Time to put the Carling cup to bed and wake up to what’s left.

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We all said it, play the Carling Cup side in the Premiership, we all did, well we won’t be saying that again will we? We can’t after the Burnley game, it showed that they aren’t ready for it yet, much the same as the senior side, they lacked that bit of bite that comes with age, and when I say age I don’t mean Silvestre, I mean Rosicky, we need to get in a few players that are ready now and not those with potential.

Ramsey, Merida and Wilshere all looked good and showed that if they had the support, they could do well at the highest level, we have a real chance in the league, Liverpool flatter to deceive, the chavs aren’t there for me this year, so that leaves the Mancs, and they look as solid as ever.

If we signed two players we would have enough to win the EPL, ECL and the FA Cup or at least one of them, Portsmouth did, didn’t they, are we not better than them?

We’ve said this a million times and we are just over 3 weeks away from doing it, a solid centre back and a tenacious midfielder, sign Flamini on loan and get a big bastard at the back, we are being linked with Brede Hangeland from Fulham, I don’t know enough about him to comment, do you?

Wigan next, then Boro away, then the scousers, win those three and we’ll be near the top, lose or draw and we can forget it, I think we can win all three but we need to start this weekend and a big win is necessary to prove we are better than the kids.

I’m going for a big score, but I would like to see Eduardo on the bench, I think that would give the team a massive lift.

Whatever money we had in the summer has gone up by another Β£30 mil form the EPL and Β£25 from the ECL. That may be my simple maths and you may tell me we don’t get that until ‘XYZ’ but we have it all the same. So maybe, just maybe, Wenger will surprise us after all he bought Reyes, Walcott and Adebayor in the window, and that was a surprise! So who knows? Arsene does, right?

Sorry about that, but it was a good way to end!

Have a great day Grovers.


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  1. Pedro

    A, I think it does the opposite.. it stops the wave of specualtion gathering pace right in it’s tracks.

    Tomorrow, the papers wont be able to report that story as back page news. ManU, Milan, Barca, Madrid and Chavski deny the stories immediately… and the stories stop.

    Arsenal are one of the only clubs who let stories run all summer long… normally because they are true though! haha!

  2. Odub

    dont even get me started on the baby P saga! What kind of fckuing animals do that to a baby?!!!
    and the fucking cnuts at Haringey council dont even have the fcuking decency to hold their hands up and just quit!!

  3. Pedro

    Pat… I’d prefer hard labour like in China… or if we harvested their organs… like they do in China.

    Harsh… but a good idea in special cases.

    If I ever had dreams of politics, the comments section today has put paid to it!

  4. A

    What’s enough pat?! People like that are sick, and fucked up, and need to be cured rather than punished. Most child molesters etc were themselves molested and that’s what caused them to become sick in the head.

    People say paedophiles should get the death penalty etc, for harming the sweet little kids, but the paedohphile was the sweet little kid once upon a time, and the sweet little kid could well become a paedophile.

    I don’t think anyone who commits a sick crime should ever be released back into society, but I also realise that there is absolutely no rational purpose for punishing people, as punishment is illogical in the case of serious crimes

  5. Pedro

    If I was on the Tory marketing team, I’d do an advert with Baby P’s pic on it and put something like, ‘Under this government’.

    Or something like that. Gordon Brown and his Government should be ashamed at allowing it to happen… then compounding it by not doing anything about it.

  6. patthegooner

    It is on the 2nd May Odub, Arsenal are away at Pompey the same day.

    There were over 50,000 there last year. It seems to attract more every year. It is the only saturday of the year where I put Arsenal to one side.

  7. A

    I don’t think it ever stops stories, go to news now and there are stories coming out now about cesc to milan, and i’ll bet anything there’ll be something in the paper. The media are like attention seekers, they do everything for a reaction, whether it be from the club or the fans, and if you react then they’ve won!

  8. Pedro

    A, you sound like a social worker.

    If someone fucks a child, the key should be thrown away. You don’t use your past as an excuse for your future.

  9. Steve

    Some things just go beyond comprehension. I’m not particulary emotional as a person but I couldn’t even read those stories about that poor baby. Having young children myself it just brings home to you how awful things can be.

  10. Steve

    I think we need to avoid the subject of this little baby if we are going to continue having a friendly conversation.

  11. Steve

    I do kelsey but i’m not familiar with them. One of the other posters dealt with them on occassion but they are n’t on my radar mate.

  12. patthegooner

    And that is why I dont want to go there A, it is a subject that people have strong views about. For me though I do feel for those that have been through it but there are some people out there that have performed some pretty sick acts and in my opinion, its an eye for an eye….

  13. Odub

    I’m with Steve, let’s skip it. I nearly came to blows with someone over it once, and that was someone I knew quite well!!

    Let’s get back to goat shagging!! πŸ˜‰

  14. Pedro

    What if the goat was a young goat Odub?


    Lets get back to talking Arsenal!

    So… can we keep cesc long enough to form a partnership with Rambo?

  15. patthegooner

    I am in favour of Conscription. They did a trial a few years ago with young offenders, in that instead of going to a Young Offenders Prison (Not sure what they are called) they went to the Military Prison in Colchester.

    I talked to some of the guys that worked there and apparently they immediately jumped to the top of the tree for young kids that did not re-offend again. In fact apparently a lot of them actually joined the Forces as it gave them something to believe in and somebody to believe in them.

    Dont get me wrong the Forces are not for everyone but it would not surprise me if the majority would find the experience enjoyable.

  16. kelsey

    actually working his bollocks off 8 to 8 for little money,but that’s ok and he is progressing.up at 5.30 home at 9.00 but of course as you know we live in spain.he will make it,even if thiis is just experience.they had 6 on trial and kept just him.who knows.

  17. Steve

    Certain crimes yes pat. Fucking animals, no way. Would you want to serve next to a fucking child killer? Some people are born plain evil.

  18. Arsenal Tom

    “We certainly lose Gallas for Saturday but we have of course Mikael Silvestre, who will be available,” said Wenger. “We have Kolo Toure available again and he is more suited to playing on the right side [of central defence]. We will see until Saturday how well he is.

    “Eboue could be back in the group and Diaby [abdominal strain] could be available from next week onwards. Djourou is fine.”

    Theo Walcott (shoulder) and Tomas Rosicky (hamstring) are still sidelined but Eduardo’s return seems imminent. “As soon as possible he will play now,” confirmed Wenger. “He is joining in full training matches but he needs games now.”

  19. A

    Pedro, the past isn’t an excuse for the future, it’s the reason for it. If you or I had been abused in the past, we’d most likely be fucked in the head and could be capable of doing some horrific things. Everything that happens has a reason and can be analysed. People just need to use more intelligence and rationality rather than succumbing to emotions

  20. patthegooner

    Yeah I think it is Pedro,

    Great Britain is almost like an only child (I am one before anyone takes offence) whereas mainland Europe are all brothers and cousins. I wonder what the longest period is that as a nation we have not been in armed conflict with someone.

  21. Steve

    “Everything that happens has a reason”???????? Analyse this. It’s idiots like you who allow this kind of fucking tragedy to continue. I’m checking off. You sir, are a grade A fool.

  22. kelsey

    see,i told you pedro,eduardo hasn’t played yet.

    we are the fucking arsenal and every game we don’t know who is going to perform,it’s driving me mad.watching us is like going to the casino,every intention of winning,but often doing your bollocks.

  23. Pedro

    A, your rational intelligent mindset is part of the problem.

    Lenient sentencing, rehabilitation programs that don’t work… and worst of all, taking responsibility away from the person who commits the crime.

    Sometimes you have to go back to basics… zero tolerance like New York… that would be a start.

  24. Mark C

    Pedro, whilst in America a few months back I was watching a crime program.

    If you get done for something in America, you get sent down for some serious time.

    Murderers, get 99 years.
    Drug offences could be a 5 stretch.

    In the UK if you kill someone you could be out within 5 years, drugs, you could be in a few weeks.

  25. Arsenal Tom

    thats why we’re so fucked up over here mark… ive got a mate who went to prison for 3 years for drugs… he spent the whole time making cd’s and playing a PS2, im glad he didnt get destroyed obviously but it hardly taught him a lesson!!

  26. Franchise

    Lets forget politics for a minute here. Has any1 in the rmedia questioned JT leadership wit regards to Cheski’s mini crisis? how about his disgraceful tackle against Sagna? Guess who is gonna shoulder the blame. Yes Johnny foreigner Big Phil

  27. Pedro

    Mark C… there is no deterrent over here.

    Long prison sentence aren’t going to solve crime over here… but at least it keeps the most dangerous off the streets forever, and makes the would be criminals think twice before doing something stupid.

  28. ethangunner


    i agree with you the cesc leaving rumors wont go away , and part of the reason for that is he is so young and the media realize one day he will be off and back to spain so the media view it as ..

    ‘ is today the day ‘ ?

    but hopefully the captains curse wont take him from us too soon !
    id like too see him play his best years for arsenal .
    although that’s probably wishful thinking on my part …

  29. Steve

    Sorry I broke the rules Pedro, but attempting to rationalize this kind of thing is tantamount to the crime itself in my opinion. I apologise for letting my anger detract from the legitimacy of my reply but unfortunately emotion got in the way of articulation.

  30. rookie

    Good afternoon Grovers….

    Good post Geoff as always….

    Above in the comments section people were talking about replacing Nikk if we sell him in Jan….i would like him to replace nikk with “Babel” who is pretty much unsettled at pool or Bojan who is in same position as Babel at Barca…

    But we all know that he will go to France for a replacement so there can be three players from he may pick one….

    1st is “Mavlut Erding” nick named “Turkish Tank” plays for Sochaux and it is believed Arsene is keen admirer and a january bid is expected…

    2nd is “Fredric Nimani” who plays for As Monaco and is a tall striker he has also been quoted Arsenal and Madrid are monitoring his situation…

    one of above them two is in the last year of his contarct not sure which one is…

    3rd one and the one which i would like him to bring if he goes to France in “Gervinho” powerful striker from ivory coast dubbed as new Drogba and he has expressed his desire to play for Arsenal as well….Drogba also said that he is the one who could fill my place this lad is exceptional….strong, speedy and powerful equipped with skill…and the best thing is that Arsene is already in contact with his agent and he says Arsenal want me…:)

    Grovers here also want to see a “Mascherano” in their team so why not pick up new Masch…kid’s name is “Franco Zuculini” tough tackler, loves to bring guys down………..a real fighter and has lovely skill..is playing for Racing club in Argentina and could be available for 6-7 million euros have also played more than 30 matches for his club…and would also not be cup tied…

    Any thoughts????

  31. raif


    we had our chance to get Babel, and we didnt take it. instead he fucked off to Pool for the money, if he came Him and Rvp would have been out New Henry / Bergkamp Partnership Reborn. but wasnt ment to be,

    also another reason why we didnt get him so i have heard, is Bcos he had somthing writen into his Contract that he gets a % out of a the transfer fee paid for him, so Ajax wanted a big sum so they can break Even / Get a profit on him. so that Wenger think fuck that and didnt buy him as once Wenger thinks a player is of a Value he ont go a Penny over

    as for Bojan i havent seen him as much but from what i have seen he looka really good. his ment to be the new Barca Golden Boy. if i had to Pick one out of the 2 i would Take a Pop on Bojan to be honest.

  32. ethangunner

    isnt it in Africa where people measure there wealth based upon how many goats they own ?

    if so ACLF must be on the top 10 RICH list for Africa’s most wealthy πŸ™‚

  33. Pedro

    No probs Steve, I understand. Rationalizing evil has got this country in enough trouble over the last 10 years to make anyone lose their temper.

    Football should be the chosen topic in the future!

  34. rookie


    i know we were after Babel and he was seen as heir to henry’s throne and we could nt agree a fee for him…but i am talking about current situation of him at pool he wants to play, Rafa wont play him…. as far as Bojan is concerned we did ask about him when we were negotiating for hleb and barca said no…but his situation has also changed..the kid cried when he was replaced in the last week’s match….Bojan is pure quality would love to have him in the team imagine him and vela playing together…but Babel has experience and importantly premier league experience so any one of them will be good

    Baftimbi Gomis can also be an option….

  35. raif


    i heard the KOLO brothers are like the African Mitchell brothers.

    they have 180 Goats Between them both.

    and thats just in the Ivory Coast

  36. Mark C

    Gomis, is a French striker who went to the Euros?

    If this is the guy I am thinking of he looked poor, he just had 1 good season.

  37. raif


    so how much do you think either club would let them go for in this moment in time?

    and how much do you think Wenger would Value them?

  38. andy c

    We should have our prisons run by private firms, with proper a proper no nonsense approach, there was a programme on not long back where they lived in tents, that solves the ” we cant afford to build/run more prisons” problem

  39. ethangunner

    i remember seeing a national geographic doco , with some African guy courting a girl ..
    he just gave his new father in law 2 goats for his daughter !

    hmmmm something tells me the father in law got the better end of the deal πŸ™‚

  40. rookie


    Babel could cost about 10 Million if he Pushes for the transfer….but for Bojan if it happens i think it will be a loan move first… Barca would not want him out if we could pull this off even in 10-15 million for a 17 year old Bojan i will be very very happy….but these are just my Wishes lols….

    Arsenal.com updated

    toure and djourou back for wigan Gallas out….eboue could also return

    And cesc says his future belongs to Arsenal…

  41. rookie

    Eduardo is also back and Arsene says he will have some matches….not this week off course but soon…

    Timo hilderbrand has been released by Valencia we could sign him on free and put some pressure on Almunia,…. Timo is a very experienced Goalie

  42. Big Raddy


    Babel hasn’t cut it at L’pool, so why should he a THOF ? In the highly unlikely event of our buying anither striker, I want some-one who has already shown what he can do. Santa Cruz , perhaps.

    Bojan ? We have Vela. Now Messi – that is the man we should sign !

  43. patthegooner

    Good to see Eduardo signing things in the Armoury today

    Does that mean that there will be an influx of signed Eduardo Shirts on Ebay in the coming days.

    Great to see him on his feet, hopefully we will see him at around Christmas time

  44. rookie

    he is 29 and has already played 250+ matches…holds the record in bundesliga for not conceding for 884 minutes…

  45. patthegooner

    Babel. Not for me or Bojan

    Our problem is that we have too many strikers that are not proven or finished articles.

    I think we need to sign someone that could make a difference between Jan and May.

    Break the bank for Villa, Are Valencia still struggling financially if so, I am sure he would not be much over 20m.

  46. rookie

    Big Raddy….

    Babel has played well whenever given chance and looked something different than other pool strikers…and mate we can’t sign messi…but believe me if we sign Bojan we will have as big name as messi in our club in next to or three years….kid is pure class…

  47. patthegooner

    I just think that is where we should be aiming BR. no more Teenagers for the time being, lets get some proven class in for the teenagers to look up to

  48. patthegooner

    I heard that as well Raif, but I dont see Chelsea spending unless they sell and I honestly think that Villa would turn down City for us.

    Just wish we would act first for a change instead of waiting for others to jump in there.

  49. Stu

    Normally I would be worried if we were competing with Chavski but they already said they werent buying in Jan and Villa would definately chose us over City.

  50. London

    Why don’t we all say that we would like to sign Messy as well because we have just as much chance of signing him as we do of signing Villa.

  51. Big Raddy

    When I have seen Bojan play, he cuts in from the right wing. And we already have a potentially world class player aged only 19, who does the same. Plus ours has International experience !

    Not that I wouldn’t be delighted to sign Bojan.

    If Babal is behind Riera, and can’t get 90 mins even when Torres is out. Then I am sorry, but I wouldn’t sign him.

  52. patthegooner

    Dont get me wrong Bojan does look good, but we are not Man City and will need to spend our money wisely.

    In the current climate I would be gutted if we spunked it all on another kid who wont come to fruition for another couple of years. If it was a younger player I would rather go for Aguero who is already proving his worth.

  53. rookie

    Guys we will “never” buy villa wenger turned him when he said come and get me Arsenal….I think Arsene thinks he has enough mature strikers in shape of RVP, Ade and Eduardo coming back and vela can Also contribute….if he sells Nikk he will buy a young striker if he plans to buy…

  54. raif


    i think we are the Only club for him if he was to come to the Prem. maybe Liverpool Bcos of the spanish Connection over there. but he did come out and say he likes our brand of football and thinks he would do well for us.

    i think Chelsea will Drogba at some point. Either Jan or at the end of the season. after all they were after Robinho so that says to me they want a striker. Anelka is there only Fit and decent Striker.

    the big question is how much would Villa be allowed to leave for

  55. Big Raddy

    While we are in Fantasyland.

    If we should sign a young striker, then the French fella looks pretty tasty…. Benzema.

    He is going to be the Nuts

  56. patthegooner

    Rookie you say Mature Strikers in Ade, RVP and Eduardo

    Yet only one of them is proven and that is Ade.

    RVP’s top tally in a season is 13 and Eduardo is still to show us what he is really all about.

    I think we are weak up front and if Nic goes then we should bring in a proven striker.

    The proof is in the pudding, just look at the options we have had on the bench this year, it is weak and it is not healthy that we have strikers like Ade and RVP who know that they will play when fit regardless of the form they are in

  57. rookie

    Big Raddy…

    We all know how much buffoon Rafa is so i will blame him for Babel and i think he will be different player at Arsenal…..if a man spends 20 million on Keane you can judge his mental condition…lols…

    Pathgooner he would nt need time he is already playing and scoring for Barca and as much as i would like to see Aguero in my team i know we would never pay 48 million for any one…

  58. Big Raddy

    Well, I guess AW sees him play far more than I do. But then AW rates Song. So, how must that make Randall feel ?

  59. raif

    Big Raddy

    i ithnk its only a matter of time before all of the top clubs are going to be fighting to get Benzema.

    its kinda already starting,

    but once again Wenger will be no were to be seen. he will probably come out and say somthing like

    we dont need Benzema when we have Bendtner.

  60. patthegooner

    I Think it is good to big up your players, but to call Randall Exceptional is too much.

    I personally dont see Randall breaking into the first team. Or at least he shouldn’t do, but who knows how far this experiment will go. After all Song gets a game so you cant completely rule out Randall.

    I would like to see him on loan at a Premiership Club to see if he starts impressing.

  61. kelsey

    my view is that wenger will assess eduardo asap fitness wise and possibly let nic go in january.if he feels eduardo could be playing first team soon. i dont expect any strikers being signed.

  62. rookie

    Pathgooner i did nt i think they are mature that’s what Arsene thinks….i think dudu is a tough lad and will get his form which he showed last season quickly and as for Robin this is his first season without injury hope fully and he should come good….

    he is already your player of the month…voted by our fellow gooners….lols even after missing three matches

  63. London

    Villa has made it absolulely clear that he wants to stay in Spain. It is only a question of time before he goes to Real Madrid. But if on the off chance he were to want to come and work in London the Chavs would offer more in transfer fee not to mention wages. As I said more chance of getting Messi as he might fancy a change.

  64. patthegooner

    I really hope he does Rookie,

    I have more belief in Eduardo than I do in RVP. RVP is still too inconsistent to be really classed at the top. Will he get that consistency, I just dont know. Hopefully he will starting against Wigan on Saturday. I am after a convincing win with hopefully both Ade and RVP on the score sheet

  65. raif


    wenger will never come out and say Randall is not Exceptional,


    Bcos he wants other clubs to be blinded by his comments to make them think…

    “”Randall is a Exceptional Talent””

    so he can sell them off at a profit, or loan them off at least to get the matches he needs, as wenger knows he wont get to the First team.

  66. rookie

    Randall can be a very good player if he puts his head into it ….only problem he faces is that he thinks he is better than actually he is and is a bit slow…also tries to do things which he has nt mastered in training

    Kelsey we know mate he would nt sign thats why we were saying “if” he signed…

  67. Big Raddy

    Exactly Raif.

    But I have a sneaky feeling he wanted him when he signed Nasri.

    Here is how it went in my imagination. …………

    AW thought that Ade was off to AC for @Β£30m. He knew he couldn’t hang onto Hleb. So another Β£13m in. He also knew that Flam was off. Therefore he needed a Flam replacement.

    Now we all know AW loves a Frenchman. I think he was in the mix to sign Benzema, but couldn’t when the sale of Ade didn’t materialise.

    He signed Nasri as a direct Hleb replacement.

    And he wanted to take Alonso but wouldn’t pay the money (stupid in hindsight). Or if the papers are to be believed, he wanted Inler to replace Flam, which would make more sense, but Inler refused to come (fool).

    Though this is pure conjecture, it makes sense to me

  68. patthegooner

    Maybe London, but I think Villa could be our Torres. I would like to think that Villa is above pure money, and would see beyond that when choosing a club (If he chooses to leave)

    But then Torres should have been our Torres in the first place.

  69. rookie

    Also about Villa real madrid had a bid of 45.6 million pounds rejected on transfer deadline day after Robinho came to city…. valencia coach Unei Emery said he will only work if Villa and Silva are kept…

  70. Big Raddy

    How about this……

    Villa/Benzema to Barca , or Bojan steps up. Eto’o becomes free, and we sign him.

    Now Eto’o is the real deal. We need man with an apostrophe in his name. Maybe the first since Liam O’Brady

  71. raif

    Big Raddy

    that actully makes alot of sense to me aswell.

    i will not be suprised if that was the case, as if we did Sell Ade you can bet Wenger would have already been working on a Striker to come in. who knows maybe it could have been Villa at the time aswell. or even the Hunter. but since Ade ended up staying the chances of us signing a striker was Zero.

    Inler is a Fool indeed. but thats his lose.
    im still a little peeved that Wenger let Alonso Slip away. as getting him now would be impossible.

    on another Not i heard Bastian Schweinsteiger is in the last year of his Contract. i would love us to get him.

  72. rookie

    Big Raddy….

    Arsene said hleb wanted to leave last season but i convinced him to stay and nasri was already prepared to replace him so he had nasri in his sights for last two years…now Benzema if ever leaves lyon…may be next season he will go to barca or Madrid as he wishes and Jean MIchel Aulas and Del nido are known to be the most difficult people to negotiate and Aulas rates Benzema at 100 million…he said for 50 million i would nt even give Benzema’s ear….and seriously can you imagine Arsene spending all the money from Ade sale…even if we sold him for 40 million we would go out and spend 10 million on an unknown…so he did nt want to sign Benze…i think he wanted to replace Ade with Kalou….

  73. Keyser

    There is a lot more money around then there used to be unless you pay completely over the odds or pay obscene amounts in wages players aren’t as easily swayed as before.

    Valencia wouldn’t sell Villa unless they get a huge money offer and I doubt Villa’s going to do that to them anyway, they’ve got a pretty good team as it is if he really wanted to leave he could’ve left after they finished outside of the Champions League places the year before.

    We’d probably have to completely break our wage policy anyway.

    Same goes for Liverpool and Alonso, I doubt they had much intention of selling Alonso past the point they cup tie him in the Champions League.

  74. raif

    Big Raddy

    players will only go to Citeh if they are after the money. after all they NOT a big Club in any way.

    Real Madrids GoalKeeper already came out and said he has Rejected Citeh, any player that Rejects them and the Chaves gets my respect.

  75. Arsenal Tom

    it’d be lovely to sign the likes of villa but we’re far more likely to be getting a few more sagna and edaurdo’s… the players are out there for sensible money we just gotta hope the boss does his thing… this time last year wenger looked like he had got himself together after eddie started banging them in… hopefully he can pick up where left off and we sign a player of equal quality to play in CM.. and a winger

  76. Nigel's Winterburn

    There was no chance of us getting Alonso unless Villa had sold Barry to Liverpool. Benitez wouldn’t have allowed him to leave without the guarantee of having a replacement in. I think this was the reason we didn’t get Alonso rather than not bidding enough but, again, pure conjecture….

    Can just imagine when Wenger does his auto biography it will read like a who’s who of players we nearly signed lol

  77. rookie

    Paulinho we are not saying bojan is as good as messi…. i think Messi is probably the most skillful and best player of his generation….but bojan is certainly not overrated mate…

  78. patthegooner

    Same here JonJon,

    I really dont rate Kalou, I would rather we signed Defoe if we are going to spend 11m on Kalou

  79. rookie

    yeah Big Raddy…..

    he asked about him during the summer but scolari refused to let him go…..and in the press conference before Chelsea game reporter asked him would you be interested in him if he was available now….he said “not necessarily”…..

    may be he thought if Ade leaves i can replace him with Kalou and now when he has signed new contract he does nt need kalou

  80. Paulinho

    He’s one of those players who hasn’t got a position. He’s not strong enough to play up front on his own, so you put him on the wing or on the side of a three man attack.

    The problem there is his lack of vision, composure, awareness, and maturity, so he flatters to deceive as well there. He’s similar to Walcott in that sense.

    He just seems to be a fairly one-dimensional goal poacher who scores most o his goals as icing on the cakers or tap ins. I haven’t seen anything to make me go ‘wow’ this kid is special.

    He runs very smoothly though and can finish well when there’s not much pressure.

  81. Big Raddy

    I think Real’s signing of Huntelaar is interesting. Β£17m isn’t a lotb these days (it is Β£3m less than Pikey Keane !!).

    I like that Real announced it before the window. It is a lesson in negotiation for other teams.

    I am surprised they went for him, but I guess after the success of Horseface, they fancied another Dutchman, to go with Shneider, Robben, Drenthe, and Van der Vaart !!

  82. rookie

    Big Raddy he was the only top class striker who could play in champions league for them thats why they moved for him and also Schuster is a big fan of Klaas….

  83. patthegooner


    No Offence but that has got to be the worst “Guys check this video out” I have ever seen in blogging.

    Please tell me your appraisal of Bojan is not based on a clever flick that went out of play πŸ™‚

  84. rookie

    hahaha no raif…..i don’t want you to sign him after watching that but he is capable of doing things better than that…if a guy can do things like that when goalie and defenders are onto him he certainly has confidence and composure and can play under pressure….i would take him any day over nikk… πŸ™‚

  85. raif

    HAHAHAHAHAH was thinking the same thing.

    i was expecting to see Goals and other tricks. instead i cheap Flick and felt i had wasted 1:04 of my life that i will never get back again

  86. Paulinho

    I’m sure Bojan will be a good player and I’m sure Rookie has watched him more than that video suggests but if you had watched over the last year or so for Barca you would be left with the impression of….. what’s the big deal with this kid?

    Both him and Gio Dos Santos are looking like the biggest hype jobs for years. I think Barca are trying to hoodwink everyone into thinking they have a conveyor belt of Leo Messi’s so they can offload them for big money.

    Spurs already fell for it with Dos Santos. Twats πŸ™‚

  87. rookie

    hahahha no guys…..

    i did nt want to waste a lot of your time thats why chose a short video lols i already know no one here will want to see a teenager signed by AFC right now thats why showed you guys small video…lols and ball ent out after hitting defender…

  88. patthegooner

    I feel Robbed Raif, I am going to have to find a decent video of Bojan now as he is right up there with Ade Akinbiye at the moment with tricks like that.

    Again no offence but you see people in Division Two do stuff like that on the Showboat on Soccer AM every Saturday Morning.

  89. patthegooner

    Honestly I am only pulling your leg Rookie, I have seen a fair bit of Bojan and know he is going to be a top top player.