Can you believe it? This FA Cup final only has 8 Englishmen in it!

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John Motson could not adam and eve it, and the rest he said are Scottish, Irish and Welsh, what a disgrace, the last time I heard that was 29 years ago, imagine if someone had told him about our beloved Arsenal and what would happen to our Englishmen in the future?

As I write Brady just zig-zagged around the Manc defence and it could have been the great Jack Wilshere, I swear, they look identical.

Price, Rix, Talbot and Sunderland (English)

Stapleton, O’Leary and Brady, ( Southern Irish) Rice, Jennings and Nelson (Northern Irish)

Young (Scottish)

Nichol, Jordan, MacIlroy, Buchan, McQueen, Macari (Scottish)

Greenhoff, Coppell, Bailey and Alberston (English)

Thomas (Welsh)

‘When the reds go marching in’ was there only song and ours was ‘Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal’ so no change there!

Excuse the spelling this was memory not Google. So before anyone corrects me, you try it unaided. Then we’ll arm wrestle then we’ll see who’s right.

I was kidding by the way, it was my attempt at humour, it shouldn’t happen and it won’t happen again until tomorrow.

Trevor Brooking was bitching that because of the evil foreigner we have no English talent being developed, that man truly is as thick a shit isn’t he? The day before that xenophobic drivel spilled from his inarticulate gob the ‘Arsenal 8’ were trashing a Premiership side, the FA should charge him with bringing the game into disrepute, mug, needs to get his facts right, that lot were all good enough to play for England.

Ian Wright is in the Mirror saying the moron that threw the coin at Drogba could have blinded him or worse killed him, well Ian, the chances of that coin hitting him in the eye were probably a billion to one, I would suggest the moron that threw it back (Drogba) could have blinded someone and the odds would have dropped to maybe 10-1.

I’m trying to recollect any player anywhere in the world in the history of football that ever got killed by a fan throwing a coin, I can’t Ian, why? because it’s never happened, that’s why. I can think of plenty of fans that have been killed though so please, stop acting like footballers have it tough and dangerous, if you want thuggery and life threatening, look to your own, try Barnsley, elbow and fractured skull, last week.

Then he bangs on about how footballers have to put up with terror on the terraces for their £50k a week.

I’m not saying because they earn so much they should get coins thrown at them, but I get angry when ex players think you can only have an opinion if you were lucky enough to have played at the highest level, Pedro touched on this yesterday, bollocks, at least professionals have thousands of police to protect them.

Try playing a team of thugs on Hackney Marshes that have all their mates from the pub on the sidelines spitting at you, that’s intimidation you bunch of whiners, and we had to pay for the privilege. They then jump in their Ferrari’s and fuck off to a night club, we all piled into a second hand Cortina and hoped we got out without a brick flying through the windscreen.

A final word for Stuart Pearce who said he hasn’t picked any Arsenal players for next weeks game as they don’t play regular football and need to be loaned out, hey stupid, they just beat Wigan didn’t they?

Okay that’s me done, more on the Villa game tomorrow. Kenny from the comments section put Le Grove in touch with the bleacher report regarding the lack of noise at the Emirates, check out that report here. I’d like to thank Maire for the fair and balanced write up.

We had Darren on yesterday asking us to help raise some much needed money for Great Ormond street hospital in the way of an signed Arsenal shirt.

Darren’s two year old son’s life was saved by the good people at the hospital and he is heading out on some sort of mad 200km Jungle run. He will also be auctioning off a signed Arsenal shirt in a couple of weeks.

Darren gave us more info here:

‘We have set ourselves a minimum target of raising £10,000 but if we could get to £32,000, The professor (Helen Cross) at Great Ormond Street has promised that she can get 24 children off her waiting list for the Ketogenic diet. That means that 24 kids will get a quality of life and many will avoid permanent brain damage, so were desperate to try and get to that total.’

Grovers, it’s Children in need day, so if you could dig deep for a fellow Gooner… the gesture would be appreciated and save some childrens lives! To donate, click the link below!


Have a great day Grovers tomorrow it gets edgy again.

P.S. I have 2 Villa club level tickets going! E-mail me if you are interested!

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  1. Geoff

    McG or arroba or viictor, you’ve been a few people mate! Anyway, someone told me that hours ago, as I said then, I did it from memory whilst watching the re run, the post was just showing we had no continentals then and they were truly shocked about the lack of Englishmen.

    2 ironic posts in two days was probably too much!

  2. ethangunner

    Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his cellphone and calls the emergency services. He gasps: “My friend is dead! What can I do?” The operator says: “Calm down, I can help. First, let’s make sure he’s dead.”

    There is a silence, then a shot is heard. Back on the phone, the guy says: “OK, now what?”

  3. ethangunner

    a pedro joke 🙂

    PATIENT: “Doctor, I’ve got a strawberry stuck up my bum.”

    DOCTOR: “I’ve got some cream for that.”

  4. ethangunner

    A guy walks into a shop and goes up to the counter and says to the shop keeper, “hey can i please have a kit kat chunkey”.
    “Sure” says the lady, so she gives him a kit kat chunkey.
    The guy replys and says, “no fatty i want a kit kat”.

  5. dennisdamenace

    ethan you filthy mungler, ha ha ha! I wasn’t after a help desk resolution! I thought that there might be a slight chance that an ex work colleague of mine might be on here!

  6. ethangunner

    Two blonde girls were working for the county public works department.

    One would dig a hole and the other would follow behind her and fill the hole in.

    They worked up one side of the street, then down the other, then moved on to the next street, working furiously all day without rest, one girl digging a hole, the other girl filling it in again.

    An onlooker was amazed at their hard work, but couldn’t understand what they were doing.

    So he asked the hole digger, “I’m impressed by the effort you two are putting in to your work, but I don’t get it… why do you dig a hole, only to have your partner follow behind and fill it up again?”

    The hole digger wiped her brow and sighed, “Well, I suppose it probably looks odd because we’re normally a three-person team. But today the girl who plants the trees called in sick.”

  7. Mandanda

    after a comfortable 3-1 win, i will sing a Song of praise on Saturday and all the le grovers, led by the grizzly one Geoff would wind their hips, tap their feet to the dazzling skills of the phenom SONG

  8. kenny smith

    ok Geoff ill prob do a Q+A thing. ill send over a couple questions, then once ive got answers ill send over some more incase i need to ask any questions based on your answers. There will probably be a few emails sent back and forth from us but there aint no hurry to get back to me. I realise its the weekend so take as much time as u need to get back to me.

  9. ethangunner

    A blonde is driving down a country road. She looks over to the right, and sees another blond, in a row boat, out in the middle of a field, rowing.

    The first blond can’t believe her eyes, stops the car, and gets out to look at the blond in the rowboat. The longer she looks, the madder she gets.

    Finally she says: “You know, it’s blondes like you that give the rest of us a bad name. You’re just sitting in the middle of a field in a row boat rowing. That’s so stupid! If I could swim, I’d come out there and kick your ass!”

  10. ethangunner

    google him !

    all those computer geeks have about 50 hits on the net .. minimum …
    i can even google my X wife …

    anyone know any good viruses too down load 🙂 ?

  11. Geoff

    Inside if you had a body like that you wouldn’t wear those clothes would you? and considering he’s only about 4’5″ he should really think twice should he not?

  12. avenell

    There’s a Japanesse Whaling boat heading up the Thames as we speak. 😉

    Hello everyone!!

    Geoff regarding your headline, do you remamber the Liverpool side of the mid eighties, when they had Scots, Irish, Welsh, Aussies, Africans and one Englishman?

  13. Maciek

    Franchise the draw will take place on saturday 15th Nov. 12:15 pm.
    I think we will draw spurs and will beat them with our kids.
    As for tomorrow:






  14. rookie

    Drogba has been hit with violent conduct and could face 3 match suspension….

    jury will hear case on 18th…that means if found guilty he will definitely not play against us…

  15. Stu

    After his amazing save in the CC Fabianski doesn’t deserve to lose his place, nor does JD or Ramsey…or Vela for their respective contributions but of coarse ( is that the right spelling for the context im using? I never know- coarse or course) Wenger has his untouchables and his stubborness to boot.

  16. insidealbania

    I think Almunia still has one or two chances before he gets dropped. I remember Lehman did a few howlers in the beginning but AW kept him in the side (maybe there were no alternatives at the time??)

  17. Stu

    As far as i can remember the alternative for Lehmann was either Richard Wright or a worse (than now) Almunia. And then there was Mart Poom. What a great collection of Keepers.

  18. DARREN

    Boys and Girls,

    Im the poor sod that Pedro was kind enough to mention at the bootom of his blog thats running in the 200km footrace through the amazon to raise funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. I just wanted to say thank you to those who have been kind enough to sponsor our little trott through the woods. Gooners, I salute you. If we manage to get enough to save a few children from some of the torture we have been through you should all pat yourselves on the back and enjoy a pint, because we’ll have achieved something special.

    As fro the Villa game, Ramsey in for denilson in the last 20 mins? Vela to play up front with Ade? and JD (in for Gallas) to play alongside Silver to give us a bit of confidence in the air…… Who knows, I think AW will go with the same team that beat Manu-er. Id like to see Bendtner and Vela play togeether up front against Villa, they seem to have a genuine partnership when they play…… That would give Ade a bit more rest (we could do without him being out for any length of time)
    Its good news that Drogba wont be playing against us if hes found guilty, that blokes ruined enough of my days as it is.

    Finally, Almunia/fabianski …… Is it me or Fabianski a bit of a dracula???? (he doesnt like crosses) That fact alone, bearing in mind our piss poor defensive record from set pieces would stop me selecting him any time soon. Almunia deserves our loyalty, he after all, has shown it to the club and has everyone forgotten the game he had against Fenerbache??? (awsome).

  19. Michael Pittordis

    oh well…im off too, have a good weekend people, looking forward to the Gunners turning Villa over tomorrow.


  20. kelsey

    A blond had been taking golf lessons.

    She had just started playing her first round of golf when she suffered a bee sting.

    Her pain was so intense that she decided to return to the clubhouse for help and to complain.

    Her golf pro saw her come into the clubhouse and asked, ‘Why are you back in so early?

    What’s wrong?’ ‘I was stung by a bee’, she said.

    ‘Where’, he asked.

    ‘Between the first and second hole’, she replied.

    He nodded knowingly and said, ‘Then your stance is too wide.’

  21. kelsey

    i put my e mail address and kelsey on the donation list and it refused,it’s a facebook site isn’t it,help please i would like to contribute.

  22. kelsey

    I shall post to myself,then there can be no arguements.

    Almunia or fabianski.Hard one to call.Almunia is not old by keeper standards and fabianski if anything is a bit young.

    Both have their faults,but having said that every keeper seems to be having more than a couple of bad games.Van der Saar’s form has dropped is brilliant than awful.Even cech is not was he was.reina is most probably the most consistent and gomes is a joke.

    good,I agree with all that.

  23. Stu

    Me?… Im at home just waiting for tomorrow. Should be a great day all round. Any idea where everyone is?..or should i just assume they are gone for a pint or five.

  24. Stu

    Just like to give my opinion on the title race. Since we last won the title all those years ago there has been so much change. In terms of players and points necessary.

    Things are not only changing for us but also our title rivals. Back then it was only the Mancs with Liverpool threatening to threaten. Since then United have spend at least £100m, Chelsea have spend a couple times that and Liverpool are ….well, still threatening.

    This season however could be following te economy. We are clearly going into a recession and so are the challengers. Despite spending £30m on Berba, United have only gained 1 point from their 3 games against their rivals.

    Imo this season will defo go down to the wire but the wire will be that much lower than im previous years. United have already lost at least twice, Chelsea look more than beatable, despite their “free-flowing” football under Scolari and Liverpool always seem to fail for whatever reason.

    4 years ago 90points won the league by a nice margin whereas 87points was only good enough for 3rd last season. Anyone understand what im getting at, this might only make sensein my own head so……

  25. Stu

    Am i te only one that feels that they should have build a bigger stadium?? Its not that i dont like thew new stadium but considering spuds are buildind a 60,000 seater(prob just to spite us) and all the best clubs in the world have massive stadiums, should it have been bigger.

    The San Siro is huge, Nou Camp seats about 100,000 and im sure there is more. Anyone?

  26. raif

    Geoff Excellent Post Today . nothing but the truth in all subjects,

    – Trevor Brooking:
    his a dumb cunt. he musy be living in the tora bora mountains as he didnt watch the arsenal Kids kill off Wigan.

    – Ian Wright
    as much of a legand he is for us. why does he continuously talk shit all the time.
    the “look to your own” comment. was SPOT ON.

    good evening everybody

  27. raif


    i agree, when i was told and when we first found out the emirates was only 60,000 i was a little shocked as i was expecting somthing along the lines of 80,000 plus.
    i think it should have been bigger and also have a detachable roof like the millenium stadium. as the noise would have been amazing when its closed.

    but hey im still happy with how it is today.

  28. kelsey

    raif/stu evening chaps.may i answer your question.The plans were for 65000 then reduced to 63500 but there were objections from the council and london transport and the 60043 is the maximum aloud.

    With regards to ian Wright a gret footballer but not much between his ears,and anyone who can work with Adrian durham says it all.

  29. Maciek

    Hi guys!
    Is there any possiblity to extend Emirates capacity? Is ther any roam to install another 20.000. And at what time tomorrow’s match starts? I see here at Le grove is 19:45 but in Polish televison is 15:55( there is an one hour difference between Poland and England).

  30. kelsey

    raif are you in london.we get far more coverage of live footie here in spain and other european countries.There is a company called SHOWTIME from Arabia and you can select your PL team,obviously arsenal and get every game they play for an initial cost of 400 euros and then 100 euros annual subscription.A couple of friends have got it and when you consider you spend 340.00 in england per month for sky = football + setanta it’s a good deal.English commenary as wel.

  31. raif


    yeah mate i am in London. i think we get SHAFTED big time when it comes to football on the tv. people would normally pay alot for Sky and so on and only get a handfull of games of the team u actully follow its bit of a rip off.

    i personaly dont own Sky anymore or Cable witch has changed its name to Virgin media now. i dont think its worth it. what makes it even worse people pay alot for these sports channels and yet u still have to pay more for things like Boxing Bcos its on Pay-Per View.

    its bollocks.

    but im lucky enough to be searing a season ticket with my Dad when it comes to Arsenal.

  32. Confidentgoner

    Guys what do ya’ll think about this Chelsea story on Arsenal Football Club. Sorry, its rather long.

    “This is for all of you Arsenal fans!

    Wenger plays a young team. So what? Anyone can play a young team but a team like Chelsea has very high standards we cannot afford to lose points. We don’t want the fourth place in the premier league. And we are not playing for the fourth place. We want to be champions. Arsene Wenger on the other hand has no ambition and even the Arsenal clubs does not have ambition. They are happy with the fourth. If Roman tells Scolari that he would still be in job as long as Chelsea finished fourth in the league, Scolari can take lots of risks, he can even play his sons and nephews (daughters and nieces in Arsenal LC).

    Arsene Wenger and the board at Arsenal have masterminded a conspiracy. This theory is strongly believed by the Arsenal fans. When Arsenal wanted to build the stadium they had to borrow and all that. From the football side, they wanted to earn as much money as possible. So, they’ll buy cheap and young players, sell them for a high price later on. That’s the strategy. What this does is reduces the player purchase cost and increases the player sales revenue. Wil this affect their title chances. Yes it will, but who cares? The fans do, just fuck the fans. This whole conspiracy will be packaged so nicely in the name of ‘grooming youngsters’ that the deluded fans would buy it. They don’t even know that they are being taken for a ride.

    What Wenger and the Board want is to stay in the champions league and that’s why as long as their fourth position is not challenged, Wenger would not make any serious purchases. See, this type of risks can be taken only when you’re not ambitious and your board backs you fully even if you don’t achieve anything for 5 years. Tell any of the top managers that they don’t have to win the PL or CL for 4 consecutive seasons, they can do wonders. They can do a better job than Wenger. Jose Mourinho was absoutely right when he said Wenger is under no pressure to perform. As long as Arsenal earns the champions league money, the board won’t touch Wenger. Wenger can risk playing in any style and play any youngster and get away with defeats or fourth place saying “we are a team in transition”, “this team has great potential” etc. On the other hand, if he wins, he will be lauded as the saviour of football. So he has struck a win-win strategy.

    Give 500 million pounds and tell Wenger to win the premier league. He would struggle and would not win. It is not as easy as it sounds. With teenagers you don’t have egos, you have a young bunch you have an unknown commodity who have the desire and hunger to perform. Pressure-wise they are in the same boat as Wenger. If they play well, they’re the heroes. If they don’t, they’re still young, they’ll mature with time. Win-win. When you have high profile players, to play all of them, drop some of them, to get their form back in track and to manage the people issues and still play to win the title and to win it, is lot more difficult than playing a bunch of teenagers with readymade excuses in the pocket.

    But now, Arsenal fans have woken up to this conspiracy. They have started questioning Wenger on why he is not spending the money while the board says Wenger is allowed to spend 50 million pounds. May be, Wenger saves it for the board and gets his bonus. There are lots of fans who have been asking for Wenger’s head since 06/07 season. That number has been growing gradually. Now after the Spurs match and Stoke match, the 90% of the fans in the top arsenal blogs all wanted Wenger to go. I can produce fantastic discussions around this. Those who have not woken up yet, those who are still deluded, go around like Jim Carrey in the island created for him, in the movie Truman Show.

    Everytime a stupid goner fan comes here, I’ll just copy and paste this comment on the Arsenal conspiracy.”

  33. kenny smith

    Geoff Syham has apologised if his comments about Le Grove caused you any offense. He still thinks Le grove is one of the worst arsenal blogs but he says that is only his opinion. He did go onto to say that he knows people that hate Le grove aswell.

  34. raif

    kenny smith

    i cant Speak for Geoff/Pedro.

    everyone can have there opinions.

    But if it was me i wouldnt give a Damn what other people would think of my Blog, and who ever agrees with that Person. end of the day the only thing that matters is the people that come on here to Read, Comment, and Talk everything Arsenal on this Blog.

    my message to that person would be to take a Run and Jump off a Cliff.

    so end of the day his better off just keeping away and not bovering to waste his time talking about a Blog he dislikes. Bcos you dont see this Blog (in my view) wasting its time and Typing engery talking about other Blogs that Frankly couldnt give a shit about.

  35. raif


    all the time man. they say one thing and do sotmhing else. everythings over priced and the fans never get told whats REALLY going on.

    tho they are running the club much better then other teams out there. i guess all i want is a little bit of Honesty from them.

  36. Confidentgoner

    you know what Raif, I believe that as well. Wenger must be creaming lots of dough as season end bonus for signing nobody! I just hope we get one benefactor who can really big up the club and sign proper first teamers.

  37. Maciek

    But if they are lieing, why Wenger is still doing his hard job and destroying his great trophys to years ratio? Why he just don’t tell us, what’s going on? Isn’t it unfair Raif?

  38. Maciek

    And if he fail to deliver this year- and I fear the worst- because we are out of the title race( 6 points is a huge advantage), You wil all see lots of empty seats at the Emirates.

  39. raif


    im not to boverd about how many signings we make. i ithnk we all would be happy if we had just the one more experience player. or at least one more player in the right postion. and i dont mean a 17 year old either.

    i wouldnt want Usmanov or Roman i donthing having 1 owner with deep pockets is the answer as soon as they want to sell the club could Go Bust. also im sure the football Bodies are working on plans to hult these kind of clubs with caping how much they spend or throwing them out of the european Cups same if there in Dept aswell.

    and i personaly belive the football bouble will pop. the money will dry up and the transfer market wont be inflated as it is now. and the Fans will just say enough is enough and stop going to over priced football macthes, merchandise & TV subscriptions, look at the wages these guys are getting. and they have the Cheek to say they are Slaves.
    just like What Geoff said in Todays Post

    “we had to pay for the privilege. They then jump in their Ferrari’s and fuck off to a night club”

  40. Paulinho

    If it wasn’t for the pure enthusiasm that the likes of Wilshere, Ramsay, and Vela have brought to me in recent months, I would class that as an excellent article. A bit extreme but enough credibility to make even the most ardent AKB think.

    Vela, Ramsay, and Wilshere couldn’t have came at a better time for Wenger. They will give himenough time to vindicate his philosophy or at least buy him enough time to slowly ease them in to keep the ‘conspiracy’ going.

  41. raif


    the season is still a long way a way. remember we pulled back a 12 or 16 point lead from Man Utd to win the league, anything is possible. we have the players and have the ability to win but the problem is Wengers ability to play players in odd postions or making stupid Subs at critial times in the game.

    if we dont win anything this year the board wont say nothing and they sure want Sack him. they have Total Faith in Arsene. its just US as the Fans that will get tired of not winning any trophies and Demand Answers. but you will get a small group of arsenal fans that will call for Wengers head. witch is not the answer. its reckless in my view

  42. Maciek

    So, Raif- if sacking Wenger when he will fail is not an option, so then what is the best way to end crisis and take step forward. I’m (like You) not talking about players for 30 milion but about 2 defenive players who can add some steel. He is earning 4 milion pounds per year and “he knows” so it’s time for him to act.

  43. Maciek

    You know, what’s funny. I feel more confident when we are playing our reseve team that our first squad. I just know that our youngsters will give everything- I don’t fell the same about our first team. And selling Your best plsyers is also a step backwards.

  44. raif


    he is acting.

    just not as we would normally like some times. i think 1 defensive midfielder would be ideal. after all we wouldnt be in this postion if we didnt Hang on to Flamini and Diarra.

    i agree Selling our best players is Backwards but if they WANT to go then theres nothing you can do about it. and letting them run there contract so they can leave on a Bosman is Bad Business witch arsenal is very much Guilty of. think of all the players we have let go on a Free over the years were we could have made alot of money off,

    as for the first team there is problems though the whole team but i think one of the main Problem is our Striker partnership. i dont think ADE & RvP are good together.

  45. London

    Confidentgooner. In response to that Chelsea article.

    It is absolute bollocks. We as Arsenal supporters have been well aware that ever since Roman Abrmovich stole so much money of the Russian people and brought it here to waste on a bunch of selfish wankers in West London, Arsenal has been forced to develop an alternative strategy.

    It is not a conspiracy to develop a youth policy; it is a pragmatic solution to a Abramovich’s billions which have made it impossible to compete on the same financial footing. If Arsene Wenger had 500 million to spend they would have to rename the CL the Arsenal Trophy. The spuds know we piss on them on a shoe string but Wenger with money has got to be their ultimate nightmare.

    The youth policy is here to stay for the foreseeable future and Tuesday was yet another great example of it working. God I hate Chelsea.

  46. Maciek

    Thanks. So what must he do to feel pression. Sometimes I think that this experiment just went to far. To me- he stopped learning. Look at Ferguson- he failed to deliver between 2003-2006, but then he have bought good players and look at them- 2 titles and a CL trophy, something Wenger had never achieved.

  47. Maciek

    Londom- I respect Your opinion, but maybe the truth is somewhere inbetween. maybe he don’t spend 20 milion on one players because he is afraid of doing this. Look at Reyes transfer. I’m not saying-SACK HIM NOW, but he is at Arsena,l not at Arsene F.C. He must respect our supporters and our values. We are a big club and a little bit of honesty can help us.

  48. London

    Rayes I am fairly certain was pre Abramovich or if not certainly before everyone realised exactly how the Abramovich’s money was going to effect Arsenal football club.

  49. London

    The honesty is glaring us in the face “We cannot compete with Abramovich’s billions so we have developed a youth policy which we hope will bring success to Arsenal Footbal club”

    I am going to send this over to PHW to sign.

  50. Confidentgoner


    You know what I would like? File out the young guns against Villa. If they win again, thats your validation.

    Honestly, do we expect that level of performance on a consistent basis from these kids? Nah… solid No. Can we really call Theo, Ramsey, Vela products of our youth academy?

  51. Evo in Oz

    gday all

    great write up by the way!

    Good to see Webb in the Chump list! Also happy to see Christopher Walken….ooops i mean Nasri as Le Champ!

  52. Evo in Oz

    just watched the man scum game MOTD highlights again.

    fuck that was a good win!

    Christopher Walken played a cracker! he should have had 3 as it was a definite pen as vidic had a good old piece of his shirt in his fist!

  53. ethangunner

    We should win tonight .. at home .. we always are hard to beat ..
    but i dont think it will be as emphatic as Man U … And besides villa are a reasonable team so
    it will make for interesting viewing .

  54. ethangunner

    and if ade is back in the starting line up , they always have a chance of scoring 1st ..
    as we all know he needs 10 shots too score 1 !
    and those shots take place in the 1st half ..

    I would rather seeing vela RVP .. and ade brought on at the 70th minute …

  55. ethangunner

    yes … as much as i rate him ..
    i think gallas and silv are doing to good of a job to switch them !
    there just isnt any room for eboue or toure currently .. and both defensively are good players but … i think if you add the johan factor into our defense , im sure wenger wont buy any more ..

    especially with nordtveits sitting in the wings .. and song as back, back up …

    i can see toure getting disgruntled if he doesn’t start regularly thou !
    it will be interesting on how he feels good about taking a back seat if it continues for a long period .. Remember at the start of the season he was backing himself as captain !

    captain bench warmer 🙂

    if it continues i can see wenger selling him ! and that goes for eboue also ..

  56. ethangunner

    to be honest , unless ade is 100% over his ankle injury , im sure wenger wont start him but introduce him in at the 70 minute mark !

    so its probably bends and RVP again ..

    oh ! shite RVP is still out isnt he ???

  57. Evo in Oz

    yeah im keen for the gallas-silvestre partnership to continue. silvestre looks like he’s playing himself into some good form.

    i think toure needed a rest, after picking up that malaria and all that, i reckon he was a bit under done

  58. ethangunner

    yes and wenger is too predictable to go for a 4-4-2 ..
    so he will use the Man U as a template ..

    i just think Nik B is out of his depth up there alone .. he plays well off people ..
    but to get him to go it alone its just a bit too tough !

    so if ade is well enough maybe its the unpopular partnership of the tall timbers .
    in a 4-4-2 … but i cant see wenger changing his winning team V the man’cs

  59. Confidentgoner


    Why would he play 4-5-1 with Villa? I think he should go for it. A 4-4-2 would be best , with wingers to stretch their parked defense and get scoring opportunities. My team


    Sagna Gallas Sylvestre Clichy

    Theo Cesc Dennilson Nasri

    Bentner Vela

    Reserves : Diaby, Toure, fabianski, Ramsey, Ebuoe, Diaby, Wilshire

  60. Confidentgoner

    Matter of fact, he can bring Toure in to play as DM if we are comfortable in 2nd half. I think /Toure should offer a stronger spine for us to allow the boys to go forward. And Oh I forgot Djorou, he can be a better spine, with speed and height, but I wonder about stamina

  61. chozzer

    hope Vela plays but think it will be Diaby again.
    C’mon you Gunners.
    Stoke away in the Carling Cup and time for wrongs to be righted?

  62. kelsey

    O’neill is not an idiot,is team have lost to consecutive games and Wenger may play the same team as he did against united,as Ade is only 50-50 and might not want to rik him,or wenger will kow the team o’neill expects us to play,and wenger might give us all a surprise.We haven’t beaten villa at the emirates yet,and the 3 points are vital.

    i am always a little worried when the first team have a ekk off.Thee CC team destroyed sheff united and 3 days later the first team lost to hull.

    This will be a tight game and we need to come out of the traps quickly to show our authority rather than 10 opening minutes of passing he ball about to little affect.

  63. ethangunner


    because RVP is out and ade is just comming back ..
    (lack of strike options)

    just a guess ..

    hey id like to see vela start too but as evo and i said ‘ fat chance ‘..

  64. kelsey

    ethangunner,you are the only person on here that dismisses people if they don’t agree with your “holier than thou” attitude,by not replying,or just argueing your case which is always right until the other blogger/s give up.

    I am pretty sure i am older than you and i enjoy this blog partially because i have disabilities and i enjoy the company of other gooners on here.

    learn a little respect and get off your high horse,pal.

  65. Confidentgoner


    Lets examine the formation fot todays game. What and who do we need to play to win this pm. For all you know Wenger may just read this before he makes up his mind!

  66. ikon

    i dont think we will see wenger change the squad for cc even if its one of the big four teams.

    I remember last time when we lost to spuds, wenger was asked what he could have changed to avoid the loss…. he said he would havent played a few senior players and should have gone with the youth for the big profile match too.

    And I am completely in favor of it. The kids have earned the run of the team so far in the cc, u have to let them a bite at the apple.

    btw, i am still in awe of vela’s goal!!!!! easily the best goal of the season, and maybe he will top that a few more times.

  67. ikon

    If Wenger reads this…

    Mr Wenger… please play Vela as a substitute from the 76th minute, and start with the same team that played against Manu, except for Ade for Bendtner.

  68. Big Raddy


    I am sure he will , unless Ade is fit. If he is then Nik will be on the bench.

    I am looking forward to this game. AV always give us a game, and our playing styles are similar.

    Hopefully Carew is injured, it would be karmic if he is f’ed up.

    My biggest fear for us is the set pieces. It is one of Villa’s strengths.