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One of our Overseas Grovers has kindly donated 2 club level tickets to Le Grove for tonight’s game against Wigan. The tickets are in club level, in the front row… so the view is pretty special! You also get free beer at half time… but sorry, no prawn sandwiches…

If you are interested, please answer the following questions and e-mail them to and I will do a draw a when the competition lines close at 1230!

Arsenal were the first team to reach 3 consecutive cup finals in 78, 79 and 1980.

  1. Which player played for Ipswich in the 78 cup final and Arsenal in 79 cup final?
  2. Which player famously brought Paul Allen down in the 1980 cup final?
  3. Who crossed the ball for Alan Sunderland when he scored the winning goal in the 79 Cup final which we won 3-2?

Winning answers will be placed in a hat and drawn at random! The pair of tickets will be printed up for the winner and collected tonight before the game!

Please e-mail me your full name and be aware that you must have photographic I.D to collect them later!

Good luck and remember… you have to be in it, to win it!

Answers go to

Lines close at 12:30!


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  1. Franchise

    Pedro why dont you merge both posts. A lot of ppl viewing later wld not be able to give their reflections on the earlier post.

  2. Pedro

    Franchise… because it gets too confusing when people are posting in different posts.

    It’s not often we run a competition… and you can all talk about the game in this one!

  3. Clacko the Gooner

    I am still pissin myself at Gunner8. First comment on the section “Fucked if i know”. Classic hahahaha!!!!

  4. Franchise

    Pedro you could have asked a simple question like ‘Who scored two goals for Arsenal against Manchester Utd on Sat. the 8th of November 2008?’ Get ppl to call a premium rate no. 090********* calls cost £1.50/min from BT land line other networks may vary. Competition open until 5.30pm. Thats how u get the big bucks 😆

  5. Franchise

    Kelsey use ur phone if you want to enter. First u need to call a premium rate no. 0905123123 to get the phone no. for the competition. Calls cost £1.50/min from a BT land line bla bla bla. u know the rest

  6. Geoff

    Avenall no draw has been made until 12.30, Rico what happened to your Paul Mariner guess then, I didn’t know you had more than one.

  7. benno

    Does anyone have a good reason why Song is in the squad tonight, because he brings neither a lot of experience or is he being blooded into the 1st team…would much preferto see either Toure, so he can form a partnership with Djourou and give us a good solid backbone to the team, or Bartley/Ayling or Nordveit (if he’s back form loan, some confused reports going round on that one) so that they can get some 1st team experience

  8. rico01

    i reckon Song will play, just hope its not in place of JD, I think something has been wrong with JD, surely otherwise he would have played – just hope he gets a game tonight and shows AW there is no longer a place for Song 😉

  9. benno

    yeh but Kolo is also not playing atm (because he’s in a form dip, not because he’s shit) so wouldn’t it make more sense to give Kolo a game to get his performance levels back up

  10. Geoff

    You are still wrong Rico and Kelsey, if you’re going to google, don’t believe what they write, use your eyes and look at the video, this is what’s wrong with the youth of today, they google, me I go on memory and read a lot.

  11. kunle4fabregas

    Finecuts, now I know you are truly mental!How can you even compare any of our players to any shlit at shit hart lane. You need help, and fast

  12. avenell

    I missed going to the “79” final by one programe voucher. I had 22 but I think 23 got you the chance to buy a ticket..

    Guess I never win anything.. 🙁

    Feel sorry for me Geoff/Pedro 🙂

  13. avenell

    Do you remember the little triangle voucher. on the back of the programs Geoff, unlike these wippersnappers, Wheres Big Raddy? he would!

  14. Dub B

    If you are giving them to someone through feeling sorry for them then i should have them. I have 3 eyes (all crossed) and a droopy arm and 7 toes on my left foot. My left part of the brain is on the right side so i have trouble with memory so i cant remember answer so can i have the tickets?

    P.S i will need helicopter transport and a hotel for the night too please.

  15. benno

    Don’t you mean 4:40am Jamie, it’s alright for all of you that can try to win the tickets and go to the game, but for those of us on the otherside of the world, its quite depressing knowing that we could try to win tickets to go to the game, but can’t due to the substantial distance away we live 🙁 So i’ll just start gettin amped up for the game 😀 😀

  16. Geoff

    I remember it like it was yesterday Rico, Avenall I remember swapping football cards for programmes so I could get the vouchers!

  17. benno

    Geoff, was just woindering if you know if there’s any info on next seasons Emirates cup out yet, coz i think i mite be forced to tie my trip back to England with when its on next year

  18. avenell

    Did you go to the final then Geoff? To see Liam Brady 😉 cross the ball in for Alan Alan Sunderland.. We’ve got the biggest Willie in the land,

    The only thing I remember the crowd doing about the man in the first answer was.

    Put their hand on their forehead and wipe thier tricep…. 🙂

  19. Geoff

    All the time Rico, that’s when I know she’s pissed off! Avenall I didn’t go to any of those three but I’ve been to them all ever since, apart from the Luton one the Zaragosa one and the Barca one, I had tickets but I didn’t want to go.

    Benno they come out in the new year I think.

  20. benno

    The only one i would of got would of been the last one, coz i’ve got highlights of that game on VHS lol, i remember growing up i’d just watch rerun after rerun of the highlights from that game and Anfield 89, and how much it pissed my old man off being a pool fan 😀

  21. benno

    Geoff, aint seen the Arsenal since we played City at Highbury in 96/97 i think it was, starting to get more than just a little bit jelous of all the fans who’ve had the chance to go to Emirates

  22. benno

    Australia, moved out 4 1/2 years ago, but never got the chance to go to see Arsenal often coz of my age and having to have the old man accompany me… wouldn’t be a problem now though 😀

  23. Gunner8

    erm, seeing as I was first at Wikipeding it over an hour ago I should win… …as I already have tickets I will donate them to the first two that show up at the pub

  24. rico01

    G8 – dont think that will work, I think the winner should be someone who didnt have to Google for the answers, so that counts me out !

  25. rico01

    oh – and it didnt do me much good anyway, as i got Brady wrong, hey ho, guess i will stay in the warm and shout loud at the television 🙂

  26. Gunner8

    Rico you’re just jealous!

    If you let me pet the piggie, I will give you my ticket’s… ….c’mon Pedro!

    Geoff, Nordtveit is unable to play until Jan and while you are right about Kolo etc… …the only other Defender in the match squad is Ogogo

  27. Geoff

    Gunner8 all the questions I asked were from memory, anyone can go to Wikipedia, comps should be from the heart, Rico and Kelsey went to google, but google was wrong!

  28. avenell

    I got it from memory, but I don’t know if I sent my email in, as I have never sent one before….

    What a Pillock!!! 🙂

  29. avenell

    That’s the trouble with this competition, if you was old enough to remember, your too old for the technology.. 🙂

  30. kelsey

    Geoff i didn’t go to f ing google,i really though brady crossed the ball for sunderland to score,but on reflection he broke out of defence and passed it to the left to rix (if you say so) and he crossed it over. is that right.

    biggest humiliation was in 1969 against 3rd division swindon losing 3-1 in extra time.we hadn’t won anything for about 16 years and thought we just had up turn up to win.wembley was a bog,and don rogers scored 2 and bobby gould scored our equaliser to force the game into extra time and he literally cried.

  31. xeeez

    yea Inside Albania..and also some clips of some youngsters i would have never seen otherwise :) from the Brazilian league