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A mega super massive post for you guys today! We were going to do a double post… but it just confuses the good people of Le Grove! So we decided to treat you to one big one…

Geoff’s Warm up

Poor turnout from the Corporate Mob...

Poor turnout from the Corporate Mob...

This is a short post before Pedro’s match report but I wanted to share this with you. Last night we went to the game and our seats are in club level, paying as much as we do we get the luxury of our own bar, not a lot of queueing and plenty of places to sit, which in fairness is why we pay that much, it softens the blow.

We got into our area and to our horror we saw that most of it was roped off for people eating, that is for punters who paid substantially more on the night, this happens sometimes with the big matches and part of our area is closed to us, last night it was ALL fenced off and we were herded into a tiny area reminiscent of a tube train in rush hour.

What made it worse was the fenced off area was empty, as the pictures show, I was so incensed I went with my cousin and broke into the forbidden area. I was surrounded by overzealous waitresses telling me I was not allowed in, I barked ‘get a steward then’

Along came steward number 1055 her name was Angela, I have to say I could not have been approached by a more balanced, more charming lady if I had chosen her myself.

She said ‘I won’t eject you because I think you are right’ Angela you are a credit to Arsenal, you not only diffused the situation, you showed enormous common sense to something that greedy, greedy Arsenal did that not only made no sense, it was disrespectful to fans that had paid good money.

Angela’s boss then arrived and also agreed with her that it was senseless, he was saying it had something to do with the Champions league blah, blah.

If Arsenal are planning on doing that again, they should warn us beforehand or refund us, as it reduces our match day experience and I for one would have preferred to watch it on TV, I bet they didn’t have that problem in the directors box or Diamond club.

I then left the ground and hour after full time and had to queue for an HOUR to get on the train, so add that to the debacle of Club level and the result, so I had pretty much a shit day.

Great team selection though and Johan had a blinder, but it would be remiss of me to end on anything other than a positive not by thanking the common sense of an Arsenal steward, so thank you Angela.

Match Report

Here was the line up:


Toure Silvestre Djourou Clichy

Ramsey Denilson Fabregas Nasri

Van Persie Bendtner

My pre match thoughts:

Well… WOW… that is a brave old line up! Has Wenger been reading Le Grove ()?

No Sagna, no Diaby… how is this going to work? Cesc and Denilson in the middle together? What about Ramsey in the middle? Who would go forward… who would stay back? Kolo as right back… how would he play after the last disaster? Fabianski in goal… if he has a good game, will he keep his place?

My post match thoughts:

Well, what an anti climax?

We were all pretty excited about getting a decent response after the woeful performance on Saturday… we started brightly and missed a few chances and went in 0-0 at half time. Ramsey had a blinder, RvP was trying hard and Fener looked pretty poor.

The second half was completely different.

The boys looked well and truly lost. Confidence diminished and nobody seemed to take control of the game, nobody seemed to have any spark and what was worse for me… nobody seemed to have any urgency.

We just don’t have any players that can turn a game at the moment and I include Cesc in that criticism.

A lot of the Grovers were calling for Vela to come on… I wasn’t… why would I? I’ve seen him score a hat trick against a team I think my Grandma would humiliate. That doesn’t convince me he is ready to come on and change a game.

That though, is the state of our club at the moment. We know what we have isn’t good enough, so we take solace in the unknown… we hope and pray that Diaby, Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere will be good enough to kick start our season… when the deep seated reality is that they wont.

I can’t ever remember seeing an Arsene Wenger team looking so completely impotent? We spent most of the night whipping aimless balls into the defender at the front post box with no strikers to finish.

We passed it about nicely at times, but it seemed no one was really that interested in moving for the creative players… I don’t think Fener really felt under that much pressure after Robin spurned his chances.

The most frustrating thing for me was listening to Sky Sports News in the background… Man United were chasing a victory against Celtic and they had Rooney and Berbatov to come on… all I could hear was the commentator talking about how ManU were throwing the kitchen sink at Celtic to get the win… I wished Arsenal would do the same.

It’s amazing to me that the coach is complaining about refs again and more pathetically complaining that we lacked the physical resources.

‘You expect us to make chances in the last 20 minutes and this didn’t come because physically we didn’t have the resources.’

Now come on Arsene, we’re a few months into a season and you’re already pulling that little chestnut. Tired? How can Nik, RvP, Silvestre, JD, Nasri, Ramsey and Denilson be tired already… they’re not back from a long Euro’s (RvP maybe, but he was out for 9months)? We’re not even in December yet!.

Overall, it’s just another disappointing performance and I don’t really know what Arsene can do to turn this around? He doesn’t have the tools at his disposal this year. I’ve no doubt there will be more false horizons along the way, but just looking at tonight’s performance told me that we are certainly in for a long hard slog this year.


Fabianski: Wasn’t it nice to see a keeper come out of his 6 yards area and claim a 40 yard ball into the box. He hesitated when he should have come off his line for a one on one… but other than that, an assured performance. I fully expect to see Almunia back for the big one. 7

Clichy: Quietly got on with his job tonight without ever really sparkling. I can’t remember him doing to much with the ball going forward, but pairing up with a player who might as well have stayed on the bus didn’t help. 6

Silvestre: Dealt with the long balls well and looked comfortable next to JD. He went off late with a facial injury, but I am sure he’ll be fit for the Mancs. I’m just glad we have a defender who will put his head on the line to defend a high ball. 6.5

JD: Well, I thought he played well. He is big, mobile and good on the ball. He also dealt with the high balls. I am at a loss as to why it has taken so long for him to get a call up… 7

Toure: Did a much better job at right back compared to his last outing. He also went close with a well placed free kick. 6.5

Nasri: A major disappointment tonight. He was virtually anonymous. He lacked creativity, confidence and any sort of presence. Much like Hleb in his first season. He needs to shape up if he wants to start on a regular basis… because he has…errr… Eboue ready to take his place (Sigh…). 4

Denilson: He did a tidy job tonight… he kept Fener relatively quiet, but he isn’t the answer. He is too small and I don’t think the role he is being played in suits him. 6.5

Cesc: I hate to say it, but he is looking less and less interested as the season goes on. I remember last season Cesc would fight for every ball, he’d be screaming at refs, chasing down the opposition… and playing with desire. I’m not getting that vibe? Anyone else? 5

Ramsey: Well, the one glimmer of hope in the midfield tonight was Rambo. He tore about like an absolute lunatic in the first half. He was sparky, intelligent and speculative (<- sorry about that, but it works!). I loved his drive. I noted during the game that you can tell when a player is born and raised on British football… the good players have that combative edge that your rarely find in a continental player. Maybe that is what this team is lacking? A bit of British grit… the best teams always have a British backbone… Ray Parlour, Adams, Winterburn, Dixon, Seaman, Campbell… I don’t know… maybe I am clutching at straws. Ramsey just brought back good memories… 8

RVP: I thought he played ok tonight… he was getting a stupid amount of flak in the comments last night which I thought was unfair. He had a couple of chances that were inches away… they didn’t drop… so you have to say he was wasteful. However, I was impressed with his work rate and I always feel he has the club at heart… even when he does dumb things. He has to become more productive though… I love his skill and aggression… but if it amounts to nothing, it’s wasted. He’ll come good… as Jimmy Greaves once said, ‘At least he is in the right position to miss them’ (Geoff definitely didn’t mention that story on the train home once…). 5

Nik: I like him as a player, I like how selfless he is… but he isn’t taking his chances is he? If you want to stake your claim on the first team… you have to bang in a few goals and force the boss to pick you. I can hardly remember him having a shot last night?. That is disappointing. Hopefully he can bounce back against the Scum. 5


Carlos Vela: The saviour for a lot of hopeful gooners… brought on after 60 minutes to change the game and to be honest, to little effect. He made a couple of nice runs… but he held onto the ball for too long. He is a long way off being the finished article, but it’s good that he is getting games and that Arsene thinks he is good enough to change a match. 6

Diaby: I love this guy, I just can’t get over how skilful a man who is 6ft 4 can be. He made nearly made the break through assist after a great piece of skill outside the box and his link up play was good. Like I’ve said before, where do you play him? Too good to sell, not good enough to displace Cesc. 6.5

Song: Managed to get his customary default appearance. 6

When I read through those player reviews… it doesn’t feel like there is too much wrong, bar a bit of experience and a bit of confidence. It is easy to point at the team and blame the strikers… but when you are not getting the service, it is hard…

I can’t really fault Wenger based on last nights team selection. It was the team we wanted to see, and it still didn’t work. He made his subs early and he made good choices (Rambo was ruined)… What you can fault is the size of the squad, but that ground has been covered every day for the last 4 months. Wenger has placed his faith in players who haven’t raised their game… you’ve got to feel a bit sorry for him? The question for me is does he admit his error in January?

We need to raise our game and raise it fast… for we entertain Premiership rivals Manchester United in our season decider… can we do it? I think so!

What do you think? Why not let us know with a comment… everyone is welcome!

P.S. We broke a 1000 comments again yesterday, which is a big slap in the face to those who think we heavily moderate… thanks for making this a great place to be Grovers!

Finally, there are a whole batch of tickets in Le Exchange, and a single to Man United up for a best offer price! Get buying Grovers!

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  1. iceman

    People….judging from Cesc’s interview yest I say if AW’s not shopping in Jan we’re gonna have a vacant no.4 shirt come June…….

  2. no.1 goon

    im starting to get right pi**ed of with cesc fabregas,
    he was arsenals worst player last night along with nasri.
    he’s passing and atituide stank last night.
    if he dosent want to fight for the cause then he can f*** off.
    he talked a good game after the match.
    will the real cesc fabregas please stand up.

  3. spurdozer

    Guys. If ARsenae make sthe mistake of starting Vela against Man U. Vela is not physiaclly upto PL standard and MAn U defence will play volley ball with him.

  4. spurdozer

    I said it yesterday. Nobody is bigger than Arsenal, If cesc’s attitude isn’t right. He has to be dropped. He daydreams being in a Barca shirt even on the pitch.

  5. no.1 goon

    i thought johan looked really solid at the back and ramsey was arsenals best player in the midfield.
    if it was me,he would be in the starting line up vs the mancs.

  6. rico01

    Good Morning All, Top double post for the morning, and Geoff, that ‘stuff’ is sickening, ok I cant afford to be a club level fan, but if I were, I would be very angry..

    Last night was sad, with that team, we should have won 5-0, but the delivery, last pass and shot is conference level football. I try and tell myself that they have the Manure fixture on their minds, but it has been so often now, it doesnt wash.

    Unless things really take a turn, i can see us finishing mid table, and that is totally unacceptable for our club.

    I know I have said it before, but Nik was lost, he was dreadful and it scares me to think he will be our leading striker against Manure.. And I really dont see him getting any better – sorry if that offends anyone/everyone

    On a lighter note, and having read ethan’s comments yesterday, i think i now know his true identity….

    Craig Revel-Horwood 😉 (just teasing ethan 🙂 )

  7. no.1 goon

    cesc looked as if he was on another planet,he just didnt seem intrested.
    is he just waiting for his time to leave?

  8. rico01

    choy – can we really play with one up top against Manure – if so, i guess that will be Nik, and I dont think he is good enough, what say you ?

  9. spurdozer

    I don’t think we would be able to win against Man U. Although I have a gut feeling we will nick a point off them.

  10. Doublegooner

    I’m actually now scared this season.

    Feels like we are out of control sliding downwards.

    At this present moment we don’t feel like a big club.

    Bendtner is never a PL player & we’re cluthcing at straws with all our young pups, or more like Wenger is…& it will never work.

  11. iceman

    If Bendtner’s leading the line with Walcott, Diaby and Nasri for support we’re good to go…..2-1 to the arsenal………….

  12. spurdozer

    I used to praise Bendtner a lot. But he was sickeningly shite yesterday. Another thing that made me sick was RVP getting angry with Vela time and time again. For god’s sake he is still 19. And gets rare appearances.

  13. choy

    hey rico.. nick is more of a support striker.. i think he will get lost in a 4-5-1..

    sorry for being pessimistic people.. am i only one thinking that we will lose?

  14. Evo in Oz

    i always feel confident we will win, even against man scum.

    everyone is calling for a massive showing at the pub, so its off to face the masses and front up and be counted !

  15. charybdis1966

    I heard Wenger getting a slating on Talkshite this morning – both form the Spud Brasil and various callers.

    I’m not an AKB but I don’t like to hear that – he’s goofed over the summer and if he rectifies that in January he’ll go someway to repairing his errors.

    However we won;t know if his stubbornness gets in the way or not.

    As for the Manskummers on Saturday – I don’t want to think about that. I see us taking an early lead but crumbling; as was said yesterday the only way we’ll win is a solid defensive display and a late goal from us.

    January will also decide whether we’ll have a new number 4 come summer 2009.

    Now that’s sad.

  16. chozzer

    Perhaps Cesc winning Euro 2008 with Spain has left him dreaming of distant spires. He doesn’t seem the same player when he has an Arsenal shirt on anyway.

  17. iceman

    Let’s not forget it’s not an overhaul required just a little tweaking….1-2 additions of the right quality and we’re on the way….let’s not get too carried away people…..we WILL raise our game against man scum….for old time’s sake 😉

  18. spurdozer

    CHOY nah. I am with you. But I have gut feeling that we will get a draw beause we usually get a draw against Man U at emirates.

  19. Doublegooner

    Heys Guys_

    Cesc may not be above criticism but as pointed out before, Wenger has & is completely wasting him & driving him out.

    He has become a top class player but is still not the finished article. He needed the right players next to him to benefit the team & maximise his talent ( which is not as a run around / grafting midfielder).

    Thats why we’ll more than likely see him off in June.

    Arsene….WTF the fuck are you doing ..We are al at a loss.

  20. Geoff

    Chary he goofed last year and the year before, he won’t buy anyone worthwhile, he’s always said it costs too much in January.

    I don’t blame Cesc, he must look around him and say ‘fucking hell’ Good to see a decent centre back at last and good to see Ramsey, he should partner Cesc.

    Good post Pedro.

  21. Franchise

    Wenger would keep Fabregas against his wishes if he has to Im not worrying about any1 leave just yet. Credit to Aragones who IMO is a great tactician. They came with a plan and stuck with it. Drawing the game wasn’t exactly the end of the world The big game is this Saturday until then……………………………

  22. kelsey

    lot of disappointment and frustration aired last night, which is quite understandable,,but is pointless discussing what might have happened if players that weren’t available played. firstlty the team we put out wasn’t bad at all and after a bright start we seemed to lose our way the longer the match progressed i would just like to put a slightly different perspective on things. Confidence is obviously low and i don’t know if anyone saw the interview with PHW before the game when he condoned Wenger’s remarks after the Stoke game.Wenger also marched down the tunnel at full time without shaking hands with aragones.This is not what we expect from our manager. no one had a great game offensively though ramsey looked our best player and again i felt it unwise to sub him. bedntner had a shocking first half,but why sub him with diaby or vela,when he was the only other regonised striker.Having said that his body language says a lot about him.We needed to score and diaby should have played just behind rvp. Cesc is not playing to his usual standard,but to read that he is playing like that because he wants to leave is absolute rubbish. RVP is and was our best striker.2 shots were saved or took a deflection,his only fault is that he tends to use too much power when in the six yard box.Having said that,it is unforgivable that he got red carded at stoke,which now leaves us with a sole striker in bedntner for saturday. this system needs changing,pretty footbal with up to 80% possession,just passing the ball about without any real penetration,is getting us no where for one main reason the players have lost their confidence and ability to give the killing instinct. now we go into the man u game with only bedtner available as an out and out striker(which he isn’t) therefore diaby has to play alongside him.and hopefullt cesc,nasri vela and ramsey play with an improved performance.

  23. slimshady

    Cesc signed up eight years. Give him a break. He has been the ‘most let down’ person – by AW, than even us fans this season, IMO. He must be thinking he signed up to rot away for 8 years, but still he plays better than most on that pitch.
    Again, give him a break.

  24. gnarleygeorge9

    I’ve just carried 2 pallet loads of concrete blocks from our front gate to the back terrace 😯 We’re getting a new retaining wall built @ the swimming pool.

    I am absolutely stuffed 🙄 so night all. Hope I don’t have a heart attack over night. Otherwise, see you for the manure game 😛

  25. Pedro

    You too Geoff… well done for standing up to the ridiculous rules.

    If the Corporates aren’t turning up… pissing off the people who did turn up seems ridiculous?

  26. Sarge

    I think he has to do something in January (but what? Very few quality players are available and clubs overprice them) just to maintain his own health and sanity. His sheer bloody mindedness is obviously having an impact on his mental health. The man never sat still last night and its become a concern for me and it is a recurring theme and has been since January this year.

    He is becoming unhinged. Flaying about like Magnus Pike on speed on the touchline and coming out with ridiculous statements in the press that even a berk like Tony Pulis is taking the piss out of him.

  27. charybdis1966

    Yeah Geooff, if we’re brutally honest he never replaced Paddy – he only had a succession of stop gap, half measures since then.

    I feel ambivalent about the crticism he’s getting now thoguh – I know the media hate him(and Arsenal) and I get defensive and anooyed about it, but the points his critics phoning into Talkshite were making were valid.

    Someone who went to the game said that a lot fo the non regulars who were around were spending all their time moaning about the team and not getting behind them.

    Aside from the booing of Adebayor early season I don’t think booinng our players – or not getting behind them – is doing our cause any good. So I beg anyone lucky enough to go to the Grove to give the team their full and vocal support.

    When I go to the Kiev game I’ll be doing that. Even if Song plays I’ll bite my tongue and NOT groan when/if he messes up.

  28. Wrighty7

    Morning Geoff/Pedro and Le Grovers!

    Very good post and I’m glad that Angela and her gaffer saw some sense! Good analysis of the game too Pedro.

    Had we took our first half chances we would killed Fenebache last night. The problem was the longer the game went on the more their confidence grew and our’s faded.

    I know its difficult to break down 10 men behind the ball but we looked out of sorts and out of ideas.

    Arsenal are lacking form and confidence and when that happens teams tend to look to their best player for inspiration. Fabregas is Arsenal’s best player but at the age of 21 that is too much pressure for him too handle. Hence the reason he isn’t captain.

    I think Fabregas had his worst game of the season last night, he didn’t want to know.

  29. slimshady

    Still, we’re tearing the Man Scum a new one, even though it’ll probably be a mini arsehole, possibly micro… lol

  30. Keyser

    No-one’s driving Cesc out if he wants to go he’ll go if he wants to do something great at Arsenal for Arsenal and himself he’ll stay.

    There is not any quick solution to the problems we have, we keep looking for that 5-0 massive win turning point it’s not going to happen, it’s going to be gradual one step at a time, look for small postives because otherwise you’ll just drown them out with negatives.

    We kept a clean sheet yesterday and they didn’t really look like troubling us apart from the Fabinski chance where he decided he wasn’t going to get there and retreated back to his goal knowing that Denilson I think would get back at the Fenerbahce player.

    I hope we play a 4-5-1 against United, if Bendtners the lone striker he can drop off and still have Walcott and others running off of him, we need to keep it tight and be cautiuous a bit like the way they played against us last season otherwise we’ll get caught out time and time again.

    Hopefully Djourou next to Gallas, maybe Toure at right back though he’s explosive going forward but it takes it out of him having to keep tracking back.

    Other than that we’ll see who’s fit, even if we lose as long as it’s not a complete empty performance it’ll be something we can build on because we’ll get more chances against Villa and City.

  31. rico01

    Night George, Morning chary

    Just listening to SS, and they have interviewed Mick Dennis, Sports writer for Daily Express – he is commenting on AW views following Stoke.

    He says something like – It is very sad that we celebrate either on a Saturday or Sunday the man that runs 30 yards and takes a player out! The team that stops teams like Arsenal by kicking them….
    Its sad that we dont celebrate the skill of players.

    He says the Delap tackle, and the tackle on Ade were bad and late, and he says we should admire the team that plays football…..

    Thats it – i am now going to read the Express 😉

  32. BobbyJ1983

    i think Denilson must have something on Wenger that he is blackmailing him with. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be playing week in week out based on football skill or merit

  33. HelsinkiGooner

    Great post lads.

    I think you summed up my feelings of the second half with the line:

    “looking at tonight’s performance told me that we are certainly in for a long hard slog this year”

    I’d have to agree with you, unless something happens…I think it’s down to confidence mostly though…if RvP had put in that one that I think hit the bar[the one on his favoured left], then we’re cruising and in complete control. However, getting to the 65-70min mark and running out of ideas, you can see the lack of maturity, and lack of experience in the squad. Who is there to take the game by the scruff of it’s neck and lead us fwd???

    I figure AW should have left Bendtner on too – when he came off we lost the arial option up front.

  34. charybdis1966

    Morning Rico – it is proof that Englidsh football tends to glorify commitment in the form of lunges and late tackles – skill is something those shifty foreigners indulge in.

  35. HelsinkiGooner

    Actually, come to think of it AW was prob giving Bendtner some rest before the Man-Ure match…knowing he may be playing up front on his own for likely 90min.

    And in the grand scheme of things, a draw isn’t a terrible result for qualification in the CL. Though I think 3pts woulda all but done it.

  36. no.1 goon

    and another thing,i think the fans have to take a share of the blame,
    some of the people that go to the game,font have a clue about football.
    i say this,if all you want to do is boo and moan why dont you feck off too chelski,
    we do not need you!
    and as for the booer’s at the end of the game,thanks for giving the players confidence for saturday.
    someone find me a gun,so i can shoot these plastics!!

  37. rico01

    He goes on to say that Arsenal have ‘No play B, but isnt their plan A GLORIOUS!!’

    So Arsenal, lets get the Plan A back on fire against Man Utd, and take the three points, and get us right back on track……. 😉

  38. Sarge

    Rico, fair comments from Mick Dennis and at least someone is giving the other side of the argument for once.

    However, Wenger has been managing in this country for nearly 11 seasons now and should have realised that lesser talented teams are gonna stop us from playing by hook or by crook and its about time he accepted that it’s part of english football. Just shut up and get on with it. Use it to create a siege mentality like GG used to and Fergie does now and not bemoan it every time we get beat by a physical team. It’s becoming boring.

  39. HelsinkiGooner

    Rico – isn’t it sad? you wonder why the national team is so far behind in depth, when the agressiveness in the tackle is praised so highly rather than technical skill…shame really.

  40. rico01

    Wrighty – Kennedy is a dipper, he will never show any kindness towards us, and he was a thug anyway!! (i think!)

  41. Pedro

    No. 1 Goon, I think you have to put the booing in context. The team are not living up to expectation… and the faithful are getting pissed off. We’re not the only fans in the country who do it…

    Look at what happens in spain? They wave white hankeys if there team is performing badly… how about italy? They turn their backs and have a silent protest!

    If I was booed… I’d take it as motivation… I’d want the love back…

    I don’t boo… but just because people do, it doesn’t make them plastics. It’s the same crowd as highbury, plus 20k… They got tickets via a waiting list… they are not plastics.

  42. Evo in Oz

    Pedro – we dont currently, but we have planned a couple of pints of the cooking sherry for 2009. we live completely in different cities and states.

    He lives on an island, i live on a bigger island!

  43. rico01

    Sarge – hard tackling is fair, taking a player out of play by kicking them is not – Roy Keane was hard, Paddy was hard, but when they crossed the line, they were off, that doesnt always happen now, especially against us…

  44. Pedro

    Nice avatar Wrighty!

    Oh… and just to put paid to the hype surrounding Liverpool.

    My boss is a season ticket holder and he said bar the big games, the atmosphere is poor.

  45. Pierre

    I am sick and tired of excuses from Wenger, we are tired, the opposition was over physical, we dont get the refs decisions, heard it all before and basically its crap. The reason we are floundering is bacause our squad isnt good enough, and the only way to improve on that is either to wait till the boys grow uo (and we have nbeen waiting 4 barren years for that) or to make quality addituions to the squad. We all know the answer, pity someone at AFC doesnt grow a pair and start demanding results from out manager, this complaicency stinks.

  46. ethangunner

    Well geoff next time you go to the ground on a cold night , think of the other half who jump in a car
    park at a free temple parking lot , walk 5 minutes to the most sauciest gogo bar in the strip ..
    when they have arsenal playing on wide screen with about 40- 50 naked girls surrounding whilst you watch the football 🙂

    drinking a cold jack ‘s and coke 🙂
    for about 2 quid 🙂

  47. Wrighty7


    How composed did JD look last night???

    CUSHTY is a word I’d use, and I dont use that word lightly!!! Sadly I bet he only starts on Saturday if Silvestre’s nose isn’t reshaped on time or Gallas is late from his quit smoking classes.

  48. no.1 goon

    thats all well and good pedro,but we shouldnt follow those other sides.
    what good does it do?
    and i have to say that why do the 60% of the people that go do f*** all but moan during the game?
    its the 40% who give there all to get behind this team i feel sorry for,
    the rest i couldnt give a damn about,
    why dont these people just stay at home and watch the game?
    i know plenty of fans that cant afford to go watch there beloved club,too many of these people take that for granted.

  49. Arse&Nose

    Its difficult to say how well our defence played last night, you have to remember Fenerbache were rubbish going forward so our defenders had very little to do!

  50. Chipo

    I thought Wenger’s selection was pretty much spot on last night. The only thing i would have liked to see was Nasri off and Wilshere on. I think if Silvestre hadn’t busted his shnoz then we might have seen it.

    JD showed why he HAS to play alongside Gallas against United. He won every header, and was involved in some key interceptions. The things he missed- well that’s gallas’ job!

    I get the feeling Nikki B has trouble motivating himself sometimes. I think we will see a different animal on Saturday.

    And hopefully a different atmosphere as well, last night was pretty rubbish.

  51. vandejie

    Morning everyone…Nice post.

    Sorry to interrupt.
    Actually we don’t have enough quality players. We have potential kids but the kids are still learning. It’s good to have many potential kids around but the problem with the kids is they are still adapting to the competitive games and not consistent. Unless they have very rare talent like messi in barca. I’m not a big fan of him. just giving an example.

    No need to worry, Arsene knows that and I’m sure he will bring one or two experienced players in next transfer window. Unless he want to be sacked. Enough said.

    Anyway, my prediction for this weekend: 1-2 to mancs. If we go for a draw, it will please me enough. if we win, nah…impossible! admit it.
    But in my deep gallbladder, i hope we can do the james bond job.

  52. Arsenal Tom

    morning all,

    we lacked a cutting edge hugely when attacking last night… cesc cant get into positions where he can thread the ball though like last year and when he does the run isnt there for him. bentdner was poor last night bordering on embaressing… rio will be pissing himself on saturday.

    RVP seems to have just hit form and now he’s gonna be banned… you can tell he really wants to get the club going again and his work rate has doubled in the last 2 games

  53. Sarge

    Rico, completely agree with the philosophy and I don’t say that it’s right and often our players don’t receive the protection they deserve from referees. What I object to is Wenger continue to publicly bemoan the treatment his team receives. It only serves to expose our underbelly. My point is, turn the emotion inwards to the players and into a positive. Instill in the players that we are not intimated by these underhand tactics and respond in the best way…by beating the bastards out of sight.

  54. ethangunner


    it saddens me to see arsenal struggle rico !
    it truely does !
    but you know a team of our credentials and history of not being out of the top 2 for a good 6-7 years prior to this , only reminds me of where we were !

    and why we could hold on to it !…
    some can say we can blame the stadium ..
    but was it so silly just to not hold onto our invincible’s and slowly over this 4 years replace them with nasri – hleb quality …SLOWLY
    instead of going off on this stupid fucking tangent of buying youthand playing lotto with the clubs future ..????

    wenger is responsible .. there is no doubt !
    but he has done us right before .. maybe it was just blind ass luck !
    but i think currently there is a lot of work to be done to resurrect this team !
    and it must start NOW !

  55. Geoff

    Ethan I think I should take a Thai trip, that sounds like the way to watch Arsenal! Wrighty I though Djourou looked the centre back we should have bought, if he gets dropped, I’ll scream (like Ned Flanders)

    Sarge, why is your avitar Sargeant Bilko?

  56. Keyser

    You know what gets me is people who complain about the amount of time we’ve spent without a trophy but then can’t count the years.

    It’s fucking hilarious and deeply depressing at the same time.

  57. Wrighty7

    That’s right Rico.

    The problem is there is a “little Englander attitude” in football from, obviously, the English.

    Most don’t see the problems yet wonder why we don’t win World Cups. We don’t because we are not good enough technically, we praise effort and hard work not technique.

    I played for Wimbledon when I was 15 (ten years ago) and the empasise even then was just to win.

    The training was quite good but on match-day we were encouraged to work hard and get stuck in. We were never told to get the ball and play it around.

    It was the same at Millwall when I was 13.

    For both clubs I was surrounded by giants who could just kick and run. No wonder England are shit!

  58. t-buzz

    Morning people.
    Last night was such a forgeettable night, all I can remember is our boys left the pitch the same way the got on the pitch…with no confidence. Am I wrong in thinking so?

  59. vandejie

    About Djourou, I have a feeling that he will not play against Mancs. Toure will be alongside silvestre when sagna returns. Its all about wenger’s tactic.

  60. Pedro

    But no fans just support regardless of form?

    Look at Newcastle, West ham and Sunderland fans.

    What good does it do… well Madrid and Barca are pretty much always challenging, and players still want to go there. Those clubs have a winning mentality from the fans right through to the board.

    We lack that at the moment.

    Whose fault is it that someone can’t afford to go to the game? I go down the pub to watch Arsenal and plenty of people moan… You are making the association with poor and passionate… and it’s simply not the case.

  61. Maciek

    Hello everyone!

    we all know Cesc current form, but he isn’t the only one to blame. The biggest blame must go to Wenger. Denislon MIGHT be a quality player but he is an offensive player not a typical DM, he isn’t also strong enough. Cesc isn’t playing as offensive because of Denilson’s inability to tackle and to read the game as well as Flamini was used to do it.
    We really need big, strong players. How many players in our current squad is over 6ft tall? Maybe 4-5. And thats not good enough.And as for so called star plaers- look at Del Piero. Quality player will alwayes make something out of nothing. Adebayor can’t do it, and I thin Bendtner also cant’t. If Wenger don’t bring a couple of good players in Jan we are finished. And if we miss next yers CL it will be very difficult to bring in top players. Besides, who wants to play for a manager unable to deliver trophies?
    So please Arsene bring in Cana, Zapata, Arshavin and Given.

  62. kunle4fabregas

    I wonder what Arsene thinks he is doing? At the end of every match, he frowned and go straight to the tunnel. Does he expect good results from those shit and half baked he put on the field. Whatever you sow, is what you reap. Nobody sow rice and harvest potatoes. I will continue watching Arsenal playing beuatiful football but I am not expecting any good result until Arsene can see beyond his long nose. Not him alone is at fault anyway, I have been saying it for long that Arsenal board are bunch of slave drivers and exploiters. Get kids for peanuts, pay them peanut salary, and over work them to achieve the impossible. Its really a bad time to be a gunner.

  63. Arsenal Tom

    AND people leaving with 8 fucking minutes of normal time last night as well!!! disgraceful… to the bloke i shouted at with your fucking disney shop bag i hope your reading this

  64. rico01

    ethan – I agree, no matter how hard we try a look, there is only one answer to why we are not having a fab time at the moment – and that is, as great players have left, they have not been replaced as near to ‘like for like’ as possible.

    Dennis the Mennace

    Sir Bobby

    And what have we now got!!!!! Say no more 😉

  65. Keyser

    Pedro – How long have those clubs have stadia like Camp Nou and the Bernabeu, how long have they been established as the top clubs in Europe and the world ?!

    Why is it someone’s dream to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona ? You don’t just work towards that overnight it takes time and no not a year or two.

    Yesterday we looked flat in the last 20 mins but then the fans were pretty much flat for the whole game. is this 12th man people speak of just a myth ? When do you need support most ? When you’re flying and beating everyone in sight or when you’re down and soon to be out ?!

  66. Pascal Cygan

    hello grovers. been a reader for several months and now decided to jump in..

    ok, defense is frail right now but am i the only one – this is the weakest attack we have seen in years. only rvp showed some aggression around the box. i have been thinkin and this is my two penny’s worth…

    when you have the ball around the box which is packed with enemy shirts, your options are limited. you gotta take them on, beat them and dribble past them, right? that’s what top attackers are supposed to do… Hleb could do this( whatever else he could not) and Rosicky could as well. Cesc could do that last season … no idea what’s got into him now. instead we now have the whole team playing all around the box in a huge semicircle with no penetration and no one willing to get dirty the direct route. ( actually rvp did get into many positions yesterday where sharp passes could be fed in but the midfield was too busy doin the semicircle routine). Vela seems upto the challenge, maybe not physically..

    we also had people who could play neat and quick triangles all the way into the goalpost…none now.

    we are not as fast in counterattack . Paul Masefield on ESPN used the word “ponderous” to describe us in counterattack ( i’m in asia)

    we do not have anyone who can shoot from outside the box. when was the last time we scored a true midfielders goal without deflections to help out ( when the likes of Geovanni and Jenas seem to score at will from the next continent ). whatever happened to cesc’s and kolo’s shooting boots ? will we ever see a flamini like goal ( from last season)

    anyway like all gooners around the world i live in hope.. i know that things have to change and just wish that Dudu comes back soon to get some sensible striking capability and that we buy Huntelaar

  67. Wrighty7


    I think all Gooners should carry white hankys in their back burner just in case a poor performance is on the cards.

    It cracks me up when I see the hankys out in Spain!

    Imagine if Adebayor HAD signed for Barcelona? The poor bastard would have hanky waved at him every week! LOL

    He’d develop a hanky trauma! 😉

  68. Franchise

    Pedro a winning mentality stems from winning a couple of games on the trot. Wenger has not made this current team possess one cos he messes around with formations, selections and substitutions. Not to mention the lack of signings

  69. ethangunner

    kelsey its about 1200 days , i think thats long enough dont you ??!
    for a club of our former stature , what fuckin drugs are you on man ???

  70. Bren


    We have a young team very low in confidence at present. Booing them last night served no purpose whatsoever, otherthan to increase the pressure in their play. Having been at the Emirates, Highbury and many other grounds around Europe, I do believe the atmosphere at the Emirates to be poor in general.

    Since we went to 60,000 capacity, we have taken on a good number of the ‘prawn sandwich’ brigade. That was to be expected. However, it does not help the atmosphere and the team. Why are the so many empty seats at games I ask ? This has to be sorted out and get the noisy fan back in the ground.

    John Giles (a huge supporter of arsenal style of play and wenger) on Irish tv last night said that Arsene cuts a very lonely frustrated figure at present – bordering on resignation. He maintains that Wenger would have spent big if he had the money. He has had to make good with a youth policy because he had to, and is upset because of the lack of progress this year within his squad and the ever growing gap to Manu and Chelski.

    I respect Giles and his viewpoints. We are on a tight rope just now.

    I suggest that anyone lucky to be at the MANU game, shout their heads off for the entire game. No booing come whatever.

    Let us get behind the team and the manager.

    At this point in time, this is what we have and lets make the very best of it. No crying in our soup anymore. We have all had a good rant, lets move on.

  71. no.1 goon

    i can teel you that i would support this team regardless of what league we are in,
    you have to take the rough with the smooth,im not a glory hunter and never will be.
    i get the feeling that a large minority only go arsenal because we have been sucsessfull.
    im arsenal born and bred,
    when the bad times are here,we are supposed to be the 12th man.
    and no its not a case of poor,its because with mortgages and large dets,
    its even harder to go football,all im trying to say is that some people do not deserve a ticket to the home of football.

  72. charybdis1966

    Before we go overboard on how great ole 65% proof nose is we should remember he is as flawed – if not more so – than Wenger is.

    He moans just as much about how poor little Ronaldo gets tackled badly and accused of diving, when we all know he doesn’t deserve his reputation as being a slaloming, double axleing Olympic diver.

    He has plenty to say on why he thinks his players are picked on, but when he complains the hacks and Manskummer loving media cnuts lap it up. Add to that his petulant refusal to talk to the BBC and other media he has a vendetta with why does get idolised so much despite his many flaws?

    It’s the UK medias double standards in operation and don’t get fooled by it. With the cash he’s had available long term I think the whiskey jocko cnut has underachieved.
    Sod off and retire you cnut !

  73. Pedro

    Bren… Prawn Sandwich Brigade? Corporate hospitality accounts for 8000 seats and it subsidises the normal seats.

    I had a season ticket at Highbury and the noise level was no better…

    Highbury Library wasn’t supposed to be ironic.

  74. Pedro

    … again, we’re going way off topic here.

    The team are not playing poorly because of the crowd are they? That really is clutching at straws.

  75. Keyser

    Pedro – It’s not that simple is it ?!

    Also about him moaning ? Pullis or his Chairman, stood up for Delap but then kind of glossed over Shawcross by tryingto blame the ref, they couldn’t explain either how their player had gone through the back of a player’s ankle when neither the player nor the ball were on the pitch.

    Yesterday it looked like a deliberate elbow that broke Silvestre’s nose, how the fuck can you not moan about things like that ?!

  76. Arsenal Tom

    the team is playing poorly because some of the players are poor and the confidence is low… theres only one man who could have and still could change both those factors

  77. Pedro

    Becuase a broken nose didn’t prevent us from winning did it?

    If our players are not fit enough to make it to November, whose fault is that?

  78. Franchise

    12th man? Guys what are u talking about here. We are experiencing the credit crunch, families are hit hard and all. Why should fans most of whom earn average wages pay so much for tickets and other merchandise to back a bunch of overpaid kid millionaires and a manager who refuses to improve his team at the appropriate windows? I think it is time to boo the team if they play shit and sing their praises if they dont. That is what is required at this point

  79. no.1 goon

    pedro these young players need our support,they need to feel wanted when they come home.
    all they get for there trouble’s is being booed off,the atmosphere was worse than ever last night.

  80. Geoff

    Bren sorry mate but John Giles is talking out of his arse, Wenger has £85 million to spend, he won’t though because he’s stubborn, as far as the corporates are concerned, most of them are in boxes.

    It’s noisy as fuck where we sit and that’s in club level, red action last night didn’t make half the noise the Turks did either.

    And if I were Turkish, I would have been proud of myself, but I’m not, so I wasn’t.

  81. Pedro

    John Giles said Wenger had money and he is linked to Arsenal’s finances how?

    Danny Fizsman said he had money, the Chairman said he had money… but John Giles said he didn’t, so we should believe him?

    Give me a break…

    If Wenger had no money, he’d say wouldn’t he? Why take unnecessary flak if you don’t need to? It would be the perfect excuse to continue with the kids.

  82. Keyser

    Pedro – He broke his nose that’s a red card a whole lot more than someone barging over a keeper.

    It’s not about being fit enough for November, it’s about being fit enough for that extra surge in the last few minutes when you’ve been playing 3 games a week.

    Franchise – Yeah definetly, booing is the support the team need, excellant idea.

  83. Franchise

    Arsene has had God like status for most of his Arsenal career. If the board refuse to bring him down to earth then the fans can. The reason Real and Barca are top clubs is because the fans virtually control the clubs. I can remember several times during their 4 year trophy drought when Madrid fans booed their team e.g when they lost 3 nil to Barca. Barca fans can protest the policies of the club president. Club Elections are decided by fans. Signings are promised and delivered. Its hi time Arsenal fans let the board know their tru feelings if not Wnger would never be questioned

  84. Pascal Cygan

    Thanks Pedro… had to let off steam.

    Ethangunner – thanks!

    One thing’s sure … I will be at my regular pub screaming my lungs out on Saturday. We have to be behind Arsene 100% on matchday….

  85. Pedro

    ‘It’s not about being fit enough for November, it’s about being fit enough for that extra surge in the last few minutes when you’ve been playing 3 games a week.’

    So it’s about being fit enough Keyser?

    What is your point about the broken nose? How did it affect the outcome of the game?

  86. rico01

    A lady approaches her priest and tells him “Father, I have a problem. I have two female talking parrots, but they only know how to say one thing.”

    “What do they say?” the priest inquired.

    “They only know how to say, ‘Hi, we’re prostitutes. Want to have some fun?'”

    “That’s terrible!” the priest exclaimed, “but I have a solution to your problem. Bring your two female parrots over to my house and I will put them with my two male talking parrots whom I taught to pray and read the bible. My parrots will teach your parrots to stop saying that terrible phrase and your female parrots will learn the joys of praise and worship.”

    “Thank you!” the woman responded.

    The next day the woman brings her female parrots to the priest’s house. His two male parrots are holding the rosary beads and praying in their cage. The lady puts her two female parrots in with the male parrots and the female parrots say “Hi we’re prostitutes, want to have some fun?”

    One male parrot looks over at the other male parrot and exclaims, “Put the beads away, brother. Our prayers have been answered!”

  87. Keyser

    Pedro – Wenger has money to buy a player or two of quality, I really doubt he has the sort of money to rehaul a complete squad, he should spend though I agree, and I’m pretty sure he has some ideas on who.

    Geoff – It’s not 85 million.

  88. Geoff

    I’ll be at the Grove Pascal but I’m not looking forward to it, especially the long walk back if we lose and playing like we did last night, it doesn’t look good, does it?

  89. Bren


    My guess is you never trained teams, especially young teams.

    If you did, you would know that the crowd is very influential on the performance of a team, especially a team as young as ours where many are experiencing the big time for the first time. I have seen the best guys in training absolutely freeze when they make a mistake in front of a big crowd and get booed. One mistake then leads to another as the pressure to play well grows.

    Corporate and the highest priced tickets at the Emirates account for between 15% – 20% of the ground capacity. That is substantial come match day and the noise levels to be had.

  90. Keyser

    Pedro – For one it was a red card, the second it mean’t we had to take off Silvestre for Song and use up our last sub, owhat’s your poiint ?!

  91. Keyser

    Geoff – You mean the company accounts with the 93 million cash reserves or do you have some other sort of insider knowledge you’re not letting on about ?!

  92. ethangunner


    people will still go to the game, its entertainment .. lets not forget what football is about , but at the end of the day people pay the most out of any club to watch there team play .. cant you see the irony here ?! with arsenal and there current plight ?

    even if your unemployed you still get out a video ! people who are still employed want to see there football club, and for these prices …. preform !

    i do now agree with the booing .. i am a converted man on that stance , how else can fans show there displeasure ? it needs to be used with diplomacy but i do agree that average playing fans should get value for money

  93. rico01

    If players are unfit, they are their own problem, they all get paid enough, and its down to them to keep in good shape outside the training ground….

    We should have spent money on big players – keep the foundations solid, and use the younger players very wisely – imho

  94. Franchise

    Why should I feel sorry for Fabregas if he’s low on confidence or Toure if he’s been shit since the nations cup? The way some players have played so far this season I could have fancied myself replacing them At least if I were on 60K a week since the beginning of the season I could have afforded to take the next 5 years of f from today and I would have earned

    14 X £60,000 = £840,000

    eight hundred and forty thousand guys in 14 weeks. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO for all the shitty performances and the wages we help pay those pricks

  95. Geoff

    Apart from the fact that we had £75 mil before the money he made on players he sold and Spurs bought I have no insider knowledge, I can count though.

  96. Mark C

    I think you are being a bit harsh.

    Wenger said after Stoke we did not create enough last night we did.

    Their keeper was on fire.

    He made some amazing save, some very subtle, where you might have thought RVP missed but the keeper got a hand on it.

    Nasri and Cesc were crap last night, and that is why we did not have the final ball, or the zip with our passing.

    I think Ramsey should start with Cesc against Man U on Sat.

  97. Keyser

    Pedro – Yeah if you say so, we should moan because the players don’t give us the fans what we deserve but not bother to question the ref or anyone else, forget about support we’re going to the theatre and should be justly entertained.

  98. ethangunner


    you know what its also all about ? , is still being fit when we slumped after Christmas last year !
    WE SAW IT LAST SEASON … i think it will happen again ! its only natural , they are the same squad minus more experience .

    and thats the reason i cannot agree with pat on a top 4 finish ! ( UNLESS WE BUY !)
    we know the worst is yet to come .. judging on last years dip in form after Christmas !

    i am fearful of this !

  99. Geoff

    Rico I was competing with Wrighty playing for Wimbledon and Millwall and you are the only one who got it, if I was giving prizes for astuteness you would get it!

  100. Keyser

    Geoff – You can count ? Good for you LoL, me and pedro had this dicussion before, he has money to spend but I doubt the club are going to throw their whole cash reserve at transfers.

  101. Franchise

    I really loved Tony Pulis response to Wengers comment yesterday

    Well Arsene if u read this blog then

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”