might win an award for it… that’s how great it will be.

  41. Jules


    I can imagine Nzogbia is the sought of player Arsene will get too .
    Probably for about 3 mill .

    I would take Arshavin . In fact at the moment , any reasonable signing would be a bonus just to give us a lift !

  42. Gunner8

    I wouldn’t mind an adventurous side


    With Nik and RVP off the bench

  43. Zorr0

    Thought Song was suspended after 5th yellow at Villa? But injured too, so all good there. Surely he needs to give a couple of them a rest mentally as much as physically, so they can get ready to kick on for our unbeaten march to the treble!

    Eboue at RB, CBs JD and Billy with Gail Force at LB. Fab in goal for the FA cup all season says AW. Up front, give CV and either ADe or Pinky. Midfield is the interesting one though. CM should be Diaby and Eboue if he plays Sagna. Wide left will be Nasri and right will be Eboue, if he plays Sagna and Ransey in the middle, lol, well that’s clear as mud then!

    Bet it will be freezing again today like Pompey was, never mind, get a few beers down me at Che Guevara’s to keep the cold out!

    Interesting quote from AW yesterday on, he said “I accepted when we built the new stadium to stay to commit my long-term future to the Club under restrictions.” Under restrictions? WTF does that mean? He knew he would have jack to spend and would have to play the kindergarten boys???

  44. Zorr0

    Geoff, I just checked the FA website for suspensions and it only started on 2nd Jan, so it is for today’s game. He is injured anyway, thankfully!

  45. Gunnershabz

    2 players have come out and said they want to play for arsenal

    alex witsel of liege, looks like a good player

    charles n’zogbia of newcastle, i dont care what people say am sure them two would improve our team big time

  46. Gunnershabz


    i think witsel is a younger player and would be more appealing to wenger, but arshavin is class though but wenger has moaned about his consistency and he has players like diaby and song

  47. patthegooner

    My worry with Arshavin is that if he has a great season then he would fuck off to Spain.

    Witsel is young but is a confessed Arsenal fan, and probably more likely to stick around.

  48. rookie

    It is “Axel witsel” not Alex witsel… and we have too many youngsters already so would like to see an experienced midfielder..and his price tag is also very high…18-19 million…As far as Nzongbia is concerned we have three players ho can play on that position(left back,left wing) so not really happening…

  49. Mandanda

    I think Paul Scharner would be a decent signing for us. I think he is, arguably, the best player outside the top four teams…he can play a CB, CM or DM.

  50. patthegooner

    Thats why I threw up the Witsel Vs Arshavin

    One has experience, but could turn out to be a problem in the dressing room

    One is an Arsenal fan, yet inexperienced, but looks very promissing

    They are reported to be available for the same price.

  51. Big Raddy


    We need a Star, not another unproven kid. But why not both of them ?

    And a couple more at the same time.

  52. rookie

    but Pat we need Arshavin more…due to problems with our width…Axel is a young player and we know how much time it takes for a youngster to take that role (DM) properly.. and we have many talented youngsters in that position..i would rather stick with Denilson or promote it is practically a no go…

    We also have Randall,Lansbury,merida,Ramsey all waiting for a chance in the center all of them 17 to 19 years old..

  53. patthegooner

    Hey I am with you BR, I know it is the experience we really need, but wanted to see what people thought.

  54. Rasputin

    It’s a shame we don’t have a time machine because a midfield of Nasri/Vela, Merida, Cesc and LJ/Theo with Coquelin sitting in front of the back 4 will be amazing in 2 years time. I think Coquelin and Merida are already better players than Song and Eboue, they just need the experience now.

  55. Seb


    good shout for Coquelin Geoff, I only saw him in one pre-season friendly and he blew me away instantly. He was spiky, pacey, aware and combative. Everything our current DM is not. Grow up fast please sunshine!

  56. patthegooner

    I would like to see Coquelin,

    I am still not convinced Denilson will be a top draw player. He shows glimpses but given the run he has had, I would like to have seen more improvement.

    Again, I know we need experience, but I am trying to think Wengerlike and I just wonder if Witsel’s abililty to play DM, and on both wings (Which he seems to like doing with Diaby, Eboue and Denilson) might be attractive to him.

    We do lack experience, but I dont think that Youth alone is the problem. The problem is that some of that Youth is not good enough and it is doubtful whether it ever will be.

    I like Arshavin, but I really really worry that if he is the missing link, and he plays a stormer, he will be a pain in the arse a year down the line. I could see him doing a Hleb. I want to by the Experienced Class but we need to get the personality right and I think we already have enough trouble makers and egos.

  57. Seb

    Rasputin, those midfielders would be amazing now, if there was someone at the club they could learn from. Cesc is probably our most experienced midfielder now, and I doubt he’s going around offering words of wisdom to the others – he is too young and too self-conscious.

    Rosicky could probably offer some tips on how to avoid bedsores I suppose.

  58. Big Raddy


    We only need a player to get us through to when the kids reach maturity. If we get 3 years out of Arshavin (or anyone), it should be enough

  59. Rasputin


    I agree. The trouble is that our not so young youngsters (Bendtner, song etc) are not as good as the real youngsters (Coquelin, Merida, LJ, Ramsey) but Wenger will not promote the better players. Contrary to some, I think it would be healthy if we sold some of the never-going-to-be-good enoughs as it would force Wenger to bring in the better players further down the line. People keep telling me that X or Y aren’t ready, but if they’re better than what we currently have, why not give them a chance?

  60. rookie

    yeah it’s friggin cold….i hate it..why it can’t be spring all year…mild cold and bright sun.. 🙂 😛

  61. patthegooner

    Completely agree BR, especially when it followed Diarra and Flamini as well. I can only think Arsene had a replacement in mind and could not secure him.

  62. Big Raddy

    Once again poor business planning Pat.

    We have made so many glaring errors over the past 3 years. You would think that AW would have secured a replacement prior to selling GS. Or does he really have so much faith in Song ??

  63. Seb

    Immediately after winning the title in 2004, the dismantling of the squad began, and continued until just about every last one of our experienced players had been sold. Terrible planning if you want to nurture great young players, to ditch all their role models. Teenagers don’t thrive on responsibility, subconsciously they crave direction from seniors, they need the security of people around them who know the job and who can be relied on when things go pear-shaped.

    Like him or hate him, at least Sylvestre, along with Gallas, gives the defence some maturity and experience, that the younger players can draw on. The strikers are coming into their peak, and let’s be fair are quality – Eduardo RvP and Ade are all on their day world-beaters. It’s in midfield where we are weak, in age and experience, and that’s where we need signings more than anywhere else.

    Gil, Bobby, Freddie, Paddy, Edu, Ray – they could have passed so much on. But then would they have been happy to stay on and accept reduced playing time… probably not. Bloody shame though, we lost a whole generation of legends in about 2 years.

  64. Rich from the North Bank

    Hey has anyone found a ‘stream’ on Sopcast today???
    Was hoping to watch the game from the comfort of a hungover couch ; )

    Oh and will we see Eduardo???

    Would love it if Vela starts

    COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. kelsey

    seb,raddy and pat,

    all good points and good could also add to that lehmann for another year,as almunia has no real competition at the moment and it would have kept him on his toes.fabianski is so young,in keeper terms and though some rave about him i am not convinced yet.i dont like his fisting the ball away so much,but he did make a remarkable save a few weeks ago,cant remember the game though.

  66. Stu

    Really slow day today huh!

    I have been given the privalege(sp) of minding my sisters new pup. Its a white, 6 week old Alasation(sp) bitch.

    She is like a…….tiny polar bear. I dont cae how girly this makes me sound but its as cute as a ….a….button! (even tho I dont get that saying)

    But its crying for no reason and i couldnt fugure out why, until it pisses on the floor…twice. Thats annoying because my sisters last words before she left her here were “i swear, she doesnt piss inside. Dont worry!”

    So onto todays encounter- i hope it will be a thumbing because we are against “weaker” opposition. But when has that counted for anything this season? I just want us to win firstly. I wouldnt be suprised if they got a draw and replay because of how our season has been so far. We are home and that will make it easier for any kids that play.

    My choice:

    Sagna – JD – Gallas – Clichy
    Wilshere – Coquelin – Merida/Ramsey – Nasri
    Vela – Bendtner.

    I just dont want to see Ade missing more open goals and Van Persie messing about. But both will probably play with Eboue and Diaby too. Hhhhhh!!

  67. kelsey

    apparently wilshere ramsey and randall are playing according to sky sports,nice to hear but not what wenger said yesterday about putting his first team out.we will see.

  68. Stu

    Kelsey, are you thinking of the save from Zaki in the CC. Almunia could only dream of making such a save.

    Is the match on any tv channel or do I HAVE to find a link?

  69. kelsey

    i think its only on a stream.the weather has already abandoned several matches with frozen pitches at the lower league grounds.
    that’s it the save from zaki,stu.

  70. kelsey


    it’s common practice,having 5 dogs been there.when she comes back even if its in a few months time she will recognise the smell.

  71. RasDef

    Hi there people,
    So here we are, the first game of the year, fuck yeah!!
    stu- Nice analogy about the puppy, are you trying to say that the kids should piss on the pitch.. 😉
    Otherwise anything new?

  72. Stu

    RasDef, not what I was going for but pissing on the pitch might put the oppo off. Maybe some of the kids will accidentaly forget their nappies! 😀

    Kelsey, i know most dogs do it but she pissed next to the door while I wsnt looking so she probably did want to go out. I didnt have the heart to slap her becase shes so small.

  73. patthegooner

    I cant believe I am about to watch Arsenal Vs Plymouth with Russian Commentary…..

    Link is good though through Sopcast, they have Basketball on at the moment and picture is pretty good for internet tv

  74. Stu

    Ok Kelsey, you know so much about dogs. Im seeking an answer. This happens with my boxer still and Holly(the bitch) is twitching in her sleep. It freaked me out when I first saw it with my own dog. Why do they twitch?

  75. RasDef

    Is AFC rich or poor today?? The comments keep changing…
    patTG- can you pass along the link cause i’m gonna need it… Cheers!

  76. Stu

    I went into the link you posted Pat but cant actually find the match. All that comes up when I click on one of the links is a monkey holding a camera, the JTV logo.

  77. patthegooner

    Have you got Sopcast installed Stu?

    I am on the top link on Live TV (RU)

    If you dont have the software or dont want to install it, I am sure someone will come up with JustinTV link pretty soon

  78. JonJon

    we have money rasdef, but its too risky to spend it according to wenger, the board are trying to justify why we dont spend and they are aking themselves look foolish, PHW needs to shut up and take a back seat cos i dont beleive hes running the show anymore anyway.

    wenger got a masters in economics and he truly beleives football is going to be hit hard by le crunch, he wont spend big and he’ll balance the books somewhere along the line, unless he uses the fees got from bentley and diarra, in that case we are looking at a 10mil signing.