Hell hath no fury like a Nina scorned, be careful, be very careful.

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What were they thinking? Nina was red and white to the core, her family has been associated with Arsenal for a million years, are they mad?

Next season the sponsors will be gone, Barclays have already said ‘see ya’, who’s next? How can Sky afford to throw obscene amounts at football? I’m in the Ad business and every client I have is cutting back, most of the corporates that Arsenal have, have either gone tits up or their salaries have, the Grove could be like Gordon Brown’s money box next season if things keep going like this, but you know what, if we were winning trophies, people would find a way to get there.

Buying a few players is one way to achieve success and harmony, forcing a takeover isn’t and to me, destroying the lock down is madness, so onto the theme of today’s post, a woman scorned, we’ve all been there, you know what I mean…

A glimpse into the future for Danny boys rabbit, floppsy.

A glimpse into the future for Danny boys pet rabbit, flopsy.

Well If I wasn’t shocked by the initial loss of ‘our Nina’ from the board, I am now, reports say she was treated abysmally by them and ousted for no reason, I have to believe they know what they are doing because even they can’t be that stupid when they had a lock down in place until 2012. Nina is now not part of that lock down and her 16% if bought by ‘Stan the man’ or ‘Usmanov the Usbek’ will mean we are in foreign ownership, in effect, the takeover we all feared.

Now before I may well have been interested in buying a few more shares, but in this climate, they wouldn’t be the gold mine they once were, so I won’t!

I think we are in real danger of killing the Goose that laid the golden egg, I know for a fact many box owners will not renew their options once this 3 year spell is up at the end of the season, I will also have money that Diamond club is savaged by people walking away from their 11 year leases and I suspect that many, many season ticket holders will be so worried about the next few years, they may well not renew.

There are of course some 58,000 on the waiting list, but again, how many of them will be parting with a couple of grand when they may not be able to afford to pay their mortgages next year, still that does leave a big hole that the ‘real fans’ can fill, yeah right! We’ll see how many so called ‘real fans’ put their money where their big mouths are next term.

I have been called negative by a few blogs for saying what I feel about the team selections and the lack of investment into world class players, I have been pilloried by some for saying that fans will turn their backs on watching our stubborn manager buying kids that aren’t good enough, yet we are still being asked to cough up more than teams that do buy players and do re-invest.

We’ll see over the coming weeks whether fans are prepared to spend shed loads on another unsuccessful year because our manager is determined to see out his bizzare experiment, and the next couple of months is when the renewals go out.

Yesterday he said the Alexandre Song was his most improved player, if he believes that, then we are deeper in the do-do than I ever imagined, Song, most improved, are you watching the same team as we are boss?

Barca are now after Robin Van Persie, so how can they keep spending and still stay afloat? The myth is we don’t spend, we do, but we spend it all on huge wages for players that will never make the grade, so Arsene get rid of a few of these kids and bring in some class, it would probably cost the same in the long run anyway.

I will still be buying my season because you know what? I am a real fan, one that keeps filling this bottomless pit called Arsenal and getting nothing back, but I’ll be there next term, how many others will?

I have a good mate that has a box that takes 15, a season back, he had people fighting for a ticket, now he struggles to fill it, when I was in the Diamond club for the Wigan game it was half empty, the jumbo screen said 59,000, I doubt there was 49,000, the warning signs are there Arsenal, ignore it at you peril, you have a month to show us how much you really care, then you’ll see how much we do.

The sycophants at Arsenal.com said only about a 1,000 fans were booing, bollocks, most of the ground were and if the manager hadn’t subbed the sacrificial lamb, I suspect the booing would have been aimed at him, I thought that was a betrayal of his own player and that is worse than the booing that took place, but no one can say that can they.

Liverpool up next and we should have a full team, they aren’t that good and we ought to beat them, if we don’t our season in the EPL comes to an abrupt end, how far have we come as a team when you can say that the week before Christmas?

Today the concerned post, tomorrow the rallying cry. Have a great day my friends.

P.S. Many thanks to Avenell for sending us a great t-shirt and cap, he has kindly agreed to put a set up for a Christmas competition, so stay tuned for that on!

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  1. ethangunner

    Arsene Wenger has admitted he may look to strengthen his squad in January, although his focus will still be on bringing through the young players at Arsenal.

    The Frenchman has avoided spending big in recent times, with his most significant signing of the summer the acquisition of Samir Nasri.

    He has preferred to show faith in youngsters already at the club and has no intention of radically altering his policy.

    However, Wenger accepts that a major signing could boost Arsenal and has not ruled out moving for “something special”.

    “I cannot say something will happen, but you never know,” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online.

    “It is feasible that we can do it and sometimes a (new) player can give some extra belief to the squad.

    “If it appears we can make something special, then we will do it – but at the moment I can sincerely say we have not seen anything special that can really convince us we will be much stronger.

    “At the moment, I am more (keen) to develop the team we have. When you look at our players, most of them are under 21 and there is a lot to come from them.”

    Arsenal have fallen off the pace in the Premier League title race but Wenger does not believe bringing in new players is necessarily the answer.

    He explained: “We have gone with a policy we respect and the solution is not always when you do not get the result you want to just go out and buy. That can destroy what you have built up until now.

    “We do not reject it, but we cannot also say that for certain it will be done. We have a young team with the club in good shape, a healthy financial position, which suddenly is quite important.

    “That is why what you want with a young team is for your fans to be behind (the team) and give them something extra that a team needs.”

    Wenger, meanwhile, is convinced Jack Wilshere has all the attributes to go on and become an Arsenal legend in the mould of Dennis Bergkamp.

    Wilshere became the youngest player to represent Arsenal in league football when he came off the bench at Blackburn and the 16-year-old scored his first senior goal as part of the youthful Gunners side which ripped Sheffield United apart during their Carling Cup run.

    Now the Arsenal manager is in no doubt the Hertfordshire-born midfielder – who joined the club aged nine – has all the traits to become a hero at Emirates.

    “I believe he will end up a central midfielder, just off the striker in the Bergkamp role,” Wenger said.

    “I am convinced he will have tremendous penetrative power and we forget that this boy is only 16 and already has so much power – you give him four more years and he will be massively strong.

    “He can find the final ball and can also score goals. He is a passionate and committed guy, he is not afraid of tackles and you would want this type of player to finish off central.

    “But I would not like to put too much pressure on him because of the expectation level. That is one of the problems you have when you are talented and very young – Theo Walcott went through that.

    “At the start there is a lot of enthusiasm around players, and suddenly afterwards people say ‘oh he is not as good as we thought he would be’, there is a lot of scepticism around the player.

    “He has to survive at the top level and it is not easy. Theo coped well with that and I am confident we can surround Jack well enough to deal with it.”

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    1st swim for the “summer”, now for acouple of coldies watching the cricket. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Life is good.

  3. ikon

    man city will finish in bottom half of the table, hughes will be fired and the mass exodus of players will benefit us. starting this jan, Micah anyone??

  4. kelsey

    Morning/evening all.

    I wonder what is really going on in our boardroom.Lady Nina has an estimated wealth of 108 million pounds so her 16% of shares,surely is the key if she sells them,a) to who and b)will just hold on to them.I feel dein might still have a lot to do with the eventual outcome,even some hate him,he is Arsenal through and through,though his son Daniel is Cesc’s agent.

    The youth policy is in general terms a disaster with ramsey and Wilshere being the only ones who should come through.if we have a manager who is still saying this week that we can win the league.We are shipping goals(13 in 7 games and have only scored 9).

    Where is this beautiful passing game gone,it can only be achieved by better players as it is quite intricate.How often have we really played well this season ?

    Ade and bedntner will never be true strikers in the traditional of Henry,Wright or even Smith.

    Has the board finally seen the light and kroenke will put some real money into the club,befor a buyout.

    We are lucky we are only 8 points off the leaders,if we had played 12 games on our current form we would be 14th.

    The recession will really bite next year,but we have to maintain our status as a top 4 club at the least,and decisions have to be made to over rule wenger..

  5. Geoff

    Morning, now Fizman is saying the clubs financial well being is not dependent on champions league football, what does that mean then???

  6. Pedro

    Geoff, that means that we can survive and service our loan without champions league footaball.

    I am sure I read they planned things so we could drop a division and still survive!

  7. kelsey

    Morning Geoff,

    it means what we all thought.let wenger experiment with kids and crap players and nevermind if we finish mid table.

    very encorouging isn’t it ?

    My wordpress account is also fucked up,can’t get a gravatar,i sent pedro an e mail to try and sort it out.

  8. Big Raddy


    Yes Geoff… What does that mean ?

    Kelsey, how do you feel abot the Roma draw.? Could have been worse…. we can beat anyone, but it totally depends on which Arsenal team plays.

    We are so inconsistent, and it is so frustrating. We just do not seem able to build up a head of steam. I blame Wenger – when was the last time we played the same 11 two games running. I am sick of players being asked to play out of position.