Wenger has lost it I’m afraid.

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I watched the game and so wanted the Arsenal to dominate but alas it didn’t happen.

We were shit and playing Song was like being with 10 men from the start, simple, Cesc didn’t want to give him the ball, no one did, and when he got it, he gave it away, and when you thought it could get no worse you brought on your love child Eboue, and he put him on the left wing, Arsene what the fuck were you thinking? He is at best a back up right back and maybe a right sided player, but as a left winger, are you joking????

I can say no more than ‘I THINK YOU HAVE LOST IT’

End of, that was shocking, and if you think that will win anything , you are delusional my friend, that was really, really crap.

I watched you and Pat from my seat and not one word passed between you , he is safe and so are you, you don’t deserve to be, Song is dreadful and so is Eboue, the crowd told you, and if you were listening, you’d know.

I can’t say anything other than yet again you got it badly wrong and if you continue to play that team then we will win nothing. Grow up, change the team or we will be doomed to 5th place or worse.

I know this will bring out the AKB’s, but hell, what do you expect? I was there, they weren’t, I read the programme notes and Song has a feature in it like he was Dennis Bergkamp, are you all watching the same player? I sat with my mate in the middle, so we saw the whole 9 yards, I said watch every thing he touches, and apart from a one two, he was embarrassing, he only looked less bad when you brought Eboue on, right wing, are you mad? Why did you buy Ramsey? He is 10 times better, he must be thinking, fuck, I should have gone to ManU.

I started this last night after the game and I was angry, really angry, I said stop! Write this again at 4am, you’ll calm down, you’ll feel better, I’m now at the airport waiting to fly to Spain, it’s 5.58am, I thought I would be Ok, like hell, I feel like we lost, you know why? Because we should have.

Scolari is saying he’ll win fuck all if the chavs don’t buy two players, the spuds are going to sign Downing for Β£12 mil, Us, no, we don’t need anyone, because we believe in this team, great, everyone else is wrong, but you Arsene, are right.

Ken Friar was walking round the new CEO in Diamond club saying hello, my mate grabbed my arm and said, please don’t Geoff…

Have a nice day, I sure as hell won’t.

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  1. bergkamp

    il have a look in the times after the porto game,iv picked it up before,i think they have better pictures where as most papers have the same pictures practically

  2. Stu


    all that springs to mind for a Kolo free kick is against Bolton. Any others you can think of?? Im sure there is more

  3. Keyser

    Peaches who do you like in the Times ? Martin Samuel maybe but apart from that I don’t really like any of the journalists around, The Times, Sky Sports and The Sun aren’t they all part of News Corp ? You can see why Sky Sports has soo much influence over the thoughts of fans whoever they may support.

  4. ''O.B''

    mate, we won………. a successful team needs a few scrappy wins every now and then, we cant play our free-flowing fantastic football every bloody week, and we still got the three points. now i agree eboue is shit, song is shit, and we need a few signings but to say wenger has lost it after a 1-0 win is ridiculous. grow up and sort it out.

  5. bergkamp

    stu,kolo’s free kicks are usually messed up more by the man rolling the ball than kolo,but at least they are hit at the target with intent,van thinks he can get a ball over the wall and under the crossbar at 80mph,he needs scientific advice,he needs to put a man in the wall and split it or think about cutting the speed to 55mph

  6. hughsie

    I completely disagree with your claim that scoring goal is purely a mathematical equation, you cant just say shots at goal div shots on target equals goals and claim it as truth. There’s 100’s more variables that would have to theoretically be taken into equation, goalie position, time, wind, confidence, whatever it’s irrelevant because what your saying is stupid and your babbling.

    Van Persie missed two shots on goal, both just inches wide from his two good chances, He scored the two chances he had the week before. He’s getting into the right position to make chances, I dont fault him for that. MATHEMATICALLY, he scores one goal for every 2.5 chances on target in the EPL, THEORETICALLY he will score his next shot on target.

  7. bergkamp

    both by inches,pahahahahahahaha,he earns 40k a week and cant hit the target, nikolas bendtner took criticism for at least hittin the target,van has no excuse,against fulham he missed the target from 6 yards,fuck the wind

  8. bergkamp

    serious people in here today,one guy said van is better than ade an ade doesnt get into the holland team an his greater talent means he shouldnt work hard,now this guy

  9. peachesgooner

    Keyser – I do rate Martin Samuels – he clearly loves football and loves writing about it. Others I enjoy reading are Matt Hughes and Simon Barnes. Simon Barnes has a real love for all sport – he is clearly a romantic, some of the pieces he wrote while the olympics were on were very good.

  10. peachesgooner

    bergie – I have to go to bed. Hope I’m not leaving you to chat to yourself all alone in blog land..

    Nite nite all, catch up tmoro xx

  11. hughsie

    Do you blame Sagna for not hitting the target with that volley? what about Melchiot? he was about 6 feet from goal surely he should have just put the ball past Almunia if it’s as easy as you claim. Kirkland is a fantastic keeper, easily one of the best in the league especially now that he’s fit and getting a run of games – did you see him last week? he was blisteringly good, same again this week against us.

    I’m sorry, but it’s not just a matter of getting shots on target, you’ve got to be able to do so in a way that beats the keeper – i could put 100 out of 100 on target and score none of them because they were all aimed at the middle of the goal. Van Persie put the ball inches wide of the post both times, having taken Kirkland out of the equation by aiming there, they were excellent attempts and pretty unlucky that neither of them went in.

  12. Keyser

    bergkamp – Why do you hate him soo much ? Seriously dude calm down, everytime we discuss Van Persie it ends up like this.

    I don’t think we need massive changes, people on here have said we need a revolution at the club, that we’re becoming a joke, thats complete and utter rubbish.

    The players we have aren’t shit, Adebayor needs a little refinement as does Van Persie, but then Eduardo can finish the chances others missed, Van Persie has a great left foot and this exceeds anyone else in the team, no-one could have climbed as high as Adebayor did to head down for Van Persie to score against Chelsea.

    We’ve got problems, loads of little ones not massive ones just a collection of little ones that we can work on.

  13. bergkamp

    hughsie,i think that van should go for precission over power more often, you hit the target the ball can come back off the keepr or deflct past the keeper,if you roll the ball wide well thats a waste,simple,vans not the only guilty one but most of our chances this season have fallen his way

  14. ethangunner

    in the last 10 minutes of the game when it was apparent our strikers could not convert a 2nd goal to give us breathing space , all fans were on the edge of there seats and smelled an equalizer !

    then you add eboue’s fundamental errors to the game and i cant blame people for boo’ing .
    i wouldnt have myself , but it was a pretty tight affair and with our team always coughing up the lead you couldn’t expect the fans to say quiet !

    Also even if back from injury eboue is paid well ! and expected too preform !
    do you blame wenger or eboue ?
    but too pass into a cluster of wigan players after kolo told him to push up is pretty unforgivable ..
    and raised a groan from me !

    and im sure if most of you are true fans you did the same without even thinking !
    but when does a groan turn into a boo ?!

    i think the topic has been well over debated tonight but i think a poll on the matter pedro
    would give you a clear % on the people who feel it was necessary or those who thin the subject is taboo

  15. bergkamp

    keyser,i dont hate him,i want more from him,he has the talent to do much better, im like wenger i see what a player has,wenger probably isnt as demanding, but i know van can do better with them dead balls and with his finishing,ade considering his less talent gives 100%,van should try that

  16. bergkamp

    i think eboue is his own worst enemy,wenger should know that eboue is colour blind, but i still dont think booooin him is the way

  17. bergkamp

    we definantly dont need massive changes,even a bit of luck on the injur front would e a change that would make a huge difference keyser, one or two players in and attittudes and confidence would change

  18. bergkamp

    the thing is what eboue did playin the ball across midfield ,2 minutes later van did the same thing,i think our players were a bag of nerves,this is why our forwards need to bury more chances or at least hit the target

  19. Stu

    Isnt it strange how small teams who create very few chances always seen to score them. But us, a team that create easily 15-20 chances a game only score 1,2 maybe even 3 if we are lucky.

    We should but some strikers from a few championship sided, Guarenteed goals!!

  20. bergkamp

    paulinho no not at all,i know van can do that ,this is the sad thing,he is motivated by big occasions and performs better when his back is against a wall,he is less interested when 1-0 up against wigan

  21. bergkamp

    we seem to have the creative footballing kind of forwards,not the clinical type,its just the way it is,altho you gotta work the keeper as a basic rule

  22. Keyser

    We keep singling out players but all we need is a slight improvement from all of them. We won yesterday and we deserved to. VAn Persie score 2 last week, Adebayor scored the winner this week, hopefully we can put a run together maybe get some players back.

    Wheater got sent off for Middlesborough thats good news for us hopefully.

  23. hughsie

    “this is why our forwards need to bury more chances or at least hit the target” bergkamp

    Yeah look, of course they do but that’s nothing new – I’m pretty sure you could ask any football fan of any team anywhere in the world the question ‘what could your team do better?’ and the answer would be ‘score more goals’ so it’s not exactly an unusual sentiment.

    Positively for us, we’re getting players in positions to force saves or have reasonably clear cut chances – remember that we’ve had a pretty bad run both on and off the pitch in the last month.
    Looking at the goals we’ve scored recently they’ve all been instinctive strikes on the turn or similar rather than clinical finishes, which we’re making a number of opportunities to finish but haven’t been able to, i think because of the pressure the fans and media are putting on them – i mean, we won the game but what’re we hearing about it? how shit Eboue, Song, Denilson and Van Persie were and how the fans turned on the team instead of something positive.

  24. bergkamp

    agreed 100% keyser,but 2-0 on the scoreline an there wouldnt have been the stress and strain which i think was taken out on eboue

  25. bergkamp

    hughsie,we had 6 chances an only 1 on target,some teams dont even get 6 chances in a game,even liverpool are scoring goals

  26. Keyser

    Yeah I agree, but we won and like hughsie said all we’re talking about are the negatives, we beat United without Van Persie, Adebayor or Eduardo, Liverpool have they even got three strikers ?!

    The fans didn’t help yesterday, I’m glad we’re away next week even though Middlesborough will be tough because the away fans have been great.

  27. Stu

    A lot of people are defending our missed chances by saying that at least they are in the right position to miss them. What i think is a little unfair is that Bendtner was in all the right places too and everyone still criticised him.

    I dont know if these are the same people but thats known as double standards.

  28. hughsie

    Did you just make up that stat? I’m looking at the Guardian and we had 12 shots, 4 on target to Wigans 10 shots/3 on target.

  29. bergkamp

    the thing is,i get slagged off for being down with song and denilson by the same people who slag me off when i say van should work harder,i cant win

  30. Keyser

    Yup Stu, but dammit Wheater got sent off I’m pretty sure he misss our game ? I’ve mentioned it about 3 times today no-one takes any notice Heh..

  31. Stu


    thanks for informang us of Wheaters pending absence…

    At least we dont ave to worry about him from set pieces.

  32. Keyser

    bergkamp – Goodnight, I think it’s one game because it wasn’t violent conduct, but it’s our game I think so it’s great.

    Stu – Thanks that’s all I needed Heh, by the looks of it we’re going to need all the help we can get if Nasri stays out.

  33. hughsie

    “At least we dont ave to worry about him from set pieces.” – Stu.

    We’ve got enough to worry about from our own players when it comes to defending set pieces, let’s get them right before we start thinking about the opposition.

    I was pretty pleased with the performance of Djourou, not much has been mentioned from what i’ve read but he’s starting to look fairly settled and currently is a much better fit with both Toure and Gallas as his partner. He was strong in the air and showed pretty good composure for much of the game.

    Toure still worries me with his positioning, his pace saves him usually but far too often he’s caught outside his player and has to run around and tackle from behind – it nearly cost us a penalty on the weekend. I’d much rather see him playing in the center of midfield next to Fabregas and throwing his weight and experience round with the surety of Gallas and Djourou protecting him if he’s out of position than on the last line.

  34. Stu

    Tuncay is a very smart forward, he makes good runs, appears in good positions and has great technique. Therefore I would prefer Gallas to play CB with JD because Kolo, as you said hughsie, mainly relies on his pace to get out of trouble.

  35. Keyser

    There was a challenge on Van Persie by Cattermole right on the edge of the box or in the penalty are but I can’t remember it in the highlights did I imagine it ? I thought it could have been a penalty aswell, I might have got it wrong though.

    Djourou’s got all the physcial attributes and he seems to have good positioning aswell, we need to impose ourselves more, bully teams physically if not anything else, I think it’s going to take a while to build up the confidence again and despite winning the last two games I wouldn’t be surprised if the nerves aren’t back to what they were before the Chelsea game.

    I really hope Toure stays it was his first game back to be fair and however much we want them to be on the top of the game I just wish we were a little more restrained.

  36. Stu

    Didnt Toure give away a penalty against Boro last season, a foul on Aliadiere I believe. We were arguably better then than we are right now so whos to say they wont win again? Pesimistic I know …..

  37. hughsie

    Keyser, yeah look that passage of play – Van Persie was hauled back just before that challenge from Cattermole, which probably by itself would have been a penalty if the initial foul hadn’t occurred just before then.

    Exactly with regards to Djourou and also why i think Toure should be playing in midfield – he’s got the mature body and ability to mix it up physically that would create space and win the ball in the middle that we need – Denilson is physically too small at the moment and Song doesnt have the hardman mentality that would get it done – Toure does, he could throw his weight around and is a mature enough player to bring the ball out of the backline and free up Fabregas to play a more advanced role.

  38. Keyser

    Stu – Yup, we’ve got to stop giving away the early goals teams just shut up shop against after tat and with all these players out we’re going to struggle, I really hope this Eboue incident works for the team and brings them closer together so they’re hell bent on proving the fans wrong or we could fall apart completely.

    hughsie – I just don’t think he has the mobility, Wenger’s said before that he has explosive pace, when he gets going he’s like a steam train but it takes him time to get back into position. It’s the same with Yaya, either the whole of the midfield learns to defend together as a unit or we’re going to leave gaps too big to fill for the better passing teams.

    Song just needs to be clever in how he asserts himself, give way free kicks on the half way line for tough challenges or just position yourself better later on. we really need to keep the momentum going, after Middlesborough we’ve got Liverpool and each one of those games for us now are season deciding.

  39. adil

    i saw the game from the first whistle to the last… i thought song wasnt 2 bad… djorou was really good i think wenger shud give him a few more games… denilson was not that bad even tho i hate him… the issue about eboue is that u guys r saying that he was playing out of position… but making a simple pass should be a big deal.. i mean ur a footballer u been passing the ball since u were a kid… he gave the ball away 3 times 2 easily(if i m not mistaken)… and thats not acceptable… i think we got a break with the goal but deserved 2 score more rvp missed a few, denilson hit the post and so did ade… but i think this team looks 2 weak compared 2 last seasons team, i dont think we can win the league i wish they prove me wrong. but i think we got a chance at the champs league seeing how we play against the top teams…. next week we have to take on alves and downing and after that we play liverpool hopefully we pick up 6 pts outta those 2 games so that we can lower the gap!!

  40. ikon

    i think song and denilson are beginning to show some promise. But really Ade made all the difference. Had it been Bendtner we would have lost the match.

    Boro are a good team, and after defeat at the hands of Hull, expect nothing less than a fight. Our boys will need to keep up the morale and play with toothless agression. The only player I see with that attitude on the field is RVP.

    What we dont realise is he has personally tried very very hard to overcome his injuries, and play for the team. He is a marvel when on a run, and I hope he smacks 2 more goals against boro.

    I am really optimistic about our chances, if we can get within 5 points before christmas, we have every reason of being hopeful.

    That being said, we cannot drop our guards in the ucl against porto. It might cost us heavily in the next round.

    CC and FA are really a playing ground for the kids, they blew the great opportunity to win something at that age, its no one’s fault but thei own.

  41. ethangunner

    we have some tough games coming up !
    villa away – liverpoo at home – boro away , fc porto ..

    portsmouth at home ..

    all before Christmas … it will be tough to bridge the gap …… and not expect the other top 4 too not keep pace also !

    our squad is not only the weakest out of the 4 we have major injuries too !
    not impossible but tough !

  42. ethangunner


    i dont share your view on ade , whilst he passed better than normal , he was just in the right place at the right time .he doesnt create anything. the pass from RVP or cesc came in and he side stepped it in from 10 yards ..
    by the 2nd half he was back to his fumbling best .. giving away off sides and possession .
    we lack creativity when he is playing . and there is never enough chances , due to his poor touch on the ball .. or giving away possession ..

    we need a serious change in personnel in the strike department ! been saying it all along and i think unless dudu returns stronger and RVP keeps some form we wont be in this race this season .

    maybe wenger will surprise us and buy podolski – villa – hunt… but i doubt it .

  43. Hughsie

    “i dont share your view on ade , whilst he passed better than normal , he was just in the right place at the right time .he doesnt create anything. the pass from RVP or cesc came in and he side stepped it in from 10 yards ..” – ethangooner

    Quite frankly no-one can take your criticism seriously if you cant even remember who assisted the goal, Obviously you were paying close attention.

    (Fabregas played the initial ball which deflected off Song and his marker)

  44. kelsey

    Geoff morning,

    i concur there are snowflakes on le grove.maybe a xmas thing.

    The usual couple of idiots on last night accusing le gove of being racist.one quick comment and gone.

    serious question about the porto game.if we win or draw we top the group,i believe that one draws a runner up from another group ,but not english at this stage,and then one then plays the second leg of the knockout at home.remember seville,we put out a weakened team and got thumped.what will the boss do do you think .i think it might be relevant.

    oh it is raining here today.

  45. ethangunner


    you muppet !
    does it look like i give a fuck who passed the ball ?
    the end result is the ball spilled out loosely and ade was a 1 meter in front of anyone to dispatch it !

    why do i lose credibility or some such because i dont remember every single assist arsenal have made this season ffs ?

  46. Hughsie

    He’ll play a strong team, we’d actually messed up by playing kids away in eastern europe and drew before we played Sevilla in the final group game if we’d played a strong team away against whomever it was (Prague or Steau Bucharest if i recall correctly) – i dont think we’ll make the same mistake again.

  47. Hughsie

    Ethan surely if you’re going to come on here and pan our one and only goal scorer for not doing anything then you’d come armed with some fairly solid evidence and a good recall of the game – neither of which you’ve presented.

    I watched the same game that you claim to have watched and not only was Adebayor in the right place at the right time to pounce on a deflection and score but he hit the post, was excellent in hold up play and worked hard tracking back.

  48. gnarleygeorge9

    Ha Ha!

    So Geoff saw GMR on another blog did he πŸ˜‰ My conjuring must be working :).

    GMR is getting closer.

  49. Johnie from Kenya

    does AW ever listen i think that as much as yo would blame the fans they wanted to tell AW we are tired with your bad choices that sometimes borders arrogance for heaven sake you dont have to lose so that you realize it is a mistake you do not need to be booed also it is unfortunate that Eboue got the wrath but to me it was directed to AW but with a pinch of salt to wenger Bendtner has no business in first 11 Vela is good and so is simpson these lads need a chance

  50. ethangunner


    Ethan surely if you’re going to come on here and pan our one and only goal scorer for not doing anything then you’d come armed with some fairly solid evidence

    Does any regular on here think i cannot supply evidence why ade is so crap ?

    i mean really ?

  51. Geoff

    Gnarley that was puntuation! he meant Geoff, I saw GMR, Ethan did you ask him where he’d been?

    Kelsey, I saw that, what a cunt!

  52. ikon

    ethen, Ade is the best we have got.
    He gives much to the side which might not look good on tv but in terms of physical presence and bringing others into play in the final third he does it better than anyone in the pl.

    I dont see Podolski or villa coming straight into pl and doing wonders. Even if Nasri has fired in a few goals, he is not consistent enough. I doubt he can be as consistent as Hleb, playing form the wings.

    Hleb is very very intelligent, his incisive and decisive runs and passes are being missed and so is being Flamini’s incessant running around. But more Hleb.

    If Ade plays like he did last match winning the headers and linking superbly, I will have no complaints.

    But Vela needs to bulk up and RVP needs to stay fit and get into a habbit of scoring from his free kicks. The back four is now more or less sorted out with Djourou, and I feel Song will grow into his role.

    I liked what I saw last night except the Eboue thing.
    I have a hunch that the golden boy fab will bring much needed luck to this team, it always is that way. Gerrard for example makes his own and team’s luck. I expect the same case with Fab.

  53. ethangunner

    no , i was only looking thru that SAID BLOG this morning for more stuff on us !
    i was feeling bullish and ready for a scrap !
    There was no more stuff about us thankfully ! and on sunday’s entry GMR made a comment ..

    so as its been well over 36 hours since the ghost town post occured ,
    i thought GMR wouldnt
    read it anyhow …

    so little point in asking why hasnt he been here ! i think ive got more of a chance
    of him reading this than returning there dont you πŸ™‚

  54. ethangunner


    RVP is far better least he gets into space and can shoot !
    when ade is on the pitch havent you noticed we are really low on chances for goal ?
    he plays too far up the pitch now and would rather pass off than hit the shot !

    having said that his last game was one of his best !

  55. Hughsie

    “Does any regular on here think i cannot supply evidence why ade is so crap ?

    i mean really ?” – ethangooner.

    Quite frankly yes, i’ve been reading and posting infrequently on here since the start of the year, so i’m not exactly the blog nubian that you’re implying i am. You’re certainly not supplying it now, unless you count your gross generalizations as solid evidence.

    You come on here claiming that Adebayor has an awful first touch, doesnt work hard enough, doesnt score enough goals. You make all these claims, reference a bad game he played once and neglect the weight of evidence he presented last year and through this season, and two days ago again.

    Rinse, repeat, recycle. Just admit you dont like him in general and that every time you go to sleep at night Adebayor is in your dreams whispering that he wants to go to Milan or Madrid unless you offer him a 100,000 a week contract. He’s never going to convince you, you’re never going to be satisfied by him, right?

  56. Rupe

    Eboue doesn’t have the skill of many of our other players, but he works hard and gets stuck in. We’ve missed him while he’s been out. I think that’s what was in Wenger’s mind when bringing him on instead of Ramsay or Vela; he wanted Eboue back playing again asap.

    It doesn’t explain why he didn’t put him on the right and move Denilson to the left. And it doesn’t explainwhy Eboue wasn’t given a run-out in the Burnley game first (this is my only gripe with the “kids” policy in that competition – it gets in the way of using it to raise first-teamers’ match fitness).

    But at the end of the day, Wenger wasn’t to know just how out-of-sorts Eboue was going to turn out to be. The lad had a mare and was rightly taken off. But booing can negatively affect the whole team, not just the individual, and into the future, not just for that match. Things have been starting to turn round since Cesc was made captain, but if the team goes back into a slump, the “fans” who booed on Saturday will have to share the blame. Never mind “we’ve paid for our tickets we have a right to complain”, never mind “Wenger’s made mistakes and we have to let him know”… booing hurts out team. Stop it.

  57. Gooner4Life

    Is This what arsenal fans are made up of . Booing their own players.Does manchester or liverpool or chelski fans do tat ?NO!!!!!!And dont u arsenal fans who booed EBOUE feel embarrased , no matter how he plays he is representing arsenal and we should respect that . EBoue is trying his best and sometimes things don go his way.Against BLACKBURN when banayoun missed the shot and did not pass well did the liverpool fans boo him ? NO!!!!!!!!!.

    Please GOONERS lets get behind EBOUE and help him because confidence is what he needs now and booing him does’nt help it.