How good was your knowledge? Tickets winner announced!

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Which player played for Ipswich in the 78 cup final and Arsenal in 79 cup final?

Brian Talbot

Which player famously brought Paul Allen down in the 1980 cup final?

Willie Young

Who crossed the ball for Alan Sunderland when he scored the winning goal in the 79 Cup final which we won 3-2?

Graham Rix

About 18 out of 40 gave the correct answer… many were wrong by falsely saying Brady set up Sunderland… sadly, the BBC website let you down on this occasion! Anyway, the winner was drawn from an Arsenal tea mug and his name was:

Ronnie April

Have an enjoyable night!

The nerves are beginning to set in… this is going to be anything but a walk in the park… I’ve got money on a Vela double… how about you? Can Wilshere prove his worth, can the kids show the adults how to defend? Can Fabianski prove why he should be number one… it’s all up for discussion!

Get your predictions in and let us know your thoughts on tonight in the comments section!

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  1. avenell

    Simpson has only played 19 mins of first team football before tonight and he as scored 2 goals in 109 mins…. GIVE HIM SOME SLACK TOO!!!!!

  2. David

    o for god sakes Wrighty…

    Bentner dropped deep WAY TOO MANY TIMES…and When he wasnt on the wing hopping for support…he gave the ball away…when he got his chances he missed them…tell me one instance in that Untd game that he either created a chance…or he finished one???

    …ok so he has a few good games for his country i am talking about THE ARSENAL…i give a squat bout Denmark! (my apologize to any Danes..jus tryin to make a point)…

    Like i said before…altho he doesnt start he gets sub into games very frequently and when he is not annonymous…he gives the ball away…or stumbles on it…that shiefflied game…all the kids played well…Bolton BENTNER WAS STILL GIVING THE BALL AWAY CHEAPLY i dont get this…this kid cant score…

    Compare Bentner to Benzema..Are they not the same age?

  3. Maciek

    Thanks guys( Avenell and Finestcuts especially). Well, how much difference can 4 days make. But just don’t get carried away. Villa on saturday will be really tough game. Remember last year? That’s why I’m a BIT worried. But I think we will beat them. Remember we got many tough matches in the next 4 weeks.

  4. David

    O my GAWD!





  5. A

    I’d disagree with simpson beiing a good finisher, he has a good shot, but just kicks the ball as hard as he can, and will score a good few goals as a result, but he lacks any sort of composure.

    Out of today’s starting eleven I’d say Vela, Ramsey, Wilshere obviously will make it, Fabianski is already very close to ousting Almunia, Djourou and Song are already squad members and will continue to be but won’t ever be anything more, Gibbs could become useful, Merida has massive talent but something doesn’t seem quite right, Hoyte, Simpson, won’t ever make it at arsenal but could make it in the premiership at middlesbrough or someone like that if they become as good as they possible can. Randall has a bit more talent than those two but won’t make it at arsenal because of his attitude and the fact he’s a nob

    In terms of the subs Lansbury I’m still unure about but he definitely has some talent, fonte i doubt will make it but does have very good technical ability and intelligence. Players who didn’t come on Coquelin I’ve seen enough to be very excited about, Mannone has looked like he’s improved alot recently, Ogogo has improved but i doubt will make it, and likewise frimpong.

  6. Wrighty7

    The reason Bendtner dropped deep was to mark the deep-lying midfielder Anderson when United had the ball.

    Arsenal got numbers behind the ball and counter-attacked in an end to end game. I think Bendtner was probably told to do this by Wenger.

    Comparing Bendtner to Benzema is difficult. The Premiership is a superior league to the French league and although I don’t doubt Benzema’s quality, I wouldn’t mind betting the physical side of the league wouldn’t appeal to him.

  7. A

    that’s a ridiculous comparison, they’re very different types of strikers, playing in different standard leagues.
    simpson and messi are both 21, try and compare them?!

    Benzeama is probably a better player at the moment than Bendtner, but I don’t hear anyone trying to proclaim his as the best 20 year old striker in the world!

  8. Paulinho

    Bendtner played well versus United. He had the likes of Ferdinand backing off and was a threat on the ground and in the air. All this, and he’s 20, playing up front by himself. Not bad.

  9. David

    Bentner is shite.

    …trying to argue with you beyond reason…i dont doubt the boy has some talent…but is NOT GOOD ENOUGH for arsenals standards..and Altho i must admit i havent seen enough games for Simpson he has impressed me more than Bentner EVER HAS. PERIOD.

    I rest my case..

  10. A

    this is such a silly argument, someone trying to claim a player who’s played a single first class (ish) match and therefore noone can judge anyways, (although by that argument I’ve never played a first class match so noone can say im not better than bendtner) is better than an established international, who is younger, and rated as one of the top youngsters in europe.

    It’s like trying to claim Christopher Wreh was better than the Brazilian Ronaldo because he had one good game

  11. David

    Karim Benzema

    Club App (Gls)*
    Olympique Lyonnais 88 (35)

    France 18 (5)

    Nicolas Benter
    Arsenal 35 (6)

    Denmark 21 (8)

    Someone asked for a comparrison….and for club and country Benzema is better BY FAR.

    If the French league is a lesser league then y is Nasri Scoring all these goals for us? I just wander.

  12. Wrighty7

    Thats your opinion David so fair enough.

    Its not one I agree with in anyway, shape or form but I guess you have it in your mind that Bendtner is shit!

    I have one question for one though David,

    You have only Bendtner or Simpson available for the game against Chelsea at the end of the month. Who would you HONESTLY pick?

  13. David

    No im not not disrespectful to the ladies…but im sorry i disagree with just about everything you guys say about Bentner…your talking bout holding the ball…and the fact that he was “there” welll if he isnt there where the *@#(&@Q# should he be???

    A strikers job is to put the ball behind the net…period….or create for someone…and *sigh*…why bother this is a silly argument…i dnt know which games u guys are watching that you rate a fool of a striker that stumbles on the ball and gives it away every match he plays…this is retarded.

    If you rate that…then…might as well rate adebayor as the greatest there ever will be.

  14. A

    david, if a strikers job was to put the ball “behind” the net, then dennis bergkamp was incredibly average wasnt he. and hang on, surely ade is the best if thats the case?!

  15. David

    yea problem is Arsenal is not a country…

    You can say im pat…i dnt care…you also rate Bentner…so that’s just about as absurd as callin me pat…

    And wrighty i dnt know the answer to ure question…i havent seen enough of Simpson to say…but from what i saw tonight…(which is not enough) i would play him…Shit…I would play anyone before i play bentner…Ade should be fit for the Chelsea game…so thank God.

  16. A

    Bendtner’s goal to game ratio is actually quite good, 11 goals in 19 starts, 28 sub appearances. so 11 in essentially under 30 games in terms of minutes played, considering the lack of continuity 1 in 3 is very respectable considering how much he offers apart from goals

    so David, do you think Heskey should be in the england squad?

  17. ReVELAtion

    has an arsenal 3-0 victory turned into a bendtner vs simpson debate? let’s just leave it at simpson played well tonight, bendtner is the makings of something special as are most of the other arsenal players aged 16-23. im off to nurse the ladies flu, then off to bed before heading to the station to pick up the birtish rags to read about our tremendous win and how utd’s kids are shite in comparison..

    Good night gooners, been a good week thus far…

    Next up villa πŸ™‚

  18. David

    No but he sure as shit scored a handful of the most important if not memorable goals that Arsenal has and will every have…and he created many chances…

    When did Bentner score for us again…? im sry i missd it somewhere some replay or something…and which chance did he create?

    This is silly…

  19. avenell

    You can name a player with better stats than all of the Arsenal starting 11, but we would give any team in the world a run for their money!!!

  20. A

    yeah how can we have got distracted from a 3-0 win?! to be honest i reckon there is a good chance that david is spurs fan just trying to wind us all up and we’ve all taken the bait. Noone could ever seriously try and rationally argue simpson is in the same league as bendtner.

    night rev, bring on villa!

  21. Wrighty7

    I’m sure he scored an important winner against Spurs last season at the Emirates……..And I’m sure he pinged a 50 yard pass to Adebayor against West Ham and Ade scored.

    My memory is a bit shit though……………..

  22. David

    Im not even going to go there…comparing Heskey to Bentner…rofl…Heskey you think Bentner plays like Heskey???

    This conversation is gettin more retarded by the minute…wow.

  23. A

    David, he set up theo against utd twice, once with a fantastic bit of skill to go past ferdinand and incredible vision to pick him out. He was man of the match against sheffield utd and Bolton, scoring 2 and setting up 2 against sheffield utd, and setting up the first scoring the second against bolton….

  24. avenell

    Ronaldo was player of the year last year , but we still beat the twaunts 2-1 on saturday. and we never paid out Β£160 million putting the team together..!!

  25. A

    No i don’t think heskey and bendtner have similar styles of play, but both offer something to the team other than goals and assists, which according to you are the only things that matter for a striker “period”

  26. David

    He set theo up once…which is the one thing i can let you have…the other chance theo had that he played wide…was off of a Nasri cross…ure pulling at strings here…and id rather die than to be a spurs fan…im insulted im a spurs fan becuase i dnt rate Bentner…??? Wot an insult..

    Ok im done…Bentner is still shite.

  27. A

    that’s irrelevant wrighty, if you put forward the facts that ridicule what he’s saying he just ignores them. Keeps saying “give me two games bendtner was outstanding” and you present him with fulham and sheffield utd, man of the match in both, and he just doesn’t respond.

    This season he’s had 7 starts, 5 sub appearances, and got 3 goals 4 assists

  28. Wrighty7

    David I’m sorry but you asked for answer’s and you have been provided with them.

    You have no argument except that Bendtner is shite…………..That is no argument.

  29. David

    I have no argument other than the fact that Bentner gives away the ball cheaply which obviously you rate…he stumbles on the ball while doing it…which obviously you rate…misses chances like adebayor on crack…which you rate…and if those are not valid arguments i dnt know what is…

    So nuff said.

  30. David

    Avenell read the whole thread somebody started swinging at me cuz i said i rate Simpson better than Bentner….So im not the guilty party here…shit.

  31. A

    You’re missing the point, the point was heskey is not selected for his goals or assists, but because he contributes to the team in other ways, and that contribution is valid and valuable. Though even having said that to claim heskey has scored more is stupid too, and simply untrue in terms of his scoring rates. Or do you mean literally more and consider that a valid argument?! in which case so has ricketts?!

    heskey has 14 in 72 for wigan, and started pretty much every game…. for england he has 5 in 50 matches…. his best goalscoring came at liverpool, 40 in 150 games, all those goalscoring ratios are worse than bendtners!

  32. David

    lol…fuk off wrighty…make sure you write a good piece bout how Jay Simpson tore the Wigan Defense apart the Way BENTNER CAN NEVER DO!!!

  33. Wrighty7

    So going by that argument David you must think Theo Walcott is shit as well. He is subbed nearly every game mate.

    It doesn’t mean they are shit, its called being saved from BURNOUT!

  34. David

    A i here you mate…Heskey is a much better player by far than Bentner…he is stronger in the air…and he fights for every ball and wins almost every challenge…that kind of contribution is invaluable and you are right on that one but im just not exactly getting what Bentner adds to the team like u said except for one…”holding the ball” argument and a 50 yard pass….ok…great but thats not reason enough to be an Arsenal starting 11

  35. A

    Bendtner is incredibly strong in the air, he won pretty much every single header and flick on against vidic and ferdinand, no small feat. The 50 yard passes and other vision and passing aility will mean he’ll get a hell of a lot of assists when given a decent run in the team.
    At the moment in front of goal he’s still learning the trade, and getting confidence playing for arsenal, which is why he’s only a squad player and a fit ade will start ahead of him, but once he gets a couple and gets some confidence the goals will start flowing, and then he’ll offer those as well as assists and strength, work rate etc that was so invaluable against man utd

  36. Rasputin

    I’ve just got in from the game and I can’t believe what you guys have ben arguing about.

    My only beef is that we were treated to a magnificent display of positive attacking football where a team of raw youngsters beat a pretty much full strength Wigan side and I would say about 30% of ‘supporters’ left before the end. The least we could do after such a display would have been to cheer them off the pitch. Shame on those of you who didn’t feel these youngster deserved our recognition.

  37. Wrighty7

    I never said Theo was shit, I was just going by your way of thinking David.

    Lets just say we agree to disagree on the situation. We quite clearly have different opinions on Bendtner so I extend my hand for a virtual hand shake to end the argument.

    Do you accept?

  38. A

    They are both 20 yes David, who said anything about Benzeama?! Benzeama is probably better at the moment, but then Benzeama is probably the best 20 year old striker in the world…. I’m actually very surprised Benzeama’s goalscoring record isn’t better than it is given the shocking standard of the league he plays in, I expected it to be much better.

    Heskey was good at 20, not as good as Bendtner, though offering something different, but much much better than Simpson

  39. David

    ok so i got

    1. holding the ball

    2. wins air balls against united (even tho it never amounted to nothing)

    3. 50 yard passing.

    1. trips over the ball

    2. gives it away cheaply

    3. horribly finishing

    i say we are dead even…so a draw then?

  40. avenell

    Have Lyon got any players as good as Fabregas???

    It’s all if’s and but’s We are NOT going to buy Benzema for Β£30 million FULL STOP ..
    but our team CAN beat Lyon 9 times out of 10.

  41. David

    very well Wrighty…handshake it is….

    U just make sure you write the article cuz simpson performed brilliantly…better than Bentner has thas for sure!

  42. A

    lyon have noone as good as cesc, but there’s noone as good as cesc in the french league! the best player was nasri, and we’ve signed him!

  43. avenell

    That’s the problem … this is the real world Wenger works in…
    NOT the championship manager blog world we do.. πŸ™‚

  44. Rasputin

    No offence Wrighty – it was just such a great entertaining evening, I can’t find any negatives. Although I think we could have played even better.

    Ramsey and Randall gave the ball away when they tried to be too clever and Song had his usual scattering of scary moments. LJW wasn’t at his best. Vela was great but should have scored two and Merida, once again didn’t live up to expectation. But hey -we won 3 nil and the kids had fun……

  45. Thomas Vik

    Compairing Heskey to Bendtner? That’s almost out of order.Bendtner is not a target man,he is best as the second striker,same role as van persie basically.. he has skills Heskey couldn’t dream of,he is a much more complete fotballer,with a vision for the play.i seriously doubt that Heskey ever could make 50 yard,like the one for Adebayor or the backheel to Theo

  46. VforGunners

    I give you one more thing to your list so that you can win over wrighty, David:
    4) A striker standing on the opponent’s goal line to block his teammate’s shot
    If not with that, we would probably have been the EU champion last year.
    So cheers to all of your “50 yard pass”…

  47. ethangunner


    i agree … it was a good display .. without doubt..
    it only hi-lites that jack – theo – vela all need a game ..
    i wasn’t too convinced by fabianski ! and i have been recently sticking up for him over almunia .
    i might have to reconsider my evaluation .. its nothing that a few more games wouldn’t fix ..
    but it shows me we really are a bit fragile in that area with an injury or 2 ..

    even simpson played well .. gibbs always looks good too me ! he gets back on defense and
    in all honesty if he keeps improving like this clichy should be afraid !

    Over all some good players showed there skill last night and they should be commended !

    i think wenger should get more experience into the frey when tougher competition comes up ..
    it would be a serious mistake not to take every comp seriously .. thats my biggest complaint .

  48. Confidentgoner

    Folks, AW has been reading this blog or is it just my imagination? From the ManU game our defending has been as a team and it showed yesterday as well. He needs to keep it up, that is the team defending. Was also impressed with our back two of JD and Song, as well as Ramsety, Jack, Gibbs. While Vela is proven, Jay simpson is fast and direct, which is good.

    On the Bentner Simpson debate , It is a a tough one. each player comes with his baggage and I am curious to know Simpson’s scoring record for the Reserves

  49. ethangunner


    NAR .. our defending has got easier because we are never in the defensive 3rd !
    we are scoring 1st , because without ade the team plays fluent football !
    like ive always said the best form of defense is offense !

    if your always in your opponents attacking 3rd its a pretty easy job for the defenders and goalies isnt it ?!

  50. ethangunner

    no 35 missed chances a game – no 10 offsides a game … we can make use of our chances and put teams on the back foot ! i love , hopefully he will take over rosickys mantle and rosicky can come back too the team ! ..

    if we lost ade we might have a chance at the title !

  51. ethangunner

    i dont there is any debate over simpson and bendtner .. both are not ready ..
    both have potential .. and nik B has a bit more experience ..
    ( a few more regular games anything can happen but currently)

    but the bottom line is neither should be counted upon this season ..

  52. Evo in Oz

    i love The Arsenal to the max!

    great highlights! how good is Ramsey and what about Whilshere too!

    Vela is the bloody ducks nuts, that lad is quality! How dismayed was kirkland when he chipped him for the goal? Kirklands face was priceless after it went in! Kanu jnr and toure certainly liked the look of the goal sitting up in the stands!

  53. rico01

    Morning all

    ethan – your comment re Nik and Simpson is spot on, i think i may be a little guilty of starting the ‘mass debate’ last night, when i said i rated simpson. It went down hill from there.

    Both players are not yet the finished article, and right now, none of us know for sure if they ever will be. Also, both playe very different style of football.

    I find it sad when a person (simpson) gets his football judged by his level of intelligence, i dont ever recall Einstein being able to play football !!
    Dont we judge footballers on their ability to play the game, regardless….

    Simpson imho, potentially, has an Ian Wright about him, he finished well last night, especially his second, good placement, rather than ‘hit the ball as hard as possible’ which has been suggested.

    Nik is not my favourite player, but i dont forget how young he is, Simpson is only 19, who knows, he may just be a really good old fasioned No9 over the next few years..

  54. Confidentgoner


    Agree on Bent and Simp, it really is a pointless debate.

    I am looking forward to when Ade will improve his offside record, but I know you don’t rate him at all, which is different from all the clubs that came for him last summer, his goal record last season and what defenders /managers said about him. It is a personal prerogative to hate or like a player. Personally am excited about all the talents we have as Arsenal and it shows that with proper handling, we can beat any team. I observed that Ade had his best days when playing with dudu, after dudu’s injury he lost form.

    I think, yesterday our defense was good and resolute. A lot of play was in our half, but almost all our goals were from counter attack, and efficient use of the ball. Had Vella passed to Simpson at the 13th minute, rather than try to beat the goal keeper, the tally will have been more.

  55. Evo in Oz

    hi guys, care to enlighten me on your debate last night, i missed it, just interested in the crux of it all!

    Apparently Simpson has been with us since he was 9 years old, they must be keen on him then!

  56. kelsey

    morning rico,

    I agree with you about intelligence level of players beckham being a good example.You quite rightly say simpson took the second goal really well,it was not as simple as it looked.ian wright took until his mid twenties to achieve his potential.

    Ramsey at 17 is pure class and has that vital but rare ingrediant, vision.

    young jack in his baggy shorts looks like something out of the fifties but he and ramsey will come through.

    vela showed yet again,he is not a one trick pony,exquisite lob,but give kirkland some credit he was obviously in discomfort the whole game and yet pulled off some great saves.

    randall to me is an enigma,he has a strong physical presence gets stuck in but his passing needs to improve.

    fab,made an excellent double save but my gut feeling he is not ready yet at 24,young for a goalie and needs to improve his handling.punching position on crosses.

    our luck we might get stoke away or spurs/liverpool away. πŸ™‚

  57. Seb

    some people said Bendtner isn’t good enough and Simpson is
    some people said Simpson isn’t good enough and Bendtner is
    some people said neither of them are good enough and never will be
    some people said they are both good leave them alone
    some people thought it was all getting a bit silly after a while πŸ˜‰

  58. Evo in Oz

    thanx Seb, good highlights. cheers mate

    Ramsey is awesome!

    Vela is potentially my next player on my next strip i purchase! i want to get in early!

  59. Seb

    It really was a joy to watch rico, in fact it made me think about whether it would be enough to have our teams playing football like this even if we didn’t win anything. Probably not, but I know I would still end up feeling very proud of our club.

    I think respect for Arsene is due, we may have had a shaky start, but you can imagine if you saw these players every day in training, you really would believe in them, rather than start panic-buying.

  60. peachesgooner

    Morning all

    Our team of babies certainly did themselves proud last night. Arsenes favourite expression of ‘playing without the hand-brake’ comes to mind as they tore into Wigan with gay abandon – can I say that?

    I’ve just read back the comments from last night Simpson/Bendtner and what I would say is that Vela was going at some pace down the wing and that it was the speed of Simpsons run that enabling him to be in the right place to score from Velas pass.

    Not more or less inteligent IMO just faster!

  61. Evo in Oz

    morning rico and all

    how good was Ramsey barnstorming run with the stepover routine in the 2nd half where he ended putting the throughball onto gibbs’ boot…they was class!

    happy to see Merida get a run and play well also!

  62. Rasputin

    The thing I liked about Simpson was his desire, workrate and the fact that when we were streaming forward he put himself in the danger zone.

    How many times over recent years have you seen our wide players streaking down the wings only to olook up and see nobody int the middle. We just don’t seem to make near post runs for tap-ins (freddie wasn’t too proud and scored a lot of goals bundling the ball into the net).

    Simpson doesn’t have the silky skills or trickery. He is strong and direct and I don’t know if that fits in with the Arsene model. All I will say is that analysis of great teams usually shows a blend of creativity, strength, resilience and clinical finishing.