The pink boot mindset and the worst crop of players seen under Wenger.

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So Arsenal are 10 points off the pace, we’ve managed to pick up 5 defeats already this season… oh and we are 1 point ahead of Hull.

Crisis anyone?

This situation we find ourselves in is simply not good enough for a club like Arsenal.

I don’t care how close the kids are, I don’t care how much money we make or how fantastic our new stadium is… I care about results, some section have forgotten about that but in fairness, we’ve been spun into thinking that having a good business model and acting ethically out weighs competing on the pitch. Our Chairman told us it isn’t all about trophies, that statement was echoed by the manager… hold the back page a minute… if management are thinking that way, is it a surprise the players are?

I demand my team competes for trophies every year… If you don’t subscribe to those values, why do you support a team in a competition… why buy the most expensive ticket in football? I can’t imagine there was a period when Arsenal fans were happy with average?

Sadly we’ve not been competing for the best part of 4 years. We had a good year last year, but that squad was too light to last the pace… then we lost some key members of that small squad of players, Wenger didn’t deem it necessary to replace them and we are where we are now as a result of that.

This is clearly the worst crop of players we’ve ever had under Arsene Wenger… and I’m not talking about ability, I’m talking about the attitude balance. We’ve been lumbered with a Captain who clearly had mental problems at his old club, we’ve got a star striker who thinks it is ok to head butt a team mate during a game and we’ve got a whole host of other players who just aren’t up to top 4 standards… and you know what summed it all up for me? Nik Bendtner turning up in Pink boots.

For me it just shows a complete lack of respect for the team and the fans… I know you probably think I am going off on a tangent here… but there are certain things you don’t do in football when your team is playing shite… wearing Pink boots is one of them. Let me explain…

It smacks of arrogance that a 21 year old player thinks he is talented enough to make Pink boots look good. It also shows that as a player, he is more concerned about how he looks rather than how he plays. Why else would you wear something that so obviously spits in the face of convention? It’s a completely egotistical thing to do in my eyes… when your team is on a downer, you tell your sponsor to piss off when they ask you to market their new fairy boots, especially when you’ve been playing poorly. Those boots were a complete joke and they summed up our performance yesterday.

This was the line-up:

Hoyte Silvestre JD Clichy
Diaby Song Denilson Nasri
Nik RvP

I thought that was a poor selection and I said so in the comments.

Firstly, Diaby has problems breaking into the team because of Cesc… even though he has looked a lot more threatening over the last few weeks. So why not pair him with Denilson? When has Diaby ever shown any sort of ability out wide? A stupid decision in my eyes.

Secondly… Why was Song even playing? I always try and defend players because I want to believe they have something and I hate to write people off. However, if I was an insurance claims specialist… I’d take one look at the wreckage that is Song’s ability and assume there must have been some sort of horrific accident… I’d write Song off and pay Arsenal the sum of his value before the accident (About Β£27). There is just no hope… no chance of reworking him into a player that can wear the red and white of Arsenal.

I’ve got a good mind contact Phil Woolas (Labour Immigration Minister: and ask how the hell Song was granted a work permit on the basis of exceptional talent. Especially as Wenger has gone on record saying we couldn’t sign a 19 year old RONALDINHO due to permit issues!

I’m sorry, but Song is a walking calamity and he has been since he arrived. The very fact that he is in the first team squad should tell you how low Wenger has let his standards drop since the introduction of ‘Project Youth’.

Back to team selection.

If you move Diaby into the middle… why not stick Rambo in at right midfield? At least he has the ability to play there… at least he has energy and creative flair. He is flying at the moment and has the confidence and ability to change a game… if he tired after an hour (A 17 year old athlete should not tire after 2 games in 4 days), sub him and bring Jack on for 30 mins. Wenger seems to be insistent on sticking round pegs in square holes and it is not working.

As for the striking combo… well… what the hell has Nik done to justify a start? He has been beyond dreadful this season and my patience is wearing thin with him. Rolling onto the pitch with his fairy boots clearly put him into character as he played like Tinkerbell, it was embarrassing. Matt Le Tissier was really quite riled by the arrogance of Nik wearing those boots… he said something like,

‘You simply don’t wear boots like that until you have done something in the game.’

I make him totally right. He hasn’t done anything for the club this season and I am at odds to why Wenger didn’t pick Carlos Vela? At least Carlos looks interested in scoring goals. When he came on late he wanted the ball to his feet and he wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger… unlike the sluggish Dane who is so low on confidence he is scared to shoot.

I thought the team looked rudderless and utterly unimaginative. They played with all the attacking flair of a Sam Allardyce team. RvP was woeful and looked completely detached from the team… he is like the odd piece in the jigsaw… no one seems to be able to read him and to be honest, I don’t know what his game is all about?

Samir Nasri was anonymous and a bit lazy. He just seems to wander around the pitch doing a great job of doing naff all. There is a real lack of productivity in his game when he is off his game. At least Hleb would run his socks off and create openings… Nasri doesn’t have that game yet… but what can you expect after 3 months?

Almunia was back to his dreadful worst. He was lobbed for Robinho’s goal when perhaps he should have been off his line a bit quicker and he was also lucky to get away with spilling a tame shot in the second half.

I think my biggest worry of the day was Clichy. He has gone from being Mr Reliable to Corporal fuck up in the space of 6 months. His mistimed clearance led to the first City goal… but to be honest, it was coming and we all knew it.

‘We lacked the maturity to deal with being in a dominant situation’

I don’t remember being in a dominant postion and If we lacked maturity, whose fault is that? Excuses like that aren’t acceptable anymore… you had all summer to rectify a lack of maturity.

So, enough moaning… onto the solutions.

Well, there really is only one… and that is play the Carling Cup stars. If your first team can’t cut it and your reserve team can… there is only one option. Ship out the under performers and replace them with on form young pretenders who are hungry to take their places.

Bring in Rambo, bring in Jack and bring in Vela. It’s not a top 4 solution, but I’m afraid due to our piss poor strategy this summer… it’s the only solution.

Long term, it is clear what Arsene has to do. He must return to doing what he has a proven track record of doing. He has to go out and purchase Β£30million worth of ‘nearly world class’ talent. He needs to sign them in January, get them settled and then see where he is in the summer. We need at least three or four 25 year old internationals with Champions league experience. We need a Keita in midfield, a proper winger and a centre back that strikes fear into not only the opposition… but his team mates.

I don’t want to hear that these players don’t exist, because the world is a pretty huge place and we are supposed to have the best scouting network around. Go out and ask about De Rossi, Arshavin or Chillieni… go and raid Madrid’s subs bench… ask Inter whether they’d let Adriano go and maybe help him reinvigorate his flagging career. I’m not saying those players are the answer… just that their are players out there, because everyone else seems to be finding them.

Wenger should do what he does best… make nearly players world class. Give up on Project youth, it’s a dead duck. Only the best players deserve a chance at Arsenal FC.

One more point I’d like to make… players should be judged on ability, not on their date of birth. Flogging players who have hit 30 is poor management. Would we be in the same situation if Gilberto had stayed this summer? I doubt it. He was still a world class player when you sold him and he would have made a great captain.

Arsene… we’re asking you to return to your old ways, because watching this team collapse in front of our eyes is sickening and if you continue to stubbornly pursue your dream… things will only end in one way. I do not want you sacked, but I do want to see a change in club policies. This can only happen by employing a new CEO. The task shouldn’t take over a year and it shouldn’t be decided by Wenger. He shouldn’t even have a say on it and I hope that is the case. Selecting your own boss is a bit counter productive. We want someone to kick the club on… not agree with everything Emperor Wenger dictates.

I’ll leave you with a Wenger quote.

‘In a big club you have to go through these periods, and how we deal with it will shape our future.’

UEFA Cup football, sub standard players and empty seats were never part of the future… and I hope you are the man to keep it that way.

Happy Sunday Grovers… at least all 4 of our rivals dropped 2 points!

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  1. xeeez

    ok so at the end I would like to say well done to the Arsenal supporters who are always at the grove to support our team. Going away to Manchester this week, you guys rock and make us all proud! I know the team has let us down, but keep the faith and give the boss time till January. Hopefully he knows now that he fucked up big time..let us stay by their side in this tough time and hope that we can turn it around and then go and buy some suitable players in January!

  2. gnarleygeorge9


    You might be right. The Board seem more interested in their financial interests.

    Its time The Board woke up to the fact that the fans, in particular the paying ones, i.e season ticket holders, measure the value of money invested in The Club by the number of trophies won @ the end of the season.

    Afterall, the most important factor for a football club is the “season fixture list”, not the “financial year”.

  3. gnarleygeorge9


    I’m going round & round in circles. One minute I think its Mr wenger; then The Board. Its doing my head in to be honest

  4. ethangunner

    theres a number of reasons why it has to be the board GG

    1. we never spend money on a quality player like nasri until we got the money from hleb .
    2. we got dudu-sagna after TH 16 million was in the bank ..
    3. why would wenger hand a dividend back to the board each season and never spend his transfer kitty !

    4. does a transfer kitty even exist ?

    this is conditioning im sure .. maybe it started with the boards restrictions and now wenger feels he owes it too the players to not re neg on his promises to them ! rather let them crash and burn this season so he can justify selling them …

    i think we have covered all bases and the truth is somewhere in there ..
    it would be nice to know the truth …

    maybe someone should come out and tell us wengers inside dealings ..
    just let it not be cesc or we wont have a captain too choose from πŸ™‚

    maybe gallas can tell us , he has nothing too lose !

    i still feel sorry for the guy ! he is being blamed for this woeful season and personally i dont blame him coming out to defend himself !

    also why would PHW be discussing gallas’s future with wenger after the C.L game if wenger had 100% control of this team ????


  5. gnarleygeorge9

    valid points you make ethan, valid points.

    I do think Cesc would make a great captain. He would then have more influence in who is in & who is out, i.e DM that suites his style.

  6. iceman

    So why is AW going along with all this if it is the board?

    Shouldn’t he (so to speak) put his foot down and say mate your ruining my rep…..unless they’ve bought his loyalty?

    We’re not gonna win shit with Song/Denilson/Bendtner.

  7. iceman

    Not at all!!!!

    I’d do it for 20% of that πŸ˜‰

    So what does that mean….if we actually don’t have any money to spend coz of our miserly board?

    Is he gonna keep buying kids and persisting with wankers & co……… Song/Bendtner etc….

    Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

  8. ethangunner

    hey iceman

    you never can be too sure if it isnt 100% wenger ?
    but what has he got to gain from this experiment ?
    odds on there was always more too lose from this gamble !surely ?

    the selling of the invincibles ALL OF THEM ! must of got the club a small fortune !
    replace them with juniors for next too no money spent ..

    and then give the board a dividend after every transfer window for the past 3-4 years .
    spending FA in the process !
    i can see who is benefiting from his actions .. and it isnt his stature – or the team winning accolades !

    all actions are pointing towards the board ! and making them a small fortune !

    sure youll find a few diamonds in the rough !doing what he’s doing ..
    but youll find a few song’s along the way too !
    and how damaging has it been playing 2nd rate players @ arsenal ?

    and i dont think this is hind sight ! we have been doubting wenger now for 3 years ..
    i just think this season most fans have said enough is enough i cant see were your taking us !?

  9. Seb

    I think Dein probably pushed the board to go with Wenger’s spending plans in the past, but without him they have been too cautious and thrifty to back the manager in truth.

    Maybe Yankee Stan has woken them up a bit and made it clear that money must be spent on the team. We can only hope so…

  10. iceman

    The only way we’ll know is if 31st Jan there’s no new players in then he’s done and we need to get someone else or this transition period will keep going on and maybe we’ll get the new Song by then.

  11. gnarleygeorge9

    I would say that if there are no new signings by 31/01/2009, Le Grove will break the record for comments on 1/02/2009

  12. Seb

    oh god, not another repeat of the summer…. if there is any justice in this world, all our business will be completed on the 1st of January!

  13. xeeez

    Seb don’t expect any signing on the 1st..he will wait for the prices to go down if he is going to get can call it ‘NO PANIC BUYING’ in ARSICTIONARY! πŸ™‚

  14. ethangunner

    its going to be pretty hard to find any clubs wanting to let go of key players ..
    thats the real problem !

    i dont think we will get any player who is worth their salt in jan . why would any club in the world release a GOOD player ( which we must presume it must be too make a difference to us ? )

    appiah if on a free would be good .. but we could of already secured him any time , if he is out of contract ..

    but i cant see any player of any value joining us in jan . Well not for what wenger will want to pay .
    and you will always pay over the odds for someone in the middle window !

    i wont be surprised if wenger gets no one !
    but if that’s the case play ramsey – vela- johan and jack now !
    make it clear that the songs etc. should be worried !
    they should be giving 100% in training !
    for the hope they get another chance too impress wenger .

  15. ethangunner

    the only way we will get someone good next month , is if someone is almost out of contract and wont re-sign with there current club .. and we snap them ..

    99% of the top clubs will have all there key players on long contracts ( like flamini πŸ™‚ ) so i cannot fathom who wenger might get who will make a shred of difference to the rest of our season …

  16. iceman

    Van Buyten’s name has come up…..for Jan too….and he’s a beast of a defender…..

    Also we could trade Gallas for a DM from France (anywhere but England right)….

    Didn’t we sign Theo/Barn door/Diaby in Jan?

    There is hope then…………..

  17. kenny smith

    i cant see wenger not buying in january! he knows fine well we are fucked for the league and the FA cup and champions league are still up for grabs so in reality we could still win a trophy. But not with the players we have… wenger knows this and although he is the most stubborn cunt ive ever seen, there is no way in hell he wont buy in january.

    If rumours are true that he is going to give the captaincy to cesc then cesc’s first words as capatin to wenger should be….BUY A DM IN JANUARY OR YOU CAN STICK YOU CAPTAINCY!!! IM DOING TO MUCK FUCKING DEFENDING TO HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE GAME.

  18. Geoff

    Bang on Kenny, Ethan Theo and Diaby will come good if they’re played in the right position.

    I’ll be back in 2 hours, enjoy today post.

  19. ethangunner


    we might get someone sure , but will it make a difference ?
    i think if he isnt recruited from the EPL the said recruit wont make an impact at all !

  20. ethangunner

    upson rumors wont go away , but other than replace gallas i dont think
    defenders are the real problem …

    a DM and top class striker , even a goalie should be the key issues here

    also gallas will play on tuesday , so i dont think he will leave immediately .
    and if he does leave, it will be just another experienced player leaving us for cash that will
    disappear into the black hole with the rest of the transfer funds from the past .

  21. kenny smith

    Yeah Geoff I think theo and diaby will come good too. But theo is out for a few months and wenger wont play diaby in the right position. I honestly think diaby would be a fantastic DM…. he could also be cover for cesc….. If wenger had any brain he would train diaby for both roles. Diaby is strong and skillful…. Play him in cesc’s postion when cesc is unavailible and play him along side cesc when cesc is availible. But just make sure when he is playing DM he doesnt go wondering upfront all the time. He is already a natural attacking CM so why not train him to be able to do both? Im sure it cant be that hard to train a player to a new position….. wtf else do they do all day in training?

  22. kenny smith

    ethan…. all he needs to do is find someone that is big, strong. The problem with players adapting to the EPL is because its very physical…… you buy a player than can put his weight about and problem solved

  23. kelsey

    have any of you guys read what lee dixon wrote,after he spoke to wenger at the training ground.he said wenger wanted to take the captaincy off gallas in the summer but was SCARED to.what does that show us.

  24. kenny smith

    Also i think our players should be spending more time in the gym trying to bulk themselves up. Sagna, Gallas, Silvestre are fine but clichy may benifit from a few more pounds of muscle. Theo could be a beast. Can you imagine if he built himself up like a 100m sprinter???

    And RVP is a skinny cunt although he is quite strong already

  25. Seb

    Clichy is a LOT bigger than he used to be kenny, and Theo is still only 19, not many people have bulked out at 19 and especially not small skilful striker/winger types. We can’t rely on children for muscle!

  26. kelsey

    another thing the invinsibles if i remember correctly went through the whole season without any major look at us now i don’t recall so many injury prone players.our so called best starting 11 hasn’t existed all season.

  27. Seb

    ethsn I think just about every player at the top level of football is aware of the premiership and the style that is required to compete with the best – high pace, combative, one touch football. We won’t buy another shrinking violet, we have enough of those already – if we are going to spend, it will surely be on a mentally and physically tough specimen, wherever they are from. My money’s on Belgium!