Wenger has lost it I’m afraid.

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I watched the game and so wanted the Arsenal to dominate but alas it didn’t happen.

We were shit and playing Song was like being with 10 men from the start, simple, Cesc didn’t want to give him the ball, no one did, and when he got it, he gave it away, and when you thought it could get no worse you brought on your love child Eboue, and he put him on the left wing, Arsene what the fuck were you thinking? He is at best a back up right back and maybe a right sided player, but as a left winger, are you joking????

I can say no more than ‘I THINK YOU HAVE LOST IT’

End of, that was shocking, and if you think that will win anything , you are delusional my friend, that was really, really crap.

I watched you and Pat from my seat and not one word passed between you , he is safe and so are you, you don’t deserve to be, Song is dreadful and so is Eboue, the crowd told you, and if you were listening, you’d know.

I can’t say anything other than yet again you got it badly wrong and if you continue to play that team then we will win nothing. Grow up, change the team or we will be doomed to 5th place or worse.

I know this will bring out the AKB’s, but hell, what do you expect? I was there, they weren’t, I read the programme notes and Song has a feature in it like he was Dennis Bergkamp, are you all watching the same player? I sat with my mate in the middle, so we saw the whole 9 yards, I said watch every thing he touches, and apart from a one two, he was embarrassing, he only looked less bad when you brought Eboue on, right wing, are you mad? Why did you buy Ramsey? He is 10 times better, he must be thinking, fuck, I should have gone to ManU.

I started this last night after the game and I was angry, really angry, I said stop! Write this again at 4am, you’ll calm down, you’ll feel better, I’m now at the airport waiting to fly to Spain, it’s 5.58am, I thought I would be Ok, like hell, I feel like we lost, you know why? Because we should have.

Scolari is saying he’ll win fuck all if the chavs don’t buy two players, the spuds are going to sign Downing for £12 mil, Us, no, we don’t need anyone, because we believe in this team, great, everyone else is wrong, but you Arsene, are right.

Ken Friar was walking round the new CEO in Diamond club saying hello, my mate grabbed my arm and said, please don’t Geoff…

Have a nice day, I sure as hell won’t.

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  1. patthegooner

    Agree with you apart from the Booing of Eboue Geoff,

    It was not his fault he was asked to play a completely alien position. I am not a fan of Eboue the RM or LM player but am a fan of Eboue the RB

    He was shit in that LW role, but did we expect him to play like Ronaldo. the blame is completely at Wengers feet and I do feel that the groans, boos and cheers aimed at Eboue were actually the release of 3 years of fans frustrations at Wengers baffling decisions. Unfortunately they are on the increase.

    Chin up Eboue you are still a great RB (Your best position) and remember that. You would easily walk into another 16 or 17 Premiership clubs in that position, and I would not blame you in the slightest if that is what you want to do.

  2. Queen of Suburbia

    Agree with that Pat, I think its hypocritical for Arsenal fans on one hand to be complaining about squad depth and in the same breathe being pleased when the confidence of our RB cover is destroyed by his own fans

  3. sven

    Yesterday proves we have an even smaller squad than we thought if he’s not going to even use the youngsters on the bench. What is Ramsey or Wilshere thinking when first Eboue then Silvestre comes on in a position they are both in the squad to fill. Wenger says he doesnt want to impede their progress with new signings, but won’t use them when we clearly need them.

  4. paul

    A question for any budding football manager.
    During a game your left winger gets injured and has to be replaced do you
    1) Bring on a proven international left winger who previously scored a wonder goal against this team.
    2)Bring on a right back who is just returning from injury and play him out of position.
    Answers on a post card to Mr Wenger

  5. Halli

    Didn´t see the match, but it has been painfully obvious for a long time

    Song is absolute rubbish
    Eboue might be good enough for Bolton or West Brom but not for Arsenal
    Denilson will be good enough, but isn´t quite yet
    Adebayor had a great season last year but is – on average – just not good enough

    I´m really looking forward to getting Rosicky and Eduardo back, some competition for places is what we need. And a serious partner for Cesc, Flamini back perhaps, maybe Van Bommel. The reserves are not the answer this time. We need an experienced international with a lot of presence and authority who can dominate the center of midfield

  6. ikon

    I didnt see anything other than a major major improvement from the players, great improvement in Ade’s headers, great improvement in RVP’s corners and hell even song has improved (still a long way for him though) and Eboue’s booing was the thing that let me down , the team has shown character, and the fans who booed him showed a lack of it.

    I am sorry but that was a disgrace.

  7. blasian

    I have been reading your blog for a little while ,at first i thought you were a typical blogger who wrote sensationalist stories.
    However after a while i could see where you were coming from, although i don’t agree with everything you say. But i have to say i think you’re being a bit melodramatic in this case. I don’t see why you have it in for Song . I don’t think he is the greatest player but i thought he played reasonably well. Was always presenting when someone was under pressure and was passing well > He might not have been tactically astute but i think there are number of players who need to work on that side of their game.

  8. JJ

    iam not from uk but those who booed eboue have shown what the shit fans arsenal has among the supporters. that was aweful. absolute disgrace. remember that millions are watching the match worldwide and such a disgusting humilation of the own player by stupid own fans make me sick of that wankers. shame they love the same club as i do. absolute misarable idiots giving a go to chat for pool fans who had 8 eboues and songs in istanbul yet being 0-3 down stand behind the team. iam no way AKB or whomsoever you call it but hope these bastards will choke with foster next time at emirates.

  9. ewan

    An article written by a true fan who has awaken from the hypnotic spell cast by Arsene. Judging from the many empty seats at Emirates yesterday and the booing at the end, more are beginning to wake up. However, I am afraid that the majority of others are still very much in ga ga land. “Arsene knows” , they cry and I can only cry in disbelief. Wenger has lost edge of victory and the passion to see Arsenal become Champions. He is more like a board member these days content to secure 4th place and keep the profits rolling in. He just has to tell a few lies to the fans every week. Wake up fans!!! Arsenal will continue to slide unless the fans stand up and be counted.

  10. Good to be a GOONAH!!

    this is one of the most ridiculous posts I’ve read in some time… are you seriously concerned that sp17rs are spending £12m on someone like Downing? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

    sort it out mate

  11. blasian

    I have to agree with JJ. i am from Australia and am just shocked at the way some of the fans reacted.I also cant understand how fans can leave 5 mins or more before half time to get the food and drinks i would die to see a match live, i don’t think people appreciate watching Arsenal, if they did they would stay for the whole game, no matter if your like arsene or not its the team you love first and people should support the team 100% of the time

  12. Lou

    The deathly hush that accompanied most of yesterday’s game said it all. The crowd don’t believe this team is capable of winning silverware. You could feel it from the slow, negative start. I remember when we would tear into teams and stun them with pace and accuracy before they knew what had hit them. These days we knock the ball from side to side and you can see the opposition thinking “Hey, we can get something here”. Having said that though I did feel sorry for Eboue. Sure, everyone but Arsene knows that he is not good enough and hasn’t been for the past 3 years but I felt sorry for him yesterday. Not because of his lack of quality but because Arsene asked him to play a role he was totally unsuited for. At a stretch at RB, possibly. Right side of midfield? No way. Left side of midfield? You must be having a laugh. I am not disloyal to the club and I don’t want AW out but, when a club like Arsenal is forced into substituting its first choice left sided midfield player and the chosen alternative is Eboue, then I’m afraid that in itself tells you just how inadequate our squad really is. Surely Ramsay would have been a better bet, or move Robin out there and put Vela on. Anything really other than Eboue. And I don’t blame him at all, neither do I blame Song, Denilsen or Bendtner for finding themselves playing in a team that they really shouldn’t be getting a sniff at. The lack of summer reinforcements is being felt now-big time and we are scraping by. Three points are welcome but team issues are running deep and with the January window only a few weeks away I really, really wish I felt more confident about where we are going.

  13. cesc

    i didn’t watch the match but i did watch the highlight.. one problem is we have a lot of chances.. i think if we scored 2 then we can play more relax.. bo0ing eboue is very bad..

  14. Dave T

    Dont agree with the Song bit Goeff, I also was sitting in the upper tier near the half way line. I thought he played ok. No spectacular but not bad. He broke up attacks and played the simple ball. I am not one who thinks he is the answer but equally I think he is not that bad. Eboue had a really poor game. He was bad, but made worse by the istant crown reaction to his early mistake. Players are people, people have feelings and if we undermine their feelings of confidence we are only compounding the problem.

    I also thought he should have put Ramsey on, but then I dont see Ramsey in training and do not know all the other issues that may affect who comes on or not.

    I am not having a shit day today, we won, I for one woke happy that we won. We were not spellbinding or mercurial but we should have buried them with the chances and with three hits of the woodwork we were not to bad.

  15. Richaldo the Gooner

    I’ve been going to the Arsenal for the best part of 20 years… and i don’t remember us EVER booing one of our own…

    Who let the Hammers in?

    For God’s sake… start supporting your team.
    Frankly I was embarresed yesterday at the Grove.

    3 years of frustration is going to get a lot longer if the rest of the boys fook off in the Summer again.

    Come on lads, stop moaning and support your team.

    Ou To be a Gooner!

  16. Richaldo the Gooner

    And another thing, while i’m on a rant.

    We fooking Won!!!!

    Where were you when we were shit?

    Probably supporting QPR. Give it a rest, you sound like an old woman

  17. arsenaldenmark

    “He was booed off at the end and rightly so, he was shit, and only marginally less shit than Song.”

    wow, is that an arsenal supporter speaking??

    yes Eboue did play like it was his first match for the club and Song really looked shaky, but does that mean you have to dis them like they were from Tottenham?

    I think they both need confindence, and the certanly aren’t gonna get it with “supporters” like the ones that boo’ed them off the pitch.

  18. blasian

    Dave T i agree totally with what you said about Song he did the simple things well. Isn’t this the type of win we need to win , ‘ugly wins’

  19. lc

    Yes, AW did the right thing. Eboue can’t keep giving away the ball the way he did it in the last 10 minutes of the game, helping Wigan to score. AW, you should do this very often to send a message to such player rather than keep him on field and break our heart. I don’t know what went wrong with Eboue; but he was looking more like a trator to us. I really went mad.
    I thought Song did very well with Djourou. They bring in midfield and at the back what we were missing (balance). The confidence will come, as they become our regular.
    I think the lack of a second goal played part in the nervousness in the last ten minutes; but Eboue mad it really worse.

  20. Gunner90

    Agree that the boos frommost of the crowd were not directed at Eboue really but at Wenger and the Board. This team will win nothing without an injection of at least 3/4 really experienced top quality players. We will struggle just to hold on to the No. 4 spot. There are too many very ordinary players in the squad who will never get any better – Song,Eboue,Dennilson,Bendtner, Toure( who has put so much weight on and has lost his best asset which was his pace),Almunia,etc. The only youngsters who look a bit special are Wilshere, Ramsay and possibly Vela. Wenger keeps talking up this squad as being the best he has ever had – the fans know this is a false statement. Either the board are lying or Wenger has lost it – we shall see what happens in January.

  21. ethangunner

    does anyone think pat rice will take over when wenger goes ?
    i think why is he so faithful too wenger and the team ?
    he probably had many chances to be number 1 at another EPL club during his stay with us .

    its a topic of debate because like all our transfer talk of pipe dreams and getting in big signings
    (and always being let down ) i think management will opt with rice and , again let us down ….

    as far as the game is concerned yes we played pretty average ..
    but 3 points is 3 points and considering our current team isnt firing , any points are good ones ..

    i agree with the post that vela – jack – ramsey should all be considered as 1st team starters
    and i cant understand why wenger isn’t trying them ? because if he does and they are successful he will only save more money ..

  22. blasian

    Yeh if the team had just got the second goal people perception would have been totally different. I think with djourou in the team the defense looks more comfortable although this was not evident in the last 10 mins because of the team being nervous

  23. Fab4

    Once again I am going to disagree with some of Geoff’s post, so no doubt he will say that I only post on here to start an argument, but anyway:

    1 We won the game while playing badly. That is what champions do (not that I am saying we will win the league). I much prefer that to losing while playing well.

    2 Has Wenger said definitively that he will not buy in the transfer window? Not that I am aware of, yet you assume that is what his intention is.

    3 If Ferguson had taken off a player who was having a mare, even if he was a sub, it would be seen as a strong decision. Wenger gets lambasted for it.

    4 Booing your own player and cheering him getting replaced is disgraceful, and made me feel ashamed of our fans.

    5 We won, be glad of that at least. To lose even more points at this stage, would have destroyed what confidence we had built up from the Chelsea game.

    6 Yes, Ramsey or Vela would possibly been better options than Eboue. But these are kids don’t forget, and were not going to get the same time and space they enjoyed in the Carling Cup.

    Geoff, calm down a bit. Fair enough, nobody likes getting up at the crack of dawn to go the airport. Especially if they are feeling the after-effects of a few complimentary Diamond Club flutes!!!

  24. Anelka

    Any thoughts on playing eboue as a defensive midfielder? I thought when he played in that position he did well… much better than his performances on the right wing and left wing anyways.

    Eboue is very quick like flamini, not afraid to put in slide tackle or two and more importantly can quickly counter with more space to run than what he has on the wings.

  25. Doublegooner


    SPOT ON 100%

    Can we honestly believe that Wenger will know how to spend whatever he has,,or know where to play them ???

  26. Matt

    What a ridiculous post.

    How any ‘supporter’ can ever justify booing their own player is beyond me.

    Yes, Eboue was shocking. I don’t care. You never, ever boo yur own. If you do, or even defend I have no respect for anything you ever to say about Arsenal, or football.

    You have no idea what it means to support your club – constructive criticism, yes. This kind of bile, no.

    And for the record, Song had a perfectly decent game.

  27. Mo

    …but he can only do so much till January. Lets just see what Wenger does then. If he buys 3 15 year olds then yes, we can all have a legitimate and justified moan about why Wenger won’t sort it out. But until then he can only use what he has.

    I don’t agree about Wenger playing his Carling Cup kids instead…they didn’t have a great game the other night and our first team players are running low on confidence too. It doesn’t help when we boo our own players and it also looks really brattish – still, that’s how football gone these days anyway. I’m not a big Eboue fan, but there was a time when every Arsenal fan was trying to convince me that he was world class…I wasn’t sure then either. But, the fickleness of some Arsenal fans surprises me – still, the philosophy of you’re only as good as your last game could be a factor I suppose.

    Face it Gooners, we’re rubbish now. We’re the new old Chelsea – we play well against bigger teams but can’t be fucked when we play ‘smaller’ teams. Yeah, lets get rid of Wenger…and replace him with who? You don’t have a clue do you…and if Wenger does leave and we appoint some twat who takes us further down the pan then at least you guys will have more things to bitch about on your website…silver lining and all that.

    I shall be (cheering) Arsenal on this season and hope for the best. We’re no longer contenders and you know what? Fair enough…I’ve come to terms with (now) that we’re not what we were, but we’re an ok side that rattle the big teams when we play them.

  28. ethangunner


    we might not see any truths being uncovered even in jan .
    if the board dont want wenger to spend , then he will get no one ..
    and the mystery will still remain ..

    the board will come out and say we have money .. wenger wont buy ..
    i don’t think we will ever get to the bottom of who is too blame , but when you
    look at highbury square you can see the club needs funds for construction costs ..

    or construction stage repayments ..
    and only selling 90 from over 600 wouldn’t even pay for materials !
    yet alone interior finishing and labor ..

    its important for the club to say wenger knows what he’s doing ..
    and he isnt spending .. because he believes in his team ..
    think of the repercussions
    on patrons/fans if the truth was known that the club is pouring all available funds into incremental construction payments , instead of the team , when its the dearest ticket in the EPL .

    sometimes its better too tell white lies and fill up the stadium !

    this conspiracy theory should be added too the zeitgeist addendum 🙂

  29. Goonerman

    I thought Song had a decent game; who has a handle on his OPTA stats? I think he gets slated far too much.

    As for Eboue, I have never ever seen such a ridiculous performance in an Arsenal shirt but he is a reasonable RB. I feel for him. I have never booooooooed an Arsenal player.

  30. London


    How do you suggest that we express our concen? Do you think that writting to Wenger outlinning our reasons for not playing a right back on the left wing might help? Booing unfortunately is the only means we have available of expressing our concern.

  31. Keyser

    London there’s an even better way, just don’t turn up, sell your season ticket or your ticket to someone else.

    Thats how simple it is, booing when we’re holding onto a 1-0 lead makes no sense at all.

  32. firingblanks

    We won ugly I can’t believe people are depressed about that. I am not an AKB but are you just criticising whatever happens???

    As for sanctioning Eboue being booed off the field you are dead fucking wrong. That is a disgrace and a shambles, I was there, I am a season ticket holder and that has no place anywhere near our ground. With support like yours Geoff who needs enemies.

  33. Mike

    How does booing a player help the team?

    The other players’ allegiance was with Eboue, not the crowd, so when the chance comes for them to move or stay, does anyone with half a brain cell think they’ll want to stay because of the wonderful fans?

    There is a sickness that has invaded the Arsenal fan base.

    It’s the customer syndrome.

    These aren’t fans, they’re customers, “I pay my money so I can behave like a complete idiot because I’m a spoiled bat who wantswantswants”.

    Does Wenger make mistakes?

    Yes, of course he does, he’s human.

    Do players play badly at times?

    Yes, they’re human just like us.

    I constantly hear “he’s not Arsenal quality” repeated as a mantra all over the web.

    Today, I can justifiably say that the “fans” who booed “are not Arsenal quality”.

    By all means debate a player’s merits, or criticise the manager for poor tactics etc, but booing one of our own and destroying one of our own while he’s on the pitch is so stupid that the perpetrators should be denied oxygen.

    Piss poor showing by a bunch of stupid, moronic “fans”.

  34. Franchise

    This is not Inter house sports in Primary Schools where u treat competitors like kids. Why cant u boo a team that is crap but yet costs the most to watch? We the fans are the ones feeling the pinch of the credit crunch Arsene, Eboue and co would have still earned thousands of pounds after that performance ystdy. The fans dont deserve this bullshit and booing is the right way to express their concerns. After booing the next step would be to boycott games. What the fuck is happening to our club? Its a free world and as a fan the only way u can make ur voice be heard is to boo. The board would get the message soon

  35. patthegooner

    Fab4 I agree with your post there apart from no 3

    3 If Ferguson had taken off a player who was having a mare, even if he was a sub, it would be seen as a strong decision. Wenger gets lambasted for it.

    Wenger got lambasted for it as he put Eboue on at LW in the first place. not Fergies biggest fan but he and infact no other Manager at any other league club would have made that substitution yesterday.

    I just feel for Eboue as he got the brunt of a stupid management decision

  36. Stevie

    i think we are ready to be really depressed after the window.

    we thought we felt it after the summer window?

    this one will feel like a DAGGER!!

  37. patthegooner

    Agreed Goonerman

    I am split on booing. I dont agree with it on a personal level unless a player does something so out of order off the pitch that he completely makes his future position at the club untenable.

    but I have no problems when fans collectively boo the whole team performance. It happens at every club and it is the fans way of letting the players know that they are not happy.

    But again when it is directed at an individual I personally think it is unacceptable.

  38. Keyser

    Franchise – So during a game a players playing badly so we should boo him off the field completely fucking up his confidence and putting the team into even more shit.

    We won the game yesterday with little help from Eboue or the fans that booed him off.

  39. Franchise

    This has been going on for a while if we cant afford players let the board come out and tell the fans. Whats the point in buying black market tickets for £100 to watch that crap performance? This is not a Cult it is a football club. Go to Nou Camp, San Siro, and Bernabeau and see the extent the fans go to express their disgust when their teams are not performing. Fans are not slaves neither are they zombies they are ppl with emotions and blind support would not help our club a bit. Cheque book would

  40. patthegooner

    Out of interest, of those who were at the game yesterday, what % of the crowd cheered and booed Eboue off the field. It always sounds worse on TV, at least I hope it was

  41. Michael

    Have a listen to Friday’s Arsecast, there’s quite a revealing interview.

    And the Eboue booing was disgusting. It doesn’t do the club, the team and the player no good at all. It’s just pointless and stupid.

  42. Stevie

    can you imagine that many people booing you, then when you number pops up on the subs board people cheer?

    i would had a lump in my throat and head in my hands that WHOLE evening.

    that wasnt about football that was just fucking out of order.

  43. Keyser

    We can sit here and make these judgements but is it really that simple ? Ramsey’s looked knackered at points during games, he played the whole of the Burnley game during midweek, if he’s shown signs of tiredness during one off games I doubt he’s completely ready to be thrown in again a couple of days later.

    Vela may have played on the left wing but in way more of an attacking role and considering we needed more defensive solidity I doubt he’s the person you’d think of tracking back and putting in the tackles where necessary. Eboue I think played there aginst Bolton and I’m pretty sure he swapped with Denilson against Blackburn becaue Emerton was getting forward too much.

    We’ve got injured players, we need to add to the squad, January’s a couple of weeks away and it doesn’t help in any way at all if we’re boooing while we’re winning 1-0.

    Even the Liverpool fans that booed them off against West Ham waited till the end of the game ffs.

  44. Franchise

    The fans that have watched our team loose at home to teams like Hull, Villa. The fans that have only seen like 2-3 decent home performances all season. The fans that cant get their so called super star players to sign autographs for their kids. the fans that pay the most in the world to watch their team. The fans that are lied to every year regarding signings especially when its time to renew season tickets. Enough is enough. I call for more boos. If the team gets praised when they perform well why cant they accept the other extreme. We are a football club first and the club is being run firstly like a business and that is wrong fucking wrong. The fans make the club and thus far Arsenal as a club have let us down.

  45. Keyser

    The only problem with that is we actually won the game ffs.

    Yeah thats genius, the January transfer window hasn’t begun but lets start booing now so we completely fuck up all our chances at everything so we’ll definetly buy players in Janury, by the time that comes around there’s going to be no point in bringing in any new players.

  46. Franchise

    If u wanna boo…. boo there is no code of conduct. We need a revolution at our club. No more lies. I dont want a manager telling me that this current crop is the best he has ever had, big fucking lie. Its more than the three points. We claim to play the best football in Europe and that is our unique selling point. So if fans turn up to watch their team play and win beautifully and only get the former especially at home coupled with a disgusting, potential points threatening display from a back up RB playing in LM cos we refuse to spend and let established players leave then boo those overpaid cunts

  47. Jules

    GEOFF .

    For once I don,t agree with you at all . I was there yesterday and yes Eboue was dreadfull . BUT , what is the point in booing , what does it achieve , he had to go off as he was awfull BUT I will never boo an ARSENAL player . He is one of the least popular I know but those who boo are OUT OF ORDER . Any cofidence he had will be shattered and with the squad as thin as it is we need need the bloke .

    Also , how do you work out that we should ofd lost when Wigan created fuck and we hit the post twice !!???? BAD POST .

    What was a joke for me was having Vela and Wilshire on the bench and bring on Silvestre to play left mid !???? unreal


  48. Keyser

    Franchise – People accuse AKB’s of being brainwashed it’s like you’ve had the same done to you by the dooom mongers, we did win yesterday didn’t we ?!

    The transfer window hasn’t opened yet, what happens if we don’t buy LoL, it’d be despressing but kind of funny at the same time.. Heh.

  49. Michael

    I feel sorry for Eboue, i mean hes a right back ffs! What in the world is a back up right back doing playing left wing for Arsenal?

    Some of Wengers decisions have been bordering on the side of insanity this season, hands up anyone who would have put Eboue at left wing? What about Vela, Wilshire, Ramsey, Gibbs even?

    Im just amazed that Wenger goes on about trusting our youth blah blah blah, and then is too scared to play them. What a hypocrite.

  50. Franchise

    Keyser yeah we won the game ffs but u dont need to be Nastradamus to see how this season is going to end. Before animals go into hibernation in the winter they pile up sufficient food supplies to see them through, any potential shortages in quality and quantity that could have been avoided is avoided as it might prove fatal. Wenger had four months in the summer to build and prepare this team but he didnt now we are talking about repairing things in January. It might be a lil too late.

  51. Jules

    Also . its not Eboues fault he is playing left mid when the bloke has,nt played for ages . It simply highlights the lack of squad / spending which is no players fault , the bloke is ok as rb and cover for rb and maybe r mid .

  52. London


    Your posts are a just a small step away from saying that everything that Wenger does is perfect and that the rest of us should not be debating these issues. You tell us that Vela is a more attacking player and really what we needed to was solidify the defence. Why? it was Wigan ffs. When vela played in the CC we ripped them a new arse hole. I sincerely hope you were at the game yesterday or you would not have understood the passion of the situation.

  53. Jules

    Excactly Micheal , then he put Silvestre on to replace him !!!!!!! what !!!!

    I am annoyed this a m at that post and think Geoff you may reflect upon it differently after time

  54. raif

    morning grovers, and well fucking said Geoff.

    i feel the same. song was pritty bad but it was a better game then others. Eboue on the other hand was down right awfull. im still annoyed, at the takle it did on KOLO. what a clown.

    i feel sorry for him but when ur a idiot some times u need a wake up call like one he got.

    Wenger was quoted once saying
    “”When you give success to stupid people, it makes them more stupid””

    i dont know whos more stupid? wenger or some of the players

  55. Jules

    Blame the lack of investment we have all bleated on about DONT boo your own players even if he was shit . I was there and \Eboues lack of effort and tracking back
    was the thing that annoyed me most but still booing is stupid and counter productive

  56. Geoff

    Ok where do I start, first of all I wasn’t booing, I had to keep my mouth shut.

    Secondly, he was upset? Not half as upset as I was watching him, what he’s paid each week warrants better than that, I agree he shouldn’t have been played on the wing, but I said that in the post, but to pass it backwards to 3 Wigan players and them almost scoring from it is unforgivable.

    The fact they created little made our performance all the more alarming, we were crap, Eboue was crap, and Song was crap.

    I thought a flight would have made me better, but it hasn’t.

  57. London

    I do not accept that Eboue was crying because of the booing. He cried because Wenger subbed him and I for one do not see any reason to feel sorry for him.

  58. Keyser

    Franchise – It don’t matter who you are we’re still guessing as to what will happen, Chelsea had more money than any other team in the world and their domination lasted about a season or two.

    London – We’ve lost to Hull, Stoke and Fulham but suddenly with even more players out injured we should have pounded Wigan and gone all out to attack ? I don’t get that at all. I would not have understood the passion ? Eh ? My heart was increasingly beating quicker as the end came ever closer and it was a relief, but it’s another win from a game we’ve lost before, it’s still something and at least we’re moving in the right direction.

    Call me an AKB or whatever you want, heh If I agreed with you because I’m supposed to I’d be more worried.

  59. Franchise

    how do you booo the lack of investment Jules? on blogs? no one hears u on here. boo the fuckers that would do the job.

  60. Jules

    Geoff .

    good , pleased to here it . the squad is so thin because of the lack of investment we might actually need the bloke to do a job at some stage . have a good trip and chill out . we won !! go get yourself a san miguel

  61. Goonerman

    Geoff – you and the rest of us were upset but booing one individual player adversely affects his confidence which ain’t good for the club as a whole!

  62. Michael

    I dont agree with booing one particulat player, but i think that 50 per cent of those boos were directed at the manager for playing Eboue on the left wing.

  63. RasDef

    Hey Gooners,
    All this Eboue ‘boo’ talk is justified. It is really amazing because on the internet blogs, we’ve been talking along time about Eboue and Arsense strategy with the player. My point is that not everybody that is at the game read these blogs, I think it is a real cry from all Arsenal fans that enough is enough! Why play him as a LM player, what a gamble Arsene. Overall there was a great improvement in all the players composure, espesially Ade (your almost the best mate) & Denilson.

    Another question, what did Ces (as captain) do to cover and support the player when they play bad (between Song/Eboue. I think Toure should be captan.

  64. Big Raddy

    So …. today it seems we have a serious split in Le Grove. Pro & anti Geoff’s post. Pro & Anti booing.

    I agree entirely with Mike comment of 10.31.

    Yesterday’s booing made me ashamed to be a season ticket holder.

    These are the very same morons who make no noise whatsoever when we are doing well. The same folk that get us called the Highbury Library.

    Arsenal fans ? You must be kidding.

    As has been said, boo the team off the pitch if we have taken a beating and not given 100%. But we won FFS.

    Wigan had one fucking shot on target. JD and Kolo played superbly, and in JD we have unearthed a real gem.

    There were major positives yesterday.

    And today I am pissed off, not with the team because I would always take an ugly 1-0 win. But with the so-called fans.

    Can anyone confirm that Bendtner’s name was booed when he was announced as sub ?

  65. Maciek

    Eboue is just a right back and a back up for Sagna. And Jules is right, the lack of investment is killing us. Wenger is someonne who must take the blame. It’s obvious that a cdm and a cb was needed but he refused to make some additions to our squad. Our wage bill is about 100 punds, but I don’t understand why. The isn’t anyone who should be allowed to earn more than 60 thousand a week.

  66. Mandanda

    Didn’t watch the match and judging by the comments its a good thing I didn’t .

    Apart from the result, where any other positive individual displays? or where they collectively mediocre?

  67. Neil

    Avid reader of the site my first comment.- I attend all home games as season ticket holder.

    Pleased we won but thought we played poorly and for once were lucky.

    Geoff far too critical of Song who played reasonably well. Does not have the pace /energy of Flamini and our game has suffered. Like Bendtner has slightly lazy style which when things do not come off can be hugely frustrating. He does add some muscle to midfield.

    Our real issue is lack of width made worse once Nasri went off. Denilson is not a right winger and my Grandma is a better left midfield player than Eboue. We watched Eboue in second half (we sit behind Arsenal bench) and he ran about like a headless chicken. He had some good moments (as we know he can be brilliant) but all of these were when he went to more central postion or when he found himself playing at right wing!!!! Pat Rice at one stage spent a full minute telling him to come back to the left to give us width. Our full backs who last season bombed forward are not doing so -Clichy appears to be another player affected by low confidence-frustrating to see Hoyte now doing this for Boro.

    For the final 20 minutes lack of confidence/playing out of position Eboue was Wigan’s most effective player and the crowd around me did not know whether to laugh or cry. If Wigan had scored (as they should have) could have been a riot the frustrations having reached fever pitch. When Eboue tackled Toure it turned into a farce -Kolo was screaming at Eboue to run into space on left but Eboue in totally alien position did not do so. Eboue’s madness then began to affect other players with RVP shooting the ball into touch at one stage as he had no other options to pass when he was in clear space-it was a shambles for the last 15 minutes.

    A proper left sided player (Jack or Vela) would have made maximum use of space which we had on left and last year even Helb could have scored a hat trick in the last 20 minutes or more likely made 3 clear cut chances one of which Addie /RVP may have scored!!!

    I am fan of Wenger what he has done for Arsenal and football generally has been incredible. Playing anyone and youngsters in particular out of position however is madness. A midfield of Eboue, Cesc, Song and Denilson can only be described as most Arsenal fans worse nightmare compared to say Hleb, Cesc, Flamini and Theo illustrates why we are struggling and why Geoff is frustrated. Wenger must know this and must address otherwise we will have more days like yesterday and not be so lucky with result.

    We must keep the faith and booing our players helps no one but I do understand the frustration and Wenger was at fault yesterday with worse sub. I think he has ever made and he has past form in this regard.

  68. raif

    Goonerman – he had a better game when you look back at the other games his plaid this season,

    you can see Cesc didnt trust giving him the ball or anyone else for that matter,

    but Eboue made Song look like our man of the match, lol.

    Vela, must be thinking who does he have to kill to get a game.!!

    we have a fit VELA. who CAN play on the Left Wing, but wenger sticks Eboue on who,
    1) hasnt plaid in 6 games.
    2) playing in the wrong postion
    & 3) amited in the Post match interview that he didnt really want to Play him for as long as he did.?????????????

    well if wenger felt like that then. WHY put him on in the first place, Wenger just made himself and Eboue look like total Arses,

  69. Geoff

    Raddy I heard booing from all over the ground, I think people wanted Wenger to know what they felt.

    Right or wrong, for a professional footballer he was appalling and Wenger’s choices show he needs help.

  70. Maciek

    And for everyone who thinks that we don’t live in Championship Manager World, look at Barcelona. They had bought Hleb, Alves, Keita, Caceres, and now look at their passing, movement, they are destroying teams.Sometimes is good if You splash some cash, because it can improve Your team and make You capable of chalenging for trophies.

  71. Mandanda

    Without trying to support AW, I think played well in the left-mid position against Bolton earlier in the season. we won 3-1 that day I remember. Then again, he was returning from a five week break!

    Yeah ure all right blame Wenger!!!

  72. JJ

    michael ffs what defensive or else vela, wilshire, ramsey or gibbs cud bring (1-0 up @ 32 min) onto the game after the midweek defeat at burnley?

  73. patthegooner

    Djourou Mandanda, he was very good again, agree with BR we have un-earthed a real gem, about time too, we have been calling for his inclusion since Pre-season.

    Song was better than usual which at least is a step in the right direction but he is far from being the answer, he was just better so it shows up more.

  74. raif


    RvP had a few good chances. he put them wide. i was happy with him, Cesc was the one who put RvP though with some neat passes, But Cesc was comming far to deep to get the ball. and thats Bcos he didnt have the confidence to pass to people like Song & Eboue.

    Kolo was Solid i think. Almuina pulled off a good save that could have brang Wigan on level, and if they did score you would have wonderd if we ever would have scored to take back the lead,

  75. Jules

    well said big raddy

    cheers maciek , booing your own players is out of order when the same people would be jumping up and down if the bloke sored . load of bollocks

  76. Michael

    I agree with Big Raddy, when all is said and done, we WON the game, and id quite happily take a 1-0 win every game.

    And there were positives. we defended quite well and coped with the aerial threat of heskey and dealt with corners, crosses and long throws. plus Cesc has captained us to 3 straight wins. So we should feel quite happy today to some extent,

  77. Danish Gooner

    So Eboues ego got shot,so fucking what ? He is a professional football player and he has been given more then enough time in the side to prove he is worth wearing the Arsenal Jersey.I would support the player to the hilt if he put in some effort and ran his heart out but the way he just dont seem to care when he loses the ball is atrocious,have some heart man ,give it a go get the ball back dont be a fucking surrender monkey.And dont get me started on song what a waste of space he wouldnt be in this side if it wasnt for wengers experiment.

  78. Big Raddy

    You will get no argument from me about the lack of strength in this team Geoff.

    But…. well, I don’t want to keep repeating myself.

    Le Grover’s to a man have been calling for a minimum 3 new players since January. That we have only signed Nasri (to the first team) is an indication of the club’s inability to attract the best players.

    And here is another point about the booing…… If you are a top player, can earn your £80k a week anywhere you wish, would you choose to go to Anfield where you know the fans will support you through difficult times, or to the Library, where spoilt stupid people boo their own players ?

  79. gooner

    i didnt boo at first..but i joined in.

    the fans were frustrated… add he could have cost us the game. too those who say dont boo… you should see the fans frustraton at being treated as cash cows….. dont stand, dont sing, no chips, queue for the bog,..etcetc

    i was surrounded by tourists and day trippers yesterday, they giggle when you sing… the football was crap….. and we were pissed off.

    after the match…people just shuffled out….. depressed,…… we are arsenal fans… but we pay to see something good…..

  80. Mandanda

    Cheers pat and raif,

    At least we had some positives from the game, u guyz think we should put our CC team plus a few first teamers out against Porto? save our top performers for Boro, we lost there last season without Cesc and Hleb

  81. ADAM

    1 thing i don’t understand: in midfield we had song and denilson, both performing defensive functions. when nasri went off and eboue came on we basically had 3 defending midfielders and as good as cesc is he cannot provide all the creativity. wenger should have brought on vela or ramsey because we all know they are more than capable.


  82. ethangunner

    yes boo’ing is not on ! i agreed about boo’ing wenger !
    or management but a player ? well i don’t think that is on !

    it just shows poor sportsmanship

    i do agree that it is the only way fans can express there concerns , but me personally
    i think it ruins the game !

    and its just my view on it ..

  83. Keyser

    Maybe if Arsenal just took a fiver off the ticket price we’d all be content ? What should be the discounted rate at which we’d all be happy to cheer and sing the team on ?!

  84. Roger Holmes

    Why pick on Song?
    He played a defensive midfield game very well and stopped most of the high stuff in front of the defence and hardly lost the ball keeping it simple. I thought he was our best player.

    See Telegraph stats Song -12 clearances, 58 passes 3 bad

    See for Cesc 1 clearance 75 passes 15 bad!

    Who lost the ball all the time?

  85. Jules


    I think it is a case of seeing investment in the squad rather than a reduced price !!

    Thats clearly what is needed.

  86. Stu

    Liverpool booed the team ater a draw.

    We were winning and a player was singled out. If the booing had started after the whistle Wenger would have thought it was because of the result.

  87. RasDef

    what if wigan scored towards the end of the game? Everybody that says booing was worng, you’d be booing if we got a draw!

  88. brendon gunner

    i have a feeling that some of our players, will leave the club in january/summer if a big club comes calling.

    you can just see the disgust in the players’ faces when eboue was booed. they know the slightest mistake they do, they’ll get choruses of boos.
    and i read somewhere that when nik’s name was announced on the sub bench, the crowd booed him too. it’s a sad day being a gooner.

    but at least we won, we’ve always wanted this so called ugly win when teams like wigan pressurizes every ball. i thought we needed a diffirent approach to this type of games instead of just passing it around.
    if the two shots that hit the post and rvp didnt shoot twice inches wide from the post have gone in, i dont think we’ll have this doom conversations.
    still think it’s the board/arsene’s fault that we didnt buy the replacements necessary in the firsst placce though.

  89. Jules

    Geoff .

    sounds like you may have found the San Miguel , mate , yes it was ,nt great but we won . we could have easily balls that up and we did,nt so its not so bad .

    kolo and jd did well at the back at least.

  90. Keyser

    Forget investment, the fans want value for money they should just discount the tickets, everyone’ll be happy, the cunts that were booing because they didn’t get their money’s worth will be happy.

    Win-Win situation, the club can say they have no money and the fans can pay a price that will match the value of their support.

  91. Franchise

    Sportmanship?????? Thats the players duty no the fans. The fans finance the club and u are saying they cannot express their discontent at how things are going. That is stupid IMO. Arsenal is not a Cult its a fucking football club. How many times have these players showed atheir appreciation to the fans when results dont go our way? From what i can remember only Walcott has the innitiative to do so. The others just storm off into the dressing room, get changed and zoom off in their super sport cars. The fans have to endure several hours to get home.

  92. gooner


    thanks. its ok for people to see it on tv……. if you are there…its quite another matter…the plastic AKBs should extend their inexhaustible supply of tolerance to the fans…….
    I declare myself the first FKB…fans know brigade

  93. Matt

    It’s not very often that i completely disagree with a post, but Geoff, I’m sorry – i think you have it wrong on a lot of things you said.

    We didn’t play great, but we played OK – we hit the post twice, Kirkland made a couple od decent saves, and Sagna and Adebayor both missed good chances.

    Ade played well, got his goal, won a lot of headers and if i remember rightly, was not offside once.

    RVP played well, looked dangerous, and on another day, would of scored.

    I know you hate Song Geoff, but personally i thought he did well yesterday, he won a lot of headers, broke up play well, and passed quite well too.

    Apart from the last 5 mins when we panicked, we never really looked like conceding.

    And – Above all else – WE WON.

    I had 3 fuckwits behind me slagging off Adebayor through out the whole game, with WELSH and DEVON accents! Fuck me – i had to say something and told them to fucking support the team, or fuck off and support Cardiff.

    And the booing of EBoue – WHAT A FUCKING DISGRACE.

    I agree with Goonerman – if you booed Eboue yesterday, you are a TOTAL CUNT.

    Booing a player in an Arsenal shirt when he is having a mare is unforgivable – the guy was played totally out of position, and has just come back from injury.

    So, i know – lets totally kill his confidence.

    If you get pissed off with how you pay to go to the game and dont think you get value for money – dont go.

    There are plenty of REAL fans out there, who will happily go and support the team through thick and thin.

  94. London

    Big Raddy

    You suggest that Le Grove is split between those who support booing and those that do not. I think there was more booing of the decision to play Eboue on the left wing than is being admitted. Where do you stand on the booing of Wenger’s ridiculous decision?

  95. Jules

    I m off for a bit .

    have a good Sunday all .

    And Arsene if you are reading . IF we do have any money … FUCKING SPEND

  96. gooner


    until you purchase 60000 tickets, you have no right to tell anyone what to do….. i bet you werent even there

  97. JonJon

    Good post geoff

    although i dont agree with booing, but yesterday the fans had no choice, i can understand it

    wenger has been in a comfort zone for so long, and hes made so many shit decisions this season, the fans got sick of it and let him know exactly how they felt.

    we had ramsey, wishere and vela all sat on the bench, the same players that spanked this team 3-0, and what does he do, bring on a RB to play LM

    we already had denilson on the right, the midfield was totally unbalanced and we struggled like hell.

  98. Keyser

    Apart from the 3 points and a clean sheet, David Wheater got sent off yesterday so hopefully Middlesborough might be a bit easier to play away.

  99. Michael

    Booing happens everywhere in football, we are no worse than any other fans. Liverpool booed off even though they went top of the table, Inter Milan booed off against Panathinaikos, Ac Milan booed off FIRST game of the season when they lost I think to Bologna, Kevin Kuranyi was recently booed off by his own fans (Schalke) after he missed a couple of chances and Real Madrid regulary boo their players,

  100. LB

    I’m sorry, but for the first time I will call Arsenal fans stupid. Song had an excellent game. He won countless headers that Denilson never would have gotten. He broke play numerous times. And he NEVER gave up the ball, certainly not as much as Denilson, Nasri or Adebayor. In fact, go check, our best defensive performances in the league have been with Song at centre midfield. I’m really growing disillusioned with Arsenal, not for the manager the players or the board, but the fans. This is so sooo embarassing.

  101. Ricardo

    Wenger might have lost it
    Djourou on the bench at Stoke for example – and Eboue was woeful
    However Song is a decent player! He does a job – and that job is to got the ball and give it to Cesc and the other players. He is very young and arguably as good as Gilberto was at that age. Forget Diaby, Diaby is a liability – as injury prone as Rosicky – perhaps it is his lanky frame.
    But Song is solid, farly good in the air – and CAN tackle! He’s a decent player and will get better with some good coaching

  102. Stu


    In all fairness, have you evr sen Kuranyi play. He played for Germany but for Schalke a normanl game for him is missing a few sitters. He makes Ade look like Henry. KK misses at least one if not two open goals per game.