Plymouth may rock but Arsenal will roll. (Them over)

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So the FA Cup begins and we welcome Plymouth Argyle to the Home of Football today.

I don’t know too much about them other than they have a defence that is worse than ours, so given the talent we have in our youth we should hammer them for sure.

He said he would field a strong side, funny that, we don’t have many left to choose from, I expect it will be similar to the side he put out against Wigan in the worthless cup, plus a couple of grown ups.

Maybe we’ll all get to see Bitchslap today and see what all the fuss was about.

Wenger made this comment yesterday,

‘What I do know is that I have worked harder than ever, tried to be intelligent and was more committed than ever’

Losing Flamini and Gilberto and replacing them with Bischoff who hasn’t made a first team appearance so far this season wouldn’t appear to back that up, but I will reserve my judgement until the end of the month, I still think he’ll sign Arshavin as he is the only player he hasn’t said he not after.

Still onto today, I was going to write about Real Madrid, but I will save that for Monday, I felt today we needed to once again get behind the team and send out the rallying call, I feel we need a big score and I believe the only Arsenal team capable of doing that are the kids, I would suspect he may play Bendtner up front with Vela and have Ramsey in midfield with Jackie boy, I hope we’ll see Coquelin, because he’s already better than Song, but that’s not hard is it?

Seriously this kid will be a star, so I hope he plays today. At least I hope we get back to playing decent football so I can say the journey was worth it, because recently it hasn’t been.

So I’m going for 5 nil, with the kids to impress, but this time Arsene I would like to see you send out a team that you would send out in the Premier league, not one you would try in the Carling cup, let’s see what they have and if they haven’t you’ll know what you need to do in the window.

Have a great day Grovers Arsenal go, Plymouth Ho (ho)

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  1. gnarleygeorge9

    Well my fellow grovers, I am glad to report that Summer is finally arrived here in Launceston. Its a stinker, & the pool is mecca.

    Which takes me back to when i was a mid teenager to the good old summers before climate change, etc. back in the ’70’s. Ahhhh yes the old Big M adds might give those who don’t understand the Australian Summer culture an insight into why we just love our humble continent 🙂

    ….mind you I’m off for a beer now, See you @ the post.

  2. bergkamp

    its a real sad day if the club refuse to spend,we wont have a que of managers wanting the job when wenger goes if it continues like this

  3. bergkamp

    2 BBK,an i tell u what,if it wasnt so hard to get tickets for the big games i dont think id have renewed it this season,actually yeah i would of cause they fooled me with their big fast powerful defender talk

  4. bergkamp

    it would suprise me if arsenal try fool us by changing kolo toures name and making him get a dreadlock weave before the end of jan


    the cunts tricked everyone i had to give mine up this season too much doe thank fuck i found someone to loan it out to for a year

  6. bergkamp

    skibba will probably not get a game even though he is better than bendtner, maybe they should try bid for players on ebay,see if they can a cheap deal

  7. gnarleygeorge9

    Actually bergie there have been a few deaths caused by sharks lately in Oz. The surf lifesavers chased one the size of a bloody whale out to see over in Perth last week.

    The white pointers eat the crocs, & the crocs eat the smaller sharks. Interesting the food chain when you think about it hey.

    As for the cricket BBK, I think we can be classed as team building 🙁

    …….Hey Darl could you stick another beer in the freezer, this one is almost finished 🙂 I like my beer ice cold when the top comes off.

  8. bergkamp

    i saw some footage on tv the other day gnarley,the guys on them pedal things being checked out by a great white an it came right by the fishing boat, but dont worry,only 10 people a year are killed by sharks, 25 people a year are killed by falling coconuts

  9. gnarleygeorge9

    bergie who is joe mangol 😉 I remember a Mrs Mangle off Neighbours about 15 years ago but I must say I’ve not watched it since…well…15 years ago.

  10. gnarleygeorge9

    I bet Wenger well huff & puff like pre season & do nothing with signings. And I find it a bit deflating.

  11. bergkamp

    nah gnarley,its wenger v the board now,the board wont free up no cash,the credit crunch is exclusive to arsenal,same as summer i reckon as well

  12. gnarleygeorge9


    maybe in another 10-15 years, but don’t tell rico or Big raddy I said that. I got to keep up appearances that all is going along smoothly for the up and coming series, when in reality, our bowling attack is crap.

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    do you reckon its The Board? Its sounding like PHW’s head has the contents of a coconut if he reckons The Club a skint.


    the cunts on tha board are fucking us up,failing to give wenger proper funds is seriously damaging the chance of finishing in the top 4

  15. Stu

    We are not skint. Its just not possible.

    imo every penny the club makes is going into paying off any bit of debt. The quicker the debt goes away the sooner thcuts on the board can sell their shares and get a fortune for it. Thats all!

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    I watched it till we were bowled out, now Doug “advanced hair” Bollinger is on debut I stopped. He is no 200 wicket a career test cricketer IMO. Hilfenhaus show be in. He can swing it, but NSW always get their way.

  17. gnarleygeorge9

    It would appear that way stu, & its great that The Bear & Mexican politician give it to them; exposing the crap that they try to feed the fans.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    I hope we retain them so I won’t let my head control my heart in this one. But England appear more settled & are @ home so, can I just leave it @ that 🙁

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    Anyway fellas, good chat, Le Grove is that big now you can jump on here & talk to Gooners 24 Hours if you want. See you @ the next post. Regards GG9

  20. bergkamp

    stu,the club needs to make money as well,by neglecting the team you think they are not losin future revenue?? u think liittle kids are gona follow their dads to arsenal when its shyt?? the stadium doesnt guarantee the future of the club without a fanbase which includes a new generation

  21. bergkamp

    if a hundred babies are born a day 50 of them go straight to man utd,15 to liverpool lol, arsenal maybe get 1 if were lucky,the rest go off to their locals,we need to become a more modern outfit,they pay the bank back 24 mill a year,no more no less,so wheres the rest of the money??????????

  22. bergkamp

    they aint payin off the debt asap,they are payin it off in installments,so what are they doin with the rest??

  23. Stu

    I dont know where the rest is gone? But i sure would like to know. My best guess?…….keeping it for next years payment?

  24. bergkamp

    how are they expectin us to be the club of the future,i dont know any ken young arsenal supporters an i live in highbury on the doorstep,i dont see fatherless children choosin arsenal

  25. bergkamp

    stu,next years payment is pretty much secure by this years season ticket sales, and tv rights,and sponsorship,and the 100mill that emirates paid for naming rights for 8 years, and merchandise, and copyrighting other peoples slogans and names, this club is a magnet that drags money towards it,its not a little tramp gettin benefits

  26. Stu

    I know what you mean but if its any consolation I chose Arsenal on my own. Noone in my family even watches football let alone support a team. And all my mates are either liverpool or United.

    It was the football tat attracted me but i guess that wont work anymore if the club continue on this path.

  27. bergkamp

    10 years ago they used to give away tickets to local schools coz they could only get 20 thousand on coca cola cup games,i see those days returning

  28. bergkamp

    the thing is stu,its because times have changed, kids see great footballers playin abbroad on tv,they see them on th boot adverts doin great skill,then a year later they are playin for man utd, this is how kids are these days,they love amazin skill, when we sold thierry we gave 20thousand local fans to barca,on the cheap too

  29. kelsey

    keep an eye on this one folks.ireland and toure didn’t play yesterday(was toure really injured) we want ireland according to the tabloids and city want there is a feasability in this happening.

  30. Pat


    Gianfranco Zola has earmarked the Danish hitman as a direct replacement for Craig Bellamy, who is poised to complete a £15 million move to Manchester City this week.

    But with severe financial restraints in place at Upton Park and the unwillingness of Arsenal to discuss a temporary deal for Bendtner, Zola will offerUpsonto theGunners for cash and the striker.

    The Hammers initially enquired about taking Bendtner on loan until the end of the season,but Gunners boss Arsene Wenger made it clear he will only consider selling the powerful striker.

    Upson was a former trainee with the Gunners, but quit to joinBirminghamina£2million deal in February 2003 after becoming frustrated at the lack of first-team opportunities.

    His form and growing maturity on the field eventually led to England recognition.

    Advertisement – article continues below »

    Arsenal have endured major problems in defence and Wenger has admitted he is in the market for a defender who can come straight into the first team reckoning rather than be a development signing.

    Wenger has also been eyeing Bolton defender Gary Cahill.

    Arsenal have been tracking him for the past few weeks and are aware Bolton are reluctant to lose the former Aston Villa starlet but have been lining up their own offer for West Ham centre-back Callum Davenport.

    Arsenal are aware that West Ham’s cash crisis can open the door to a series of deals.

    They sent a scout to Upton Park yesterday to run the rule over Upson – who didn’t actually play – and goalkeeper Robert Green.

    Green is one of West Ham’s prize assets. He is a key figure in their battle for survival. But Zola also knows that if the offer is right, Green will go – along with the likes of Matthew Upson and Mark Noble. Noble has caught Wenger’s eye.

    The England Under-21 star’s all-action style is reminiscent of Mathieu Flamini whose energy and graft have been missed at The Emirates following his move to AC Milan.

    ACCORDING TO THE MIRROR, and very possible in my honest opinion.

  31. kelsey

    wenger has already stated that he wants to offload bedtner and it makes sense.he wont loan him out again,but a part exchange deal is feasable,west ham are nearly skint,but i am mnot sure if wenger would buy upson back,he he never brought anyone back.
    my take is that he will offload bedtner to someone if he can part exchange him with anyone like upson for a modest fee.