We beat the Mancs with no forward line, how does that feel Fergie?

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So now the euphoria has subsided I still feel like a dog with two dicks, why? well mostly because I work with a Manc, he’s welsh really but he supports them for the same reason that every other Manc does, they spend loads, are successful, and he lives nowhere near Manchester, well he’s going to get both barrel’s this morning.

I watched the biased BBC highlights and they left out the big penalty shout and many of our chances, so no change there, but with an average age of 7 and all of our first choice forwards missing and against their top and uninjured side, we done them big time, it was only Wenger sending on the subs that even allowed them a goal that made the scoreline look close, not to mention the customary 6 minutes of injury time and the worst refereeing I have ever witnessed and they still lost to our academy team.

Arsenal, you now have to do that against the shit sides, like Hull, Chelsea and the Scousers. Then and only then will we win the league.

I thought Denilson has a cracking game as did Diaby, I’m still at a loss to see what Djourou needs to do to get a game, even as a sub, but time will tell there, so Denilson keep it up, we now know you can play well.

I expect our kids to go out of the Carling tomorrow as Wigan are a strong team, but we have home advantage, Jack Wilshere and Carlos Vela, so who knows. The fact we beat red nose and his team of thugs sends out a message, what does Rooney need to do to get red carded? Or even the odd yellow? He took Theo out when he was nowhere near the ball and didn’t even get talked to, still that’s Howard Webb for you, muppet.

Nothing will take away the feeling I have right now and this should take me nicely up to the villa game, and the way they and City are playing I expect 6 points from those two. We could have this sewn up by Christmas!

Something has happened to the stewards as they are now leaving us alone, I haven’t been told off for singing, standing up or banging the sign now for three games, way to go stewards!

Ok so today we’ll start debating the Wigan game and who plays, but a word on Nikki before I sign off, I know he has his critics, he could have had a hatrick, but at least he was in position to miss, they’ll come, at least he wasn’t continually offside.

Finally did anyone notice we had a back four that were all French, plus Diaby and Nasri, should I worry or be grateful? what do you think Grovers?

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  1. Seb

    Geoff, we have a long and proud tradition of having team jam-packed with johnny foreigners, may it long continue I say πŸ˜‰

  2. iceman

    OK maybe not……….but still ecstatic as f**k……….

    gg9 true that…………

    I did keep going on about 2-1…………just had a good feeling about it……….

    Nikki B should’ve proved me wrong bagging the 3rd………but like it’s been said….they will come….yeah was he offside even once??

  3. gnarleygeorge9

    Little Nicky 😈 needs time on the pitch. I thought he was better than against Fenerbitche, in a more cut & thrust tempo, but is still a bit “clumsy”. He should play against Wigan.

  4. Big Raddy

    Having finally watched the game, I think that WG was superb. Well done that Man.

    So many plusses. And for once Lady Luck was with us.

  5. Rasputin

    Good post Geoff. I suggested yesterday that if Denilson could pull out performances like that more consistently he might be the answer to the midfield conundrum – certainly if we play a 5 man midfield. He allowed Cesc and Diaby to be more adventurous and showed strength and determinartion I hadn’t seen in him before.

    Above all, it was just a great ‘team’ performance where everyone played their part, unlike the mancs who had several players not on form.

  6. Big Raddy

    GG9, I think Nik’s problems start when he has time to think ! He is not the sharpest pencil. When he just reacts, he can bring so much to the team, and his finishing is normally clinical. I hope that he can bring his scoring boots to the next few games, because we need a goal scoring frontman. Ade may miss loads but he bags loads as well.

  7. Pedro

    I thought Berbatov showed the poorer side of his game… he is very sullen when off form isn’t he?

    I know he can turn a game at any point… but he’d get on my nerves.

    It was nice to see Rooney huffing and puffing… and Ronaldo doing very little. He is a superb player, but he is no Thierry…

  8. Big Raddy

    Agree Rasputin BUT AW is forced into playing 4-5-1 because of the lack of a true ball-winner.

    I still pray for a really good DM in January,

  9. Metal Gear

    Give Bendtner time. I also think a goal 4 his confidence can go a long way and remember he was up against the best CD partnership in the Europe. He’s got 2 learn 2 make the right the decisions and make better runs I’m sure it will come.

  10. Seb

    Ferguson was mad to buy Berbatov, when he already had two second strikers at the club. He would have been better off with Emile Heskey or Kevin Davies quite frankly.

    At least Ade can lead the line properly, when he isn’t offside.

  11. Seb

    Have you read the Telegraph article about Sami? He describes himself as a non-axial playmaker… whatever it is, I like it! Sounds like he is a football obsessive, and that is going to make him Cesc’s new buddy I reckon, they looked like pals in the goal celebrations. I hope so because Cesc needs friends on the pitch to play at his best.


  12. Franchise

    Nik is a more technical player than Ade who has improved a lot in that area in the last 1 year. On the other hand Nik is no where the athlete Ade is, He looks stronger in the air and was up for physical header contests with Vidic something Ade hates. Ade is much quicker and can run for 90 mins Nik didnt look like he could last another 5 mins. Whats my point? With Eddie and Rosicky to come then we might as well challenge for the title. We have 4 forwards in different moulds and have different strenghts. Rosicky, Walcott and Prince Nasri would scare any team from wide positions. Our all french back four is looking good, Toure as a sub is not too bad either. In the middle I believe Denilson can provide cover for Cesc. Diaby is not a defensive midfielder. We are still one player short there. Arsene I know u read le-grove and even if u dont u tried to sign a defensive MF at the end of the transfer window. We could do with one. Lets stuff Villa and Man City next. The Chavs well, I would fancy us winning a scolari led chelsea than a Mour’s. Its still 3 weeks to go until I reassess our title chances. Trophy chances look on though

  13. ArsenalKenya

    Ohh ….What a nice weekend.

    Nicky B could have scored a hatrick but he will only improve with more games. For wigan i expect Ramsey, Wilshere and Vela to start.

    Samir Nasri reminded me of the days we had Pires and he really gave the Manc’s a run for their money. We will be more lethal when Rosicky and Eduardo return. G. Neville is the weak link in the Man C’s team.

    Does anyone have any updates on Rosicky and Eduardo?

    We want to know so that we can hype up the rest of the season.


  14. Big Raddy


    I for one would love to have Berbs at THOF. He is a brilliant player.

    And to be able to bring Tevez and Giggs on as Subs, tells us all about the gulf between MU and us. Our attacking subs were Wilshire , Ramsey and Vela. !!

  15. Franchise

    4-5-1 is something that we have played quite often for the last three seasons. B4 our champ league final run in 2006 it was even unthinkable. Last seaon m,ainly cos of an injury to VP our starting team was







  16. Big Raddy

    Metal. Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of NIk, and believe he is the future CF for us. I love his style of play.

  17. Pedro

    Rasp, I think he always says that going into November/December… it gives the players confidence!

    Raddy, I think he is a class talent… but when you’ve got your backs against the wall, is he the right type of player to rely on? I read that RvP does poorly in psychological tests… that is why we wont give him Β£80k or something?

  18. Franchise

    Big R. If not for injuries and suspensions we could have had Ade, Rosicky, VP and Eduardo on the bench and still put a decent team that beat Mancs 2-1. Think of the prospects

  19. Mark C

    still buzzing from the result at the weekend.

    Looking forward to seeing the youth, and the thought that the likes of Clichy, and Fabregas can get a rest.

    Fabianksi, should all start tomorrow night.

    That will provide a strong core to the team.

  20. Franchise

    Over the last two weeks my main frustration with Arsene was his poor team selections and unneccesary substitutions. Lets forget about that now anyway i.e. the points we could have had

  21. ethangunner

    when everyone one is fit which should be too far away
    this would be a potent line up

    sagna – toure*/silverstre – gallas clichy
    theo – cesc – denlison /diaby* -rosicky


    * – * nik b – ade- jack-ramsey- alumina

  22. Dobbi

    Absolutely awaesome game!! Best one since the Milan away, even better. Should’ve stuffed them in the 2nd haf by more than 3goals. Vidic on Nasri shirt pulling was 100% penalty, however, on the replays Webb is running exactly behind Vidic and i doesn’t look like he could have seen the shirt pulling.. he’s still a wanker though.
    Now we must stick with the same team against Villa – if it ain’t broken don’t fix it!
    Should take care of Man City especially as they like to play football, which will create more opportunities for us. Chelsea will be a massive test though. We really need to be on top of our game as well as have lady luck on our side in order to beat them. I’ll take a draw! By then hopefully Edu will also be back and it will be perfect if had to play and score against them. Come on you gunners! Lets kick on from here and build a good run of results! Can we win the league? Yes we can!

  23. kelsey

    Having said the team was mentally and physically tired after wednesday either wenger was lying or gave some stick
    Gallas at last acted like a captain.in nasri we have a player who can shoot with both feet,jury out for me on nicci,he should have at the least connected with the two headers in the first half,though playing as a lone striker wasn’t easy.
    Again wenger used the wrong subs,and be truthful how many of us were praying for the game to end at 2-1.Our commitment was fantastic,but not many teams will play like united against us.

    Any news on Long john,i thought he was meant to be back in training.I believe when he is back either ade or nicci will leave.

    With berbatov you get five minutes of brilliance and 85 minutes of being anonymous,lazy player who doesn’t fit into united style of play and would be better suited to the pace of la liga.

  24. ethangunner

    Dobbi Says:
    November 10, 2008 at 9:31 am

    Absolutely awaesome game!! Best one since the Milan away, even better.

    TOTALLY AGREE !!!!!!!!

  25. Michael Pittordis

    Lads…what can i say??? I dont mean to say i told you so…but I DID TELL YOU WE WOULD WIN!!!

    Thia should definately be a turning point in our season….we are back in the title race, as long as we can continue this way.

    Come on the Gunners!!!!

  26. Maciek

    Hello everyone!
    Wenger want to make Denison a Dm, I think he was an attacing midfilder. Didn’t Ferguson turn Andreson into a Dm? When he was at Porto he was scoring a lot of goals and he was labeled as the “New Ronaldinhio” and now I think he is playng as DM. But I still think that we nead a leader and Lorik Cana would be perfect, as well as Zapata.

  27. Franchise

    Gallas and Silvestre were awesome. Silvestre hardly lost an aerial battle. hes not the tallest player at about 5’11” – 6′ ish but he is so so experienced

  28. choy

    morning all.. still smiling.. let me meet the manc cunts now… i will give it to them

    they had a forward line of what 60 mill? and couldn’t hit the a fuckin barn door.. twats!

    Nicklassss gave vidic and rio a torrid time.. imagine ade had played!!!

  29. Dobbi

    Looks like Nasri is our best finisher, but also gives a lot in midfield… he’s our Freddie Pires! I would keep him on the wing or play him behind the stricker!

  30. Fab4

    I doubt Nik will start tomorrow. Right now he is our senior available striker! I would guess that Vela and Simpson would start:


    Hoyte Djourou Song Gibbs

    Wilshere Ramsey Randall Merida

    Simpson Vela

    Although we may see Coquelin or even Nordveit.

  31. Seb

    Gallas + Silvestre is 100 times better than Anyone + Kolo, frankly. Kolo has never been and will never be a defender, and by that I mean he just isn’t cynical or focussed enough in defence. He excelled next to Sol because he was the recovery man with bags of energy while Sol was the stopper. But he doesn’t have that ruthless streak imo.

  32. Pedro

    Arsenesabemejor, if that is the biggest question you could ask… you’re obviously not very into your football are you?

  33. Keyser

    Toure should be used as a sub and impact player, imagine being a defender in the last 10 minutes of game with Toure running at you, he’s quick, strong and has got a shot on him and I swear I’ve seen him use some good skills.

    He’s played in almost every postion on the pitch.

  34. Geoff

    If the boys can do it against the Mancs then they should do it against Stoke, if they don’t dock their wages.

    I have to say though the Stoke game was bad players selection and that’s down to Wenger.

  35. Matt

    What a brilliant game!

    On another day it could of gone either way, but a great performance fromthe lads, just what we needed..

    And i had a nice little tenner on Samir to score the first goal at 12-1…;-)

    Best performance so far in an Arsenal shirt from Denilson too, if the kid can consistently play like that then i will take back all of the critiscism i have levelled at him.

    Final word for the man Gallas – awesome performance – Man of the match for me….

  36. Keyser

    Though I still think’s hes a great defender, we haven’t had many great team performances this season yesterday was one of them and shows what happens when the whole team improves a little as opposed to looking for one or two players to di it all.

  37. rookie

    good morning grovers…

    Geoff looks like you were in hurry when you wrote the post..lols so short post..i agree with you that it looks difficult to beat wigan… but hey our wonder kids can do any thing..cmon vela another hat-trick

  38. Seb

    I really thought he was a great sub to bring on for the last part of the game Saturday. His energy and willingness to get involved all over the pitch makes him very very useful. He puts Song to shame with his engine, although tbh anyone would.

    He might work with Silvestre better than with Gallas I suppose, if needed. Do you agree he isn’t really defensive minded though Pedro?

  39. Franchise

    Pedro believe me with injuries and the amount of games if we still involved in all comp, Kolo will get games. I would like to see an unchanged side for a while. Theres no need rotating too often

  40. Geoff

    Thing is against Stoke Kolo was shit and if he’s shit he should be dropped.

    We’ll have 4 injured centre backs soon so I wouldn’t worry about how Kolo feels.

    A great example of not buying another African, the ACN fucked Kolo, he hasn’t been the same since.

  41. Arsenesabemejor

    Of course I am ,but he does appear to be proving the critics wrong and I am aware that one swallow etc but I can really see great things from this side in the future hes building a team capeable of playing the best style of football anywhere in the world, sometimes I think fans take what we see for granted especially as he has been delivering it for a number of years, I think we havent seen his best side yet!! Once he has learnt to deal with the non footballing sides in an effective manner, the skys the limit for this side

  42. Keyser

    Pedro – I dunno, I love Kolo he never complains and always has a smile on his face, watching him get angry is even better.

    Whn he first came over I remember listening to a game on the radio and he came on as a sub and the commentators were laughing because they couldn’t believe how powerful he was ‘like a bull in a china shop’ they said.

    He’s monstrous when unleashed and could probably play anywhere.

  43. Franchise

    If Kolo is truly a professional he would handle it well i.e. being out of the side. Himself and Gallas are good individual players but even my granny knows that they dont work well together. Silvestre also being left footed gives the team better balance. Did u see the pass he made with his left foot in the 15 pass sequence that led to the goal? Quality

  44. Pedro

    Keyser, I love Kolo as a player… but I think Gallas is a better defender… and if Gallas plays better with Silvestre… you have to go with that partnership.

    Would you play Kolo right midfield or Eboue, given the choice?

  45. Dobbi

    Also Kolo had malaria and doesn’t look to have regained full fitness for some reason. I say stick with Gallas and Silvestre for now. If they continue to impress then great, if not then drop one or both. There’s no room for sentiment in professional football i’m afraid. Kolo is a fans favourite, but he’s been playing like a headless chicken at the back of late. Bizzarley everyone was blaming Gallas for Kolo’s ineffectiveness.

  46. Pedro

    I think Arsenal fans get worried when a player has to fit into a squad!

    I should be pleased Kolo has competition for his place!

  47. Geoff

    Why would Kolo go anywhere? we need 4 centre backs, I would make Djourou the 4th, actually I think Djourou is better than Silvestre.

  48. gnarleygeorge9

    I’ve got to admit Silvestre & Gallas worked well. I was a bit concerned about the height factor though. Wenger needs to start picking teams that suite the situation more. this is where Big Johan can be utilised, i.e The Stoke debarcle.

  49. Franchise

    I dont see Chelsea, Pool or Mancs bidding for Kolo Adams wld use his Arsenal influence to snap him up with Lauren, Kanu, Campbell it wld be his definite destination Pedro

  50. Keyser

    We keep criticising individual players but we’re better as a team now than relying on one individual, no-one gave us a chance yesterday but the whole team stuck together and worked for each other and that’s why we won.

    The rest will come with games and time, like the understanding when we were on the break of when and who to pass to. They need to build it up, get the end ball right and we could’ve scored another 10 goals.

    Pedro – He’s an athelete, Gallas and Silvestre have both got bags of experience and play regularly for the national side, Toure could probably build up the partnership with Gallas but I can’t remember them getting much of a consistent run together and it’s the same with the team as a whole.

    I’d keep the Silvestre and Gallas partnership, maybe play Toure with Djourou tomorrow, so they can build up another partnership. Wigan’s going to be tough.

    Toure/Eboue right mid ? Neither would be first choice but as back up I think both could play well probably most effectively in a midfield 5 again, it’d be a toss up, one’s quick and mobile, the others strong and explosive.

  51. rookie

    kolo is one of those people with rare attitude as a footballer and it is very good that we have some competition in our defense and besides Gallas and sylves partnership has orked fine whenever they played changing them would be lunatic…unless they perform bad…

  52. Dobbi

    Geoff – Djourou may be better, but he’s very inexperienced. Silvestre has won the PL, FA Cup and CL and brings a lot of experience to this young squad. JD should be integrated into the firts team, but not thrown in at the deep end. I do believe he’ll be our rock at the back in a couple more years.

  53. Queen of Suburbia

    The thing with Nikki B for me, is that I don’t see him getting 30 or even 20 goals a season, so he needs to develop other apspects to his game. I think he has the ability to play a sort of pivot role with maurading midfielders and an out and out striker like Dudu playing off him.

    He’s a different option to Ade when we need to inject something different.

  54. gnarleygeorge9


    Is he? Bloody hell, I would never have picked that. He could be the signing of the year afterall πŸ™‚

  55. Wrighty7

    Morning all!

    Sorry to jump in on the Toure debate, here’s my penny’s worth if you don’t mind.

    I love Kolo Toure and every Gooner does because he has an affinity with Arsenal. He is long-serving, (probably the longest serving Arsenal player currently at the club?) and on his day is a superb player who would walk into almost every Premiership side.

    BUT he doesn’t deserve to be a first team regular just on the basis that he has been at the club a long time. His form has been erratic since the African Nations and frankly his performances do not warrant him a place in the side.

    This is where I think Gallas is given a raw deal. Because we Gooners love Toure and don’t share that closeness with Gallas we tend to side with Toure over Gallas as too who should start in the side.

    If we take a look at the bigger picture Gallas IMO deserves his place in the side due to his performances. Lets not be taint him by his Chelsea background, he’s an Arsenal player now and a world class defender, he is an asset!

    Regarding Toure there is a saying,

    “Form is temperory, class is permanent”

    Toure is CLASS and will regain his form but until then he should be on the bench.

  56. kelsey

    Lenny the 20 year old has signed for us on a pre arranged contract as of january first..Ask yourself why fellow gooners.Is there an offer for ade or nicci?why buy another striker when we all know that a defensive holding midfielder is the first priority.Is it a precaution for the mental and physical fitness of eduardo,i doubt it.any thoughts anyone.

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    Wikipedia says

    Full name MikaΓ«l Samy Silvestre
    Date of birth 9 August 1977 (1977-08-09) (age 31)
    Place of birth Chambray-lès-Tours, France
    Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)[1][2][3]
    Playing position Centre back, left back

  58. Keyser

    It shows how one weakness in one specific part of the pitch can affect the whole of a team though, yesterday United had Neville below par, we kept exploiting it and it’s why Walcott didn’t get into the game much.

    Neville below par means Vidic and Ferdinand get caught out and they didn’t look half as good as we’ve come to epxect of them, Toure’s a great player, he’d probably get into any team around.

  59. Pedro

    That is a hideous thought Gnarley!

    Kelsey, it’s just a rumour at the moment… and if we do sign him, he has to go on loan to Salamanca for a year to get a work permit.

  60. gnarleygeorge9

    Big Raddy

    Kolo could be off to Rome for the CL Final though πŸ˜€

    If The Arsenal make the CL Final, will many of you European resident Grovers go as well?

  61. kelsey

    agreed raddy,kolo is committed to us.Until the anc he was argueably our best consistant player.he was rushed into a semi final at he anc when he was clearly injured and the malaria may have had a bigger effect than first thought.he may not play well with gallas as a pairing but we need him ,especially when compared to eboue and the one who starts with s and ends with g.

  62. Wrighty7

    If every player left due to not starting all the time then clubs would be knackered.

    Competition for places is healthy and keeps players on their toes. I think its refreshing that we have this for a change.

    I don’t doubt that players at Arsenal can be quite complacent so its a welcome problem to have.

    Players shouldn’t expect to just walk in the side, they should earn it.

  63. rookie

    kelsey he has signed or not there is no concrete news on that…it comes from arsenal news review..why did nt any big agency cover it even young guns are not convinced about it…another thing if he is signed there are two things…1 he is a free agent so will not cost us and 2 we have to send two players to Salamanca as part of agreement and we will sign a south american striker lenny or any other and loan him to Salamanca

  64. rookie

    it is to be seen that arsene is signing him for agreement with Salamanca to loan two players each year or a future first teamer…if he turns out good then fine else he can be sold or go on free..

  65. Franchise

    Kolo is going no where for sure. If he’s wise he would know that he would out live Gallas and Silvestre in an Arsenal shirt. IMHO Arsenal is the biggest club he could play for. he is no Cannavaro. No offense

  66. Wrighty7

    I think Cricket would be more interesting if once every five overs the bowler could blind fold the batsman and have a free bowl.

    If the batsman hits it he gets an automatic 10 runs.

    I have just revolutionised the game of cricket! πŸ˜‰

  67. Geoff

    What’s cricket? QOS I hope you saw I sacked the muppet that was having a pop at you the other day.

    I don’t believe the Lenny story, Wenger said no one was coming, if he did though he would come straight in as most Brazilians qualify for Portuguese passports, like Denilson and Edu did.

  68. rookie

    i m not convinced about lenny but those serbian kids are good….aleskic looks real leader and ljajic is a bit like Pires

  69. Keyser

    Tommorows game should be interesting, Wigan are going to be a really tough test for the youngsters, I doubt Bendtner will play and hopefully a couple of our subs get some game time.

  70. Big Raddy

    Well said Franchise. And if anyone who has the privilege of playing for The Arsenal thinks otherwise, then they scan just Fuck Off.

    And look what happens to you , if you do. You can play in the stiffs for Barca. Or become England’s most hated player (Cashley). Or you can lose your mantle as one the the Greats of Football (TH)

  71. Jules

    Morning all

    and what a fine morning !! for what its worth a few points ,


    secondly , jury out on Nic , should have a had a couple , but in fairness did ok on his own against two good players . needs to improve first touch but it will come .

    Nasri is one of best signings of the summer of any club , quality player who is adapting very quickly and knows how to shoot !

    Howard Webb is shocking ! Also , how bias are sky . Andy Gray bleating about penalty
    manure should of had and not mentioning Neviile just before who shoved the ball away with his arm !! that was a pen , The pull on Nasri was blatant and should of also been a red !

    Also I noticed Sky Sports News just after game had the usual roll of shame foulcount highlighting we committed more fouls when we have just won ! BITTER OR WHAT !?

    What wankers Andy Gray and sky are , but ;

    Makes winning even better , HAVE SOME OF THAT !!!!

  72. Matt

    Why are we talking about selling Kolo when he is having a bad run of form?

    I have asked for him to be dropped on current form, as there is no roomfor sentiment in football, but to ask for him to be sold??

    Do me a favour….

    And what was going on with the Arsene and fergie love fest at the weekend???

  73. gnarleygeorge9


    Cricket is a small insect that rubs its back legs together to make a noise, that Big Raddy is always on about.

  74. Aziz

    When AW will bring on Vela once Nick is tired ? … Could have been a 5:1 then. Vela means no off-sides, no missed hattricks. So when please ?

  75. no.1 goon

    ive a few people in my end who i chat too and they was going on about how wenger’s lost it and we need to get new blood in.
    the look on there faces was priceless.i felt like chanting”your not singing anymore” lol
    and even at the start the one arsen wenger song was sang with vigar.
    thanks to all those that did.
    what a game,what atmosphere,what a day!!
    all i can sing is “SUPER SAMIR NASRI”

  76. Lou

    Perhaps someone could send a video of the game to Tony Pullis with the message “That’s what we mean when we talk about football”.

  77. Pedro

    no.1 goon, this was a victory for Arsenal, not Arsene Wenger.

    We beat ManU, but beating the big teams hasn’t been our problem… it’s the shite teams that have taken points from us.

  78. no.1 goon

    Even the “theo theo theo theo,he’s a english man at arsenal” song was absloute class.
    well done goons.
    what a performance from the boys.
    gallas was my man of the match!

  79. gnarleygeorge9


    The Arsenal must show more respect to the shite, I mean teams down the ladder more, if they are to get one over them IMO