A minutes silence for the poor people that lost their lives in India.

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We are not a political blog, but we must all unite against the senseless killing of innocent people the world over and we have a lot of Grovers from India and Pakistan who I feel sure must feel sick and worried today, my friends our hands go across the water.

Football unites us here and the proof of that is on this blog, nothing and no cause is worth dying for.

Today I go to lunch with two chavs so I hope you all understand what I’ll be going through, I’m just sorry it’s not Monday, when I’ll be doing some serious bragging after taking those unsupported rich kids to the cleaners.

Last night I watched our reserves play Milan, a few ex/current Arsenal players were on show with Kanu, Traore, Flamini and Senderos, and it could have been Diarra, Lauren and Campbell too, so including Adams that’s almost a team and a manager. Kanu scored a great second, it was just like watching Arsenal.

How does it feel Flamini? Hey Phil, now you’re playing for a truly world class team, is it better? I bet you aren’t for much longer though, after watching your assist for the first, it made me realise how glad I was you went to Italy!

When I saw the players that Milan had I thought how on earth can they afford them, playing to massive crowds of 10,000 week in and week out, they are constantly linked with the worlds finest, having Goofy, Kaka, Sheva, Pato and Inzaghi in their ranks made me a little envious but when you saw them struggle against Pompey, it made me realise how lucky we are to have the EPL.

Tony Adams looked like the sort of manager we need next to Wenger, no offence Pat but he does shout a lot and I think that’s what we need.

So how can they afford those salaries and transfer fees and we can’t???

All the shit we get from Arsenal about sitting down, keeping quiet, watch the language, all I heard on their PA system was ‘please don’t invade the pitch’ – go figure, and we wonder why they make a noise and we don’t!

Onto us and the weekend, it looks like we’ll have all our regulars back in the shappe of Nasri, Sagna and Ade, I think the key will be the midfield battle and how best they protect the back four, please, please don’t start with Song, I think Cesc and Ramsey or Denilson should be the midfield with Nasri and Vela out wide.

I believe the key to beating them will be wide play and feeding Ade and Robin, Robin has to click soon and this could be the day, a RVP hatrick and Ade to get a brace, with Nasri and Cesc getting one a piece, you do the maths!

Robin came on as a sub at the Grove last time and could have had a hatrick, I really believe the boys will step up and lets face it, on Sunday, they have to, lose this one and it’s all over.

Chelsea against the unknown French side were shocking, even Milan could have beaten them on Wednesday.

Playing at the Bridge is not far from being a home game and we’ll have more supporters there than they will so it will be very vocal, I won’t be going this year so you’ll have to do it alone Grovers.

This really is for England for Harry and St. George boys, go get us three points.

I love you Arsenal I doooo!

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  1. rico01

    Good read, what went on in India is just awful, and holds no place in our world. Random shooting and killing of so so many innocent people going about their life.

    We will get a result against Chelsea, the team will be up for it, and we have important players back – 2/3 – 1 for me

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    If I was to be realistic, I think Chelsea will try & come @ Arsenal big time, so yes Geoff it will be won in the mid field. I don’t think song is technically capable of turning it Arsenals way, So I predict a draw.

    But The manager doesn’t have to pick him as a starter does he πŸ˜‰ , but he fuck’n will πŸ™

  3. Arsenal Tom

    good post!! morning gents…and rico

    i reckon itll be a draw on sunday… and id take that at the moment to be honest!! if nasri isnt fit our midfield vs there’s is terrifying!!

  4. xeeez

    hey Top post..Flamster hopefully knows by know that he could only play with the players we had..it was a case of “match made in heaven” which he let slip from his hands..about phil I agree his mistakes are shit but I think he didnt have as much hand in him going out on loan!

  5. charybdis1966

    Morning all,

    I was watching Flamini and Phil yesterday and thought Matty did ok and Phil not that well. I also thought that Phil should have cut out the cross Pompey’s second goal came from.

    Re. the Islamist terrorism, it’s a measure of the world we live in when just about everyone now knows someone who has either been injured or killed by terrorists of this type. I first experienced this back in 1984, a waiter I knew at a restaurant I ate in got killed in police/terrorist crossfire. I didn’t know him that well but experiencing this at the age of 18 it’s a shock to the system.

    Anyway, let’s hope the Chavs indifferent recent form lets us nip in with a smash and grab at the Bridge on Sunday.

  6. georgian-gunnner

    great post, i am so sorry aboaut indians….
    guys, i miss EBOUE πŸ˜€ , is eboue or diaby ready for chelsea?! i love eboue’s games against chelski….

  7. dronawenger

    I express my sincere condolences with my fellow Indians and foreigners who were killed. These attacks have been getting too frequent that the shock factor is pretty much non-existent in our minds.

    How long will it still take for our politicians to understand that intelligence is all that matters and not weapons, nukes etc??

    Anyway all the best wishes for Arsenal on Sunday.

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    The “New Labor” Australian government has turned into a lame duck on such issues.

    Our leader Rudd crosses the international dateline so often (never @ home) bludging off the taxpayers kissing world leaders arses, we wonder whether he is a PM or AM πŸ˜†

  9. Arsenal Tom

    id like to see us play 4-5-1 and play them on the counter like teams always do to us… chelsea are really struggling to break down teams who put people behind the ball… we should try it especially if ade is fit he’ll be a real out let for us… stick vela on the wing with his pace to burn and nasri on the other with cesc, denilson and ramsey/diaby in the middle…. job done

  10. ethangunner

    but as long as nasri and vela are on the pitch we are in with a shout ..
    it will be a tough game but i think we wont win this one ..
    no home ground advantage and injuries to theo – toure etc really waters down our chances .

    who knows cesc could put on a show , but if you were a betting man , i wouldnt put my house on an arsenal win !

  11. geoff

    Morning one and all, I think Ade frightens them up top, but RVP does too, they’ll be playing 4-3-3 so if we play 4-4-2 we may well surprise them.

  12. Arsenal Tom

    ethan… i think it’d work… they are struggling to break teams down so we should play to that… ade on on his own but as soon as we have the ball vela and nasri fly forward with him, the way they play their full backs now there would be plenty of space for them

  13. Jules





    Agree as well , not sure what Pat Rice does but would love to see Uncle Tone
    waving us on next to Arsene . excactly what I was thinking last night too

  14. ethangunner

    I think Ade frightens them up top,

    up top as in iceland ?

    i think you mean ade humors them ! they might be gagging so hard at his immense skill levels
    it will bring tears of laughter obscuring there vision .

  15. Dobbi

    Well considering how poor we’ve been in front of goal the last few games i will take Ade over NikiB and RvP in a flash at the moment.

  16. Arsenal Tom

    we’ll never get adams now unless he fails at pompey… he wont go from manager to assistant manager if he’s successful

  17. Dobbi

    xeez, no surprise there really. Senderos is a bit of a donkey to be honest and Flamini, well he had one good season based on his committed way of playing and the pace of the English game. With Milan’s and their opponent’s slower pace in Seria A i can imagine they are passing circles around him.

  18. ethangunner


    yes your right there .. but ade is just as woeful !
    he uses the jedi mind trick to make you forget from remembering how he can continually miss
    his shots when inside the 6 yard box .. or his blissfully graceful offsides !
    or in more recent times his failure to pull the trigger from 10 yards out , rather opting too pass off !

    sorry i cant see much difference .. id still go with RVP , give him some service and at least he has 20 – 20 vision for goal usually !

  19. ethangunner

    RVP had some good free kicks that went close the other night ..
    and we know he can shoot , we just need to work as a team feeding him the ball and the goals will come !

    having ade back only complicates things ! he is wasteful and i dont know how many chances youll get V’s chevski and against cech . so we need clinical finishing ..

    and ade definitely is in the same category as pink boots when it comes too finishing !

  20. Arsenal Tom

    DH16… maybe… i guess we could bring him as a kind of ‘on the job training’… letting him learn wenger best points whilst being able to see his worst and ignoring them

  21. Dobbi

    Ethan, all three have all been poor to be honest. At least Edu is getting back to fitness and maybe him and Vela can provide some clinical finishing in front of goal. Hopefully!!!

  22. Arsenal Tom

    ethan… atleast vela has to play… his pace will cause all sorts of problems… no defenders like pace!! id stick ade in front of pinkie cos he’s got more physical presence and will worry them allot more.

  23. Pedro

    Morning Grovers!

    Top post Geoff! Fucking terrorists… it’s pathetic…

    So… am I the only one feeling the good vibes about Sunday! I think we’ll nick it by one… hopefully a 94th minute goal!

    That would be special!

  24. ethangunner

    A tom …

    yeah 4-5-1 is more defensive ..
    and has more chance of working i suppose .
    but id like them too go out 4-4-2 with vela and RVP and attack them from the word go ..

    have another Man U performance or Ac milan ..
    geoffs kindly putting his house on the game ..
    so you want to hope for a starry night of magic ..

    either that or get used to a park bench πŸ™‚

  25. Adi14

    I’m from Bombay myself, a regular reader of LeGrove. Touched to see you guys write a caring post for my fellow citizens. Needless to say, we will get through this.

    As for the football, hope we hammer em. God knows we need a few results goin for us.

  26. Rohit

    As an Arsenal fan from Mumbai (India), appreciate the thoughts towards India. I know Arsenal will give a good account this weekend.

  27. Rohan

    all this stuff justs hits you doesnt it. i am indian and i was born in bombay and have spent most of my life here,
    to think some of the places they attacked were places i used to go to everyweek to hang out with my friends. i know a friend who is still living in hope that his brother wallks out alive after beign trapped in the oberoi hotel.
    terrorism is an inherent problem in our world today and frankly i dont see any way we can stop it.
    people popping out of nowhere and killing people indiscriminately just puts things into perspective,
    finally i would like to mention a word for the authorities and the countless army and military and police commandoes and officers who are doing a fantastic job and i offer my deepest condolences to those who have lost their lives.

    on to happoer things heres hoping we rape chelsea and get back into the premier league race

  28. Arsenal Tom

    ethan, ha! better get used to that bench mate!!!

    id like us to attack but i think we’re just too weak in CM to do that… cesc & denislon or song or whoever will get murdered by deco, lamps, ballack… whoever they play… thanks god theres no essien or could be embaressing

  29. Doublegooner

    Hill Wood:

    “There have been suggestions that we keep stopping him from buying – that is not the case. He certainly has got money if he wants to spend it ”


    Or Arsenal FC, start giving every season ticket holder a rebate.

  30. DH16

    I think if we can get at them early and knick an early goal we have a real chance!
    The way there full backs bomb forward will suit us down to the ground, especially if we have vela and Nasri on the wings. I say 2-0, early goal and a late one after playing on the counter

  31. Arsenal Tom

    doublegooner… with the new CEO in we have no excuses now… wenger can say who he wants and gazidis can do the rest… time for wenger to stop worrying about player values and wages etc

  32. Ali Saljuk

    I am from Pakistan and really feel gutted and sad at the events in India. My thoughts are with them. Its events like these which make sports take a back seat , but its sports that could provide us with some much needed relief and hope.

    Just a theory in my mind today , we have often this season heard from many corners the lack of experienced players at Arsenal with the loss of Hleb and Flamini. Now in Hleb goin to Barca and Nasri coming in we are more dynamic and direct like we used to be in the invincibles era so thats a good thing as far as i know. He never really had the ability to shoot or take on defenders and provide that cutting edge (altough his ball skills were brilliant , just not quite suited to the high tempo game) . But its Flamini and a DM that has really got the fans ,experts alike asking for his replacement. Now number one , AW should have signed a player to replace him Alonso , Inler whoever he should have , but imagine for a moment the scenario if flamini had stayed.

    I say this with one eye on his milan performances and appearances this season , last year he was a player playin for a new contract and his football career , he had diarra , denilson , gilberto on his back and thus putting in passionate performaces. But if this season just like cesc , ade , clichy ,sagna (the players who were mainstays last season) had a dip in form he could easily be doing the same. I know most probably this would not have happened but still his shoulders could have also drooped after Aston villa and Man city debacles , it can happen to any player. We would then maybe be crying out for experience in that case as well.

    So in summary its very rarely a single player who is the team’s focus ala Gerrard, Cesc, Raul , Kaka that leaves an impact , its about a natural evolution . One player leaves another comes , AW just didn’t buy the next player thats the fault. Flamini is Flamini becasue a Cana or an Alonso didn’t come , thats why Edu is just Edu because Flamini came in when he left.

    Great news about Eduardo playing in a closed door friendly against Nott forrest, lets get the injured players Ade, Sagna, nasri back and get ready for The battle at the bridge.

  33. stonedwasherman

    Condolences to one and all who have been directly or indirectly affected in Mumbai.

    A truly sad week in my life,
    A gooner from India

  34. gooner-pak

    i am also getting same vibes as pedro and as i had prior to manu match (i predicted 2-1 at holic blog….but tht was desperate time right evrey tom dick nad harry was calling manu winning) it should be 3-1 to arsenal (they will score a goal atleast)….m i too optimistic?????
    arsenal must have some stat abt how much distance a player covered (u guys talking yesterday abt song tooooooooooooo lazy) or is it only for ppl watching at home!!!!!

  35. ethangunner

    A tom

    we have as much chance of raping the chev’s as a computer geek in a night club πŸ™‚
    but here’s to hoping Horace whimp can get his fingers wet πŸ™‚

  36. ethangunner

    sorry cant say i got the same vibes ..
    i had them V man U too …

    but i simply am not feeling it for this game ….

  37. Pedro

    Ethan, they were poor against the french chaps and against Newcastle… they’re not playing well… we’re not playing well… could be a stormer!

  38. finestcuts

    Good call Geoff, their sorrow is our sorrow, unfortunately it is the state of the world today, the world is regressing and becoming more evil, people are becoming de-sensitized to what is right and wrong, people are controlled by fear and are divided by political and religious sensitivities and the wisdom of the great Mahatma Ghandi rings true today, he said:
    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
    When the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even though Truman signed the executive order, he could not have done it himself, he couldn’t fly a plane, someone had to accept the order and carry it out. I’m illustrating that those in command would have no power if orders to kill would not be obeyed. People are scared for their own lives and that of their families, and are manipulated into committing atrocities which they would normally never consider.

    As long as people co-operate with the minority giving out the orders this will continue, people must come to this conclusion themselves, as long as people are aware of their own power and what each person can do then the minority of clinical psychopaths who hold the reins of power around the world would not have anyone to control. I hope it won’t be too late, and that people will refuse to take orders to murder others or choose to do so themselves and won’t be misled into believing that murdering other people will make the world a better place.

    Football is a sport where you’re judged by the quality of your game, and where people of all nationalities and religious convictions can support a team together and set their differences aside because they want their team to do well, and they all want to enjoy the spectacle together. So it is possible for us all
    to be good neighbours, and not necessarily agree what we do in each others houses, why is why protecting each person’s individual freedoms and liberties rather than using force to try and change their opinions is the only way forward, regardless of whether we believe that they’re right or wrong, as long as people do not cross the line and decide that taking someones life or stealing their property is an appropraite way to resolve problems. It all starts at home, we all need to make the first step in not contributing to this, of our own free will not just because someone forced us to.

    As the Chelsea game draws closer, I’m feeling more optimistic that we can get something out of it, I know we hardly ever play for draws (apart from the FA cup in 2005), but if we get a point at Stamford Bridge it will mean a lot, especially sinc e we’ve struggled recently. All three would of course be grand, but I can’t say I feel that’s going to happen, as Portsmouth proved last night, putting the workrate in and having a go can sometimes be enough. As long as our team put their all in, that’s all I’m asking for, if Chelsea play better football and we gave it our all, there’s not much more we can do than to say we were beaten fair and square, but knowing the talent that we have, and the attacking mentality of both teams, I hope our game will be enough to take all three points and that we won’t have an off day. Chelsea will be given a lot of respect, but not too much, they don’t always win, they’re on the verge of being knocked out opf the Champions League, ewcastle kept a clean sheet against them last week, Barnsley knocked them out of the Carling cup. I just hope we’re hungrier for a win than they are, because if we play our best game, we can beat them.

  39. rico01

    Pedro – one is poorly with a chest infection, she is on Anti-Biotics twice a day, what a performance that is, she hates them and I hate giving her them – thanks for asking after them – hope your sister’s are tucked up in this cold weather..

  40. gazzap

    Denilson is the worst partner for Cesc because he inhibits Cesc’s game. Cesc is only 50% of himself when next to Den but 100% of himself when next to the entirely defensive Song.
    I dont rate Song, he is a poor mans gilberto, but point is he plays the Gilberto role and thats why cesc is better next to him and why Arsenal are far better as a team with Song in midfield. Both are shite and we badly need a proper DM as we have done since Flam left, but people who rate Den are totally missing the point. If you are wondering why Arsenal have been so poor in about 7 games this season, you will find the proeblem is Den. Song didn’t even play in most of our worst performances. Den played in every single one. then look at our best 2 defensive performances of the season, Kiev the other night and West Ham away. who partnered Cesc in the centre? Yep Song.

    Also as bad as Song is, just count the number of times he intercepts the opposition or makes a tackle and its a lot more than Denilson will do. Thats what we need, not another sideways passer in the team.

  41. ethangunner


    i know they are not playing so well . but they have a 1/2 decent goal keeper , anelka who is topping the goal scorers board .. and you tell me he wont enjoy facing us in his form ? deco’s coming back and we have some key injuries in theo – toure and gallas who can go either way …

    no , im hoping for a draw , and thats the best i can predict id say ..

  42. spurdozer

    Hi grovers. It’s a sad day for people of South Asia. These attacks were I think made to undermine the prospering friendship of Pakistan and India. πŸ™ . But I feel optimistic about everything today and think that it will help both countries to move forward united against terrorism. I am from Pakistan and every Pakistani which I know is angry and sad at what is happening in Mumbai. Long Live Pakistan-India friendship. As I said I am feeling optimistic, I voted for an Arsenal win.

  43. DH16

    Help needed guys (& girls)
    ive set up an account on wordpress, changed the pic etc..
    how then do i link it so that it appears when i leave a comment?

    (Excuse the dumbness, computers not my strong point)

  44. Franchise

    Finest nice post. U using le grove as ur blog host huh! :mrgreen: Use more paragraphs next time its makes an easier read. πŸ˜‰

  45. ethangunner


    i think jack or ramsey would be pissed off .. if they let randall play before them ..
    cant see it happening this season .. unless its the C.C .

  46. finestcuts

    Nah, it’s not my blog post, it’s a post on top of everyone elses, I’ll use more paragraphs next time, I just knocked it out in one go and didn’t have the energy to proof-read it. Sorry.

  47. dh16

    ethan, i can see where your coming from and i believe LJW n Rambo are by far better players i just think Randall is the sort of player we need right now and he is getting to that age where he needs to be playing at a high standard to develop further.
    You never know though he may get a chance when the league is wrapped up with five games to go πŸ™‚

  48. chris

    poor old Matty, struggling, maybe Birmingham would have been a better option for that fucker, anyway i try not to think about him but as you can see on newsnow his pain in the sun is the top read, ha ha.

  49. ethangunner


    yes i think he could feature in the C.C . but if wenger has to use this EPL as a training ground im sure he will go with ramsey .. he paid 5 million for the lad .. and well jack !
    im little jacks biggest fan !

    he could be the key to turn this arsenal side into something great , but wenger has his favorites and its stunts his own youth policies !

    so bring on song πŸ™‚

  50. ethangunner


    the answer is neither song nor denilson .. its ramsey or jack ..
    and the sooner wenger starts playing and experimenting with them the sooner the midfield will settle .

  51. Arsenal Tom

    ramsey has to be infront of randall… ramsey’s started 2 CL games now… im not sure what randall’s all about to be honest

  52. dh16

    I think Arsene is well aware what jack can do, i dont think he is stunting his growth at all, he is blooding him slowly before unleashing him next year!

  53. Stu

    Morning everyone,

    Did ye know that Robin Van Persie has never scored a senior hatrick. And he has even played in holland ffs.

  54. Arsenal Tom

    jack will still be a bit part player next year… we’ve got rosicky coming back, nasri, traore at pompey… thats 3 left sided players, plus theo, nasri, and eboue (emergerncy) who can and probably would play on the right in front of him

  55. dh16

    Atom, sounds like a strong midfield when you put it like that, i am expecting Jack to come into his own the back end of next season.

  56. ethangunner


    your dead right thats exactly what he’s doing , but i dont think its right !
    he has got options available in jack and ramsey but would rather persist with square pegs in round holes !

    i think if you think for the teams sake , the best man should get the job , and wenger has said age isnt a worry if you have skill .. so give them a chance .. something might click ..

    we have a month of down time prior to the window opening up !
    And if jack and cesc combine into a solid partnership it will ease the defensive problems ..
    because whilst you have possession your not defending !

  57. Arsenal Tom

    DH16… its strong on paper but we forget rosicky, nasri are pretty brittle…. maybe he’ll sell traore but id like to see him for a year cos he looks like a proper winger staying out wide rather than cutting in

  58. Seb

    yes interesting point gazzap (10.14), although Cesc after the Euros was saying how he would have to embrace the defensive side of his game in order to break into the Spanish first eleven, rather than be on the bench. So initially I thought he was quite happy to take turns with Denilson at being the defensive midfielder.

    But as we have seen so many times, you can’t put a square peg in a round hole. Denilson is just not defensively minded in any way, his recovery pace is non-existent, he loses possession and just stands there looking back at his defence. Plus he is an attacking player, but one suited to a very different game than the English one, he would look great on a beach but not so good on a muddy pitch in winter.

    Song has definitely got a cynical side to him and has got muscle, really what he needs to learn is that he is never going to be a passer like Cesc, so he should just make a tackle or interception and then give the ball to the nearest Arsenal player immediately. If he stopped trying to be something he’s not, and also learned to run a bit faster, he might actually do a job for us.

  59. Stu

    But Jack is predominately a right sided player. Although h is leftvfooted he plays on the right wing ang sometimes on the left. Why would Wenger just all of a sudden put him in the middle?

  60. dh16

    Daft question Stu, when does Wenger ever play anyone in there natural position?? Just look at Song, he has played in every position possible this season

  61. geoff

    Good to hear everyone from all the divides supporting the people from India, especially our Pakistani contingent, we could sort all this worldwide shit out here, on Le Grove.

    I go with the big pat on the back for the people out there working to save people and I hope that if anyone has friends still there, they come out safe.

    Steve, thanks mate, a foot taller and darker! I love it, ha, ha, ha!

  62. London

    Song is the only player we have who vaguely resembles a DM; he will be playing on Sunday and he better play the game of his life.

  63. Franchise

    well gazzap Song has also been absent from Midfield the games we have played really well namely Bolton, Blackburn, ManU, Fenerbache away

  64. Metal Gear

    My condolences 2 the families and the country itself 4 those awful attacks those terrorist need a bullet with there names on it.

    On 2 football did U see Cascarino mocking us on Sky Sports News…. chelscum bastard he was laughing at the fact that we’re relying on Vela and there relying on Anelka . He has cleary forgot 2 mention Arsenal live in the real world where there’s this thing called debt obviously Chelsea don’t even know how 2 spell debt let alone understand it….Please Roman get bored find yourself a new hobby and force Chelsea 2 pay all the money you’ve invested please…..I hope Chelsea lose and crash out of the Champions league not that it would hurt them financially oh course.

  65. ethangunner

    at jacks age he can mold into anything ..
    i think he has a better eye for a pass than cesc . he’s quick – sharp and those little legs run all day .
    i think he would compliment cesc and give him the respect too !

    jack will be in our future no doubt , so lets just do it now ! and secure another 1st 11 spot !
    anything to get song out !

  66. Stu

    I Wouldn’t risk playing Jack in the middle because CM has too much responsibility, especially at 16 in a team thats already to young. Plus he would be out of position and under alot more pressure.

    Also, whats the story with JD? Is he injured?

  67. London


    I really like your team choice, in fact I think it might be the best that the club has. regardless of injuries. I certainly believe that it could beat any continental Euopean team but I would worry about it’s defensive weakness for Sunday.

  68. Franchise

    Seb the guy (Song) has muscle but he gets muscled off the ball so easily how possible can that be? Do u know how many cheap turnovers Song had against Kiev? Song is a waste. Denilson is not the answer but he has put in several performances this season that shows he would be a top player in the future.

  69. Mags

    Thanks a lot , very thoughtful of you guys. Scene here is actually kinda tense, need support and whats better than your own grovers standing by you. keep up the good work.

    Indian grover

  70. Stu

    London, when you szay regardless of injuries do you mean not including injuried players? Because if given a full squad to chose from I would definately be picking Eduardo and Rosicky, and maybe even JD ahead of Fish. Actually almost anyone ahead of Fish.

  71. London


    I doubt you will find an Arsenal supporter who doesn’t believe that Denilson will be a huge seccess in the future; the concern is his ability to defend and play alongside Cesc on Sunday.

  72. London

    Geoff I do understand your concern. I would swap him for De Rossi in a heart beat but he is an Arsenal player and we need him to do his job on Sunday, failure to do so and any remainling loyalty I have towards him would have wel and truly disappeared.

  73. Stu

    Its wierd isnt it. Song is supposedly considered a man mountain in Cameroon. He is apparently really strong but im not buying it because anyone who gets pushed off the ball by……. (omg hes so shit I dont know his shit name)…….that twat who scored against us for Sunderland……….whats his name???? DAMN IT!

    I really need my wheatabix!

  74. gnarleygeorge9


    You are right, le Grove the mediator. Its time the English stopped referring to us as convicts. It upsets us so much down here

  75. Dobbi

    Thanks London,
    I realise that it’s weak in defense, but unfortunately sticking Song in there in place of Vela for example would just mean we sacrifice our attacking threat for a completely unreliable and error prone DM. I’d rather see us play football and concede than try and contain Chelsea with Song and get totally outplayed. It seems like Newcastle want him on loan, so why can’t we loan him out, therefore not curbing his “potential”, and buy someone who can actually bring something positive to our team.

  76. Pedro

    Gnarley… If I was punished by my Government and Australia was the punishment… I’d be pretty fucking chuffed!

    If that was still the case… crime would be even higher than it already is!

  77. Arsenal Tom

    song could be the biggest player in the league but he’s weak inside.. the way he gets pushed around its like he’s scared of everyone

  78. avenell

    Morning all..

    Best wishes to our friends in India…

    When we play Song and Denilson in midfield, It is 2 players doing the job that 1 did last year (Flamini).
    This means we either play a 5 man midfield, or RVP has to drop into the midfield leaving us short up front..
    I am not convinsed thet Hill Wood saying we have money is the sort of money that some think.
    He still thinks we can buy a top class midfield player for Β£220,000 and sixpence.

    But we need to get the best in that important role next to Cesc and if he spends all our budget to get it I would be happy..

  79. Pascal Cygan

    morning all… thanks mate for the thoughts for us in India. I am in Bangalore and we all really need some comforting out here…the senselessness of it all – makes one really angry.

    i think our best midfield would be Ramsey – Cesc . Ramsey ahs the defensive capabilities to fall back and cover while allowing Cesc to play up. Song is good at winning balls back but he is poor in passing ( for EPL levels) and slow to react to situations. Ramsey is a decent passer( still learning) and is fairly quick.

    Wilshere is actually cover for Cesc, the same compactness and passing ability.

    i’ve just seen a clip of Lorik Cana and the man is a destructive machine. we can have a fearsome midfield but there we can also start a yellow card museum at the Emirates. we should get him, if only to prove a point to the Sam Allardyces of the world.

  80. dh16

    Whats Wenger’s record like for buying in January. Have we ever splashed out on somebody in the Winter Window? Did Reyes come in January ??

  81. ethangunner

    i know what you mean but you didnt live life as a young English lad in Australia growing up either !
    also the term pommy is short for Prisoner of her majesty ..

    so in actual fact when using the term you are referring to your ancestors .. not ours πŸ™‚

  82. Dobbi

    Reyes, Walcott, Ade, Diaby (i think) all came in the January transer window. So there is hope. It will be pathetic quite frankly if we didn’t get anyone.

  83. gnarleygeorge9

    I spose it would be good to here the old North Bank chant coming from the Chelsea fans tomorrow, along the lines of

    “Arsenal, give us song, Arsenal, Arsenal give us song”

    Evening/morning avenell