Giorgio Chiellini and Alexandre Pato to join the Harlem Globetrotters?

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I’d have it in a heartbeat, William Gallas at 31 and still in post humiliation, for Italian super centre half – 24 year old Giorgio Chiellini, that makes sense, Juventus need money and Ranieri wants Gallas, perfect.

Pato though seems a harder one, why would they sell such a prodigious talent? They don’t need the money or do they? Goofy must have cost some, but I did read somewhere they are after a latino defender which would exceed their South American quota and therefore they would need to lose one, well it won’t be Kaka so that leaves only Pato.

I like Pato a lot, and I would gladly swap him with Bendtner. Italy, where Bendtner would be better off with his directness and Pato’s silky skills would suit the EPL and of course the Harlem Globetrotters of football ‘the Arsenal’

I just hope a deal isn’t being struck that sees Adebayor and Gallas leaving with no cash changing hands. It is the sort of compromise that would suit Wenger, he gets youth in and trouble out and he may even make some money! Which of course gets him his ‘must have’ pat on the back for not making the club slip into administration, by implementing his new found tightness.

I really like the idea of Chiellini though, him and Djourou could be a partnership that would stop a dozen Drogba’s, and it gives us options, aggression and gets rid of the ‘I’m the oldest so deserve respect’ shit currently on offer.

Pato has bundles of skill, much like Vela and Theo but unlike Bendtner, he will become a superstar, I would like to get them and keep Ade though.

Ade can and does score with his head and lays the ball off well and is a bit of a bulldozer, so regardless if you rate him or not, he can do a job.

If we can get the midfielder we so crave and the goalie we so need, the second half of the year could be interesting. I would still have Alonso and I would have Robert Green, but these two look less likely, to be honest I’d be happy with anyone that gives us the help and experience we need.

The credit crunch, the inevitable redundancies and the property crash that will bite in 2009 will see a lot of people not renewing their season tickets next year and I believe that the 58,000 people on the waiting list will disappear as quickly as the deposits on luxury flats next year, so Arsene beware, you may think we’re lucky to have you and your children, but next year you may well find out how lucky you’ve been to have us and our money.

Danny boy, you may well see empty blocks of seats in the stadium for the first time since you’ve been involved and it’s all down to this mad experiment, because had we been dominant (and we could have, had we spent) then people may have taken the pain and taken the chance, you have January to make that happen or I predict you’ll regret it.

Get Chiellini, Villa, Green and Alonso in. If not Villa then Pato for Bendtner.

Eduardo returns tonight so hopefully tomorrow we’ll be describing his 4 goals. Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. avenell

    Kelsey… I will take that as a compliment… πŸ™‚

    But I haven’t entered your exclusive club yet.. and I’m going to tell Peaches what you said!! πŸ˜‰

    I’m going to watch the “return of the Crozillian” so I will be in and out….

  2. choy

    finally.. finally…

    we have someone coming back who doesn’t miss sitters.. who doesn’t need 3-4 chances to score one.. come on eduardo..

    his ice cool finishes and nonchalant celebrations.. out very own no.9

  3. Arsenal Tom

    lol… i think rvp should be going wide before eddie… rvp is very handy for holland down the right, if u chuck theo on the left have them both cutting in on their stronger foots theres plenty of goals there

  4. Stu

    Wenger used Eduardo out wide a lot at the start of last season. There is no logical reason to play him anywhere but striker because he is too old to have to “learn” to play different positions. Thank God he is back tho.

  5. faker

    we’re really missing the amount of defensive grunt work rosicky and hleb put in. i feel like fab was more influential defensively last season too

  6. ethangunner


    totally agree , ade will never have a good 1st touch ! and never fit the arsenal game plan !
    these are facts not fabrications ! he aways scores against the lower half of the table and lets not even talk of off sides ! its a matter of timing and he clearly hasnt got a fuckin clue and never will have ! he’s a 6 yard camper ! and that isnt arsenals style ! never has been and never will !

    bends has youth on his side and if you were to compare a 25 year old nik to ade i know who
    i would want on my team in an instant !

  7. Stu


    back 5
    Cesc – Denilson – ?
    RvP – Ade – Vela/Theo

    Let the defenders defend and leave those 3 up top to ocupy a few defenders.

  8. Arsenal Tom

    ade over pato for me, he gives us something different to anyone else… he’s strong and quick, he’s become allot less selfish and with proper service he’ll score plenty of goals, he’s already proved that.

  9. Stu

    I wouldnt let Nik leave permanently but a loan would do him a lot of good, assuming that Eduardo plays often and Nik goes to a top flight team somewhere.

  10. ethangunner

    ACN is coming up again and i for one hope arsene cashes in on him and his 80 k a week heist , he held the club to ransom for at the start of this season !

    value for money ! ?
    what a joke !

    and why people keep protecting him and putting up with fundamental errors ,that at this level is just inexcusable ! we will never get the striker we deserve !

  11. franchise

    ade over pato for me

    ethan milan, mancs, and l’pool poor sides?

    The guy scores more goals away than at home very rare for a striker to do that. it show resilence

  12. faker

    tom, id have to agree with u. nicB is tall but not physical enough, not that great in the air, not as good w/back to goal, and not enough work rate to really replace Ade. Ade is more of a heskey. i think bendtner plays better behind the striker.

    but i would love to have pato…

  13. Stu

    The difference between Pato and Ade is that despite the age difference Pato is more likely to score a goal out of nothing. pato might create his own goal whereas Ade need someone else to do the work.

    It would be interesting to see the stats on how many goals Ade scores from open play without an assist.

  14. Arsenal Tom

    stu… cesc and 2 holders i reckon.. de rossi and someone. that way the rest of them have enough freedom not to have too much to worry about.

    im off to get home to see eddie and the kids whoop the pompey muppets!


  15. ethangunner

    ade has done fuck all this year !
    this time last year he was top of the table now where is he ?
    he got lucky as we had a better than descent midfield , possibly the best in the world last year
    who wouldnt score ???

    now he has to score goals on his own merits all he has done is fucking choke when we needed a spear head !

    and if you all think 80 k a week for him represents value for money , we will be in the same boat this time next year !

    we need a far better class of player !!

    A tom yes he offers something different alright !
    off sides .. an inability this year to pull the trigger !
    spilling possession , more time on the pitch than any other striker
    and still cant score outside the 6 yard box !

  16. kelsey

    our main problem is that 3 years ago we had truly great players in the side like thiery,dennis,bobby,patrick and even cole(at the time0sol wasn’t far behind,now we have maybe 3 good players in cesc,bacary and gael,then a whole load f average players and then players like eboue and song who shouldn’t be in the squad.

    The gulf is huge and i feel the so called transition period will take a long time,and maybe wenger should change his game plan,we as a team are to easy to read and wenger is being outwitted by the likes of lower league status clubs.One to fast introcate passing is an art in itself,and we don’t have that vision to do it regurly accept cesc.

  17. avenell

    I’d rather we had smaller strikers. We might play football on the deck again..
    And it will stop the dreaded Toure kicks… Ade runs…. Linesman put’s his flag up…. problem.
    I cannot see Theo ever partnering RVP, them two just don’t get on!!!

  18. franchise

    fabregas has done fuck all dis year too ethan. this time last year he had like 10 goals in all competitions and like 8 assists in the league. this yr even ade has mo assists than him

  19. franchise

    ikon on paper it looks good.

    what is the relationship between the spurs team and an A4 sheet?
    their team looks good on paper.

  20. Stu

    I heard that Barca were after RVP. TBH I wouldnt be devestated if he left as long as it wasnt to Barca. They have enough of our ex players ffs!!

  21. faker

    ave, theo’s decsision making and onfield chemistry will always be suspect im afraid.

    kelsey, wenger has been leveraging his youth policy to get more kids. he needs to leverage cesc and champions league football to get some stars before its too late. this january window and this summer will be career defining for wenger

  22. JonJon


    as long as it was over 15 mil they can have him.

    hes too inconsistent, and hes already admitted hes made of glass, hes an injury waiting to happen.

  23. ethangunner

    yes stu
    precisely !

    what does he create from the final 1/3 say ? ALONE ?

    how many times have you seen him start a run from 30 yards and go in and score ? unassisted ?
    beat a defender or 2 ?

    who do you think this club is you ade protectors ? hull ?

    we are Arsenal !

    so i suppose ade is better than torres ? anelka ? drogba ? berbatov ? robinho ?

    yes well get a grip on reality thats who our direct competition has !
    and he is a fucking joke compared to the other caliber of teams ?

    you only have too look at the EPL table FFS ! but shit he’s great isnt he !

    so you suggest we get all our midfield wasting chances on feeding him ?
    no wonder others are screaming for midfielders who score ?

    how cant they when they have to feed this joker who’s raped us too the tune of 80 k a week !

  24. JonJon

    does anyone know if we got a sell on fee built into diarras sale, like we did with bentley??

    ive seen a report that real madrid want him for 15-17mil. we could do with a slice of that.

  25. Stu

    Isnt it a massive, stinking pile of horse-shiy that Real are in talks with Pompey for signing Diarra for 18m.

    They have 2 signings already while Wenger will probably do fuck all of note. Maybe a few kids but who is to say that he will actually buy a good midfielder or defender or winger???

  26. avenell

    faker .. I don’t rate Theo much.. but I have seen an improvement, unlike the players we were discussing earlier.

    We are supposed to be looking at Gervinho, I don’t know much about him what’s he like??

  27. ethangunner


    precisely ! we had top crop players and arsene didnt replace them as they left …
    he said cesc will be good one day .. so will clichy …. etc .. sure those 2 made it ..

    but how many stokes – pennants – bentleys mumba’s didnt ! it was hit and miss for so long
    we forgot what a quality winger was .. and for that matter a quality striker like DB10 or TH14 ..

    even wiltord and kanu id prefer over RVP and ade !

    we are an attacking team without any class attacking players !
    now how the fuck does that work ? ??

    but we would rather talk about a CD …

    you can live the glory days of ades 24 goals last season in the EPL !
    but he played just about every game and probably had over 200 chances at goal for 24 !

    not bad ! ….

    if your west brom !

  28. Stu


    all i know about him is that he plays for Le Mans and is Ivorian. Another african tha we would lose for a month every year…or is it every2? We lose enough players as it is.

  29. franchise

    Adebayor Adebayor give him the ball (in the6 yard box) and he would score.

    Ethan do u know that Ruud boy never scored a goal outside 18 yards for ManU?

    There is only 1 thierry Henry. The sooner u realise that u would start to appreciate a striker like Adebayor.

  30. ikon

    what is the speciality of spuds…. they make everyone look good on paper.

    I know wat u r saying, but if you think about it, the pl is said to be a “fast paced” league. Where as in reality the numerous back and square passes makes it slower than an average league. A number of times I am left disgusted at the lack of ambition of teams to go forward. They simply wait wait and wait until they are stripped of possession.

    I think in such a league, players with an out and out attack mentality (at least the attacking mid and strikers) have a much better chance to score.

    Vela, Dudu, Pato, Fabregas, even Ramsey are all attack minded.

    Bendtner, Adebayor, nowadays even RVP are not.

    I personally would love to see our attack spearheaded by Vela-Dudu, Vela-Pato, Dudu- Pato.

    With these partnerships you know one chance and they will score. And the teams who can shut down the Arsenal without even one chance in the entire 90 minutes… of course deserve the point(s).

    Entirely my opinion but.

  31. faker

    ave, i agree hes pretty frustrating. doesnt seem to have a natural football brain

    stu, it really sucks. wenger should have kept him against his will, given him some games to impress and THEN sell him


    ive never seen drogba score a goal like that either. ade is a VERY useful striker despite his shortcomings. losing him does not benefit us when there is no clear replacement

  32. JonJon

    no more africans please,

    it fucks the team up when the naff off for a month and come back nackered for the business end of the season.

  33. Stu

    I know he has been on amazingly shit form this season but I made the point last season that if Bendtner played the same amount of games last season that he would get roughly the same amount of goals if not more. And despite his horrible performances in front of goal this season I stick by that….well with the same service i mean.

  34. ethangunner

    i would go with vela and theo !
    at least the pair would develop !

    what has ade developed ? the ability to hold the ball up and pass off ?
    he doesnt even try to score 10 a game now !

    he has got worse not better ! at least a way ward strike is better than none !

    ill give him that he is good in the air ! but thats a small trade off when weighing up the negatives .

  35. franchise

    if we had a striker like ade as an option in the 2002-2004 era we would have won back to back titles at least once.

  36. Stu

    Franchise, i feel that I must correct you. Van Nistelrooy scored from outside the 18yard box against Charlton Athletic via a deflection. Even tho it was only 1 it still counts.

    And compairing Ade to RvN is unfair to Ade. Ruud scored 25= for a few seasons. Ade has done i once.

  37. faker

    soccernet just came out w/summary of potential arsenal transfers…song to newcastle?? no word on pato or chiellini – probably too farfetched haha


    Outgoing: William Gallas (AC Milan) could find himself hit by the Gunners’ exit door after his comments about his team-mates disrupted the side’s season. The Frenchman is apparently keen to stay, but a big offer could force Wenger’s hand. Kolo Toure (Man City) has also been linked with a move, but the only other departures may be in the form of loans like Carlos Vela (West Brom) or Alex Song (Newcastle).

    Incoming: A central defender and defensive midfielder should top the list, so Yaya Toure (Barcelona) and Miguel Veloso (Sporting Lisbon) could come in. Xabi Alonso (Liverpool) would cost in excess of Β£15million and Wenger does not like spending big, so may be more tempted by the likes of Stephane Mbia (Rennes), Blaise Matuidi (Saint Etienne) or Steven Defour (Standard Liege).

  38. avenell

    The South Americans are as bad as the Africans, we lose them in August every 2 years and they are always knackered when they come back from international breaks….

  39. faker

    ave, worked out for us fairly nicely last season ;p

    although i wonder what things would be like had gilberto kept his spot and stayed another year or 2

  40. ethangunner


    we need a 2nd shift ..
    ive come to the the opinion if we dont get … GOAL KEEPER , DM , CD , 2x WINGERS .AND VILLA
    or alike ..

    we wont win anything !

    maybe wenger will be taking baby steps … and strive for staying in the top 4 .. but we need to get personnel in now so next season we start at a flyer !

    paul ince went today roy keane before .. next season who knows .. ? more investors, more Russians or arabs investing billions into hull ? or some other fringe EPL team ?

    if wenger doesn’t cut the dead wood now and get top class personnel in like YESTERDAY .
    we are heading for EUFA spots or worse !

    RVP is ok as back up ! even ade ! but his wage makes a mockery of him even being able to stay at arsenal long term , he is just way too over paid V’s his production ..

    And the people who say villa wont be any good here at arsenal obviously havent seen him play !

    and nik also isnt good enough currently but he isnt on 80 k a week either !
    and he isnt at the peak of his career like ade is either !

  41. faker

    and to add, while he istn the best at beating a defender 1on1, hes pretty good at beating keepers 1on1. something bendtner doesnt seem as comfortable doing yet

  42. Stu

    Appaerntly they still havent warmed to Gilberto in Greece. They think because he is a brazilian that he should be scoring great goals etc. Do they not know who he is????

  43. faker

    ethan, i dont see much more russian money coming into the game. oligarchs are hurting bad. russia is financially unstable right now, their cds is trading at like 700…

    and with oil at 44, opec countries are feeling the pain.

  44. ethangunner


    all i need to do is point to the EPL ladder ..
    look at the strikers in the top 3 !

    also look whos 5th !

    goals get points .. not superior possession !
    and if your strikers arent clinical enough your not going to score ..
    the EPL table is a direct reflection of that !

  45. franchise

    ethan Utd and Pool’s strikers are still on like 5 each so……. we are joint 2nd top scorers in the league behind chelsea and we are 5th. u not always gonna score thats why u have to learn how to defend 1 goal leads


    the list goes on

  46. raif

    lassana diarra’s ment to be in talks with Real Madrid. what a little twat bag.

    if he found it hard to get into the Arsenal Team and felt he was to good to actully work hard for his place then his going to have a Lovely trying to get into the Madrid Team

  47. faker

    i mean listen ethan, adebayor’s limitations are there for all to see but there is no doubt what he adds to the team. he is something different. walcott,/vela is too lightweight and predictable and leaves us w/no contingency plan.

    the only thing i cant understand is how hes offsides all the time

  48. Wrighty7

    Hey there Pedro, Geoff and Le Grovers!

    Good post, like the Harlem Globe Trotters comparison! Ha ha

    Good luck Dudu tonight!

    On Adebayor, I always used to defend him, then I went off him in the summer and now I’m warming to him again…….


    See ya later Grovers!

  49. ethangunner


    the EPL is ever evolving .. and someone has the money .. someone makes insurance claims against this or that . someone is profiting somewhere ..

    My point is the EPL in the past 2 or 3 years has seen the spuds spend crazy money , liverpool
    trying far better than us to stay in the race .. the emergence of man shitty .. villa ..
    whos to say next season and even after that what can happen ????

    look how long liverpoo took to recover ! and that was with a lot of money spent
    if we dont drastically do a U turn now and have a game plan we could be history ..

    i mean really does anyone expect ade to get better ?
    how many games do we have to wait for that biblical miracle ?

    isnt it better just to cut our losses and get someone who will preform more consistently for our team ?

    and same goes for A LOT of current starting 11 players ..
    i dont want to single out ade any more there are others like almunia – song – diaby – denilson(to a lesser degree)

    who just shouldn’t be regular starters for a club like ours !

  50. ethangunner


    i understand the philosophy , but arsenal defending for upto 70 minutes ?

    with almunia in goal ? or gallas clichy even toure screwing the pooch at horror moments ..
    or wingbacks that always push forward ..
    our wingers are in the final 1/3 supplying crosses ..

    we are an attacking team , thats how we ply our trade !

    thats the cornerstone of past arsenal teams ! and still wengers game plan ..
    TH14 – DB10 – IW – and all the class in between , anelka wiltord ..

    we have had really a great class of player in the past ..
    why have our standards dropped ?

    yet all the other top 4 teams are buying quality ..
    there is just no defending our team – ade ,our strikers .. our crap midfield …
    our ‘shrinking in stature’ goal keeper … our defense struggles when we dont get and keep possession ..

    and how can you when every time you feed ade the ball is turned over to the other side ????

  51. A

    why is noone talking about the reserve game?! eduardo through in 3rd minute and absolutely horrific dive! we should absolutey hammer this pompey team with the players we have out there!

  52. ethangunner

    dead right stu ..

    he isnt 19 with a moldable future ahead of him !

    he will still keep being offside . he will still only shoot from the 6 yard box , he will keep giving away the ball , either via offside or a poor 1st touch .. and at 80 k a week !

    im sorry but im sure wenger will help the cunt pack his bags come the end of the season !
    wenger has sold far better players than him … and unless he does a U turn fucking quickly
    there is only 1 way this story will end !!!

  53. kelsey

    i tell you how good things are in this recession,over here there is a new apartment block called los Flamingos.if you buy a 3 bedroom apartment you get a one bedroom apartment free.Another building firm is offering to throw in a porsche cayenne if buy a 3 bedroom apartment.House prices have fallen 40% or more on overbuild of new apartments and i see a return to the paying fans demanding more and more from our lads on the money they earn.Attendances will fall dramatically and the pressure on players to perform will become greater.Corporates will cut back big time,and players should be fighting to wear the jersey.Why should r.v.p ask for 80K a week now,as i said before let him prove it first,have a decent run without picking up another injury and justify his wages first before a bonus,like any other business.

    fergie wouldn’t take all this crap our players comment to the media,he would tell them to concentrate on your game first,win something then you can spout your head off.

  54. Stu

    For a title challenging tea, like we SHOULD be, we shouldnt have more than 3-4 youngsters in the starting line up.

    Age becomes more important the further back the pitch you go.

    GK are at their peak into their mid-late 30s.
    A defender can easily play up to 35.
    Strikers dont need experience but they need experience aroung them.

    Its fine playing JD but playing him next to a cunt like Gallas, a poor, way off form Toure or a Fish is unacceptable.

    IMO the ony players that deserve to remain if a clear out were to happen are JD, Cesc, Clichy and Sagna, plus the good younguns like Ramsey, LJW, Vela etc…all those who dont start but would flourish with proper guidance.

  55. rico01

    Hi Guys and Gals –

    Busy time at the moment, too busy, and i am deprived of my Le Grove fix…. πŸ™

    Love the post Geoff πŸ™‚

    Haven’t got much time, but just want to say how great it is that so many feel they have the devine right to comment about our club and how poor we are right now – Martin Jol being the latest, oh and Le Grove fine folk are not included in my view πŸ˜‰

    For me – that is fighting talk, and if anything can get up our players noses it should be the half wit footie people who are so jealous of our history and cant wait for us to fail..

    Arsene, and Arsenal – read this crap they are all saying, have a laugh and go get those players, and shove it right back up their….. noses πŸ˜‰

    Thank you Martin Jol, you may just be that final nail…. but it will never be in our box !!
    And you did so so well down the road, didnt you!! ?????

  56. ethangunner


    is asking to be brought in line with ade ..

    i gotta say both of them arent doing that greater job, but i can understand why the magical figure sort after happens to be what ade is getting paid !

  57. ojaimo

    Fine post Geoff, However, I want to differ with some opinions of most grovers. Please we should not sell Gallas. We have lost enough experience already, (Flamini, Hleb, Gilberto Diarra etc.) and none had been replaced or adequately replaced. What is the guarantee that there will be a replacement for experienced Gallas. NONE!!! Pls. Wenger should do everything to keep him for at least one more season. Song/Bentdner can leave, as they are not part of the experienced players or are they????

  58. Lou

    Martin Jol? Now let me think. Oh yes I remember him. Every year he said that he would take Spurs to the CL. Spent an absolute fortune. Bought and sold over 100 players. Won absolutely nothing. Kicked out with his tail between his legs and had to leave the country. Last seen basking with Fat Sam (another Walrus) in the Atlantic somewhere eating herring. Certainly someone to listen to.

  59. HusAllmighty

    Hey Grovers.
    Still 0-0 in the reserves match.
    Eduardo seems to be playing ok though, so good news there.
    Hope some of these transfer rumours are true. I have a good feeling about this January Transfer period

  60. rob

    Anyone watching the reserve game???

    Edu is back, hasn’t really had a chance to do much, Wilshire, Ramsey, Merida, Simpson and Randall also all playing, though not a great game.

    I hope Eduardo gets a goal.

    Is there any truth in rumours that Madrid are gunna sign Diarra?????

  61. franchise

    u guys that keep asking for a clear out be careful what u ask for? VP not good enough, Ade not good enough bla bla. Two top players with the current bunch bar Song would get us playing beautifully again ideally a CM and a wide player. Further strengthening can be done in the summer when who stays and who goes becomes clearer. 3 would be perfect but 2 would make a difference

  62. ethangunner


    Two top players with the current bunch bar Song would get us playing beautifully again

    there’s no guarantee of that .. weve lost too some very crap teams this season and withour injury woes for every 2 top players you get in 1 will always be injured ..
    also our strikes cant hit a barn door at the moment .. so who do you suggest we get ? a DM obviously .. a goal keeper ? a defender ? some wingers ? a striker like the caliber of TH14 ?

    Yes rob ,
    dudu seems a bit stand offish ! and no score this half .. good strike in the 40th odd minute
    but stand outs are wilshere and ramsey ..

    and my vote is lil jack !

    he needs a 1st team run !
    what is arsene thinking ?

    wilshere is good on the right ! well done lad !

  63. andy c

    coquelin looks quite a decent player and true to Arsenal he is playing out of position!
    Ramseys passing is a bit off tonight..

  64. JonJon

    coquelin, randall and LJW have stood out for me.

    i dont really like randall but hes having a decent game tonight.

    you can tell how rusty dudu is, if he wont of been sharp he’d off hit that chance in the 3rd minute with his right, good attempt in the 40th though,

    hope he comes out for the 2nd half and gets a bit more time, id love to see him score.

  65. franchise

    Randall oozes class. he needs more beef tho. Merida is also a top player. As is Ramsey, Coq, Wishere the future is bright indeed.

  66. Stu

    Ethan, Wulshere is usually a right midfielder. He doesnt play on the left because he always cuts in looking to thread a pass.

    Isnt it strange how Ramsey and Randall are allowed to play CM together but Wenger never lets Cesc and Ramsey play CM together. Randall isnt really a DM but does seem to sit deeper than other CMs would. Im not a fan of his but he isnt doing badly.

    Bischoff on for Dudu, never really seen Bisch play. Hope he does well.

  67. ethangunner


    i agree anything will improve us ..
    but to threaten the title realistically we need depth .


    hey i know JW plays RM but why on earth not play him whilst theo is out !
    its madness … JW might even make theo hurry up a bit to get fit if he see’s jack taking his place away from him …

  68. Stu

    Am I the only one who doesnt like Rodgers. I cant put my finger on it but i just dont like him. Maybe its because he is a spud or that he is still here!!!??!?!?!

  69. JonJon

    i wouldnt be suprised if ramsey was a bit pissed off.

    he chose us over manutd cos he was promised more chances in the 1st team and hes been shoved in the CC and reserves,

    theres no doubting his quality paulinho, but maybe we have another diarra on our hands.

    just a suggestion

  70. JonJon


    wenger wont play LJW in the first team until hes signed a professional contract

    inter were snooping around after him in pre season and wengers scared of losing him so hes trying to hide him, he puts him on the bench to show us hes around, but he wont get a run of games until after new year.

  71. A

    he’s had much more chances with us than he would have in the utd squad. He’s in our squad every match, and has played in champs league and prem, he would have only played some cc with utd. He’s obviously not ready yet but his talent is amazing. wilshere is absolutely incredible. simpson’s build up play is just embarrassing, the number of moves which have just stopped because of simpson is ridiculous.

    yeah stu rodgers is absolutely pants, marginally worse than hoyte.

  72. franchise

    ethan not keeping that team from last year and building on it has already cost us the title unless the other top 3 sides are not serious then we have a slight chance i.e. if we improve the teamin Jan. 2 or 3 players might only just make us finish in a more respectable position and may be squeeze in the FA cup

  73. Rohan

    jonjon he has already started acouple of champions league games. we are probably teh only club that will ever give him that chance
    fuck wilshere is awesome. he reminds one of messi when he cuts in doesnt he

  74. JonJon

    i know A,

    but with us having so many injuries and playing players out of position, ramseys probably thinking what he has to do to get a run in the team, even song gets a game, ramseys confidence must be shot.

  75. franchise

    JJ i dont think that is why wenger is not playing Jack. Jack to Inter is never going to happen. The boy is a 16 yr old london boy for God’s sake. Inter wouldnt appeal to himat all in my opinion

  76. A

    i’d play song ahead of ramsey any day of the week if we need a dm. If ramsey was in the team cos of injuries he’d be no less playing out of positon, but less experienced so it would affect his confidence more. Young players go through good and bad spells, ramsey actually looked worse since he was given a start at right mid i can’t remember who against!

  77. Ted jan bloemen

    Arsene should buy Mark van Bommel of Bayern MΓΌnchen
    send bendtner on loan or sell him, get a new CB
    buy Robert Reen or preferably Akinfeev of the Russian national team
    then with edouardo back arsenal will be a force to be reconed with!

  78. JonJon

    yes franchise i agree i dont think jack would leave,

    but wenger has done to other clubs what theyd love to do with jack for years,dont forget we signed local lad cesc at 16.

    it does happen, and wenger knows it.

  79. JonJon


    i wouldnt play song anywhere, hes useless

    dont forget wenger classed him as a defender in the summer, now hes a DM all of a sudden when weve got midfielders on the bench.

    just a thought.

  80. A

    diaby is the most stupid footballer in our squad, he was no awareness or positional sense whatsoever i don’t think he’ll ever be a regular proper centre mid, he can’t be given any defensive responsibilities at all because he’s completely and utterly retarded in that department!

  81. avenell

    Jacks agents are an Italian based company with close links to the clubs over there..
    Stevenage isn’t as nice as Italy at this time of year!!!

  82. franchise

    A good manager should be able to positionally discipline a player like Diaby. Arsene is one but I cant understand why he hasnt even attempted it

  83. A

    in 4-4-2 that’s the only position diaby could play imo. He could only play centrally with a dm, though he isn’t good enough to be the controlling the game sort of cesc job, or in a 5 man midfield or just behind the forward. Unfortunately i don’t think he’ll make it properly now, after so much early promise

  84. JonJon

    451 is the only position diaby can play in, he cant adapt to any other role he’s thick as shit.

    we should let him go, hes got good feet but cant do anything else.

  85. A

    i disagree franchise, no manager could improve someone with diaby’s limitations. If anyone could it would be wenger. say what you want about him, he’s been better at changing players’ positions than any other manager i can think of, though obviously it doesn’t always work

  86. A

    i agree jonjon, though i wouldn’t want to let him go. I wouldn’t want a single player to leave the squad, unless we signed 2 players in his position, because we’re too thin as it is!

  87. Stu

    Many tipped Diaby to be the next vieira while others (mainly bindippers) said Sissoko was the next Vieira. The new vieira would be a combination of both.

    Diaby cant defend while Sissiko cant attack.

  88. A

    i wouldn’t say anywhere else franchise. he wouldn’t at a top team, though i think he’d suit italy. in england he’d be a diarra standard player, look very good with lesser players. Just not sure he’ll ever do it for us, gives the ball away too much to play centrally if cesc was injured, it would destroy our style of play

  89. A

    off at half time pedro, though he did very nearly score just before the end of the 1st half, keeper fingertipped save onto the post