When was the last time we got a DVD Arsene?

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‘It’s time for Arsenal and Wenger to part company’

No that wasn’t my headline, it was that of big time Gooner and former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan.

I have to say though, it could have been my headline, because that’s the way I feel too, not only crap team selection again and probably the worst display I’ve seen from Arsenal since the days of Glenn Helder, but also hearing that Wenger thought it flattered Man City, and because of that, I think he has lost it. Bad loser.

The players quite clearly get paid too much, much more than their ability warrants, Gallas had a point there and if he didn’t earn around £90k a week for doing what he does, I would take what he says much more seriously.

Wenger needs to spend in the window and get rid of some flotsam too, how the hell did he get Song on an exception talent visa yet have to wait 3 years for Vela? Who clearly is exceptional.

How many games do we have to watch someone that can’t pass, can’t tackle and can’t shoot and don’t say Ade or Robin because they absolutely can, why does he continue to play players out of position (Diaby) and expect a big performance, who is he kidding?

Arsene, you weren’t an Arsenal supporter 12 years ago, I was, you are a great coach, but a lousy manager, yes I really believe I could do a better job, look at Redknap, at least he can get a shit team going, why do you keep saying you have belief in this team?

Yes we beat the Mancs but on another day we would have lost 3 nil, let’s not kid ourselves, your team weren’t good enough last season, then you let Lehmann, Hoyte, Hleb and Flamini go and only brought in Nasri, what did you think would happen?

Regardless of what Gallas said, you stripped him of the captaincy and dropped him, you humiliated him and now you say he still has a future at Arsenal, will you ever learn??? – Get shot of him in the window and bring in 3 world class players, maybe then we can salvage something, you have fantastic players like Ramsey, Wilshere and Coquelin and yet you stick with Denilson, Song, Eboue and Bendtner.


You probably will do nothing, but heed my warning, the fans will stop coming, the predators will circle and your legacy will be like that of many managers in the premier league that got sacked, won us a few trophies but wouldn’t listen, do you want to be remembered for that Arsene?

I won’t mention Ramos, but at least he won them a cup. He gave them something to cheer about, and a DVD, when was the last time we got a DVD? It was for an ex player Thierry Henry.

I hope not because you’ve been too good for that, don’t spoil the last 12 years because you think you’re right, look at the results, look at the stats, they’ll tell you how right you are, you’re a stat person, well when it suits you you are.

Finally, look at all the other sites, they’re not calling you god now, time to change to plan ‘B’ Wenger or you won’t be getting that statue, and that would be a shame.

Finally if you afforded the same indulgences to English players as you do with Song we may still have Mathew Upson, David Bentley and Steven Sidwell.

Before any AKB’s tell me they hate Bentley, Upson was a crock and Sidwell isn’t that good, look at Sidwell now and think how much better he could have been had Wenger been as patient, at least he won 2 FA Youth cups.

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  1. avenell

    Pedro we have a long term mortgage and a bridging loan until the flats are sold.

    Until the bridging loan is paid of we have no money for staff, that’s where we differ because we don’t know the facts!

  2. Pedro

    Plus… £93million in cash reserves…. Plus Fizsman has said there is money to spend… Plus we have had a transfer surplus for eternity… Plus the tv money we didn’t spend…e tc etc…

  3. A

    no carrick isn’t world class, but does a job and fills a role for utd, as flamini did for us last season. Barry doesn’t fit the role to do that job. Our current problems stem from a lack of creativity, and physicallity in defence. We could improve on denilson but it isn’t a massive problem. The reason we aren’t controlling games is because we can’t keep the ball, because we don’t have a consistent playmaker. We need a commanding centre back just like we did last season, though then we had senderos. Barry if he was free could possibly do a job, but spending the silly money it would take to get him would be ridiculous when he’s improve our team a tiny amount. What on earth do madrid not buying defenders have to do with anything?! when they bought defenders they bought world class defenders because they knew they needed to improve defensively, they didn’t just buy defenders no better than what they had just for the hell of it, which is what we’d be doing if we signed people like barry and cuellar.

  4. Pedro

    That AKB John from the other day wont leave the spam bin alone!

    I’d feel a bit humiliated being banned from a website for bad behaviour… some people eh!

  5. A

    Pedro it’s because Barry isn’t a holding mid anymore than denilson is! He doesn’t have the engine of flamini, doesn’t read the game as well as denilson! He’s a big bigger than denilson, left footed, and a dirty twat, but he really wouldn’t improve the team that much! He isn’t even playing as a defensive mid at the moment, sidwell and petrov are playing behind him! mascherano is amazing, mikel would be brilliant. carrick isn’t good enough defensively for us imo though and wouldn’t fit our style of play.

  6. avenell

    We may have been down this route so stop if you want Pedro.

    There is a difference between 90% sold and 90% have deposits on them..

    Check out Woolworths, Northern Rock, The big housing companies like Wimpey, Bovis.
    It isn’t as clear as we may think it is.

    I hope you are right but, I’m just not sure.

  7. A

    and if villa beat us to 4th il eat my hat. They have a system which is very good at preventing footballing teams playing, but against teams who won’t come at them they’ll always struggle.

  8. Pedro

    A… I’ve watched Denilson like many others all season, and I don’t see how you can possibly say that our young Brazilian reads the game well.

    Look at the state we are in… look at what all the pros are saying about our needs… if Denilson could read the game well, we’d be a lot better off. He is constantly losing players, he switches off and he isn’t particularly strong. He’ll never be the tenacious midfielder we need.

    Barry may not have started out in the holding role… but at least he has a trade in defending.

  9. A

    pedro he doesn’t have the tenaciousness, but his ability to read a play and intercept it incredible, or nick the ball off someone’s toes. He was in the top 5 tacklers/interceptors in the premiership according to opta stats until this month! The job he does is just much more subtle, like Gilberto, and being used to Flamini steaming around like a madman it’s very different and less obvious. He has lost his man a couple of times, but has intercepted pull backs on the edge of our area so many times. Look out for it tomorrow, how many times they attack and it’s denilson who intercepts and comes out carrying the ball! though they probably won’t attack much tomorrow, hopefully! Against villa denilson was absolutely brilliant defensively, he was the one who won it back pretty much everytime they attacked

  10. Pedro

    A… I don’t think anyone in world football can match Flamini’s energy.

    Especially not Toure… he is very slow paced.

    Who would you stick in as DM?

  11. A

    although pedro, yes he isn’t that strong, and yes he isn’t a great man marker, but in terms of reading play he is absolutely fantastic. He’s just different to flamini, but the reason we look weak defensively compared to last season is that we don’t dominate possession anymore. If Denilson had played last season i 100% believe everyone would be singing his praises as brilliant dm, and flamini this season there would be idiotic pundits going on about him being absolutely clueless defensively and saying he isn’t a defensive mid etc

  12. avenell

    Pedro/ Raif … this £93 million pounds is starting to sound like Wengers belief and maturirty to me..

    My books have to be in to my accountant soon and I am going to print out Arsenal’s finances and show him, if he has time to help explain them to me.

    Raif I have run a Limited co for 7 years and been seff employed for another 10 so I am not totally stupid (just in case it may of crossed your mind) 🙂

  13. A

    I dunno pedro, at the moment i think we have the best man for the job in there out of our current squad, but we havn’t had a world class one since gilberto was past it, but it was just the fact that with hleb and cesc interlinking, that weakness was hidden because we never let the opposition have the ball! I do think yaya toure’s physicality would add alot to the midfield as he’s a monster, but whether he’s available is another matter as he seems to have worked his wway back into barca’s team

  14. Pedro

    A, I have to disagree there. If Flamini had of stayed, we could have coped with the loss of Hleb. Losing both was a disaster…

    Denilson just isn’t ready yet… he played well against ManU… but that was a 5 man midfield. It is much easier to play when there are 5 men crowding out the middle of the park.

    In a 4-4-2… he is a disaster.

  15. A

    I just don’t think either are good enough, along with our defence. Our whole team defensively is under much more pressure this season because of us not dominating possession anymore, and that’s why sagna and clichy have looked like shadows of the players they were last year too. I don’t think anyone centrally could help us cope with hleb’s departure, even mascherano would be overrun in our current build, albeit less so than denilson

  16. Pedro

    Avenell, why don’t you just read the explanation in the annual report. The link is in the side bar.

    Or better still, go through the Arsenal.com archives for August… Wenger isn’t alluding to having not finances in any of his interviews, he is saying he doesn’t need players because he believes in his squad.

    If Wenger was strapped… he’d say. Primarily because it would suit is project and give him an excuse.

    I just don’t believe we are skint… we’ve spent too little and earned too much over the last 5 years to not be able to afford players. The maths does not add up to being skint, nor do the MD’s statements.

  17. Pedro

    Gnarley… he’ll have exactly the same say as every other captain.


    Wenger wouldn’t buy for Paddy, Thierry or Gallas… he wont buy for Cesc.

  18. raif


    hahaha i think you should


    i dont rememer saying you was stupid mate?? all i did was ask Pedro if he was getting tired telling people about the £93million in cash reserves almost every night as i remember him saying it last night and a few days before. thats all mate

    there was Nothing in my comment to Pedro that had me thinking you was stupid mate 🙂

  19. gnarleygeorge9

    ….well in saying that Pedro( fair point you make), now the pheonix is well and truely flame grilled.

    Its starting to look more and more like “Good bye Arsene, Arsene Wenger, hello Guusie Hids” 😀

  20. Pedro

    Avenell! I would never fall out with a loyal Grover!

    Sometime the debates get heated… but we’re all buddies on here at the end of the day!

    I’m off though… off to sulk about people disagreeing with my opinion.

    Stalin would be ashamed of me…! haha!

    Have a great night Grovers… ’til tomorrow!

  21. Pedro

    Oh… remember there are 2 half price club level tickets for tomorrows game! £50 each in the front row!

    Bargainous (<- top made up word)!

  22. michael

    i think morgans a 2 bob supporter to be honest just because we have had a lousy few matches he starts slating arsene and saying how his love affair with the club is coming to an end, dont get me wrong arsene has made some poor decisions in not signing enough expierenced players etc etc but if your a true fan you would support your team through thick and thin and yes its hard losing when your used to winning and watching great football for so many years, under arsene or george graham and so on but if you give up supporting the team when the going gets tough your an idiot
    people who criticize forget that we as supporters have a impact on the how our team plays it may not be a great impact but if every match our 55 000 or so gooners got right behind the boys then i think that would give them more confidence rather than your stuck up unpassionate supporter who just about claps when the team score and leaves 10 minutes from the end if were 1-0 down or drawing or whatever !! and i think morgan symbolizes and sums up these type of supporters who get tickets due to there wealth not because they have a true passion for arsenal football club

  23. Seb

    morning all

    still over 1000 posts, even without the antipodean massive participating – impressive stuff!

    I expect people posted Cesc’s response to the captaincy, but I didn’t see it in the comments anywhere, besides it bears repeating 🙂

    “It is a great honour for me to captain one of the biggest clubs in the world,” said Fabregas. “It is a proud moment. I know it’s a big responsibility but together with my team-mates, I know we have the spirit and commitment to get back to winning ways and fulfil our potential.”

    You know, I think he still believes… good on yer sunshine

  24. kenny smith

    Im at absolute war with that up for grabs blog now lol, check their comments section on that blog about le grove its funny

  25. Geoff

    Morning all, I have just finished todays blog and it’s a ripper, if this one doesn’t get you going, you’re already in Elysium and your dead already!

  26. Geoff

    Nice post Kenny I love it, I think all the other comments on that site are from his class mates or from him under other names!

  27. ethangunner

    whilst its the logical choice for many reasons , cesc needs to concentrate on his game and i think its smelling like the TH14 appointment .. heap bag loads of pressure on someone who has been constantly rumored to leave !

    this just might spell the end for him ! and more importantly , his end for us !
    whilst we have no other candidates available , it just doesn’t sit well for me !

    i didnt want any undue pressure helping the lad out of our club !
    i suppose time will tell !

  28. Seb

    More Cesc comments, plus more from the boss:


    CESC FABREGAS insists his appointment as Arsenal captain proves once and for all that he has no intention of quitting The Emirates.

    Midfield maestro Fab, 21, was handed the skipper’s job permanently after William Gallas was stripped of the armband for his public outburst against his team-mates last week.

    Fabregas said: “By becoming captain it shows how much I’m committed to the club. I actually feel I’ve shown commitment since I arrived here.”

    Fab has constantly been linked with a move to Catalan giants Barcelona. But the Spain ace reckons he will be a Gunner for years to come.

    He added: “Each year people talk about me leaving yet I’m still here and I want to be part of the future of Arsenal. I love the club and I’m totally committed to it. I’m not looking to play anywhere else. Of course, the future for Arsenal is bright. The players are very much looking forward to the next few years.”

    Manager Arsene Wenger said: “I have never doubted Cesc’s commitment and that was one of the reasons for making him captain. It’s important you are the voice of the club to the outside and your commitment is not questioned. Cesc has the leadership qualities, the experience and the confidence of the other players.”

    Wenger has put deposed skipper Gallas back in the team for tonight’s home Champions League clash against Dynamo Kiev.

    Gallas was left out of the 3-0 defeat at Manchester City on Saturday as a disciplinary measure.

    But Wenger said: “William is a player I rate and a man I rate as well. I have a big respect for him. But he was under big pressure and you do not want this high pressure to affect him or the team.”

  29. gnarleygeorge9

    …thats EDST for kick off.


    They have had a habit of losing which makes getting up @ odd hours annoying, but 6.30 am is OK by me. I’ll be watching 🙂

  30. Seb

    Starting lineup against Kiev:

    Eboue Sagna Toure Traore
    Walcott Rosicky Diaby Nasri
    Adebayor Eduardo

    Oh no my mistake. that’s the injury list! (plus Armand who is on loan)
    We have to admit that’s a lot of decent players out – wtf are we doing wrong in training…

  31. kelsey

    you were joking i think,but why are players we but lately al so injury prone.is it the new pitch,the training ground.now nasri has a third reoccurence of a knee problem after 3 months.