Giorgio Chiellini and Alexandre Pato to join the Harlem Globetrotters?

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I’d have it in a heartbeat, William Gallas at 31 and still in post humiliation, for Italian super centre half – 24 year old Giorgio Chiellini, that makes sense, Juventus need money and Ranieri wants Gallas, perfect.

Pato though seems a harder one, why would they sell such a prodigious talent? They don’t need the money or do they? Goofy must have cost some, but I did read somewhere they are after a latino defender which would exceed their South American quota and therefore they would need to lose one, well it won’t be Kaka so that leaves only Pato.

I like Pato a lot, and I would gladly swap him with Bendtner. Italy, where Bendtner would be better off with his directness and Pato’s silky skills would suit the EPL and of course the Harlem Globetrotters of football ‘the Arsenal’

I just hope a deal isn’t being struck that sees Adebayor and Gallas leaving with no cash changing hands. It is the sort of compromise that would suit Wenger, he gets youth in and trouble out and he may even make some money! Which of course gets him his ‘must have’ pat on the back for not making the club slip into administration, by implementing his new found tightness.

I really like the idea of Chiellini though, him and Djourou could be a partnership that would stop a dozen Drogba’s, and it gives us options, aggression and gets rid of the ‘I’m the oldest so deserve respect’ shit currently on offer.

Pato has bundles of skill, much like Vela and Theo but unlike Bendtner, he will become a superstar, I would like to get them and keep Ade though.

Ade can and does score with his head and lays the ball off well and is a bit of a bulldozer, so regardless if you rate him or not, he can do a job.

If we can get the midfielder we so crave and the goalie we so need, the second half of the year could be interesting. I would still have Alonso and I would have Robert Green, but these two look less likely, to be honest I’d be happy with anyone that gives us the help and experience we need.

The credit crunch, the inevitable redundancies and the property crash that will bite in 2009 will see a lot of people not renewing their season tickets next year and I believe that the 58,000 people on the waiting list will disappear as quickly as the deposits on luxury flats next year, so Arsene beware, you may think we’re lucky to have you and your children, but next year you may well find out how lucky you’ve been to have us and our money.

Danny boy, you may well see empty blocks of seats in the stadium for the first time since you’ve been involved and it’s all down to this mad experiment, because had we been dominant (and we could have, had we spent) then people may have taken the pain and taken the chance, you have January to make that happen or I predict you’ll regret it.

Get Chiellini, Villa, Green and Alonso in. If not Villa then Pato for Bendtner.

Eduardo returns tonight so hopefully tomorrow we’ll be describing his 4 goals. Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. A

    was indeed, slip of the tongue, merida has been fantastic since he moved centrally. he was good before but better in the middle

  2. arsenal-AL

    after watching our reserve game againts portsmouth…..randall kinda reminds me of flamini when he was shit in 2006/07 season…

  3. A

    i’m not sure about that stu, he still has good games and bad games for the reserves, don’t think he’s quite ready just yet to play the most important role in our team!

  4. Paulinho

    As a Merida cheerleader nice to see him show some class.

    It was so foggy I half expected to Jack the Ripper roaming around.

  5. Paul88

    eduardo came off early with a little tweak to his hamstring, Could be just a bit of cramp though. They intended to play him for he full 90 mins

  6. JonJon


    ive never rated randall, but after tonight i think he may be a diamond in the rough,

    with the right development he could be a good player for us.

  7. bergkamp

    he wont get no minutes for a while yet,one things for sure the surgeon who fixed ed up,his prices will be on the rise if ed can score a few gaols this season

  8. avenell

    Was Gary Lewin there because ha wanted to see Eduardo comeback or were Arsenal a little worried that anything may of happened?

  9. Eddy

    The purchase of the likes of Pato is sheer luxury when compared to our dire need for a central midfielder and I can’t believe Geff that you used the expression”I would gladly swap Bendtner for Pato…”come on be serious,I would swap Bendtner for Albert Steptoe!Pato is a class act whereas Bendtner is a knob who get’s you one goal every 28 chances but seems to believe that he has nothing to prove.Imagine the outrage in Milan if they sanctioned that sort of deal it would be like selling Henry and buying Lee Chapman!I can understand any Arsenal fan holding Adebeyor’s antics in the close season against him but for me if it’s about results and goals I think he is good enough.
    Hopefully the return of Eduardo will mean that we see less and less of N.Bendtner and we end up shipping him off to Norwich where he can play with G.Docherty who is probrably a better finisher.
    Just a word about the perception of “The Arsene knows brigade”as some people like to call them,I feel that for years Arsene has produced results way above what would be expected of him given the smaller amount of funds available to him than our rivals.Please look at the spending of THFC for example over the last 8 years.He is in my opinion therefore a victim of his past glories as expectation levels are very high at our club now(when I started going to Arsenal 27 years ago,2 convincing victories in a row were cause for jubilation and it wasn’t until 1988-1989 that we looked like we could challenge for a major trophy and did).Iam not condoning the inclusion of players like Song in central midfield and his insistence on playing the wanker Bendtner infront of Jay Simpson or Vela but overall he has made the right decisions the majority of the time eg taking a huge risk by placing his trust in a 16 year old Fabrigas.
    The fact that we are struggling now does not vindicate the Wenger knockers and prove them right in their belief that he is flawed as a manager.Iam the first to admit that his refusal to apply simple(to some people)defensive duties has cost the club dear at times but I strongly believe that we wouldn’t even be playing in a 60,000 stadium let alone fill it if he wasn’t at our club.Does anyone really think that any other manager in the World could have thrilled us with Cole,Pires Henry all operating at lighting pace down the left and purchased(Cole was already a youth team player granted) for less than Robbie Keane cost Liverpool?
    To satisfy myself that some Arsenal fans will never be satisfied with Arsene’s way I only have to recall the three amigos who used to sit behind me in the East Upper who moaned all game about such gemmes as “that Toure isn’t a natural defender and doesn’t have what it takes”which on paper may hold some water as an arguement but not when you consider this was when we went a whole season unbeaten and clearly appeared to know what we were doing defensively!Iam not blind to the fact that Arsene has his faults but will not see this poor spell that his knockers were right all along.

  10. Eddy

    Just a pessismistic note to worry myself with before going to bed:Toure has struggled for form and fitness all season and I can’t help thinking that his persistant injuries are related to malaria which he picked up in the summer and the club are protecting him by inventing stories regarding hamstrings etc..malaria is sometimes disastrous for an athlete as it just keeps coming back,but one has to ask how the fuck he contacted it when all the pills are available now?

  11. faker

    Although some are under development, no vaccine is currently available for malaria; preventive drugs must be taken continuously to reduce the risk of infection. These prophylactic drug treatments are often too expensive for most people living in endemic areas. Most adults from endemic areas have a degree of long-term infection which tends to recur, and also possess partial immunity (resistance); the resistance reduces with time and such adults may become susceptible to severe malaria if they have spent a significant amount of time in non-endemic areas. They are strongly recommended to take full precautions if they return to an endemic area. Malaria infections are treated through the use of antimalarial drugs, such as quinine or artemisinin derivatives. However, parasites have evolved to be resistant to many of these drugs. Therefore, in some areas of the world, only a few drugs remain as effective treatments for malaria.

  12. Eddy

    Avenell me old mate;the answers no but I have got a kugal(don’t know about the spelling),Iam an accountant,go train spotting,drink real ale and think that Jenifer Saunders is really funny.I could have written an immature response that included a really funny aside about a member of your family but maybe that would make me look like a cared about your view.

  13. Eddy

    Avenell thank you for insight into malaria and if Africans are more imune and get over it quicker I can go to bed and play seduko on my own whilst watching Question Time without worrying unecessarily about Kolo’s health.

  14. Eddy

    My word Faker that is some knowledge you have of the malaria bug but long and short do you think that Kolo may never be the same player again because he contracted the disease?

  15. bergkamp

    pahahahahahaha kolo’s malaria bug has nothing to do with his form, he has a big overweight ass, there is 3 types of malaria and none cause a big overweight ass

  16. bergkamp

    kolo is a weak defender,when the team stops defending as a unit and there is no sol cambell to help him out he turns back into an alrite in a few positions utility player

  17. bergkamp

    kolo is living proof that experience doesnt cure problems,he has gone backwards, its amazin we went a season unbeaten with him and now he can be a liabilty

  18. bergkamp

    kolo misses jens lehman too because jens gave him an earfull at any oportunity,kolo needs a guide,he is a follower,and followers need to be organised

  19. Eddy

    bergkamp;Kolo was playing next to Sol Cambell when we went unbeaten who is a completely different type of defender than Gallas as he would attack every ball he could and usually win it.Sol had the turning circle of a tanker at times but Kolo’s pace got him out of trouble on many occasions so without him Sol could have come in for far more crticism.Most people including at last Arsene realise that Kolo operates better with a old fashioned ball winner next to him like Gallas did with J.Terry.

  20. bergkamp

    kolo’s turning circle aint too impressive either,he has been turned an outpaced by many forwards in the last couple years,no doubt about gallas but kolo has not come on and taken responsibility,he has the mental age of an 18 year old defender,he should have learnt from guys like keown and campbell,but he hasnt,its his own fault

  21. bergkamp

    anyone remember sheffield united away a couple years ago when kolo got rinsed by a nobody,and the african nations cup this year he let his country down, and last season makin that slow middlesboro turk look like usain bolt from the halfway line, kolo is a shadow of what he should have matured to

  22. bergkamp

    eddy i think actually they are realising gallas operates better with djourou,kolo i dont know his story,i think he is mentally on the verge of losin it

  23. Eddy

    Iam wondering if the same people who bemoan “Kolo’s lack of defending ability”were voicing their same views when were going unbeaten for a season or he was partnering the cumbersom Senderos and we were setting a new record of 9 games without conceding in the C.L?He is experiencing a challenging period in his carear as is Gallas but the fact that they don’t work together doesn’t make them bad defenders individually.I think Djourrou is cementing his first team place and maybe just maybe we will become better unit defensively,especially in the air.

  24. bergkamp

    his challengin period is nearly a year old since he pissed off to the african cup,every time kolo goes to the african cup he slumps,this time i cant see the end of this slump,u can only give so much faith,no one would have guessed kolo could be discussed as a possible exit at the start of the season but thats what his form has produced

  25. Eddy

    Bergkamp,we seem to have had our fair share of “mental problems”in that position what with Sol,where are you gleaning your’e information re Kolo’s state of mind from?

  26. bergkamp

    djourou needs to become the calming influence that helps kolo regain composure,id like to see it happen but i just cannot imagine kolo being as good as he was

  27. Eddy

    Bergkamp;Sentiment has no place in football and thankfully our manager sees it that way too(he dropped Gilberto before most of saw that the bloke seemed to need a hip op!)but I quite simply believe that Kolo is a great defender when partnered next to the right person.

  28. JonJon

    dont be too harsh on kolo bergkamp, hes been a good servant to the club

    but your right though, hes always been dodgy, but hes got by with his enthusiasm, and he misses sol big time.

    but you cant be sentimental, we need a better defence.

    i wouldnt sell kolo, but he would not be in my 1st team.

  29. bergkamp

    he has been a good servant,but jonjon you cant just pick on certain players an then let other guys off the hook,kolo has been as bad as most players at arsenal when we have had problems over the last year

  30. Eddy

    Avenell me old mate Iam hungover and reacted like a petulant school kid to your “stripey glove comment”,for that Iam sorry…as it it struck a raw nerve as I actually have a home and away pair…nah only joking I thoght you were calling me a boring cunt which I guess I must be as Iam still talking to strangers on a website!

  31. bergkamp

    eddy wenger is the sentiment king,he went from selling merson just like that to refusin to play his cover right back just to fit his golden boys phil educated speaker an kolo in the team at the end of last season wen sag was injured,it cost us

  32. Eddy

    Bergkamp no one can deny your right about certain aspects of his game,especially The horrible incident at Anfield(which was not in my opinion a penalty)but if mistakes are to be continually held against defenders the likes of Clichy and Adams would have got nowhere.

  33. avenell

    Eddy.. I was calling you a loyal supporter with that comment (and i agree with what you said) and the stripey glove thing is a show of a supporter from the old days.. Like we all used to wear on the clock end on those cold winter afternoons watching Ian Alinson save our bacon..

    But heh.. I wasn’t rude to you even if you got the wrong end of the stick!

  34. bergkamp

    eddy it probably wasnt a penalty,but kolo didnt need to be on his back,he created wat the ref saw like a david copperfield trick, i dont hold all kolo’s mistakes against him but iv noticed he can hardly get off the floor these days when the ball is in the air,thats a big problem, what kolo over the next few games carefully especuially defending set pieces,he has concrete boots on

  35. Eddy

    Bergkamp if we are going to get all sentimental re old players can I give a big shout out to;
    Gus Caesar
    Chalky White
    Tommy Caton
    David Hillier
    Raphael Meade
    Eddie Mckoldrick
    and many many more

  36. bergkamp

    dont forget to shout out steve morrows arm, john jensons goal in the 3-1 home defeat to qpr and steven hughes flourishing career eddy

  37. bergkamp

    id love to have seen kolo grow into the arsenal captain though after thierry left for him to have took over but i just dont think it was his character

  38. Eddy

    Avenell,I can only apologise again and feel embarrassed at my willingness to put my slightly efiminette size 8’s in it.I witnessed as you probrably did Ian Allinson greatest moment when he managed to slide the ball under Ray Clemence at White Hart Lane and then could only watch in amazement/horror at the end of the game when the Arsenal boys above us decided to break and throw their chairs towards the pitch,the only trouble being that 50% didn’t make it past the Arsenal fans below!

  39. peachesgooner

    Evening everyone

    Just got in from the game and am thawing my feet out – twas freezin at underhill, what wth the fog rolling in too.

    Heroes to look out for – definitely coquelin and merida, can’t wait to see either of them in the first team. LJ was a bit out of sorts in the first half but in the second half he and Rambo showed great understanding of each.

    Randall works hard, sometimes hes just a bit too flash when a simpler pass would work well. Scored a great goal, though he must have had 10 shots!!!!

    Most of these young boys have footwork to die for, the ball sticks to their boots and they don’t give up the chase. Two criticisms – as per the first team they don’t shoot and they don’t help each other out.

  40. avenell

    Eddy.. no worries mate move on..
    Yes i was there in the semi.. got a ticket of a tout and had to go in the shelf.. A few of us got into the corner at the Park Lane End and the cops threw us in the Park lane for our own safety..

  41. Eddy

    George Graham had an amazing knack of finding very average midfielders and making them look good for 5/6 games before they got found out,David Hillier being the best example as his debut I think was at Anfield where he marked J.Barnes out the game.He then went on to a carear of knicking suitcases at Gatwick.I don’t know if anyone watched WHUFC V THFC last week but I swear Venables was pissed, out of his head…anybody else see or it or more importantly care?Iam off to bed b4 I bore myself.

  42. Doublegooner


    Being 20 yards away & seeing TA meeting up with Stevie Bould & then ‘We,ve got Dennis Bergkamp’ turn up & greeting other with real affection. .

    WE started sing ‘ ONE TONY ADAMS & HE GAVE A BIG SMILE & WAVE.

    Then Wenger comes in ….It was like the Good Old Days.

    Maybe he’s reforming THE INVINCIBLES ?? !!

  43. Eddy

    I f I remember rightly Avenell you weren’t alone in their end as our boys decided they’d see if Spurs liked having 1000 approx away fans in their end(they used to invade the North Bank every time).I also bought a ticket from a tout but I really don’t think there was much need as all the blokes on the gatew were taking cash for entrance hence the fact that I spent the whole game without my feet touching the ground!

  44. peachesgooner

    I always intend to go cos I think its good for the young team to have support, tonight i went for eduardo – the next game is against the spuds so I may have to go to that one too

  45. Doublegooner


    I was with mates back row standing & yes we started the singing ‘ WALKING IN A BERGKAMP WONDERLAND’

    Brought back great memories. 🙂

  46. peachesgooner

    Doublegooner – you guys were fantastic, the singing was awesome. Did the stewards come and tell you to sit down? We were sitting at the half-way line and when the singing started we wanted to come and sit behind the goal.

    Well-done to all you singers it made a great atmosphere 🙂

  47. avenell

    I get mixed up with the years Eddy… I remember the first time we went in the shelf we sang a load of Arsenal stuff we got marched around the pitch..
    But the next year we tried the same thing the police made us all stay in there..

    Evening Peaches.. It looked bloody cold gal!!

  48. Stu

    Betgkamp, totally off topic now because i had to read back on the comments but re your 10:28 comment- It was Christian Nade, the nobody who turned Kolo to score for Sheffield United.

    TA was probably at the game to see his own reserves, just like AW. Dont know why Dennish was there tho.

  49. peachesgooner

    bergie – its easy, if you come on the train to high barnet, you just walk down the road to the ground. Its not too difficult to drive either.

  50. Doublegooner


    The stewards shouted up to us to sit down, my mate shouted back NO & they just started on others

    Me & My mates are the old time singers 🙂

    Be nice to rearrect for our famous Old Banners 1 day .

  51. bergkamp

    stu in all fairness to kolo the pitch at sheffield was a mudbath and our forwards missed chance after chance,same old story we still suffer all the same problems…… dennis maybe came over to have a look about,he still has a box in the emirates too and he might want to have a look at babel

  52. peachesgooner

    ave – it was brass monkeys thats for sure and me being an outdoor kind of gal I was appropriately dressed – the fog ruined my hair though!!!!

    How are you – hows the shopping going?

  53. Stu

    Im a little confused on Bergkamps situation. I thought he was working at Ajax. His wiki says he is working for Wenger and ajax too. Anyone know which one?

  54. bergkamp

    peaches girls dont get cold,i went out lookin for a new wife the other night and im sure girls are made of something else

  55. Doublegooner


    Dennis lives up the road in Hadley Wood, so why not pop in & see the boys for a catch up.

    They really all were pleased to see each other.

  56. peachesgooner


    Do you regularly go to the reserve games? I always intend to but somehow something always gets in the way but it worth going to see some good football.

  57. Doublegooner


    This was my first time for a long while & yet I only live in High Barnet.

    Busy enough doing all home and most away games.

  58. avenell

    Arsene wenger went to brazil.. To look for a player with plenty of skill,.. Then they said we’ve the player for you…. He ain’t got a passport and his names Edu.. Edu Edu.. Edu Edu..

    Peaches.. going down Newquay high street tomorrow, It may have to be the white, but I looked at your link and may go for the clear!!
    Going to put in a return clause when I buy though, just in case.. 😉

  59. bergkamp

    dennis is just gettin experience,he hasnt got his coaching badges,he might even take a seat on our bench soon ,learn how to make a few bad subs off our man

  60. peachesgooner

    bergie – you want to be carefull, those girls that can stand the cold are a different breed. Much better to look for a girl who knows how to keep warm 🙂

  61. Stu

    Vieira has ruled himself out of future management, TA is already at it but not doing well, Bouldy looks the likliest replacement for AW if it is promotion from within and Henry once said that you always seem to come home when talking about Arsenal so……

    Who would you rather Bould, Adams, Bergkamp or Henry. Obviously Henry is still a long way off but still.

    I has become increasingly common in Spain that when a manager leaves for whatever reson the club just promote from within. Valencia did it, Barca too. Why does it never happen in England and when it does it rarely works long term.