One in, but would you boot the other one out?

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Morning Grovers!

A couple of interesting stories in the press today.

Firstly, let’s tackle the William Gallas story.

I for on have mixed feelings on it because there was some bad…

“When, as captain, some players come up to you and talk to you about a player … complaining about him … and then during the match you speak to this player and the player in question insults us, there comes a time where we can no longer comprehend how this can happen. I am trying to defend myself a bit without giving names. Otherwise I’m taking it all [the blame]. It’s very frustrating. I’m 31, the player is six years younger than me.”

Some obvious…

“I have to win something this year. I have to. Arsenal have to. It’s nearly four years since we won anything and that’s not good.

“Another season without winning anything would be a kind of failure. But for me, the title is not over. It’s true that we are nine points behind Chelsea, but you have to be optimistic. You can’t give up.

and some optimism…

“Four defeats is a lot but it’s a long season. I think it will be very tight this year and we will have to hope that Chelsea draw a few and lose a few. We will have to see if I will stay if we don’t win the title. We don’t know what will happen between here and then.”

When you read the whole interview from start to finish, it doesn’t come across quite as poorly as it does when you focus on the snippets.

You can kind of understand the reasoning behind the interview. Gallas seems to get the blame for everything that goes wrong with the club… he is merely defending himself. If Wenger had purchased like we’d hoped he would in the summer, we wouldn’t be facing these problems right now. Even the great PV04 upped sticks after a couple of seasons of ‘Project Youth’… as did Thierry. All three captains are/were regarded as World Class and all three have had troubles with Wenger’s recruitment policies.

It’s not good to hear your Captain slagging off the players and the club… but at the same time, it’s exactly what the fans have been doing. It’s reassuring in a weird way to know that the players are feeling the same. At least there is a passion to get things right.

When do you stop blaming the Captain’s and start blaming the manager? In my opinion, too much emphasis is placed on the role of a Captain. A great captain does not make average players better. Do you think John Terry would have been in the Champions League final last year had he been playing with Arsenal’s current crop? You are only as good as the players who are around you… bear that in mind before sticking the knife in.

Anyway, lets hope all this malarkey motivates the players to kick on from here… Starting with City tomorrow. That will be a tough game, but I am confident a sterling performance will go some way to kick starting our season for the 4th time this year

In an interesting snippet, Van Buyten has thrown his hat into the ring if Gallas wishes wants to leave. Finally, a decent defender willing to join the team!

In other news, it appears the wait for a new CEO maybe nearing an end. We’ve identified Ivan Gazidis, the deputy commissioner from the MLS as our new target. I have no idea what he is going to do for Arsenal as a club, but something tells me Stan the man has his grubby little hands all over this signing. As far as I can see, he has no experience in European football… but he has ideas… and big ones at that. Read here for further info on what he has done for the American league

Happy Friday… bring on the jokes!

P.S. William Gallas has a new book out tomorrow, it’s £9.99 at all good stockists. Read more revelations here!

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  1. gnarleygeorge9

    Olympics. I’ll give you that, we had our worst olympics in 20 years & England, scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland had their best in 20 years, & we won one less medal. Damn!!!!

  2. goonermichael

    I was thinking about the world cup gnarly ( the only rugby match I’ve ever watched. Didn’t have a clue what was going on)

  3. ReVELAtion

    bergkamp i highly doubt that in what must surely be a must win game to the players and manager reeling from a week of bad results and turmoil… If he (Gallas) got left out, Arsene’s cheeky vein on the right side of his forhead might have just throbbed a little…

  4. patthegooner

    You are totally missing my point Avenell.

    We have the money to invest in the playing staff and we are not doing it and I can see no logical reason why we are not doing it. I am not asking for 150m to spent in Jan. I am asking for the players that should have come in the Summer. We are gambling and we dont need to.

    Bergkamp the club should release a statement telling us the TRUTH. If this is all Bullshit they should come out in support of Gallas, if it is true they should confirm it.

  5. bergkamp

    pat if we spend 60 mill on players an chelsea spot us an go an spend 120 mill your still gonna question the investment aint you?

  6. Keyser

    PattheGooner – You see no logical reason ? Come on, we’re not gambling we’re doing the opposite we’re holding onto money that should be spent on the right players not punts on players just because we seem to think there is a shortage.

    Everyone has a different opinion on what is missing, some say a striker, a goalie, a midfielder, a winger, we can’t afford to fuck around by buying just anyone in.

    How can you look at the Carling Cup team and albeit not completely ready think that there is no future for any of them, we used to give players seasons to get it right and prepare themselves for the premiership and now we’re not ready to give them weeks.

    Times have changed I’m glad we’re not taking the reckless all or nothing route and are building steadily.

  7. avenell

    Pat.. I do get your point … I sit on the fence and I see both sides.

    I am defending Wenger because some gentleman from Poland wants him sacked and I have seen the progress Arsenal have made in the last 12 years in terms of world football and even in this country when we were equals of the Spuds etc.
    and I want to win things…

    But not for 1 year but for the long term….

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    2.00am start here on Fox the man city v arsenal game. I will get up to watch it. Especially with Big Johan in.

  9. avenell

    We have the formula 1 world champion in this country and the team that built the car..

    The only thing I care about is Lewis is a Gooner!! 🙂

  10. Paulinho


    KP might regret playing the sanford million. It has messed up their momentum!

    Is that new spinner still getting one wicket every 100 runs? 😉

  11. bergkamp

    if you believe wenger doesnt want to win things your crazy,wenger knows the financial situation right now and he is not willing to gamble the clubs future on a few signings just for a trophy or two,he is a top manager doin something fergie wouldnt do or rafa or mourinho couldnt do,an he is doing it for the longterm future of arsenal,the greater good,if he was thinking of his own cv he would be out with the cheaque book buyin anyone

  12. goonermichael

    None of this is about the clubs finances. It is about Wenger’s desire to beat the chavs and mancs without “buying” the league. He is on a personal crusade. He almost pulled it off last year but that may have been the closest he comes I’m afraid. I always thought he could do it until recently.

  13. patthegooner

    No of course not Bergkamp, we all know that they spend as much as they want

    But the moment we are not spending so they cant spend double it.

    I could not give a shit how much any other club spends. I just want us to move forwards within our means instead of Wenger on some boner ego trip. He should be a CFO if his only drive is on the finance sheet

  14. gnarleygeorge9

    For the long term, I reckon Gallas should just go in january; The Club bite the bullet & use Johan, develop him. Maybe Big Phillipe might come back & partner Johan.

  15. goonermichael

    talking of money. it will be interesting what the man city effect has on abramovich because big spending stops working when a bigger player comes along.

  16. bergkamp

    we have moved forward within our means,we chose to invest in the longterm future by building a stadium which will allow us to compete longterm eventually instead of competin short term in the team an going into administration when the team fail to win something pat

  17. patthegooner

    What is inside the club is clear…..If it was that clear Gallas would not have said those things in the first place and his comments are borne out of the turmoil and finger pointing from all around him

    I actually feel for the guy, I think he has be hung drawn and quatered.

  18. bergkamp

    well abramovish is only worth 3 billion pound now coz of the credit crunch,so will he want to pump another 500 mill into chelsea or will he ask for his other 500 mill back? thats the question

  19. bergkamp

    things could be better,but iv seen things a whole lot worse,iv seen empty seats in a small stadium,iv seen us sittin close to the bottom 3 and our manager sayin a coke head will save us when he is released from rehab,iv seen many things pat

  20. bergkamp

    lol villa would actually cost 55 million,its a risk,when you buy a 25 million pound player you sign into a contract that guarantees him probably 6 mill a year,so for 5 years thats ermmm a total 55 mill pat,you should think about things before you talk

  21. Keyser

    PattheGooner – We supposedly had about 30 million to spend on a player or two, spending 25 million on Villa would get us how far ?!

    It’s just not that simple anymore, what reason would Alonson have to leave or Yaya who turned us down, you either bid completely above the odds or the player wants to move to you in the first place.

  22. patthegooner

    So I have I Bergkamp, been though all of that.

    I just think the club is not being run correctly and we could easily operate within our means and get the right players to embarras the wealth of Chavski.

    That is my frustration we are close but it is like we have a limiter installed somewhere that wont let us take the final ladder

  23. bergkamp

    dont forget 25 million pound footballers earn major wages,they dont turn up an play week in week out for a can of coke

  24. bergkamp

    wenger has a wage budget,and a limit on his spending,so ermmmm forget villa he probably couldnt even afford diego forlan

  25. avenell

    Pat ……Fizman has £150 million tied up in Arsenal why do you think he and other shareholders run Arsenal like thye do???

  26. bergkamp

    so you sign david villa for a total NET 55 mill,then cesc needs a new deal an he says ok i know,il have what villa has,then bang oh no we need a top centre half,an he wants top wages,before you know it thats 100 mill pat,and we gotta pay the stadium repayment, we will end up like leeds securing loans against ticket sale,then when we cant pay the wages we have to beg teams to take david villa off our hands for nothing as long as they pay his wages

  27. patthegooner

    Lets just bank that 30m every season. why spend it when we can pluck another inconsistent kid out of the reserves and wipe him out by playing him every week.

    You dont think someone like David Villa would make a difference?

    And every player has a release clause, does not mean you have to pay that much. And I am sure Villa would be on around 100k a week but we are about to offer RVP 20k less than that and he is still to consistently deliver. lets fucking sell RVP and Get Villa

    Either way my point was there is money to invest in the squad and it fucking angers me that we dont invest.

  28. bergkamp

    teams are gonna come seriously unstuck,no one spends personal money on football,these are loans,abramovich could ask for his 500 mill tommorow,chelsea would dissapear faster than a cake in a room of fat people

  29. patthegooner

    And you wont have to worry about cesc as unless we start matching these players ambitions, they wont be around to earn those contracts

  30. bergkamp

    wherever things go wrong gallas can be heard blaming everyone, the truth about gallas is he could have left in the summer,wenger convinced him to stay,things havent gone great an now gallas is engineering his move coz he made the worng decision

  31. patthegooner

    I could not give a shit about Chelsea but he knows himself, the majority of that cash is a right off, he has not made his fortune by being a del boy trotter.

    He knows he will never make a profit out of Chelsea, it is a rich mans toy. He will more likely just walk away at some point.

  32. bergkamp

    pat cesc can go to barca and fulfil his ambitions?? maybe he can,just like henry,just like viera left arsenal to fulfil his ambition of playin in a CL final,just like overmars and petit , arsenal was there before cesc an it will be there after, i remember when alan smith retired and bergkamp came along, i remember when cesc came into the team an ashley cole decided to leave because he felt arsenal had no ambition showin faith in a kid

  33. Keyser

    PatheGooner – So it’s just about making a dfference now not winning trophies or ending the season with silverware ? Or are you saying David Villa is THE difference between us winning and not winning something.

    If you just want some new players to come in, why wouldn’t you trust Wenger to find the players to make those differences.

    How can you not look at Vela, Wilshire, Ramsey, Coquelin and think these players couldn’t make that difference.

    Villa is no Henry, he needs a team behind him, his release clause is probably 100 million, we need a settled team and one with less inconsistentcies before we think about anything else.

    Van Persie hasn’t signed a contract and Villa will want more than he is getting now or he would’ve left already, our highest paid player is Gallas, do we change everything to accomadate one player ?!

  34. bergkamp

    pat your wrong,abramovich can take that money back from chelsea at any momet,he went from being worth nearly 20 bill to 3 mill in the space between now an the start of the credit crunch,500 mill is not chump change to rom any more,he owned a hockey team an sent them into admin the exact same way by askin for his money back

  35. avenell

    Liverpool need to find £200 mill before January or they are skint and the banks call the money in..

    Chelsea have laid off the scouting systaem and they want to charge for the chips at the training ground.

    Man U owe £700 million and it is tied up in uncontrollable hedge funds.

    We need to be patient we will come out on top, we mustn’t chuck our toys out because of a couple of years without a bit of silver which to me means I can say to my Spud mates we have won something.

  36. bergkamp

    these businessmen love one thing,and thats money, red rom showed interest in arsenal before chelsea,he backed down because of the costs of the stadium project,but it wouldnt have been a bad investment,a profitable club,look at chelsea abramovich has to write a cheaque for 60 mill a year to cover the rest of the wage bill coz ticket sales wont

  37. patthegooner

    How can he take the money at any moment? it is not available, the funds are all tied up in players and the Stadium and Hotel Complex, so to make his money back, he would need to sell them and that would not happen over night.

    Dont get me wrong I fully expect the Chavski Bubble to burst, but I think it is more likely that they will find themselves in a position where they cant pay the wages.

    Keyser, Why wouldn’t I trust Wenger to find the right players? because he seems to have lost his knack to do so.

    Could David Villa be the difference between us winning us something or not, maybe but not by not replacing the players that left in the last few years has been the difference between us CHALLENGING or as it has turned out not.

  38. bergkamp

    he could sell the training ground pat,he could make the club sell all its players and its stadium,chelsea could be nothing more than a badge if rom wants his investment back

  39. avenell

    If Abramovich walks away from his £500 million pound debt Chelsea will still fall because they cannot pay there overheads and would have to sell there assets like Leeds Utd..

  40. patthegooner

    Liverpool will be ok, DIC are just biding their time and will get the club at the price they are willing to pay. The likes of Man Ure and Liverpool will always have the world standing to attract wealthy enough investors or sugar daddies.

    Likewise Man Ure will always sell out. they have the success and player draw to bring the crowds in.

  41. bergkamp

    david villa wouldnt be the difference,the 30 mill we could spend on villa would be better spent on a proper centre half

  42. patthegooner

    And that is what I think will eventually happen Avenell. I dont think Chelsea are a big enough attraction world wide, despite recent success their fan base is still lower than the Spuds

  43. bergkamp

    man ure have to make a payment every 10 years, when fergie retires they might stop winning,will they trust another manager to keep mounting debts higher and higher?

  44. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Lost the knack, we came third last year with a squad that cost a fraction of the two teams that finished above us, he hasn’t lost the knack we’re just asking him to perform complete miracles, all this has shown is he is human.

    Football’s changed you can’t scout players from Milan’s B-team and turn them into World beaters, you have to get them a lot earlier like Clichy or Coquelin from second Division french clubs.

    Vela from Mexico, tapping into African or American markets where there isn’t the same sort of transparency.

    Villa is a good player he will score goals but we need a team behind him and it’s just that bit harder to grow and keep hold of a team but I’d trust Wenger to find a way.

  45. bergkamp

    half of chelseas fans went off an supported man city for a couple weeks,they returned to chelsea when the robinho novelty wore off but they will return to city if they spend big

  46. bergkamp

    them guys who bought man united loaned the whole amount,they dont even have the money to pay the banks back so they are gonna use the turn over of man united

  47. patthegooner

    I just think that if you put Man Ure up for sale tomorrow, even in the credit crunch there would be takers…..

    Keyser it has been fun bloggin with you but the proof is in the pudding, we are in a ground hog season where we are full of players that will deliver in two years time and it is not working. We will probably be on here in two years time having the same debate.

  48. bergkamp

    liverpools new stadium is frozen at the moment,all the tools have been put down because they cant raise the first 20 mill to pay for the steel,so just maybe u will see a few players headed for the exit,or maybe one valuable player

  49. bergkamp

    well its the council in manchester,i guess the arabs can buy it,but i thought they would have by now,seen as 100 million for the stadium is less than what they would spend on a player

  50. patthegooner

    You wont Bergkamp, DIC will buy Liverpool and the stadium will be built. The Yanks will have to cut their losses. I dont see any major players leaving, but you may see the fringe players like Pennant and hopefully Alonso go in Jan if it is not done by then

  51. bergkamp

    dic wont buy liverpool,why buy into a non profitable organisation when the arabs up the road can blow u out the water every time the transfer window opens,so add no profit to no glory,billionaires will not be interested in football now unless they can challege the abou diaby group financially

  52. patthegooner

    They are not doing it for profit Bergkamp,

    These guys already have a mass money making tree. Liverpool and Football is a passion for them and they will want the challenge of outdoing each other.

    DIC will buy Liverpool.

  53. bergkamp

    damn im falling asleep,well all i know is i want arsenal to be succesful for hundreds of years after im gone and dead,an hopefully that aint for a while yet,so i hope our plan is a long term plan an starts to become effective soon

  54. bergkamp

    i think dic would struggle to mess with rom,they are haggling with two broke americans, they will be scared of what man citys owners might do

  55. bergkamp

    clubs should operate withing their own means,all this sugar daddy business is lame to me,i dont see any glory in anything chelsea have won

  56. bergkamp

    oh dear just read another article on gallas ,he sounds like an old war veteran,a young player in the france squad told him dont raise his voice at him and willy told him respect his elders, a 20 year old,either nasri or benzema

    “Faced with his contempt, I raised my voice. The young player said: ‘Lower your voice, speak less loudly’.

    “I replied: ‘How are you speaking to me? Who do you think you are? You are only 20 years old. I am not your friend.

    “He said: ‘Me neither, I am not your friend’.”

  57. avenell

    Bergkamp I didn’t agree with a few things you said earlier but for the last few hours you have talked nothing but sense.. Hope to talk to you soon goodnite mate!!

  58. bergkamp

    gallas needs to act his age,he deserves no respect,he was a bench warmer when chelsea were winning stuff and you would think he was the main man the way he talks, his book wont sell any where near perry groves

  59. bergkamp

    avanell have a good weekend ,hopefully by sunday we will even be watching match of the day 2 to catch another glimpse of the wenger boys

  60. ethangunner


    is this a personal vendetta ? V’s gallas ?
    your starting to sound like me V ade .. only difference is gallas at least is semi decent !
    and currently working well with silvestre .
    He is just talking publically now because he is captain ..
    Because the fans need answers ..
    because he isn’t going to be responsible entirely for the teams mistakes when he has pointed them out and told them to dig deep !
    He has scored important goals this season …
    and i will back him as he isn’t afraid to tell it how it is !

    i would blame the young ones who are giving him shit and undermining his position !

  61. ethangunner

    its also refreshing to hear someone talk about demanding more instead of being happy with 4th !
    you can see he has a winning mentality , and he wont accept 2nd best ..
    some might have a problem with him going publically , but he knows
    that gets results , look at the shit wenger got prior to the MAN U game .
    pundits – managers where righting us off publically , and you saw the team responce to that !

    he is doing no different !

  62. ethangunner

    yeah stu i just read about it !
    i think the club are over reacting ..

    and PHW saying his 2 pences worth !
    typical he would want to not go public isnt it !
    everything is ‘secret squirrel’ with our club and its running’s !

    cesc for captain … what a fatal mistake that would be , he is already prefroming badly !
    we would be burying his career if we heaped that pressure on him too !
    im sure cesc would turn it down … hes off like gallas !!!

    i fucking said this would happen if we had another trophy less year !
    a mass exodus !

    this all is arsene’s fault .. players are coming to the club based on our former glories !
    and we are not living upto the hype !

    soon the fans will follow suit !

  63. raif

    yeah i wouldnt make Cesc Captain either. he needs to be free to play his game. and not worrie about ralllying the team and all that other captain stuff.

  64. ethangunner


    had to paint a bloody house ! as we have potential buyers coming for viewing on Sunday ..
    but dont worry up up to date with it now ..

    cant say im surprised to see arsene’s methods, the club is based on lies and untruths all season and beyond ,
    when gallas gives the public a taste of why we are in the shit he is burned like jesus on the cross !

    its nothing different to yesterday .. i still agree with him giving the club a shake up !
    so he’s not the captain now ?! .. I think most of us knew he would end up getting the boot if not now by the end of the season .. Captain wise …

    And talks of him quitting , well so would i … last i looked he was a football player , not a kindy teacher ..

  65. raif


    hope the painting goes ok in time for Sunday and the viewing its self.

    what Gallas has said is not wrong. his right to in what his saying. i guess the way his gone about it is the wrong way,

  66. ethangunner


    maybe he did go about it the wrong way …
    but i think over all, the wound needs to be exposed , and cleaned before it can heal !
    i think its good for someone at the club to leak the reasons for failure ..

    at least you can heal , and learn from it .. it exposes RVP and theo , they might be forced to make amends for there actions ..

  67. raif


    exactly ethan. thats what im thinking aswell. as a result Gallas is the Sacrifice for the Healing process to start.

    i would like to know why RvP and Theo are not getting on or why they started to not like one and other and so on. and the big Question is. how long this has been going on for?

    this season? last season? or the season before? who knows at this point. but Wenger seriously needs to start bashing heads. and not just gallas.

  68. AR

    Yes we could implode but on the other side of the coin, having Gallas demoted/gone, it could turn the team into a team (like when TH14 left).

  69. ethangunner


    it happened 1/2 time during the spurs game ..
    it would be good to watch the 1st half again ..
    it might hi-lite something ..

    my guess is RVP wants to be fed the ball .. and theo would rather run with it until he is dispossessed .. i seem to remember theo beating his man a fair bit that game ..

    maybe RVP told theo he had several perfect chances to pass off to him .. yet failed to do so ..
    who really knows .. but it seems all our attacking players have problems .. ade hates bends and theo hates RVP …

    just sack the lot and get in some professionals .. its looking more like a school ground than a top flight football team ..

  70. ethangunner


    i say we have already qualified as ‘ imploding ‘
    things will remain the same or get better ..
    when you look at it from that perspective , things are looking more optimistic than before .

    I can only see good coming from this ..

  71. gnarleygeorge9

    If this is true, then only good can come out of it. Cesc would make a good long term Captain & January is only around the corner.

    I wonder how much gallas can be blamed for JD20 not getting a game.

    If you cast your mind back to the 1st half of the Spuds game you will note gallas running forward, through the middle a lot, doing what Cesc usually does. That would have to fuck you by the 88th minute, if you know where I’m coming from. But AW never subs Gallas ever.

  72. gnarleygeorge9


    there is no doubt he is that, but I’m not sure gallas would stay if not captain. If he does stay on, not as captain, it would go along way in showing the man has a spine. Coz he would be handy, next to Johan 😀

  73. ikon

    gnarley i find myself in a situation where it is hard to support my team, not because of the results, but the effort and attitude.

    last season, I was baffled and hurt when Gilberto was stripped of captaincy. Now Gallas does this and he is ASKED TO STEP DOWN????? wat the hell.

    I can say that in the current crop, only few players love playing for the club… fabregas, Eboue, Toure, and Simpson. I can think of no one else. May be Ramsey and Wilshere

    But its hard to digest what has wenger done letting go of faithful players and now look what we are left with Gallas, RVP, Ade, Song.

    Jens was mad …yes, but he had the qualities to moan about. Almunia doesnt come even a close 2nd. Jens was a great goalie.

    I really miss those days, last season some awesome games that we saw, bolton away for example and others which we lost, not one moment I felt as depressing as some of the results this season.

    I hope the young guns step up and lift everyone at the club. I think they can. It just needs Wenger “not to ” mess up.

  74. gnarleygeorge9

    Well even my father in law who is sport illiterate has heard on Newsradio that Arsenal has stood down its Captain & replaced him with “some 21 year old”.

  75. Geoff

    Gnarley, nothings happened yet, my post today is revolutionary and will be read, you’ll like it a lot but it won’t go up for an hour, it’s on a timer.