Giorgio Chiellini and Alexandre Pato to join the Harlem Globetrotters?

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I’d have it in a heartbeat, William Gallas at 31 and still in post humiliation, for Italian super centre half – 24 year old Giorgio Chiellini, that makes sense, Juventus need money and Ranieri wants Gallas, perfect.

Pato though seems a harder one, why would they sell such a prodigious talent? They don’t need the money or do they? Goofy must have cost some, but I did read somewhere they are after a latino defender which would exceed their South American quota and therefore they would need to lose one, well it won’t be Kaka so that leaves only Pato.

I like Pato a lot, and I would gladly swap him with Bendtner. Italy, where Bendtner would be better off with his directness and Pato’s silky skills would suit the EPL and of course the Harlem Globetrotters of football ‘the Arsenal’

I just hope a deal isn’t being struck that sees Adebayor and Gallas leaving with no cash changing hands. It is the sort of compromise that would suit Wenger, he gets youth in and trouble out and he may even make some money! Which of course gets him his ‘must have’ pat on the back for not making the club slip into administration, by implementing his new found tightness.

I really like the idea of Chiellini though, him and Djourou could be a partnership that would stop a dozen Drogba’s, and it gives us options, aggression and gets rid of the ‘I’m the oldest so deserve respect’ shit currently on offer.

Pato has bundles of skill, much like Vela and Theo but unlike Bendtner, he will become a superstar, I would like to get them and keep Ade though.

Ade can and does score with his head and lays the ball off well and is a bit of a bulldozer, so regardless if you rate him or not, he can do a job.

If we can get the midfielder we so crave and the goalie we so need, the second half of the year could be interesting. I would still have Alonso and I would have Robert Green, but these two look less likely, to be honest I’d be happy with anyone that gives us the help and experience we need.

The credit crunch, the inevitable redundancies and the property crash that will bite in 2009 will see a lot of people not renewing their season tickets next year and I believe that the 58,000 people on the waiting list will disappear as quickly as the deposits on luxury flats next year, so Arsene beware, you may think we’re lucky to have you and your children, but next year you may well find out how lucky you’ve been to have us and our money.

Danny boy, you may well see empty blocks of seats in the stadium for the first time since you’ve been involved and it’s all down to this mad experiment, because had we been dominant (and we could have, had we spent) then people may have taken the pain and taken the chance, you have January to make that happen or I predict you’ll regret it.

Get Chiellini, Villa, Green and Alonso in. If not Villa then Pato for Bendtner.

Eduardo returns tonight so hopefully tomorrow we’ll be describing his 4 goals. Have a great day Grovers.

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  1. bergkamp

    stu we will have to choose our next manager carefully because the whole club is structured a certain way,we need a manager who plays simular football or we might as well scrap a complete youth system an start again because them youngsters are quite programmed to play a certain way, maybe within the club,cant see it though

  2. avenell

    Bergkamp.. 5 – 0 wasn’t boxing day it was the 23rd 30 years ago next week..
    Dunno about Edu mk 2 just remember the passport saga.
    A spud mate used to work in the sainsburys in brimsdown and Edu used to shop in there he was even smiling all the time he shopped..

    Brady from within?

  3. bergkamp

    i think the next afc manager is bilic,even though he tried to snap dennis in two once,iv seen it in a dream an trust me i dreamt a robin van hat trick against chelsea an that nearly came true apart from his freekick goin unusually over the bar, look how his croatia team play too,he is a manager with a philosophy like wenger the way his team move an pass

  4. Stu

    Promotion from within does seem the best option in tat case. Steve Bould already works with the reserves and is told to teach them the same football as the first team so it wouldnt be a massive change for him or the club.

    I dont know why but I can see Bergkamo being a really successful manager, either for us or whoever. I can picture him wearing a suit on a sunny day, standing at the edge of the box giving orders to the players. But his flying issue would be a huge deal breaker.

  5. bergkamp

    i think deniis would be one of them managers who shows no expression,often can be seen crouchin on the touchline,holdin a note pad taking just the odd note,definantly a suit man

  6. Doublegooner


    By the time he’s our manager he might not have to worry about flying if we carry on like this for the next two seasons 🙂

  7. bergkamp

    the best manager would be denis for sure,iv decided,with pat vieira contracted to give a few motivational speeches every so oten,and keown to tell players how to defend and what is expected of them aggressionwise

  8. bergkamp

    its on the sky plus anytime tv its called…football the glory years … stu ,normally these shows are crap but this ones alrite apart from them puttin vinnie jones on the hardman list

  9. avenell

    We done Chelsea 5 -1 on easter monday same season.. relegation time for them… see they have a history.

    Remember the riots around Finsbury Park..

  10. Stu

    Arsenal are weighing up a move for Vitesse Arnhem goalkeeper Piet Velthuizen. The 22-year-old, who was voted Keeper of the Year in Holland last season, has already been linked with a whole host of top European clubs including Valencia and Inter Milan.Arsenal scouts have been keeping tabs on the £3million-rated Dutchman, who is set to win his first call up to the national squad next year after being tipped for the top by Manchester United star Edwin van der Sar.

    And Velthuizen says he would welcome a move to the Premier League as he strives to become the best keeper in world football.

    He said: “Even when folk are saying good things about me, it doesn’t matter as I still want to continually become better because I’m a perfectionist.

    “I don’t want to be just a top keeper, I want to be the world’s best. And if you want to achieve that then you should never be content.”

    Personally I would rather have a keeper from a better league. Neuer maybe?

  11. Stu

    Van Bommel is good but not the answer for me.

    “The Bayern Munich skipper is out of contract at the end of the season, and he has asked the German champions for more time before giving them an answer on his future.

    Former club PSV Eindhoven are keen to take him back in the summer, but the latest reports coming from Germany is that Arsene Wenger has also shown an interest.

    The Gunners boss is short of options in midfield after losing Alexander Hleb, Gilberto Silva and Mathieu Flamini, and he may try his luck for the 31-year-old van Bommel.”

  12. bergkamp

    avenell,the funny thing is i was watching something the other day and his name was mentioned for havin debts owed to gangsters and arsenal havin to hide him in a car boot when they turned up at the training ground,old glen helder,is he in jail now?

  13. bergkamp

    van bommel commited 14 fouls in the champions league final against us and was only on the pitch for 60 odd minutes an didnt get booked,i still smell a rat selling that game to americans on a world cup year with their poster boy goofy bein the man who was meant to lift the gold at the world cup

  14. avenell

    van Bommel was supposed to be coming before that game when he kicked shit out of us.. But the Arsenal fans turned on him..

  15. Stu

    Arsene Wenger yesterday cast fresh doubt over the future of William Gallas by claiming the Arsenal defender had lost the “happiness to play” football.

    Despite Wenger’s previous insistence that Gallas will stay at the Emirates, after being stripped of the captaincy following his public outburst at some of the club’s younger players, it is understood that the France international is still smarting and would prefer to leave, hoping to secure a move to Italy.

    At the same time Wenger, who also wants to keep Gallas, has renewed his attempt to sign an experienced central defender, a move that floundered in the summer, and has been urged by the club’s board to spend in next month’s transfer window.

    Wenger said that Gallas was “isolated” from the rest of the squad following his controversial interview and admitted that taking the captaincy from the 31-year-old was the hardest management decision he has had to take in his career.

    “You have to understand that we are a very popular and ultra-sensitive club,” Wenger said. “On a human level, what happened with William was the toughest thing I had to deal with in my career because I regard him with a lot of esteem,” he said. “He was stuck into a media frenzy, a witch-hunt that isolated him so much that it was becoming a handicap for the team. He has recovered the balance regarding his football. But I’m not convinced that, in his head, he has recovered his balance and the happiness to play.”

  16. avenell

    I stopped going in about 92″ went skint! never enjoyed sitting down at games anyway..
    It wasn’t on the box much then either…

  17. bergkamp

    in this thing im watchin it says there are over 100 hours a week on tv, football early in the 80’s only had maybe 4 games a year avenell, i hated the seating as well at first, the clock end was so designed for standing,behind the goals were built for it,id rather stand still

  18. avenell

    We were on telly every week in 78″ coz we had the undersoil heating..

    That game at the scousers in 89″ was weird must have been one of the first live Div ! games….

  19. Seb

    ahahaha glenn helder, legend, one of my mates maintains he was great, but he was pants. The epitome of the kind of line-hugging winger we can do without – utterly disinterested in tracking back or marking, and wayward crossing at the best of times. Not to mention that shit barnet.

    He did cross for DB10’s first goal though, good times.

  20. bergkamp

    this is why football is so soft,you could kick shyt out of someone an not get seen doin it by millions of cameras, i remember when ian wright chinned david howells and they just about caught it half in the camera, these days they would have caught that 20 times

  21. avenell

    Remember that Petrovc bloke in the early eighties.. he was quite skillfull but he was like piggy in the middle at a ping pong game….

  22. bergkamp

    glen helders debut was the day george graham got the sack,ian wright was injured and we played merson upfront against nottingham forest,he was so tricky they brang stuart pearce across from the left to play right back an helder skinned him over and over, we won 1-0 merson scored an overhead kick

  23. bergkamp

    on avenell road them flats in the clockend and northbank have got huge windows,i dunno who would buy them flats,you can see the whole kitchen an bedroom,they are crap design

  24. avenell

    That can’t be right Bergkamp.. The Big match used to be on every sunday afternoon at about 2 for an hour.. plus match of the day with David Coleman on Sat night and the odd game on Wed …

  25. avenell

    Bradford .. just looked it up..
    Glenn Helder..

    Helder was imprisoned in September 2007, on account of threatening his ex-girlfriend and physically abusing her current partner. In March 2008, Helder accepted to be treated at De Waag, an institute for ambulant forensic psychiatry in Haarlem, in order to convince his judge that chances of relapse need not be feared. The judge still has to decide if Helder will need to enter treatment. Earlier psychological investigation concluded that Helder suffers from “a Narcissistic personality disorder with hints of borderline”. Helder himself disagrees with this conclusion

  26. bergkamp

    avenell,this programme i been watching has been tellin me lies, they did put vinnie jones in the hardman list as well though

  27. avenell

    Depends on if you call Fulham and QPR football Bergkamp.. That’s what they used to show most of the time..

    One game they was missing a linesman so the dug Jimmy Hill out off the commentry box and he ran the line.. I thought that was a Arsenal match..

  28. avenell

    If you are reading Bergkamp the probably meant Live football..

    FA cup final and the England Scotland game two weeks later were the only live games apart from the World cup!!

  29. ethangunner

    gilberto grabed the last game he played for the greeks by the scruff of the neck creating a wicked assist and dominating the game .

    gilberto never had a chance to play himself in ! how stupid was wenger to get rid of him and gamble on denilson – song etc.

    he just moved him on for the cash , he still could of been an effective member in our squad rotation .
    thats why eddy you have to blame wenger !

    he sold him , he sold TH14 .he didnt let pires sign a 2 year deal ,and he didnt re-sign his contract and created doubt in the minds of all arsenal players ..

    blame wenger for pathetic sub’s and his faith in nik b and not experimenting with our strikers
    or persisting with players out of position , eboue and alike …

    im sorry but you can only live on the steam of success so long , and im not alone in questioning wengers judgments recently !

    and if you try to defend wenger when he has made some shocking choices recently ,
    its only you who is blinkered to the facts ..

  30. iceman

    We get an all round DM….get him on the cheap….a true star in the making….and we bench him for Flamini….he moves on…wins the FA Cup and is now gonna sign for Real and we’re stuck with Song!! WTF…………………………………..

  31. Pat

    Chilleini would cost us Gallas+ 10 million, probably. I’d take it though.

    In my opinion, one of the best centerbacks in the world individually, if not the best based on form.

    24 years old and I still havn’t witnessed a mistake from him.

  32. ethangunner

    iceman ,

    last season i bet pat flamini would leave , we would sell bert due to inactivity and said to him its crucial we give diarra what he wants , TO PLAY !

    or we will want to walk out too and we will be left with no one !

    hmmmm , looking back on it now i really wished i was wrong !
    but just another inept management decision .

  33. iceman


    Yeah definatley….he’s exactly what we need right now…..but who’s to say he wouldn’t have wanted out once Real bid even if he was with us… know…………

    This season still can be saved……beat Liverpool on Sunday and we’re 5 points off it…..get at least 2 solid players in Jan and we could be on the way…….

    Last season we ran away with it from the beginning only to fall towards the end….why not chase it all season and win it towards the end………again….wishful thinking if you will…….

  34. ikon

    The thing is mancity wanting bentley and real wanting diarra, other players like Ramsey and Theo might have one or two thoughts about moving on because of lack of playing time.

  35. Geoff

    I think that the Man City thing won’t last, oil revenues are down, the property market and tourism to Abu Dhabi is down and Man City will never be fashionable.

  36. ethangunner


    the man city owner wants notoriety , he wants to be famous , and this is just a vehicle for him too show the world how filthy and pathetically rich he is ! he will spend 500 mil just for fun …

    its not some fad ! its time to get fuckin serious ..
    as someone wants in on our action !

    and you can quote me on that come jan 31st ..

  37. hitman83

    Hi Villa fan here.. All this talk of Villa and Chiellini is crazy.. Do you really think Wenger would A) want to go for this kind of player B) be allowed to? Im not sure it would be in Arsenals best interest either.

    Dont get me wrong im not Arsenal bashing, i’d much prefer Arsenal in the top 4 than Liverpool or Chelsea, and as the team (Villa) most like at the moment to push you guys out of the top 4 i hope you keep finding it hard to pick up points (“,).

    But seriously, you should be looking at players that will put that resiliant spine back into the side. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the sort of players you need are the Nicky Butt’s, of the world.

    Someone like Fellaini and Phil Neville from Everton. Unspectacular work horses. Im not saying fill your team with them. But you need a few and it will effect the rest of the team!