We beat the Mancs with no forward line, how does that feel Fergie?

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So now the euphoria has subsided I still feel like a dog with two dicks, why? well mostly because I work with a Manc, he’s welsh really but he supports them for the same reason that every other Manc does, they spend loads, are successful, and he lives nowhere near Manchester, well he’s going to get both barrel’s this morning.

I watched the biased BBC highlights and they left out the big penalty shout and many of our chances, so no change there, but with an average age of 7 and all of our first choice forwards missing and against their top and uninjured side, we done them big time, it was only Wenger sending on the subs that even allowed them a goal that made the scoreline look close, not to mention the customary 6 minutes of injury time and the worst refereeing I have ever witnessed and they still lost to our academy team.

Arsenal, you now have to do that against the shit sides, like Hull, Chelsea and the Scousers. Then and only then will we win the league.

I thought Denilson has a cracking game as did Diaby, I’m still at a loss to see what Djourou needs to do to get a game, even as a sub, but time will tell there, so Denilson keep it up, we now know you can play well.

I expect our kids to go out of the Carling tomorrow as Wigan are a strong team, but we have home advantage, Jack Wilshere and Carlos Vela, so who knows. The fact we beat red nose and his team of thugs sends out a message, what does Rooney need to do to get red carded? Or even the odd yellow? He took Theo out when he was nowhere near the ball and didn’t even get talked to, still that’s Howard Webb for you, muppet.

Nothing will take away the feeling I have right now and this should take me nicely up to the villa game, and the way they and City are playing I expect 6 points from those two. We could have this sewn up by Christmas!

Something has happened to the stewards as they are now leaving us alone, I haven’t been told off for singing, standing up or banging the sign now for three games, way to go stewards!

Ok so today we’ll start debating the Wigan game and who plays, but a word on Nikki before I sign off, I know he has his critics, he could have had a hatrick, but at least he was in position to miss, they’ll come, at least he wasn’t continually offside.

Finally did anyone notice we had a back four that were all French, plus Diaby and Nasri, should I worry or be grateful? what do you think Grovers?

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  1. Gunner8

    Geoff… …I know, I read your posts but have a very busy couple of weeks so not much time to post or read… …see how long it took to even get my thoughts on Saturdays game!

    I did however spend the rest of the day delirious and smashed

  2. Franchise

    Stu I was just trying to point out to Ethan that 30 goals a season from a striker is a remarkable achievement. his goal scoring ratio i.e. Ade is not that bad either. He made a point that Ade didnt score for 10 games hence he wasnt good enough for Arsenal. I find him frustrating at times but with Nik’s performances in the last last two games just proves how hard he works most times. I rate Nik and that wasnt a swipe at him

  3. Maciek

    The problem with our strikers is ONE. I don’t think that all of them are good enough. I would sell Adebayor and Van Persie( yes- i love him as a player but our style just don’t suit him) and I would go for Benzema.
    I think that just enough quality to destroy teams. And we all know that all of them are capable of doing something out of notning. Adebayore just can’t do it. And I don’t think that Adeba- Persie partnership works very well. What do You think?

  4. insidealbania

    Franchise – its funny how playing Diaby is always a ‘risk’. Its a s if the guy is made of glass. The inside of his house must be all in bubble wrap. Still he does knows how to kick a chav in the head though.

  5. Gunner8

    Maciek, I tend to agree with you Benzema will go to the Chavs/Mancs/Real as they are the only ones who can afford him.

    I still think Villa would have been the answer

    Mark C, don’t think both of Lansbury and Randall will start

  6. benno

    my preferred team for tomorrow would be something like this:


    Rodgers Hoyte Djourou Gibbs

    LJW Ramsey Randall Merida



    mebe with a few 1st teamers such as bendtner, toure, denilson etc on the bench

  7. ethangunner

    30 goals for the ONLY striker all season who is fit !
    out of how many games?
    yes of course he should of scored that many sitting in front of the best midfield creative power of the last decade ! and he missed a fair few too A FAIR FEW I MIGHT ADD !

    he is woeful .. yes you cannot win this argument with stats ..
    like ive always said ive got 2 eyes , i can see how effective HE ISNT on the pitch ..

    if you want to talk about stats talk – off sides – talk about scoffing up possession,
    talk about poor passes ! a poor 1st touch .. talk about he needs 10 shots to get 1 goal !

    wasteful and un arsenal like !!

  8. Franchise

    Maciek the devil u know is better than the angel you dont. Benzema???? The main problems our strikers have had is that the midfield and wide players are not creating enough chances for them.

    Tott 4-4
    two goals were from set pieces, one was from a school boy defensive error and the last was a goal created by a striker VP for a wide player eventually tapped in on the line by a striker

    We went one nil down and for most of the game I cant remember Sorensen making a save

  9. Franchise

    If Marcello Lippi, Fabio Capello, Fergie, John Terry, Ferdinand, Henry, Arsene and the rest of the footballing world rate Adebayor as a dangerous forward then what else can I say???????

  10. rookie

    Ade is a very good striker and he has already filled the boots of henry…he scored 30 in his first full season as first choice what else you ask for???yes he missed many but who does nt?????

  11. Franchise

    Ethan what makes u think that midfield was the best creative power in the world? We are arsenal fans but lets say things as they are

  12. rookie

    people always whine about David villa but why do we need him we already has three second strikers why we need villa?????

  13. Franchise

    If u watched the Barcelona team of 04, 05 and 06 you would not have made that statement. They tore and ripped teams open for fun. Our own team or just part of it Henry, Cole, Pires were more creative btw 02-04 than that team last year. Do u want to add Iceman and Ljunberg to the list? No comparison. Not debatable

  14. Maciek

    That is the point Rookie. I respect Your view guys but if we could sell van Persie for 15 milions and Adebayor for 15 that will give a chance to sign so called “star”. Look at Del Piero- there is something special about him. I don’t see any special things when I look at Adebayor, as for the Dutchman- he is special but to me, he just doesn’t fit to our style of play. Just my humble opinion. And to me_ Eduardo is better than Villa. If not Benzema- I would go for AMIR ZAKI. Proven and dedly.And lets face it- we aren’t so dangerous when we are counter attacking. I think even though we do have Walcott and Adebayor and Nasri, we are to slow. Just my humble opinion.

  15. Gunner8

    rookie, I would rather have one Villa for RVP and Ade and keep Vela, Eduardo, Walcott and Bendtner as he is a clinical finisher and takes great free kicks.

    I think RvP is well overated anlthough I like him… …and Ade is shit!

  16. Gunner8

    Zaki is like an Eduardo though… …the difference with Villa is he also has pace, is technical and scores form Free Kicks

  17. Maciek

    And Franchise. It’s true that we are scoring many goals but look at Ade- he wastes too many chances, he is sooooooooooooo frustrating. As for our midfield I tend to agree. We need a CDM(CANA please) and a CD(Zapata or Wheater). When Rosicky will be back and Eduardo will recover we will be even stronger but a CDM and a CD is a MUST.

  18. Pedro

    I don’t buy into this Ade hating.

    He has scored 9 goals and made 5 assists… he doesn’t pretend to be Henry and opposition players hate playing against him + Fergie tried to buy him, so did Milan and Barca.

    All these people can’t be wrong about him. He offers us something different and it benefits us. Wenger is a fine judge of strikers and he wouldn’t have offered him £80k a week if he thought he was a bad player.

  19. Pedro

    As for missing chances… all strikers miss chances!

    I work with a Chav fan who said the same about Anelka today… he may have scored two, but he missed a sitter.

    You will never get the perfect striker again…

  20. rookie

    maciek that’s the reason we should not sell Ade he is the only out & out striker we have out of the top four who has a better line leading man???? fergie is still searching for that man..and as i mentioned those three second strikers only one in the shape of van persie is proven and have experience..van persie has always played well when he is not injured i would never trade persie for even Benzema….all these strikers you are mentioning can never fit within our system….and ZAki “proven” you are kidding right????guy has only played 10 premiership matches and there are many players who some times have good start and then die…i can’t understand why people here are whining about strike when it’s our strength

  21. Franchise

    Maciek keep ur eyes away from other teams as much as you can. They always look better until they are yours. Why should we go sign a Forward when we have improving forwards that have aclimatised to the English league. If u go sign Benzema then we start saying he needs two seasons b4 he is readdy bla bla bla. Arsenal’s current problem is in the midfield. We lack one player there. We are at a point where we cannot afford to have Denilson injured not to mention Cesc. We do not need any forward players. If Arsene can sign a decent eperienced midfielder in Jan I would be ok. Forget obsession with other teams players it is not fantasy league

  22. Pedro

    What does that prove Avenell?

    Look at the attacking players Wenger has brought through over the years… if he excels at anything it is identifying great attackers.

  23. Pedro

    Rookie, well said mate.

    Zaki needs to prove himself over at least a season before he can even think about getting a transfer to a top club.

    Sell RvP? The player Van Basten said reminded him most of himself?

  24. benno

    Tbh i think the forward line is fine, albeit unlucky with injuries. We just need a dominating CM and a bit more depth to the squad, which will come as players like Ramsey, Bischoff and Wilshere get there chance of some game time in the 1st team.

  25. Patrick7

    I’m not against Benzema but my French masseur from Chateauroux FC, where Sunu came from, told me he is shorter 10kg lighter and does the same thing as Nasri so Wenger bought the better and cheaper option at the time and Benzema might be too light for the EPL judging by Nasri’s struggles to date.

  26. insidealbania

    Guys, I dont think our strikers are a problem. All forwards miss easy chances so that is not a problem. In addition ADE and RVP have been with us for a long time and know the kind of football we play. This cannot be replaced in the space of a single season. We have weaknesses in defence and midfield and that is where we should be buying players. We should not think about selling anyone at the moment not even SONG (although it hurts me to say it)

  27. rookie

    listen all of you i am probably the only one here who has enough time to follow all the three leagues..lols.and believe me i would not take any striker in place of van persie and not even in place of adebayor…..
    as for proven Ade is proven he has scored 30 goals in season and again this time has scored 9 and assisted as well…

    although i would like Pato in my team lols

  28. Keyser

    Jeffers was injured for long periods and when you come in to play alongside or replace the likes of Henry and Bergkamp you have a lot to live up to, either you make that instant impact the fans are looking for or the poor start undermines any good performances you put in later.

    Adebayor is not crap or woeful, he misses certain types of chances and his first touch is poor, his shooting has been questionable but then he hit a couple of the best volleys you’ll ever see and some great headers last season, he scored 30 goals despite squandering many chances but this season he has added assists to his games aswell, so he is developing as a player.

    Villa has some great qualities and I could even see him play alongside Adebayor but then he hasn’t played in the premiership and I doubt he’s going to bully defenders like Adebayor can or rise up and over 6ft 7inch defenders like Zat Knight to head home.

    We can bring in the World’s best players but to get the best out of them for Arsenal is completely different from seeing them perform for their respective teams right now.

    Denilson was written off a couple of weeks ago, he’s shown signs of improvements since, we haven’t looked comfortable in midfield either but then playing Diaby in a midfield 5 has gien us a sense of hope again.

    It’s not always as straight forward as it seems.

  29. avenell

    I think the pressure of coming to Arsenal for a lot of money F**cked Jeffers.
    He looked okay for the England U21’s,

  30. Patrick7

    I’ll judge RvP after this year. He’s spent too much of previous seasons in sickbay and yes, he’s great when on target but an awful lot of matches go past when he’s off target so I would rather have a less fragile reliable goalscorer in his place without the petulance if his season continues as it has to date! He’s not that great at corners or free-kicks judging him against his counterparts and headed goals or is it we don’t train for dead-ball situations as I said yesterday?

  31. avenell

    Hunterlaar looked like a good clinical striker in the Emirates cup and he looks the type of striker who will camp in the box, not try to be a supplier like Ade and Bendtner do sometimes..

  32. Franchise

    Lenny who? I would prefer Kravitz stick him in the midfield and ppl might mistake him for Edgar Davids lol. ANR…………

  33. rookie

    Pedro i think people here are not actually thinking about what Arsenal need but what they need…lols..& trying to build a fantasy team…

    but believe me i like villa as well he is a good player..but i will never sacrifice van persie for him..

  34. Geoff

    Diawara, Caballero, Aliadiere, Jeffers, Boa Morte, Christopher Wreh, Baptista and Suker to name but a few shit buys, I know I spelt the Argie incorrectly but I think Wenger has made more shit striker buys than good ones which are Henry, Theo, RVP and Ade, the jury’s out on Wiltord and the beast was a loaner but he did try with £17 mil the season before.

    Reyes, Freddie and Pires were wingers.

    However I think Ade and RVP are world class and will come good. Pedro that was almost an Arsene knows statement!

  35. Franchise

    Avenell if there is a gulf between the front line and the midfield a striker has no choice but to come inwards to link up play. Unless u want to start sending in bolton like balls for the front men

  36. Maciek

    Ok. You are right, when You are talking about me playing Champ. Manager. But when You look at our striker’s partnersip, aside from goals and assists something is missing. Besides Henry scored twice the same amount fo goals as Bergkamp, and You can’t tell me that Henry was much better player than him. It’s not always about goals and assists. And look at Fulham, Stoke, Sunderland games. When we are at the wall and can’t play “wengerball” something is missing. You are right about our strikers in general but I’m talking about partnerships more. And You are all right- the problems are in midfield and in defence. We need a leader. Cana would be perfect. As for the rest- we need one more defender or to give Djourou more chances. Just my opinion.

  37. rookie

    if we sign cana he will get a red in every match he plays…the guy loves tackling and football in England is becoming not-touch football….

  38. Geoff

    When Robin and Cesc were doing that 2 man corner routine last term Robin was almost shooting from them, I liked that and we looked dangerous.

  39. Pedro

    It wasn’t… it was a correct statement defending our strikers. You can’t just say Wenger doesn’t know anything can you? You give credit where credit is due…

    Wenger’s mains strength is buying attacking players…

    Overmars, Anelka, Pires, Freddie, Henry… all great attackers. So he knows his stuff in that department.

    Our attackers are scoring goals and they are getting slated, I don’t think that is fair. As backed up by your last sentence.

  40. Geoff

    I agree not to slate our strikers but I don’t think he has a great record, see my list and Overmars, Freddie and Pires were wingers, Anelka he sold, I thought that was shit business, I’d like him now.

  41. Franchise

    All managers and clubs buy crap buys its harder to stomach when u pay a lot for them. Arsene most expensive flop IMO is Wiltord but I wouldnt exactly say he was a flop. Kezman was a mega flop, so was Forlan, and was Veron. Lets make a list of Premier leagues worst buys.

  42. avenell

    The worst buy bar none the player Souness bought when he was Southampton manager
    On the strength of a phone call from someone pretending to be George Weah.

    He came on as sub and was substituted after about 20 mins..

  43. Geoff

    That’s irrelevant you said he excels in buying strikers, my list shows he’s bought more pups than great strikers. And most of the good ones he sold before their time, Henry, Anelka and if you want to include wingers I say Overmars and Pires.

  44. Keyser

    You’d have to consider all those strikers individually, Wreh was 4th choice behind Anelka, Wright and Bergkamp he only scored 3 goals but all of them were important. Suker was always a good striker just came a bit too late in his career to be as effective as he could have been.

    Anelka was shit business ?!

    Add Eduardo and Anelka to the list, Aliadiere and Baptista barely got the chance, but Baptista scoring 4 at Anfield was a great memory.

    Why does everything have to be either great or just plain shit ?!

  45. Maciek

    We all know that we play well against quality teams but against “smaller” we are not up for it. Manchester play open game, as well as spurs but against “stubborn” teams full of strong players we are hopeless. And a great pleyer can make something special when it’s just not Your day. We need a leader. For me Denilson, Song are not an answer. We need someone like Cana who will add some steel to our midfield. And we still look very unconfortable at the back. I’m not talking about spending milions, but about buying players who can make You better.

  46. Geoff

    Jeffers got us a penalty against Liverpool and Suker was over the hill, but he was a makeweight in the Anelka deal, so Wenger knew.

  47. avenell

    I remember when Veron first came to United, On MOTD they nearly dedicated the whole show to him, w**king all over how good he was..

  48. Keyser

    I remember the backpass indirect free-kick Suker scored against Villa, I think he got two that game but it’s one of the only goes I can remember us scoring from a free kick inside the box.

  49. Maciek

    Cana never received any red card in the French league. I don’t think he would get any playing here in England.

  50. Pedro

    So he is a bad judge of strikers because of that list?

    He bought Anelka for £500k… and sold him for a fee that was never matched again in his career… and purchased Henry… who he turned into a our record goal scorer…

    Your list doesn’t make him a bad judge of striker does it?

    If Wenger is a bad judge of striker… that would make every manager in world football a bad judge.

  51. Geoff

    I named you the shit ones, you’ve named two that were okay, Real bought Figo around then for £37 and Zidane for a similar amount, it was fashionable in those days, I’d sooner have kept him and teamed him with Henry, that would have been good management and smart business.

    His job is to win things, not balance the books.

    Anyway I made my point I’m off.

  52. rookie

    Maciek i am talking about PL where rash tackling as he does is not tolerated….

    he makes too many dangerous looking tackles i would like Alonso if liverpool are looking to sell.

  53. Pedro

    Guys… I have 4 tickets available for the Wigan game tomorrow!

    The club level tickets are open to offer… so if you are interested, let me know ASAP!

  54. Franchise

    Pedro u r right if Arsene has any qualities is that he knows how to identify Attacking talents. If the players dont live up it is not always the managers fault e.g. Reyes

  55. Keyser

    LoL nah getting rid of Anelka a player who was sulking and being told by his brothers and advisors to milk the club dry or move on to Real Madrid was a smart piece of business, didn’t he pay for the likes of Henry ?!

    Enoy your day Geoff..

  56. avenell

    I don’t think Wenger would have sold Anelka if he had the choice, Anelka’s brother wanted his 10% and if we had of kept him we might not have signed Henry.
    So we had Henry and £12million on top!

  57. gazzap

    do we really need another striker? what the hell will Vela and Eduardo be doing with RVP and Ade being first choice and Nik taking the odd game here and there? what can Lenny do for us that others cant?
    someone needs to tell wenger that if he has money burning a hole in his pocket, to get out there and buy a holding midfielder and maybe a centre half.
    However good Den and Cesc are at home, away from home their protection of the back 4 is not good enough for a team that still talks about the title.

  58. avenell

    Adding to that. Why have we payed £600,000 to have Rui Fonte on loan?

    Unless we buy him for a discount next year.

    We are either training him up for another club to take advantage or he is holding back one of our strikers..

  59. avenell

    Keyser.. I quickly read a headline from a search yesterday but didn’t follow looking it up.. You are correct we are paying $60,00 to loan him and $2.5 if we want to buy him next year..

  60. charybdis1966

    Surprise, surprise the manskummer in the office has kept her head down and not shown her face.

    She was round gloating when we blew it against the spuds and Stoke.

    Typical – the give it the big one if they win and hide like cowards when theylose.

  61. ethangunner

    I cant see it myself !
    ade is a big fat waste of space ..
    he is wasteful in front of goal !
    and thats even if he can even get in front of goal without being offside 1st ..
    he just demands the ball whilst appearing almost stationary , his final shot is beyond fucked ! And he stops our game plan 99% of the time dead in its tracks !

    Its like geoff too song
    like me too ade !

    i cant see it , i cannot see how he is the best option for us !
    a fast technical team .. and you have a butcher heading your side …

    he is beyond frustrating to watch ! and never scores pivotal goals ..
    he seems to score after every game has already been won ..
    or scores too little too late !

    nasri can turn a game , ade cannot ..

    ade cannot beat his man ! and now prefers to lay it off !

    Im done complaining about ade .. but gee i do feel better now 🙂

  62. ethangunner

    But i can tell you this , our current grade of strikers will win us nothing !
    we will have to wait for someone too turn good , and by that time we will have holes elsewhere
    in the squad .. and of course if you buy david villa , we can sell ade or the most injury prone striker next season …

    but if you have to pin your hopes on ade winning the title ..
    keep pinning !

    there is no room for both ade and bendnter ! and time will prove me correct .

  63. Keyser

    avenell – Don’t worry about it, the first link I found said it 1.5 million dollars so just guessed that your figure was dollars converted to pounds. He’s supposed to have this year to show us what he’s got.

    There’s some stars in the reserves but I don’t think we’ll truly see how good some of them are unless they get the oppurtunities, he looks a prospect but then so does Sunnu and Simpson but they havent been able to set the reserves alight.

  64. kelsey

    ethangunner,you forgot that he doesn’t understand the offside rule,and as i said before his ego is so big,if he was chocolate he would lick himself to death.

    I know you will not respond but neither ade or nicci are long term prospects.

    Bob Wilson asked theo what his preferred position was,wing on central and he replied central.

  65. ethangunner

    i think ades aerial skill is good ! but then so is bendtners ! bendtner in the EPL i think has only scored headers .. (well most of his memorable goals)

    And ade used as a plan B was effective and he proved that just before he got injured , when he was dropped too the bench for that 1 game .

    He never can never get our 1st important goal ! …

    but if your talking about defending aerially , not good !

  66. avenell

    I have been watching him lately and he seems to jump a bit early and doesn’t meet the ball as he is rising, hence when he connects it goes over the bar as he is tying to hang in the air..

  67. ethangunner


    you forgot that he doesn’t understand the offside rule

    no i think i covered that in the initial argument with franchise at 1.57 pm 🙂

  68. ethangunner

    yeah pedro

    but he was basically the only striker on offer last season and he demanded the ball !

    if you only have one worker in the sewer , theres a good chance he will be the only one who smells like shit 🙂

  69. Pedro

    Ethan… It is clear you are adephobic… but I think you could one day learn to love him.

    He does this little dance which is quite endearing… oh and he gives money to Charity… and he loves doing that so much, he found a girlfriend called Charity…

    Hows about you and Ade just bury the hatchet?

  70. Keyser

    Nah it’s about that player from Ipswich who done the shackles celebration, some idiot came on and said he was just showing support for his mate, (a mate who killed two young kids drink driving on the way back from the players wedding)

    Ian Wright was so angry he could barely talk, there’s some right idiots out there.

  71. Pedro

    Ethan… he stepped up last year… and so far this year, he has 9 goals and 4 assists.

    He is trying to be a giver to the team, not just Charity.

    Goal scoring wise, he was the only one who stepped up last year.

  72. Pedro

    I saw that Keyser… what a nice gesture.

    That mug should donate a weeks wages to the family he offended. What a typical footballer type thing to do.

    Shame on him.

  73. Geoff

    Hey Keyser, why is it a surprise that you joined in the Anelka debate with a smart arse comment.

    Listen, when Wenger let Anelka go because he wanted to, he devalued the meaning of the word contract, since then every unhappy player we’ve had has left, and broken their contracts, it’s called making a rod for your own back, that’s why we get the shit we get every year.

    Overmars, Petit, Henry, Hleb almost Adebayor and probably Cesc, if he made the cunts honour a contract we wouldn’t have that problem, follow Fergies lead, he won’t be dictated to.

  74. ethangunner

    despite his flaws.

    and my point is david villa – nasri – deco – doesnt really have many flaws !
    so lets get someone who can win us silverware ..
    and lets start lifting our profile !

    too many people are caught up in player development FUCK IT !
    it doesnt work !

    im sick of watching substandard players .. especially when a bit of smart business
    can get around 20 mil for ade – and pay villa his wages ..

    you lose nothing ..
    and nik B isnt that far behind ade !

  75. avenell

    Keyser… the parents of the two little lads was on Radio 2 at lunch time, talking about what happened and the incident on Sat..
    They are destroyed, the father is wheelchair bound for the rest of his life and they cannot have any more kids..

  76. ethangunner


    Ethan… It is clear you are adephobic… but I think you could one day learn to love him.

    yes i could learn to love ade if TH14 and he both had outer body experiences at the same time and switched 🙂

  77. Pedro

    But Ade is developed now… he scores goals… he is our physical presence up front. David Villa is a super player… but he would get eaten alive by British defences. I would have preferred Eto’o… but I am hoping Eduardo can do a similar job to both of them.

    I am bored of the development route… but I wouldn’t flog Ade. I would have purchased a beast midfielder and maybe an experienced journeyman type player to fill in where Eboue can’t.

  78. Pedro

    Fat chance of that Ethan, but I think he can improve this year, and if he can get another 30 goals, he could prove to be VFM.

    When is Eddy back?

  79. Keyser

    Geoff – Just joining in, Just joining in, heh, you can look at it like that if you want, Anelka wanted to go, not just considered it but was pretty much determined and was already out the door, he’s since regretted it.

    We got the best deal possible, Wenger’s not managing Manchester United, Arsenal is not Manchester United, Fergie is not in charge of Arsenal and we’re talking about 9 years ago.

    Without Ronaldo United were pretty much fucked, he probably begged him to stay or called his bluff whatever, who would Unied replace Ronaldo with ? Who did we replace Anelka with ?!

    Looks a pretty good deal from all angles.

  80. ethangunner


    i think ade has lost his composure .. he panics and passes off !
    he’s doing it way too often , and maybe it is because he has this reputation of 10 shots
    too score 1 …

  81. Seb

    Ferguson still had to go through the mill over the Ronaldo crap though, it’s just the modern age.

    Hleb and Flamini, and Ade even though he stayed, are just idiots who saw big euro signs and cashed in, despite having achieved nothing at the clubs that really made their names. Glamour boys all three of them.

  82. Arsenal Tom

    edaurdo will be a huge player when back… you could tell that cesc had allot of time for him already… players like eddie do fabregas’ passing justice and cesc will and would have appreciated!!! if he’s back inproper first team contention and mentally ok by jan we’ll have a serious player on our hands

  83. ethangunner

    torres doesnt struggle in england and villa is 5x the player ..
    and more importantly he wanted too come . it secures cesc .. and it suits our style of play ….

    everything is a fucking bonus !
    and its not like he isnt scoring for fun at the moment in la liga !
    he is on fire !!!

  84. Keyser

    Pedro/ Avenell – The FA have to do something extreme this time, we can go over the top with this or can we ? I’m tired of footballers getting to do what they want they’ve always been stupid but that’s just beyond belief.

    Grieving the loss of loved ones and then having to watch or hear about some muppet celebrating a goal by bigging up the twat that destroyed your family.

  85. ethangunner


    you know red nose will want to win again this season too keep ronaldo in England !
    i think he has him almost believing man U is the best team too play for ..
    Ending up 2nd this season will ensure ronaldo goes …and piss old red nose orf !

    it will make for ENDLESS reading come the end of the season , no doubt .

  86. Geoff

    First of all no one including Wenger had any idea how good Henry would be, I already told you about his other top striker buys, Diawara, Wrey, Boa Morte, Jeffers and Wiltord.

    Letting Anelka go was as poor a piece of business as letting Edu and Flamini run down their contracts, it sent out a message that if you want to go, you can, oh I forgot to add Ashley Cole to that list, if Wenger had dug his heels in years ago it would have sent out the message.

    I’m sure we could get £30 mil for Cesc, but then who would we buy, had we kept Flamini and Hleb and bought Nasri we may be clear at the top, his method is one step forward and two back.

    Get where I’m going with this?

  87. Franchise

    Ethan if u know so much about players why dont u become an agent or a scout. Villa is 5x the player??????? On what basis. Do u watch La liga week in week out or are ur judgements based on what u saw at the Euros???????

  88. Goonerman

    I am not trying to bash ade but I think he felt he was doing us a favour by playing for us.

    Following the problems he caused in the summer and the subsequent booing, he is now feeling constrained on the pitch in case the booing starts off again if he fails.

  89. ethangunner

    Arsenal Tom

    Eduardo will be a huge player when back…

    I hope so , but that’s a serious injury he’s trying to recover from !
    i hope he can come in , like he never left .. i hope your right !
    but i think with the way wenger brings players back into the mix , i dont think he will
    be effective until the season is either over .. or won , so there’s no point to risk him …

  90. avenell

    Geoff.. what about Berbatov going to man U when the Spuds never let him have permission to talk to them on the last day of the season?

    They should have thrown the book at them, It’s one of the reasons for there bad/ great start to the season.
    They got a £1 million pound player to keep there gob shut, but the’ve had to pay out £6 million in compensation for sacking the Ramos.

  91. Keyser

    Geoff – He had some idea though didn’t he, he’d seen him at Monaco and has a good knowledge of the French League and it’s players, Anelka was a pace merchant, Henry was that and soo much more, you don’t suddenly develop that sort of skill and working with Anelka he’d have had a good idea of how far he could’ve gone.

    We got the better deal in Henry by a mile, the others are individuals in there own rights, you’d have to consider each ones merits.

    Letting Anelka go was a great piece of business he wanted to go, and we made 23 million off of him.

    I see where you’re going but they’re all different cases, Flamini wsn’t interested in what he was worth to Arsenal, he rejected fair contract offers and he was going to hold us to ransom or get Milan to shell out what he wanted.

    What sort of message would it have sent out if he’d just given in to their demands ?!

    Ashley Cole went off with his agent and decided to talk to Chelsea, that’s got nothing to do with the Anelka situation but how much of a cock Cole was. If we’d paid him what he wanted and let him get away with treating us like that what message would that send out ?!

    There is no knock on effect from the Anelka transfer.

  92. Arsenal Tom

    ethan… eduardo has the character to come back without a problem… anyone who is willing to sleep in the stadium in croatia during all seasons has determination and character… his game wasnt about pace so he wont have been affected in that respect. obviously i dont expect him to come back and start scoring every week, he’ll need time to get used to match tackles/contact cos you cant replicate properly in training.

    i cant wait to see him back, thomas to

  93. Maciek

    Ethan I respect Your opinion but isn’t Villa to similar to Eduardo and Vela?( Not very tall, but a good finisher) and are You sure he will cope in England?

  94. Geoff

    That was a disgrace too Avenall, I think he’s as overated as Rooney and I think Spurs did a good bit of business, but I hate player power because you and I are ultimately paying for those cunts.

    It’s time a contract stood for something, Wenger bangs on all the time about never breaking one, shame he doesn’t tell that to his players, I’ll bet Rosicky’s keeping his head down, he’s getting his contract paid, we should tell him to leave, show the players if they can break contracts, so can the clubs.

  95. ethangunner

    i agree there, rosicky and dudu will give us a real boost !
    i just hope both are as we remember them !
    long term injuries are just as bigger mental hurdles as physical ones

  96. ethangunner

    Hey geoff do you know how that works ?

    if a player – say rosicky is injured ..
    do arsenal pay
    or is it part of arsenal insurance that pays him out ?

    like workers comp ?!

  97. Keyser

    If Eduardo returns to the form he had before he was injured I think we’ve got the goal poacher we need.

    Nasri – Eduardo – Van Persie/ Adebayor – Theo

  98. Arsenal Tom

    yeah, i agree… i reckon thomas will be ok cos he wasnt as traumatic… more bad luck and the fact he’s made of ply wood.

    eddie seems to have the determination to make it back to me.

    so when we add the nasty running machine (e.g cana )in central midfield and get those 2 back we’ll start doing some damage in this league again

  99. Geoff

    You’re missing the point, we should have said to Flamini sign or we’ll sell you, we didn’t bad business.

    If he thought Henry would be that good he would have signed him before Juventus did, he didn’t, Cole – he should have said sign this 5 year contract or you’re not playing in the champion league final, he didn’t and then he pissed Flamini off, he let Diarra go before he secured Flamini, all the above is shit business.

    The fact that we got £23 mil for Anelka wasn’t Wenger doing good business it was Real being stupid, plus a bit of David Dein.

  100. avenell

    Teams doing a good bit of buisness is the problem too, keeps player power firmly in the players and agents hands.

    We should have got a better deal for Cole, Gallas a player who had his shirt no taken away at Chelsea shows he had no future there and £5 million whatever was a joke..

  101. Geoff

    It’s a bit of both, if he got he problem through being kicked, it’s insurance, if he got it because we rushed him back it’s ours, I suspect we’re paying, he’ll come back, play 2 games then want to go and join Barca, Wenger will say ‘you have to respect the player’

  102. Arsenal Tom

    avenell… we should have gone for carvlaho… just out of principle… that way u can say ‘ok… no carvalho, gallas and 1om’ or whatever…

    our biggest problem seems to be that when we sell a player we arent the ones setting his value the buying club does…

  103. avenell

    A T …. same with Hleb we could have done with Yaya this year.

    Flamini was slightly different, we was prepared to sell him for virtually nothing the year before to Birmingham, so we didn’t really lose anything financialy. Just lost Gilberto and Diarra because he wanted to play, but I think Diarra is a walking time bomb at a big club, he’s okay at Portsmoth where there is less competition for places

  104. Keyser

    Geoff – How easy is saying all that ? We were going to sell Flamini but he wanted another go so Wenger gave him one, after that his only intention was to run down his contract, he gave it his all and we got one hell of a year from him.

    Things don’t always work out like how you want them to, Wenger put his faith in Anelka because he came cheap had a great season and then Wenger sold him for an obscene fee that paid fully for an even better player later.

    You said it yourself it’s player power, they hold almost all of it especially at the higher end of the spectrum of clubs. Flamini’s situation is probably the only one where Wenger didn’t get something even better out of it.

    So Wenger noticed Real Madrids stupidity or just got lucky ? You’re right about Dein aswell considering he dealt with most of the contract and talks between players and the board like Ashley Cole said.

  105. Geoff

    The problem is, Gilberto aside, is players leave us, not the other way around, you can’t say Vieira because he wanted to leave for 4 years on the trot.

    We are a soft touch, when did a superstar ever want to leave the Mancs or the Chavs eh? And Robben doesn’t count he was a crock.