We beat the Mancs with no forward line, how does that feel Fergie?

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So now the euphoria has subsided I still feel like a dog with two dicks, why? well mostly because I work with a Manc, he’s welsh really but he supports them for the same reason that every other Manc does, they spend loads, are successful, and he lives nowhere near Manchester, well he’s going to get both barrel’s this morning.

I watched the biased BBC highlights and they left out the big penalty shout and many of our chances, so no change there, but with an average age of 7 and all of our first choice forwards missing and against their top and uninjured side, we done them big time, it was only Wenger sending on the subs that even allowed them a goal that made the scoreline look close, not to mention the customary 6 minutes of injury time and the worst refereeing I have ever witnessed and they still lost to our academy team.

Arsenal, you now have to do that against the shit sides, like Hull, Chelsea and the Scousers. Then and only then will we win the league.

I thought Denilson has a cracking game as did Diaby, I’m still at a loss to see what Djourou needs to do to get a game, even as a sub, but time will tell there, so Denilson keep it up, we now know you can play well.

I expect our kids to go out of the Carling tomorrow as Wigan are a strong team, but we have home advantage, Jack Wilshere and Carlos Vela, so who knows. The fact we beat red nose and his team of thugs sends out a message, what does Rooney need to do to get red carded? Or even the odd yellow? He took Theo out when he was nowhere near the ball and didn’t even get talked to, still that’s Howard Webb for you, muppet.

Nothing will take away the feeling I have right now and this should take me nicely up to the villa game, and the way they and City are playing I expect 6 points from those two. We could have this sewn up by Christmas!

Something has happened to the stewards as they are now leaving us alone, I haven’t been told off for singing, standing up or banging the sign now for three games, way to go stewards!

Ok so today we’ll start debating the Wigan game and who plays, but a word on Nikki before I sign off, I know he has his critics, he could have had a hatrick, but at least he was in position to miss, they’ll come, at least he wasn’t continually offside.

Finally did anyone notice we had a back four that were all French, plus Diaby and Nasri, should I worry or be grateful? what do you think Grovers?

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  1. Arsenal Tom

    diarra, has shown how he is gonna behave… if he doesnt play he’ll leave, he shows no real willingness to fight for his place… almost as if he lacks self belief, which is weird cos he’s confident enough to say he should be playing!

    the yaya thing may be that he said to wenger ill come if im not playing but if im getting games i dont want to leave clubs again… he’s moved every year for 3/4 years now… im not sure having another key player that pisses off every few years to the ACN is good for us either

  2. Geoff

    Flamini should have been given an option at Christmas, sign a new and Improved contract or we’ll sell you in January, that’s not rocket science, it business acumen.

    We could have got Β£5mil easy, we didn’t. Same with Wiltord, same with Edu and the same with Campbell for every clever move, he has a dumb one.

  3. ethangunner


    Villa is all class , did you watch the EURO’s ? He just all class .. at the highest level !
    i think he is currently playing the best football of his career !

    you should watch a Valencia game or 2 .He has been the clubs top scorer 3 years on the trot
    .. the team has several good players in the team also !

    mata -JoaquΓ­n-silva -Angulo (arsene almost secured his signature) are some of my favorites

    plus you have old edu coming in for 10 minutes πŸ™‚ and morientes – del horno ..
    and the best bit is they play a very similar style too us !

  4. Arsenal Tom

    geoff… ronaldo, crespo, thats all… and fergie clearly just told ronnie he wasnt going anywhere this year.

    our right tho… it doesnt happen often, but thats usually because they are brought in as stars and start winning straight away, we are the opposite… nobody, get close to winning something then leave as a star!!!

  5. avenell

    If Arsenal wanted to sell Flamini in January. Why would he leave when he can get a fuck of signing on fee in the June or double the wages?

    And this ANC problem, the South Americans do the same thing that’s what cost Gilberto his start in the first place.

  6. Maciek

    Isn’t Vincente very injury prone? Would he fit to our style and is he tough/strong enough to play in the Premiership?

  7. Arsenal Tom

    i like the de rossi rumors… i dont believe them but he’s a good player and similar to flamini in his work rate.

  8. ethangunner


    We are a soft touch, when did a superstar ever want to leave the Mancs or the Chavs eh? And Robben doesn’t count he was a crock.

    thats the spoils of winning silverware … thats how red nose can get ronaldo too stay ..
    say too him what more do you want to win other than the C.L ???
    the arguments shot out of the water .. DEAD !

    and us ?? we’ll buy you too young and sell you too early ..
    make millions on you and not put it back into the club !
    (then take several seasons to replace you properly )

    fuck !

  9. Seb

    Hmm I’m not sure about strongarm tactics with players, it’s not a labor camp is it, it’s a team, and you need to treat players fairly to get the team spirit right. The players know what they can have here, great facilities, great coaching, decent wages, great stadium, CL football – if that isn’t enough then why should we force them to stay, let someone else come in who actually wants to have a career here.

    Let’s be honest, if either we had bought another CM to replace Flamini, or Denilson had stepped up straight away, we wouldn’t have given a monkeys about anyone going. It’s only because we had a poor start that we have all been foaming at the mouth about the contract situations.

    Who knows, we might eventually be able to stop looking backwards if the team keep playing like they did Saturday.

  10. Keyser

    Geoff – We don’t know what he told Wenger or what went on, he came out almost every time and said he’d sort it out at the end of the season and that he was happy, whether that was a ploy or not we don’t know, we do know that he’d done it before.

    We were having a pretty good season, Diarra wsn’t exactly completely convincing, and you’d probably have slated Wenger for suddenly selling Flamini on the cheap and putting in the unproven Diarra halfway through a season.

    Yeah we could’ve made different decisions, but Dein was around so how much of that was down to him before he left ?!

    Chelsea can pay a 30 year old 140,000 a week on a five year contract without batting an eyelid and they say they have a business plan, United can pay reserve right backs 65,000 a week.

    It’s never that simple is it.. Ronaldo didn’t want to go because of what he could win it’s all part of his fantasy.

  11. kelsey

    I agree wenger is a soft touch compared to fergie.fergie doesn’t stand the bollocks from anyone.beckham,van nistelrooy.and even ronaldo will go when it suits him.

    All these world class players mentioned are out of our reach even if they were available.

    I have to say wenger should look at character as well as football ability.Flamini,diarra,Anelka to a degree the rich nomad,Ade and bedntner that’s quite a few in recent eighteen months bar anelka.

    What is the answer,I don’t know,if we fail this season who will be off and this will repeat itself year after year.I just wish I knew how much money is/was available.

    Ade is laughing literally all the way to the bank.

  12. ethangunner


    your right he had ankle problems but he is back now and being eased in to it ..
    but looks every bit as good as he used too …

    i s’pose that’s not up for debate anyhow .. wenger has the wings all working well after 3 years
    of tinkering .. ( if you can call it that ) – id call it neglect πŸ™‚

    well i remember Ranieri saying he was one of the best players he’s ever seen !
    and he is a very intelligent football player .. good speed … very attacking ..
    early pires like ..

    but with theo – nasri- eboue and rosicky coming back .. and every other man and his dog able to play on the wings , i dont think arsene will bother with any more wingers …

  13. Geoff

    Go back and read my last seasons posts, I was saying this in December and January, it wasn’t like a surprise, it’s exactly what I expected, run your contract down and get a Β£5mil signing on fee.


  14. Keyser

    Geoff – LoL haven’t been here that long, still think Flamini was clever in the way he went about, it’s not as simple as you say.

  15. Geoff

    We’ll agree to disagree then Keyser!

    Avenall you’re right, good to see the wise one learned from his mistakes eh?

    I’m off now, catch you all later.

  16. ethangunner

    Im with you on that Geoff but you don’t even need to check last seasons posts , just ask patthegooner πŸ™‚ we argued more about the 2’s and 4’s more than i do with keyser πŸ™‚

    i even said bert would leave too .. i didn’t see hleb going .. but flamini – and bert you just knew they would be off 1 for more money and the other for more time on the pitch !Both issues were in the papers , but the AKB just said its all bollocks ..
    but you cannot blame them for leaving , arsene wouldn’t promise bert time , and wouldn’t give in to the flamster.

    and too top it off diarra leaves also !
    after that hlebs thinks fuck it ! ill take a ticket !!!

    and it leaves cesc all standing there holding the bag !

    fuck give him his own football show quickly !


    Well we can only hope arsene learned something from that monumental fuck up ..

  17. avenell

    If we renewed Theo’s contract last year we could have stuck him on what Β£35,000 a week.. Now he could be thinking hang on thet Ade geezer is on Β£80k I want a bit of that..
    Or I’ll do a Flamini.

  18. Maciek

    Thanks for Your responses. Since You watch Spanish La Liga( me too) I have got a question. You know our problems at the back. Do You think Raul Albiol can solve them? Can You see any defender in La liga who can add something special to our squad? What do You think about Caceres? Metzelder?

  19. Maciek

    And yes Ethan. I know Villa since his Valencia times. I know he is special and I would love to see him at Arsenal. When I saw in the summer that he want to join us I started juping around and I said to myself- now Arsene, just sell Ade and buy Villa. But we all know our coach. But Ethan- if we buy Villa- do You think that either Adebayor or Persie would sit on the bench, they want to play. Besides isn’t he to similar to Eduardo. Please respond if You can. Best wishes.

  20. ethangunner

    Raul Albiol

    is spot on maciek … not only can he play WELL as a CD, he can also play very well as a DM !
    but i think our defensive problems are covered .. i like the pairing of gallas and silvestre ..
    they held a pretty tight line against the manc’s and if it continues and our strikers do there job
    our defenders wont have too push up field so much ..

    you’ve got eboue – toure-and big johan as back up … i think its just organization that’s needed now not more personnel …

    also Albiol is only about 185 cm … not that tall .. but he is a rock of a player and he is solid for Valencia !

    ok im definitely gone
    nice chatting with you as ever maciek ..

  21. ethangunner

    selling ade is the only way villa would come .. arsene likes too balance the books !
    ade wants more money … arsenal gets what it wants and so does ade ..

    RVP – villa … could you imagine it ?!

  22. Maciek

    Thanks Ethan. Since You must “go” I wish You all the best and thanks for all Your responses -it really means a lot for me( or should it be a lot to me?? hehe). Thanks once more and till tomorrow.

  23. raif

    Hello Grovers.

    how is all tonight? and Yes go easy on Nikki B i think he did really well on sat, considering he was on his own and playing against 2 of the best deffenders in the Prem

  24. Maciek

    Hi Raif!
    What do You think about our squad? Do You think we need a few additions?Who would You buy, and who would You play( I’m talking about our first eleven). Do You like our centerback partership? Best wishes!

  25. raif

    hi there Maciek.

    i like our Squad the only addition i would make would be to add a Engine in the middle of the park to partner Cesc. but in the meantime i would try Diaby with Cesc.

    as for the centerback partership i am Happy with it and i would have droped Kolo earlier. as since the AFN he hasnt been the same player.
    but i would have given Johan Djourou the nod Before giving it to Silvest.

    for me the big problem is upfront. as i dont belive ADE & RVP make a good Partnership.

    so with that being said my first 11 would be

    Sagna, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy
    Theo, Diaby, Cesc, Nasri


    – or –
    ADE & VELA

    i would like to see RVP & VELA have a run out together but we havent yet so i have no idea what that partnership would be like. im sure it could work tho

  26. mickeys boot.

    Just seen Chris Morgans challenge on the Barnsley player who now has a fractured skull.
    Andy Durso(you remember him)gave a yellow card.
    Chris Morgan should be banned for a very long time.
    Referee`s want respect .What a fucking joke.

  27. Maciek

    Thanks for Your response Raif! Vela and Ade, hm- that’s very interesting. Diaby next to Cesc is a good choice but to me the Frehchman isn’t enough defensive. Just my humble opinion. But Lorik Cana- maybe I’ve got an obesession, but he will be a monster for us.

  28. London

    Hi Geoff, this is not meant to goad you, it is a technical point that I am not sure about. You said that Wenger should have give Flamini an ultimatum at Christmas “sign or we will sell you” My question is: would the club have been able to sell him against his will? And as IMO he was determined to go on a free wouldn’t he have just stalled over personal terms with whichever club Arsenal were trying to sell him to? I think he only had to wait untill January when he became a free agent. The upshot being that Flamini held all the cards.

  29. Nacho

    Geoff: the guy that called you racist is wrong as the comment he refers to is about nationality. But he probably meant to say xenophobe, I guess…

  30. marylandgunner

    Changing the subject, I was in Harrods tonight with the Mrs. and ran into Roman Pavlyuchenko. I walked up to him to say hello, and well, either he didn’t speak a lick of English, or he knew that I was a Gooner . . . he looked right at me, and then ignored me.

    I told him he was shyte (under my breath), but he knew what I meant : ).

  31. choy

    hello pat.

    looks like he is the kid going on loan.. but why would we need another striker at this point?

    I also think that since he is on a free wenger is taking a chance.

  32. gnarleygeorge9

    I see the talk about Cana has started again. His CV reads well, & might work in well with Nasri (ex marseille) & free up Cesc.

    He appears to be hard as, & would pick up “Wilf” Helb types & spin them on his finger like a top. He may not be a man for all every situation, so to speak, but would be handy when The Arsenal travel north, if you know what I mean.

  33. David

    i think we need a striker ready to come in…we dnt know how well Dudu would fair when he gets back…if i know Wenger he will start him in the reserves and get him a few games under his belt till he reaches match fitness…and dnt u think we are lacking a good striker right now that ade’s injured RVP is taking a break…and Nikki bullshit cant seem to score?

  34. ethangunner

    yes david
    i agree , i think we’ve all had to witness arsene take chances this season , i would not want to gamble on the 2nd half of the season, it could mean losing C.L football , and whilst id rather see us do well in the EPL only, i know it would only add too the reasons to not spend huge if we lost the revenue .

  35. jlp

    great post
    maybe he knew you were American Maryland,
    my experience (went to University in Sweden with loads of them) is the Ruuu-skies men do not like N.Americans .
    They hate us Canadians cause of the way we continually mop their ass on the ice hockey scene but absolutely detest the Americans for well.. i don’t have the time to go through it as they have quite a list of grievances against you folks down south .
    However no actual ill will was ever expressed against the Mexicans mind you but then…what kinda person could have problems with mexicans.
    now the Ruuuu-ski ladies is another story all together

  36. Ja_Gunner

    Well I will just add to the Ade debate.

    Ade is not a technically gifted nor clinical striker…..but I think most people are somewhat harsh in terms of complaining about his misses.

    Yes those misses are irritating but….the truth is no matter how good a striker is as Pedro has said before…THAT STRIKER WILL ALWAYS MAX OUT AT 30-40 GOALS FOR A SEASON.

    Even if we got Villa, Eto, Benzema, Huntelaar, Henry, Van Nistle roy etc…they would not score 50-60 per season they would still only score about 30-40 over the course of maybe 3-4 seasons max(except Henry he hit these 25-40 tallies almost every year he was at Arsenal.

    But the point is these “superior ” more technically gifted strikers would not give you 50-60. It all balances out because these strikers may only get themselves into excellent goal scoring positions say 3 times a game and they score 1 or 2…..Ade however will get himself into goalscoring position say 7 or 8 times per game and score only 1. The other strikers are seen as superior because they bury the few chances they get, while on the other hand Ade looks wasteful because he missed alot more than he scored.

    If there was a player that could combine Ade’s ability to get into scoring positions and say Eduardo’s deadly finishing..then and only then would you see a striker scoring 50-60 per season…right now that player does not exist….well atleast we dont know about him yet, he may be out there.

    In the past players may have racked up these figures once in a while. Pele is the only player I know of who put up these kind of figures year in year out.
    And dont say its the era or the quality of the league because as I have said before other players in his era did not do it….and others players in the brazilian league have not done it(consistently) even in the dutch league where players rack up the goals..they still max out at about a goal a game.

    One goal per game is the ultimate ratio and no matter how clinical a striker is or whatever they seldom can keep this ratio up over a long period of time no matter what league they play in.

    Maybe we can criticise Ade for not scoring at crucial times etc…but we cant complain too much about misses overall, because other strikers dont even get themselves in position to miss in the first place.

    Even though I have said all of this I still cringe when I see him miss sitters.
    He should learn to score at more crucial times when we really need it.

    Etoo is on a goalscoring rampage right now at 13 goals in 10 la liga games but i bet he still wont pass say 40-45 goals when the season ends. If he does he will prabably never do that again in his career.

  37. Stu

    The reason Ade gets 7 or 8 chances a game, as you say, is because he plays for us. No other reason.

    We complain about him because he misses so many chances. He may have gotten 30 last season but based on your theory he would have had hundreds of opportunities. Its his clinical-ness, or lack there of, that he is criticised for.

    Almost any half decent striker in the world that plays for a team like ours, that creates chance after chance in any given game, should easily reach or even surpass the 25-30 mark.

  38. ethangunner

    stu – ja

    good points .. we looked the best we looked in ages last weekend and its no surprise that ade wasn’t playing .. our passing was superb, our teamwork and work rate was even better …

    Our skill levels looked so much more clinical and way more effective in the final 3rd ..
    no chances were frustratingly squandered .. even bendtner looked like he had a chance ..
    Even thou none came off for him .. it looked like up to the final strike that we moved the ball around effectively and executed our game plan ..

  39. jlp

    thats pretty bold ethan
    i am not a huge ade guy but insinuating the level of every other player was up cause Ade wasn’t playing and not due to the fact their season , in front of the world was weighing in the balance well thats plain Bold with a capitol B
    just don’t see how spending 20-30 mil on a striker when we could move,like you have stated before either Nasri or Walcott up, and use that same cash to grab a new winger and a superstar cm

  40. ethangunner


    if we got a new striker obviously common sense would be that wenger sold ade 1st ..
    but its obvious wenger is looking for another striker .. lenny ?
    and i think why have a punt on arsenals stature any more than we have been doing .
    Most of us said last week wenger needs to buy established .. and im sure the issue will come up again …

    I think it proves that most of the other players on our team look too ade due to his past ..
    and he is letting us down ! without him on the pitch the others are free too express themselves in front of goal ! Same was said about TH14 when he left ..

    and i think the same thing is happening now … i would rather some of our class players start backing themselves and make themselves famous !

  41. jlp

    thats a great point on the freedom of style cause it hasn’t been there through most of the games so far
    i had pinned that to lack of cohesion amongst the midfield .
    the dynamics seemed off
    but as theo proved this weekend how valuable a clever run through the box is in creating that space and opening up the higher percentage shooting/passing lanes allowing those free flowing goals to be scored
    ades runs do not provide those lanes and they should be
    maybe your right , that his ego dictates him to be directly involved with either the build up or being the taker and that affects the other players options
    i had thought with RvP back and his summer antics he wouldn’t be able to pull that shit but there is merit in that argument

  42. benno

    Young Guns has tonights squad as:


    And J.Sanderson is usually very reliable,

    Xeeex, so if thats the case Nikky B is being rested tonite

  43. Geoff

    Ok London, this is for you. No we couldn’t have sold him against his will but, say Barca had come in and said, we’ll give you Β£5mil and we’d like permission to talk to him, then Milan would have said, fuck if we don’t move now, we could lose him.

    By January he could have signed a pre whatsit contract with Milan anyway, what it would have done is forced Milan’s hand in Januuary.

    It would have also shown Flamini’s intent, sign, fuck off or hold off for Milan, at least Wenger would have known and kept Diarra.

    All the above is common sense and as I said it happened before with Edu, Wiltord, Campbell etc.

    All these players we have given away accidentally negates all the good work done with the sums we get for others.

  44. Big Raddy

    Well said Geoff.

    AW is supposed to be a financial genius (A Masters in Economics, I believe. Yet this is basic management strategy.

    You tie up your asstes against a hostile takeover. To allow Flamini to leave was crass mis-management

  45. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening all

    Sensational day to day, weather wise. & The Great Wall of Gnarley is going to schedule. I’m looking forward to the Carling Cup game. Are you going Geoff?


    If you by any chance go to the CL Final in Rome (I think it is) could you get me a programme/record?