WP are sorry we lost but are confident their young team can handle another post.

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Ok so by now you will have worked out the blog crashed, not us but WordPress! We were having a lively debate but I was personally unhappy that there were some out there that disagreed with me, and you know what some blogs say, you can’t disagree with Le Grove or they ban you.

We were as well (Wengerism) debating why the boss perseveres with the oversees lads but dumps the English ones as fast as a broken wordpress post.

Senderos, Flamini, Eboue and Song are examples of perseverance and Bentley, Pennant, Muamba and Sidwell are wordpress posts.

Any ideas? We were also saying that most believe the back line last night will never make it and only Merida, Ramsey and Wilshere will survive, along with possibly Bendtner and Fabianski.

So what is the point is losing another cup when if all he wanted to see the kids play? If that was it then he should go to Underhill, as that’s where they can be found.

These are the points you Grovers this morning debated, whipped together with my outrageous bias, so let the debate continue!

P.S. Please be reminded that we have loads of tickets available. Wigan (Club level 4), Liverpool (Club Level 4), Boro’ (3), Villa (1), Porto (1)… get buying Grovers!

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  1. Rasputin

    Yeah – I was at that game avenell. Annelka was clinical, shame he was such an arse. I get the impression he’s a more balanced individual now but has never really achieved the consistent quality he showed with us in his last season.

  2. Paulinho

    Quick random thought:

    Almunia was far too much to his left for that Ballack free kick on Sunday. He left the whole right side of the goal gaping. It was the same story with Lehman last year against United when Hargreaves scored.

    Our keepers have a habit of doing that.

  3. Rasputin

    Not that it’s at all helpful, but I suppose you could say that the problem is that Almunia is not Seaman, Diaby is not Vieira, Nasri is not Pires and Ade is not Henry. On the plus side, Sagna and Clichy are every bit as good as their counterparts.

  4. A

    I dunno paulinho, as a rule keepers are meant to cover the side of the goal that the wall isn’t covering, if a goal is ever scored in that side, unless it’s an absolute thunderbolt like vp’s against sunderland, then it’s pretty much entirely the keepers fault, but if the taker manages to get it up and over the wall in the corner they have no chance.

    I do wonder at times when there are free kicks as close as the ballack one, and hargreaves last year, why they dont have two small walls, covering both corners, and have a gap in the middle with the keeper standing there, rather than have to stand at one side have the wall at the other

  5. A

    yeah gnarley, because every league cup game is like their cup final, it’s the only thing they have a chance of winning, how good it feels to look back at the spurs fans going on and on about how they were going to finish ahead of us and this was their year etc lol

  6. Paulinho

    Rasp, I remember Seaman doing the same thing against Holland in 1993 when Ronald Koeman scored.

    I can understand favouring one side slightly due to the wall but I think we go to extremes and I haven’t noticed other keepers do it like for a while.

  7. Rasputin

    There is an argument not to have a wall at all. Before anyone pours scorn on the idea, consider the benefits – the goalie gets a clear view of the free kick and therefore has a greater chance of saving it and all the defenders can defend as well as positioning one inside each post if required. Obviously this would only work with freekicks of 25-30 yards or more.

  8. A

    paulinho all keepers are meant to do that, a wall covers one side, and the keeper covers the gap where the wall isn’t, and is meant to stand pretty close to the middle of that gap, depending on the size of the wall and angle of the fk

  9. Rasputin

    Paulinho – it wasn’t my comment, but I agree with you. Almunia left a gaping hole for the striker to shoot at when he conceded from the free kick against Birmingham last season. It was just too much of an invitation.

  10. avenell

    Bob Wilson got beat at his nearside by Steve Heighway in 1971 and he has been training the keepers since so what chance have we got??

    Bob you are a legand mate!! πŸ™‚

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    If you were starting out in business, like Arsenal are rebuilding πŸ˜‰ would you turn your nose up @ an opportunity to tender for a smaller job, because you think you should be holding out for bigger tenders, coz you are arrogant.

    No IMHO, you would rather be attempting to keep the coffers flowing with turnover coz you need the money. Give the tender the respect it deserves, than be seen to be sitting back with an over inflated ego getting no success tendering for bigger jobs.

    Why is Arsene Wenger who hasn’t won a trophy since the 2005 F A Cup putting out 2nd rate teams for the Carling Cup & F A Cup.

  12. A

    If there’s no wall rasputin then it would be very easy for anything inside 30 yards to hit hard and low towards a corner. The idea of a wall is that even if a fk gets over a wall, it has to cover a much greater distance and get up and down so the keeper has much more time to get to it, whereas if a ball can be hit in a straight line towards the goal the keeper would have no chance if it’s anywhere near the corner

  13. Rasputin

    The ball moves around far more in the air than it did in the 70’s. Ronaldinho’s freekick against Portsmouth went to all points of the compass before nestling in the top corner.

  14. Stu

    Isnt it just! Its boggles the mind how the entire squad, bar Clichy and Kolo, can change in 4 short years. Our current crop couldnt even dream of emulating what happened that season.

  15. avenell

    Gnarley… Would you jepodise your Β£25 million pound contract plus benefits to win the Β£1 million pound one???

  16. gnarleygeorge9

    ……wasn’t it the 1987 Milk Cup or whatever they called it then that signalled the arrival of a new era @ Arsenal.

  17. 5am

    The manager really pisses me off with talk about ‘focus’ & ‘intelligence’, as players are not always known to be the brightest of sparks. Instead of bemusing them with strange ideology, wouldn’t it be better to just tell them he wants 110% when playing these ‘lower’ teams?! That’s a language they can understand so they don’t slack off as some have in these types of games…..if they could match the committment of other teams in these matches, the natural talent would do the rest.

  18. A

    yes gnarley, when football was very different. We aren’t and hopefully will never go back down to the level of the likes of spurs, so will never prioritise the carling cup over the proper competitions which represent a proper achievement.

    lol i wouldn’t call focus and intelligence particularly complicated concepts to grasp 5am?! They’re pretty thick, but they aren’t cave men!

  19. avenell

    Gnarley that’s twenty years ago we were out of Europe because of the bindippers.. The money is in the CL now 25 times more than the mickey mouse cup!!

  20. A

    gnarley we just beat chelsea, if we were to play our full team in the carling cup we would have had to rest players against chelsea as players can’t play twice in 3 days when they’re as young, carrying knocks, and tired as our kids are. Which would you have preferred?!

  21. Rasputin

    A – I don’t think the ball has to travel a ‘much greater distance’, and at least the keeoer would get a good view. As it is, he only sees it once it has passed the wall which is already 10 yards closer to him. As I said before, it would only be worth considering for FK’s of more than 25-30 yards. On a similar point, I think it is always worth putting you a small swift striker (theo / Vela) on the halfway line when the opposition have a corner or FK as this ties up at least 2 of their defenders and give us a counter attacking threat.

  22. Rasputin

    I’d swap a defeat in the CC on tuesday for a win against Wigan personally. We have to prove we can beat the ‘lesser teams’ and show we have a realistic chance of keeping 4th place. At the moment, the hardworking physical sides see us as an easy touch.

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    In fact the prospects for this year are in jeopardy. The game against wigan is no certainty for 3 points.

    If Wenger is so certain that Denilson & Song, etc aree going to be good, play them in the Carling Cup, & play decent players in the “seniors”. From Wengers perspectivewith Song in the Carling Cup, we’d walk it in. But as it stands, PL campaing hangs on a knifes edge, he won’t give the F A Cup the respect it deserves. The CL is another thing, I think thats the one he really wants, but in a one on one with Barca, followed up by Bayern, then Juve, its going to be tough if he has injuries @ the time πŸ˜‰

  24. gnarleygeorge9


    So would I but, I don’t trust his selections, @ the moment, so the Carling Cup was a real chance @ winning something. Thats where I am now, there was a time when if The Club didn’t win the PL it was a failed year, now I’d settle for the Carling Cup πŸ™

  25. A

    the ball does travel a much greater distance, it’s physics! the ball has to be hit so it goes diagonally about 8 foot up to clear the wall, then hit softly enough and/or with enough dip so that it gets down to under the bar. With no wall the ball can just go straight! I was going to use pythagoras to work out the distance but with dip etc it isn’t really possible, and I couldn’t be arsed!

  26. avenell

    Gnarley… Even the Watford fans didn’t turn out tonight against the Spuds…The stands were empty… No one gives a toss about the CC I think I would rather win the best pitch of the year award…..

  27. Keyser

    gnarleygeorge9 – I think he would’ve played Song and Djourou if Djourou wasn’t injured and Song hadn’t played a full game 2 days earlier, hardly anyone plays the same players in such a short amount of time.

    We had 9 players out before the Chelsea game, 3 came back for it and another 3 are carrying slight knocks after it.

  28. A

    I agree ras, if we’d played our full team against burnley we’d be taking stupid and big risks. We have two players just back from injury in ade and sagna. djourou, gallas, and almunia were injured so couldn’t play anyways, nasri has been struggling with injuries this season, vp we know has been very injury prone, and denilson, cesc, and clichy are all very young and have looked tired already this season.

    So which of them are you wanting to play 3 games in a week?!

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    You fellas make very valid calls here, & yes the stands were bare (maybe it was the cold πŸ™‚ ) but if this drags on as a trophyless club for too much longer, & spuds stay up πŸ˜‰ well you’re the ones who will have to face them with the taunts.

  30. A

    I agree keyser, I also think Kolo could have played if he wasn’t injured. The only players who would definitely have started yesterday, with a fully fit squad, would be fabianski, wilshere, merida, ramsey, vela, bendtner, and maybe gibbs just because there isn’t an alternative. It’s just the case that noone who played on the sunday was ever going to play on the tuesday, and we have noone who’s fit out of the rest of the first team squad!

  31. gnarleygeorge9


    excuses, excuses, excuses, thats all we get from media releases from The Club, or I have the utmost faith in the players.

    I would think a media release that included the words “we are the Champions” would be refreshing.

  32. A

    yeah but i feel sorry for the spuds trying to taunt us as they won the micky mouse cup because it just shows what a small small club they are and I hope in my lifetime we’re never brought down to the level where a carling cup win counts as success!!

  33. A

    yeah it did gnarley, because the milk cup meant something back then, as it even did when we got it along with the fa cup beating sheffield weds in both. Football has moved on, and it means absolutely nothing now. The Champions league in it’s current guise didn’t exist then, and we weren’t in it. Now we compete with the best in europe, back then we didn’t so it meant alot, just as it does for spurs now

  34. avenell

    Gnarley my mate used to run the Watford team bus and has a executive box at Watford … he loves Watford… until he dies worse than all of us and it was the 1/4 finals tonight and he wasn’t that bothered about winning.. PL is everything now…

  35. A

    yeah of course it is pedro, so it would be nice if we won it, but every single point in the league matters more than winning the whole thing, so if it’s a choice between the two, which it was pretty much in this case, we should prioritise the league every time….

    I’m much happier winning at chelsea and losing at burnley, than I am drawing or losing at chelsea and winning the whole carling cup. Not to mention the invaluable experience and extent to which it speeds up the youngsters development.

    The only thing that was a shambles last night was the defence, and we had silvestre in that, and would have had song, and/or djourou, and/or kolo, if any of them were in a position to play, but they weren’t. Bar randall I expect the other 5 midfield/attack to have a big part to play in the future of the club, and playing them is invaluable to their development.

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    PL is everything you are right, but with the state of things @ the moment, beggars can’t be chosers.

    I don’t rate the bloody thing either (Carling Cup) but to win it would be a signal to others that The Club is hungry for everthing possible to win in football.

    …..& after all, Chelski put out a full strength team to beat our “kids” 2-3 years ago in Cardiff, & Chelski are a bigger club than Watford πŸ˜€

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    Ok fellas

    I’m over the Carling Cup, but I want 3 points this weekend, end of. Are we all agreed on that πŸ™‚

  38. A

    I disagree gnarley, I think winning the carling cup by playing our full team would bring us down to the level of the no hopers, and show an acceptance that we’re no longer good enough to compete with the top clubs. Whereas after our win over chelsea, we’re still very much in the race for the champs league and league. We could foreseeably get the treble!

  39. A

    true avenell, and they also don’t give a shit about bringing kids through as they have/had the money to buy whoever they want(ed)

  40. gnarleygeorge9


    I don’t mean play the full team, but as ethan said, play maybe Cesc alongside Ramsay, or Ade next to vela, or put them on the bench, whatever.

  41. ethangunner


    That is why he proritises the CL and the PL because that is where the money is and the long term future of big clubs..And he won’t jepardise a Champions league place for a mickey mouse cup…

    the fixtures arent even close mate , how can going for the c.c jeopardize the C.L ?
    and do you really think we will get anywhere this season with this squad ?
    i think most likely bit of silverware just pasted us by !

    A Says:
    December 3, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    i’d prefer a trophyless year with us getting to the semi’s of champs league, final of fa cup, and only out of title race with a couple of weeks to go but comfortably in champs league for next year

    Well you heard it all there .. you have about as much aspirations for us this season
    as the board ! also what is the difference between the FA cup and the c.c. ?
    nothing both compete against the same clubs more or less .. both comps have all the main runners in there ! the only difference i can see is wenger doesn’t value it …

    your not an AKB by chance ?

  42. A

    Ade played his first game on sunday after a long injury, so would never have played again 2 days later even if it was a prem game, you’ve got to wait to see if the injury flares up at all. Cesc has looked tired already this season, would be ludicrous to play him, he’s gonna have to play every match this season so needs every rest he can get! The problem was the defence, and randall.

    If everyone had been fit it would have been two of djourou, song, kolo silvestre at centre back, maybe eboue right back, maybe diaby centre mid, but with the players available and conditions of them, I don’t think there’s anything more we could have done even if we’d wanted to

  43. avenell

    A… I listened to the radio (talk shite) and the day Bates sold out to Abramovich I thought football in this country was over.
    But we can only field eleven players at once and I an surprised they have done so bad with the money they have spent…. That is why I am prepared to give Arsene more time than most.. We haven’t got the money but you can see we are moving in the right direction for Arsenal FC to have a long time future…
    And 1 mickey mouse cup don’t mean fuck all…

  44. A

    ethan the fa cup still holds prestige, clubs rarely play joke teams in it. How is it having less aspirations?!

    I’d much rather us compete with all the big boys, and for the real competitions than go down to the level of the little clubs and say we aren’t as good as the top clubs, and prioritise a competition that doesn’t really matter, and I’d never want to see us do that.

    I judge success by us being on one of the top clubs in europe, and england, rather than sacrificing that to get a shiny trophy in the trophy cabinet that means nothing more than winning the emirates cup

    The FA Cup is still the most prestigous domestic club competition in the world, and even that has fallen from grace to an extent, a long way behind the champions league and premiership.

    I don’t even know what an AKB is, I have no interest in silly little categorisations

  45. avenell

    Ethan.. Sunday we played Chelesa… Tuesday we played a club in a second rate cup…

    If we rest the players Sunday we risk not finishing at least 4th… Hence we risk CL next year…

  46. A

    The league cup means absolutely nothing for big clubs, that’s why the scheduling works so it’s out of the way before the business end of the season and big games

  47. raif

    Long as we get 3 points the CC lose wont mean much. plus our boys kids will be playing against Plymouth any ways. and pritty much for most of the FA cup with the senior players as Subs. till we meet a big team that is. look at what wenger done last season, he put our Kids agaisnt Man Utd’s first team at Old Shit-Fod

    any ways Night All. im off. baby needs feeding. im on the Night shift while the missus gets some much needed Rest.

  48. A

    I agree avenell. We have a young, tired, stretched, injury hit squad, and we had 2 games in 3 days, so we could either concentrate on one of the games, or share our concentration out on the two of them. As it was we got an absolutely fantastic win at stamford bridge, bringing us right back into the title race with liverpool faultering too, and none of the top 4 having the best time of things at the moment.

    Winning the entire league cup competition would be less meaningful than winning at stamford bridge and getting us back in the race

  49. JonJon

    I dont think its acceptable we go another year trophlyless

    we are supposed to be a top 4 side for gods sake

    how are we supposed to be in that bracket when we dont win fuck all??????

    wenger made the invincibles, hes now made the invisibles and its not good enough for a club that attracts 60,000 fans, charges the highest ticket prices and has a wage bill second only to chelsea.

    the league cup is still a cup so im still upset we got beat, no matter if it was the kids or the first team it is still a competition and to go out before the final is dissapointing.

    im not happy just finishing 4th every season, and just making it to quarter and semi finals, it shows a real lack of ambition and its worrying.

    Football is a results business, and no matter how you look at it, the future may be bright, but the present counts more than the future.

    We are not getting the results now, so i couldnt give a shit about the future, half the players might not even be here in 5 years time.

  50. A

    Yeah but to be fair raif we were incredibly stretched then, and we just didn’t have the squad with the injuries we’d had etc to compete on 3 fronts, the fa cup was the least important so we had to sacrifice it, though obviously we all still want to win it!

    night night

  51. avenell

    Even if we don’t give a shit about the Carling Cup we still have a better record in the last 5 years than 99% of the clubs that do take it seriously!!!

  52. raif


    i think were still streached now to be honest. plus i ithnk dispite us needing a towering Center Back for the First Team. i think we need another for the reserves. a decent Young Ceter Back. as we just dont have enough personel in that department,

    alsoi would like to know were milan gets all its money to pay for there players wages.?
    as they cant fill there stadiums apart from the Milan Darby and maybe a few others. i could be wrong tho.

    Cesc Wont go there. if and when he does leave us it will be to back to spain.

  53. Keyser

    JonJon – “Football is a results business” – If we’re going to talk of Arsenal as a business then we’re one of the best run teams in the World.

  54. A

    I agree raif, and agree we need a towering top class centre back. It is weird how we have no young centre backs coming through. I guess senderos was the big hope we had and Djourou to a lesser extent but neither have become top class, and now there are nordveit, and was a bit of hype over the spanish kid (called miguel or something), but they’re miles away from the first team if they even make it.

    Isn’t all their money just from the crook berlusconi?! Nasty piece of work that he is. Nah they can’t get near to filling their stadium most games, I’ve been to the san siro about 8 times in the last 3 years, always really really easy to get tickets and pretty empty when there

  55. JonJon


    as a business we are but in footballing terms we arent.

    football is about who can win the most trophies, not who can have the biggest bank balance.

  56. avenell

    Keyser.. I agree no club has built a stadium like ours and moved into the richest 4 clubs in the world with no backer…. and no mickey mouse cup.. πŸ˜‰ who cares….

  57. A

    PS i don’t like the akb categorisation, categorising people’s opinions about arsenal as irrelevant because you call them someone from the akb is silly, it’s like the idiots in the daily mail and such like talking about political correctness gone mad as a justification for racism and such like!

  58. A

    it depends on which trophies jonjon. retaining the carling cup for ten years on the trot wouldn’t mean as much as one premiership or champions league title in that time. maybe as much as 1 fa cup nowadays, just about that same!

    anyways, nite

  59. JonJon

    Im not just on about the CC im on about every cup A

    Winning the CC wouldnt make me as happy as winning the other 3 obviously, but when we’ve gone 3 years without silverware, any cup would make me happy.

    We are a team full of potential but none of them have a winning mentality.

    The CC is the easiest trophy to win, spurs proved that last year.

    If we won that then the team would have a medal and the confidence from it would only benefit them for other comps.

    its a case of learning to crawl before you can walk

    Mourinho went all out to win the CC, that was his first trophy and chelsea went on to win back to back PL titles.

    It is still a competition, it is still a competitive game, its not called the Reserve team CC is it??

    so to lose any competitive game is dissapointing

  60. Keyser

    JonJon – United spent decades in the wilderness before they became to be the club they are now, it’s taken them 20 years of on/off success to be as strong as they are now.

    For over 40 years they had the highest attendances in the league yet couldn’t do much with it until the Premiership came about and their support started to tell.

    Chelsea managed to do half of that and corner the market by spending almost a billion pounds and yet still they have United to contend with, aswell as all the big clubs in Europe.

    Look at Liverpool with all the success they had in the 70’s and 80’s another 10-15 years later and no-one would have been able to touch them, now ? It’s taken Benitez a couple of hundred million and 4 years to build a squad that can perhaps challenge for the title.

    There are no quick solutions in today’s game.

  61. Keyser

    JonJon – It’s not that simple, Tottenham won the Carling Cup last year partly because all the other big teams concentrated on the other competitions, even Chelsea who have the kind of squad that we could dream of put their efforts into it and ended up with nothing.

    Look at Tottenham after winning the Carling Cup, they didn’t carry that winning mentality on and they’ve sacked another manager.

    I’d love the kids or whoever to win the Carling Cup, but it’s just not that simple.

  62. JonJon

    So we should just be happy with 4th place and no trophies every year then keyser???

    because we will be winners in the richest rankings league????

    Im not buying into that mate

    Arsenal are supposed to be a massive club, how can we sustain that reputation without proving it???

    We are the only one of the so called big 4 that has won less trophies than portsmouth in the last three years.

    i dont really care about the past or the future, the present is what counts.

    if we dont qualify for the CL next season we’ll be screwed. Now is what counts, not 40 years ago, not in 5 years time. NOW.

    we’ll end up being the most successful run business playing in the uefa cup.

  63. David

    β€œWe had the quality to win this competition but you have to make the maximum of what you have. You have to mix intelligence and experience. We did not have the experience but could have made up for that with intelligence.”

    Somebody shoot this guy already!

  64. JonJon

    Spurs have a shit side so a winning mentality counted for nothing.

    If we won it, it would count for everything, just like it did for chelsea.

    nothing in football is simple, thats why the best clubs have the best players and the best managers. to give them the best chance, man utd already won the double and went and got berbatov to keep them there.

    we have the worst squad of the other big 3 sides and although its not that simple, we are not making it easy for ourselves with the amount of shit players we have.

  65. David

    i hear you Jon Jon

    Its incredible. Have you ever heard any more noise being made over an offside goal ever in the premiership?

    Its ridiculous!

  66. gnarleygeorge9


    You are right. When Liverwurst hold up those signs saying 18 PL trophys; 5 CL trophys when they play @ home they are bragging. When did you see a fan holding up a sign saying. We are richer than you. They don’t care, the average fan doesn’t care, they want a trophy.

    So will Arsenal take the open deck bus down to the Islington Town hall parading in front of 250,000 fans carrying a banner saying we finished 4th in the league; made the final of the F A Cup & did well in the CL. I don’t think so.

    Someone had better tell the 2 x 60,000 fans who turned up for the Carling Cup games @ The Emirates that its not worth it coz big clubs don’t take it seriously.

    Yes I’m being sarky, but get my point πŸ˜€

  67. Stu

    As much as it pains me to say I feel that we are not one of the biggest clubs in the world. I love this club but for whatever reason I cant imagine a top player joining us. Can anyone here actually imagine us really fighting for a world class player because I cant.

    We just arent in the same league as other teams. We just dont buy god players. Huntelaar, v.d.vaart, Quaresma, etc etc etc etc. Who do we get. nobody. For once I would love for us to buy a top player and be able to get properly excited about a new signing.

    Everyone will probably disagree and call me a shit fan but thas just how I feel and I hate it.

  68. Keyser

    JonJon – What are you on about ? Everyone has their own expectations I hate losing but it’s not suddenly the end of the World, there’s still the rest of the season left,

    There is no line between trophy – no trophy and success – no success in terms of the club or as a fan.

    You don’t sit there and decide that a seasons had no good points or any highs just because there was no trophy at the end of it, otherwise you might asell just turn up and start watching football in May every year hoping that Arsenal were one of the teams still with a chance of winning something.

    Winning a trophy might make a difference but it won’t make all the difference, you’ve mentioned Chelsea, now did they win a few trophies because they suddenly developed a winning mentality by winning the Carling Cup or were there any other factors involved ?!

  69. gnarleygeorge9

    Who cares about Chelski, their curve is going downwards, we underlined that πŸ˜†

    Come on 3 points this weekend, by Xmas we could be well and truely back.

  70. Keyser

    gnarleygeorge9 – What is your point ? I’m not saying we should hold up signs about where we rank in terms of money earned but it all helps to getting us into a position where we can win trophies.

  71. gnarleygeorge9


    I’m well & truely focusing on Saturday now(or is it Sunday). Does anyone have an up date on JD20’s fitness?

  72. ethangunner

    yes im well aware of who we played on sunday just gone .. but playing RVp for 45 minutes to ensure victory isnt too biggest ask dont you think ?
    or even nasri sagna clichy denilson or any of several of the 1st team to ensure victory ?!

  73. JonJon

    Your not a shit fan stu…..

    you are an ambitious fan, you are in the majority.

    its ok having youth, but you need the quality in the side as well to balance the team, quality players cost money which we wont spend so we rely on throwing 5 kids in the first team all at the same time.

    it makes us inconsistent as we are then a learning team, and only a few of the kids are good enough anyway.

    A quality signing provides a buzz around the team and the fans, and this is something we dont do.

    the biggest buzz we cant look forward to is the signing of the best 11 year old that might be great in 10 years time. i cant remember the last time i seen wenger at the ground holding a shirt with a new quality player for the cameras.

    its becoming depressing and boring.

    we have enough kids, time we got some quality experienced players

  74. ethangunner

    wenger sub’d out ade at 65 – 70 minutes .. so bring him in even ..
    get some presence attacking there goal !

  75. David

    We are now linked to Diarra…and he’s Injured…thats the way Arsene likes them…

    He will Definitely solve our DM problems…

  76. gnarleygeorge9


    My point is this: Arsenal must win a trophy soon, coz if they don’t they risk becoming perceived as a non “big club” without ambition. You see the big players when they move to the Reals, manures etc. say This club has ambition, they want to win trophys, I will be happy here. But if, with Arsenal, 4 years becomes 5, becomes 6, etc….. you risk losing the edge on the non eventers like spuds who would love to take advantage of this sort of slip up.

    Man city are desperate to proove they will win trophys, big spending included I know, but they are signalling their intentions like Chelski did 4 seasons ago. How many Arsenal fans @ the time said to themselves/mates, etc. it won’t happen coz the status quo to me is manure & arsenal always finish 1 & 2.

    It might surprise some of you young’ns but Huddersfield town were huge once.

  77. JonJon


    when i said football was a results business you replied with we are the best run business in the world.

    so what???

    you dont get recognised for being the richest, you get recognised for trophies,

    thats what im on about,

  78. Keyser

    gnarleygeorge9 – Every club has it’s own attraction as long as we get in the top 4 i’m pretty sure any player would want to play for us, what they’d consider next is their career and how much money they are going to earn, also what other teams are coming in for them, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan and clubs like Bayern Munich and United will carry more sway because they’ve been at the top longer.

    If we drop out of the top 4 then there is a real concern but only if there’s no chance of us getting back there, otherwise clubs like Milan would be fucked.

    Don’t you think the balance between trophies and how much money you can earn has shifted ? City and Chelsea just threw money at players, money we don’t have right now unless we just sell out to the highest bidder then we’re going tohave to build up sloow.

    The good thing is with the stadium and a young team we can set ourselves up to cope with all these other teams just splashing money all over the place, even Abramovich couldn’t sustain it forever.

  79. Keyser

    JonJon – You get recognised for many things not just trophies, I said one of the best run, how big a factor do you think that first trophy was in Chelsea’s success ? Seriously..

    It’s not trophies or nothing, there is an in-between, a gap we have to bridge and one that has no quick easy fix.

  80. David

    Are you sure it wasnt because of the return of Guti????

    I thot that was what it was….like i said Arsene likes them injured…

    Silvestre, Traore, B*tchslap…all signed injured…

  81. David

    Are you sure it wasnt because of the return of Guti????

    I thot that was what it was….like i said Arsene likes them injured…

    Silvestre, Traore, Bishhslap…all signed injured…

  82. Keyser

    JonJon – You get recognised for many things not just trophies, I said one of the best run, how big a factor do you think that first trophy was in Chelsea’s success ? Seriously..

    It’s not trophies or nothing, there is an in-between, a gap we have to bridge and one that has no quick easy fix. I can understand wanting to win something to instill some sort of psychological edge, but to go all out when it’ll only set us back in everything else we do, nah.

  83. Keyser

    JonJon – You get recognised for many things not just trophies, I said one of the best run, how big a factor do you think that first trophy was in Chelsea’s success ? Seriously..

    It’s not trophies or nothing, there is an in-between, a gap we have to bridge and one that has no quick easy fix. I can understand wanting to win something to instill some sort of psychological edge, but to go all out when it’ll only set us back in everything else we do, nah.

  84. ethangunner

    GG9 precisely !
    if we win 1 from 4 it wouldnt be a totally pointless season for us !
    and it would give the fans and player a bit of faith , bragging rights even !

    in fact it would be a far more productive season than the last 4 years !

  85. ethangunner

    football is about winning , and we had a very good chance at getting something to hold up !
    i dont buy it takes down time to get our club back to a top flight one !

    the other top 4 aren’t operating in that manner ! we have already severed ourselves and our credentials for 4 years now , the management lack ambition and the only way to restore the faith
    is too start winning ways . this trophy could of been the catalysis of real belief and restore the clubs stature , and management let it slip thru stupid and VERY POINTLESS policies !!!!

  86. ethangunner

    Keyser Says:
    December 4, 2008 at 2:30 am

    JonJon – You get recognised for many things not just trophies

    the truth is you don’t !

    tell that to the media , or the pundits ! the wenger criticizers…
    the people who keep making a point that we are out of the title race in November !
    the fans who boo our own players !
    the people who keep reminding us we are top club who have been trophy less for 4 years now !
    the people who say we have no money to spend
    or the people who say arsenal have turned into a selling club !

    but most importantly tell the fans who pay top rates for watching the game and don’t get any satisfaction !

  87. ethangunner


    i remember when geoff f came to Thailand and beat the shit out of the world champion thai kick boxer !

    those were the days ! πŸ™‚

  88. ethangunner


    I can understand wanting to win something to instill some sort of psychological edge, but to go all out when it’ll only set us back in everything else we do, nah.

    how do you know that unequivocally ?
    you have a crystal ball ?

    the way i see it is we were 2 games away from silverware , with the better draw of who’s left in the comp and the boss went into the game with the mindset of not caring !
    not deeming it worthy ! or even having a bench filled with 1st teamers ready to pounce if the young ones couldnt make the distance !

    It doesnt matter what you say , there is no excuses for this defeat ,
    the game was a cake walk .. and we dropped the ball !

  89. iceman

    Ethan it’s done………he won’t make the same mistake with the FA cup….he’ll want to win it just for the ‘psychological factor” that yes, we have won something…now let’s go all out for one that means the most…..you know?

  90. ethangunner


    sure its done ! its over .. just like our season !
    but when you get knobs not caring about silverware , you have too question how deep anyones passion is at the club(fans alike)

    he will make the same mistake with the FA cup he has already said so !
    mark my words he will go into the FA cup with the same stance !
    and its a very similar comp also ! only playing the EPL plus the championship teams
    these 2 cups are similar in every aspect .. and likewise treated with total disrespect .

  91. ethangunner

    how any of this can be viewed as a positive is beyond me ..
    especially when the boss has this to say

    As Burnley celebrated their first League Cup semi-final appearance for 25 years, Wenger unloaded his fury on a youthful side which has passed most tests with flying colours this season but were found badly wanting when character and experience were required. For the first time, the side’s half-term report now contains a hint of negativity. Wenger said: “We had six one-on-ones with the keeper and didn’t score. We had plenty of chances but didn’t score and when that happens you have to question their qualifications. We lost a game we should never have lost.

    “You can praise the goalkeeper and question the strikers. We wanted to go through, but the young players will have to learn from this.

  92. hughsie

    Pretty disappointed about the loss last night but it was just one of those unfortunate nights.

    I can barely even fault Bendtner, Vela or Randall for missing those chances as from where i was (in front of the tv) Jensen was just having a blistering game in goal and made himself big (bigger in his case) at the right time. On another night we would have won 5-nil.

  93. gnarleygeorge9

    Brede Hangeland, the Norwegian defender is said to be a Β£6million New Year target for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, but the player has no immediate interest in leaving Craven Cottage.

    “I’ve got a contract for two years and I can see myself staying,” said Hangeland. “It’s a great club. I will be happy if and when we avoid relegation.”

    Wenger is keen to add more strength to his back four following an inconsistent start to the new season, and he has been told transfer funds will be available in January.

  94. iceman

    That’s 2 players sounded out…….hopefully……Melo(DM) and Hangeland(CB)………I say we get a forward in there too if Bendtner is moved on………..


    He has come out and said we’ll use our normal team for the FA cup…..depending on how our squad is doing at that point in the year….I think we’ll go for it……..For the past 2 seasons we have fielded weakened teams and seen the consequences………and ironically this was our last trophy (I cant believe how long its been)…………..

  95. gnarleygeorge9

    Got a feeling that RVP11 will do it again this weekend.


    Hope you are right about the Wenger with the F A Cup, coz it is held in the highest regard outside of England.

  96. ethangunner


    yeah i saw the article in the guardian also . and in that he said there may be a few youngsters in the side ..

  97. kelsey

    Quite honestly i am glad we are out of the cc,not because i wanted us to lose,but to get humiliated by spurs or united in the semi or final,would have been worse.
    A few question about gallas,we need him but he will be 32 next year,is wenger going to off load him in january,to make our squad even younger and lose experiened players like him.

    All this talk about yaya,we had the opportunity to sign him 3 times and didn’t so why now?

    Is wigan a formality on saturday,i wouldn’t bet on it.rvp has to be wrapped up so that we can get a limited amount of games.Whoever plays in goal will they before hot or cold?

    Silvestre on age and experience was our worst player at Burnley,he is injury prone and at best a reserve.why did fergie let him go?

    Too many egos in the squad and cesc at 21 has to deal with that,not an easy task.

    If we keep going down this youngster policy,though admirable we will win fuck all.we have as fans two choices,let wenger experiment all day long and just slowly go downhill or spend frugally on bringing experience and a physical balance to the team

  98. Pedro

    Kelsey, thought I don’t doubt your genuine stance on the CC.

    For me though, a lot of the ‘i’m glad we’re out of the carling cup’ stuff is sour grapes. Like your mate who gets dumped by his bird,

    ‘I never liked the slag anyway’

    It’s kind of like that… I’d prefer to face a semi in anything than go out to lowly Burnley.

    At least we are going for the FA cup!

    Ethan, well said on the trophy thing.

    A lot of people seem to have been brain washed in to believing all the hype around the club. I can’t be sure, but I can imagine that all that type of talk is by design.

    ‘Convince people that it isn’t all about trophies at every level, and you’ll buy yourself more time’

    Football is primarily a sport… that you aim to win. It’s not entertainment… if we wanted that, we’d go and watch the WWF or book seats at a concert. If it was just entertainment… I wouldn’t feel depressed for a week after a bad loss… it is sport and that is why it is so popular… we want to see out team win things, not do well losing.