Send on the clowns, we’ll never have a better chance to smash their record..

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So Maureen says he wasn’t at the Drogba meeting, lying bastard, but interestingly the President of Inter says Drogba is too old and he is the one initiating the whole deal.

I think it’s time that FIFA banned that horrible little scrote, he did this with Cashley, lied and got away with it and now he’s doing it again, I understand that before when he was a chav he could do what he wanted because Abramovich has money and the FA take it up the arse for that, but to do it again is taking the piss.

I think it’s great that the chavs, once a footballers magnet are the team no one wants anymore, now everyone else has money, the chavs have gone back to their old unsupported team in the Kings road that Peter Osgood used to play for.

Now the Russian isn’t the richest owner anymore I think he’ll find something else to piss his money away on, last night they were shit, and if it wasn’t for Arsenal reject Nikki Anelka, they’d have lost that game too.

So we go there with 9 players out, but I still think we can beat them, in what looks like Gallas’s last chav game before he goes in the window, I think if he plays a team that includes Ramsey, Vela, Nasri and Cesc in the midfield and Wilshere lurking somewhere close, we can pass them off the pitch, providing Wenger remembers to send Song on holiday, we won’t be giving them the ball and that means they won’t score.

Did anybody notice Cech’s king size twitch yesterday? How funny was that? No wonder he lets in simple goals these days, he can’t see them coming!

I read that all our young kids are supporting the appointment of Cesc and that has to make Gallas feel like a whore in church, he said what he said and that’s done and dusted, but he referred to ‘the 25 year old’ and made out Nasri being young was a crime.

Now he has to take his orders from a baby, so I just can’t see that happening, and whilst I like Billy boy and rate him as a player, now would be a good time to cash in and replace him with that monster we all want.

Veloso overtook Cana as the defensive midfielder we need and I’m happy with that, I really don’t see the point in appointing a new CEO that deals with player signings, if we aren’t going to sign a few in the window. So expect something to happen soon.

Carlos Tevez looks set to cost West Ham Β£36mil as they have now lost their right to go to arbitration, so bringing Matty Upson home looks a real possibility, and for those of you who say Arsene doesn’t bring players back, remember when he said he was tracking Sidwell and said he wouldn’t hesitate to bring him back? Graham did it with Keown so we do have a history there.

Upson wasn’t sold because he was shit, he was sold because he was a crock, he seems to have put that behind him now in much the same way that Gael Clichy did and Tomas Rosicky will.

On that note when will he and Eduardo return? they could be like two new signings, but then again they may come back as half the players they were, so Arsenal need to have something as back up, in case we do go all the way in the cup comps and get back in the title race.

Sunday is a must win game so thank god we’re playing the chavs, at least they’ll come out to play and the last team that did that were the Mancs, we should have Ade back and hopefully Nasri and Sagna, so in theory the chavs unbeaten home record of 2 league games will be smashed.

My apologies to Paul yesterday for getting bent out of shape regarding club level, I got the wrong end of the stick, which shows that even super genius journo’s like me get it get it wrong occasionally, but being man enough to admit that you did, is what makes you a real man.

Haven’t changed my mind on Song though so don’t hold your breath!

Have a great day Grovers, we qualified for Europe on Tuesday, Sunday we need to qualify for the Premier league.

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  1. A

    ha yeah just checking whats going on jonjon. Richards has been horrific last season and a half, xabi is a quality player but wouldn’t fit into our system except in cesc’s place or a 5 man midfield, xavi likewise though he’s amazing and better than cesc. Podolski can’t get into bayern’s team, he shouldn’t get near ours.

    Van Persie was quality midweek raif, all he needs are a goal or two and they’ll start flowing.

  2. JonJon

    they all could get into our team A,

    if we play 5 in midfield cesc alonso and xavi could all play with podolski on the wing

    all our teams been pants this season so what makes you say these lot wouldnt get in our side.

    id put them in tomorrow

    alonso over song

    xavi over denilson

    podolski over bendtner

    richards over kolo

    how wouldnt they get in???????

  3. avenell

    Radders.. I never made it to the best part of Spain.. My mate loves “cats” of all things and the way the animals were treated in Gandia was terrible.. Looked like Posh Spice after a year on the weightwatchers diet… πŸ™

  4. A

    Well kolo bendtner and song aren’t first choice! We’d have to play 5 man midfield, richards wouldn’t get in, he’s been very poor the last 12 months, you not watch him against shalke?! alonso and xavi couldn’t play dm as well as denilson, not that im saying denilson is great at it, they’d just be worse as it really isn’t their game!

  5. choy

    evening all… just getting ready to watch the ac milan game.. Schweinsteiger .. imagine the profits on selling his shirt!!!

  6. raif


    RvP. is no 20 goal a season striker. and he comes far to deep. as much as i love him i think his the reason why we cant score for shit as his to busy trying to do some fancy trick.

    and his not direct enough. he gets the ball passes wide. gets the ball again passes wide again. his got no Killer pass like Cesc or DB10 before him and his freekicks have been shit for the last 2 seasons.

    his got a lovly touch on him but thats all iv been seeing latly. oh did i say he comes Far Far to deep.

  7. JonJon

    podolskis an older theo.

    theos a striker but plays wing because wenger values his pace and rosickys out so why couldnt podolski come play wing while theo and rosicky are out???

  8. A

    raif his scoring record would beg to differ, he just hasn’t played enough games to get 20 goals in a season, if he stayed fit he’d easily score that many!

  9. A

    vela could do that though jonjon and podolski would take time to settle in, which is what vela has been doing all season. We couldn’t get podolski to play whilst theo and rosicky are out as they’d be back well before he’d settled and adapted to the prem!

    jonjon richards has been very poor for ages centrally, which is why city have moved him out to right back a fair bit!

  10. JonJon

    alonso can play DM better than most in the league A

    he just sits there and reads the game and is always in the right place at the right time and can pick a pass from 60 yards, he sits behind gerrard perfectly and its no coincidence luckypool are right up there. alonsos been immense this season

    to say denilson is a better DM is silly, hes good with the ball at his feet but he doesnt want to know when he aint got the ball

  11. A

    jonjon alonso doesn’t play dm at all, and doesn’t have it in him, he’s even less mobile than denilson, which is why he never starts a match without mascherano or lucas in sitting behind him. alonso plays as their passer, not their dm

  12. JonJon

    richards is a beast mate, hes a tough defender whos strong fast and good in the air, he can play RB or CB and hes only young, hes going to be a quality player. his positionings abit suspect but he has the pace to recover, hes a younger better kolo.

    id have him anyday

  13. kelsey

    raif i agree with you about rvp.i really was excited about him at first but he seems to have gone downhil,another one with an ego problem me thinks

    avenell you are spot on,the spanish are very family orientated but they treat their animals like shit.we have 5 rescue dogs at home here.

  14. A

    yeah he has loads of potential, very strong very quick, (basically like kolo) but his concentration etc has been horrific since his injuries last year, and he’s not been the same players, gives away a goal every other game, which is why city fans are edgy with him in the team etc now. I’d love him to be at our club in the long run, but he isn’t a player who’d improve us at the moment!

  15. JonJon

    If you watch liverpool Alonso and Masch both sit behind gerrard, alonso has been the better of the two.

    Hes a passer yes but can play DM because he reads the game so well, hes not your out and out tackler but he reads the passes and cuts them out and launches a counter attack with a throughball as good as cescs.

  16. raif

    also RvP is not a team player. he wants to be a Super star.. witch is another reason why Ade and Rvp Cant play well together. or anyone else that players with RvP. his only better on the right in a 3 man Attack like he does for holland.

    other then that, im looking forword to his next injury, When it comes as it WILL COME.

  17. A

    raif ade can’t play with anyone! or certainly can’t help anyone play! He’s good if he’s the main man, but can’t play a number 2 to another main striker, and with vp being much better he’ll never play number 1 when vp is playing, so both ade and vp suffer

  18. JonJon

    Raif i used to rate RVP but ive gone off him big time.

    your right his ego destroys the team ethic and he only plays well in a three man attack when hes got other superstars around him

  19. kelsey

    so we are agreed ade and rvp have ego problems,so does nicci the loner,so does gallas though his are emotional,so does song as he thinks he’s a footballer,so does eboue who thinks falling over is part of the game.what we need is a pyschiatrist not a manager πŸ™‚

  20. JonJon

    i wonder if bendtner plays table tennis??

    he probably has pink balls a pink table and a pink bat to go with them lovely ego boots

  21. kelsey

    A Welshman buys several sheep, hoping to breed them for wool. After several weeks, he notices that none of the sheep are getting pregnant, and phones a vet for help. The vet tells him that he should try artificial insemination.

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    ‘No,’ she says, ‘they’re all in the Land Rover, and one of them is beeping the horn.’

  22. Confidentgoner

    Milan v Ports

    Traore looking very sleek. He can book down a place in our team as a LM.

    Sendy not that solid, and Flamini, well, is still flamming. But looks like Gattuso is the Defensive Mid while flam roams from the left of Midfield.

    Good match so far

  23. raif

    pepe Inzaghi is always in the danger areas. thats what we need, somone always in the box when we go on the attack.

    as when ever we happen to cross the ball and it actully beats the first man as were kinda shit at crossing. theres NO ONE there to finish it.

  24. raif

    Geoff – thanks buddy. stylish, and a classic,. i may have to stick with this one for a while.

    not unless Wenger pisses me off then ill go back to the AKFA Avatar till i cool down πŸ˜€

  25. Big Raddy

    Wow. King Kanu….

    Amazing. AC have Seedorf, Pato, Ronaldinho, Pirlo and Flam on the bench !! And they can still play a very strong first team.

    Shows that heart can beat quality

  26. Geoff

    He’s still on just doing fuck all, makes you wonder how Milan can afford that squad and we can’t compete, they can’t fill half their ground and we say we have no money, bollocks.

  27. raif

    Big Raddy –

    ill give you the normal Wenger dribble.

    “Well we knew about ronaldinho when he was 18 and we thought about signing him but we decided not to.. we had Players in his postion already and we couldnt have possibly fit him in.

  28. Paulinho

    Traore looks good but he rarely makes an incisive pass or does anything tangible. He just runs around in circles and passes sideways to a nearby player.

  29. raif


    i spoke about inzaghi early on. thats what we need, somone who can be in the box like him

    Not the Dead wood Ego pass side ways come really deep that his deeper then the Back line then hit row Z from a freekick Robin Van Fucking Persie

  30. Geoff

    Thing is when the ball went in we knew he would score, I wish we had that, we used to with TH14.

    Anyway, I’m off, night all!

  31. Big Raddy

    Night Geoff.

    Franny Jeffers must be about Inzaghi’s age, and surely would love to return !! Did we really pay Β£8m for him ?

  32. A

    was incredible from ronaldinho and inzaghi, we really could do with eduardo back to score inzaghi like goals. Milan just weren’t up for the game at all but their ability still shone through.

    yeah i agree about traore paulinho, he has the ability, and pace to scare the shit out of anyone, but unless he’s really forced to run with the ball played in front of him he doesn’t seem to know what to do, doesn’t have the belief to really go at them. He could still make it at the emirates though.

    raif when on earth has wenger said he knew about someone but didn’t sign him because we decided not to?! We did know about ronaldinho, but he decided to go to psg, tried to get cristiano ronaldo, messi but utd beat us on the former and the latter chose to stay at barca, ibrahimovic refused to come for a trial with us etc! We’ve never missed out on anyone we’ve let go or decided against! if only we’d got the lot of them on top of cesc! though i personally wouldn’t want ronaldo at the club

  33. raif


    we tried to get him before he went to PSG actully. Work permit was the issue i believe.

    messi. another Work Permit issue along with Peter Cech

    yes u are right about ibrahimovic, his another cocky git like RvP.

    C.Ronaldo didnt come Bcos Man Utd has first option on him as Man Utd and his last club had a Link Together,

  34. ethangunner

    I agree ade is a donkey !
    and RVP isnt the same live wire he used too be either ..
    old pink boots is some time off being a strike force and dudu has been injured a year !
    our strike options are in the shit !

    benzema and villa need to be purchased then you might see a return too winning ways ..
    i dont know how so many of us can be happy with mediocrity . ? REALLY ?
    Our midfield needs some talent too .. ribery ?
    you have jack – ramsey -denilson maybe even vela knowing wenger to partner cesc , so i cannot see wenger getting someone
    who isnt pre – 30 in age even if he does buy a DM !

    possibly a goalie like freidel or someone too use as a stop gap until fabianski becomes number 1

    but our strike problems have been around since last season , well for me they have , but we used to have such a creative midfield engine they could create manufactured goals for ade last season .. this season the problem is very much exposed and everyone is talking about a better defense ! WTF ?

    arsenal have always been attack based under wenger ! so short of re-inventing a new way to play ,with completely new tactics which would be more like ‘defensive like the chev’s last season’ , strikers need to be acquired as a priority ! clumsy and non clinical finishing in front of goals have been costly ! with no one with the bottle too shot ! and its been like that since henry left ! think about it !

    get rid of ade whilst he is still worth something .. get some real quality in the ranks whilst we still have the name too be associated with the top 4 .

    i cant see these problems lasting too long but current management must be soon realizing the wheels are falling off .. and they are out of there depth .
    the way things are happening they either will sack wenger – or sell up !

    i dont think the squad is too far away but quality striking is a real problem A REAL PROBLEM!.. a midfielder or 2 as a stop gap for jack – ramsey – vela is required … but im sure the quality will come back after we get some winning confidence return .. But the only way to do that is too sell all our strikers and replace them with some quality ..

    i know some of you will go .. oh ade’s ok ! or nik’s got potential . . RVP has more class than anyone else ! well i say to that … look at the EPL table ! we are rudderless and sinking like the titanic !

    i say look at man shitty purchasing robinho ..
    even black burn have got santa cruz .
    and then the sub standard strikers we own !

    and we are fucking Arsenal FFS !
    sorry but i demand better ..

    bojan – pato – villa – benzema ! get the drift ?
    poldolski – kluse , good strikers are around !
    no fucking excuses ! spend the money , get the results !
    or continue on this path !

    rant done!

    fuck i feel better πŸ™‚

  35. Stu

    Nice rant Ethan. Completely agree but doubt we will ever buy such high quality as long as Wenger is manager. He cant bare to damage his kids development.

  36. ethangunner

    thanks stu ..

    you know a good defense will save the odd game , but it will never make you win any !
    i spose that is open for debate .. but spending money on a big defender is just manufactured grab wenger said pre season .
    goals in the back of the net early is what we have been missing ..
    getting an advantage and keeping it ..

    i think too many people listen to wenger regarding the needs of this club still ..
    whilst still proclaiming they are not AKB !
    what is needed is quality up front , so we dont always trail 1-0 nil at the break !
    those are the things that are a common denominator for me since TH14 left .

    goals win matches , not defenders ! and last time i looked thats what we need too do isnt it ?

    WIN ?

    stu i agree wenger is obsessed with making it work !
    but i think soon he will have too admit defeat ..
    and how you can purchase ade – even nik and try and turn them into work class strikers is beyond me .. its like hiring a actor for a block buster movie .. you can either go with brad pitt
    or john smith who no one has heard of ! strikers are much the same you either have it or you dont ..

    thats why every really top striker moves on to a top club .. berbatov – anelka – torres – van nestleroy – TH14 alves – santa cruz -arshavin etc.. benzema will move this season and im sure villa will move on in a year or 2 also ! you cannot manufacture and train a striker , its an instinct not something you can train at. your either born with it or not ..
    wengers recruitment of strikers is fundamentally flawed .. at the age he gets them its just guess work !

    and now he’s stuck paying ade 80 k a week for what ?
    and we are stuck with a rag tag bunch of ‘potential in there youth strikers’ who failed to get on with it .. instead of all the dead time and dead money , it must be more econmically viable to just get the right man for the job !

    its worked for liverpool , man U chevski…
    torres – berba – anelka / drogs.

    and too be honest i couldn’t put any of our strikers in the same category ..

  37. ethangunner

    well it needs to happen GM .

    i cant see us winning anything if we don’t ..
    and there is unrest in the camp ,amongst fans and pundits alike …
    and if we lose C.L football there’s more cash down the drain than buying a ‘few fresh faces in’ at stake.
    its a simple fact we need cash backing or lose our spots too the likes of man shitty – and any other new billionaire’s wanting another slice of the pie next season ..

    there is a common misconception that we wont get anymore big investors in the EPL .
    well im sure come end of next season we will get another billionaire or 2 join the ranks to compete .
    and we will just get further and further left behind !
    the time is now , we need to act ..

    something wenger is doing clearly isn’t working ..
    and strikers really cant be manufactured…
    so his thinking in that department is flawed .

    its an instinct based talent .. like shooting in basketball
    either your blessed or your cursed ! either you have the guts to back yourself and pull the trigger
    or you’ll continue to pass off ! or be offside , or just look like goofy on the pitch ..
    weve been barren of class since th14’S DEPARTURE .
    i know its stating the obvious , but thats the void that needs to be filled ..

    i look at most games now and i cant tell you where our goals will come from ..
    i keep saying nasri , but he still is young and not consistent enough to rely on .
    and our strikers ? well fuck ive been on about it since day 1 .. but hopefully now some are seeing i was right on the issue !

    take the C.L game for instance if pink boots didnt get a goal in the 87th minute off a dodgy drop ball we would all be complaining we didnt win again right ???

    what a difference a goal makes to change our veiw on a games perspective .
    goals win matches ….not potential .

    we should have an abundance of money also . especially if you add up we spent nothing over the past 4 years transfer wise , in fact we’ve made some $$$ in them 4 years .. wenger should be able to splash 50 mill about ..

    the question is will the board REALLY let him ?
    im sure any manager would want to have class personnel !
    and time is becoming an issue now .. we are 5th on the table and sinking ..

    too much does doesnt make sense about wengers dealings , but after all remember he isnt the club chairman ! and im sure wenger doesn’t get a budget any more .. the last 4 years he creates them a return , so im sure they are past the formalities of giving him any sort of budget whats so ever .. meaning he will have too clear each purchase with the board prior !

    its only a guess but its only logical i feel, considering he gives them a return every season .. i mean why give wenger a budget when at the end of every other transfer period he gives it too you back and some more !?! you would stop giving him an annual budget after the 2nd or 3rd year .

    its not worth the company paper work .
    and now we just dont get any money to spend full stop !

    make do cunt this is the way your running it ! we like it ,dont change what your doing …
    the board must tell wenger !

    i mean if average joe blow on the street can rattle off names likewe need ..
    benzema – villa – yaya – barry – alonso etc .
    then why is wenger blind too it ???

    its all money .. the decisions are all based on a sad lack of funds !
    and at this level its ridiculous not to invest in your squad !
    and wenger has done well so far keepin us afloat .. but its now filling faster than we can bail it out .

  38. slimshady

    Well we are Arsenal, and Titi or not we will KICK the shit out of those supporterless (sic) Chavs.


    p.s hope I don’t regret saying that come Sunday…hehe

  39. geoff

    Samuel from California welcome to Le Grove my friend, sorry it took so long, I got you at 4.30 am, you’re free to blog now!

  40. kelsey

    Nov 28 2008

    Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood insists Arsene Wenger will have money to spend in January as he seeks to turn the Gunners’ season around.

    Wenger’s side head into Sunday’s derby clash with Chelsea a daunting 10 points behind their table-topping London rivals, and lie outside the top four after a difficult start to the new campaign.

    However Hill-Wood insists that despite the ongoing financial crisis, Wenger will have money to spend, should he need it, saying: “Absolutely. There have been suggestions that we keep stopping him from buying – that is not the case.”

    He added: “He’s very sensible with the way he approaches the transfer market, he’s not going to buy anybody just because the press or fans say he should. He’s only going to buy somebody if he thinks they’re going to improve what is a young squad but a very talented one.

    “He certainly has got money if he wants to spend it.”

    Arsenal have already lost five times in the Barclays Premier League, including a 3-0 humbling at Manchester City last weekend.

    Their struggles have led to criticism of Wenger, with claims that his preference for youth and talent over experience and muscle has turned the Gunners into a soft touch.

    Despite previous claims from the Emirates Stadium hierarchy that he has a substantial transfer kitty to spend, the French manager has generally opted to nurture his own players rather than bring in proven stars.

    Given the chasm that already exists between Arsenal and the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool at the top of the Premier League, Hill-Wood has also admitted the club’s best chance of glory may now lie in the Champions League.

    He said: “I certainly want to finish in the top four in the league, and perhaps (win) the Champions League.”

  41. Pedro

    Kelsey, I’d like to think that goes some way to proving the ongoing disagreement I have with a few of the Grovers!

    He has cash… but chooses not to spend!

    Oh… and good morning to you all!

  42. kelsey

    Good morning Pedro,and all.This proves once and for all that wenger has to buy or it’s the end.

    i particularly like the the last paragraph by phw,not very convincing,just full of hope.

  43. ethangunner


    However Hill-Wood insists that despite the ongoing financial crisis, Wenger will have money to spend, should he need it, saying: β€œAbsolutely. There have been suggestions that we keep stopping him from buying – that is not the case.”

    if that was really the case we would have got replacements in the summer instead of trying to mise our way into the top 4 , like every other season , do you also believe we have 75 mil to spend or 35 ?
    or is it more really like 25 ? these were just some of the figures that changed like the breeze at the start of last season … all we can achieve in january is to probably lose more key figures than gain them ( gallas ) like diarra b4 it ..

    wenger wont pay over the odds for players , and the sort of players available too us in january wont change our season ..

    so you can see him not paying over the odds for names like david villa ?
    valencia , wont let him go on the cheap ! or any other name of importance .

    letting go of key influential figures mid season means you are effectively dismantling the team
    of another club mid season .. it wont happen ..

  44. iceman

    Well then come May if we win f**k all and are playing UEFA cup football what’s he gonna say?

    I really feel this time he will Pedro…..he’s gone one too many people up his ass about it now……..

  45. Rasputin

    Another question – do you think it is suspicious that the new CEO is joining after Jan to give another excuse as to why we didn’t get any new players?

  46. Pedro

    Rasputin, I think the board will put pressure on him. They know that if he doesn’t recruit in Jan… people wont bother renewing. That will scare them more than anything… a half empty brand new stadium would look very ugly.

  47. ethangunner


    PHW has never lied before ?
    its obvious if you view arsenals recession over 4 years the key factor poking you in the face is a reluctantcy to spend ! rather sell off and create a cash flow !

    of course they will say that .. it would make them wrong if they said otherwise !
    and you cannot tell me if PWH sat wenger down and said I WANT MORE CLASS !

    that wenger wouldn’t buy ?

    we got an injured silvestre
    and unproven bitchslap
    and a 17 year old ramsey last season ?

    if that dont wreak of ‘mise’ then i dont know what does ?!

    what has wenger got to lose or gain from not spending money ?
    REALLY ? ….

    i do know he is jealous of every player the other top 4 teams buy !
    like talking about berbatov or contemplating bring back anelka .
    or telling us he was considering ronaldo ? robinho etc …

    yes im sure he was happy with the injured RVP and nik b at the start of the season !

  48. ethangunner

    in fact it holds you in good stead at the moment to presume the very opposite of anything that comes out of PHW or wengers mouth at the moment …

  49. kelsey

    it’s twenty million if you qualify,and phw seems to say oh well maybe mayb not.

    let’s hope this new ceo with kroenke,s cash will force wengergod’s hand.

    ethan you are right but we all knew this should have been done 18 months ago.

    i year ago we were top now we are competing for forth with fucking hull and villa

  50. ethangunner

    wenger can see talent when he has money to spend !?

    how NASRI !

    he can buy nasri easy enough who ooozes class , but not before he gets money from the Hleb deal , in fact nasri’s deal was delayed due to hlebs late departure ..

    i mean if 2 + 2 dont equal 4 !

  51. bergkamp

    sorry ethan your wrong,nasri’s deal was delayed because they wanted to wait till the tax year restarted,it wasnt anything to do with arsenal

  52. bergkamp

    the thing is ethan,you think you know but obviously you dont,arsenal have spent fortunes,Β£350 mill in the last few years,thats the problem