Arsenal will feel backlash with overzealous stewarding.

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Ok Grovers, this is an interim post as Pedro has a few technical problems but he assures me the match report will be up by 10.30am.

I was at the ground yesterday and was appalled by the aggression coming from the stewards, there are some really nice ones, and on here I have been quick to say that. Angela has been great in the past, and yesterday I had a long chat with Brian who was in charge of the caterers and a young man called Shouab, all good people but so many of them are beginning to act like we are the enemy.

I got told to sit down, keep my language down and stop banging the sign yesterday, boy, you would think I was letting off a flame thrower at the away fans, not enjoying a football match.

I stood up a couple of times, when we scored, when Ade got sent off and when we got a corner, my mates got told to sit down and shut up and they have a glass panelled window behind them.

Officious stewarding is going to kill the Grove, I found myself saying last night I didn’t want to go anymore, I wasn’t enjoying it, I could think of better ways to spend £5,000 not to mention the hour it takes me to get there and the money I spend on the day.

It’s Ok though for 4,500 scousers to stand up the whole game and it’s Ok for us to when Wenger says we don’t sing enough or get behind the team, well that lasted 3 games, now it’s back to normal.

Arsenal, if you don’t watch it, you’ll have more stewards at the games than fans, you are killing it.

Bad language? That’s part of football, when the crowd were singing ‘the referee’s a wanker’ what were the stewards doing then? throwing 55,000 people out? of course they weren’t.

It’s Ok though for stewards to use bad language toward you though, I used to enjoy going to Arsenal, I don’t ever remember seeing a steward when I was at Highbury, except at half time, now they’re everywhere. It’s becoming hostile, they are killing the match day experience and when Arsenal realise we’re not the enemy, it will be too late.

Wake up people! Treat us like customers, because we are.

Pedro will be on soon Grovers, have a nice day!

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  1. dangerous

    RE; Stewards….
    We should all make a stand and stand for the whole match, they can’t kick out 60k fans, that’ll fuck em, if they wanna give it they’ll get thrown down the stairs, And Im in Row 28!!

    Not really had any probs with Stewards on our side, they all gooners and ok lads

  2. Joe

    Hi all,

    We do have one great midfielder, and that’s Samir Nasri. The boy is top quality.

    So it’s not all bad. I’m just trying to take something positive out of a miserable situation.