Giorgio Chiellini and Alexandre Pato to join the Harlem Globetrotters?

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I’d have it in a heartbeat, William Gallas at 31 and still in post humiliation, for Italian super centre half – 24 year old Giorgio Chiellini, that makes sense, Juventus need money and Ranieri wants Gallas, perfect.

Pato though seems a harder one, why would they sell such a prodigious talent? They don’t need the money or do they? Goofy must have cost some, but I did read somewhere they are after a latino defender which would exceed their South American quota and therefore they would need to lose one, well it won’t be Kaka so that leaves only Pato.

I like Pato a lot, and I would gladly swap him with Bendtner. Italy, where Bendtner would be better off with his directness and Pato’s silky skills would suit the EPL and of course the Harlem Globetrotters of football ‘the Arsenal’

I just hope a deal isn’t being struck that sees Adebayor and Gallas leaving with no cash changing hands. It is the sort of compromise that would suit Wenger, he gets youth in and trouble out and he may even make some money! Which of course gets him his ‘must have’ pat on the back for not making the club slip into administration, by implementing his new found tightness.

I really like the idea of Chiellini though, him and Djourou could be a partnership that would stop a dozen Drogba’s, and it gives us options, aggression and gets rid of the ‘I’m the oldest so deserve respect’ shit currently on offer.

Pato has bundles of skill, much like Vela and Theo but unlike Bendtner, he will become a superstar, I would like to get them and keep Ade though.

Ade can and does score with his head and lays the ball off well and is a bit of a bulldozer, so regardless if you rate him or not, he can do a job.

If we can get the midfielder we so crave and the goalie we so need, the second half of the year could be interesting. I would still have Alonso and I would have Robert Green, but these two look less likely, to be honest I’d be happy with anyone that gives us the help and experience we need.

The credit crunch, the inevitable redundancies and the property crash that will bite in 2009 will see a lot of people not renewing their season tickets next year and I believe that the 58,000 people on the waiting list will disappear as quickly as the deposits on luxury flats next year, so Arsene beware, you may think we’re lucky to have you and your children, but next year you may well find out how lucky you’ve been to have us and our money.

Danny boy, you may well see empty blocks of seats in the stadium for the first time since you’ve been involved and it’s all down to this mad experiment, because had we been dominant (and we could have, had we spent) then people may have taken the pain and taken the chance, you have January to make that happen or I predict you’ll regret it.

Get Chiellini, Villa, Green and Alonso in. If not Villa then Pato for Bendtner.

Eduardo returns tonight so hopefully tomorrow we’ll be describing his 4 goals. Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. Franchise

    Big Raddy im not really pessimistic but im just being very critical right now. if u remember i said i would assess our chances at the end of november. there were tough games in there i knew it wouldnt be easy abut i expected us to react hoping what had happened in previous months was a slump in form. From what ive seen it wasnt the team is just not good enough. So i just say things as i see it

  2. Seb

    Pato to Arsenal? Dream on, they would be mad to let him go, he will be their Messi.

    More likely that Milan would sign Vela tbh… that’s how unlikely I reckon it is.

  3. Mark C

    Geoff, good post, I would say we should make alonso, or de rossi as a priority ahead of pato. That is where we are lacking at the moment.

    A big CB is required, be it Chellini, or Hangerland, I am not bothered, size, aggresion, and confidence is what I am looking for in a CB.

  4. iceman

    Morning Grovers…….

    Wow is that Brazilian defender that highly rated that they would let go of Pato for him?

    Oh and all I want for Christmas is……………………………….. Alonso!!

    Free up the no. 10 also if you will…………

  5. Big Raddy

    I appreciate that Franchise. And I accept your view, but sometimes, just occasionally, you could be a little more ‘cup half full’.

    I am sure you would feel the benefit. πŸ˜‰

    There is no questioning that the team is not good enough, but there are signs that we have the nucleus of a decent side. Sagna, JD, WG, Clichy, Cesc, Ade, RvP, Nasri Theo Vela and a couple of tasty kids.

    We need some fresh blood. The post says it all. Just 3 players can sort us out, proving they are the right 3….

  6. Rob

    Nice blog, gives me a good reminder of how we want a quality singing AW signs silvestre an when we need a signing he gets no one

    Champions league anyone? Let’s face it, we don’t stand a chance in the EPL

  7. Mark C

    iceman, milan have an aging defence.

    they even took Senderos on loan.

    They need to replace, Nesta, Maldini and Cafu, so, any defender is an option for them.

  8. Arsenal Tom

    morning ladies & gents….

    chellini, de rossi, and a winger would be the basic requirements, plus rob green could be a steal to as west ham are more fucked financially than we are in central midfield

  9. Rob

    The other thing is, the team play like they aren’t trying or don’t care. How can you expect the team to try and be hard on themselves when they lose if AW is not. Wenger used to get away with not giving players an ass whooping at half time or after games as he had the likes of viera and Adams to do it for him. Now we are missing that. When wenger is slack, or makes excuses the team do the same, or at least on the pitch.

    What do you guys think?????

  10. james

    sorry have to disagree on Alonso that would never work him and Cesc are to similar we can get a much better DM than Alonso we need some one quicker and stronger I’m am surprised of the amount of Gooners that want to see Alonso come to Arsenal

  11. Franchise

    Big R ive always had the half full mentality. that is what even makes it more annoying when u know that we are 3 players away from world domination. Wenger is a fucking high risk taker. U would think he was a hedge fund manager at Lehmann Bros. The belief he has for this team is shocking. all he ends up doing is exposing young inexperienced players to the harsh criticism from fans and the press. its even worse when he plays them out of position. Song is still not good enough though he should be shipped out and eboue’s attitude must improve or he should be shipped out too

  12. Mark C

    James we dont need a DM.

    We need a strong midfield partnership.

    Alonso and Cesc are not the same type of player, have a look on Sunday. Alonso will be picking up Cesc, or trying to.

  13. Franchise

    how are alonso and cesc too similar james? and also the reason why a lot of gunners want to see him is cos he is a very good CM/DM/anchor midfield player. He would improve our passing game, anchor the midfield like a mo’ fucka, increase our scoring threat from midfield etc. the guy is a diamond of a player and he has prem experience. not to mention he is a very good friend of cesc

  14. xeeez

    ya franchise Alonso would be great IMO although I think pool won’t let him go coz he has been in blistering form..roma won’t let De Rossi go easily..but these are the two best options IMO way above yaya or anyone so Wenger has to splash the cash! πŸ™‚

  15. ethangunner

    Harlem Globetrotters???

    is that because we play fancy football yet dont win any official competitions ?? πŸ™‚

  16. Rob

    Alonso is a very different player to cesc, and although would play well with him, is not really a DM but is still a great player. He is about 25 with lots of PL experience, and would be a fantastic signing. As for a DM, how about Jonathan De Guzman?

  17. Sw Bstrd

    Fat chance Wenger going for an italian central defender.. Chiellini might be quite good and promising for the Italian walking football but he will be slaughtered in the PL. Look at Materazzi, he is somehow rated as a good defender in Italy but when he was at Everton he looked like Igors Stepanovs. No, buy Upson back since he seems not to be as injury prone as he was when with us. He’d love to come to a big club and have a crack at the Champions League.

  18. Franchise

    i doubt alonso would move in Jan though unless L’pool are desperate for cash. A summer move is more likely. He wouldnt want to miss out on the knockout stages of the CL. but u never know he may be unhappy about the way he was treated in the summer and might jump at the chance to move.

  19. james

    of course we need a DM we have needed one since Viera left we need a MF that can give Cesc more of a option to go forward like Ya Ya or a Essien and defencive wise Alonso is not the answer, so your telling me Alonso and Cesc partnership is strong enough for the premiership?i dont think so it will never work and yes they are a similar type of player

  20. Seb

    Harry Redknapp reveals the secret of their success up the road:
    ‘We try to get people playing in their right positions. It is amazing how many managers don’t actually do that.” – thinly veiled barb there perhaps? and fair enough too… sort it out Arsene.

    And I noticed from yesterday we are in for some French child again, Bordeaux’s Henri Saivet ‘the new Henry’ blah blah blah, well he can join the list of new Henrys we have already got including Theo and Gilles Sunu…

  21. Stu

    Morning all,

    Rob Green Geoff? Doesnt he only do well against us. He could be our own worst enemy, and we have enough of them for 2 squads.

  22. Stu

    Rob, isnt Alonso about 27. He is a year younger than Gerrard who is now 28 so….. and De Guzman is another attacking mid.

  23. Ali Saljuk

    Hi grovers, its raining here and a miserable day today , Chiellini ? I would snap the tinkerman’s hand off , Gallas to go and him to come in aroung 10m in exchange would be a smart deal. Djourou and Chiellini would be awesome , we still need to focus on midfield first and attack later, so instead of pato (altough i would love to have him) we should focus on de rossi , alonso , veloso , cana and a winger in addition to the cb. Dont wory for Bendtner , if and when Eduardo is fit he wont get anywhere near the first team.

    Its Jan. soon and these discussions are all fun and games and just to take our minds off the stark reality. We all know deep down what will ( or prob. wont) happen this transfer window.

    I tell you what can most definately happen , we can witness a successful return for Eduardo and smash liverpool , that we can do.

  24. GunnerShabz

    if we had dream signings then it would be

    david villa, danielle de rossi, phillipe mexes

    thats all we need and we will win the premiership

  25. 4bp

    we just cant afford to go and sign villa, chellini, alonso and green!
    thats probably about Β£60m and then you have have to consider signing on fees and wages. we already have one of the highest wage bills in the prem and this would only make it higher.
    if we are lucky we will sell gallas and get a CB and also get a DM and that will prob be it. wenger will not go out and just spend 50m+ in one go, never has done, never will do.
    although i agreee with u we need these players we need to be realistic and not get everyone hopes up!

  26. Rob

    Age not the point, but I was pretty sure guzman was DM.
    Sorry I was probably wrong.

    As for a keeper, how about Neuer at Schalke?

  27. Stu

    Shabz, Mexez is worse than Gallas. He makes loads of mistakes in the CL. He was woeful against united and lost Terry for a corner in a 1-0 loss to the Chavs. I’ld rather not have him.

  28. Ali Saljuk

    As a keeper Neurer is too young , I have always rated Shay Given as one of the best stoppers in the epl , him and Jussi Jaskalienen are both good but Jussi is capable of some blunders but Given is top class

    Speaking of dream signings Villa, De Rossi , Ribery would be my picks.

  29. Rob

    We will be lucky if AW spends 10 M on a player. Cesc was begging for alonso, but Wenger said no. Maybe we will sign some ‘ones for the future’ in January.

    Anyone heard any other unlikely rumours for us to dream about?


  30. Matt

    I’m going to re-post the second half of my post from yesterday – (call me lazy!)

    I agree that the squad needs strengthening in Jan – hopefully in Centre Mid – but you say β€˜Buy Green, Villa, Chiellini and Alonso’

    Well Green would probably be good value – but to me Kirkland is the better keeper – so i kind of agree with you there.

    Villa? Would prob be the best part of $50M, when we already have Ade,RVP, Eduardo coming back, Vela, Walcott and Bendtner.

    To me – he is not value for money – the money can be spent better on other areas.

    Cheillini? Good player, but signed a new contract with Juve in the summer, so probably wouldnt want to leave to come to England, and would be the best part of $20M.

    Alonso? Yes – i would love to see him come in, but the way he is playing this season i dont see Pool selling him, and again would be $20M.

    So to buy all of the players you say would be approx. $100M.

    If the money is there, Kirkland would be a good buy, and then lets hope AW finds a CM who can come in and do the job we really need.

  31. Gavbert Hemonica

    We’ll be lucky to get 1 signing – still it’s the season of dreamimg about unlikely gifts ie. PS3, Blueray and all the trimmings…….

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    At least this transfer window spuds won’t be linked to any of our potential signings. They sound like they are broke πŸ˜†

  33. Ali Saljuk

    A big no no when it comes to Mexes , error prone , and similar to gallas , toure etc. Hageland would be better choice than him if chiellini is impossible

  34. Franchise

    having a CM that is more defensively minded than his partner and having a 100% DM is a different thing. Alonso would be a CM that is more defensive minded than Cesc that is the way Vieira and Petit played. T

    he way Ballack and Frings played at 2006 world cup. it is the same way CArrick and Scholes play at MAncs. John Obi Mikel, Makalele are examples of players that play and played as DM for Chelsea. There are strict movement limitations on them. they can only go so high up the pitch.

    Even flamini wasnt a proper DM. He was a CM that was more defensively minded than his partner Cesc. There were several situation in games when he was ahead of Cesc on the pitch. Flamini had no strict movement limitations on the pitch.

    In a diamond 4-4-2 that is where u play a DM. Arsenal dont play a diamond midfield we

  35. Rob

    Is a winger an ask too much? I know we need a CB and DM, but screw playing Denilson and Diaby on the wings, and therefore Song next to Cesc

    How about Capel or someone in the mould of Young

    At the moment (amongst other things) we lack width

  36. Stu

    A DM is definately the priority here. A good DM protects the defence and allows the full backs to roam forward. Anyone notice that neither of the full backs have been good this season. Blame that on our current DMs.

  37. JonJon

    they are all realistic targets,

    xmas is about giving and recieving, we give them gallas and eboue, they give us chiellini

    we give cash strapped, financially fucked, need money now liverpool, 15 mil, they give us unhappy and pissed off about the way they treated him in summer alonso

    everyteam in europe are practically skint becuase of the crunch and are there to be picked off, weve been saving all our funds for the last 3 years, i say we should do some picking

  38. Stu

    Capel and Young are too expensive old for Wenger. He never buys first teamers. Bischoff only played once for Bremen as a sub and look how that turned out. Great buy by AW, Bischoff is setting the..erm…reserves alight!

  39. gazzap

    people you need to forget about Alonso and Pato. If you are relying on these players coming then I fear you are going to be very disappointed.
    Far more likely, if anyone at all, is a French player not mnay of us will have heard of or an African player. Wenger wont spend big on names, but the low value of the pound may make wenger look closer to home. Despite that he will still feel he can get a cheap 22 year old abroad.
    A big player may come but only if they are in the last year of their contract and wenger can get a bargain, he wont change his philosophy in January.

  40. james

    you guys are nuts remember Gerrard is very much defencive like Alonso Cesc is NOT so can you honestly say Alonso can dominate the midfield at Arsenal with Cesc in a 4-4-2 pretty much by him self ?noway hes not quick or strong enough Veria and Petit were both defencive players if you are going to have too CM they both need to know how to defend.

  41. GunnerShabz

    David Villa would be a dream but it would cost us loads especially man city around!!!!

    pato would be great but only if wenger sells bendtner, because i dont see him signing a striker

    honestly we dont know who he will sign this january, maybe he wont sign anyone at all

  42. Mark C


    I disagree with you here.

    Wenger has said he tried to get both Barry and Alonso, so that proves he is after quality experienced players.

    The problem we had was there was no CEO, therefore Wenger was incharge of the negogiations, and did not want to pay top dollar. Now we have shown weakness, he will be forced to only look at proven players, no players who might make it in 18 months.

  43. gazzap

    I watched the Derby Charlton game last night and what I noticed was how much energy and effort nearly every player put into the game. the running in midfield from everyone reminded me of Flamini. they tackled hard and they fought physically hard. OK so when they got on the ball there was not that much quality, but it got me thinking, surely all we need is a player who runs his arse off, makes tackles, blocks and generally gives us an edge to play next to Cesc? to pick up one of those players would cost next to nothing and be very easy to get. what I am saying is that replacing Flamini should not be that hard. we dont need to scour the ends of the earth.

  44. georgian-gunner

    i like de guzmans very much… they are brother one is defensive mitfilder and other is attaking… younger jonatan who is offensive, can play on wing and can also scores from free kicks

  45. gazzap

    Mark C YES, he tried to get Alonso (not Barry) but it was reliant on Barry going to Liverpool. That would have left liverpool with too many central midfielders. Barry has said he is not going anywhere and Pool would not sell their best performer of the season when they are top of the table to a rival. forget Alonso.
    Wenger put in a cheeky bid for Alonso but it was nowhere near getting him in the given situation. Maybe wenger thought the bid would unsettle Alonso. didn’t really work as he is playing fantastically this season.

  46. tonyadamsisgod

    I think Green would be a good buy for what it would probably cost us. BUT it will never happen. Wenger doesn’t by keepers that are already in the shop window, He’ll rely on Almunia, Fabianski and our attacking play out-shining our defensive play as usual!!

    Alonso will NOT happen. He’s playing well for Liverpool and Benitez must be glad he held out on his asking price as he has shown what he’s worth. Also, his price will now be much nearer Β£20m than the Β£16m they were holding out for.

    Chiellini would be a great asset but again will NOT happen. Wenger would never spend in the region of Β£15m – Β£20m on a defender, especially when right now he has 4 centre backs already. Even if Gallas leaves, it will just make the decision recall his love child from AC Milan a lot easier.

    Villa would obviously be an outstanding buy. WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!! There is no way on this earth that Wenger will suddenly go against the most resolute of all his policies and splash rediculous cash on a striker when we have Ade, RVP, Vela, Bendtner and hopefully, as from tonight, Eduardo!! You here him say it every week……he has faith in this team!!

    So who does that leave? I think he has no choice but to strengthen this depleated squad but i think you can all expect it to be in the typical Wenger mould……..young, inexperienced, showing signs of potential, African/French bit part players.

    Miracles are needed and I guess that this is the only time of the year where we could possibly, but very unlikely, see one…….I wish you luck Arsenal, you’re gonna need it!!

  47. eduard...0

    im back! and feeling very confident for sunday…fuck Rio and ‘Arry with their bullshit comments. yes were not going to win the league but dont need any imput for ManUre scum who i personally believe we will overtake

  48. 5am

    Don’t really need all the changes being mentioned – am surprised Almunia gets so much stick. Which EPL keeper doesn’t make mistakes?? Certainly none moreso than Almunia himself and each game so far Muni has pulled off at least one great save. If the defenders could match that, it’d be something. Why change Gallas, we need stability for goodness sakes and now with his partnership with Djourou forming, should let it mature. VP’s been missing as many chances as Bendtner (Carling Cup aside…) and although I agree about not standing in the way of any Bendy bids, VP needs to improve his conversion rate too before falling in the 1st team pecking order…..Finally, Barry’s better than Alonso

  49. Pascal Cygan

    Mornin’ fellow journeymen ( persons ? ) …..Well, tis the wishing season, ain’t it ? All the players listed on the post will cost us the earth. I will be surprised if Mr stingy Scrooge will cough up more that 10-12 m for anyone, including Alonso.

  50. Ali Saljuk

    Arsene Wenger WEBCHAT : C’mon people so post your questions for him to answer , bombard him with questions about the Jan Transfer Window . C’mon gooners!!

  51. Pascal Cygan

    i agree with someone who said here that for someone whose club is fighting to move out of relegation, Mr Redcrapp has a lot of opinions… Get yer club out of shit and then talk…

  52. Jerseygooner

    Morning Grovers,

    Stu i totally agree Scott Parker could do a job for us and would be available (possibly) at a bargain price. I do not think we need a new keeper though and i know this goes against most grovers opinions but i rate Almunia.

  53. Bring Back Adams & Keown

    Seriously we need Chiellini Or Hangeland. Somebody who can win the ball in the air and reads the game very well. Buy Mascherano! everybody keeps on saying buy Alonso when Mascherano is a way better choice. Although the odds are 99/1 i think. We need a winger. I’m suggesting Santi Cazorla maybe. He looks like a good buy. If the team needs to offload some players to free up space in the wage bill sell Song, Gallas, Bendtner and anybody. Get these three and keep Clichy King Fabregas RvP Ade Sagna JD Ramsey Theo Eduardo Wilshere Vela and Nasri. The others can be sold if someone want sto buy for 100 mils. OK OK im just talking crap on that last sentence

  54. Arse&Nose

    not to sure about chiellini, who was the last italian defender to do well in the premiership?

    In italy defenders are allowed to dive and moan to the ref while in the prem its a physical battle, could a 24 yr old italian adapt to that?

  55. Pascal Cygan

    Typical Wenger buy profiles.

    1. player with great buzz… lying low at current club because of injuries
    2. leading light player in modest club… looking for bigger pastures… club desperate for money
    3. African breakthrough talent… meandering in some European league .. wants a bigger stage
    4. any above average french footballer as long he has “potential” and “flexibility”

  56. Arsenal Tom

    iceman… half our shirts must be cursed now… song, eboue, thats 2 numbers that should be retired!! and id like to see the 10 get a year off and saved for someone who really deserves it not some moody fucking egomaniac defender

  57. Pascal Cygan

    Adams / keown

    Santi Cazorla is a great idea… so is Capdevila …. for wide players Jesus Navas is top class…since we missed Danny Alves… but none of their clubs will sell them

  58. Franchise

    the reason why our full back shave been crap going forward is mostly cos of the wide players. walcott isnt a good link up player, nasri is just getting used to our play and i wouldnt say he is as good a link up player when compared to players like ljunberg, pires, rosicky and hleb

  59. airgunner

    Geoff, good point regarding ticket renewals for next season. I can vouch for the kind of support Arsenal have spawned over the last few years. After we had lost to 2-3 to West Ham in 2006 and it was looking like our CL place was in doubt, I was walking beside two “New Age ” fans on the way back to the tube, when one turned to his mate and pronounced that ‘if Arsenal do not qualify for the CL, I am not going to be an Arsenal suppoter next season and will support Chelsea’. I have been going to Arsenal since 1958 and have had a season ticket since 1975 and upon hearing this, the red mist descended and proceeded to give this prat his life story. There are a lot of like minded “fans” such as him around the stadium and unless Wenger changes his transfer policy, there will be a rude awakening next season.

  60. Maciek

    Hi guys!
    There is NO chance that we will sign Chiellini or Pato. Juve is doing great at the moment and Milan isn’t playing bad either. Why would they want to leave? Also they are loving sunny Italy. And remember-we are fighting with Villa for the 4th spot. We are out of the title race- and to be fair we never have been in any, so it’s really hard to expect that Giorgio or Alexandre will join us. There are rumors saying that we are interested in Inler and Mexes and Van Bommel. And I think-all of them may join us.

  61. eduard...0

    airgunner – you make a good point about so called “plastic” fans BUT really what did you expect when we got ashburton? another 20,000ish seats means that you are never going to have 60K diehard gooners, its justr not realistic. look at OT…thats something we all have to live with and at the end of the day the incfease in cost and number of seats means lots and lots of monet for new big super,super signings so oh….oh dear…yep we are getting mugged off!

  62. Steve

    Inler failed a medical in the summer apparently.

    Good post Geoff. I’d fuck Gallas off to the biggest bidder.

    And Bendtner.

    And Song. We should get a McDonald’s luncheon voucher and a couple of used tea bags for that cunt.

  63. Mark C

    eduardo O ,

    look at the likes of Celtic, how many plastic fans do they have?

    they have easily got 100,000 proper fans, and as we are in London, we should have the same if not more,

  64. Rob From Aus

    G’day Geoff (<—— Mind the Cliche)

    Awesome post! id love to see those pair hear god it would be sweet, Only 2 weeks to see the inevitable result, of a) what happened last transfer period or b) we actually sign some one over 12!!!! Yey!

  65. Michael P

    Atom…i got a spud at work who wont stop going on about the fucking new spud stadium,…you’re right, its a rip off of THOF….what the fuck??????
    will be funny seeing them tring to half-fill it!

    Wenger….take Mourinho’s call!!!

  66. Pascal Cygan

    can;t wait to see Dudu back…. i still remember his volley with his back to the goal… just hopin that the layoff has not made him soft.

  67. Steve

    Franchise, I don’t know mate. Somebody came on here and said we had him over for a medical and he failed it. It may be bollocks. Perhaps it was Le Prof justifying our lack of transfer activity.

  68. Franchise

    I dont think its true Steve. there was lot of speculation about him in the summer but i doubt wenger even made a call

  69. Pedro

    Morning Grovers!

    Chillieni is the dream ticket without a doubt. Robert Green is a good keeper, but he is prone to dropping clangers… Alonso would be nice, but I don’t think Liverpool would let him go!

    We need recruits though, and hopefully we’ll get some!

    I’m not sure about Pato… another kid…! What happened to Benzema? Is he still banging them in for fun?

  70. Franchise

    if only we won a very winnable game this wknd at boro……. if we did then beating Pool on Sunday would cut the gap to 3 points

  71. gooner-pak

    great post geoff lift the spirit
    correct me if i m wrong 1 jan to 31- jan this the transfer window time…
    will v be going for early snatch for alonso (that is big IF) that might send signal of desperasion PLUS will banitaz b willin to sell.
    other thing some one said (i think it 4—-) tht alonso is not DM..but he does stay behind gerrad (again correct me if i m wrong)
    the other thing is vela is young and so is pato so whats the need of adding one more BRIGHT FUTURE PROSPECT we’ll again be moaning tht we need present not future
    and did some one checked sp*ds building grove replica ha ha ha

  72. Steve

    Tom, it’s all pie in the sky bullshit anyway. You have a look at those computer generated Spurs fans. For a start none of them has their knuckles dragging along the ground and there isn’t a big nose or skullcap in sight.

  73. airgunner

    Eduard O, I realsise we weren’t going to get a stadium full of diehards. Arsenal pissed off a lot of our support between ’93 and ’98 – they just couldn’t afford the price hikes. Ashburton has made the situation worse, but I think Geoff made the point in his post, the plastics will not put up with another season of paying through the nose to watch sub standard players. Wenger and the board promised world class players for our world class prices. Wenger cannot lie his way through another (summer) transfer window without repercussions.

  74. Steve

    Mark, they will be one of the clubs worst hit by the credit crunch and their plans will be delayed hugely. Enic spent a lot of money to lure investors and sell the club at a huge profit once they had moved stadia. With their delays in planning permission and the fact they’ll have to spend heavily on the new ground they won’t find an investor willing to pump in millions to a club with a 36,000 cap. Mark my words, they are deep in the shit. Enic bought them as an investment and it’s gone badly wrong.

  75. Brighty

    From the BBC – “There’s a long way to go and I’m sure they’ll be up there fighting for the title – they are capable of winning trophies this season”

    Former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira

    Seems to me Paddy still has the fight and belief in him. More fight and belief than half the players in our current so called team.