Wenger has lost it I’m afraid.

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I watched the game and so wanted the Arsenal to dominate but alas it didn’t happen.

We were shit and playing Song was like being with 10 men from the start, simple, Cesc didn’t want to give him the ball, no one did, and when he got it, he gave it away, and when you thought it could get no worse you brought on your love child Eboue, and he put him on the left wing, Arsene what the fuck were you thinking? He is at best a back up right back and maybe a right sided player, but as a left winger, are you joking????

I can say no more than ‘I THINK YOU HAVE LOST IT’

End of, that was shocking, and if you think that will win anything , you are delusional my friend, that was really, really crap.

I watched you and Pat from my seat and not one word passed between you , he is safe and so are you, you don’t deserve to be, Song is dreadful and so is Eboue, the crowd told you, and if you were listening, you’d know.

I can’t say anything other than yet again you got it badly wrong and if you continue to play that team then we will win nothing. Grow up, change the team or we will be doomed to 5th place or worse.

I know this will bring out the AKB’s, but hell, what do you expect? I was there, they weren’t, I read the programme notes and Song has a feature in it like he was Dennis Bergkamp, are you all watching the same player? I sat with my mate in the middle, so we saw the whole 9 yards, I said watch every thing he touches, and apart from a one two, he was embarrassing, he only looked less bad when you brought Eboue on, right wing, are you mad? Why did you buy Ramsey? He is 10 times better, he must be thinking, fuck, I should have gone to ManU.

I started this last night after the game and I was angry, really angry, I said stop! Write this again at 4am, you’ll calm down, you’ll feel better, I’m now at the airport waiting to fly to Spain, it’s 5.58am, I thought I would be Ok, like hell, I feel like we lost, you know why? Because we should have.

Scolari is saying he’ll win fuck all if the chavs don’t buy two players, the spuds are going to sign Downing for ยฃ12 mil, Us, no, we don’t need anyone, because we believe in this team, great, everyone else is wrong, but you Arsene, are right.

Ken Friar was walking round the new CEO in Diamond club saying hello, my mate grabbed my arm and said, please don’t Geoff…

Have a nice day, I sure as hell won’t.

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  1. finestcuts

    This is the acid test for Eboue, ask a Spud if they think Eboue is good enough to play for them, see what they say…..nuff said.

  2. Pedro

    Stu… I wouldn’t worry about that mate. Madrid fans boo a player if he doesn’t score for 2 games… their players never leave do they!

    The same happens in Italy as well…

    Italy and Spain have daily sports papers who are far harsher than anything we have over here… and the press are a lot more intrusive.

  3. Pedro

    … plus… if my customers booed me, I’d want to change that. I’d work even harder to impress them the next time.

    I’d take it as a challenge.

  4. southcoastGooner


    I would not say eboue is useless. he played well at rb for a season and has played well for us in the past .but i realy dont see how he can get any form back coz of the way he is treated by our fans, he played well up at bolton did he not?

  5. Stu

    The difference imo tho is that Madrid, Milan, etc are full of top class players who if booed by the fans will know the fans are probably right. Top players accept criticism and know they shouldnt be playing badly.

    And the booed players at Madrid wouldnt leave there because they know a trophy could be right around the corner. With our current squad its hard to see us win anything without a massive slice of luck.

  6. Pedro

    South Coast… he is a footballer… it’s part of his job to play well. Look at what Ronaldo did a few years ago after the winker thing…

    He was an average right back and he scored a goal against Bolton where he was a bit above average.

    Eboue is a man who fought his way up through the ranks to make it to Europe… I’m sure a few jeers wont upset that much! He’ll think of his friends back in the Ivory Coast and realise how damn lucky he is to be here… if you are weak enough to let boos get to you… football isn’t the game for you.

  7. London

    Southcoast Gooner

    Wenger never drops a player he always gives them a chance to redeem themselves. Eboue will be playing on Wednesday and he will have a better game enabling him to forget about yesterday.

  8. southcoastGooner


    but the thing is though it will not be forgotten will it. coz at the next home game the players love of the fans maybe will and within reason have dipped.

    we just expect the players to love us fans unconditionally but why should they when we treat their mate so bad. coz eboue is believe it or not liked by fabregas and walcott and the rest. if your mate was treated like that by people could you still be ver yhappy with them? forget the reason but just on the action!

  9. raif


    i havent? but i have heard how they met.

    he out shoping and this girl walkd past him.? so Eboue Decided the best way to get her attenton would be to drop on the floor asif he was shot and then blame her for triping him up??

    and now as they say the rest is history

  10. kelsey

    The wife came home early and found her husband in their bedroom
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    > The husband took a quick breath and continued – ‘”she was so grateful
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  11. Pedro

    South Coast… I would expect Cesc and Walcott to be glad it’s not them in the firing line.

    Players don’t love the clubs… the fans know this and that’s why they don’t care about upsetting underperformers.

  12. raif


    how is that racism mate????

    all im saying is maybe helives in a hole in the ground as every time somone takles him he dives to the ground, witch means im implying his running home????

    well in his case Diving home

  13. London


    I think yesterday we took one of the most important steps forward in making this club successful again. I am convinced that it will shake Wenger out of his comfort zone forcing him to take action.

  14. courtez

    come on, that sounded like u were calling him a caveman..(he’s african. remember?) but cheers bro, i know u don’t mean that shit…LOLZ

  15. Pedro

    Caveman? That’s never been a racist term in my book. I call my mate a caveman because he acts like one… no race connatations…

  16. courtez

    pedro – raif was saying something about eboue diving to live in the ground or some shit..it sounded like talking about a cave man

    and since eboue is african, it was quite near racist

  17. raif


    i have never heard of a Black/african man living in a Hole.
    My Refrance was to him Diving all the time.

    if you scroll up to my Eboue Comment at 7:55pm. you would see were it started off.

  18. southcoastGooner


    come on, wenger will not bow down to fans pressure! and why should he! do us fans know more about football then the manager? but see this is the problem with booing coz it isnt going to make a blind bit of difference to what wenger does with the team so that just leaves the negatives of booing as th only thing to come out of it, but hay it makes us fans happy.

  19. kelsey

    i follow villareal a lot and i have said many many times we should have given him an extension contract.he was pissed off being subbed in the c.l. final. so wenger buys a guy older than pires was when he left us in silvestre.i know different positions but again no consistency.the only decent player who left us recently who was well over the top was freddie.edu and gilberto and flamini could all have stayed with the right deal.

  20. Stu

    Wasnt Pires goal a cracker. We would never be able to score a goal of that quality. Only Song against pool in the 6-3 could even come close, and that should have been goal of the season. Right?

  21. Pedro

    Southcoast… he’ll have to bow to fan pressure… renewals are coming up soon.

    Say what you want about the type of fans that might not renew… but without hope, why over extend yourself?

    Loads of fans are reconsidering what they are going to do next year, and the club know this.

  22. avenell

    Real Madrid are 3-1 down at HT and Steve Clarrage is just about to give the arsenal some stick on Setanta now! 418 I think..

  23. Stu

    JonJon, i assume you say the call so. Eboue is a good RB but he never plays there. And what was that woman on about saying Eboue is still young. I dont know his d.o.b but isnt Eboue about 25.

  24. Big Raddy


    It is the usual w/e fools.

    Keep the faith, mate. Though I have to say that they are entertaining. Completely deluded, but entertaining.

  25. JonJon


    key points of the call

    1. eboue should of been brought on
    2. hes a RB
    3. better options on the bench
    4 no trust in the young players
    5 wengers fault

  26. Chris

    Obviously im pissed off about the game but by reading some of the stuff being written i dont know whether fans would have preferred a wigan win just so they could have another reason to moan about the manager

    hopefully fans can find a more constructive way to express there veiws rather than booing. By booing eboue the were destroying his confidence making a crucial mistake almost inevitable.

    why risk loosing points just to have a go at a player?

  27. avenell

    Pedro.. As I said earlier a link was put on that blog we had all the agro with in the week and they came over and posted on here… They didn’t get a new post today….

  28. Rob From Aus

    WOW, there are a few AKB’s in here today! wheres the moderation pedro/Geoff?
    I cant stand there comments, its like they share the Arsene ambition, Surely they must see that this team is going no where, And i feel for Eboue, he is just human after all and yeh he is rubbish, but i think the boo’s werent fully directed at him but at the 3 years of utter fucking disappointment~~ So i guess the AKB;s are just content with being the laughing stock of the top 4, Yeh we pulled of victory agaisnt Man UTD & the Chavs, but its the lower league teams which counts and thats why Liverpool are first. So AKB”S u might be content with being mediocre but im not if u are then go support QPR(refering to comment by Richaldo the Gooner ) where results arnt important.. And i think Geoff has every right to carry on like that, The man has paid good money for shares and all sorts of shit just to see it pissed away on 12yr olds who will be amazing in 8years! What happened to success? what happened to what arsenal were about 47 years ago? where it was success first and business related matters when we have time to give a fuck about em? this is piss poor that u AKB’s can sit there and think that isnt a problem! Good shout Geoff!

  29. Stu


    It was an amazing goal by Song. Remember! It was his first Arsenal goal and well worth the wait. Anyone else remember it?

  30. kelsey

    Jon Jon, that could be regarded as racist ๐Ÿ™‚

    and no i don’t remember us beating pool 6-3 except in the league cup and song scoring,nice wind up.

  31. hughsie

    “Also i noticed a shit load of empty seats! sign of things to come?>>.” – Rob

    That was actually the Wigan away fans area, apparently Arsenal actually cut the Wigan fans space by 50% because they wer’nt buying tickets, not surprising really – Wigan’s a rugby town and even their home games at JJB usually only have two men and a dog there. BBC has 59,317 people attending, so that’s just short of capacity – the non showers were Wigan fans.

  32. Pedro

    Wrighty… it’s a new feature! Special eh!


    Hughsie… there were lots of gaps in the home fans bit. It was the same for the recent Champs league game against Kiev… a technical sell out… but not a full house on turnout.

  33. Confidentgoner

    And about booing.

    11 Real madrid players and support staf have just been booed off the field after going 1-3 to Seville at the end of the first half.

    Watchingthe second half now and they brought in a winger and are rearing to go.That is a response. The fans have no direct channel to Aw and the team, so they let it all off by screams and boos and songs when the good times roll in.

    Mr. Ebuoe, if you hapen to read, convert your booing to a positive thing. have your head screwed on anytime you are on the field. thats why we pay so much to watch you, and the reason why you are a millionaire.

  34. hughsie

    oh confidentgooner, you’re so aptly titled.

    Eboue is so down on confidence that the reason he’s growing a beard is that the club arnt allowing him to get a hold of any razors.

  35. Pedro

    Seen it Avenell!

    GMR said this over there:

    ‘As for all this โ€˜Real Fansโ€™ crap, do me a favour!! I take it some of you werenโ€™t at Highbury in the mid/late 80โ€™s when Perry Groves got severe stick everytime he played, as did Martin Hayes & Niall Quinn. One player or the other has always had abuse & the same thing happens at every club. As for the supposed true away fans, it seems your memories donโ€™t stretch very far or have you forgotten the tremendous away support that Song got at Fulham a couple of seasons back, it was so good that Wenger was forced to substitute him.’

  36. avenell

    Pedro… someone posted todays post link on there and a few came on.. That JJ bloke with the trapper avatar was one of them..

  37. Pedro

    I’ve just e-mailed him Avenell so I’ll keep you posted!

    I saw the link… and recognised the names.

    I think some supporters have selective memories of the 70’s and 80’s support. They almost disneyfy how it used to be.

    I wasn’t old enough to remember… but GMR pointed out that people used to give Perry Groves shit way back when…

  38. Goonerman

    Part of Patrick Barclay’s article on yesterdays booing: ‘Although Wenger avoided direct criticism of them, any decent football man would despair. A breed of fan has emerged that displays neither humanity nor affection for the game.

    Given the civilised air about this club that Wenger epitomises, you are shocked to find them at Arsenal. I wish they would push off and try to find better football elsewhere. Or maybe they wouldnโ€™t recognise it.’

  39. goonermichael

    I agree that we were shit and I agree we’ll win fuck all. But I feel really bad for Eboue. Wenger should be ashamed of himself. The fans who bood can boo if they want, it’s their right. I just think it’s sad.

  40. Rottenham

    Wenger wenger wenger, cant wait for the newest batch of 12 year olds after he sells the current crop. Fabregas to spain, adebayor aswell.. bye bye quality, hello diapers..

  41. avenell

    Arsenal TV have the Spud vArsenal game on where Brady gave it the big un to the shelf.. Best game I ever went to.. 30 bloody years ago…. And Eboues depressed..

  42. Stu

    So basically this Patrick Barclay person is an Asenal version of a typical manc fan.

    Only recognising their team when things are going their way. Any United fan I know dismiss my jeers whenever they are doing poorly but rub it in my face when they are doing better than us.

  43. Pedro

    Stu… if you speak to your average football fan… all is well at Chelsea. If you speak to a Chav, things ain’t so rosey.

    Unless you watch a team regularly… you can’t make a judgement like Pat Barclay did and be taken seriously by the fans.

  44. Goonerman

    Pedro – I saw his face when he was coming off as I sit behindish the dugout. I thought I saw him tearful. So when its 59,999 (excluding me) people booing me in hatred I think I would cry as well.

  45. Keyser

    Anyone watching the Real Madrid game ? Heh, now that’s harsh..

    Pedro – How about the club discounts tickets ? Then we won’t have anyone moaning good idea eh ?!

    Kelsey – Have you found your goalposts yet ?!

    Lastly I agree with Patrick Barclay for once, what was funny was watching Alan Shearer talk down to the fans that booed, if they were watching of course.

  46. Pedro

    Goonerman… I’d be a man and deal with it. Crying is for girls.

    Keyser, that would be a great idea. Doing something for the fans in the hard times, because we’ve done so much for them in the good times.

  47. Goonerman

    pedro – I’m no poof.

    Incidently, although I am an ST holder I would like to experience the Club level environment. Do we get free drinks at H/T in Club Level or is it more than that.

  48. Confidentgoner


    We live in times when nobody wants to take responsibility for anything. This causes complacency. Arsene told (now it feels like lied) all of us what this team needed,for the new season.: keep the lads together and add a defender, and a DM, asssuming the sicknotes come good. What we got was 1 first team player bought as a replacement for Hleb. I have now moved on beyong Wenger. I think we can do better than Wenger who some AKBs feel is a god. Let me go through a list of managers that can do better.

    a) Oneal – Villa
    b) Schuster – Real Madrid
    c) Rednapp -Totenham
    d) Cappelo – England
    e) Scolari – Chelsea
    f) Jo Mourinho – Int Milan
    g) Sam Allardyce – Knows how to defend and good with tactics
    h) Benitez – Good tactician, honest, admits errors
    i) Alex Fergusen – Ruthless, efficient and strategist
    j) Rijkaard
    k) Advocaat
    L) Hiddink

  49. Pedro

    Goonerman, keep an eye out on Le Exchange… you can get good deals on Club Level… especially at the moment.

    Club level is a nice area to drink before the game, a free drink at half time and a nice place to have a beer and wait for the queues die down after the game.

    Some people say it is corporate… I’ve not found that… it’s just people who spent a bit extra on their ticket. The suits hit the boxes.

  50. Pedro

    I wasn’t implying you were a poof… but if you cryed after a game, what would your mates say?

    Mine would rip me for a year!

  51. Goonerman

    Pedro – I think JT was ripped apart by his mates after the CL final.

    Cheers re Club Level; I will be treating my wife one day.

  52. Pedro

    I’ll drop you an e-mail if a couple come up.

    I bet JT was! haha! I know that Ruud Van Nistelrooy used to be so mean to Ronaldo… he’d cry like a baby! haha!

    Nice chatting to you all… have a good night!

  53. Keyser

    Pedro – How much do you think you’d have to discount the prices to shut the booing fans up ?!

    Dammit I wanted to watch that Louis Theroux thing I already missed the first part.

  54. Pedro

    Keyser… it was good. It’s all about the corrupt policing systems… private and public.

    I have no idea Keyser… but a gesture would be good right now, don’t you think?

  55. Keyser

    Confidentgoner – Good call on Allardyce, he’d be great for this club unlike the idiot we have now I’m sure he could take us on to bigger and better things.

    Some people wanted Roy keane he’s free now, he’d be great aswell, he’s got a nice beard.

  56. Keyser

    Pedro – A gesture ? Me personally nah, but so we can end all the misery and putan end to the trasnfer expectations if they cut the price by a fiver or something per ticket then we can just get behind the squad we have and make the best of it.

  57. kelsey

    i can imagine big fat sam and phw having a cup of tea ๐Ÿ™‚

    yes i have found the goal posts thanks,i am having them extended for rvp ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. avenell

    If someone could persuade Wenger to spend half as much money on players as the managers on that list we would be the best in the world..

  59. Paulinho


    As I explained as well a few months ago, Diarra was by no means a step down from Flamini and Gilberto Silva was a world cup winner. That was a decent central midfielder and yet Rosicky could still not play the playmaking role properly in two full games.

    You can talk about missing players as much as you like but it’s not as relevant as your making out.