Unbelievable… title challenge derailed again.

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That is what my Spud chum text me… no gloating… not snarling… just that.


What a joke…

Where the hell do I start? How do I approach a match report after that… I’m virtually speechless (textless…).

Well firstly I think I can say with honesty that Harry Redknapp has clearly been having an affair with Lady Luck… she didn’t even give us a look in tonight. Let me assure you though… I wont be using that as an excuse.

Secondly, why oh why when we are cruising does Arsene insist on bringing on two of his weakest players?

Thirdly… where the hell were the experienced players telling the kids to shut up shop? Wenger spoke of naivety at the end of the game… but Gallas and Silvestre are two of the most experienced players in the Prem… where was the leadership? Why weren’t the kids told to take it up the other end and play keep ball by the corner flag or something along those lines.

I don’t think I’ve felt lower as a Gooner for a while. It’s not the result that has hit me for six (Or four)… it is the fact that here we are again… a few games in, we’ve not played anyone of merit and we are struggling. It’s really quite disappointing…

Individually there were some great performances out there, but overall as a team I felt we looked disjointed… the hole in the middle of the park next to Cesc couldn’t be clearer. Cesc isn’t playing well and that can almost solely be put down to the fact that Arsene has made a huge mistake by not replacing Flamini. Denilson played ok tonight… but Cesc doesn’t look comfortable next to him does he? He is a shadow of the player we saw last year and a shadow of the player we saw in the summer.

The centre of defence is a hard one to judge. The two french centre backs looked solid for the most part. The fact that they both nicked two goal showed they were both up for it. However, defending your centre backs performances after they leaked 4 goals is tough. The goals were pretty flukey… but after Almunia spilt the Huddlestone (?) shot… shouldn’t someone be following up? If Jermaine Jenas is running with the ball, shouldn’t someone be preventing a shot at all costs… becuase I am pretty sure everyone is aware that Penas can do that from 20 yards.

Almunia really let himself down tonight. I am a big fan of Almunia, but I can’t defend his erratic display tonight. David Bentley launched a speculative shot from 40 yards for Spurs first… for me Al could have stepped back onto his line and caught it… but instead he went for the spectacular and tipped it into his net. From that point on his head went. For the Spuds second he parried weakly and allowed Bent in and for the other two goals… well… he didn’t have much chance. I called him world class last week… and the sign of whether that is true is how he bounces back from this game. I wont write him off, but he needs to up it and not allow himself to go the way of Lehmann.

For Spurs third, Clichy made a shocking error when he slipped over allowing Penas to take control of the ball, run for 30 yards unchallenged only to bury the ball in the top corner. For their fourth, some dirty spud picked up the ball, spanked it at the post and the rebound was instinctively finished by Lennon.

There were positives tonight. Our attacking display was pretty spot on… ok, so we missed a few chances, but we did score 4 goals. Silvestre nipped in near post for our first from a corner… Gallas connected with an RvP freekick for our second… Adebayor finished off Nasri’s chip for our third… RvP buried our 4th. You can’t argue with 4 goals really. I know people will say we should have finished off all of our chances, but that is just being unrealistic. 2 goals up with 6 minutes to play normally signals game over.

It certainly looked like it was over, then Wenger started tinkering. He brought on Eboue. When he did this I said to my neighbour that it was almost like Wenger was trying to sneak him on just so he could prove a point…. I mean honestly… what was he going to add to the right that a 19 year old Theo couldn’t? Then he subbed RvP for Diaby… then finally he threw on Alex song for Nasri. I don’t understand how those subs were supposed to do anything other than invite Spurs on? They were pathetic subs in my eyes… Who would you rather have seen, Song and Eboue or Ramsey and Wilshere? I know who would have done a better job and I don’t think I am saying that with the benefit of hindsight… I think I am saying that with the benefit of logic.

It was a monumental cock up on Wenger’s part and he has to shoulder the blame for the outcome.

The team is inexperienced and top heavy with averageness. I don’t care how young they are (naivety… per-fucking-lease), I don’t care how good they could be and I don’t care about lady luck . I want to see my team perform like lions and I want to see my team have the intelligence to hold on for 6 minutes when they are 2 up.

The crowd did their part tonight… they were electric… sadly they were let down by the manager and the team. It’s just not good enough and I a flummoxed as to what the answer is… how do you combat a manager who believes in average players at the expense of winning things? How do you teach a team to defend? How do you make young players grow up without shedding points?

I’ll let you guys discuss that in the comments…

P.S. Well played to the stewards tonight… they were obviously told to let people stand tonight and the difference told… the atmosphere was spot on.

I’d also like the thank the hundreds of Grovers who added their thoughts to yesterdays post. I was worried I might come back to a few nasty comments… but you proved again that you are the best bloggers on the net by keeping it friendly and making Le Grove the best place to talk Arsenal!

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  1. kelsey

    Hold on a minute folks about Almunia.He may have been at fault with the first and definitely with bent’s goal,but he had a great performance at west ham.Robert green had an absolute mere against bolton but was outstanding against us.accepted almunia isn’t the best,but sometimes luck plays a part or in our case no luck.the last goal hit the post straight on and came back out to the only spurs player in the box,lennon.if that was us it would most probably have shaved the post and gone out for a goalkick.

    passions are running high and the draw is inexuscable.who thought when rvp went off(wrong decision) that diaby would go into attack as opposed to logically into defense as we weren’t chasing the game.Wrong subs used yet again,and a team that can pass a ball around for two minutes at a time took the wrong option in booting it upfield(cesc) instead of letting the clock run down.elementary mistake.

  2. Dobbi

    JD only looks so promising because he hasn’t played… wait till he gets a couple of games and start fucking up just like the other 3… i honestly think it’s not down to individuals any more, we’re just shit in defending as a team as a whole. Okay the corner scenario was one area where he could be an improvement on Gallas and Toure, but how would he have prevented any of the 4 Sp*ds goals yesterday, when they all came from midfield and goalkeeper errors.

  3. gazzap

    maybe Dobbi, but you have to give him a chance to f*** it up first before you write him off. he has played in, I think, 5 games this season and every time he has looked first class. thats more than I can say for Toure, Gallas and Silvestre.

  4. Dobbi

    Fair enough gazzap, he must be given a chance and i’m not disputing that. Just don’t feel that optimistic about him that’s all. Hope i’m proved wrong, however, i doubt it as Wenger won’t give him the chance in the first place. He’s got Gallas as captain, meaning undroppable, and he’ll be reasonably satisfied with Silvestre, not to push JD into the starting 11. Then there’s also Toure…

  5. Jules

    how can wenger come out and say we lacked maturity and were naive !!!!!!

    thats because you did, nt buy expirience , he picks the team and he made three

    ridiculous substitutions bringing on inexpirienced players with five minutes to go .

    naive ……. look in the mirror ,

  6. Pedro

    Kelsey, well said. Almunia is being scape goated by some… which is unfair.

    JD always impresses me Dobbi. Song has never impressed really and nor has Eboue. I think most fans get a gut feel on how good a player is… and most rate JD.

    Do you not rate him or are you just a bit down about the defence?

  7. Franchise

    Pedro I do rate JD more than Song I dont think he gained nethin from his loan move cos he was mostly deployed in the middle where he was woeful.

  8. Chozzer

    I agree Dobbi and Kelsey. To start saying this player needs replacing or that player needs replacing seems like heat of the moment nonsense. If the last 5 mins hadn’t happened we would have all been saying what a great team performance it had been. Collectively the team lacked bollocks and intelligence in those last 5 minutes, that’s all.

  9. Franchise

    Its such a catch 22. If we can look more comfortable when we play then a lot of youngsters wld get the chance to proove themselves. Our league games have been so ‘SO SO’ Apart from Blackburn Ive not being really satisfied about how we have played. We’ve scored a lot of goals though for a team with obvious struggles. Yeah Pedro I’m 6 foot 7. I’ll catch u l8r on my way home

  10. Dobbi

    Pedro, a bit of both… the team is not defending well as whole and i just don’t think JD is the answer, based on what i’ve seen, which admittedly isn’t much. I’d be happy if he was given a chance, as he can’t really fuck up much more than we are already have. In any case i wouldn’t hold my breath on it as Wenger clearly doesn’t intend on using him as first choice any time soon.

  11. gazzap

    Djourou is deceptively quick. he is also tall and strong as well. he also has really good feet for a big man – loads of ability on the ball. Basically he is a slightly taller and quicker version of Gallas, but likes to attack the ball as well from crosses.

    The Jenas goal was defendable. No one closed him down from the back and he had ran a long way with the ball. that needed a big tackle or a block – we just watched him. you might blame clichy but a slip is one of those things, for me its not as criminal as the lack of closing down by others after the slip.

  12. avenell

    I think it is the mentality within the whole training system that is at fault. The side last night played like the reserves and the cc team do.
    Like it doesn’t matter, were only training lets just piss about.

    Anyway we are only six points off top and we are more than capable of beating anyone in the world, last night was a mixture of bad luck and naivety, as long as we average 2 points + a game we will be there at the end. (which we are)..

  13. gazzap

    as I said, in every game he has played arsenal have looked very solid at the back. he was never rewarded for that but dropped as soon as others were fit, so I am not holding my breath that JD will oust silvestre or Toure from the team.
    I wont go on too much about him because he will probably make a big f*** up first chance he gets, so I will leave it there.

  14. Dobbi

    Well anyways we must really improve defensively and i don’t care who plays at the back or midfield as long as we stop conceding stupid and unnecessary goals that are purely from our own mistakes and errors. Btw is anyone else worried about Stoke’s long throws? I watched them against the spuds and their long throws go as far as the back post causing all kinds of mayhem in the small box.

  15. Rohan

    well the only positive i can think of is van persie’s return to full form- he seemed to be back to his best( was creative, penetrating, and accurate throughout). silvestre played his best game in an arsenal shirt. nasri seems to be finding hsi feet and seems a good prospect and should be able to get 15 goals a season.
    all i hope is that a win in the game against manscum revives our teams confidence and puts it back on track. a convincing win against any of the big 4 should do a whole lot of good. however, if we drop more than 4 points in november our title hopes could be over.
    i still believe that we can win something this season( i have a feeling it might be the cl)

    UP THE ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    no gallas or eboue for the week end looks like it will be toure and silvest at the back prehaps this rest for toure would of done him a bit of good.

  17. Paulinho

    Gazzap, Clichy is making quite a habit of making dozy mistakes and still doesn’t seem to learn. Man City away, Brum away, now this. Even gave the ref the choice to blow for a penalty against Villareal in the 2nd leg. He also never cuts out crosses and offensively hardly ever has an end product like Patrice Evra does;.

    I would drop Clichy and play Silvestre left back.

  18. Wrighty7

    Evening all,

    Great post Pedro.

    I’ve found another positive.

    I liked the way we looked dangerous at set-pieces for a change although it could have more to do with the fact Spurs can’t defend from set-pieces, a bit like us really! That was a positive though and Silvestre and Gallas look more than capable of threatening from these situations.

  19. Wrighty7


    I disagree that we should drop Clichy mate. He will learn from his mistakes because he is an intelligent player.

    His performances this season have for the most part been outstanding. He is a lot younger than Evra and once he gains Evra’s international and domestic experience he will be the best left back in the world.

  20. Arsenal Tom

    wrighty… i think us scoring from 2 set pieces just goes to show what a random, freak of a night it was.

    drop clichy? no way! even with his slip he was our best player yesterday.

  21. Big Raddy

    Unless we sign some seriuos player in the next year, I see Clichy being our long term Captain. He is a fine player, and an inspiration to the others.

    As he stays, he will be an Arsenal Great. Up there with Lee, and Kenny. and Bob McNab

  22. Ja_Gunner

    Everybody is upset and understandably so.

    Look at these snippets.

    What was appalling about last night was the rank attitude. It has plagued us so many times before and our two most consistent performers, Clichy and Fabregas, were the most guilty. Worth mentioning that only Gallas did not walk off in a strop down the tunnel, he stayed behind to applaud the supporters. Certain other Arsenal blogs won`t mention that. I felt sorry for him last night, he was one of the few players who did not switch off into a self indulgent reverie. He was a born winner surrounded by arrogant children, who have achieved nothing in the game of football, who refuse to learn from their mistakes and cavort with an arrogance I simply cannot relate to. Where does it come from?

    And what will the manager do to make sure they learn their lessons, I don`t care if he has to stick Gael Clichy in a darkened room Clockwork Orange style, with hooks under his eyelids and make him watch his mistake over and over again. (Reminiscent of Cole against Kazakhstan was it not?) Perhaps he can make Fabregas train with the Ladies team for a week, or better still dress him up in a gingham frock. This result feels a lot, lot worse than the 5-1 defeat, if only because of the attitude that informed it. Quite simply, this team do not have the correct mentality to win the big prizes

  23. Wrighty7

    I think that Gael Clichy WILL be the best left-back in the world and has a huge chance of one day being Arsenal skipper.

    Totally agree Big Raddy that he can be an Arsenal great and his cause is helped by the fact that he has replaced Ashley Cole, a Gooner hate-figure, so well.

    Arsenal Tom, lets hope that our scoring from set-pieces continues!!!

  24. Ja_Gunner

    Given their refusal to learn from mistakes and repeat their glaring errors, I hold out little hope that they ever will have the correct mentality. Mealy mouthed platitudes expressing regret followed by a win against Stoke won`t cut it. They promised us Fulham was a one off. They promised us Hull was a one off. They have to demonstrate consistently that they will have respect for their opponents and apply themselves for 90 minutes in every game. I think they can do it, I just don`t think they will.LD.

  25. Wrighty7

    Good point Ja-Rule,

    Gallas gets a raw deal from a lot of Gooners and I always find myself sticking up for him on my blog.

    He isn’t a bad captain, he’s a world-class centre back who can play anywhere along the back, and is determined to win at all costs.

    Jose Mourinho was gutted to see him leave Chelsea because he saw Gallas as not just one player but three due to his versatility.

    I think some Gooners are blinded by loyalty to Toure, which is nice but nice doesn’t win things.

  26. Stu

    Anyone feels that abianski now deserves his chance. Gallas puled his hamstring so he is out and finally JD should get his chance too but AW will prob go with Song. Last night was a disgrace and wouldnt happen to Pool or United so what does that mean for us?

  27. Big Raddy

    Is it old news that we had two players nominated for FIFA Best Player in the Wolrd?

    Cesc and (get this) Adebayor. !!

    Chavs have Ballack Deco, Fat Frank and Terry. (though I think Carvalho is the better CB)

    MU. Just Ronaldo. But of course, he is nailed on to win it.

    Strange that neither Rooney nor Ferdinand make the list.

    I guess it is sponsored by Russians

  28. Keyser

    Stu – It wouldn’t happen to Chelsea either, you left them out to ?!

    We can only look to the next game now, LoL all thse changes it’s like we’re bottom of the league or something, hopefully this will keep them alert for the full 95 minutes next time.

  29. Odub

    I’ve just watched the last 15 minutes again!!!!

    How the fuck did we let them score 2 goals with the clock at 88 minutes?!!!!

  30. raif

    A very angry friend sent this to me today

    This my Frieands are the stupidest Bunch of Arsenal Players in its entire History,
    they have the talent to win a Trophy but dont have the Players or the manager with the Mentality to close out a Match after 75mins,
    the birmingham liverpool Hull and Last nights game should show you its NO coincidence.

    Tell me how much did you miss a Henry Pires or Bergkamp who would have Humiliated the oppostion by showboating and holding the ball in the corner to point were the opposition kicked them in an attempt to get the ball back.
    but this team Believes in it own ability so much its to the detriment of the result.

    if you are a attacking team you leave Outlets on to take it onto the Corner.
    its simple logic.

  31. Wrighty7


    I think that Almunia had a bad day at the office but he shouldn’t be replaced on the back of one performance.

    He has improved a great deal and at the moment I don’t think putting another youngster in the side will help. We need all the experience we can get.

    Wenger needs to address this and sharp!

  32. Big Raddy

    My word Wrighty, you are talking sense tonight. Have you been laying off the sauce ?

    You are right about WG. The fans that cannot see what a fine player he is, must be either blind or still think of him as a Chav.

    But I guess you can’t please all the people all the time …..

  33. Stu


    The reason I didnt include Chelsea was because they did draw 4-4 with Spurs last season but that was at Shite heart lame. But it probably would happen this season tho.

    The second i saw Clichy slip it was head in hands moment. I just knew that they would score and sure enough that fat twat Andy Gray shouted it.

  34. kelsey

    By the way where is Geoff hope he is ok

    Raddy,paella home made for me,and goodnight to you all. keep your chins up guys,spurs are still looking up at everyone.

  35. raif


    hi there mate,. the little one is still in hospital as he was 7 weeks to early the little nipper just wanted to come out. i got his first arsenal Teddy bear last night aswell.

    oh how im ganna remember that night every time i look at it LOL

  36. Stu

    But thats just it, Almunia didnt just have one bad game. It was only this game where he costs goals. Im not saying that he costs us goals or points on a regular basis but his attemped save for Bentleys goal was the same as Di Micheles shot for WHU. He went for the spectacular on both occasions but only managed the save once. Last night he could just have taken a few steps backwards but elected to jump early and just parried the ball into his own net.

  37. Wrighty7

    Sorry mate, I didn’t know he was in hospital, couldn’t wait to come out eh mate? LOL

    He heard that Arsenal were going to do the Spuds 4-2, oh shit………….

  38. paul

    Now is the time to try Kolo as our DM.Thats where he started his Arsenal career.Djorou to replace the injured Gallas he will give us the height we need.Wenger will probably play Song instead

  39. Keyser

    raif – Buy him a new teddy and umm use the other one for frustration.

    Stu – Chelsea also drew with Villa 4-4 at home, that last few minutes was mad, I doubt you’re going to see the same if we’re 4-2 up and cruising.

  40. Stu

    Actually, didnt AW buy Kolo as a right-mid? And JD as a DM, as was Song. And didnt Kolo and Gallas start as strikers. I just wish AW would buyu players for their rightful places like!

  41. raif

    Wrighty7 .

    no worries mate. and yeah i cant wait till his all well and ready to come home. then all the fun can start haha


    the thought had crossed my mind but i guess the excitment of giving it to him was mroe then enough to wanna hold onto it.

  42. Wrighty7

    Your right there Stu!

    Le Boss is always trying to mould players into different positions. Did you know that Adebayor was a goalkeeper when he signed for Arsenal?

  43. Keyser

    Yeah Van Persie was a Physio when we first bought him and Rosicky was only on trial as a foreign exchange student.

  44. patthegooner

    having got through the numbness of last night, I still dont blame Wenger for the defeat. I still put the blame fully onto Clichy and Cesc’s shoulders. One fuck up and one imature decision (Wenger got that bit right) to play a corner into a box full of Spuds instead of keeping it in the corner cost us dear.

    What does annoy me though are some of his comments, I know he trys to publicly praise his players to motivate them, but at the same time does he think we are fucking stupid. This was the blinder last night

    The Frenchman said: “Another midfielder? I don’t know, because I feel that Denilson had another outstanding game today.

    Dont get me wrong Denilson was ok last night, but outstanding, come on, has he ever been in the realms of outstanding, I dont remember one.

    Cesc is desperately missing a partner of similar class and it is showing in his performances, he is trying to do two mans jobs and has no confidence in either Denilson or Song when they play alongside him. We need another CM in Jan and if Wenger does not buy one, we will need two next summer as Cesc will be off as well!!!

  45. raif

    the thing with Wenger is he Likes players that can play anywere and if that aint the case he will Play them else were any way just to mould them.

    look at his idea of Wingers. he sticks Playermakers on the wing and not ur average winger in the Theo or WHP mould. with lots of pace.

    and speaking of Pace over the years we have LOST ALL PACE in our team. remember the days when we used to attack on the brake with blistering pace

  46. Stu


    WHat did cesc say in his post match interview that got everyones nickers in a twist? I switched off after the final whistle and missed them all.

  47. freduardo

    RVP was top drawerlast nightt. best I’ve seen him this season. a goal and 3(maybe 2) assists and just looked dangerous. His set pieces are infinitely more dangerous than cesc’s. Dunno why he was taken off. Walcott was also giving us a good outlet on the right, and looked dangerous. Bad bad sub decisions again for me. not excusing the bad performances and mistakes though, just adding a wenger bash. what about this long throw at the week end? Djourou to the rescue?

  48. Stu

    Sagna – Toure(c) – JD – Clichy
    Theo – ? – Cesc – Nasri
    RvP – Ade

    Normally i would say nik and vela but the other 2 were brilliant last ight for the most part. Theo need to play a full 90minutes to help close out games. The DM situation still isnt sorted and doesnt look like being until at least january.

  49. Goonerman

    I have got a feeling AW’s 12 year honeymoon period is now officially over.

    He says he is angry at the niaiviety of the team; well what was his ridiculous contibrution to the draw last night. He made some poor subsitutions and proved to be a poor tactician to allow his team to concede 2 goals in the last 4 minutes.

    It will be a free for all in papers tomorrow and he deserves it.

  50. Stu

    Ian Wright is a gowl! Some of the stuff he comes out with makes it look as though he hates the Arsenal. When he said Henry should go to |United i wanted to kill him. What a knob! No offence is you are somehow related to him tho Wrighty7.

  51. chris

    still fucking sick,
    my heart goes out to you local lads getting shit from spuds all day, thankfully i dont get that

  52. Truth

    I still feel numb, and slightly angry about the way we capitulated last night. In a weird way it feels like we were defeated. Arsene called for better support from the fans and they delivered spectacularly, whereas he fucked up, bigtime. Suffice to say, at this rate I cannot see us finishing in the top four.

  53. kelsey

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  54. David

    … how do you combat a manager who believes in average players at the expense of winning things? How do you teach a team to defend? How do you make young players grow up without shedding points?



    Sing bout the Elephant! Sing that Wenger is a C0cK-Up! Sing! Sing! Sing!

    My mate told me something that I for the most part am starting to agree with…he said you cannot take a bunch of boys and win in a grown man’s World…more times than not they will show you just why they are boys not Men!

    —->Naturally i told him to fuk off….but 3 seasons and not even a buttton pin for silverware…and to think we started last season much better than this one…

  55. treze13

    this is the first time since i got back from the game i have even bared to think about arsenal…. un fucking believable….. this is the worst i’ve ever felt about the team, but i don’t blame the starting 11 i blame Wenger and his fucking entourage of retards on and around the bench. ARE YOU REALLY TELLING ME THAT BETWEEN WENGER AND RICE NOT ONE OF THEM SAW THE DECISION TO TAKE AWAY ALL OUR ATTACKING THREAT AS A BAD THING!!!!!!!! i don’t even know what to say……

  56. treze13

    and for fuck sake talksport might aswell change its fucking name to talkspurs FUCKING SPUD CUNTS!!!!!!!!

    o.k i think it’s all out of my system now, still a sad panda about the whole thing though

  57. Stu

    Whats the deal with Pat Rice. He has been AW assistant for forever but it has never been mentioned what he will evenually end up doing. Is he being moulded as Wengers replacement or what?

  58. lauritz

    i hope wenger puts Almunia on the bench on saturday… hopeless goalkeeping!

    And if wenger does’nt see the need for an experienced DM, then he maybe should ask some random guy @the emirates about january transfers… last night an Alonso would have been worth £20 mill! sorry for us gooners, it does seem like Wenger rate the gaping hole in the middle of the park to more than 10-12 mill at most…. 🙁

  59. Drew

    wrighty 7 et al// why does clichy get a free ride on this one// i am sorry, sitting on a 2 goal lead, you just punt the ball downfield. granted eboue or song were not positioned well for a pass, but you could tell clichy was caught in 2 minds before the slip. i keep hearing learn from your mistakes, did he learn from his mistake at city when he was trying to act cute in our box and gave up a goal. no doubt, clichy falling asleep last season against birmingham was the catalyst that led to our eventual collapse. don’t you think those 2 episodes were serious lessons enough for clichy to have learnt his lesson. sorry mate, bottom line is clichy is too comfortable. he has no one pushing for his position, traore is at portsmouth converting himself into a midfielder. it was really that cock up by clichy that got the spuds tails up, you could tell jenas was just ambling towards clichy before his cock up. of all the mistakes of the game, that one stands out. wenger (substitutions), song (walking on to the pitch as if he is coming on for a testimonial match), almunia all can be blamed but you have to put clichy on top of the list.

  60. treze13

    Agree 100% with you Drew, he is great but switches off often, i think with experience this will be sorted though and he’s still one of my fave players

  61. David

    i disagree clichy has been our overrall best player this season by far….just as hard working as adebayor but better both on attack and defense i think what clichy is going to realize very soon that in situations like that you turn your back and shield the ball and get fouled…he will learn it quickly it all goes down to Immaturity like Wenger said…and Almunia SHOULD have AT LEAST ATTEMPTED TO SAVE THE SHOT! Thats what disgusts me! So WHAT IF CLICHY FERKS UP! YOu COVeer for youre team-mates thats what being a team is ALL ABOUT!

  62. David

    correct me if i am wrong but SO WHAT if clichy garfed up! Was Jenas not on a 3-1 and nobody even came close enough to see what the color of his shoes look like??? And i remind you 3-1 PLuS THE KEEPER WHO WATCHED THAT SHIT FLY IN!!!!!


  63. Jimbo

    It’s simple.

    Arsenal will win nothing with Wenger as manager. He worked wonders for us 5 years ago, but football has moved on and he hasn’t.

    The only way WE can move on as a club is by moving Wenger into the boardroom / out of the club.

  64. walkpass

    At half time, there was an analysis of Arsenal’s play. The commentator pointed out a great gap between the defence and the midfield on a number of occasions which allowed opposing team to take shots etc. If he is a DM, Denilson was too far ahead. Song was too slow and lethargic. Both are not aggressive or tall enough to be a DM for our team. They may have other good qualities but those qualities are not what we need for their position (i.e. DM) For the 4th goal, Song could not outjump the scum’s midfielder. Just a thought, might as well put in Toure or Diaby there. Gallas and Silvestre are stable enough as CDs….

  65. Drew

    David, the point is Clichy’s muck up last season at Birmingham had such a negative effect on our season, if that episode does not teach you, what will? Look I agree Gael has been one of our best players this season, but Clichy needs to take blame for this one. Immaturity and all is fine but after Birmingham last season there is no reason for him not to deal with the ball and end up being caught in two minds.
    I also think in a couple of seasons he will be probably be the best left back in football, but he has no excuses for still making these school boy errors. He should have learnt from last seasons major major muck ups.

  66. gnarleygeorge9

    I see Frank Lowy has just opened up another Westfield shopping centre, this time in London. It looks huge 😉

    FYI, Mr Lowy heads up the Football Federation Australia, & is the prime mover in trying to get Australia the World Cup 2018.

  67. kelsey

    iceman,i honestly hadn’t seen that and a younger jimmy nail looks even more like tony



    What he meant HE MUST BE MORE CLINICAL

  68. kelsey

    morning gm,just give me the nod for the jokes,though we are the biggest joke this week.

    stoke have 9 players over 6 foot and the torpedo throw ins,will be an interesting team selection as always.

  69. charybdis1966

    Kelsey – I’ll bet Wenger goes for Fabianski in goal (short arse), Denilson and Cesc in CM (two more short arses), Toure and Song at centre back(short arses x 2), Nasri and Theo on the wings(short arse pair) and Vela(ahort arse) with token 6 foot plus person(the boy wonder) up front.

    There – now see us dominate this game !

  70. charybdis1966

    Morning Radders – the 3rd test seems to have “draw” written all over it, although the pitch was supposed to be taking turn; although with Kumble off injured the bowler most likely to exploit the conditions won’t be able to use them.

    (If we talk about cricket enough maybe Geoff will hurry up with the new post).

  71. kelsey

    Good point charybdis and rosicky as sub goalie and eduardo the sub striker.fuck me we do have small arses.new tactics dribble threw their legs. you have to laugh.

  72. gnarleygeorge9

    Big Raddy

    The lil’launcestonian is acknowledged here as Australia’s 2nd greatest ever cricketer behind The Don. You would hope he can do something good like that 😀

  73. kelsey

    you will all be pleased to know that is pissing down here all night and our league bowls match is cancelled due to a water logged pitch.