We can bounce back by dropping the team, all of them.

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Interesting you may think, has Geoff completely lost it, 2 comments in two days because he’s having a massive sulk and he comes back and says drop the team, why? well here’s the short list.

1) Because the whole team were shite.

2) Because with the money we collect by not paying their salaries for Saturday we could buy a new team?

3) Because the first team will all be on international duty bar 4 players.

Well 1 is out because that’s too obvious, the AKB’s will say I hate the manager and I’m anti Arsenal, it’s not yet January so 2 is out so that only leaves 3,

It is indeed 3, and here’s why, I think the four players not away are Denilson, as he’s too young for Brazil to pick him, Sagna because he’s injured, Almunia because he’s shit and Song because Cameroon don’t have a game. I could be wrong about Song and if he has a game then he’s shit just like Almunia.

At the start of the season I thought Almunia could make it, but over the last month and Fernebache aside he’s been truly shocking, he himself is now admitting he was crap, so that only leaves Wenger who has an eyesight problem.

After all the good things I said about Wenger, he goes and blows it all on Saturday, why does he make wholesale changes 2 minutes before time against the spuds when we don’t need it and we end up not winning, then not make them at half time against Villa when we do need them and we end up losing?

With all the first team away we have a great opportunity to play the Carling cup team against Man City, they’ll be fresh, they’ll work hard and they’re actually better and more deserving.

Give the armband to Fabianski or better Ramsey. Ramsey for me is already miles better than Denilson and with Jackie boy in there with him and maybe even Randall we have a good engine in their.

Cesc has been rubbish and should be rested, simple, I love him, but he’s not been performing so he needs resting, you don’t become bad overnight unless your name is Manuel and Song was bad the night before so he doesn’t count.

I read somewhere that another team are thinking of making Song an offer, what ever it costs us Arsene, pay it, I’ll chip in.

Not a lot else save this amazing comment from the boss,

‘After defeat to Aston Villa, Wenger snapped, we had no player we really wanted and for now we have no regrets. You cannot explain Gael Clichy’s own goal here by the fact we haven’t an experienced player in midfield. We were not, as a team, sharp enough to dictate the pace and be dominant in the fight’

Okay if there wasn’t a player you wanted then why enquire about Barry and make offers to Alonso and Toure? If we had a midfield enforcer like any of the above or Cana then Gael Clichy wouldn’t have headed into his own goal because the ball wouldn’t got that far and if we had a decent keeper, he would have saved it.

What pisses me off is the lies from Wenger and the board, things like we have no money and there was no one we wanted are clearly lies, as we know there is money and we know he tried to buy two players.

So that’s it, that’s my return from a sulk-up, I’m still hugely depressed and I can’t shake it, and all I seem to read about is we are after another couple of youngsters, we he never learn?

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  1. Chipo

    give ramsey the armband?! come on lads heheh

    I think its fantastic timing that fabregas is suspended for the City game. It means we can play diaby alongside denilson, and return to 2 up front (adebayor with Van Persie if hes back (?) or Vela)

  2. Chipo

    Euskal, estoy de acuerdo con casi todo lo que dices.

    La cosa más importante en el equipo es la espalda de Cesc! No puede jugar en una manera relajada cuando durante todo el partido está pensando que nadie le da cobertura. Djourou también tiene que jugar en vez de Silvestre. Antes del ‘campionato’ pensé que necesitaba un defensor alto y duro- como Vidic como Skrtel- para complementar el estilo más suave de Gallas. Pero eso no llegó, así que Djourou es la solución mejor de unas opciones males.

  3. choy

    I think they need to be screamed at.. give them a hairdryer treatment…

    go ballistic on them … ground them or something like that…

  4. chris

    whats the point in continuing to buy and develop these youngsters if all we (arsenal) do is play them for a few years (at first they are awful) and therefore we win nothing and then as soon as they play well for a season we lose them because they feel they cannot win anything with arsenal anymore…its completely pointless and a spiral of decline because all arsenal do is not win anything and then make lots of money back by selling the players..the board needs reshuffling, its not just the crappy slightly above average players (almunia etc)

  5. choy

    almunia saved a penalty.. he did his part in the first half… the lads should have picked on from that… but no.. the midfield was run over and he was hammered.

  6. Raul Duke

    Interesting debate about wether we should have kept the old midfield in place VS. acquiring new, proven players i.e. Barry, Alonso. Regarding Flamini´s situation in Milan; he got off to a slow start, but has increasingly featured in their starting 11 and looks like he´s back to the fine form he showed for us last year. IOW it seems that his first good season at AFC (last year) wouldn´t have been the last. Many fans wrote him off with ease, considering that he only played well for us in his final year. But there´s a good explanation for this, as he was nowhere near a first-team starting place, competing with proven world-class players. I really think that Wenger and his team lost the gamble with regard to the prolongation of Flamini´s contract and from Wenger´s comments it seems clear that he was furious about him leaving…

  7. LEON

    choy i could agree more its not first time they been out fought hull,stoke and now villa i doint see that complete loving of losing accept from gallas but he expresses it in the wrong way and not a very good captain but you cant use him has skape goat this comes from wenger he continues make excuses for them but i feel there title rane is over

  8. London

    My attempt at translating Chipo’s post &.27

    Euskal, I agree with almost everything you say.

    The biggest concern is what’s going on behind Cesc! He cannot play in a relaxed way throughout the game when he is thinking who is covering him. Djourou also has to play in place of Sylvestre.
    Before the Euros I thought that we needed a strong, tall defender like Vidic or Skertel to complement the smooth style of Gallas, but that didn’t happen, so Djourou is the best solution to some bad options.

  9. Maciek

    As I said in my earlier post. I would love to see us buying 3 experienced players but it will never happen because of Wenger’s ego. He will never admit that he has failed. So don’t be so excited gentlemen.

  10. Seb

    Maciek he will if his employers demand it, they should and hopefully will insist that he brings in two or three marquee players, because a) the future success of the team depends on a big step up in quality that comes from experience, and b) they owe it to the fans due to the amounts they are shelling out and indeed the huge profits the club are making as a result. Fans of top level clubs expect to see players coming in, the best players in the world come to the Premiership, in fact we probably started the ball rolling with Bergkamp, it’s part and parcel of being a big team.

    Wenger has failed to factor this into his plans, out of all the top four teams it’s Arsenal fans who are being denied that aspect of the top four experience if you will. Yes I know this sounds like bullshit but it is a fact that football is big business and big entertainment, part of that entertainment is the whole shebang of bringing in the best, and if the board don’t wise up to that this winter then they are not quite the businessmen they think they are.

  11. London

    My attempt at translating Euskal Gooner’s post

    A gloomy post, I don’t know, I have my opinion, Gallas and Sylvestre are not the right CB’s for a team like ours, I am sure that Djourou would be better than either. Cesc cannot do everything in the middle; he needs someone to cover his back that will enable him to play in a more relaxed way. Nasri is still settling in; he has played really well in some games while in others he hasn’t been able to find enough space to play. He needs time.
    Lastly, Fabianski has not demonstrated to me that he is better than Almunia there have been a couple of mistakes but he has played well in goal.

    A gloomy post, could be off the mark.

  12. Pedro

    Cheers London. Gloomy would make sense… it wasn’t going to be a happy post today.

    Seb, spot on mate. That’s not bullshit, that is fact.

    Big signings lift the fans and the players. Big profits lift some fans… not me though. I couldn’t give a rats ass about our massive profit margins and our towering cash reserves. I’d rather see some cash invested in a squad that is oh so close to being really good.

  13. Maciek

    I respect Your view but can we all honestly expect our board to persuade Wenger to buy quality? And as for quality and experience I’m talking about 25-30 year olds not about kids with potential. When we have signed Reyes I was very excited, because I knew he was quality. I feel the worst. They( Wenger and our managemant) letted me dawn to many times, and that’s why I’m just very suspicious.

  14. Maciek

    And, why buy 3 experienced players in january, when You can do it in jun/july and have a bigger chance to fight for trophys?

  15. choy

    Maciek .. jan window buys are more or less panic buys… don’t know if we will buy anyone though…. but we certainly do need reinforcement… if we are to at least finish in the top 4!!! how sad is that!!!

  16. Rtist

    Apparently it’s late in London Town…for what it’s worth, I think that a couple of players will come in January 09…none of them English..all of them French…none of them starters..all of them player/coach-types (old)..as for Cesc?…Ade?…Van Persie?…Song?…Eboue? just keep playin ’em…because as Wenger says: “These players have the mental strength and intelligence to continue to play ze football the way we believe football should be played and through their collective spirits and mental strength they…” ahh fuck man…worse than the crap we in the states heard during the last election…

  17. Maciek

    It was all dawn to Wenger to buy quality players in the summer. He only bought Nasri and Ramsey so he is to blame. He let us dawn.

  18. DeezGunner

    It disgusts me to see how spoiled so called “Gunners fans” have this idea in there heads that Arsenal can compete with the mega bucks of the “big 3″ week in week out. Inconsistency happens when there is ZERO COMPETITION anywhere in the starting 11. We need 3 to 4 new players challenging for a 1st team spot every week because these guys are way to comfortable & luthargic out there. There is no DRIVE which is pretty sad to say. If you are a professional, you shouldn’t need a letter from the gaffer to give encouragement . It is so sad to see Wenger put way to much trust in this lot. They have disappointed him…

  19. kenny smith

    does anyone else think we should play RVP on the wing? He is great with the ball at his feet, he can cross and take good free kicks and corners…. but he cant fucking shoot!!!!!

    I think we should play him R or L wing when eduardo is back fit and play ade and eduardo up front. And then if one gets injured or dropped stick RVP up front or Vela?

  20. kenny smith

    or even swap RVP and theo around for a couple games. RVP can play on the right wing i have seen him play there before. Stick theo up front fo a while. He hasnt played there in ages so see what he is like again through the middle. Or even switch theo and RVP positions for 20 minutes a time during a game

  21. kelsey

    keeny good mornig,though i have to isagree as we could finish up with all our strikers on the wing.theo,nasri,ade9always drifts to the wing0as does diaby,but to say rvp can’t shoot is a hell of a statement.

    i watched a repeat of henry’s best 10 goals on arsenal TV,god do we miss a player of his ability.

  22. Geoff

    This is a comment from a AKB I just got, I know he’s 9 years old, but you would think they would teach him English at school wouldn’t you. Here it is…

    who knows who the fuck you people are where you at i hope some are not frm Antarctic good bye.

    That’s his comment and that’s his address if any of you want to reply, I guess ‘cooltoad’ is all the rage for kids of his age!

  23. Seb

    I’m all for playing Eduardo up front, but imo he would play better next to a second striker type who can put the ball through for him. Controversially he actually played really well with Bendtner last year, who is quite happy to play the unselfish strike partner role, he’s just shit as a target man.

    I don’t remember seeing Eduardo and Van Persie play together, I would be keen to see that tried, it might bring the best out of RvP.

  24. kelsey

    Seb i think it was effective once at everton,but it was more of a hoof upfield and eduardo scored a couple.
    the trouble with nicci,is that he ia loner,quite complicated charachter,doesn’t track back,and i feel he doesn’t suit our style of play.i am not sayig he wont flourish but maybe not with us.

    eduardo has started training but no physical ball challenges,he is earmarked to play for the reserves against the spurs in mid december,rohan.

  25. Geoff

    The post has been written and is being formatted as we speak, the ANR piece is funny, he’s trying to sound like Le Grove!