Time to put the Carling cup to bed and wake up to what’s left.

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We all said it, play the Carling Cup side in the Premiership, we all did, well we won’t be saying that again will we? We can’t after the Burnley game, it showed that they aren’t ready for it yet, much the same as the senior side, they lacked that bit of bite that comes with age, and when I say age I don’t mean Silvestre, I mean Rosicky, we need to get in a few players that are ready now and not those with potential.

Ramsey, Merida and Wilshere all looked good and showed that if they had the support, they could do well at the highest level, we have a real chance in the league, Liverpool flatter to deceive, the chavs aren’t there for me this year, so that leaves the Mancs, and they look as solid as ever.

If we signed two players we would have enough to win the EPL, ECL and the FA Cup or at least one of them, Portsmouth did, didn’t they, are we not better than them?

We’ve said this a million times and we are just over 3 weeks away from doing it, a solid centre back and a tenacious midfielder, sign Flamini on loan and get a big bastard at the back, we are being linked with Brede Hangeland from Fulham, I don’t know enough about him to comment, do you?

Wigan next, then Boro away, then the scousers, win those three and we’ll be near the top, lose or draw and we can forget it, I think we can win all three but we need to start this weekend and a big win is necessary to prove we are better than the kids.

I’m going for a big score, but I would like to see Eduardo on the bench, I think that would give the team a massive lift.

Whatever money we had in the summer has gone up by another £30 mil form the EPL and £25 from the ECL. That may be my simple maths and you may tell me we don’t get that until ‘XYZ’ but we have it all the same. So maybe, just maybe, Wenger will surprise us after all he bought Reyes, Walcott and Adebayor in the window, and that was a surprise! So who knows? Arsene does, right?

Sorry about that, but it was a good way to end!

Have a great day Grovers.


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  1. Pedro

    Good positive post Geoff!

    I think if we can get to Jan unscathed, we’ll either recruit… or Wenger will be so supremely confident… he wont.

    It’s a good time to buy at the moment… all clubs must be sweating about next years season tickets… all must have debt and all must be thinking about balancing the books.

    ManU have to regnegotiate an £800mill loan next year
    Liverpool have to repay a huge loan either in Jan or June
    Chavski have recently announced they have a £500mill loan from Abramovich who has said no spending
    Spurs live in fucking la la land… where do they think they’ll get £400mill in a recession from?

    Keep them crossed for some bargains!

  2. kelsey

    eduardo on the bench ?

    he hasn’t kicked a ball yet in training

    many tabloids are saying wenger has had enough of nic and his antics and will sell him to moscow spartak for £5 million,what does that give us.maybe wenger now realises that nic has an ego problem and he wants regular first team football and he is not worth keeping him as he does not need all his demands for first team selection until he proves himself.

    something is wrong at the club,to many egos and in house disputes for my liking

  3. skaajon

    I don’t think Hangeland is the solution. He is a little slow and makes stupid mistakes to often. He is big and good in the air though.

  4. Franchise


    1. He has zero confidence:- when a player, especially a striker, has no confidence then they will NOT PLAY VERY WELL. This is true at all levels of football. Despite this, somehow he is senior to Vela and will no doubt be ahead of Eduardo in the pecking order when he returns. My mate said last night, and I quote, “If Bendtner scored seven own goals he would still be in the team for the next game.” Why is Wenger so blinkered?

    2. He cannot finish:- as a striker that often spearheads one of the most creative attacks in the world, you will get chances. Bendtner has had his chances and has proven that he is not Premier League quality. If you can finish like Nicolas Anelka then by all means wear pink boots; if you can’t then f*ck off.

    3. He is selfish:- in comparison to the walking ego that is Adebayor, Bendtner’s hold-up play is woeful. He prefers to show defenders the ball as he tries to turn them and go on his own. He rarely brings others into the game and when he does its normally a lucky flick-on or poor Nicklas miscontrolling the ball. Also, combine this trait with 2. and you have a problem.

    4. Nobody likes him:- The rest of the players clearly have no faith in his ability. Consider this: if your job was carving out gilt-edged chances for 90 minutes and the guy being paid more than you was spooning ALL OF THEM, you’d be p***ed. Also remember his clash with Adebayor who, is in fact, a popular figure at the club?

    5. He has no awareness:- He has no idea where his next pass is going or who is around him. Note how his lazy play frequently sees him caught offside. If you’re a striker thats in an offside position, you don’t exist. Also, he never looks up when he has the ball.

    6. He is slow:- Bendtner’s lumbering frame makes Dean Windass look like the Roadrunner.

    7. His appalling first touch:- As a Gooner, perhaps I have been spoilt with the striking delights of Henry, Bergkamp, Kanu and RVP and their mesmerising abilities to make the ball appear glued to their respective feet. HOWEVER, I’m almost positive that MY first touch is better than Bendtner’s.

    8. His ‘Dirk Kuyt’ luckiness:- Just when you think Arsene might be finally waking up to Bendtner’s striking mishaps, he pops up with a goal. I’d rather have drawn the game with Dynamo Kiev last week than Bendtner scoring; that way MAYBE JUST MAYBE he’d have dropped below Vela in the sriking order.

    9. His face.

    10. His tactical ineffectiveness:- Its clear what he’s there to do; out-muscle and panic defenders, hold the ball up, bring others into the game with deft flick-ons and score with his head. NICKLAS BENDTNER IS INCAPABLE OF ANY OF THE ABOVE. Please send him to Birmingham. Oh and permanently this time.

  5. Steve

    Good post Geoff. Last time you stirred us like this we beat the Chavs so come on you Gunners. I think it’ll be 3 zip Saturday. I also predict needing tweezers find the old chap for a piss at half time as it’s gonna be a cold one.

  6. Mark C

    Pedro, we are probably being linked with Diarra, because he is injured.

    Shows you the poor stories that are out there…

    We have 9 players out at the moment, and by the time the transfer window opens I am guessing just 2 will be left Rosicky and Walcott. If that is the case Wenger might think he has the players, as he has gained 7.

    I agree the next 3 are must wins.

    I would like Traore to come back from loan in Jan so we can have some width going forward, and cover for Clichy.

  7. Steve

    Every time I have seen Traore play for Pompey he has looked a class act. We could stick Nasri on the right and have him on the left and we’d never be subjected to Eboue again.

  8. rico01

    Morning All, great post Geoff, and will get us all up for the game on saturday…

    how do we get just £25 from the ECL Geoff 😉

  9. Steve

    I’d get Flamini back in a trice. He worked superbly with Cesc and they were good pals. If we offered a transfer fee I’m sure Milan would accept as he obviously isn’t in Ancellotti’s plans. Fucking awful bit of business but we just have to bite the bullet. If the club had made him feel wanted in the first place and offered him a half decent contract he’d never have gone.

  10. Franchise

    Steve why did he leave then???? It might be Arsene’s fault or Flamini’s greed I dont really care anymore Its time to move on. In a few years Milan would realise that he is just average and he would end up being a liability to them.

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    Great post Geoff

    Now think about this one.

    What happened to The Club once Rosicky got injured 😉

    We need him big time.

    As for Flamini, his tratorism was a disgrace, BUT, if he came back on loan, we’d be back in town 🙂

  12. rico01

    Personally I would rather a fresh face alongside Cesc, but in all honesty, if I were AW I would talk to Cesc himself about what/who he feels would be the best option, Take his views on board and if that player he wants is Flamoney, then so be it.

    But I really feel there are better CM’s out there than the money grabbing Flam 🙄

  13. gnarleygeorge9

    Good point steve. Now that Cesc is”pulling” the strings Flamini might just come back. Its a new culture there now with the change of Captain

  14. Franchise

    Flamini plyed well with Cesc I agree but quality wise he is far behind the class we need. He is no Senna neither is he Mascherano or Alonso

  15. Stu

    Flamini will proably be shit at Milan until his last season before his contract runs out. Thats his style. He did it at Marseille and with us too.

  16. Franchise

    I would rather have the Belarus wizard back. I believe Hleb and Rosicky were more key to Fabregas’ fantastic form.

  17. Pascal Cygan

    Morning grovers…

    Am sure that Bendtner will leave in Jan.

    I think we should look to Africa for the next striker. Fish out the next Drogba. Any suggestions ?

  18. Mark C

    Current injuries according to Wenger


    I would expect at least 3 of them to be OK for Wigan.

  19. Stu

    Given our form this season coupled with our recent record at the Riverside, I wouldnt be suprised if we lost there. Devestated yes, but not suprised. Anyone else?

  20. Steve

    I understand your views regarding Flamini chaps, but I just don’t agree. He was allowed to run down his contract because the club didn’t rate him. He was being touted to shit like Birmingham ffs. Once he was given a decent run he proved that the quality was there and all of a sudden surprise surprise they eventually inform him he is worth a new contract. Hardly makes him feel wanted does it? Don’t forget these players are paid to play, they don’t have the same ties to the club that we do.

  21. Franchise

    I disagree Cygan simply for the fact that they might not be available in January and early Feb 2010 as a result of the nations cup.

  22. Stu

    Fishing in Africa for a striker would be a bad idea. We already lose Toure, Eboue and Ade to the acn and if we buy Yaya and another striker that would be stupid.

  23. Arsenal Tom

    pascal… i thought ade WAS the new drogba??

    i think we should calm down on the africans… too much ACN problems

  24. patthegooner

    Defenders in order of preference

    1) Stephen Taylor
    2) Alex
    3) Matthew Upson

    Midfielders in order of preference (And I think we need two)

    1) Barry
    2) Diarra (RM) If the Injury is not as serious as mentioned
    3) Cana
    4) Veloso
    5) Vieira

    Strikers in order of preference

    1) Villa
    2) Aguero
    3) Benzema

  25. Franchise

    Steve who was Flamini b4 last season? just a squad member. He did a good job last season but I dont still rate him. Flamini in comparison to Edu, Vieira, Petit, Gilberto (invincible year)???? No contender

  26. iceman

    This Melo guy is supposed to be better then Gilberto…..and he’s 25………I think there’s something here…….

  27. kingsley

    i honestly think kolo is on his way out in jan. i think wenger will try are get a shit load of cash from city for him. its nearly a year since he went to the acn and he’s been injured and poor form ever since. its a weird one.

  28. Ali Saljuk

    We need the following :

    Diaby : to get past his injuries , just when he puts a run in the side , his body crumbles

    Eduardo : His physical and mental integration into football should be smooth and hopefully quick

    Toure : To shed some weight , get his head in the game and reproduce his pre-ACN fomr

    Rosicky : To finally come back injury free or never come back at all

    Theo : Just to get some good rehab done and come back strong for the final season sprint

    Nasri : To get over his dodgy knee

    Gallas : More of the same as the last two games

    Nick Bendtner : To die!

  29. Pascal Cygan

    OK, continuing on the African theme, these are the top 10 players of the African cup of Nations. They can all be the typical Wenger buy – he won’t bust the bank and they will be easy on the eye, while being tough as nails. text below borrowed from another site.

    1. Pascal Feindouno (Guinea)
    The St. Etienne playmaker is outrageously creative and has the sort of shot that should require a license for his right foot. He’s also unhappy right now playing in a St. Etienne team who are, quite frankly, pants. So any Premiership managers looking to add a Jay-Jay Okocha-like spark to their midfield could do a lot worse than Feindouno

    2.Abdul Kader Keïta (Ivory Coast)
    Ever wondered how Lyon manage to dominate Ligue 1, even while continuously selling off their best players every year? The simple answer is that they use money from the sale of big name players to buy up other fine Ligue 1 talent, which is how they acquired Kader Keïta from Lille recently. The tall, pacey right winger loves to roast a full-back and get amongst the goals, a bit like an African Cristiano Ronaldo.

    3. Yassine Chikhaoui (Tunisia)
    The 21-year-old attacking mid/striker is already earning comparisons to a certain Zinedine Zidane. He’s begun life at FC Zurich with seven goals in 16 games, which has attracted scouts from the standard big European clubs (Bayern, Ajax, etc.)

    4. Amine Chermiti (Tunisia)
    Tunisia’s other big hope is this 19-year-old Étoile du Sahel striker. The fiery young man is suspended for the first two African Cup of Nations games, but should still have time to make a huge impact at the tournament.

    5. André “Dede” Ayew (Ghana)
    The 18-year-old Ghanaian left mid is currently with Marseille, but rumour has it Arsene Wenger is negotiating to sign Ayew as you read this. There’s no doubting the young fella’s pedigree, his dad is none other then greatest African player of all time Abédi Pelé.

    6.Marouane Chamakh (Morocco)
    The 6’3”, 23-year-old striker is already a dangerman in Ligue 1 with Bordeaux. His combination of physical presence, aerial threat, assured technique and nose for goal could easily see him dubbed “the Moroccan Peter Crouch,” if only Chamakh wasn’t already twice as good.

    7. Ahmed Hassan (Egypt)
    The Pharaohs’ captain and the 2006 African Cup of Nations player of the tournament currently plays for Anderlecht in Belgium, but the attacking mid/right winger possesses the kind of skills that could come in handy anywhere. I’d personally pay good money to see Ashley Cole desperately trying to take the ball off Hassan.

    8. Mamadou Niang (Senegal)
    The Premier League already has two Senegalese strikers in El-Hadji Diouf and Henri Camara, but there’s plenty more where that came from. Niang has been on fire (not literally, he’s just been scoring a lot) for Marseille in Ligue 1 and will expect to keep scoring in Ghana.

    The others on this list were Manucho Gonsalves ( taken by ManU ) and Seydou Keita, who are both signed up by the biggies.

  30. gooner-pak

    steve i dont think its with club making him feel wanted…they (milan) were offering him better. i read some where what ever arsenal pays add 10k was the offer from milan, dont know was true or false.
    enough of him geoff every now and then we come up with how much v miss him..(yes we do) but what can done except wait for another 3 weeks!!

  31. Mark C

    Ali, a bit harsh I think on my mate Nik B !!!

    Kolo to go, well there has been some talk, I would have thought he and Richards are similar.

    Pat, I like the list, but you are aiming a bit low for the defenders.

  32. Pedro

    Steve, I agree with you mate… he left because he wasn’t offered a new contract when it mattered most.

    If his contract had expired a year earlier, he’d be playing for Birmingham still… that would have bothered me, especially as Eboue and Song were all tied down to new deals.

    Fair play to him I say… Wenger got it big time wrong with Flamini.

  33. Steve

    I agree that he wasn’t in their league Franchise but he was here and available and better than our other options in that position. It was shit business on our part to let his contract run down. Let’s not forget that Wenger let Vieira, Edu and Petit go at the right time as their careers have nosedived since. Maybe even Gilberto couldn’t cut it at the top level anymore. Flamster had a top season and worked well with the players we have.

  34. arsenalised

    Am african(kenyan) and i feel good when i see african players at arsenal but i agree with you guys the timing of the ACN is just outrageous look at what happened to toure he came back and he was shite CAF should just do something

  35. Pascal Cygan

    Franchise / Stu / Arsenal Tom – Guess you’re right but what are our options ? Do you see anyone else coming under 10m. Kalou whose ass has been warming the Chelsea bench for so long is coming for 11m.

  36. Steve

    gooner-pak, too little too late mate to coin a phrase. It shouldn’t have come down to us having to match another club’s offer. He was our player and he should have been dealt with sooner. Even if Wenger did want rid of him he should have given him an extended contract to recieve a better transfer fee the previous year. No argument on this one. Bad business.

  37. Ali Saljuk

    My transfer probables( realistic and required) in Jan should be as follows :

    a) Matuidi : A DM , Arsene has good relation with new St. Etienne man Comoli (of spurs fame) , there could be something , a fee of about 8 million

    b) Erding : Sochaux striker , Wenger tracking him and possible replace for pinky as he heads for laudrap land ?

    c) Eljero Elia : FC Twente Dutch Striker/Winger a younger version of Kalou , AW has scouted him

    d) Douglas : Another FC Twente , a tall gangly defender

    e) Ayew : A winger, attacking midfielder , son of Abidi Pele , Wenger likes him

    f) Matthew Upson : AW still rates him , Westham want cash , but will he bring a former player

    g) Most Probable Scenario : We spend the whole month refreshing newsnow and arsenal.com for any activity , Wenger says he is looking for players , we anxiously wait until 31st no players of quality or sunstance arrive ,maybe an experienced player leaves and is replaced by an unknown moldovan 19 yr old. On Feb 1st he comes out and says how he believes in the current team of song , silvestre and bendtner for Champions league and league titles …… sigh 🙁

  38. Pedro

    … I don’t know what all you guys were saying at the time but Geoff and I had a convo along the lines of,

    ‘Fuck me… just as he was starting to look good, we go and flog him to Birmingham!’

    I liked him and didn’t understand why we were trying to push him out…

  39. Stu

    Pascal, I dont want Kalou. And if he costs us 11m then thats just makes it worse. Giving the Chavs £11m for him would be thick, and he goes to the acn too.

  40. arsenalised

    Pascal.abdul kader keita was just fantastic during the ACN but knowing lyons president we aint buying no one from them

  41. Steve

    I don’t even look at transfer speculation. It’s generally bollox and any top players we are linked with end up at one of our rivals. Don’t bother teasing yourself.

    It reminds me of being 20 and going to a nightclub eyeing up the talent to assess which one of the beauties is going to be my victim, only to see her licking the face off one of my mates at 2 in the morning and leave me scrambling around looking for a random fat chick.

  42. London

    I got all excited when I first heard the rumour that the signing of Diarra might be in the offing; he can play CB or DM, he’s tall, powerful, good engine, was the other half of the Lyon powerhouse with Essien. Then Asrenalised went and poured a bucket of cold water over it by saying that he is injured and might be out for the rest of the season and then I realised just how much this increased the chances of Wenger liking him: “He’s a crock” so he will be cheap.

    I jest but his injury will reduce the price which will make him attractive to Wenger; he speaks French so no problems in the lingua franca of the dressing room all increase his compatibility.

    The articles saying that he might be out for the rest of the season are just preparing the madreleños for his impending sale. So I think if the examination is not too bad we should buy him, yes we need someone in that position now but at the very least I want to feel secure in the knowledge that we will not have to go through this same anxiety next season.

    Flamini: I can only assume that that suggestion was to create conversation as I find it impossible to believe that you think that is realistic in any way shape or form. Good Post Geoff your going to be accused of mellowing next. Lol

  43. Steve

    Tell him he nearly knocked my fucking head off last night with his man bag. I’d have clumped him if he wasn’t built like a large house. HAHAHA, I thought it was him but didn’t want to make a cock of myself by calling out.

  44. gooner-pak

    i am not favoring the club for how they handled flamini thing steve but lets hope we can find some class palyer in transfer window

  45. Franchise

    Seeing Mancs and Tottenham get through to the semis makes me doubly pissed off. One of em wld end up winning that fuckin trophy and we might end up trophyless again. Why?????

  46. Geoff

    Pascal, you’re not from the Dark Continent by chance are you? You seem hell bent on us buying Africans.

    I have two I’d like to sell first, Song and Eboue.

  47. Arsenal Tom

    pascal… no idea for under 10… el hadgi diouf maybe?? joke

    we’re pretty well stocked for strikers at the mo… obviously i wouldnt turn down a villa class player but id rather invest the 10m in the midfield

  48. patthegooner

    If we spent 11m on Kalou when RM got Huntelaar for 17 then I would be fuming

    Ref earlier, I really rate Taylor at Newcastle. apart from those who is out there at the moment that is available? I think there is a shortage of shit hot CB at the moment who are not already at the top clubs.

    I said Alex as he looked really good, yet Chavski dont play him and they will probably be selling in Jan.

    Another club selling will be Pompey so I wonder if it is time to give Defoe a chance at a top four club especially if Nic goes to Russia.

    Jan is a dodgy time to buy players. I feel that if you want to see any benefit from this season then they either need to be World Class or have premiership experience. Anyone else will struggle to adapt in time

  49. Geoff

    London, I think that Wenger made a mistake the way he treated Flamini and Flamini made a mistake leaving, Milan don’t use him, so if Wenger and Flamini grew up and did what’s best for the team he would come back.

    I think Wenger does what’s best for himself though.

    Mellowing my arse!

  50. Franchise

    Thats the problem arsenalised we should easily have been there. What sort of education lasts for 3 matches every year? Fuck this education shit and win trophies Mr. Wenger get ur priorities straight. Who the fuck is Rodgers????? I ask again

  51. Steve

    Mancs all day arsenalised. To them it’s just a shit cup and a day out. To Spuds it’d be like winning the World Cup.

  52. Stu

    Rodgers is some shit kid who is so shit that we tried to championship teams to take him after a trial but they didnt want him. So what does Wenger do, he plays him out of position on his debut against a well organised side.

    Who is the other semi finalist?

  53. patthegooner

    To be honest I dont even think we need a CB as prioirty. If he started playing JD20 and G10 with Silvestre and Toure as back up then I think we are covered.

    I think the priority is a couple of CM’s, one to play alongside Cesc and one to ensure that Song does not even get on the bench to fuck things up in the last ten mins.

    next for me is another Striker as I still think we need someone who is World Class.

    And if Rosicky is going to be out all season then I think we need another Winger. I am sick of seeing a lineup that includes either Denilson or Diaby on the L or R wings.

  54. Nigel's Winterburn

    Did someone mention C2C? I’m a Southend boy so have experienced the horrors of the 7.09 train into Fenchurch. Thankfully live by Finsbury Park now

  55. Mark C

    Pat, re wide players as Walcott and Rosicky are out we need Traore to play out wide.

    I think Ramsey, and Diaby are cover for midfield, and I would like Alonso to be brought in.

    A CB like Agger, or Zapata would do.

  56. arsenalised

    Geoff.Oh my God what did song ever do to you(apart from being shit)u are after the poor guy everyday,and i thought i was his Number 1 critic

  57. Steve

    I wasn’t sure that it was you Geoff man. I thought you boys were south of the water. Your barnet is longer than I last saw you and obviously look very different in smart clothes as opposed to Arsenal attire. I’ll definately give you a shout next time now I know you are on that line.

  58. Doublegooner

    Wenger got lucky with Flamini. Because he refused to be packed off to Brum, was Wenger ever a 100% Flam would perform as he did, NO.

    Had he not we’d have been buggered (unless he’d have thrown Diarra in from the start) last season as we are now this year.

  59. patthegooner

    not convinced by Agger but Zapata is good. didn’t we bid for him in the Summer.

    I like Alonso but I think our chance of getting him was blown by not getting him in the Summer. He has been superb this season and I am not sure if Liverpool will let him go now.

  60. Mark C

    Stu, it is not Rodgers fault he was picked.

    Wenger has said he is too good for the U18, and wont get enough games in the reserves so tried to loan him out.

  61. Geoff

    Steve I look forward to that my friend, are you always on that one because that was my first time?

    Arsenalised, I just think he’s shit. Not even good enough to be criticised!

  62. Franchise

    If Flamini had gone Diarra might have remained as he would have played more. U might say he is an ass hole but most footballers are. I think he is more tanacious than Flamini

  63. patthegooner

    I dont think anyone saw the season that Flamini had coming.

    I always liked him, but saw him the Grimandi mould, in that he will come on and give you 110% wherever he was asked to play.

  64. patthegooner

    Given the Pompey situation, we could probably get Diarra back!!!!

    Not for me though, he showed his colours this time last year, and I think there would be too much risk of him being a cock in the dressing room. he did not even look that good to me and hasn’t especially impressed me whilst at Pompey. There are better options out there.

  65. Stu

    Why does everyone think that Diarra would have been the solution. He isnt a DM and if he is then he is a poor ne because i’ve watched him in games for Pompey and he just takes the ball forward and is very reluctant to track back.

    He left because he wasnt playing and he wanted to play in Cescs position but there was never that possibility.

  66. arsenalised

    What was the name of that udinese chap we wanted?i heard he has been bad this season ha ha ha ha serves him right no one says no to THE GUNNERZ

  67. charybdis1966

    Morning all,
    if we’re looking for a striker to replace Nikky pink boots how about someone from Serie A ? They’re used to playing against ultra defensive teams, like we do (outside of the other 3 of the top 4), teams who just park the bus in front of goal. I doubt we’d get an Italian as we know few of them want to play outside of Italy as their all such mamma’s boys and can’t leave her cooking/apron strings.
    I can’t think of any names but I’d rather a non African from Italy than someone who either has to adjust to the Premier League or will disappear at a tricky part of the season every other year.

  68. Pascal Cygan

    sorry had to be away.. the boss called.

    No Geoff, I’m not from the dark continent. Am in the silicon town of Bangalore.

    The point is Huntelaar went for 17m and Arsene didn’t even make an attempt – any classy proven striker is going to take that much to bring in. Hell, they were asking 20m for Arshavin, for fuck’s sake.

    We will end up with a sub 10m striker and the only place where you get them that good under 10m is Africa.

    I would be glad to be proven wrong.

  69. Franchise

    Stu how did u know he wanted to play Cesc’s position? The guy just wanted to play and I believe that Wenger promised to play him more than he did. Wenger keeps promising but he never sticks to em. Diarra is a DM he was Makalele’s understudy at Chelsea. He is quite raw but in 2 years I bet he would be a France regular and Flamini wouldnt be one.

  70. Arsenal Tom

    kelsey… it was a behind closed doors game with notts forest about a week ago i think… didnt say how long he played and theres nothing on the arsenal site… very hush hush!!

  71. Geoff

    Pascal the problem is the ACN and we would lose key players for long periods every other year, and as we’ve seen with Kolo, it doesn’t work, he hasn’t been the same since he returned from it.

  72. Franchise

    If Wenger didnt rate Diarra why did he sign him? Wengers plan was to sell Flamini to Birmingham and bring in Diarra as a replacement. Flam refused to go and u cant force a player under contract to another club hence Arsene allowed him to see off his contract. The dilemna was when Flam stepped up, Diarra started sulking and Arsene sold him hoping he could get Flam to extend his deal but that didnt happen

  73. Geoff

    More fool him then, that show how poor his management decisions are doesn’t it, that was stupidity and we warned him at the time what would happen.

  74. patthegooner


    Yeah and then let Gilberto go as well

    Options 1,2 and 3 at DM all left within 6 months.

    Crazy management decision. And then gambled on denilson and song being able to step up!!!!!

  75. Metal Gear

    Good post Geoff but Flamini on loan? I’m not sure that could happen but I do know he’s rotting on the bench we could at least try I guess. If that does not work then I would try and sign Sergio Ramos and play him as the DM he just has literally all the ingredients 2 play the role albeit in a box 2 box style like Flamini if that does not work then try and sign Diarra (the Real Madrid Version) he is literally a holding midfield player he rarely pushes forward he’s a bit like Makelele obviously not as good as the master himself but nevertheless he would free Fabregas and I am 100% sure he will protect the back four better than Denilson and Co.

    Wenger should also bring in a top class PGK, ABCB and ATSCF and then loan out Merida, Ramsey, Song, Gibbs, Fabianski, Bendtner and more if possible 2 Portsmouth or Middleborough with a clause in the contract that states that when they play us they cannot play those players.

  76. Franchise

    Geoff im still so pissed off about the way Arsene has been managing our beloved Arsenal. He keeps getting lucky and we win key games against our rivals. By our standards we are doing really poor. He keeps talking about how good our players are but in reality they arent. Win 10 straight in all competitions then u can say stuff like that. B4 we played Burnley he was talking about how we are not given enough credit for appearing in 3 semifinals in the CC in 4 years. In that same span the only thing we won was the FA cup. What credit does he think he deserve??

  77. kelsey

    One can only go on wenger’s track record these last 2 years.we only bought nasri once the hleb deal was sorted.ramsey needs to play now and wilshere should also get the odd half an hour.silvestre is a has been,nasri has dodgy knees,toure has lost his form,walcott is out for 2/3 months,rosicky out for ever,rvp has to be wrapped in cotton wool,eduardo will need time to recover,eboue is just a back up rb,bedntner needs to go.vela needs to play reguarly,song should be sold and now iread more about offloading players in january.

    What is wenger playing at,the control he had is lost and player power is taking over.we can only win games if his belief in players is actually seen on the pitch.the whole thing is a mess which could have been avoided.

  78. Stu


    Im a little confused by that. Why loan out Fabianski when all we have is him and Almunia. Ramos would be a horrible DM. He is the most booked player in La Liga so playing him centrally near to goal would be crazy.

    PGK: Proper GoalKeeper?
    ABCB: A Big Center Back?
    ATSCF: A Tall Strong Center Forward.

    Is that it?

  79. Franchise

    Kelsey I disagree Ramsey and Wilshere are far from ready. They should only play when we are 2 nil up with 10 mins to go at home.

  80. ethangunner

    Milan have been linked with Cesc Fabregas several times in the past and the Spaniard does not hide that a move to Italy’s fashion capital would be attractive, should he decide to quit Arsenal.

    “I would undoubtedly pick the Rossoneri,” he confessed to La Gazzetta dello Sport.