Hill-Wood – Saving the pennies now, will cost you double next year. What???

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Groundhog Day...

Groundhog Day...

Morning Grovers! Oh, and happy new year from Pedro and Geoff our first joined at the hip post, we feel we need to do this because our Emperor has lost his clothes and his boss has lost his marbles.

Peter Hill-Wood, our bumbling Chairman has been talking with the Daily Star again (You would think a club as big as Arsenal would use a paper more serious than a morning wank rag to leak stories), and the news is familiar in an almost Ground Hog Day kind of way,

‘I don’t think there is a lot of money anywhere’

‘One has got to look ahead – in the future there is probably not going to be much more money coming in’

‘We have got money, but I am not sure we are going to spend it. We’ve got to continue to run the business in a sensible way’

‘It may sound boring, but we are not going to rush out and spend fortunes on people who won’t help us achieve anything better than where we are at the moment’

‘Arsene has a lot of young, talented players at the club and I think he will probably give a chance to one or two of them’

Peter, we all understand global economics and the problems you are facing at the moment, but we haven’t seen anything other than prudent spending in the transfer market in the last 5 years. If you were so keen on being prudent, how come our wage bill topped £100million last year?

If we continue with this talented youngsters theme we will not qualify for the Champions league and people will not renew their boxes or season tickets. What you fail to understand is that we’re all fed up with the experiment, when will you all see it won’t work? What supporters want is to see new and exciting players bought, like the Bergkamp’s, the Pires’s, the Henry’s the Charlie Nicholas’s, that is what football is all about, when Beckham signed for Milan the crowds turned out, when Ronaldo signed for Madrid the same thing happened, fans want to see stars, not players like Alexandre Song, you need to wake up, because the new young crop of supporters won’t come to Arsenal because their dads do, they’ll go to teams that have ambition, the only ambition Arsenal seem to have is to pay off the mortgage double quick.

You aren’t being prudent, you’re being naive, if you were being prudent you wouldn’t pay the kids over the odds wages or charge us a fortune to get in, you will lose support, we don’t even play attractive football any more, the last three games have been like the old Arsenal of the early 80’s so wake up before you kill the Goose that lays the golden egg.

If you and Wenger don’t think there are players out there than can improve this team you both need to think hard about your positions, you are killing this club with your misguided rhetoric.

Act before we lose all that has been built up, because if you don’t, you’ll firstly lose the fans and secondly lose the decent players we do have because make no mistake, they want to win trophies as much as we do.

You have less than a month, don’t be a prat.

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  1. gnarleygeorge9

    I remember the 1st time I stood on the North Bank. I felt like I belonged there.

    I remember walking down Seven Sisters Road in Finsbury Park, rubbish blown about by the wind, mind you it was summer @ bloody hot too 😉 and, I felt like I belonged.

    And I feel like I blong on here @ Le Grove. I know I carry on abit, but I think the fellow goonerson here understand the ol’ gnarley, even ethangooner 🙂 does now.

  2. Pat

    The main story today is the bumbling old fool Hillwood coming out with comments that we have no money, yeah right pull the other one mate, we are loaded.

    WE know how much more the club makes on a match day, WE know how much is to be made from the raping of Highbury (£100mill in flat sales already), WE know how much of a profit Wenger has made on transfers in the last few years, WE know we got selling on fee’s from Bentley and Dirria (£10mill), WE know all the big wage earners have been sold (Henry,Sol,Pires,Freddie,Gilberto etc)

    The way I see it is that either Hillwood is carrying on his tight ways (his family have never spent a fuking penny on the club) or he is trying to be clever to reduce the fee’s we pay for players in this transfer window, either way his comments are yet again un-needed. We have a CEO (at last) surely its his job to speak about these matters and not an old fool who sold more or less all his shares in Arsenal to David Dein a good decade ago.

    Anyways lads/laddies ignore Hillwood he has no power over what is spent and Id be shocked if he has much understanding on how much we do have.

  3. ethangunner


    we got no money trust me !
    the highbury crp your on about is only 39 mil deposits taken prior to christmas and we have to pay for the construction on the building you know ! they wont build it for free !

    id say with the stadium repayments and the highbury construction costs we are well over half a billion in debt currently …

    not bad for not wanting the sugar daddys right ..
    we would rather have no bodies on the board who couldnt bail us out if we tried !
    YES lets not get some big fat russian to take us over .. lets stay with the old frumps who get us into piles of debt locally ! …

    its dangerous times with the market … almost critical .. if things get worse like they are predicting … dont think we will pay off close to 600 million quid any time soon either !

  4. ethangunner

    add to that a lot of fans are not turning up ..
    then another disappointing season … well you might find the ticket pricing drop ….
    that might be a bonus for REAL fans ..

    WENGER MUST SPEND .. and get some quality in !
    its a no brainer ..

    i agree , but i think stan the man might coff up 10 mil and the fat russian if they get him in also !
    plus wenger will sell 1 or 2 ..

    what happened with the russian joining the board anyhow ?
    anyone know ? or was it just another BS rumor ?

  5. Seb

    Would Arshavin enjoy himself at Arsenal? If we still had Hleb, not only would we have had two of Europe’s best exponents of close control and visionary passing – ok three, I forgot Cesc – but there would be another Russian speaker at the club.

    But we don’t, so you would have to hope that Fabianski or Rosicky would be able to fill the gap. It’s important for a player’s fast adaptation to a new league, to have people that can make them feel at home. I suppose we could get Usmanov to come in and chat to him at lunchtimes 😆

    of course this is assuming we sign him, which is quite a hefty assumption…

  6. kelsey

    ethan hello,
    you say we have no money or at the best very little and i agree with your assumption that to complete the building programme it obviously has to be funded and i think we are about 400million+ in debt.
    we are running the club on a shoestring transfer budget,net spend in the summer was 4 million.One could argue that it is honourable that wenger has kept us in the top 4 these last few seasons since the move to the emirates,based on financial restrictions.
    what we didn’t know a year ago was that rosicky and eduardo would suffer long term injuries and now added to that we have lost fabregas for most likely all of the season and walcott for at least another 2 months.

    We were categorically promised 3 major signings in the summer and fizzman and phw are saying contradictory things Wegner miscalculated on flamini,should have kept gilberto for another year and don’t laugh even lehmann should have had another season,just to keep almunia on his toes.
    now we have an abundance of average players,no real leadership,unrest between players,and the whole thing is going pear shaped.one signing isn’t going to make a huge difference and the philopescy remains to be solvent in the next few years rather than achieve any silverware.we are a selling club,and regardless or what we do this season either fabregas or adebayor will be sold to keep us afloat.to me that is the reality as i see it now.

  7. kelsey

    oh my prediction for today is a hard fought win by one goal,as i dont expect to see the fluidity in our game that wenger spoke of yesterday.i am totally pissed off with the board/manager and even if we win 6-0 it will prove sweet fuck all.
    thanks for making a mockery of our great club.

  8. Seb

    “The situation is that he is a player who has a two-and–a-half year contract and will remain with us,” said Wenger.

    “I am happy with players who are committed and Kolo is a big example for that. There was a minor incident that you could multiply by 20. It happens every day in every club and is sorted out now. Kolo is happy here.”

    Later, the manager was asked if Toure had asked to leave.

    “Yes,” replied Wenger. “But we spoke about it with him and I think he has changed his mind.

    The Frenchman was then asked if the centre back had actually withdrawn his request.

    “Yes,” he replied.

    Toure has found it difficult to get in the Arsenal side in recent months because Wenger has been reluctant to pair Gallas and Toure together at centre back.

    Before Johan Djourou’s 11th-hour injury forced the latter’s inclusion at Aston Villa on Boxing Day, the duo had not featured in tandem in the Premier League since October 4. However the manager says that is down to their height not their personalities.

    “It’s not a question of Kolo Toure or William Gallas,” said Wenger. “It is that the two together are a bit short in the air. We needed to add some size centrally.

    “I think they get on, personally. They get on much better than people think and if you lived with us every day you would see that. Anyway nobody can prove fantastic friendships help you to win football games.

    “Kolo did have a little problem when he came back from the African Nations Cup [earlier this year]. He wasn’t exactly the same sharpness any more. Now, he has come back to his best level and he works very hard in training.

    “He is a fantastic guy, Kolo Toure.”

    why has it taken over two years for AW to see that KT + WG does not work as a central pairing? You only need to watch one game to see that! I hope to god Djourou plays today, because Plymouth are supposedly strong on set-pieces.

  9. kelsey

    “Kolo did have a little problem when he came back from the African Nations Cup [earlier this year]. He wasn’t exactly the same sharpness any more. Now, he has come back to his best level and he works very hard in training.

    really,to me he is overweight and no mention of the malaria.i wouldn’t call that a little problem,yet i am sure we can get him back to his best and it would be foolish to sell him now,what happens if we get yet another injury,which based on recent times is quite probable.