We beat the Mancs with no forward line, how does that feel Fergie?

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So now the euphoria has subsided I still feel like a dog with two dicks, why? well mostly because I work with a Manc, he’s welsh really but he supports them for the same reason that every other Manc does, they spend loads, are successful, and he lives nowhere near Manchester, well he’s going to get both barrel’s this morning.

I watched the biased BBC highlights and they left out the big penalty shout and many of our chances, so no change there, but with an average age of 7 and all of our first choice forwards missing and against their top and uninjured side, we done them big time, it was only Wenger sending on the subs that even allowed them a goal that made the scoreline look close, not to mention the customary 6 minutes of injury time and the worst refereeing I have ever witnessed and they still lost to our academy team.

Arsenal, you now have to do that against the shit sides, like Hull, Chelsea and the Scousers. Then and only then will we win the league.

I thought Denilson has a cracking game as did Diaby, I’m still at a loss to see what Djourou needs to do to get a game, even as a sub, but time will tell there, so Denilson keep it up, we now know you can play well.

I expect our kids to go out of the Carling tomorrow as Wigan are a strong team, but we have home advantage, Jack Wilshere and Carlos Vela, so who knows. The fact we beat red nose and his team of thugs sends out a message, what does Rooney need to do to get red carded? Or even the odd yellow? He took Theo out when he was nowhere near the ball and didn’t even get talked to, still that’s Howard Webb for you, muppet.

Nothing will take away the feeling I have right now and this should take me nicely up to the villa game, and the way they and City are playing I expect 6 points from those two. We could have this sewn up by Christmas!

Something has happened to the stewards as they are now leaving us alone, I haven’t been told off for singing, standing up or banging the sign now for three games, way to go stewards!

Ok so today we’ll start debating the Wigan game and who plays, but a word on Nikki before I sign off, I know he has his critics, he could have had a hatrick, but at least he was in position to miss, they’ll come, at least he wasn’t continually offside.

Finally did anyone notice we had a back four that were all French, plus Diaby and Nasri, should I worry or be grateful? what do you think Grovers?

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  1. charybdis1966

    Hello all,

    I have to admit I thought we would get beat and the best we could hope for would be a draw so that’s why I kept away from the blog to avoid spreading my negativity.

    I did have a little feeling maybe Arsenal being Arsenal, they would pull something out of the hat by winning and I also had a little suspicion it would be an underperforming midfielder that would score the goals – either Denilson or, as it turned out, Nasri. It looks like Nasri will be another of the long line of number 8’s who will torment the Manks, like Wrighty and Freddy.

    Life feels a lot better the weekend after turning over the Manks – of course we had to do it against the odds, as Pedro said, no front line speak of, a hugely incompetent and biased β€œref”, ridiculously exorbitant Fergie time(i.e. time added on when the Manks are not winning – another benefit of the Hublot sponsorship deal no doubt ) and the commetating teams/media/pundits creaming themselves about how great the mankskummers are and how much they should win everything.

    Can’t wait for the mankskummer girl in the office to show her face – she was giving it the big one after our poor recent results; bet she’s taken the day off though !

    Plus (with apologies to Gnarley) the Aussies went down in the final test to loose the series 2-0; all good softening up for the Ashes next summer and a good send off for my older boys namesake.

  2. no.1 goon

    pedro i think its a bit of both.
    i mean arsen is arsenal to me,its a confidence thing.
    and you cant tell me that there’s not a arsen witch hunt going on.
    i think it was a victory for arsen,it shuts he’s doubters up for a least a week.
    now we can build on this,we have the confidence and im gonna stick my neck out and say we will win it or come very very close.

  3. ethangunner


    whilst he is brilliant in the position he is playing in .(LW). i would like to see those 2 or 3 chances a game turn into 7 or 8 a game , he’s clinical .. not afraid to pull the trigger and has sublime talent .A good powerful shot .. And is great at moving the ball around and receiving the ball … He has all the characteristics of a world beater .. And we so desperately need some class up front , and he has all the attributes ..

    i also remember where wenger started TH14 .. on the wing , i think wenger uses that as a breeding ground for young players with caliber .. He just has all the hall marks of a young TH14 ..
    but even better … he respects wenger and whilst im probably wishing it more than anything
    i wouldn’t be surprised if it did turn into reality ..

    RVP – NASRI up front .. mouth watering ..

  4. Big Raddy

    Got to go, but would like to sign of with this thought.

    The very best thing about Saturday, was seeing Ronaldo’s face throughout the game. I thought he was going to have a hissy fit .


  5. rookie

    i don’t think nasri will play upfront in future he like to operate in the midfield no doubt he has a great shooting capability but only that does not make you a striker and he has also said that his idols are Zidane and Platini both goalscoring midfielders

  6. ethangunner

    The problems with ade and bends is they dont give there strikes any lift .. they are always hitting it along the ground .. (usually directly to the goalie ) but if they struck the ball like nasri .. hit the ball a yard off the floor it makes the job of defending shots so much tougher .. the goalie cant collapse on the grounded ball , he will have to stretch .. knock it away or deflect it ..
    you really need to get your body behind the ball to properly stop an airborne shot is what im saying .

    and id rather see narsi strike the ball in the final 3rd more than either of the tall timber ..

  7. ArsenalKenya

    Arsene Wenger is set to change his transfer policy and opt for more experience in his side, according to reports. Allegedly he is set to land Italian giants Vincenzo Iaquinta and Daniele De Rossi.

    Wenger’s transfer policy in the last few years has been to bring through the young talents of the world and turn them into stars, but he now looks set to add to his squad with more experience.

    Iaquinta of Juventus made his name at Serie A club Udinese, where he scored 58 goals in a total of 176 league appearances for the club. This brilliant scoring form earned the Italian striker a move to Juventus when Udinese refused to meet his wage demands. Since then, his goalscoring form has dropped somewhat, with just eight goals in thirty appearances for The Old Lady.

    A move to Arsenal for Iaqunita would be a strange one, with the North London club full to the brim with striking talent such as Emmanuel Adebayor, Robin van Persie, Nicklas Bendtner, Eduardo and Carlos Vela.

    However, reports suggest that Wenger is ready to make a move for the 28-year-old striker in the January transfer window.

    A more likely transfer is the purchase of Roma’s highly-rated defensive midfielder Daniele De Rossi. De Rossi has become a revelation under Luciano Spalletti at Roma and has cemented his place in the side as a holding midfielder.

    Arsenal have been on the look out for some experience in the middle of the park, and De Rossi would fit the bill perfectly, providing some much needed energy and tackling ability to a lightweight Arsenal midfield.

    The Gunners have been outmuscled in the games they have lost this season to Hull City, Fulham and Stoke City, who all bullied Arsenal out of the game, and De Rossi would restore some fight in the Arsenal midfield.

    Wenger is quoted as saying that he is now looking “to bring in men who are proven at the highest level,” and both Iaquinta and De Rossi would help the young Guns in their quest for trophies.

    Whether Juventus and Roma would be moved by any attempt from the London side to pick up their players, thougj, is another matter entirely.

  8. ethangunner

    I dont want to be harsh on nikB its hard enough to play up front .. as the spear head without it being against man U ! he didn’t finish and choked , but all in all what can you expect .. He has been on par with ade this season IMO , but hasn’t had the big billing to give him the confidence , if wenger plays him more and openly shows him he trusts him maybe he will start to believe in himself !

    Id like that to continue more than ade … we all know his game wont change and hopefully
    next transfer season ill get my wish !

    FUCK OFF πŸ™‚

  9. rookie

    Nasri can score a lot of goals through midfield in PL…i remember when we were going to sign SAmir on different forums Mank fans were saying that Nasri is going to fail because as an attacking midfielder he has nt scored many goals now that was a blow to the face on satuday…

  10. kelsey

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  11. rookie

    After listening to Arsene that he has asked Nasri to get into the final third and shoot it seems he wants to add goals from the midfield which we lacked after pires left..that gives you another dimension and creates a lot of problems for the opposing teams..

  12. Pedro

    AKB’s eh? I think that is the first time he has been here since September… they only preach when we’re winning. As for racism… it’s interesting that the only person who made that assumption is vocal hater of Le Grove… tut tut… agendarised comments.

    Ethan, I am sure Nik will start banging them in at some point… I think he is a second striker if anything… When he plays with Vela, he looks a lot more comfortable, and I would suspect he’d play pretty well with Eduardo.

    Incidentally, does anyone know when Eduardo will be back?

  13. rookie

    Eduardo should be back in training in to or three days..thats the time frame Arsene gave and we can expect to see him in matches late november of early december hopefully

  14. rookie

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  15. Geoff

    Hey pencil dick, here’s a little lesson in racism. The French are Caucasoid, so are the English, that makes us the same race you fuckwit and you can’t be racist if you question someone from your own race, that makes you a bigot.

    I merely asked a question, so I’m neither, go and read another site you complete fucking wanker.

  16. Keyser

    Exactly, Bendtner and Eduardo played in the Cups last year and were building up an understanding and when Van Persie was out last season the same was beginning to happen with him and Adebayor.

    Bendtner was running around alone up front when Diaby held back and he was winning the headers but didn’t have anyone to lay them off to.

    It’s surprising how quick he actually is, either that or Ferdinand and especially Vidic are just really slow.

    This game was summed up perfectly by Fabregas and while I don’t think we’re even close to seeing this team in full flight the little improvements are beginning to show.

    Denilson against Fenerbahce tried to impose himself more, made a couple of great tackles, yesterday he carried that even further, the amount of stamina and tenacity increased and he still got many of his passes right.

    Fabregas is beginning to put himself about a bit more. Walcott tracks back but could still improve, and Diaby fits into the midfield trio well.

    Diaby running away from Carrick must’ve given flashbacks for everyone..

  17. Pedro

    Rookie, if you go and have a look at ACLF, there is normally a group of them talking about Le Grove… Ateeb is one of our biggest fan boys. He accused Geoff of being racist… yawn…

  18. Confidentgoner

    Against teams that park the bus, we need our wing backs and wingers to be effective with crosses. We need guys who can head to be in the box and we need guys to shoot ouside the box, or dribble till they are fouled in the box. Once you score early against teams that pack the bus, they will come at you if not in the first half, they come in the second and then you can nail them.

  19. rookie

    what do they do???? worship Arsene???? it’s not like we don’t admire Arsene i think le grove has the most passionate arsenal fans but and we acknowledge what he has done for the club but positive criticism can only do you good…and save you from destruction…

  20. Geoff

    Makes you wonder why these morons read our blogs if they don’t like them doesn’t it, reminds me of those people who like feeling pain and go back for more, perverts.

  21. tomstoned

    Mornin All…

    in this moment of glory….i have one requst..lets stay behind the team this time around and not be such cry babies when we stumble…i see that some suddenly regards Denilson as heavensent..well guys he’s been there all the time…the one thing we might lack…is stability but that is due to the young age…me im gonna travel from icy cold Norway to the Emirates with proudness for years to come…keep this team together and well ..it will only get better,besides if we’re not more than 8 points behind come January….hell we cruise to victory..:)

    and Geoff you have never been a racist man..so when you walk youre shoes down to the pub today..have one for me mate….and soon this old Norwegian Gooner is back at the Emirates…come christmas ..:)

    have an excellent day all Gooners…


  22. Seb

    Geoff I think it was a valid point, there is a lot of French being spoken in the dressing room and on the training ground, Samir has said so several times, and while it will be good for the French/African players, it might not be so good for Theo Cesc Robin etc. Still I guess those guys just speak English together and the Frenchies stick together. As long as they speak the same footballing language, I couldn’t give a shit if they spoke Hebrew or Klingon.

    And btw I’m a quarter French so don’t even go there anyone.

  23. Pedro

    Calling someone a racist is a weak way of trying to kill an argument…

    ‘The race card’

    I think it has it’s own wiki entry

  24. ethangunner

    yes what a load of shit !
    racism at arsenal !
    fuck if you were a member of the ….. WHITE SUPERIORITY MINORITY GROUP
    (as i cant use a certain 3 WORD abbreviated term )
    you would be on a hiding to nothing as 2/3 of our players are not white ..
    and we love them all the same …

    well, we love the ones with skill ..
    but the ones with no skill who we beat on, can still get off the hook with a racism card ….
    as there is always someone out there getting very teste over picking on any coloured player whos crap …

    WHAT BOLLOCKS ! ill pick on RVP if he was shit ! and i have been picking on bends a bit too !
    so what am i ? a white who hates whites ?

    FUCK OFF !- im in a bullish mood tonight so i accept my own yellow card πŸ™‚

  25. ethangunner

    whilst im at it on great coloured players
    i want to say Sagna had a fucking brilliant game !
    i know its too soon to put the mockers on him but i think he is back !

  26. alex

    ON the Arsenal website, Arsene was talking about how playing the 4-5-1 won it for us, saying
    “I will use it again because going forward we have scored many goals but defensively we have conceded too many from outside the box,” explained Wenger.

    When fit, we have have about 5 strikers- 3 who should be normal starters(Eduardo, RVP, ADE?)then Nikki and Vela. DO you think he would play RVP Eduardo and Vela just off Ade and Nikki like he normally did last year with Hleb?

    I still think we are better with 4-4-2 but then again, the 4-5-1 got us to christmas on top of the league last season.

  27. charybdis1966

    I didn’t actually Ethan – was off line over the weekend. Still wnat one of those hot colonial warrior jackets – finances allowing.

  28. Pedro

    “I will use it again because going forward we have scored many goals but defensively we have conceded too many from outside the box,” explained Wenger.

    “I don’t know [about what will happen when all the strikers are back]. I took this decision because I tried to balance the team with the players that were available.”

    So that is how Wenger will include Diaby…

  29. Geoff

    Reading newsnow the have us down for Fazio, Iaquinta, De Rossi and Huntelaar, and the Huntelaar deal has been agreed with Ajax for the end of the season for Β£20 million.

    What a bunch of wankers, do they just write the most stupid thing down and post it? Who owns them?

  30. alex

    It might be Pedro, but RVP starting as a lone striker wouldn’t want to be something I want to experiment on anytime soon. Anyone know how long we have to go before Eduardo comes back?

  31. ethangunner


    the honest truth is i think we have lost as many games as won playing a 4-5-1 !
    our lone strikers just aren’t effective enough ..

    i think very few strikers can really play that role effectively ..

    drogs .. van nestleroy .. ronaldo before he was fat ..

    i think you put too much pressure on your midfield to score from deep !
    arsenal look best as a 4-4-2 its a better balance …. with 2 quality players up front ..

    i think thats why wenger likes a 4-5-1 because we dont possess 2 .

  32. rico01

    i come on here, say good morning and then the heavens opened up even further and had to go round up the two naughty chickens and get them dry! What awful weather…

    back to footie, and Le Grove, Its getting very tiresome to hear idiots on here spouting about racism, it doesn’t happen, doesn’t get allowed in any case by the Le Grove police – and i for one, wish people would leave that cheap card well alone, we all judge players on their ability not colour – if we did the latter then we would be stumped if you you at our squad πŸ˜‰

    Anyway – i am still very happy after that performance at the weekend, and just hope and pray its the tone for the rest of the season.

    Now to tomorrow and i hope we see


    Hoyte Toure JD Gibbs/Rogers

    LJ Bischoff Coquelin Ramsey

    Vela Rue Fonte/Simpson

  33. avenell

    There’s a chap on e bay selling his collection of Arsenal shirts etc, he has most of the arsenal shirts from the early eighties until now and some old toffs ones, about 30 in all..
    One is a mis spelt final salute one, only five made..

    And a load of programes inc “89” liverpool.. plus other stuff..

    If anyone is interested!!

  34. alex

    Good Point Ethan, I still think 4-4-2 is better, we just need to find the right defense to work with it, and Gallas and Silvestre looked as solid as it will get yesterday. When RVP realizes we all know he is good, and stops trying to launch the ball into the net with all fit power and starts knocking them in, a 4-4-2 will be great. Playing next to Ade, I think Strikers tend to feel the need to pass to him all the time, because he always got the ball last year. RVP is selfish, which is good and bad, and Ade I wouldn’t really call selfish, but he expects to get the ball. I dont think those two are the right pair for us.

  35. ethangunner

    i 2nd that rico !

    if they played to the potential of there pay packet no one would worry !

    does that mean songs on 2 quid & 50 pence a game ?

  36. Geoff

    Hey Rico, this twat was calling me a racist because I mentioned how many French players we have, it wasn’t even about colour! I explained to him, you can’t be racist about your own race.

    He goes on that ‘my left foot’ blog apparently, he should stay there..

  37. ethangunner

    alex i agree they are not the right pairing ..

    and your spot on with RVP being selfish – in a good way , thats why nasri or vela (dudu)
    would be perfect for him as a partner .. sharp – crisp passing .. unselfish players needed ..

  38. ethangunner

    yes your right geoff , i would leave the cultured bit out also !
    because there anything but πŸ™‚

    fuck i love that πŸ™‚

  39. rico01

    Geoff I read that, and thats what make the shots so cheap, guess its a sign of someone who will never be pleased in life, wait til he has something ‘real’ to deal with – as the the old left foot, i popped over there after reading your earlier comment, and funny enough he was having a dig at some other blogger who he suggested had been on Le Grove – what an idiot he is, eh, and best place for him is in the bin…:)

    I was going say that i am sure i have had a bit of french in me too, but i just know how ‘sexist’ you men are, with your naughty coments πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  40. Franchise

    ethan we almost won the league last season with a 4-5-1, we also had the best defensive run to the CL final in 2006 with a 4-5-1 also. That was with more star players. Ade scored 30 goals last season mostly in a 4-5-1. i think unless we want to return to the Gilberto anchor DM days then against the top teams we need to play a 4-5-1

  41. alex

    I saw on newsnow we are linked with De Rossi. I can’t even remember the last Italian player we had start for us. we need to get someone so Cesc doesnt feel the need to track back so far to help out who our holding midfielder is for that day. btw how about the angle that beautiful goal from nasri came in from. the angle was absolutely out of this world. It is not too often Van Der Sar is beat like that.

  42. kenny smith

    does anyone know how ALmunia is doing after he came off on sat,

    My guess for the team tomorrow is

    Fabianski GK

    Hoyte RB
    JD CB
    Song CB
    Gibbs LB

    LJW RM
    ramsey CM
    Randall if he is fit CM
    Coquelin DM
    Merida LM

    Vela ST

    i dont think Bendtner will play if wenger can help it as Ade and RVP cant play

    will be good for the first team to get a rest this week though.

  43. Franchise

    If u look at it much closer a 4-5-1 is just a more cautious 4-4-2 that is rather than play two out and out strikers you play with one and an attacking midfielder with goal scoring ability like Gerrard. In our case that player is currently Diaby. Very good attack minded player but not good enough to keep Cesc out of the side. Mostly in a 4-4-2 the second striker needs to drop deep to link the play hence in that instance a 4-4-2 becomes a 4-5-1

  44. kelsey

    there are certain posters on different blogs who imagine an arsenal team made up of only players who live local or at best come from london,regardless if we were to win the quadruple. they live in a fantasy world and a minority are against non whites even in our team.These people will never change regardless of which team they support,draw your own conclusions.

    I would like a euro for every time someone says to me that we are a french team,these are just bitter people.Our crowd relate to theo because they want him to succeed and i well remember the days of charlie george,local boy,stood on the north bank and made good in the club colours.I think jack will make it,ramsey aswell(i know he is welsh0 but you have to believe that wenger choses players first on potential and ability above anything else.he has made cock ups with many european players as well as letting a few english players go simply because they weren’t good enough or were impatient.

  45. Seb

    rico, was just about to say, bischoff + coquelin is a match made in heaven, creative genius plus defensive hero, awesome stuff πŸ™‚

  46. Odub

    WE WON!! WE WON!!!

    We didnt get a beating! I was wrong!! And oh boy am I glad I was wrong!!

    What a game!

    And I still have access to Le Grove!!!

    The last few days have been unreal I tell ya!!

    All I need now is a threesome with Eva Mendez and Charlize Therone….

    Oh fuck!

    Forgot I’m married now!!

    ho hum!!!

    Hello Grovers How we doing?!! πŸ™‚

  47. rico01

    Seb, i agree, i dont think it will be too long before both are pushing for the first team, Bischoff especially, he just needs to get a good run of games under his belt to prove his fitness

  48. ethangunner


    yes but we are a different team this season , i think wenger only used that combination last season as he had little other strikers to choose from ! and in c.l i agree it was effective ..
    But the EPL it wasnt ..

    If we do have 5 strikers as everyone is boasting , we cannot have 4 of them on the bench …
    however dont get me started on ade , as he as had a very indifferent 2008 ..
    and need i remind you he scored 24 goals .. and was sitting on 19 prior too the new year
    if you isolate this year alone he has hardly been prolific and hasn’t shown much of a return too form .

    He had a purple patch , he is not consistent and i think ive proved that , by my constant reminders ..

    Keep you stats about the EPL only ! its so easy too talk about the C.L and C.C – F.A
    but the facts are a lot of teams we played against and the stats your counting are based on playing teams like Sheffield united, basically shit opposition .. and its not a true gauge against
    top class opposition .

    if bentnter scored 30 goals in the C.C against crap teams would it be a true and correct gauge of his skill ?
    i think not ..

  49. Maciek

    I’ve got a question for You all. Please respond if You can. What do You think of FabiaΕ„ski. Is he a better overall keeper for You than Almunia. Should he be our noumber one keeper since saturday’s match against MU? And what’s our best defensive pair( I’m talking about CD’s).

  50. Odub


    I just tried to get on and it let me on!!

    Dont know how much longer I’ll be able to though because the blocking (or whatever the IT term is) is meant to have started today!!


    WE WON!!

  51. Arsenal Tom

    maciek… he looked pretty good when he came on… and thats not a small thing… coming on for the last 7 mins against the champs with only a one goal lead and staying strong… he came for one ball at the back post very very well… not sure how ready he is tho… after the spurs debacle i have a few reservations as him as a regular no.1

  52. Seb

    kelsey the irony is some of the french players were probably born as near to Arsenal as a lot of English players, Diaby Bac and Willy G to name three were all born in or near Paris, which is the same distance from Highbury as newcastle, but I bet noone would moan if we had signed Owen in the past. It’s all nonsense.

  53. Franchise

    Ethan theres no need analysing Ades goals in much detail stats are stats thats why the bookies make a lot of money cos they rely on stats rather than emotions. Henry used to score on average 25 league goals a season, he would score 5 away and 20 at home does that mean he wasn’t consistent. Most players especially strikers have periods when they score for fun and others when they couldn’t hit a barn door. Its simple if u score 30 goals a season it is a massive achievement irrespective of what time in the season they rain in

  54. kelsey

    Odub,a lot of companies we deal with will not allow staff to use FACEBOOK,and a friend of mine son went for a new job in london,and when he went for the interview they had printed out all his comments about his present company where he called them all wankers and arse holes.not a good start to an interview,though he actually got the job.(somewhere near shite hart lane i think)

  55. ethangunner

    odub .
    just download a different browser whilst you still can
    opera or firefox are good !

    then just install it after ..

  56. kelsey

    Seb of course i get the point.Henry was born in paris or grew up there in the suburbs,as you say it’s all bollocks or a better word JEALOUSY.

  57. kenny smith

    rico i do fancy that but thats just the team i think wenger will play, plus Banfield said he didnt think Bischoff would be ready til after christmas and its wigan we are playing so it will be a physical game or they will try to make it that way. Maybe if he is playing 4-5-1 bischoff could play but f wenger is playing 4-4-2 then that means you will have to take ramsey out of the centre to play bischoff and i dont fancy that

  58. Odub


    Fabianski reminds me of Ike Casillas. Not very tall, but not shy to come for high ball, posses a great leap, and he’s about the same age Ike started out at as well….If he ends up being 80% as good as him!! I’m sure we’ll all be happy!!

    So far he’s not let us down has he?

  59. kelsey

    I disagree with some of you,we should play the same team as near as possible to the one that beat the blades.The win on saturday suddenly gives an adrenilin rush and they will be straining at the leash.Footballers of their age can play every 3 days considering the ball is only in play about 46 minutes in a game.

  60. Odub


    I hear you!!

    The whole facebook thing is just ridiculous!! Some people in my office are logged on to it all day while in the office!! Unreal!

  61. ethangunner


    if you wish to gloss over the surface thats fine ..
    are you saying ade is of the same quality as TH 14 ?
    what ever makes you feel better ..

    but ades goals a lot where penalty shots that he didnt create .. hleb did !
    and he scored 2 hats tricks Vs crap teams ..
    so yes you keep to your stats and ill keep to mine ..

  62. Franchise

    Also Cesc is our best creator of goals by a mile and we need him higher up the pitch he has adopted a more defensive stance to his game to accomodate Denilson (or Song) in the team. In a 4-5-1 with the right personnel he looks very creative hence two assists against Fener away and one on saturday. We do look better in a 4-4-2 but for now I would play a 4-5-1 99% of the time. The options are limitless we could play VP on the right like holland do Nasri in the hole. Walcott as the lone striker rosicky in the middle etc. Currently we keep possession better in a 4-5-1 and we look less predictable.

  63. Stu

    Fabianski just looks small but he cant be that small. Casillas was playing CL football for Real at about 19 so Fabianski is a bit behing that. Casillas is just an exception to the rule.

  64. Stu

    Fabianski will defeinately be in goal. He is the cup keeper(domestic). Vela will start up front too. Does Van Persies ban apply to all domestic comps or just the prem?

  65. Franchise

    Ethan my point is Ade is good enough to start for Arsenal. He cannot be compared with Henry neither can Torres or David Villa. The guy scored 30 goals in one season and we say he’s not good enough to play as a lone striker. No one can score 30 goals in a season without taking penalties or scoring hat tricks against shit teams or a combination of both. Goals are goals be it inzaghi tap ins or Gerrard screamers from 35 yards or Lampard penalties. A goal is a goal. Do u think its easy scoring from the spot? Then why do teams have their best Pen takers taking penalties if it were that easy then any1 could just randomly step up and score from the spot

  66. Stu

    He should be the Polish no1 tho. Boruc is only no1 because he starts for Celtic but he has made alot of hight profile blunders of late. Hopefully Fab gets back in goal for tem.

  67. Odub

    I actually thought he was smaller than that! I think Casillas is about 6ft 1. Thought he was about that or even less!

    I’ll shut up now! πŸ™‚

  68. Stu

    On the subject of penalties, remember a few years back when Ivory Coast lost the acon final on penalties. Toure and Eboue were the only Ivorians that scored their pens. How strange is that. EBOUE SCORED A PEN.

  69. Maciek

    I’m from Poland so I know Fabianski very well since his Legia Warsaw times. He is very hardworking, and really a great man( very shy, kind). I think he will do it. I think concerns me. He is poor penalty stopper, but maybe it will change. And he is 1.90 so he isn’t small. It’s funny how many keepers lokk different in tv than in real life. For example Shay Given- he is 1.85 cm and to me he looks like he’s got 1.80. FabiaΕ„ski looks tiny, but he is only 3cm smaller than Boruc, and YES HE IS A BETTER KEEPER THAN ARTUR, AND FOR 23 HE HAS BIG EXPERIENCE. Trust me- he will be Fab for us. And what do You think about Gallas and Djourou partnership and Toure alongside/next to fabregas in the middle?

  70. Keyser

    When we won the FA Cup against United, didn’t we score all of our penalties ? Including Ashley Cole ?!

    I think we’re going off topic here but does it really matter ? LoL.

    Almunia is a consistent goalie bar the Tottenham game, he does most of the small things very well, the only thing that could be questioned is game changing performances or saves like Lehman used to make, the finger tipped ones that push the ball just around the post or on to the crossbar.

    Fabianski seems a lot more like Lehman, trying to dominate his box and seems a natural goalkeeper who does many things on instinct rather than on what he’s been taught and practised.

  71. rico01

    Pedro – I thought he was good too, brave – funny enough, i think the muck up with the back pass settled his nerves a bit, But Fab is pushing him for the No1 spot and that has to be good for them both. Also their rivalry is a ‘nice’ one, unlike with Mad Jens πŸ™‚

  72. Keyser

    I think this game settled everyones nerves a bit, we startd off shaky and everyone feared the worst, having to listen to the Sky commentators who wouldn’t, then slowly we got back into the game, wth every shot United missed our confidence grew, Ronaldo, Berbatov and Rooney all seemed to slope away from such a promising start and we looked just as threatening on the attack as we did against Fenerbahce away.

    I still think we needed that 3rd goal to really assert our authority and if Bendtner had got it, I think it would have been great for him going into the Villa game.

  73. Stu

    Are mexico due to play, and if so, where. Wenger always blames jetlag as the reason for not playing Vela. He hasnt played recently despite not having fit strikers and he hasn’t been away either. But with the Internationals coming up it doesnt lok like he will get a game any time soon. We waited 2years for his to get the proper documents to play in England, but now we have him he doesnt even play.

  74. Franchise

    —————————-Years at Club——Goals to game ratio

    Adebayor ———————–4————–1 Every 2.16 games

    VanPersie———————–5————–1 Every 2.9 games

    TH14—————————-8————- 1 Every 1.6 games (LEGEND)

    Bergkamp———————–11———— 1 Every 3.2 games (LEGEND)

    Ethan if we want to go by bad patches do u want to think about Bergkamp’s games w/o scoring? Did that mean that he wasnt good enough to play for Arsenal?

  75. Keyser

    Stu – He’ll play tomorrow hopefully ? It takes time to adjust to not just the game over here but how we play at Arsenal, he’s training with the first team squad so should be getting all the preparation he needs.

  76. Geoff

    I would play Ramsey in the middle with Diaby and Coquelin, not sure who to put out on the wings, Wilshere? but surely this would be a good opportunity for Eduardo up front as a sub.

    Back four of Gibbs Djourou Kolo and Eboue.

    Vela and Bendtner up top, Rui Fonte, Simpson, Merida on the bench.

  77. Gunner8

    erm… …I thought Fabregas had a very poor game as did Bendtner (who I still think has great potential just maybe not in our system ATM)

    Cesc played pass after pass to United all game and everyone thinks he had a great performance.

    MOTM was for sure Denilson IMHO

    Nasri put in a great show after a week performance

    How howard Webb is rated no.1 1 in the UK I do not know, I have seen more competence in Sunday League… ..he loves manure and everyone knows it, so having him ref this game shows just how corrupt the FA is.

    We still won and I was not expecting that… …but it wasn’t such a cake walk as everyone is making out, Rooney had an absolute mare of a game and for the first time, he didn’t manage to score against us… …this was due to the goat and chicken that I sacraficed in front of both goals at 6am.

    Ronaldo seemed to be in Gael’s pocket as usual and once the tottenscum reject (which one?) got flagged for offside he disapeared.

    Well done Arse, but there is a long way to go and bringing on Song is like the fucking kiss of Death!

  78. Gunner8

    Is Eddy back?????


    Would be interesting to say the least

  79. Geoff

    Gunner8 I agree with everything you just said.

    If you go back in my posts I’ve always had Denilson and Eboue issues, Eboue is a great right back, that’s it, Denilson has bags of potential, he’s just not ready yet, if he plays like that though, he is.

    Song I can see nothing and I would love to know the logic behind him by passing the reserves.

    Oh and I hate Beckham. Everytime he comes near our ground our team goes missing.

  80. Stu

    I know what your getting at but Bergkamp wasnt really the goalscorer of the team he played in. He wasnt a 20-25goals a season forward. He was all about making goals for others and getting the odd cracker for himself. Ian Wright was the goalscores along side Dennish and then it was Henry. So unless someone has his assists stats too then its difficult to guage his contributions. Plus he was used sparingly in his last season or two, usually coming on as a sub or what have you.

  81. insidealbania

    Helloooooo Grovers,

    Geoff you racist bear of a man, nice post mate as usual. And you are right, this feeling should last till the Villa game when hopefully we will get another top-up.
    I thought everyone played fantastic and did there job well. I think this formation can accommodate both Cesc and Denilson and Diaby so maybe we will see more of it.

    Oh yeah and having 6 french players doesnt bother me as long as they play for the Arsenal. But I am still waiting for the day when we get one or two local Gooners playing for the Red and White.

  82. Franchise

    Geoff I wouldn’t risk Diaby against Wigan. I might put him on the bench I think he is a crucial player at the moment. No Diaby against Villa, Man City and Chelski means we might see SONG in the starting 11 soon. SCARY THOUGHT

  83. rookie

    he said eduardo is three weeks away from competitive football after the AGM he explained that by competitive football he means Eduardo will start training after three weeks with the team..and it was on 23rd oct