World class Milan say ‘nessun gratzie Philipé’

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So big Phil’s adventure with the ‘World class Milan’ is over, Wenger is set to give him one last chance to revive his career as it looks like Gallas will go, possibly to a world class club like Milan.

The’ World class’ bit is what Phil said when he thought his Arsenal career was over, which just goes to show you have to be careful what you say when you move to another club, however briefly, I would be happy if he brought his mate Matty with him though!

How funny, they don’t want him because he’s not good enough, but we do. What is that saying? Gallas, regardless what you think of him is still a class act, to put Phil and Johan together could be an inspired move, or it could be an unmitigated disaster.

I was kind of hoping we’d sign the big lump we so desperately need, but that now looks like it will be Phil but funny, a big part of me is saying it might just work, him and his Swiss chum could be the pairing that actually takes off, no sulking and both grateful to be playing.

Wenger said this on when asked about new players, ‘If I say yes and I don’t do it people will ask why I haven’t done it. If I say no and we lose one game people will say I am crazy because I didn’t want to buy, In England every problem is sorted out by buying a player when you lose a football game’

Okay, I think that’s answered that! Funny but I thought that’s what you did in football, you know, bought players when you need to improve the team, our leader’s again told us how lucky we are to have such a young team with so many players being 20 or 21. So what? What does that mean?

Still we’re in the next round of the Champions league which is great and a reunion with Gilberto could be on, though I would prefer it to be in the final, and we are still in the FA cup and still in the Premiership race, so perhaps we will grow together and the team will start to play better.

The funny thing was, this young team were on fire pre-season and that’s the bit I can’t understand, you would think the younger players would get better as the season went on.

Still today is a tricky one, Middlesbrough, they used to be a guaranteed 6 points but now going to the Riverside is like going to Anfield, I hope we go back to the pretty football and grind out a result, I didn’t like the ugly game I witnessed last week and I really don’t want to upset anyone again so soon, but I just think we play better when we play the Arsenal way, add a bit of shutting down, aka Milan, ManU and the chavs and bingo, we’re back.

It will be a tight game but I think we’ll win this time round, Arsenal have come in for much criticism in this last few weeks, so I think they’ll want to show the footballing world how good they are and how well they can play.

So with that I’m going for 17 nil again. Of course I’m kidding! 2 nil to the good guys, have a great weekend Grovers!

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  1. David

    Great point Stu

    Spot on Mr. BBK

    Micheal i dnt think we can afford to lose or draw anymore games. I think it is resoundingly clear that we need to buy in January and im sure we will….But if we lose anymore games….we’re in deep loads of high quality manure.

    I mean if chelsea wins tomorrow which i am sure they will….then we are 9 points bak

  2. Ja_Gunner

    I actually think that Diaby is a good player if he is played centrally.

    He only looked good today when he came central. He does not have the attributes/body type for the wing. He does not look comfortable with the touchline so close and to the left.
    I think he would even do better on the right wing. But central is his position.

    Also Wenger is raving mad!!! He loves adaptability but yet he is so rigid with Vela. The guy played two full seasons as a left winger. Why not play him there. Why play Diaby there its obvious Diaby cant play there.????????

    Having Denilson on the right is not as bad because he can cross somewhat but the thing is he has no speed or no skill so he cant free himself in order to make a pass. We definitely need to buy in January because of the injuries but I think we have players in the squad that can help but Arsene either plays them out of position or does not play them at all.

    Finally I really think that Kolo could play the dm role until we get a suitable replacement. I know alot of grovers say he is a headless chicken but atleast he is defensive minded and would stay behind Cesc(unlike Song)
    – he is also much more experinced than Song
    – he also has good recovery pace to make up for some poor positioning

    Song has poor positioning snd he has no pace to make up for it.
    He also gives the ball away too much
    Kolo would make better decisions on passes he also has those delicate chips in his arsenal, he also powers forward better.

    I believe a team like this can carry us until we get more players.









    or all out attack






    henry could at least run with the ball at his feet walcott can not run with the ball,the amount of times it gets stuck underneath his feet are untrue,especially for a professional footballer its shocking

  4. avenell

    When we play our normal game we have 60% possesion.. there is no space for Theo to run into.. The defences are always parking the bus..
    Theo will only be at his best in a counter atacking side…

  5. michael t

    yes i agree with BOY BETTER KNOW we dont have time to wait for baby theo to grow into a man its the same scenario as half of our sqaud we need qaulity now otherwise we won’t win anything !


    the typical type of play theo thrives under is his goal against sunderland at the end of last season or his third in croatia other then that he will take years to develop into some sort of winger/striker


    what i think we need is a vieira-petit midfield some quality to protect the back four,all the teams that are sucesfull have got big fuckers in front to protect.would you be scared if you were facing denilson and cesc in the middle of the park?

  8. ethangunner


    the reason i go RVP with vela or dudu is because RVP used to be good the season TH14 left prior to his long term injury . i was hoping seeing him with any other player other than the greedy ade ! as wenger wont experiment

    the simple fact is he persists with ade and RVP , and it clearly doesn’t work !
    yet trys nothing other than nik B to change it .. vela working with any other player other than nik b is also out of the question .. id like to see a stint with vela RVP , vela ade .. mix it up , is what im saying .. even theo with RVP when he wasnt injured !

    and i think id like to see RVP with vela the most ..

    as for RVP being the most non clinical striker !
    SORRY but ade gets that award for 2 years running ! HANDS DOWN !
    i cant believe how blinkered you are ..

    also being paid 80 k a week matters as it stops a real player joining us at the club !
    his days are numbered if he continues to show this lack of skill !
    he has got worse form wise since his pay rise !
    and im sure wenger being the money man he is wont put up with it for long !
    his confidence in front of goal over all is gone …
    he likes getting the ball inside the 16 yard box and passes off !

    hleb used to get shit for that ! yet ades done it 1/2 a season now and no cunt says anything !

  9. David


    I agree with almost everything you said mate…but i dnt think Diaby is good in the middle.

    Fuk me but i think he belongs as a striker….because he is too slow…i mean the man is tall and would be an aerial threat so why not play him up front? He can shoot with both feet…and his skill on the ball is outrageous…I think he is too slow to play in the middle…and he holds on to the ball way too long to play there…he likes to dribble himself and the ball round in circles…and then lose the ball eventually or make a pass to a team mate who’s defender has cuaght up with him making the pass too late.

    I like diaby…..but i think he should play as a forward.

    Also i agree with you about Kolo. But AW didnt play him there because he said that Kolo doesnt have the stamina to play the DM role. I was shocked out of my bones. I think he would make a good DM…and if he doesnt have stamina maybe we gamble with Song till half time and try and hold out and then put him in there to seal the deal.

  10. JonJon

    never said walcott was going to be henry i was giving reasons why wenger plays him on the wing.

    theos an impact player at best at the minute, a counter attacking forward, i agree hes nowhere near ready yet, but hes in the first team because rosickys out and wenger uses his pace on the wing

    hes not ashley young so to compare them is unfair, two differant players to differant positions at differant stages in their career.


    successful teams protect there back four and do not leak goals like we do,on that basis we simply are not going to be champions of any sort

  12. JonJon

    wenger thinks songs vieira, denilsons petit eboues freddie and RVP bergkamp so whats new about wenger thinking theos henry,

    😉 😆 😉

    wenger knows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. avenell

    We used to have midfielders who protected the back 4..when we was a counter atacking side.. But Flamini’s style changed that, We attacked together and defended together across the whole team..
    But we haven’t replaced Flamini..

  14. David

    Ave your desperately wrong about theo mate…

    Theo is a dangerous player and needs to keep playing to get consistency….

    You notice last season in the champions league game against liverfools…that theo ran from defence all by himself and beat at least 4 defenders before passing the ball for our second…and we wouldve advanced on away goals if not for the diving cunts that liverpool are…but the truth is Theo is our most dangerous player when he is clicking and he does have the ability to get by anybody he faces…

  15. JonJon


    i just took the piss and wrote w e n g e r k n o w s on my last post about walcott being henry and song being vieira etc etc etc

    and my comment is in moderation.


  16. avenell

    David …. you have just agreed with what I said mate..
    Theo is better in a counter attacking side or if we go 1 goal up!

  17. David


    but we were one goal down…and it wasnt like he didnt have defenders infront of him???

    He had one or two mids and a full defence to beat…and beat em…

    It was counter-attacking but the point is he did have people to beat and he beat like 5 of em???

  18. JonJon

    capello will get more out of theo than wenger will

    capello knows how to use him, wengers trying to turn him into something he isnt.

  19. Ja_Gunner

    David I hear you on Diaby. His best position might be playing in the whole behind a main striker.

    Well Arsene should see these things and possibly change formation to suit what he has.

    Ok lets say that he does not see Vela as a good option for left wing…then that means we have no good wide players so we should play 4-2-3-1.

    Let the full backs practice their crosses. They would provide the width in this system.

    I am sure this kind of formation could help us.




    Van Persie……Diaby……………Nasri


    This I feel is an excellent team based on what we have availble now.

    Kolo could patrol, Cesc can choose whether he wants to pass from deep or join the attack as Kolo is there to cover.

    The front four can attack. The fullbacks get up from time to time and get some good crosses in.






    Kolo could patrol and cover for whichever full back is up field.

  20. avenell

    David You are correct we were a goal down, but Theo had all of Liverpools half to run into with the defenders spaced out..
    Not compressed in the penalty box passing backwards and forwards..

  21. Stu


    the first team is far better because that at least has a bit of width. And RvP plays right wing for Holland so knows the position.

  22. David


    i agree with stu

    I wouldnt play RVP on the left because he stinks on the left…I would play him on the right so he can at least cut back to his left foot for a wiked shot….


    I guess me and you have a disagreement then…lol. I dnt think Ashley young runs at congested defenses either….I think he exposed Sagna the last game we played..and he cut him so bad….Sagna got injured….Hopefully Barcary reedems himself…but i do think that space or no space….theo can beat his man…and he does need to learn a bit of consistency.

  23. avenell

    Ashley Young doesn’t run at congested defences Aston Villa are a counter attacking side..Theo would be a great player for them..

    We cannot agree over everything.. I’m of to bed anyways nite all.. at least we shared todays pain.. 🙁

  24. ethangunner


    i agree , not everyone is TH14 .. i think you could have played TH14 as a CD and he still would of turned into a striker !
    playing theo on the wing is a typical apprenticeship which henry served . only difference is TH14 was a freak ! and theo needs to play a strikers role , and soon or all he will ever be for this club is an attacking winger . But currently i think he is doing fine there . and we only have eboue as a plan B
    so theo is the only player who fits the bill anyhow ..

    no competitions for 1st team spots is the basis of our problems , and of course inexperience !

    oh and injuries because every cunt is made of glass !

  25. David

    Im watching “el clasico” again….and i swear i have never seen Real madrid so outplayed in all my life..

    I think its time for Wenger to go….lets bring in Rijkaard.


    i really can’t take them chav cunts winning the league and being even with us in premiership trophys.they have only been here for 5 years and already have two of them,and looking like adding a third its not right

  27. ethangunner

    yes i agree .
    his plans of staying ahead of the pack really hasnt come to fruition . its worrying signs ahead for
    arsenal unless he really has a serious rethink of his current stratagy !

  28. Stu

    Its too hard??

    If the chavs win the prem the will be level with us, as was just said. If pool win then we will never hear the end of it. If Man U win they will have won it 3 years in a row. Its a lose/lose/lose situation for us.

  29. ethangunner

    what is going on is we are an old granny keeping left on the freeway and other clubs are just passing us by .. we have remained static or even declining over the past 3 years whilst other clubs recognize that money is the vehicle to make you compete .. yet wenger claims otherwise !

    i still think wenger is a puppet for the boards motives however ! they are trying to build an empire and its compromising the quality of football ! wengers operated at a profit in the transfer windows the past few years and that just tells me he wants to appear active in the market for the fans but really all his bets have not paid any dividends ! If anything they have sinked us further into the poo!

  30. ReVELAtion

    Basically i’m sick of witnessing this at the moment.. It’s become a joke, even quotes like “Are arsenal out of the title race” make me cringe… Like we wasn’t after getting beaten by hull at home or man city away…

    I’m sick of waiting for the sleeping giant to awake, the debt to clear, the kids to grow up, the board to spend some money… It’s been 4 years of the same tireless shit…

    If you lose and spend 2 years in transition, like the mancs fine.. to still come out with the same shit four years later is insulting…

    THEN, apparently we don’t support the kiddy team enough, so they don’t play as well and feel bad… OUR FAULT IS IT!!!

    No, those men ,who, apparently earn 50+ grand a week are to blame and our soon to be confined to the realm of imploding though ones own arsehole manager of ours… Wenger has spouted the same shit over and over and over.. Now he actually believes it… I’m sorry

    Shite today, very shite… But if you were suprised after you read the teamsheet, well shame on you… You have wilshire and vela yet you play denilson and diaby, 2 central midfielders on the wing.. The fact that i’m even mentioning unproven teenagers as starting is a joke…

    But on the other hand, with who we had out there it was a good point *grinds teeth*

    Song, yeah he did alright, but overall riding factor, and you can’t escape it, is that he’s shit…

    Eboue, meh, good squad player

    Denilson, should be coming on with 20mins left, we’re two up & fabregas needs a breather…

    Diaby, good big feet, bad tiny brain, can’t get a game in centre mid, so what exactly is the point of him on the left? If you can answer that without going on about the wenger ” training up your left foot, versatile position bullshit ” i’ll give you a grand… This is premierleague football ffs , not The fucking FA & UN presents arsenal’s teen X factor academy…

    Then there’s nicolas “big balls” bendtner aka i’m the best ever… honest… He couldn’t score in a thai brothel with american travellers cheques, ameriican express and american dollars…

    But what do we do? We let it out in a rant and await liverpool on saturday…

    Are u excited? I’m not…

    I’m sick of shopping at fucking alda and poundstretcher….. We deserve a couple of harrod’s purchase for the amount we pay to watch these games nowadays…. The amount we pay at arsenal you’d expect us to swatting teams away like flies…. All i actually get to see is a deluded manager’s youth harlem globetrotter dream that’s imploded and multi cultural parisian nanny state…

    I’m bored… Are you?

  31. MorrowsBrokenArm

    AW seems very happy to play players out of position… in the apparent absence of options in midfield why not get flexy and play Glichy LW (or RVP, Vela…at least they can use their left foot), throw Silv or someone in LB. Enough of this Song, Denilson, Diaby midfield crap (I like Diaby, just not out on LW) we all know it does not work…it will not work… has fucked our season and I’m completly fed up. Time to start a new experiemnt and run with Jack, Ramsey, Vela (not vecessarily in the same game, just start giving them a few more starts)….I want to see them get the same faith Song gets every fecking week.

    …and stop banging on about how “this is a young team, and they will grow in confidence”….been pulling that line for 4 years now….and while we’ve been “giving the young fellas another year to adapt and grow” guess what, the Villas, Man cities caugfht up with us(ok so Man City were bought by trillionaires and jumped the q a little)….how much longer until we’re behind them? I read a comment from AW who was talking about how well we did to get a point at Boro, how this team wouldv’e given up at the start of the season, but now they know how to fight now???? We’re now a team who settle for a point at Boro? I worry for my team.


    We’re now a team who settle for a point at Boro? that is exactly my point,argh wenger and that board have so much to answer for………

  33. MorrowsBrokenArm


    just don’t make your concern at our current plight to obvious to the team and AW, you’ll be called a plastic fan who does not know how to support your club.


    can you really take another year of that meat head cunt terry lifting that premier league trophy and a hole cunt sticking 4 fingers up in the air O.M.G.That really makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach

  35. MorrowsBrokenArm

    here here BBK.

    Its hard to explain, but i have not felt this dissapointed in an Arsenal team for many years….i hate to say it but the current starters just don’t give enough, it just doesn’t look right when i see the line ups and players constantly played out of position….i see the likes of Song (doppy looking bugger) line up and im filled with frustration. I’d just like to see a change or two…some sort of plan B, and lets give some other boys a run out. Just go out and enjoy whats left of the season and restore a little pride.


    i hear you going to go back to the wigan game now,instead of bringing on eboue in that game why not bring on vela a geeza who just ruined them in the cup and cause havok on them,can you imagine the wigan defenders thoughts oh no not him again they would be shitting themselves,wenger really needs to start thinking about these things more also when we know teams will compact the middle for a change why dont we suprise them with the same tactic and let them try break us down

  37. MorrowsBrokenArm

    I just don’t know mate…i cannot begin to imagine what AW is thinking at times this season. I don’t see why he has persisted with some of the players he has….fair enough, he’s given them a crack, and for me it has not paid off… try something else. But he just doesn’t seem to want to. If you don’t trust/faith in the lads on the bench then why are they the bench????? I’m just fed up, well and truly fed up, uninspired and frankly, to quote Revelation…bored.

    It’s like he is seeing something that none of us can, and because he is Le Prof, and we but simple fans…he knows better…..sometimes im not so sure…football is still a pretty basic game when you come down to it, and although i may not have a FIFA pro license, does not mean i don’t know anything….does not mean any of us on here don’t know anything……arrrggg, what do we know eh? I give up.

  38. MorrowsBrokenArm

    So Michael Owen up for grabs in January…..acceptable risk paying 2mil for him…..may still be injured half the time….but could lift the team, would always score goals when fit (if fit….hey, how much bad luck can a player have with injuries)…..would be a new dimension to the team, a kick up the arse for a few players….and a genuine “fox in the box”….or just get him for free in the summer?????? He’d have to take a pay cut though, and i think Owen wants to get his footie back on track so would be open to a pay cut if it means playing for one of the “big four”…..don’t feel right using that term anymore…not sure if it is still accurate.

  39. MorrowsBrokenArm

    looks handy….but so do a lot of people who have compelations on YouTube…..don’t matter anyway…i don’t see us making any signings anytime soon…thats not just a defeatest, think the worse attitude…i just really don’t see us signing anybody, anytime soon….prove me wrong boss

  40. ethangunner

    As much as id prefer owen to any striker we currently own , i think he is already injury prone ,
    bringing him to this club of ours will only amplify his current problems 10 fold …

    mind you it is the way wenger likes them old and injured ! or young an injured for that matter …
    i suppose if MBA thinks he’s only worth 2 mil then its definitely within wengers budget ..

    i suppose its better to have something as against nothing ..

  41. ethangunner

    i doubt our wage bill could handle it however !
    not unless ade the 80k wonder is sold prior !

    he represents great value for money 🙂

    double his wages and half his output this season !
    gotta love the dedication to prove his worth 🙂

    NOT !

  42. ethangunner


    its a bit hard to judge vela when he hasn’t played all that much in the 1st team ..
    i couldn’t comment in all honesty … i know song is over rated and diaby .. also eboue ..
    and again he is like nik only 18-19 its a bit hard to tell what they can achieve when they are so young .

    but all i can say is wenger would rather play diaby – denilson or eboue when he has a player on the bench who for the last 2 years has played on the left wing in la liga and we sit him on the bench without even giving him a run .. he likes to play people out of position in favor of someone who can play in that role .. same can be said with jack ! he has all the confidence in the world yet we would rather play song who in all honesty adds nothing too the team in the midfield ..

  43. harlan

    Arsene Wenger has lost it. Instead of bringing in quality foreign players, he got rid of English players better than the foreign craps that we have now.

    Players like Almunia, Song, Diaby, Eboue and Bendtner are not fit to play for the Arsenal. Denilson is not yet ready.

    Fabregas’ form is suffering because he hasn’t got any quality to play with.

    Milan don’t want Senderos but Arsene Wenger wants him? This guy is crap and will only worsen our weak defence if he’s brought back.

    The problem with Arsenal is that we have too many average players in the team. If Arsene don’t sort out this problem, we’ll find Villa, Hull and other mid table teams replacing us in the Top 4.

    Instead of buying Ashley Young and Curtis Davies (all Arsenal fans) when they were available, he rather kept faith with players like Diaby and Senderos. He also sold Upson and kept Senderos.

    Arsene Wenger seems to have a problem with English players and without them there will never be any team spirit in the team.

    English fans have already began to give up on a club that only recruits foreign average players at the expense of many good English players who could form the rock of the team like Adams and Campbel days did.

  44. kelsey

    Good Morning All,

    Whoever does the post this morning could you kindly address these points.

    Why have we got the second highest wage bill in the see week after week such dross,uninspired play,no passion and no forward direction,players being played out of position and no leadership or camaradery amongst certain players.

    Give Song a break,he was no worse than others yesterday

    Name any player in the first team that has either improved or been as consistent as last season,because I can’t.

  45. goontheloon

    Gallas Class??????????????? He is over rated winging french muppet. Did you see his performance yesterday???? and lets not forget leading from front in the Birmingham game last year. I hope your wrong about Senderos but at least he doesn’t cry his eyes out when its backs to the wall time.


  46. mwt

    Can someone explain to me why the manager didnt make a sub until like the 80th minute.. Everyone could see we had no width by half time. Whats the point of talking up Ramsey, Wilshire, Vela and then, when we really needed them, persisted with 4 cms in midfield.
    And as much as i like diaby, i don’t know where he fits into this team, unless Wenger moulds him into a dm