Thanks for your honesty, take your toys, your pram and leave your armband on the side on your way out.

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Let me start by saying I rate Gallas and I like him but enough is enough, so here’s my proposal Arsene.

Gallas shouldn’t resign, he should be sacked as captain because regardless of where he stands, he brought the team into disrepute and that for a captain of Arsenal football club is unforgivable and unacceptable.

You can’t give it to Kolo, regardless of how much he is liked because he’s not really a first choice anymore and he goes to the ACN every two years, so sorry but that’s not good enough.

Don’t give it to Gael because he is French and I think it’s time for a change, so for me it has to be Alexandre Song, he has the lot and he was signed on the basis of exceptional talent.

Of course I’m f**king kidding. Give it to Cesc, it may keep him, it will certainly fire him up, he is great with the press and stops rumours in their tracks, f*ck the age, if he’s good enough, he’s old enough.

Now we’ve done that to death let’s move onto the big game today, jeez, it’s been a long wait, always of course made longer by a defeat, we got beat, there’s nothing we can do so let’s move on and put it right, by now Gallas may have been dropped so I’m going for a team without him, if he plays drop Kolo and put him in his place, so from the back.

Fabianski, as Almunia was shit last time and the time before the time before that, work that one out and you’ll know what’s coming next.

Hoyte Djourou Kolo Clichy

Ramsey Diaby Denilson Nasri


Go for the jugular because this lot will, Robinho will want to show Wenger what he could have had, had he offered him more than 17 shillings and sixpence a week a few years ago, but Real got him instead.

They will not sit back, and I can’t see them mixing it, I think they like to play football, so attack boys, attack.

To finish on Gallas, he has said that if he leaves Arsenal it will be to go back to France, but only to PSG, Bordeaux or Marseilles and who do we know that plays at Marseilles? Spot on, Cana, so why not a little player plus cash deal and now, in January, whilst Gallas is still in his prime? That’s win, win then is it not? we get rid of the awkward issue with Gallas, we get in the animal we all crave, he’s not French and Wenger doesn’t lose face by backing down, and we’ll throw in Alexandre Song as part of the deal as he has exception talent, how can they refuse?

The thing is the minute he takes  away the captaincy is the moment the player can no longer play for us and that’s why he didn’t do it last summer, Gallas has a few years left in him but with the emergence of Djourou and maybe even the improvement of Senderos next season, he can at last afford to let him go, bringing in a Cana or a Velosa gives Wenger options, gives us the much needed steel with lost with Flamini’s departure and gets rid of the disruptive influence in the changing room, whoever is at fault, and I take no sides, something is wrong and something needs to be done.


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  1. bini

    double… i feel the same way… but it doesnt hurt as before because i half expected for us to lose… but as faithfull ever i put money down for us to win….
    wenegr he better spend this jan… otherwise we will see suporters turning their back at the team.. this is not what i wish…. but this must be done in order for him to realise people pay to watch a team that performes, and now they are not performing…..

  2. kelsey

    Man City had lost 7games before today.poor old geoff he hates song and thinks ireland is ugly as shit with a pushed in face.

    i think wenger will wear a dog collar for his next interview.

  3. thevanster

    Pedro. The Gooner Forum Blog is a blog by the members of the Goonner Forum. It allows it’s members to write up their views and it will be posted on the blog.

    It’s true we’ve got a lot of grouchy gits and Atilla, the bloke who started the petition is an extremist. For that matter he’s got an unnerving sense of accuracy. He predicted a 3-0 City win today.

    So, I would like some support from someone a bit more high profile to get my view across. I’m sick of the way people are being split into groups and being told they’re not true fans

  4. Paul88

    Piers morgan may be a cunt but he’s obviously an arsenal fan that’s hurting, Just like we are. I agree with most of the stuff he’s said.

  5. Keyser

    Piers Morgan is a complete and utter cunt, doesn’t really matter how amiable his thoughts are in general he’s a complete and utter cunt, I can’t quite stress that enough not just completely a cunt but a complete and utter cunt.

    .. actually what he’s said makes him even more of a cunt..

  6. Doublegooner

    I warm to P.Morgan, but credit to him on his views, he says what he feels & this from a man who has had some close contact with Wenger & the board.

  7. spurdozer

    Today’s squad is full of boys who would run back to mummy at the first sign of Roy Keane’s snarling shadow emerging into a tunnel. 😀
    This one’s ma favourite line from Piers article.

  8. charybdis1966

    So it seems Gallas was right in his assessment of the tema – a load of overpaid, underachieving prima donnas who don’t give a flying fart how much they’ve dragged our club down by thier disinterested pso-called “performances”.

    And Wenger – great masterstroke your summer transfer activity.

    How’s that working out for you now, you super, super mug.

    But it’s ok, they can take in their £30-£60k a week, climb into their £150k cars and kick back and relax.

    Thaniks a lot you (rich) mugs.

  9. Doublegooner

    If Arsene wants to include CEO as one of his remits, make him full time CEO & bring in Van Basten with DB10 as manager & asst !

    Bit tongue in cheek, but maybe a reality in 12 months.

  10. finestcuts

    I was gutted earlier, I had to do something else and couldn’t watch the game, I was going to download it and watch it. And we lost 3-0, I am glad I did not watch, I would probably be going ballistic like the rest of you. I can’t believe we lost 3-0.
    Why the hell did Song play?!
    Arsenal are going to the dogs, five defeats now, no chance of winning the title, out of the top 4. It’s the end of November and we’re only ahead of Hull by a point,
    by Arsenal standards this is a state of emergency, the plan was not to be happy mid-table. We have to focus on the cups, in summer we were all saying we only need one or 2 players on top of what we already had. We’ve had experienced players leave, we need major surgery.
    We’re not gonna beat Chelsea next week so brace yourselves.

  11. spurdozer

    Denilson was doing a charity today FINEST saying mr. pls take the ball I am fucking lost and don’t know what to do with this sphere thing. I can’t remember if he passed a ball to a guy in red and white. Although BENDTNER gave an assured performance. Assured in that sense that he assured we won’t score. Big balls a cunt. And he lost his first touch in his goirlfriend’s pussy the night before. As for RVP I don’t remember him was he part of the team? Almunia was sleeping tonight. Ramsey looked like a star and a lion when he came on. Ramsey for the armband.

  12. charybdis1966

    Gallas must have konwn how desperate the situation was and felt he had no option but to speak out about how shit we are.

    Just looked at Wengers MOTD interview and he said, as per f**king usual “We lacked maturity”.

    I can’t believe he said that. And he topped it off by saying, “we have great spirit”.

    So loosing game after game engenders a great spirit does it ?

    Yeah right.


    today my friends it has all come home to roost even those dimwitted mummy’s boy AKB’S
    every one on this site in the summer was saying we needed at least three players , and international quality players over 25 ,
    we have just witnessed possibly one of the worst weeks in our clubs history , In this managers reign this is his worst week no doubt ,
    i just cant see us getting anything next week against the chavs,
    Tuesday we mat sneak a win WE NEED SOMETHING POSITIVE,
    NO MATTER WHERE WE FINISH AT THE END OF THE SEASON , the time has come for change the board and wengers youth plan has been blown out of the water ,
    the way he was treated was a disgrace by wenger,THE SUMMERwas the time to act on making the squad stronger ,i’m tired of hearing about last minute failed transfer deals

    wengers and the club’s way of not paying the asking price for players is a disgrace i’m tired of hearing about last minute failed transfer deals ,


  14. spurdozer

    ramy. You are still thinking about the league!!!!!! My MAN URE friends are taunting me by saying ‘WOULD YOU STAY IN THE LEAGUE?’. GOSH

  15. Keyser

    Spurdozer – I couldn’t make out much, I had the worst link ever all it did was keep freezing just before City had an attack then it would unfreeze in time for them to be taking a shot at our goal.

  16. kelsey

    I have re read gallas’s comment and i have to agree with him.maybe how unethical it was,it might just stir a few things up.the team looked totally inept today,and as i said earlier lost like little are no great shakes but as a performance it is clear that there is something drastically wrong within the club and players like denilson,song aand bedntner aren’t even championship class.clichy runs his heart out but is beginning to make mistakes in every game as i feel he needs to attack more than defend.diaby didn’t win a tackle that i can remember though the cameo ramsey appeared in,ouzes with class.can’t even thnk about the next match,wenger has very little time to restore things at least so we can see some passion in the team.

  17. charybdis1966

    GoonerMichael – I thought he would never dare to use that absolute-bollox of an excuse again; it’s f**king shameless !

  18. stevie

    Awful truely awful but surprising? No not surprised at all. We are leaking goals all over the place & now gallas has gone its gona get worse. We are never gona score many when we have Bentner upfront either, simply not good enough

    Wenger have been proven wrong over & over again this season from his gamble yes GAMBLE. it was a gamble to go with my unproven players who some of which i do rate.

    I dont want Wenger to leave in this state I want him to prove to everyone he has got what it takes still but he needs to not be stubborn & admit he was wrong this time.

  19. finestcuts

    Thanks Spurdozer, the scoreline backs up what you said, I am not going to watch the game to see what happened. We beat Manyoo and we got thrashed by Citeh, times are changing, everyone wants a piece of us and we can’t sort this out until January. Time for Wenger to watch some of the invincible videos and remember what he used to call football. It looks like the fall of the Wenger empire, the warning signs were everywhere, and now all we have left is to play the Carling Cup team, I have the feeling that I am not sure where our wins will come from.
    There is absolutely no excuse in January, that we have faith in the team, theat we need to give the young lads experience……if Wenger does no business this transfer window, and I mean major business, he is just sticking his fingers in his ears and saying I’m not listening. If Wenger does not respond by strengthening the team, he is refusing to deal with the problem. I did not believe it would come to this.

  20. treze13

    i come back from time to time spurdozer… back at school with shit loads of coursework to do so can’t get on here as often as i would like 🙁

  21. Wrighty7

    I’ve got a guy who comes on my blog and he went to the game today.

    He is furious because at a Man City corner Vela and Denilson were having a chat and then Denilson looked at the score board, which read 2-0, shrugged his shoulders and laughed.

    Fucking disgrace!

  22. treze13

    Wrighty vela probably said: ” why did the old guy put me on now what can i do with the time left!?!?!”

    Denilson checked the time and simply replied “Arsene knows i guess” *shrugs shoulders*

  23. goonermichael

    Geoff is on the last page as well. At least I intended to come last. lol
    I’m shit and I know I am
    I’m shit and I know I am etc

  24. spurdozer

    Denilson is a disgrace to this club. Wrighty. As for Vela I haven’t seen him not smiling he’s a nice cute little lad

  25. goonermichael

    Vela, Ramsey, Dudu, cesc, jack we have some great players or in the making but they need people to look up to. Gallas was obviously bad choice for captain and we should have outed ade.

  26. Confidentgoner

    folks, I get mad because we did not have to loose this match. If AW had fielded:


    Hoyte JD Sylvestre Clichy

    Wilshire Ramsey Toure Nasri

    Jay RVP

    Subs: Song, Fabianski, Vela, Diaby, bendner

    Whats wrong with Toure playing DM? At least he cannot be as slow as Song!!! Why have bendt in this team? The guy has regressed.

  27. Sion De Freitas

    WOW! If Denilson really did that…….

    He should not be playing. They need to revamp that whole team. Shit, I’d rather Lansbury & Randall played there lmao…..

    At least Lansbury plays with heart, he carries the England U19s by himself lol.

  28. spurdozer

    Okay guys. I have to go. It was gr8 pleasure talking to you guys after seeing red and white shite. See you tomorrow. CIAO

  29. Sion De Freitas

    I don’t know why he persists on playing Denilson (who isn’t that bad really) and Song all the time, when he can play Diaby in the center, or Ramsey. In fact, I’d rather see Lansbury or Randall play there, they’d have showed more bottle. That was the main problem for today, but also, the cracks are starting to show in our main forwards, and I think it may be time to move those forwards on. Ade & Van Persie are far too inconsistent. Bendtner at least has time on his side, but he cannot get away with playing even worse than these two like he has been.

    Also, one of the biggest crimes so far is not blooding Jack Wilshere. I do not care that he is 16, he is good enough to play, and we know he wont always be able to be brilliant at his age, but at least he has the balls to match his incredible ability. He doesn’t need protecting, his name is not Theo lol. I think both he and Ramsey can play, as well as Carlos Vela and even a run out for Jay Simpson. Those kids showed way more heart and team spirit than our first team I’m afraid, and those kids should be rewarded.

    Wenger is talkin about playing a young team, when the real young team should be playing. Wenger, you know what you have to do, play those kids, they will at least play for the shirt.

  30. Joe

    Denilson is worthless, Song is out of his league, and Bendtner is so atrocious that his play literally handicaps anything that the team trys to do out there …. after watching performances like this one it is hard to imagine this team actually winning a game (i know they will, but still), no less the title … i was screaming for Ramsay to come on at halftime, it was obvious the our center midi’s were completely ineffective to everyone but Wenger i guess, the game was begging for Ramsay, and if he was on from the off i guarantee we would have gone forward with more venom … his through ball to the shockingly bad Bendtner was pure class …

    I dont care what anyone says, its crisis mode at the club … no more talking about winning the league, its blasphemous … a top 6 finish is looking like a stretch at this point ….

    and i know we were without cesc ade sagna and kolo, but besides for ade and sagna, both others have been shite this season. seriously tho, the effort hasnt been there from cesc and hes been turning the ball over in the middle of the park all season …

    bad times ahead

  31. Jel


  32. charybdis1966

    Hey, I wonder if Cesc flew over to Spain to check out his new locker at the Nou Camp ? He’s had a week or so off from playting for us so why not ?

  33. Jel

    hes been at arsenal since the start of the season hasnt he…are u saying hes tired hes only played 2 or 3 games? come on..he had to play today hes class

  34. avenell

    Should Ramsey haved saved up those rest days and squeezed them in between thursday and saturday.

    Paula Radcliffe is class, but she doesn’t run a marathon every day..

  35. bini

    joe …. denilson was worthless because he does not understand his position any more … i couldnt understand why song was stuck next to him…. and remeber the man-u game was our best player…..

  36. Jel

    2 games in a week is too much 4 a 17 year old now… like i said b4 the boy is good enough i really rate him & he should play

  37. avenell

    It’s not 2 games in a week. It’s 2 games in 4 days…
    I’m not trying to patronise you, I’m telling you why Wenger didn’t start him.

  38. London

    Ramsey is going to be a giant in our midfield but as I am sure you noticed in the Wales game he was exhaused after an hour and the idea that he could have saved the game today is IMHO wishful thinking.

  39. Jel

    no offence but ur argument makes no sense…bendtner & van persie started didnt they?? he made hes debut 4 wales hes gotta be on a high 17 full of energy i cant think of a better time to play him.. i was so pissed off with wenger putting song in front of him

  40. gnarleygeorge9

    How does Mr Wenger come back from this. We know/he has stated, he won’t spend. We have too many injued players. In the real world you get 4-6 weeks sick leave with pay. At Arsenal you get 4-6 years sick leave with the equivalent of a salary per week.

    You can get yourself all fired up about if he played Ramsay, or vela, etc, of Kolo as a DM, or JD20 @ CB, but he plays song & bendtner & denilson.

    I’ve had enough of trying to fathom what is going on.
    The Club is a shambles.

    And so what if we beat Kiev this week. Wenger will say after, “i believe in these players”, & give song & denilson & bendtner more games in positions they are out of their depth.

  41. Jel

    london.. he was exhausted after an hour??? i think i must of being watching the england game then….if thats true thats a bit worrying…???

  42. avenell

    Bendtner started as we really have no choice, RVP is older.
    They are both Strikers and not all action midfielders..
    If Wales had of played Tuesday and we played tomorrow. I’m sure Wenger may of started Ramsey.
    Don’t worry about the nobhead! 🙂

  43. gnarleygeorge9

    Song, Denilson & Bendtner

    You put Yoko Ono in there & you have the 4 most irritating people born in the 20th Century.

  44. Confidentgoner

    Pele played for Brazil and won the world cup at 17. lets stop this talk about playing 2 games in a week. If he is the best material you’ve got, why not?

  45. avenell

    This isn’t exactly accurate but from what I have read on here any knowing the rough age group, I would say that most of the over thirties want Wenger to have time to put this right.
    And the under thirties want Wenger out.. I may be wrong ….

  46. London

    Wenger’s gamble was that either Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson, Song or Bischoff would take on Flamini’s role: someone to play alongside Fabregas. It was not a bad gamble but it has failed and unless Rosicky is definitely going to return then the only solution is to spend real money on someone that has proven track record and can hit the ground running.

  47. avenell

    That was in1958.. All footballers used to smoke then and drink beer… The game may have moved on a bit!
    And it’s not 2 games in a week.. 2 in 4 days…

  48. Jel

    gnarley george ive defended and supported arsenal all my life…but something aint right beginning to think ur right & the club is in a shambles & it hurts mate…after all the business with gallas i fully expected us to win today u could always rely on arsenal to to do that bounce back etc…ive not seen the game yet but 3-0 to man city?? its not looking good

  49. patthegooner

    No I am mid 30’s Avenell and I am in the Wenger out camp.

    If I honestly thought for one minute he would do the right thing in Jan then I would give him the season, but he has got my hopes up one too many times in the transfer window when it was obvious to all we lacked class and numbers.

    I love what Wenger has done for us, but I am in the mindset that we will struggle to win one of the big two (CL or PL) whilst he keeps this policy going.

  50. Zorr0

    This is the lowest point of AWs 12 years without a doubt, but I think asking for his head is a bit previous! On the other hand I would not like to see him going down the Cloughie route. He is a legend in Nottingham but the sight of his red cheeks when he took them down from the prem was a very sad sight for football fans. I would hate to see AW spoil all he has done for our club by losing ALL the fans now.

    The other point is, who would you really suggest could do any better at the moment? I am not sure there are many who could to be honest and throwing money (and lets be honest 30 mill don’t buy you much nowadays) at the problem is no guarantee that we will be any better off.

  51. Confidentgoner


    Didn’t realise Toure was injured.


    AW has always known that Dennilson and Song don’t combine well in midfield. At least the young gunners have the skill and hunger. Why not use them in places they have shown promise. I know the team is lightweight, but people see poor selection regularly from AW and they start to wonder.

    Key qusetions:

    In view of past performance will you field Bendt?
    Who was our creative player before Ramsey came?


    i never ever want to see that league 1 player bendtner in an arsenal shirt ever again……he can fuck off and take his dodgy hair cut wid him

  53. Rob From Aus

    I actually feel real sorry for Ramsey, he picked this club thinking it had ambition and character, all its had sinced his arrival, is kids with big heads & big egos’ who get paid wayyyy to much cash for doing fuck all. As for the senile AW who is the only person who thinks ther ISNT a problem, is already playing down the loss. Stating on that the team had good focus and we were unlucky to concede those goals etc etc. I watched that game with great disgust i mite add, and all i saw was a team who could string more than 2 passes together and didnt get a shot away until the 33min due to a free kick which the player with unbelieveable skill SONG! Kidding) fucking up the rebound. Yet why wont he buy in the jan transfer window? Becasue he would have to admit he is wrong and second guess the Youngsters. All people are wrong at some stage, its the greats who can admit it then try and fix it, they are the people who are set apart from the rest. So AW will never be one of those. Also i wont accept the whole we had 9 players out excuse, it not everyone elses fault that we dont have adequate depth in the squad. So what now? i say hurry up Jan transfer window, and if he doesnt reinforce this feeble squad, ill forsee us becoming more of the already laugh stock of the premier league.
    May God be with us……………………….

  54. Confidentgoner


    Good point, but don’t take AW’s press conference too seriously. He is adept at making political statements for the press boys. They now look predictable. You surely don’t expect him to publicly slam his baby experiment, do ya?

  55. shawn

    We need news signings and fast.

    My feeling is that the following players should not be part of the mainstream squad, and should only be sparingly used:

    Bendtner, Denilson, Song, Almunia, Silvestre

    Players that should go:

    Gallas, Rosicky, Eboue

    Players that should be signed:

    Alonso, Buffon, Upson, Barry, Reo-Coker and Roque.

  56. patthegooner

    Wengers words actually really pissed me off today, I know he wants to try and defend his team but he has just made himself look an arse today and it is disrespectful to us and to Mark Hughes and Man City as they battered us. The media, fans and players are not stupid. I can only hope he gave them a rollicking behind closed doors (again) although more likely there was some more shit deflecting spin about understanding due to the Gallas situation.

    To say we were unlucky to concede those goals. I am not sure what game he was watching from the dugout (Maybe he had the Hull game on a live feed) but the one i was watching told me we were lucky it was only 3.

  57. Rob From Aus

    No not at all Confidentgoner,because like i said that would be admiting your wrong, which i mite add people like Martin O’niell, Fergie and even the totally non-understandable Scolari can do. Im not asking for his head, its just he admits in a round about way that we lack “Maturity” to finish games off, make right choices etc. Yet last time i was looking up definitions that M word is very close to Experience?! so he contradicts himself then defends the youngins then says they lack the M word again? he should be in politics, putting twists on everything to make the vulgar crowd happy…..However we arnt happy, and we want accountability.. So that is admitting the Youth Policy is nothing short of blind and fruitless ambition.

  58. raif

    hello grovers

    im back and reflecting on todays game and past few games and weeks. i am actully laughing my arse off Bcos whats going on now is a comedy act over at the Emi-RATS.

    i cant wait for the next tummy tickling antics 😀

  59. patthegooner

    Its the persistence that really fucking annoys me, in that you just know that although it is not working he will try and bore us into submission. You just know Song will get another game next week…It is a fucking shambles,

    I harp on about the Invincibles but we should have moved on from there, I know players were reaching retirement and the tail end of careers, but the whole transistion from where we were to where we are has been a complete failure. We should have replaced like for like each summer as those players moved on. I just wonder how much it will cost to put it right now.

  60. Paulinho

    Gallas claims his breakdown after last season’s 2-2 draw at Birmingham was justified because the result opened the door for Manchester United to surge ahead in the title race.

    He said: “A few months after that match, I had a talk with one of United’s players.

    “He told me: ‘William, when you drew at Birmingham, our manager got up and said: Lads, the door is still open and we are going to be champions. We are going to come back at them.’

    “That said a lot. It was exactly what I felt the day I blew my top on the pitch.”

    Gallas was all the more disgusted because he had sensed Arsenal’s kids had started to take things easy in preceding games. He explains: “I had the feeling my young ones, confident in the power of our game, were getting less and less involved.

    “They were so convinced of winning the title they were beginning to relax. I made efforts to explain they must never lower their guard.

    “How could I transmit this determination to maintain direction to the end?”

    Gallas accuses his team of failing to handle the shock of seeing striker Eduardo da Silva’s shattered ankle early in that fateful encounter.

    He adds: “They were no doubt too young to withstand the pressure. They couldn’t get a grip on themselves. I felt they had trouble holding the road.

    “For me, everything collapsed with that penalty. This was the beginning of the end. That failure said a lot about the state of mind of our troops. I ran across the pitch like a madman, kicked an advertising board and sat down crying in the centre of the pitch.

    “Was it a good attitude for a player? No. Was it a good reaction for a captain? No. My attitude was stupid. In hindsight I should have had more restraint. I was carried away by my passion.

    “I’d like someone to understand. Not for me to be forgiven, but to be understood.”

  61. charybdis1966

    Raif/Pathe – we have to laugh, it’s the last option we have in the face of this carry on style farce.

    The Chavs ? We’ll go one up , coast a bit, hang on till 60 minutes, start show boating and let in 3 late goals,

    then Wenger can say “we lacked maturity to close down the game…blah, blah,.. we were unlucky to concede..blah, blah blah” 🙁

  62. Seb

    pat I know what you mean, there is a time for talking, and there is a time for saying nothing. Wenger needs to learn that when it’s all falling apart you either have to hold your hands up or say nothing. He has made a mistake in maintaining the same level of expectancy in the fans whilst not investing in the same quality of player. You can’t measure commitment on the training ground, you can only see that when you’re up against another team. That is where his faith is misplaced imo.

    There is a reason why players are generally said to be at their peak at the age of around 27, it’s because they are physically and mentally mature and have usually amassed a decade’s experience in the game by then. Expecting a team consisting of 17yos or 19yos to be able to perform at a consistently high level was always a fools errand. I hope he realises that soon.

  63. raif

    did anyone see the wenger Interview on BBC sports?

    the part that really pissed me off was,

    2:02 Sec – Wenger “WHY SHOULD WE MAKE STATMENTS”
    basicly his saying Fuck the Fans

    Piss off Wenger. what a way to disrespect ur Fans. shocking just shocking.

    that means we wont be hearing nothing from arsenal about anything

  64. patthegooner

    These are the fixtures until he can do something about it

    Chelsea A
    Wigan H
    Boro A
    Liverpool H
    Villa A
    Portsmouth H

    Wheras before I would look at that and think we are capable of winning all of those, I now fear that we are capable of losing all of them. We need to stop the rot and fast.

    What also concerns me is that we will be hanging on till deadline day to see some action when really the work should be being done now and those players need to come in on Jan the 1st,

    I am not usually a fan of bringing in players in Jan, but these are desperate times.

  65. Confidentgoner


    That was from the heart. Gallas talks from the heart and I love that. His game also faltered this year. Beaten at headers and one and one. I hope he is honest about his own level? Goodnite!

  66. patthegooner

    I know Raif, I know that Arsenal dont have to tell us anything, but that was the kind of moment where his PR skills are sadly lacking.

    He could have said, we are dealing with the matter internally and we will make an announcment in due course. I don’t think he realises the disharmony it causes amongst Gooners. i can remember who it was but someone posted earlier that Gooners were almost fighting amongst themselves today at the game……

  67. raif


    yeah mate it was lacking big time. what he said in the interviews clearly sais things are not right at arsenal and he has a cheek to say we have good spirit?

    reailty check mr wenger the spirit was left were it was at the Emi-RATS after the Man Utd Game.

    as for the fighting gooners at the game, i dont blame them.
    we’re all frustrated to hell and not getting any answers in the slightest from our club.

    i really do feel the fans at the next game and for the rest needs to turn there backs in protest, we need to make our voices be heard, and let them know how we feel as this cant go on.

  68. avenell

    Raif may I suggest if you want to protest…

    Get a group of guys(gals) go down to Underhill and proteast at a reserve game..
    You will have 2 hours on Arsenal TV live to make yorselves heard and Arsene attends the games too and even if he doesn’t he watches the DVD.

  69. raif

    and come to think about it. i know in my heart that wont happen as more then half of the Eni-Rats is full of AKB’s.

    it must be somthing along the lines to every 1 AKFA (Check Avatar) to 3 AKB’s
    with signs saying “IN ARSENE WE TRUST”

    the thought makes me sick

  70. raif


    good point man. i would really like to and also call on the Le-Grove faithfull to join me. but to be honest i just dont have the time.. 🙁

  71. Paulie

    Avnell, i cant afford to change my car every 6 months or i would. Also ive supported Arsenal over 30 years and not since christmas. Im over 38 and id also like to see Wenger gone. Hes had enough time in my opinion and you know full well he wont buy whats needed in january. This team makes me want to cry every time I see them. They are a disgrace and ultimately Wengers to blame. How long would you give him if things continue as they are, people have been making excuses for him for 4 years now, in all fairness without resorting to attacking my opinion, how long more are you willing to wait, this team is not now or never will be good enough.

  72. raif



    i dont blame u mate. im sure he would try to convert her Tea making skills into somthing like seting up a new computer.

    then hand her a List saying.

    – “displaying a positive attitude in and out of the house”

    – “you making the right decisions for the team”

    – “having “an unshakable belief that we can achieve our target”

    – “grounded and humble as a wife and a person”

    – “when we play away from home, believe in our identity and play the games we love to play at home”

  73. alex

    I help coach the soccer team at my school– The Head coach always says ” good teams dominate the teams they SHOULD dominate.”

    We raped them with possesion but once again, there is no one who wants to pull the trigger and send it home.

    i’d say my usual “dissapointing” or even my ocassional “utterly dissapointing”

    but lads, I am down right pissed.

    It is time for a massive clear out of personnel, whether we have transfer money or not, we MUST stay top 4, because with out the money from the champions league, we are bound for mediocracy.

  74. ethangunner

    he can have my x – wife she was a liar anyhow .
    in fact she would fit in well with the current management !

  75. ethangunner


    We raped them with possession but once again, there is no one who wants to pull the trigger and send it home.

    its been the same since th14 left .. in fact even the last year TH14 was still here he really wasnt HERE , at least not on the pitch anyhow .. we haven’t had a real quality striker since 2005 !

    its about time we reclaim our title and hunt for the best of the best in the strike department ..
    we used to own the best striker in the world !

    and db10 who was one of the best play makers in the world !
    that is what it will take to regain the glory days again ..

    most people are happy with ade and RVP .. bend’s etc …

    if you look at it from my perspective , its no wonder we are in the shit ..

    goals win matches ! not excuses !

  76. mwt

    ethan its easy to criticise our strikers but its not entirely their fault…The midfield are just not creating anything. The only mid that gave decent ball was ramsey when he came on. I think he was the only one that could pass a ball that split the defense.

    Th14 was so good because of the service he got from db10 pires and co.

    Rosicky is the player we need badly, a player to provide the final ball.

    It could be our way of playing is flawed with these players. Past teams (with th14 for example) were quick to attack thus not allowing the opposition to camp 10 men behind the ball. We need to stop all the passing back and sideways and look to go forward. Look at some of the goals holland had at euro2008: Quick, efficient and ruthless. They reminded me of the old arsenal attacking style. I can remember so many times at highbury when lehman or seaman would realese the ball then within 2 or 3 passes, TH14 or bobby finished it in the back of the net

  77. gnarleygeorge9

    I feel so disallusioned with The Club, not the fans, because the manager is so pig headed/stubborn.

    Why does he continue to believe that song, denilson & nicky b are good. In a brave new world Ramsay would start not bloody song. When all was going pearshaped, he left the problems in mid field & shuffled others.

    How many times did the mid field turn the ball over in the 2nd half in particular, but obviously Wenger reckons its not denilson & songs fault. And when he decided to bring on Vela, he puts him out wide & leaves little nicky 👿 on.

    I’m fucked if I know whats going on, apart from the fact that The Club is losing more & more, (I can see that) but people still love The Manager.

  78. gnarleygeorge9

    If Wenger does not buy in January AKB’s your tenure/our tenure as a top 4 side is over.

    Wenger must either buy, or go.

    I’d bring in Roy Keane for fucks sake. I’m serious. he has done his apprenticeship as a manager. With money behind him he would add steel back into this Club.

    Arsenal is a politically correct shadow of its former self. The Board, from all accounts, have no idea about putting a hard edged team on the field. All they appear to care about is the value of their respective shares, so who is going to save us. Roy could.

    Crisis!!!!!! AKB’s you had better believe it 👿

  79. London

    Gnarley. I am a bit of a soul fan myself but even I would take Rose Tattoo over that dreary, drab, annoying Wonder of you.

  80. gnarleygeorge9


    Good to read you. I was starting to wonder if i was driving miss daisy, 😳 I mean driving people crazy

  81. Richaldo the Gooner

    Just woke up and thought I’d watch match of the day again…… I just couldn’t believe it…

    I’m going back to sleep……

    Bring back boring boring Arsenal. My kingdom for a dour one nil victory.

    Rich severely missing the noisy North Bank : (