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A mega super massive post for you guys today! We were going to do a double post… but it just confuses the good people of Le Grove! So we decided to treat you to one big one…

Geoff’s Warm up

Poor turnout from the Corporate Mob...

Poor turnout from the Corporate Mob...

This is a short post before Pedro’s match report but I wanted to share this with you. Last night we went to the game and our seats are in club level, paying as much as we do we get the luxury of our own bar, not a lot of queueing and plenty of places to sit, which in fairness is why we pay that much, it softens the blow.

We got into our area and to our horror we saw that most of it was roped off for people eating, that is for punters who paid substantially more on the night, this happens sometimes with the big matches and part of our area is closed to us, last night it was ALL fenced off and we were herded into a tiny area reminiscent of a tube train in rush hour.

What made it worse was the fenced off area was empty, as the pictures show, I was so incensed I went with my cousin and broke into the forbidden area. I was surrounded by overzealous waitresses telling me I was not allowed in, I barked ‘get a steward then’

Along came steward number 1055 her name was Angela, I have to say I could not have been approached by a more balanced, more charming lady if I had chosen her myself.

She said ‘I won’t eject you because I think you are right’ Angela you are a credit to Arsenal, you not only diffused the situation, you showed enormous common sense to something that greedy, greedy Arsenal did that not only made no sense, it was disrespectful to fans that had paid good money.

Angela’s boss then arrived and also agreed with her that it was senseless, he was saying it had something to do with the Champions league blah, blah.

If Arsenal are planning on doing that again, they should warn us beforehand or refund us, as it reduces our match day experience and I for one would have preferred to watch it on TV, I bet they didn’t have that problem in the directors box or Diamond club.

I then left the ground and hour after full time and had to queue for an HOUR to get on the train, so add that to the debacle of Club level and the result, so I had pretty much a shit day.

Great team selection though and Johan had a blinder, but it would be remiss of me to end on anything other than a positive not by thanking the common sense of an Arsenal steward, so thank you Angela.

Match Report

Here was the line up:


Toure Silvestre Djourou Clichy

Ramsey Denilson Fabregas Nasri

Van Persie Bendtner

My pre match thoughts:

Well… WOW… that is a brave old line up! Has Wenger been reading Le Grove ()?

No Sagna, no Diaby… how is this going to work? Cesc and Denilson in the middle together? What about Ramsey in the middle? Who would go forward… who would stay back? Kolo as right back… how would he play after the last disaster? Fabianski in goal… if he has a good game, will he keep his place?

My post match thoughts:

Well, what an anti climax?

We were all pretty excited about getting a decent response after the woeful performance on Saturday… we started brightly and missed a few chances and went in 0-0 at half time. Ramsey had a blinder, RvP was trying hard and Fener looked pretty poor.

The second half was completely different.

The boys looked well and truly lost. Confidence diminished and nobody seemed to take control of the game, nobody seemed to have any spark and what was worse for me… nobody seemed to have any urgency.

We just don’t have any players that can turn a game at the moment and I include Cesc in that criticism.

A lot of the Grovers were calling for Vela to come on… I wasn’t… why would I? I’ve seen him score a hat trick against a team I think my Grandma would humiliate. That doesn’t convince me he is ready to come on and change a game.

That though, is the state of our club at the moment. We know what we have isn’t good enough, so we take solace in the unknown… we hope and pray that Diaby, Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere will be good enough to kick start our season… when the deep seated reality is that they wont.

I can’t ever remember seeing an Arsene Wenger team looking so completely impotent? We spent most of the night whipping aimless balls into the defender at the front post box with no strikers to finish.

We passed it about nicely at times, but it seemed no one was really that interested in moving for the creative players… I don’t think Fener really felt under that much pressure after Robin spurned his chances.

The most frustrating thing for me was listening to Sky Sports News in the background… Man United were chasing a victory against Celtic and they had Rooney and Berbatov to come on… all I could hear was the commentator talking about how ManU were throwing the kitchen sink at Celtic to get the win… I wished Arsenal would do the same.

It’s amazing to me that the coach is complaining about refs again and more pathetically complaining that we lacked the physical resources.

‘You expect us to make chances in the last 20 minutes and this didn’t come because physically we didn’t have the resources.’

Now come on Arsene, we’re a few months into a season and you’re already pulling that little chestnut. Tired? How can Nik, RvP, Silvestre, JD, Nasri, Ramsey and Denilson be tired already… they’re not back from a long Euro’s (RvP maybe, but he was out for 9months)? We’re not even in December yet!.

Overall, it’s just another disappointing performance and I don’t really know what Arsene can do to turn this around? He doesn’t have the tools at his disposal this year. I’ve no doubt there will be more false horizons along the way, but just looking at tonight’s performance told me that we are certainly in for a long hard slog this year.


Fabianski: Wasn’t it nice to see a keeper come out of his 6 yards area and claim a 40 yard ball into the box. He hesitated when he should have come off his line for a one on one… but other than that, an assured performance. I fully expect to see Almunia back for the big one. 7

Clichy: Quietly got on with his job tonight without ever really sparkling. I can’t remember him doing to much with the ball going forward, but pairing up with a player who might as well have stayed on the bus didn’t help. 6

Silvestre: Dealt with the long balls well and looked comfortable next to JD. He went off late with a facial injury, but I am sure he’ll be fit for the Mancs. I’m just glad we have a defender who will put his head on the line to defend a high ball. 6.5

JD: Well, I thought he played well. He is big, mobile and good on the ball. He also dealt with the high balls. I am at a loss as to why it has taken so long for him to get a call up… 7

Toure: Did a much better job at right back compared to his last outing. He also went close with a well placed free kick. 6.5

Nasri: A major disappointment tonight. He was virtually anonymous. He lacked creativity, confidence and any sort of presence. Much like Hleb in his first season. He needs to shape up if he wants to start on a regular basis… because he has…errr… Eboue ready to take his place (Sigh…). 4

Denilson: He did a tidy job tonight… he kept Fener relatively quiet, but he isn’t the answer. He is too small and I don’t think the role he is being played in suits him. 6.5

Cesc: I hate to say it, but he is looking less and less interested as the season goes on. I remember last season Cesc would fight for every ball, he’d be screaming at refs, chasing down the opposition… and playing with desire. I’m not getting that vibe? Anyone else? 5

Ramsey: Well, the one glimmer of hope in the midfield tonight was Rambo. He tore about like an absolute lunatic in the first half. He was sparky, intelligent and speculative (<- sorry about that, but it works!). I loved his drive. I noted during the game that you can tell when a player is born and raised on British football… the good players have that combative edge that your rarely find in a continental player. Maybe that is what this team is lacking? A bit of British grit… the best teams always have a British backbone… Ray Parlour, Adams, Winterburn, Dixon, Seaman, Campbell… I don’t know… maybe I am clutching at straws. Ramsey just brought back good memories… 8

RVP: I thought he played ok tonight… he was getting a stupid amount of flak in the comments last night which I thought was unfair. He had a couple of chances that were inches away… they didn’t drop… so you have to say he was wasteful. However, I was impressed with his work rate and I always feel he has the club at heart… even when he does dumb things. He has to become more productive though… I love his skill and aggression… but if it amounts to nothing, it’s wasted. He’ll come good… as Jimmy Greaves once said, ‘At least he is in the right position to miss them’ (Geoff definitely didn’t mention that story on the train home once…). 5

Nik: I like him as a player, I like how selfless he is… but he isn’t taking his chances is he? If you want to stake your claim on the first team… you have to bang in a few goals and force the boss to pick you. I can hardly remember him having a shot last night?. That is disappointing. Hopefully he can bounce back against the Scum. 5


Carlos Vela: The saviour for a lot of hopeful gooners… brought on after 60 minutes to change the game and to be honest, to little effect. He made a couple of nice runs… but he held onto the ball for too long. He is a long way off being the finished article, but it’s good that he is getting games and that Arsene thinks he is good enough to change a match. 6

Diaby: I love this guy, I just can’t get over how skilful a man who is 6ft 4 can be. He made nearly made the break through assist after a great piece of skill outside the box and his link up play was good. Like I’ve said before, where do you play him? Too good to sell, not good enough to displace Cesc. 6.5

Song: Managed to get his customary default appearance. 6

When I read through those player reviews… it doesn’t feel like there is too much wrong, bar a bit of experience and a bit of confidence. It is easy to point at the team and blame the strikers… but when you are not getting the service, it is hard…

I can’t really fault Wenger based on last nights team selection. It was the team we wanted to see, and it still didn’t work. He made his subs early and he made good choices (Rambo was ruined)… What you can fault is the size of the squad, but that ground has been covered every day for the last 4 months. Wenger has placed his faith in players who haven’t raised their game… you’ve got to feel a bit sorry for him? The question for me is does he admit his error in January?

We need to raise our game and raise it fast… for we entertain Premiership rivals Manchester United in our season decider… can we do it? I think so!

What do you think? Why not let us know with a comment… everyone is welcome!

P.S. We broke a 1000 comments again yesterday, which is a big slap in the face to those who think we heavily moderate… thanks for making this a great place to be Grovers!

Finally, there are a whole batch of tickets in Le Exchange, and a single to Man United up for a best offer price! Get buying Grovers!

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  1. kelsey

    By the way someone mentioned we didn’t sign cech for 2.5 million and he went to chelsea.
    WRONG we were going to sign him,but he couldn’t get a work permit and then a long time later he went to chelsea.

  2. raif

    i hate Sky and everyone else in the media. any excuse to belittle wenger and arsenal.
    im telling you they fucking hate us with a passion.

    if it was a english man who has done what wengers done they would kiss the ground he walks on. and probaly name a street after him.

  3. kelsey

    Hi raddy,i didn’t say he wasn’t good enough,i just feel he has a mood problem,which he had at brum as well,and would possibly be better with a different team.yes he is young,and maybe he will grow up,but we can’t afford to experiment with him as a full time first teamer for another year or two,because for the moment he isn’t first choice,and will he wait and improve,that is the question.

  4. Big Raddy

    I had to suffer Lou Macari’s commentary last night. The man is a female sexual organ. I have rarely heard such negativity towards a team he is supposed to be neutral about.

    Why can’t we have an ex-gooner summarising? Why do we need a fucking thick , geriatric Manc ?

    I am going to write and complain to Setanta

  5. paul

    Geoff we have three seats and if one of us can’t make it we treat someone who cannot get to a game normally.I wish we hd gone for seats with what i call the bread and butter supporters.

  6. Paulinho

    I always find David Platt a strange one. Ex-Arsenal, scored against United, but still openly says he’s a Manc. He covers our games alot on Sky. I did notice one slip once when he said “we” talking about Arsenal so hard to know exactly what camp he’s in.

  7. rico01

    All quiet, so I am off for the night, catch you all tomorrow,

    Sleep with that one eye open and be safe

    Night night all


  8. Rob From Aus

    Fuckin Pulis that tosser, i hope the cunts gett relegated! whats more concerning is that out of the newly promoted teams, we have beaten one 1-0 lost two 2-1 & 2-1
    Down right shocking….

  9. kelsey

    I have just seen an interview with Bob Wilson at the launch of his new book,all proceeds go to the Willow foundation a registered charity for 16 to 40 year olds who die of cancer,as his own daughter died aged 31,and he was asked about the debate going on re Wenger’s statement.Arsenal are top of the fair play league and also top of the most fouled team.but the really interesting thing he stated was that Wenger wanted to strengthen the side in the summer(implying money wasn’t available) and that his main aim was to win the CL but he (Wilson) wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger has got so frustrated that he will leave.

    Wilson is still active within the club and one can’t dismiss what he said.

  10. Pedro

    Kelsey, I still struggle to believe it.

    Arsene has gone on record saying if you buy a big player, you kill a career.

    If he really had no money, why would he put his reputation on the line by keeping that quiet? He has no shares… so he has nothing to gain by keeping it shut?

    Rafa wasn’t backed, so he complained… So did Mourinho… so does every coach in Europe… so why wouldn’t Wenger?

  11. Geoff

    It’s all bollocks if he had no money and he wanted it, he’d fuck off, he is probably the world’s most wanted manager, he wouldn’t stay if he wanted money and was refused, downright naive if you believe that shit.

  12. Maciek

    Very interestening. But if he had no money, why he extended his contract? Why our board lie us and tell us that if Wenger want to splash 30 milions he can do it? I just don’t get it. And plese tell why make this AGM meetings, when no one can even ask a question abouit our finances. If Wenger really don’t have any money, he should just make a public statement and make everything clear.

  13. Confidentgoner


    There really is no money in the club for top players. We see evidence in the summer market that AW made efforts but could not match the asking price for the players he liked. Its not every season that Sagna-type buys pop up. The lack of money is real. The manager knows this, but being a believer in youth it suited his fantasy (expectation) and the board’s greed to go with the young guns. All those statements were done to big up his kids to see if they can step up. Unfortunately its unraveling and the guy must be sick inside. I myself wonder how much longer he can take with this team.

    The guys (board) are after a 4th place finish. For a club that was 5 points from winning the league, thats no ambition, which means no money!!!

  14. Pedro

    Confident… £93million in cash reserves… it’s in black and white… we are not skint. Don’t believe a word of it.

  15. Confidentgoner

    A board can cook up any figure as we have seen from failed corporations much bigger than AFC. Am not saying that this is the case, but statements from PHW that We can buy any player he wants were really political imho. Truth is: there is a deep hole from the construction project which will always need cash. If that cash is not really available for assets on the field , then …go figre

  16. Pedro

    Confident, you’re not dealing in facts.

    Read the annual report… then make a judgement.

    Sure there are failed corporations… but there are bad apples in all walks of life. You can’t use them to back up an argument if you have no evidence. It is a criminal offence to cook the books… Plus… fraud in finances is easier to cover up due to the complex nature of how it all works. A football club is a pretty basic business model in comparison.

    The facts are the Chairman has always said Wenger is backed and Fizsman said the same… oh, and Wenger has never said he has no money to spend.

    What he has said is that he wants to see what he started through…

    The other side projects are well on target and they are not sapping money from the club. Any money we make from that side of the business is a bonus.

    The club is on a fixed mortgage that we easily cover. It’s all minimal risk now.

  17. Confidentgoner


    I hear you.

    Strictly speaking, the books say they have money to spend. Wenger said he wanted to see his experiment through but the irony is that the same guy was looking to buy players in the summer. He wanted to buy but could not compete . When we want to buy it means we yearn to satisfy a need or to strengthen. If for some reason we do not buy then the ff must apply:

    a) The money available is not enough
    b) There is no money
    c) Assets are overpriced wrt resources.

    Am knocking off, see ya ..

  18. Pat

    What I don’t get is why Cesc is still playing? Wenger needs to show him he’s not our entire team. Play Diaby instead of cesc if he keeps playing like he is(Cesc, that is).

    He’s been utter shit this season, and you can’t always blame the players around him. A world class player will play well, even with a team lacking talent.

    Xavi for Cesc, anyday of the week.

  19. Pedro

    Or he only wanted a player if he could get a bargain?

    He’ll take Alonso if he can get him for £10mill… but anymore and he isn’t interested in dealing.

    Would he have bought Thierry for £20mill or Paddy for £10mill? Probably not… it’s not VFM at those prices.

    Night all!

    Pat… Cesc is the focal point of the team! He can’t drop him!

  20. Pat

    I’d like to see cesc dropped. He needs to get his head straight and see we’re not a 1-man team. Cesc isn’t as good as you think. C’mon now. Every player we consider “world class”, can change a game, even when his team isn’t performing.

    Don’t bring up that goal he had against Milan, because Kalac is a God-awful keeper. He had 12 good games last season, about. Too much hype and I can see why he doesn’t start for Spain.

    We’re all finesse but no finish.

    The money we paid for PV4 and Henry was a lot back in those days. The market has been going up, inflation and such. Oh, and teams like Chelsea and Real Madrid.

    Why would Alonso want to take a step back? L’Pool is playing well and he’s on fire.

  21. ethangunner

    If only ade could play as well as he talks !

    Emmanuel Adebayor wouldn’t trade anyone in the Arsenal squad for their counterpart at Manchester United.

    Old foes Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson go head to head at the Emirates on Saturday lunchtime in the wake of draws in the Champions League in midweek for their sides.

    Wenger’s Arsenal drew 0-0 with Fenerbahce at the Emirates on Wednesday night while United needed a late goal from Ryan Giggs to snatch a 1-1 draw against Celtic at Parkhead.

    Adebayor will miss the game with an ankle injury, but when asked which United players he’d like to see in the Arsenal squad, he told talkSPORT: “No one. We’ve a great team with great players and they have great players as well.

    “So I don’t think I would like to have any Manchester players playing for us because we have great team and everybody is playing well. We are happy with our squad.”

    and everybody is playing well.????? huh ? is he watching the same matches as me ??

    how about silvestre ? wasn’t he a Man U player ?
    this guy is just all class !

    i could think of a song for ronaldo swap 🙂
    just a straight swap nothing more 😉
    that would be fair wouldn’t it ?

    ok the pass master for ronaldo !
    or tevez !?!

    This guy and what he says makes me laugh louder than keyser 🙂

  22. ethangunner

    if he could spend a little less time trying to get his non-sense in the papers and work on his game
    he would be the next TH14 !

    SHUT IT and work on your passing , your fucking shooting ! offsides,
    penetrating and getting around players , work some more on your shooting ! passing …
    then youll be a good as bendtner !

    which is still not good enough currently ! He is the worst over paid player ive ever seen in my life , oh and lucky us … he’s ours !

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    So far so good, Wenger isn’t whinging, but still should put a total media ban on himself till after the final whistle. I don’t trust him in not coming out with some clanger for Sir-Fur-on-Tongue to use to his advantage.

    This game is “up for grabs now” I reckon those that go to the game might be pleasantly surprised.

  24. ethangunner

    i s’pose it wasn’t really wenger opening his mouth this time , but it was in reference too what wenger said ! – the back lash …

    but if there is such a thing a media spot light … or media boxing match … in the past 24 hours ..
    the lights are on them .. or they are in the ring !!!


    when i think about it wenger has always been a bit childish about contentious issues
    that he should just drop ! it only causes more of a spot light on himself …

  25. Rob From Aus

    Dont give me this shit that AW has no money to spend, He has money available. if he didnt why did Fiszman come out (and basically tempt AW to buy someone) and say he 30 mill to splash? whats the point of saying that if it isnt true? My point is even though he has a good ability to work the “books” he practically didnt spend a cent on the players he brought in… i.e with the sale of Hleb and Gilberto + Hoyte so he still has a 30 million war chest sitting there (more like collecting dust or interest) Bbut he is such a tight cunt who believes more in his legacy than the good of fans an the achievments wee seek!

  26. Rob From Aus

    Besides, we need to invest our money into workhorses with the club at heart such as Clichy & Ramsey, rather than glory hogs and selfish cunts, such as Adeimpaidtomuchyor & Galimasooklas (gallas).. These cunts spend more time complaining rather then just gettin the fuckin job done!

  27. Keyser

    Ethan – I’m not having a go at you but I think Wenger was right to say something, he congratulated everyone at the club, players, team and manager and then what do you get from Sorensen and the likes them mouthing off in the press about how spineless we are.

    He said he goaded Van Persie into getting sent off and blatantly milked it and on top of that we had 3 players injured from challenges that are not manly but cowardly, he had to say something, maybe he chose the wrong words but he was right.

    Aren’t you tired of our players getting injured ? I wouldn’t mind if our discplinary record was still poor, but we got slated for it and we’ve improved it almost to the other extreme while teams are still allowed to kick lumps out of us.

    Hleb took some proper nasty challenges last season when the ball wasn’t even close, Noble almost broke his leg and Carew hacked him down from behind knowing he wasn’t going to get the ball, not a trip but studs straight through his achilles.

    It’s sickening, even against Fenerbahce a broken nose for Silvestre and nothing from the referee, Semih’s elbom swung back almost full extension to hit him.

  28. Keyser

    Rob from Aus – I don’t get why you call him a cunt ? I mean what type of way is that to describe him, he’s our manager, what do you think he’s doing syphoning it off for himself ? That’d be complete bollocks, as for his legacy ? We’ve spent 3 years without a trophy what way is that to leave the club, obviously he wants to win things but at the same time he knows that there is no quick or easy solution to anything.

    I think he does have money to spend, you’re right probably about 20-30 million but then I can understand wanting to get the right person instead of just getting anyone at all costs, Alonso or Barry weren’t coming to the club without us paying about 20 million for them, Alonso was already cup tied and Liverpool were waiting for Barry to be made available.

    Hopefully we’ll get someone in January but it looks unlikely we’ll find who we’re looking for, disappointing and I know people are worried but I think Wengr should be at least allowed to atone for his mistakes.

  29. Rob From Aus

    I call it his legacy in respect to him wanting to “blood youth” rather than wanting to win at all costs, like other managers do. As for why do i call him “cunt” is purely down to the complete arse he makes of himself everytime something doesnt go his way, i.e Its the refs fault, its the other teams fault, its the pitches fault or i didnt see the incident… i mean fuck rather than come out and be the laughing stock of every media company in the WORLD, why doesnt just shut up and move on?!

  30. ethangunner


    i hear ya , but lets be honest this isnt the 1st instance wenger has came out like a nancy boy and said dont kick us , blah blah blah its been going on since the sam days with bolton and even beyond ..Keyser .. these lesser skilled teams fresh from the championship will try any tactics necessary to rial us up and steal points from us … Wenger needs to address the squad and train to avoid the situation .. either that or fight fire with fire .. this is the EPL , english football is like this ..

    its not all run and stun , skilled passing , like some European teams .. Most of it is gritty ankle crushing tackles and shirt pulling violence .. thats the EPL , man U and chevski play like that to a lesser degree also !

    Its like telling a boxer you punched too hard !
    that why i lost to you !!!

  31. Keyser

    Rather than winning at all costs ? Come on, of course he wants to win at all costs, just the amount we spend on players is going to be completely different from the likes of Chelsea and United, yes he could spend more but he can’t outspend either of them whatever you look at it, unless we get some rich benefactor in.

    We spend on youth because we build towards something and you can add later to it if needed which I think he was going to and will.

    How do you shut up and move on when players get their legs broken ? Or the refs been completely shite and not given you the most blatant of penalties, sometimes I wish he didn’t do as many press conferences as he does but then he’s always polite enough to answer any question the media throw at him, I don’t see anything wrong with that he’s just too honest for his own good in that respect.

    Yeah maybe he should use some of that selective sight when addressing the muppets from the media but they’re going to try and find stories no matter what.

    When you sat there and watched Eduardo being carried off the field did you think I hope Wenger doesnt say anything after the game ? Or when Hleb was fouled against Liverpool were you sitting there quiet thinking hmmI can respect the refs decision we should just move on ?!

    I mean fuck rather then joining the silly cunt media band wagon we should get behind him and our team. How would it look to the players if we’re getting battered or not getting fair decisions given for us and the manager said nothing, while the likes of Mourinho and Ferguson would have been having hissy fits all over the place.

  32. Keyser

    Ethan – You keep saying nancy boy, how is it telling a boxer you punched too hard ? Sorensen called us spineless and it was in response to that ?!

    Kicking a player through the back of his ankles when the ball and the player off the field is not the same as a boxer punching too hard, nor Rory Delap tripping over Walcott because he couldn’t be asked to get back or let him go on.

    It’s like the boxer pushing the his opponent over and then punching him in the head on the way down, or in Shawcross’s case punching him blow the belt without the referee doing anything, it’s uncalled for and wrong.

  33. ethangunner

    We wont get anyone in January !

    2 reasons for it ..
    either by then our season will be over , so there’s no need for wenger to bother ..
    or if we think about getting someone in because we are still in with a shout of the top 4.. wenger will not want to pay over the odds for someone ..

    he will get someone like appiah who is on a free … or another silverstre who costs under a million .
    either way i wouldnt loose any sleep over it … it wont be a life changing addition to the squad ..

    in fact appiah even thou he is african which spells that he will be unavailable every 2 years for the ill timed ACN .. he still would be the best bet …

    i would actually like to get diarra back !
    he wouldnt cost much more than 10 mil and we got 6 for him last season ..
    so 4 mil over all for an international player wouldnt be a bad idea ..
    i dont care that he complained like a girl , to be honest he had every right too !
    WE didnt play him , we obviously promised him he would be a regular , and he stormed out pissed off … i would too after sitting 2 years on the chevski bench !

    a swoop of david villa for 20 mil wouldn’t go astray , but i cannot see Valencia selling him
    whilst there season is going so well !

    infact the only player i can see wenger get is some Brazilian or Argentinean , low price for sublime skill , that might take 6 months to blood in anyhow ..

    the only way i can see us buying a player and slotting him in straight away is if he is from the EPL .. or world class which means youll pay over 20 for him …

  34. ethangunner


    i just wrote a whole paragraph on it !
    FUCK !

    The EPL is TOUGH ! the football teams from the championship lack skill and make up for it with brut clout !


    also who broke there legs Vs stoke ???
    wenger said stop using a physical nature of play on us ! Well last time i looked it was a physical game !

    like i said its like telling a boxer that he’s punching too hard !

    keyser they aint playing chess out there ! just because we choose to look refined and skilled by playing a passing game doesnt mean the other team has to follow suit ..

    this isnt queens bury rules !

  35. Rob From Aus

    Look Keyser, no-one is arguing that point. Im just stating my a comment when its due! Eduardo, fine. Hleb, ok. Even stoke,ok fair enough! but every team gets kicked every team suffers the same mis fortune as us, my point is say it when its due! i mean to me u sound like an AKB but who im i to judge, u say ure point ,have ure opinion but dont sit there and write a thesis on how everyone is wrong if there opinion is conflicting to yours, we all support the same team but u make out that we are on here just to call AW a cunt! thats not the case, im here to shed light on my 3years of pure disappointment.

  36. ethangunner

    and train for it .. and be disciplined enough to accept it !
    and find there own way to counter it !

    who from stoke got a red card ?
    who from arsenal got a red card ?? 1 RVP ..

  37. gnarleygeorge9

    Ethan, I agree 100% with you about AW & his whinging. I liked him better in the days when The Team was getting red carded for belting the opo. & The Club was actually winning Titles @ the same time.

    Sorry to keep on about JD20, but his yellow card for his indiscretion against Fenerbitche was a strategic bit of work. It sent a message that for the rest of the game that it won’t be easy beating the Big Fella in one on ones. No one went near him after that. So for the people who reckon Yo Yo wasn’t put under much pressure, well he set up his own detiny early; just like Paddy V used to 👿

  38. ethangunner

    you do sound Very AKB … i agree with rob …
    your love affair with wenger is so great you need to get a room !

    also will you still support arsenal when wenger retires ??/ which is soon …
    or will you follow some obscure french league and move to France when he does ?

    you need to get past your love for wenger
    and see what will move ARSENAL forward into the next phase of this new era ! Because if you want pure facts he has done, and won fuck all for over 3 years now ..

    and even when we won the FA cup we didn’t finish 2nd in the EPL that year ..

    we have been out of the top 2 for 4 years straight !
    and that is letting this clubs status slip !

    Sure lets not forget all the good he did at the club , but his youth experiment is more of a failure than a success

  39. ethangunner


    i agree johan has a lot of potential .Strong and solid… so far so good !. and for that reason providing wenger plays him i don’t think we need any more defensive players to be purchased ..

    Also i would like to commend fabianski also ! he didn’t have much to do i admit , but what he did do he did it with authority !

    But you know the very reason they didn’t have much to do only proves my point that whilst your attacking , there is no need to defend !

    with better strikers and a more solid midfield , it definitely would put the burden off the defense

  40. Keyser

    Ethan – Neither is settled we’ll just have to wait and see, like that Blaise Matuidi saying Arsenal were after him and he’d be ahppy to move at the end of the season, I think Wenger has people in mind if it doesn’t happen in January it’ll happen in the summer.

    I really doubt Appiah will be the one, there’s no point in adding him to the squad unless his injuries can actually hold up.

    I don’t see the perfect person there quite yet, Essien is the only one I can think of but even then he’s a bit too short, funny thing with Diarra is as soon as he left he would’ve ended up getting loads of games, the few he did get he wasn’t as good as I expected either but like you say he got a few games.

    Valencia would have milked Villa for all his worth, probably a lot more than 20 million despite what the papers said, they won’t sell him now because I think Silva’s out for a few months.

    What’s odd is who stands out that would be perfect ?!

    LoL calm yourself, look at Hull ffs, they didn’t do what Stoke did, and we had no complaints.

    I’d prefer we went back to the way we were with players getting reds, us finishing with 9 men and still wining games but if we’re going to improve our disciplinary record and still get over the top tackles then I can understand him sticking up for the playrs.

    There’s being physical and then there’s going over the top, physical is barging someone off the ball, hacking someone down from behind is over the top.

  41. Keyser

    Rob from Aus – That’s it, it is just my opinion you don’t like it just say, but don’t sit there and try to label me like Ethan does that’s just too easy, I don’t make out anything, if calling our manager a cunt is born out of frustration fine but it doesn’t suddenly make your point any more resonant.

    I don’t give a crap about other teams, how many have had two players break their legs in the past couple of years ? I’m here to stick up for my team, we’re just sharing our opinion of a team we both support.

    Ethan – Call me what you want, you have some odd fixation about nancy boys and homosexuals in particular it’s like you’re trying compensate for something, does that sound pleasant to you ? Do you like me saying that ?!

    You need to sop talking shit because someone doesn’t agree with what you say, what year did we last finish second ? Serious look it up ?!

    Maybe you’re right or maybe you’re wrong like when you tried to add up the points it would have taken us to win last year ?!

  42. ethangunner

    I do agree that sorensen is a prick by baiting and time wasting our strikers with his COME AND GET THE BALL, whilst its rolling on the floor shite ! he should have been booked with a yellow for it prior to RVP even stepping up to him !

    a keeper at top level shouldn’t be showing to the ref such blatant time wasting tactics ..close to the end of a game !

    if he want to do it pick it up bounce the ball glare up field wave his hands about … go to kick .. stop have another bounce … shout a bit , basically pretend like he’s trying to get rid of the ball and not disrupt play !!!

    If i was arsenal i would appeal the RVP red card .. i think it was a yellow to both players.
    the goal keeper was blatantly time wasting and RVP reacted !

  43. Keyser

    Ethan/ Rob from Aus – I don’t want to fight with either of you, but I don’t like being labelled either, if anything I’m biased to the core about anything Arsenal not Arsene, So I apologise for anything thats upset you, we all support Arsenal, I just guess I see red whenever anyone says anything bad about them all.

  44. ethangunner


    a nancy boy is the same as saying a little complaining bitch !
    as for homosexuals , it figures that you would say something like it !

    problem is im above your name calling rhetoric because i know its not true ..
    you can say what you want keyser … you only make yourself look small !

    your an AKB – not a homo ! you stick up for wenger when you shouldn’t !
    and thats my opinion .. it makes you look stupid ..
    look at the akb guide , im sure you would tick more boxes than not ..

    as for just 1 win V man U and we would of won , well sorry mate we never looked like winning that game anymore than we did V spurs in the Carling cup .. so dream … but you cant re-write history ..
    but if you need ammo to make you feel like we are closer than we are go right ahead ..
    but just dont address me in doing so !

    the truth is man U won it by 2 points from the chevs and 4 from us !
    they were watching us in the rear view mirror and just needed to keep there noses ahead !
    and did so every time they needed too ! they both were still in the C.L and still accelerated past us when they needed too ! thats a team with experience , a team that never looked like losing !

    so stroke your ego all you will but i dont buy into your 1 game theory ..
    because if we won V man U that day they would have found the extra points to still beat us !

  45. ethangunner


    well i didnt mention homo’s or tell you , you were one !
    i hope this shows geoff – pedro that most cannot talk football
    without making it become personal to win an argument !

    right about now i would normally be hurling insults back but to be honest keyley i do like you
    even thou your misguided !

  46. ethangunner


    well i didnt mention homo’s or tell you , you were one !
    i hope this shows geoff – pedro that most cannot talk football
    without making it become personal to win an argument !

    right about now i would normally be hurling insults back but to be honest keyser i do like you
    even thou your misguided !

  47. ethangunner


    well i have children too , but you are doing no one a favor by sticking up for something
    that is wrong .. it reminds me of some mothers who think there kids do nothing wrong , yet you look at them in the play ground and they are kicking other children’s asses ! and blaming my kids for it !

    Yes i have really seen it !

    If your wrong , your wrong .. you don’t prove anything by defending someone who is wrong .
    wenger is currently wrong and fans have every right to show there spite !

    after all wenger isnt paying for season tickets for watching rubbish !
    or putting prices up annually for tickets only to see the standard of our team drop
    continually year after year .. put yourself in the seat of a paying customer ..
    it seems the more they put up prices the worse our teams becoming !

    do you have a season ticket ?
    i bet the answer is NO !

  48. Keyser

    Ethan – It’s pretty obvious you’re not above anything, I can call you all the names you want it’s even easier, I really don’t see the point we’ve had discussions before where we havent had to but I’m not going to be pigeon-holed because you can’t get you’re point across.

    I’m an AKB ? LoL believe what you want that’s bollocks, I know football is a physical game and we have to step up to it but at the same time I can understand Wenger moaning about it when our players get injured because of poor challenges, not physical but excessive ones.

    Especially in response to cunt players like Sorensen who decide to spout off in the media, what’s wrong with that view ?!

    Look at the AKB guide if it makes you feel better if my opinion was you talk shit and do it on a regular basis, would you respect my opinion ?!

    I can’t re-write history, but that’s an opinion, you’ve tried to calculate the points and you couldn’t did we finish second to Chelsea in the 04-05 season or am I making it up ?! That same year did we win the FA Cup ?!

    I’m not stroking anything, LoL heh that just cracks me up, yeah we didn’t have enough last year, maybe Wenger should have bought in January to sure up the squad but 4 points is still close and one match at Old Trafford could be viewed as the difference, maybe it’s folly to think so but it’s not beyond the realms of reason.

    Your theory about them still finding the points to win despite losing to us at Old Trafford is just a theory like mine.

    As for your mothers analogy ? I wouldn’t chide my child in public I’d apologise for the kids misdemeanours and sort it out with the kid at home. What’s wrong with that ?!

    Go on Ethan if I had a season ticket or not what would it say about me ? Enlighten me ?!

  49. ethangunner


    talking to you is like continually having root canal surgery !
    i have to explain it too you 30 times ..
    you get rude and highly strung when people ( not only me )
    put things forward to you ..

    you come up with total bollocks like
    Your theory about them still finding the points to win despite losing to us at Old Trafford is just a theory like mine.

    WE LOST AND CAME 3RD .. ITS History .. learn from it move on !
    stop preaching a typical wengerism what you’ve read that’s come straight from his mouth !! and preaching it like a fucking gospel !
    I give up talking to you , and its not thru lack of trying !

  50. gnarleygeorge9

    Just watched the 2nd spuds goal against Liverwurst, & the commentator said how the goal would be felt in Manchester & west london. So its obvious that everyone outside of Highbury, 😳 I mean The Emirates doesn’t consider The Arsenal a Title contender.

    How insulting is that 😉 well its time The Club did their talking on the pitch.


  51. Keyser

    Ethan – You said if WE HAD WON AT OLD TRAFFORD, did it happen NO IT DIDN’T, so me saying that we could have won the league if that happened is the same as you saying that they would have got the points even if IT HAD HAPPENED.

    It’s theoretical..

    I’m not preaching anything, I’m just giving an alternate view to what you say, please please give up LoL.

    I’m not getting rude Ethan if we met outside of this site I’m not going to judge you on what you’ve written, it’s just us venting frustrations on a topic we’re passionate about.

    If you don’t want to reply to what I’ve written then don’t, but please don’t call me pathetic or insult me and I won’t reply in kind hows that ?!

  52. ethangunner

    the spuds got another victory mid -week V mclaren in EUFA ..

    ramos must be wondering what he did wrong !
    thats one thing i got wrong this season !
    i really rated the lad ! i thought he would of been of far better football breeding than harry ..
    no disrespect to harry ..

    i s’pose its the english factor .. and the spuds need that type of gritty lad style manager to
    prosper ..

  53. Geoff

    Keyser what is apparent is you like to argue with people, you spend all day arguing with me and Pedro and all night arguing with Rob and Ethan, now what’s all this about a room? Is there any truth in it?

  54. Keyser

    Heh Geoff, No there’s no truth, well at least none that I know of, Unless you or Ethan know something I don’t ?!

    It’s a discussion, if I cross the line into argument then I’m sorry but all I’m doing is responding to posts or giving my own opinion, isn’t that what this site is about ? I try not to insult anyone that hasn’t done so with me and I apologise if people feel like I’ve crossed the line ?!

    Is there something else that I should be doing ?! It’s your site Geoff does that mean I can’t ask any questions of you ?!

  55. ethangunner

    i called saying’ homosexual ‘pathetic ! and you resorting to name calling pathetic ..
    its apparent to me you like to change it all around ..

    and fuck me its you who mentioned if we won V man U we would have won the league , ! i didnt really bother to respond to your history changing fantasy, because i can read !
    i know every little bullshit deflection and lie wenger has thrown at us recently ..
    and im old enough to see thru it ..

    you quoted the very same phrase wenger came up with at the end of last season !
    so i think you dont have to get all defensive when people call you AKB !
    you just had better come up with your own material !

  56. ethangunner

    and stop using arsene’s

    the fatal flaw is if you can some how change that result with a time machine keyser ! (how fucking stupid does that sound ?)… then how can you tell other results wont change also ! your dealing in total fantasy .. and wengers justification on how close we were is borderline lunacy .

    what the fact’s are … is they had the ascendancy and we were spiraling down the toilet at the same time .. 10 games no wins … remember ?
    i think the points table were blown out as far as 9 or 7 at some point, and they passed us like we were standing still in January !

    they are the facts ..

    Win at old trafford ? fuck id like a new Maserati whilst your wishing …

  57. Keyser

    Ethan – I don’t think much is apparent to you Ethan, if I like an argument you like one just as much, so what if Wenger said it, so if anyone ever happens to agree with Wenger in any one way that makes them an AKB ? If you really believe that then there’s no point in talking to me is there ?!

    I mentioned it, you chose to respond to it and it went on from there, it’s part of a discussion, I can name call and argue and even insult I have my faults and all I can do is apologise but then have the same courtesy in response.

    How about we try not to let our emotions get the better of us and start again ? How’s that ?!

  58. Keyser

    Ethan – Look Ethan, we were not 60 points off the title we were 4 however unlikely it would have been to overturn that gap with a win over United, it still could have been.

    All I’m saying is we were close, yes we had our faults and for whatever reason we finished 3rd, but that doen’t mean that we were completely crap and it doesn’t mean we were that far off.

    We were playing rubbish, but then during the season we had shown that we could play a whole lot better, again all I’m saying is that 4 points is not a major gap despite United’s form.

  59. Geoff

    Keyser you can debate all you like but sometimes I think you come on for a row, go back and read your comments during the day, then add them to the evening ones, then you tell me.

    I’m off to play gold now so you’all have a nice day!

  60. ethangunner

    If you really believe that then there’s no point in talking to me is there ?!

    No there isnt
    but i was just clarifying why i used the term pathetic !
    because as ever you try and turn the argument into YOUR THE VICTIM ! !
    when you are the perpetrator !

    I can name call and argue and even insult I have my faults and all I can do is apologise but then have the same courtesy in response.

    well least your man enough to admit you instigated it by name calling , unlike some others on here ! 🙂

    OK deal ! lets agree to disagree !
    and move on !

  61. Keyser

    Sometimes maybe, but then not always, sometimes I ask questions where people think I’m taking the piss but I’m not. All you have to do is say.

  62. Keyser

    Dude I don’t always instigate it, and like I may come across agressive you do to.

    Just because someone questions what you say doesn’t mean they’re attacking you, we could both probably learn from that.


  63. ethangunner

    its not aggressive per-say, im just forward !
    i talk to people on here like there my friends ..
    not strangers .. people create there own invisible bubbles ..

    and it just some people arent forward themselves so they
    are afraid of people who are ..

    i dont just tell people they are ‘ball sucking cock masters’ .. for fun !
    if that’s what you are trying to say ..

  64. ethangunner

    its like if you heard someone say ..


    on Le grove you are going to be in a world of pain ! like a lamb to the slaughter ..
    all you can ask for , the very best you can ask for, is that people ignore you


  65. xeeez

    @ goonermichael… yea dude..Cesc looks dis interested, denilson is outshining him..we have mancs tomorrow with a fuckcload of players injured..all hopes on nik but he was crap in midweek..hope that Theo gets fit for tomorrow!

  66. ethangunner


    the fener game was very fluid but lacked any finishing !
    it was 90% turn around to the stoke game which you no doubt know was
    the lowest low arsenal FC have had for some time ..

    but wenger’s team selection was far better mid week
    mades some bad sub’s but over all the troops responded and the team played far better with ade out ..

    hmmm surprise surprise…

    bentdner was the worst ..
    fabianski was solid so was johan …
    RVP hit the post .. and there goal keeper made some blinders ..
    over all i feel a bit better going into this weekends game ..
    but still plenty of room for improvement

  67. kelsey

    Guys,I didn’t give an opinion on what Bob Wilson said,I just thought they were interesting comments.No one knows for sure when talking about money available if he meant to buy 3 players or one.Wenger rightly or wrong is losing it quickly and is it his ego being stubborn or really a lack of what he calls funds.oh,why did he storm out of the pitch on wednesday without shaking hands with Argones.I think it may be a bit of bothh.Either way he was stupid to make those comments,as it only puts more pressure on him and the squad.

  68. goonermichael


  69. ikon

    wats up people…. fuck now Mr Hull Brown is taking stoke’s side… seriously why dont we bring in Viera for a year or so, he would literally put them to place.
    fucking premiership chasers.. its only teams like this that fail to finish in the premiership for more than 2 years or so.

  70. kelsey

    I am no AKB but when Wilson says lack of funds,that is a general term.Maybe Wenger wanted three experienced players thinking more money was available than he thought,who knows,but the fact is one good player on his own would not have solved us being understrength.

  71. goonermichael


  72. goonermichael


  73. kenny smith

    maybe ramsey was taken off against fener cause he is going to play on sat. Eboue is fucked and i dont think wenger will start theo so i think he will maybe go with ramsey again on the right and if its not going well bring on theo in second half???

  74. kenny smith

    we saw enough of ramsey to see he can play on the right and maybe wenger thought to keep him fit for man utd as he has no options on the right…. he is maybe thinking that ramsey being a man utd target in the summer that ramsey cud come back to haunt them. these things happen in football and its usually to us

  75. gnarleygeorge9

    A message to fat guts Ian Botham

    So the ashes are in the bag are they you big fat dope smoking, beer swilling joke.

    Krajzer the Tasmanian off spin bowler just took 8 wickets in his test debut up in cheats ville. He had Tendulkar dropped twice.

    We always knew Botham had a big slobby gut , but now he has a big mouth to go with it.

  76. no.1 goon

    any one think that phil brown is cocky c***?
    he’s right out of the fat sam’s up and at them school.
    he thinks he’s a top manger since it beat us!

  77. ethangunner


    he always had the mouth to go with it ..
    but remember george when England played crap , he said it too!
    i admire people who say it how it is…

  78. Sarge

    It’s not often I agree with anything Tony Cascarino has tosay but his piece in the Times this morning did striek a chord.

    I don’t think Arsenal will win another Premier League title under Arsène Wenger. Not the Wenger who is so obsessed with youth and potential that he refuses to accept the value of experience and short-term solutions. Not the Wenger who stubbornly sticks to his principles, even though Arsenal are going backwards as their rivals evolve and improve.

    It’s amazing how quickly things can unravel. Wenger is already at the dangerous stage where a single game takes on huge significance: tomorrow’s match against Manchester United. If United win well at the Emirates, Wenger will face a backlash from all corners.

    It’s naive to think he has a job for life because of his achievements. That rightly buys him time, but questions will be asked within the club if the team don’t look like challenging for the league. And they don’t: they seem weaker and easier to beat than last year. Of the present side, probably only Cesc Fàbregas would be good enough for that “Invincibles” line-up from 2003-04.

    Wenger must know the value of a tough defence because he inherited one when he arrived at the club, so why has he allowed his back line to become so frail?

    The manager’s saving grace is the Champions League. As long as Arsenal are in that, he’ll be OK. But while the knockout format allows flawed teams to hide their shortcomings over a two-legged tie, to progress you also need a bit of luck. If Arsenal go out in the next round and still look indifferent in the Premier League, I think Wenger will go at the end of the season.

    Sir Alex Ferguson faced similar pressure at United in 2005-06, when after an early exit in Europe and finishing a distant second in the league, there was a growing belief that his time was up. What happened? Ferguson solved the problems and won the league the next season.

    Wenger needs to prove that he can adapt in adversity like his great rival. He transformed English football; now he’s the one who has to change. Accepting that would be a sign of the intelligence he possesses. He has to go to his board and say what they may already be thinking: “I’ve made mistakes, the make-up of the team isn’t right and I need money to sign experience in January”. Then he has to make bold statements by bringing in players who can make a massive impact, shaking up the side by adding some character.

    Think of what a good loan signing Henrik Larsson was for Ferguson, of how Paolo Di Canio briefly galvanised Charlton Athletic, how Jürgen Klinsmann lifted Tottenham Hotspur. These type of men are out there and Wenger has to find them to make up for earlier failings such as believing that the likes of the lightweight Denilson would be good enough to replace Mathieu Flamini when Arsenal should have outbid Liverpool for Javier Mascherano. Too expensive? How costly would failing to qualify for the Champions League be? And why was Wenger prepared to buy big in the past — remember Sylvain Wiltord — but won’t now?

    He has been a genius but unless Wenger can rediscover a sharp edge to go with his side’s pretty football, Arsenal will fall away and they will be looking for a new manager.

  79. Rohan

    i dont know about jason krejza he seemed to give away a lot of runs and had his fair share of luck. dont know whether he will be one for the future
    but good play to him well done!

  80. iceman

    Yeah Denilson’s the lesser of the 2 evils……Song I just don’t get….

    Can we have………………. THEO – CESC- DIABY-NASRI tommorrow?

  81. charybdis1966

    Gnarley, not a beefy fan then ? Bit surprised about how being dropped by your own players makes the oppo cheats, but nebver mind Geoff will be telling us off for talking cricket.

    Maybe the new post wil hurry up then ? 🙂