Expect 3 points and at least 4 goals as the EPL whipping boys visit the Grove.

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I’m sorry if some of you think I’m putting the mockers on today by suggesting a tonking, but if West Ham can beat Portsmouth 4-1 away from home then it really shouldn’t be a problem for Arsenal to dish out a pounding, and given the great news that Song won’t be playing, it will be like watching a passing team all over again, so I’m looking forward to seeing us get three points if nothing else.

It will be nothing else because Song will return and Arsene will buy no one, or no one of interest in the window, as the experiment will drag on for another 5 months until the summer where we’ll lose our best players again, groundhog day continues.

I listened to TalkShite yesterday on my way to the driving range and two mupppets by the name of Collymore and Houghten were talking about Wenger, they both said that nothing beats Wengerball but that doesn’t mean he can’t be criticised, and they said he needs to change what he’s doing or he’ll lose his coveted 4th spot, they said in the first half at Villa we were awful, they said Wenger said we were the better team against Liverpool and we clearly weren’t, so to sum up they said he needs to spend.

Collymore said he researched how many times the board has come out this season alone and said Wenger has huge funds at his disposal for players. It was 7 times. They also said that the whole footballing world, which inlcludes many ex-Arsenal players all said he needs to spend money. They said the board has said it too many times for it to be wrong. I agree.

Someone said on the blog yesterday that if we don’t qualify for the champions league will will fail to attract top players next season, hey! wake up people, what does that matter, we wouldn’t buy them anyway!

Ok, I hope I’m wrong and that the manager buys some new players in the window and gets rid of the dead wood. The dead wood for me is Song, Almunia and Eboue and loan out Bendtner because he needs to prove he can make it at the top level and so far this season he hasn’t showed anything that I would want for my pub team, let alone the love of my life, the Arsenal.

I really believe we are only 3 or 4 players off being dominant, but if we don’t sign those players we won’t finish in the top 6, let alone the top 4, and the sooner Mr Wenger realises that the sooner we will win things, the minute that Song went off against Villa we started to play better football and had Ramsey been given the playing time Song had so far this season, he would be twice the player he is now and 4 times the player Song will ever be.

Arsene if you rate Song, please tell us what he did in the Villa game that warranted your unbelievable praise, because no one in the footballing world can see it, he’s slow, positionally woeful, gives away fouls, loses possession, can’t seem to pass to his own players and is slower than the wonderful old lady that sits behind me at the Grove.

If you’re going today Grovers have a great day, I really expect this to be Tony Adams last game in charge, so Arsene, keep him behind in the changing room today and sign him as your number two, let Pat retire, he’s been a loyal servant but we need too kick on and win something this year.

Arsenal 5 Portsmouth nil.

Sorry, I forgot my preferred team, not the one he would pick, my team.


Sagna Gallas Djourou/Kolo Clichy

Nasri Denilson/Ramsey Diaby Vela


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  1. PDT

    Evo, TJ, while I have not been a fan of Diaby in the past, he does seem to be getting better. Given that we don’t have much to play for in the league, maybe AW will give him a chance to mature.

  2. Ja_Gunner

    I think we need another player like that because remeber Nasri always gets little injuries.

    Plus Arshavin is quicker than Nasri and would do a better job on the left.

    This would free up nasri to play in the hole or on the right..which would probably get more out of him.

    The squad is thin we need these types of players because Cesc, rosicky and Theo are out.

    Arshavin has scored many goals cutting in from left wing he also puts in good crosses. He is also comfortable on the right. He is two footed.

  3. PDT

    Yep, Ja_G – Makes sense to play Nasri in the centre, either with Diaby or Denilson and get Arshavin to play on the wing.

    I hope Rosicky recovers and plays like he used to – we need him.

  4. Stu

    I dont think Arshavin would be that good if he was restricted to the wing. For Zenit and Russia he plays behind the striker in the free role. Not necessarily the hole because he is allowed to roam and dictate the play that way.

  5. Stu

    PDT, im not so much bothered about Cescs number because he is a CM. It would be pointless changing his number to 8 now.

    TJ, dont seem to remember Wengers reference to Arshavin. What did he say?

  6. TJ

    Sorry, on reflection it was Sky Sports News! The guy interviewing was asking about transfer activity, Wenger admitted we were light & we’d wait and see on Ashavin………..we’ll probab;y wait & not see anything on past experience however!!

  7. Keyser

    Stu – You were asking about how Bayern managed to build a new stadium, not qualify for the Champions league and still spend 60 million on players the other day.

    There’s a few things, apart from Bayern being absolutely huge in Germany, they had a groundshare with 1860 Munich in the Countries Olympic Stadium and both clubs helped pay for it, also the government helped them out with the money needed to renovate the surrounding areas of the stadium, because they were going to use the stadium for the World Cup.

    Allianz have also payed Bayern for naming right for the next 30 years, there’s loads of little things, I don’t think they even owned the Olympic Stadium that they shared before but that could have helped pay for it aswell. The stadium looks great though and they change it’s colour depending on which team plays.

  8. Stu

    Keyser, thanks for clearing that up. πŸ™‚

    BBK, Wenger will never work on the defence, he believes in total football. He believes that attacking is the only way and he is wrong.

    The best defensive signing he could make this january is a defensive coach- Bring Back Keown(BBK) πŸ˜†

  9. Stu

    For many teams, because of their good organisation etc, 1 goal might get them the win. But for us to be assured of 3points we need a 3goal margin. Its been a seriously long time since i was confident that 1 goal would win us the game, too long.

  10. Keyser

    Stu – Don’t know about clearing it up, was just looking at wikipedia, we’ve done well I think, Valencia built their stadium without selling the old one and the crdit crunch and falling prices completely fucked them unless they find a buyer.

    “if its true, its probably right stu”

    Classic Boy Better Know..

  11. Stu

    Anyone know Arteta’s position? I know he can play anywere in midfield but he is neither a winger nor a CM. Anyone got an answer?

    I prefer Hangeland because althoguh Lesvott is good he is a goalscoring defender. We have one of those in Gallas so…. And anyway i’d rather a solid defender who never scores than a deender who scores a few equalisers. Defenders are supposed to keep clean sheets, not score.


    as far as i know he plays on the right hand side for everton.also defenders who score are a bous lescott and gallas partnership would be solid i.m.o

  13. Stu

    Not being racist but i’ld rather we bought a white defender. Just because whitemen are more pesimistic in general. Pesimism is vital for defenders. But obviously there are exceptions.

  14. Stu

    Im not saying it doesnt work but our whole list of defenders are black. Kind of annoying, ever watch the acn. Horrible defenders there.

  15. Keyser

    I don’t get all this Hangelaand loving, he’s tall and thats about it, we’ve looked better in the air with Djourou at the back and good thing is he’s quick aswell and can play ball, with Diaby, Song or Adebayor to bring back at set pieces we don’t look half bad.

    Recently it’s being caught out on the break by long balls over the top or through to pacy strikers, if we stop losing the ball in midfield it’ll help and someone to clean up behind the attacking midfielders.

  16. Stu


    Height at set-pieces isnt that important. Having Diaby and Song back is pointless because as we’ve seen they just stabd there doing fuck all. eg Diaby against porto away and song on numerous occasions.


    i don’t think djourou will ever be the answer we are looking for in c.d all this high lines have too stop in order too stop concedeing


    that goal against villa was denilson not being in the correct place again he really is dumb when it comes to defending

  19. Stu

    We need a vocal defender who will tell everyone else what to do. Like TA used to do. Carra at pool, Donkey at Mancs and even JT cunt at chavski.

  20. Keyser

    Stu – It obviously helps, we just need to be more vigilant, Djourou or Adebayor would’ve picked up Knight against Villa, he played against us last season and I don’t remember him getting anywhere, Adebayor out jumped him for his goal pretty easily.

    Hangelaand may be good for Fulham, but trying to get back at Agbonlahor playing for Arsenal ? He’s not coming anywhere near him.

    We need the same players to play week in week out, help them knit together and learn to weed out the errors, Djourou and Gallas was working it’s just we need the rest of the team to pitch in, it’s pointless having good defenders when we’re giving them the time and spac in midfield to play killer through balls to players who are quicker then our defenders.

  21. Keyser

    Stu – They’re all players that have been their for years, I really hope the players that come up through the reserves stick around, we need to keep players together, Nordveit and Djourou could be one for the future, Sagna and Clichy are already class.

  22. Stu

    Whos not white? Ferdy? Thats different now. Im not taklking specifically about defenders. Im talking just about vocal PLAYERS. You dont miss a beat though do you? πŸ˜†

  23. Keyser

    Vocal Players ? heh, someone who shouts alot ? You mean commanding players who’s prescence brings reassurance and confidence who can organise defences ? That comes with time, firstly you have to be good enough or play with players that compliment you’re strengths and weaknesses. You build up that sort of respect.

    Terry didn’t do that overnight, he had a propenisty ot score own goals earlier in his career but with the pace of Gallas alongside him, their partnership was good enough to inspire others. ferdinand is probably more vocal than Vidic, but then Ferdinand’s been somewhat of an enigma over the years all the talent in the world but made too many silly mistakes.

    Carragher’s probably scored more own goals than the whole of our midfield has scored at the other end but he and Hyppia have been there for years, thats the only difference.

  24. Stu

    Good points there but Toure played along side Sol for a few years, he grew in stature, experience etc etc but has never grown into a vocal player. How do you explain that? Even Senderos was somewhat of a complimentary player to Toure but still that part of Toures game never developed much. How do you explain that??

    Right now, who is there to learn off. That aspect of a players game doesnt develope on its own so who will the younsters learn off of?


    ok we know you have too play together consistently for a couple of years or even years to build an understanding together but fedinand and vidic have only been together for a few seasons that proves it can happen quite quickly if you are good enough, also the players in front of you have to be willing to get back and defend it also help’s when the players infront of you are not as dumb as DENILSONG and eboue

  26. Keyser

    Stu – Toure is vocal but you need players all over the pitch to do that and come together, if we don’t have the experience in the team or the players to look up to it’s a problem but then the team has to learn through trial and error. It can still work but is probably more risky.

    Players will show relatively quickly if they can adapt to that, thing is we’re not a mid table team we’re going for the high end of World football at a time where the English league is exceptionally strong. It’s like with the balls into the box and set peice thing we’ve worked on that and there’s been an improvement.

    We didn’t have a great defence just because Adams organised it, he had Bould sitting next to him, Winterburn, Dixon and Keown who all played and worked together and trusted each other.

    If you have enough youngsters playing together and make sure that you keep them together they will learn, it’s not the end of their education.

  27. Keyser

    Boy better Know – Denilson may not turn into a World beater, but there are things he can work on as can Eboue, in the last two games with more responsibility Diaby’s shown promise. We need to add to the squad not get rid of players, that way the deadwood is shifted out by itself.

    United have had the money to keep all the players together, they can afford to keep players like Scholes, Giggs and Neville on their books so that others can earn, Brown has better dfenders around him but he’s happy to keep his place in the squad because he’s being paid well enough to compensate.

  28. A

    It does worry me that (if true) wenger said we’re looking for a creative mid and one other mid, as imo a top big powerful centre back is more of a necessity than two midfielders. Unless he’s looking for a 6’4 dm who is amazing in the air for defensive set pieces and such like?!


    i agree about diaby but him staying fit is another issue as for eboue working on things.how long has eboue been here for now?denilson i.m.o will never fit into this team as long as cesc is here.

  30. Stu

    I wouldnt mind Inler now. In the summer i didnt want him at all, prefering Cana but that has also since changed.

    Inler is what…25? About the right age. He would also add much needed steel to the midfield. Better than nothing and isnt a bad passer either.

    Iceman, how promising are the early signs??

  31. Stu

    6ft isnt small tho. There is no defensive options available. Its annoying that everyone we’re being linked with is attack minded, bar inler and Hangeland obviously.

    Wouldnt mind a new keeper either or a full back that can cover either side. Aside from Sagna and Clichy we have pretty poor fullbacks, thank fuck they never get injured. I hate that when either of them get injured a CB plays there.

  32. iceman

    Morning BBKS!!

    How’s the holidays been mate…….

    I’m excited…..the fact that AW said that he has enough young players and needs some older heads (not sure where I read that but I’m def sure I did)….

    Gambon………..Haven’t seen enough of Inler but he’s supposed to be a big one in the making…..and is highly rated in Italy apparently…..

    A……don’t think Bayern would let Ribery go…….not just yet……….

    I think this could be it…..2 players who could slot straight in and anything other than Eboue/Song can’t surely be bad can it?

  33. iceman

    Stu apparently Wenger was talking to Canal TV in France….and said he wouldn’t mention names as that reduces chances of getting the player……

    Right now 2 names we keep hearing over and over are Arshavin and Inler……

    Like you said better than nothing right……..

    I doubt he’ll buy a CB at this point……….

    Does anyone know the deal on Swiss Tony……is he coming back in Jan or?

  34. A

    6ft is the same height pretty much as denilson stu! We need someone big, and if we do sign a dm, which is far from a certainty, I think It’ll either be yaya or someone we don’t know about, some 6’4 frenchman! We need height to deal with long balls, a job which big dm’s do which is often overlooked. Song coming into the team in terms of us challenging in the air made a huge and very noticable difference, we’d win or at least not lose most goalkicks, whereas without him teams win every header, and even have time to take the ball down a fair bit! We need someone with real physical presence to do this job who is actually good!

    I agree we desperately need a sub left back, though eboue is still a very good sub right back, as is kolo (if fit). Keeper won’t happen because almunia is only in as a stop gap whilst fabianski works his way into the team.

    I agree it is weird there aren’t more defensive rumours, though i do think our number 1 priority has to be to get an attacking mid, arshavin/ribery stylee, but still need a really good dm, and really good centre back! Guess there just isn’t anyone obvious so will come out of the blue, which is often the way our best signings arrive!!

  35. Stu

    Everyone seems to be getting very excited and optomistic about the transfer window and i hope that we all arent extremely disappointed. The same thing happened in the summer and we all thought Wenger would spend but alas he did not.

    Im not going to be expecting much, that way i can only be happy, or less disappointed.

  36. A

    iceman regarding inler i heard he was just a one season wonder last year, and has been pretty pants this season.

    I agree about bayern and ribery, the only way i could see truth in the rumours is if we give them bendtner to persuade them to sell ribery, as we know bayern were very keen on bendtner in the summer. Still doubt they’d consider selling their best player though even if we offered them someone they quite wanted!

    the canal quotes apparently said he was looking for one creative mid, and one other mid, and when asked about arshavin he acted coy and said about the not naming names, though I don’t think there was any mention of inler in the interview. arshavin thing probably be because he’s close to tying up a deal, or trying to divert attention away from his real targets! I’m hoping at least one if not two new players are paraded before the plymouth game!!

  37. iceman


    Recent reports heavily link Arshavin….so that could be one….

    Like I said….don’t know much about Inler and it probably is just gossip……

    No one predicted Eduardo/Sagna coming in………so I think we’re in for something like that……

    Arshavin’s names keeps coming around coz he made an impact at the Euro’s…….

    I gotta say though…..he’s probably the closest player in terms of technique to Rosicky and would suit our style of play without a doubt…….I’d be delighted if he joined but I still hope for one defensive no nonsense Savage type player if you will……….

  38. A

    Yeah i know about the reports iceman, but as wenger said if you name a player publically, it reduces the chances of signing him by 50%, so i’m thinking either a deal is pretty much done, or wenger is happy for all the rumours to be about arshavin as it detracts attention away from his actual targets!

    I agree, i think we’ll sign a dm along the eduardo/sagna line, pretty much unknown and unexpected

  39. Stu

    I for one would be happy if Senderos came back. He fights for every arial (e or a?) ball and gives everythig for the cause. At least this time his efforts will be appreciated because he could have been the missing link this season. Even if he doesnt win the ball he will try and his defensive partner, be it Gallas/Toure/JD can clear the second ball.

    imo loaning him out was a poor decision by Wenger because all our current CBs are of the same make. All play better sweeping up, while Phil challenges with the striker. Plus he can be a pretty vocal defender. A real warrior type. Hes not called swiss-Tony for nothing!

  40. iceman

    TBH……instead of signing a CB I’d rather have a GK….

    Almunia just doesn’t cut it…..He’s never been a confident keeper and I really doubt we can win major honours with him….he’s not confident in himself and it shows…..

    Fabianski is still a long way off….

  41. A

    Yeah I agree stu, I’d love to see big phil return, if just for his influence at set pieces. Wasn’t there some absolutely ridiculous stat from the last couple years that we’re 4 times more likely to concede from a set piece when he isn’t in the team?! remember reading it a while back. As well as being big in the air, his organisational skills are quality. I’d be happy to sacrifice the odd chance created for the opposition by him tripping over his feet if it cut out the absolute minimum of 4/5 changes per game from set pieces or long crosses!

    I think at the time loaning senderos out was a good shout. Our ever so wonderful fans had completely destroyed his confidence after the liverpool match, despite him being overall our best centre back last season imo, and some time playing regularly for another top european team without the fans on his back could’ve done him the world of good. His injuries have just left him completely buggered though

  42. iceman

    True that and plus he’s best mates with our captain and you know it would make Cesc feel better…………

    Come on Wenger……sort it out……….

  43. A

    iceman almunia isn’t in because anyone at the club think he’s amazing though. He’s in as a stop gap whilst fabianski comes through, who is incredibly highly rated at the club, and expected to become absolutely awesome. He’ll be first choice very soon, i don’t think he’s a long way off by any means. What we’re doing with almunia and fabianski is similar to what utd are doing with van de sar and foster and the poor man’s fabianski – van de sar is very past it, and very average nowadays, i’d actually rather have almunia, but he’s just there to help one of the younger ones come in

  44. Paulinho

    Senderos was/is an absolute donkey. Just look at the way he screwed up that game in Seville, making a mess of a simple ball that led to Keita’s goal. In that same game he picked the ball up becasue he thought he heard a whistle. That was around the time Seville were all over us. The guy was basically having a breakdown on the pitch, and had a series of mini breakdowns throughout his time here.

    As for set pieces, it would have been great if he had defended the Hyppia goal a bit better in the champions league.

  45. Stu

    And here i thought I was the only Phil Phan. πŸ˜‰

    What really annoys me is how he was treated by most fans. He is very much a confidence player. The more regularly he plays the better he becomes. That was evident during the CL run and especially the season before that.

    Last season in particular was shit. He came in alongside Gallas while Toure was away ruining himself and Senderos grabbed the opportunity. He grew with each game. Unfortunately Wenger has his favourites and Toure was duly given his place back without question and Toures reinstatement coincided with out demise.

    That would be devestating for anyones confidence and even worse for Senderos. Dare I even say he would be a good vice captain were he a regular in the team. Couldnt do any worse than Almunia.

  46. Stu


    dont know what your talking about. I remember Keitas goal from the egde of the box with the outside of his left foot. The ball was played in along the ground and it was in fact Gilberto who cushoned it to the edge of the box, not Phil, so thats a bit unfair to blame him.

    Or am I wrong? Anyone else know?

  47. iceman

    Paulinho we could do with his aerial prowess right now.

    What about Toure tackling Babel… All players are prone to the odd off game…fine he probably had more than a couple……but he was immense in our run to Paris….

    Heck he was even being considered as captain. That’s how highly rated he was.

    Look at Terry…he didn’t become the defender he is overnight…..

    If we’re persisting with jokes of players like Song…. I’d rather Senderos anytime……at least you know he’ll come good…….

  48. Paulinho

    We were controlling the game Stu, and then Senderos managed to miscontrol a harmless floated ball and it fell to a seville player who pass it wide. It was then crossed and Gilberto was a bit naive with the clearance and Keita rammed it home.

    None of that would have happened if Senderos had just acted like a normal footballer and dealt with a simple ball.

    I swear he was doing shit like that all the time, constant heart in mouth syndrome when he was playing.

  49. Stu


    and at least with Senderos you know he will give his all and do what he is told. Not like song who walks around and ignores senior players orders.

  50. Stu

    Ok Paulinho, you got me there but still….

    But thing is Sevilla were on top of their game that night, but 2 set pieces won them the game. How the fuck did Fabiano score that cunt of a header? Anyone remember who conceded the pen?

  51. Paulinho

    Senderos was a better player at 19 than he was at 23. I don’t think he would have ever come good.

    Adams was donkey at one point as well but he had a great physique and was athletic. Senderos is just too slow and clumsy. Leaden footed.

    And he was never great in the air. That’s a myth. I remember Berbatov winning every single header against him in the carling cup last year and he often was being left for dead in the box.

  52. Paulinho

    Yeah, Seville were much better than us but we were just about ‘bluffing’ the game until that first goal and then they smelt blood and demolished us, with Denilson an absolute joke again. Nice sneak preview of this season eh.

    I think Sagna gave away the penalty.

  53. iceman

    All valid points….

    But everyone knows he worked well with Gallas.

    I’m just saying that if we’re not gonna buy a CB then I’d have him back to play alongside Gallas………

  54. A

    to be fair paulinho berbatov wins every header against every centre back he plays against! For his size phil wasn’t exceptionally good in the air, or powerful, but was much much more powerful and better than anyone we’ve currently got!

  55. Stu

    In defence of Senderos I will just say that when he played last season it was usually a once off. He never got a solid run and was always rusty when he came into the team. He needs games to build his confidence. His last solid run of games was arguably the 05-06. Then Gallas showed up and ruined everything.

  56. Keyser

    Heh, everyones still awake, even Paulinho’s here, dunno why I can’t sleep and i’m even watching the cricket, but nothing.

    Senderos is no massive improvement on what we’ve got and if Gallas can get caught out by Agbonlahors pace or Citeh can rip through our defence on the counter he isn’t suddenly going to make a difference.

    If we play Senderos we’re still going to need someone in front of him to do the dirty work in midfield or get the midfield working alot harder as whole defensively. Even with Mikel sitting in front of Terry, no Essien means Chelsea get caught out and there’s gaps available to exploit in front of their defence, all because Terry is sloow and has the turning circle of a double decker.

    I wouldn’t put that much emphasis on the Sevilla game we were pretty much dominating the first 20 odd minutes, Sevilla at home, at least last year, were frightening they could go a goal down to any team and still come back with ease.

  57. A

    yeah i agree iceman. i doubt that senderos will ever fulfil his early potential, but he’d simply be a big improvement on our current situation. Not that it’s a foregone conclusion he won’t become a top defender, vidic was very average at senderos’ age by all accounts….

  58. Keyser

    A. Why would Senderos be a big improvement ? Can you imagine Villa using Agbonlahor playing off Senderos instead of Gallas or Toure ?!

  59. Stu

    But thats just it. If Senderos was playing against pacey forwards he wouldnt play such a high line and therefore the oppo wouldnt be able to exploit any space. Simple tactics that Wenger always ignores.

  60. A

    because keyser, although villa caught us on the break at the emirates, and for the pen on friday, we are still conceding far more chances, and goals from crosses either in open play or more frequently set pieces, and imo senderos would improve that aspect of our defending massively.

  61. Stu

    Yes….well majority is a bit iffy. There is only a handful or us here. But we all want him back, except Keyser it seems, right?

    There is no reason for him not to come back because Milan dont use him and the fans dont like him. Hopefully he learned some things off Maldini, Nesta etc

  62. A

    well the agreement was until the end of the season, but he was injured at the start, and since then he hasn’t even been able to make the bench i believe

  63. Keyser

    Stu – It’s not simple tactics, we played a high line against Villa and Liverpool because they use 5 in midfield and work their way through, Senderos pulls back and sits deeper we’re just going to give them the space to work through the midfield and play around it.

    You push up constrict the space and learn the offside trap or trust the pace of the players you have defending to be able to cover, thing is we’ve made silly mistakes either letting them have too much time on the ball or losing concentration at the wrong moments.

    Villa were doing what Liverpool did, just lumping balls upfield, if we’d played with Djourou against Villa I think we’d have been fine.

  64. Keyser

    I don’t mind Senderos coming back, he did well against teams that tried to use strikers to hold the ball up with apart from Drogba, he played well against the lesser teams but always seemed dodgy when faced with pace or trickery.

    How many defenders in World football would you feel comfortable with isolated one on one if Agbonlahor, Robinho, Young or even Robbie Keane were bearning down on them

    If Senderos comes back we still need to sort out the midfield, If Nasri plays central he still needs to cover Clichy, same with Sagna, both Denilson and Diaby sat too deep today against Portsmouth, so unless we have pace on the wings and RVP drops deeper we need to look at that.

    We look better with Ramsey on the pitch because he adjusts, so does Diaby but then Denilson can’t cover the whole area that they leave behind, we need them working together.

  65. iceman

    When Denilson plays Sagna has a double shift coz he doesn’t cover as well as Nasri does for Clichy….which is why Wenger prefers Eboue on the wing….for more defensive stablility….don’t know what would happen if Arshavin does actually arrive…..I know he’s a CM but does he play on the wings too….anyone know?

  66. A

    iceman arshavin is far from a cm, he’s a winger, or second striker really. In a central role he plays more advanced than the likes of nasri, he’d never play cm in 4-4-2. He’s play the hleb/rosicky role, drift in from a wide starting position, or a central role as nasri did second half of todays game

  67. Iqwoo

    That Red Bull team, he looks really good from the videos and his scoring rate is crazy. This season alone he scored 30+ goals, 5 hat tricks and set up 3, and 1 goal every 44 minutes.

    If Arsene hears of him, surely he will be interested. He has the built of Bendtnar and can score with his head and feet.

  68. Iqwoo

    If we’re getting Arshavin does that mean Eboue will no longer start any games ?! Great, quick, Arsene’s finally realised his lovechild is a worthless cunt!

  69. Stu

    Fine, add Janko to the list….the list of players that we will all want but never get. The list grows longer each day.

    Arshavin plays primarily in the “free” role. Not quite in the hole like Bergkamp. He game is all about roaming. He roams anywhere, somewhat like Totti. That kind of freedom that doesnt come from a 4-2-2, which is what we play.

    Im off to bed…finally, before it gets bright again. Night all…lets all dream of great players signing for Arsenal because its the only chace we have of seeing it.

  70. gambon

    I would definately take Senderos over most of our cb’s. Weve conceeded 23 goals already so it cant get much worse.

    Unfortunately we have a manager that doesnt give a shit about defence or defending.

    Look at our range of defensive options and you realise how much value Wenger puts in defensive minded players.

    Our 3 goalkeepers cost roughly Β£4m combined
    Our 2 left backs cost Β£1m combined
    Our 2 right backs cost Β£7.5m combined
    Our 4 centre backs cost Β£2.6m
    Our DM cost Β£1m

    (all figures from wiki)

    So our 12 defensive players cost a total of Β£16.1m, or roughly Β£1.3m each. i think we all agree Sagna is above critism but no one else is. So remove sagna and we’re talking 11 players for Β£10m.

    its not a coincidence we are way off the league leaders and its not a coincidence we have a defence that leaks twice as many goals as our rivals. its the manager totally neglecting defence since the day he arrived.

  71. Iqwoo

    Arshavin will go to the left with Nasri taking center with either Diaby or Denilson partnering him. Theo will be back soon, so I see him taking right soon enough.

  72. A

    nasri could never play centre mid in 4-4-2, arshavin or whoever we sign will play on one flank, nasri on the other flank, both roaming around very similar to rosicky and hleb, or ljungberg and pires.

  73. iceman

    If this goes through I really believe the Nasri/Arshavin combo will have replaced the 10-15+ goals/season we would get from Ljungberg/Pires………..

  74. gnarleygeorge9

    I know this is an Arsenal blog & all, but something is simmering just north of the sweet part of London. that is Spuds will go down πŸ˜†

    On Febuary 7th we can play a big part in kicking them all the way to oblivion. Now thats something to look forward to. I sure hope the media give them top priority when they actually do go down, coz i will be glued to my Tele.

  75. gnarleygeorge9

    ……hey Harry, got something to say about The Arsenal now?


    What too busy trying to avoid the ultimate humiliation these days are you?

  76. ethangunner

    Yes nasri taking LW is fine , we’ve been waiting 3 years to fill the’ pires ‘role he sure as hell ain’t playing CM !

    eboue was woeful on the wings .. wenger needs to sharpen the axe and soon before we (or should i say he ) will knock another 2 million of his eventual price tag …
    because we all boo him πŸ™‚

    sorry ade is rubbish , special note 19 minutes offside 43 minutes missed a fucking sitter !
    thats it for the 1st half … were getting 80k a week out of that lad arent we !

    as for bends in the whole game this is blackmail on nik B’s behalf !play me or ill go !!!

    ! FO!then

    RVP is on a high currently , so lets ‘sit him on the bench’ !smart move wenger .. , i dont care what anyone’s said , if it aint workin change it , sub nik off ! at 70 minutes even !

    give RVP a run …
    Vela looked good … initially he looked the most switched on , and raised the whole level , especially when ramsey came in ! good stint on the pitch , hopefully wenger is getting the hint at least !

    points… ahhhh points 3 in the hand , im not complaining .. its good to get some max’ed points …
    i wont be drawn into all the previous flaws of the club , theres little point i think in mentioning them, the more objective amongst us would say seasons over , playing for 4th and a 50-50 % run on the FA and C.L cups ..
    Its all depending on wenger and the board now .. only they can improve our chances …..
    do they spend ?
    will they get anyone at all ?
    will they have to balance the books to do it ??
    who will they axe if they do ??

    will i get a striker ? πŸ™‚ ?

    bring on jan 1st !

    Well done TA…. til next time … or maybe we will join forces sooner than we think !?

  77. kelsey

    morning all,

    just a few points.

    only 2 days until jack signs pro terms as i believe his birthday is ist.january

    on reflection we were piss poor again

    wenger has only one way for his teams to play,but i feel it is not so much the case that the opposition has found out how to stifle us,it is that the quality of player we have now compared to 3 years ago has diminished rapidly and the system doesn’t work with average players.when did we last play this so called beautiful football.

    plymouth game will be interesting,as wenger has already stated that the competion is not high up on his agenda,so do we expect a c.c. squad,i hope not otherwise it will be 2 weeks till we play bolton,too long to restore momentum to the first team.

    If toure is still suffering from the effects of malaria,he has only himself to blame.being african and going home in the summer he above most should know the precautions to take,in a country were malaria is rife.

  78. Rob From Aus

    Howdy all!

    Yeh what can u say about that shiite last night? Nothing i guess. Imgetting used to it now.

    Though it was funny last night the Commentator

  79. Rob From Aus

    Howdy all!

    Yeh what can u say about that shiite last night? Nothing i guess. Imgetting used to it now.

    Though it was funny last night the Commentator asked his co- mate whether Arsenal needs to sign any1? he said “anyone?” “At least 3 heavyweights!” So Wenger not Evry one can be wrong especially a Man Utd Co-Commentator!

  80. Geoff

    Morning all, I’m about to post, if you are an AKB then don’t read it, this is 3 years frustration about to be unleashed.